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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 26, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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it is - - - - - here is a live look outside -- san jose - communications hill thanks for joining us. that is not the picture of the last sunday in august we are used to. we have a look at your forecast. it is foggy pretty much across the board out there. >> it is not even just the coastline but inland areas. that's what it looks like right now. look at that camera. that is the underground shots. you can see that fog and marine layer hugging nicely all of the plants out there. temperatures are really cool right now. it's not extremely cold but with
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cloudy skies it gives us a cooler feel as well. we are seeing a bit of a marine layer. we can expect the see partial clearing along the coast. it won't be completely sunny but we'll get a period of sunshine for inland areas. your sunny spot will be inland. look how far in that layer of fog goes in through concord, livermore, i'll have a closer look at your temperatures coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we usually don't see it so far inland. >> this morning we continue to mourn the maverick, the american flag flies at half staff at the white house for senator john mccain. this is a live look in washington d.c. right now. mccain died yesterday afternoon following a heroic battle with
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brain cancer. he would have turned 82 on wednesday. his wife and loved ones were by his side when he passed. mccain is being remembered from his views. we have a look back at his incredible life, service to his country and career. >> we are no longer starring into the abyss of defeat. >> aun apologetunapologetic. for more than three decades mccain served in the u.s. senate, an arizona republican but known to dramatically break party lines. one of his final acts on the senate floor passing the deciding vote. >> i'm a fighter for this country and i don't just say it. i live it. mccain started fighting for his country long before entering the halls of congress. born to a prominent u.s. navy
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family the sun and grandson he graduated from the u.s. naval academy. a fighter pilot in vietnam. mccain was shot down. because of his father's rank he was offered early release but refused. for nearly six years held and tortured as a prisoner of war. nearly a decade later he entered politics where he would be reelected five times. his wife was often by his side including his bids for president. >> here is a little straight talk for you. >> in 2000 mccain lost a fight to george w. bush but in 2008 he secured his party's nomination to face democratic candidate barack obama. despite the hard fought campaign
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he famously defended his opponent. >> he is an arab. he is not -- no. >> no, ma'am, no, ma'am. he is a decent family man, citizen that i happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about. >> in his final memoir he mourned the loss of civility. >> i would like to see it return to the purposes and practices that distinguish our history from the history of other nations. i would like to see us recover our sense that we are more alike than different. >> mccain never considered himself a hee ro but for many h was the definition. >> john mccain and everybody like him is an american hero. john mccain celebrates for a
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lifetime of service to his country. >> mccain's voice will be missing from the conversation. many of his political friends and foes are reacting with respect. they said america's prayers are with them. former president george bush calling mccain a man of deep conviction and patriot of highest order. >> he was one of a kind, determined, courage uous, tough. >> he is one of the greatest men i have met. you don't meet too many great men. i was one of them. >> he will fill the vacancy by appointing from the same party the gop wiho will stay in offic
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they would say he was as genuine in person as it was in public. >> he kept his friends close and family closer. he continued to speak out for this country. he has felt that he had to. he celebrated what this country is when it's at its best. >> bay area native served as an aid to senator mccain in 2008. even as he faced terminal brain cancer he stuck to his principals which will be his lasting legacy. offered their condolences to senator mccain last night. fans broke out in applause and gave him a standing ovation. the team )s president and ceo called mccain a member of the team )s family, and one f the team )s biggest fans
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from day one. if you )re wondering about mccain )s brain cancer it )s called "glioblastoma"... a tumor in the central nervous system. it )s considered a highly aggressive tumor because sit a tumor in the central nervous system. it is a highly aggressive tumor because its cells quickly reproduce. they have an average survival rate of 14 to 14 and a half months. mccain was diagnosed about 13 months ago. we have much more on john mccain's life and legacy. go to our web site where we posted a time line of major moments. you can find it all at we do have much more ahead.
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coming up, a woman has to be rescued by a helicopter, what happened that left her with serious injuries. and flooding fears because of tropical storm lane.
