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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news at 4:30. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we're learning of a man shot while driving on 680 in the south bay. bob redell is live for us. do we know what started this? >> we don't. not as of yet. the investigation is still really early right now. marcus, we can tell you that chp has shut down northbound 680 between alum rock and berryessa as they investigate the shooting. they're looking for evidence that is going to affect the morning commute here in san jose, and they're trying to find out who shot the driver of this black honda accord right here five bullet hos. i looks like two
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others on the driver's side, plus the front left tire which issh psenger were driving north on 680 around 3:00 this morning. someone in another car started shooting at this car. the driver said it happening between mckie and berryessa. one of the bullets hit the driver in his back right shoulder. he eventually pulled off at hofstetter and ended up at the 7-eleven where he waited for police. he was conscious, talking, able to show officers his wound. he told chp he had no idea someone was shooting at him. this car is on the scene. chp is having detectives out here to look at the car. they have shut down northbound 680 between alum rock and berryessa. reey started to shut down aroun looking around to reopen. bob redell, today in the bay.
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>> thank you very much, bob. we'll continue to follow that. >> right now, we want to go to mike with a look at traffic. that's going to cause a problem. >> for the early commute. it's only 4:30. we typically see a light volume of traffic. this is state right 130. you go over to capital avenue or over to king. that's probably even clearer because it's a bigger distance away from the freeway. stay on king to berryessa and take it back to the freeway. this stretch from alum rock avenue to berryessa is what bob is talking about having be shut down to gather or look for the evidence in the shooting off the freeway. northbound 680 still closed, likely to about 5:15 as bob was talking about. the rest of the south bay freewaysright. take king or capital avenue to get around the closer for the police investigation. we'll continue to trackthis as far as the street sensors,
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looking great. up to 50s andur . we have 60 in san francisco, 62 in san jose. hayward at 64. and oakland at 65 degrees. so despite this slight warmup, we're still expected to be a little cooler for today before we start seeing the real warmup, which is set to kick in as we head to labor day weekend. as far as the cloud cover, we can expect to see cloud cover, especially along the coast, and that will burn off nicely into the afternoon. 6 degrees warmer at this hour in san francisco. i'll break down your labor day weekend temperatures in a bit. >> thank you, vianey. >> 4:33 right now. nearly a decade after a deadly hit-and-run, the driver suspected of being behind the wheel sitting in a bay area jail this morning expected ipcourt later today. he was arrested in central america. back in 2009, police say he was racing another driver inplowed .
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6-year-old lisa died in that crash. lisa's mom, who was driving, was seriously injured. she was, however, able to recover. investigators say the fbi na ago. >> today is about memory of lis xavier. i want to offer condolences to lisa's parents have suffered an unimaginable loss. >> fox just brought back to the bay area on tuesday night. 4:34. was it an accident or intentional? a golden eagle is recovering this morning after being shot with a pellet gun in contra costa county. now, that bird is federally protected. that means that the person who shot it could face jail time. >> today in the bay's sheryl heard explains why wildlife officials are concerned. >> the golden eagle has been here at the l now.
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th we don't know if or antioch highway. >> the eagle was in rough shape. we saw it had been hit by a car because of how bad the wing was. >> the wing was shattered in two places. the bird was x-rayed. that is when the veterinarian discovered had it been shot by some type of pellet gun. >> looks like he's got fractured of two bones when she came in, there was a lot of soft tissue swelling, a lot of bruising. >> the eagle had to go through surgery to stabilize the wing. >> it's going to take a really long time before she is completely healed and we can see if she's well enough to get released in the wild. >> in the wild, the golden eagle is one of the best known birds of prey in north america. the bird is on the wildlife watc list. if anyone is caught harming or killing this animal, they will be charged with a th, somebody has to pick up a gun, point it at an eagle and shoot it, that
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is mind boggling to me. >> sheryl herd, today in the bay. >> tonight, if you're heading to silicon valley from santa cruz, you want to know about this lane closure on highway 17. starting at 8:00 p.m., one northbound lane will be closed for about one mile beginning at glenwood drive. crews are completing a concrete bore. that closure will stay in effect through the overnight hours. new this morning, morgan hill has art around town with powerful messages. >> we'll look at some of the 11 newly painted utility boxes beautifying morgan hill. these are a little different than the ones you may have seen in other communities. the art on each box was inspired by a specific social message, including welcome home, never stop learning, and kindness first, words matter. volunteer group raised $8500 to hire artists and pay for supplies. kris sanchez posted this photo right here on facebook.
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so you can see them for yourself. she's at nbc bay area. >> what police are saying about a decision to warn drinkers of coffee of risks. >> and coming up at 4:50, in-and-out facing backlash after getting political. what the fast food chain did that has people talking this morning.
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good morning. i'm at cnbc global headquarters. wall street could take a breather after the markets rose for a fourth straight session yesterday. the nasdaq, s&p 500 closing at fresh record highs on a rally in technology