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a driver is under arrest for a hit welcome back. fog across the bay area even in inland areas this morning. we are still under a smoke advisory. air quality is said to improve today. we'll have your micro climate forecast in a few minutes. a driver under arrest for a hit-and-run crash in san
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francisco. it happened yesterday near the national seashore. national park service provided these photos. the 53-year-old was near the stewart trail. she was thrown from her horse. marine county fire responded. she has major injuries but they not considered life threatening. counselors will be tomorrow. yesterday students returned to pick up items they left behind during friday's lock down and evaluation. a shooting happened near the friday night football game. everyone was put on lock down in the school gym. parents and students say administrators handled the
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frightening situation well. >> go to the safest place. >> you see your life run in front of you it's unthinkable. >> the shooting suspect ran into the school's gym and tried to blend in but was spotted and taken into custody. a 16-year-old killed in the shooting has been identified as an 18-year-old remains in the hospital. happening today family and friends will say their final good-byes to mollie tibbetts. chris cl christian rivera is charged with her murder. he is an undocumented immigrant that lived and worked in iowa for years. coming up, change your outfit is what a student battling cancer was told about her wig. her response next. temperatures are cool this morning. we are in the 50s all the way from the north bay.
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52 down through the south bay at 57. yes. it's a little cloudy. i'll break it down coming up up.
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jose - communications hill the flooding in hawaii, continues. this is new video, from inside a home in "hilo we'll have your forecast in just a bit. now to hawaii where the flooding continues. this is fnew video from inside home. the water pouring off the street and down the stairs. hawaii avoid add direct hit by tropical storm lane. heavy winds cutting power to thousands enforcing evacuations. tropical storm watches and warnings have been discontinued. the national guard is on alert. emergency crews are there in
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hawaii helping with flood relief. more than three dozen arrived on thursday. the fire chief says they were helping people recover from massive flooding. now to a teen aager in texa who is fighting terminal brain cancer and she fighting her school so she can wear a special wig. she beat cancer. when she started losing her hair a week before her senior year started she found a wig that made her feel in her words awesome. the turquoise tinted hair violates the school dress code. she was told to get a new one. >> i got super excited. i felt so awesome. i feel awesome right now. >> kate says she hopes the district will reconsider and let
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her wear the colorful wig. they opened ilts doors yesterday in san francisco. this is the california pacific medical center. it is part of the better health network. it is at cesar chavez and valencia street. it is to care for patients and an acute care unit. >> all of the staff has been specially trained from the nurses to the physicians to dietary to pharmacy have all received incredibly specific training. >> patients have moved into this new campus. the silicon valley pride festival is underway. more than 10,000 people expected to attend.
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the festival is holding the first transand friends rally. >> i want to bring awareness in the south bay do exist. we should be visible and we should celebrate one oochlt. >> the celebration continues with a parade this morning at 10:00. time to check in with a week at our weekend forecast. any better it can be better than it was right now? >> at least it will be comfortable. if you're heading out you'll have great comfortable. you might need a sweater but temperatures will warm up in the south bay. there is hope for all of the fun celebrations out there. it is a little muggy. you can see we have gray skies, 52 degrees, a little cloudy. making it feel a little bit like fall already. twlas we are going to transition into at least for the next two
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days or so. right now 56 degrees at san francisco. in through concord at about 56 degrees. the temperatures really not a wide range in terms of our morning lows. i want to show you this coastal fog. take a look. as i mentioned, look at this marine layer there. h hayward that's probably what you're seeing. along the coast not so much. let's talk about that air quality. it is a very important factor especially if you'll be outside. the air quality is improving. we industrial a smoke advisory that will expire for today. if you look at the air quality index you can see tall way through the south bay has been officially cleared from moderate. it is a low air quality. up through the north bay we are
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seeing unfortunately some moderate air equal tichlt yqual. this is definitely a major improvement from what we had to deal with last week. let's talk about our temperatures. below seasonal. out through the east bay also expect a nice range through there. we are still dealing with warmer temperatures further inland. i want to show you the peninsula. this is where it is going to stay a little bit foggy through the afternoon and maybe little bit breezy through tonight. 68 for san mateo. it will be colder into the overnight hours. mission 65. up to the north bay santa rosa 62. i know that i mentioned that will be on the side of cool today. if you're heading out to lake tahoe or the reno area there's something you need to keep in
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mind. we are dealing with increasing wind and decreasing humidity for the high sierra. there is a red flag warning that has been issued from 2:00 p.m. today through 11:00 p.m. tonight because of increased winds and low humidity. it will be good to check the weather conditions before you make your way out the door. i want to show you the 70s for inland areas. we are cooling into monday. take a look at the end of the week. we warm up into the upper 80s. once kben, it warms ugs right back up. >> all right. thanks. still hae add, some companies are offering paid time off not only for new babies but now it's for a different family of the family. we'll tell you pawternity leave next. we all know about maternit
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leave and paternity leave... but there is a new kind of paid time off that )s growing in popularity at companies, and it )s all about devoting tie to a (different ( member of the family. nbc )s savannah sellers has the
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story. a new type of leave at companies. we have this story now. >> i was able to bond with him and get to know his personality. it was critical in building my relationship with my dog. >> it is called pawternity leave? >> yes. >> you like that too. paid time off not far furrier family member. of. >> took two weeks paid leave to bond with her newly adopted rescue dog body. >> you're able to walk around and go to the park. made sure he had all of his shots and got to know him as well. >> sit a new york city tech company. it includes bringing pets to work help them attract the best
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employees. >> i want to make sure they have a good work/life balance. if they passionate about technology we should hopefully be at the top of their list. >> it's the latest in a trend of companies looking far way to stand out in a completely competitive marketplace offering perks like gym memberships. last year more than 70% of organizations increased their benefit packages. >> i'm off two weeks to get to know my dog. >> my husband asked if it is a
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real dog. it sounds ridiculous. >> only 13% of employees had access to paid parental leave for children. for companies like meredith pet friendly policies are paying off. >> it is real lay dream come true when you think about it. some times i take a step back. i think because i work there and i'm in the moment all of the time that i maybe take it for granted. >> we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up 60 years of service. we continue our coverage of senator john mccain who dies days before his 82nd birthday. t
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thanks for joining us.
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here is a live look outside at san jose. covered in fog. thanks for joining us. we have a look at your micro climate forecast. >> and we have that foggy coastline but efrunfortunately looks like it will be sticking around longer for the coast. we do have a coupleov of things for you to keep in mind. it will be seasonable. as we head towards the end of the week you get a ridge of high pressure. we'll keep cooler temperatures around at least through wednesday before we see a big change ahead. i'll break it down for you. there is a smoke advisory in effect. we are improved air quality especially in the south bay. the north bay still dealing with a bit of that haze from the smoke and wild fires and all of that. in sierra nevada i'll break it down for you.
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i have an update on tropical storm lane as well. >> all right. we'll see you in 15. thanks. this morning the nation and world continues to respond to the news of john mccain's death, a prisoner of war and long time leader in the senate. mccain was loved and respected by many on the both sides. all remembering him as an american hero. here is jay gray. >> for the last time john mccain left his beloved hidden valley ranch. >> he was one of a kind, determined, courageous, tough. >> surrounded by his family the 81-year-old died a day after announcing he would end all medical treatment writing he passed the way he lived on his own terms surrounded by the people he loved and the place he loved best. mccain served his country for six decades as a navy bomber
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pilot, member of congress and six term leader in the senate. >> john mccain is an american hero. those of us who have been fortunate enough to know him and work with him feel blessed. >> she was met with emotion and respect. former president barack obama saying all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own. at john cease best he showed us what that means and for that we are all in his debt. >> john mccain was one of the greatest men i have met. you don't meet too many great men. he was one of them. >> john mccain's difficult battle with cancer over with now. many say his legacy as an american hero will live forever.
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nbc news. >> senator mccain will lie in state before being buried on the grounds of the u.s. naval academy. they are sharing their memories. today in the bay has their reaction. >> my country saved me. i cannot forget it. >> senator john mccain spent his life in public service. those that knew him say he was as genuine in person as he was in public. >> john mccain was conscious of what he believed was right. >> he served as a press aid to former president george bush senior. he got to spend time with him. he remembers a moment when he offered to help him put on a coat. >> he couldn't lift his arms high enough. here is a man that was in pain all of his life.
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>> bay area native served as an aid in 2008. she said he stuck to his principals which will be his lasting legacy. >> he kept his friends close and his family closer. he continued to speak out for this country. >> nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> there it is, the arizona diamondbacks offering support to senator john mccain last night. fans broke out giving him a standing ovation. the team's president and ceo called him a member of the teen's family. so what is gleoblastoma? it is a highly aggressive tumor in the central nervous system. those diagnosed with the tumor
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have an average survival rate of about 14 to 14 and a half months. senator mccain was diagnosed 13 months ago days after he had surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye. the senator was previously treated three times for skin cancer. we have much more on his life and legacy on our web site. you'll find a time line of major moments as well as a photo gallery to arizona senator to presidential nominee. you can find it all at back here locally another tesla crash. it is under investigation now. it happened just after midnight. firefighters from both san jose and morgan hill were responding to reports of another crash. authorities say the driver claimed the tesla was in self-driving mode.
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tesla said drivers are responsible for paying attention and keeping their hands ton wheel because the car is not fully autonomous. the driver was arrested for driving under the influence. he and his passenger were streeted for minor injuries. the tunnel is done. they say the $40 million project includes new rails which will allow the trains to travel up to 10 miles per hour faster through two and a half mile tunnel. the upgrade to the 100-year-old tunnel includes a seismic retro fit. it is a relief for residents who had to take buses all the way around for the past two months while the project was under construction. >> in high school i use it a lot. i used to go to mission. coming from out here i needed to take the l or whatever just to
7:36 am
get to school. >> yeah. what's it like now? >> i love it. it's great. >> it will begin running more two-car trains which will cut down on rush hour crowding. rocked by the recent death of a law enforcement officer police are doubling their efforts to crack down on distracted drivers. we have this report from walnut creek with a look at how they are tackling this growing problem. >> police say get ready to see a lot more distracted drivers. they say enough is enough. >> there is a lot at stake over a simple text message. >> police are determined to make sure drivers don't risk it all. they are cracking down on what has become a disturbing trend, distracted driving. >> stop using your phone. you can't have it in your hand at all. >> officer are looking for drivers on their cell phones.
7:37 am
>> you can't have the phone in your hand for any reason. >> walnut creek officers just attended the funeral of chp officer who along with the man she pulled over was pulled over bay distracted driver two weeks ago. they made a pledge to take action. >> they immediately sent out an e-mail to all of employees. >> in addition to pulling more people over police are trying to educate drivers through social media. they also plan to encourage people to call police when they see drivers using their devices while behind the wheel. >> if we can't get out there we will send a letter to them, telling them you observed driving while you were distracted. >> they tired of seeing so many people putting others at risk. they are glad they tried to put a stop to it. >> evidently people aren't
7:38 am
taking it seriously enough to stop it. >> walnut creek police plan to take their campaign into local schools hoping to teach new drivers, teenagers, not to use their cell phones while behind the wheel. nbc bay area news. >> the search is intensifying for a missing woman as family members refuse to give up. the 65-year-old has been missing for more than two weeks now. she was last seen at a convenience store. the clerk said she seemed disoriented before driving away. >> i haven't found anything. she left her phone at home. she had taken her phone they would have been able to track her. she does have an iwatch on her. she can get messages.
7:39 am
>> her sons say they are worried because she relies on numerous pain medications. if you have any information contact police. still ahead, the twists and turns of the mueller investigation continue. we are live in just a few minutes to source out what happened over this past week alone. also a busy day. we have all of your saturday action including an injury to one of the 49ers best players. ys shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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foxer left the game and enters the concussion protocol. it is likely we won't see him again until week three as you still have to serve a two-game suspicion. first inning two out two on. kr crawford. makes it 4-0 giants. same score hunter pence solo shot. the giants up as they beat the rangers 5-3 the final there. the a's one game back of the astros. a three run bomb, the 13th
7:43 am
thousand home run in a's history. the a's win 6-2. we'll be back with more after this. the worst of times." so bes
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charles dickens ) book, a tale f two cities, which describes perilous times in europe. a variation of that description may well apply to the president a tale of two cities describes times in europe. it may well apply to the president trump and mueller investigation given the outcomes of the past week. larry joins us. how have dickens words played out in the past week alone? >> it is ironic. yeah. let's begin with the best of times, right in america's institutions seem to be thriving in spite of the difficult times. last week a jury convicted paul manafort of eight kounlts of
7:46 am
income tax evasion and bank fraud. trump lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws by illegally paying $130,150,000 to porn actresses stormy daniels two weeks before the 2016 presidential election. recent tapes confirm the illegal arrangement. as if these events aren't enough last week trump condemned jeff sessions for recusing himself from the russia investigation because of his partition passion in the trump campaign. a move, by the way dictating by long standing department of justice policies. the department of justice will not be improperly influenced. now, these examples really show
7:47 am
something. they show that the system, the political system is working despite the immense pressure from the president. in a sense it's really the best of times for our institutions. >> indeed. those events show progress in the mueller investigation. how was the week the worst of times to recall the other part? >> okay. clearly it was the worse of times for president trump. trump lawyer alleges the president as a cocon -- coconspirator. publisher davis were granted immunity in exchange for that you are investigation on trump's business practices. as if these vents aren't enough both the state of new york and manhattan district attorney are now looking into trump's business activities. put all of these things together and it is probably the worst
7:48 am
week of the trump presidency. >> and all of this is interesting. maybe even shocking to some and not shocking to others. isn't the mueller investigation supposed to be about russian interference? >> that's a fair question. a fair question. it leads us to the mandate provided by rob rosenstein. it is to investigate any links between the russian government and trump campaign and any matters that may arise directly from the investigation. we don't know all of this. the investigation is ongoing. it appears this that mueller believes the road to the ties between russia and the trump campaign goes through manafort and cohen.
7:49 am
could there be truth to some of that? >> we haven't seen any evidence of this claim. we do know this. this is important. >> interesting. i feel like i ask you this every week. where do we go from here? >> it's a soap opera in some ways. look for mueller to drill down to the russia connection not only to the june 9th meeting at trump tower but also bank and
7:50 am
real estate deals supported by their allies. it won't be over soon. with november elections near we aren't likely to learn much more until the end of the year and into next. so yes, it has a ways to go. >> oh my goodness. before you go what will you remember about his time in public service. it was about the politics of service, public service and we see today much more than that. what a comparison. the most important thing i can do is serve others not myself. we saw this. we saw this with his service in the military. a prisoner of war for almost six
7:51 am
years. 40 years in congress. he was conservative. 82% rating. the fact of the matter is there were times he reached over to the other side. the mccain, liberal democrat on campaign finance. he wasn't afraid to work with others. he looked forward to it as long as it could work on good solid ideas. it wasn't about personality with mccain. it was about ideas. >> right. he was a good man. a decent man. he will be missed. thanks for joining us. we'll be right back after this. east bay monday. and getting work done on your car? you can get repairs checked by an expert for free! we )ll show you how- join us monday from 4:30 to 7.
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good morning. it's 7:54. i hope you're pouring yourself a nice delicious hot cup of coffee or tea. it looks chilly because of cloud cover. wind speeds nice and light. in san jose you can see right over the sky as we have got a bit of cloud cover out there. it is 57 degrees. wind speeds up to 5 miles per hour. it is a little cloudy now not just for the coast or san jose. i will say the coastline, partial clearing. we'll see much better clearing into the afternoon. let's talk about the air quality
7:55 am
index. we have seen big changes, changes that are for the good. we were under the alert on thursday and friday but check out the map now. this air quality index here lets you know how the air quality is doing. if you look at the color scheme it's always in the clear. if you look at the north bay. you can see through livermore we are dealing with moderate air quality. it is something to be mindful as we head towards your afternoon activities. we'll be below seasonal. i want to show you the rain further inland. temperatures not a big difference from what we saw yesterday. it lab little bit warmer near
7:56 am
pittsburgh. along the coastline expect to see a little breeze. dry breezy conditions into the start of your monday. daily city 58. mission 65. up to the north bay 82 for santa rosa. even though we are not dealing with any major winds but we are dealing with dry conditions up in the sierra we are dealing with increasing winds and also decreased humidity. they have issue add red flag warning from 2:00 p.m. this afternoon through 11:00 p.m. through south lake tahoe area. this morning make sure you check any road conditions or any possible closures because of that red flag warnings. the temperatures will be absolutely great. check out the temperature trend. we'll keep that cloud cover. i know the events at 10:00 a.m. a lot of folks will be out
7:57 am
there. we warm up to next weekend. tomorrow will be my favorite day. temperatures will be great. >> okay. thanks. >> just a casual selfie with the pope. posing with a fan the crowd went wild. the pope was attending the world festival where he saw a variety of performances ranging from river dancing to tap dancing to singing. that's funny. i wonder if it's the first time he has been asked for a selfie. >> absolutely not.
7:58 am
>> yeah. >> thanks for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more for you tonight at 4:30 and a special post nfl newscast at 9:00. we'll see you next weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. a prisoner of war for 5.5 years. >> elected to the senate six times beginning in 1986. >> this is a man that we'll all want to watch, his name is john mccain. >> republican nominee against barack obama with a since of history. senator obama has achieved great things for himself and his country. i applaud him for it. a fearss


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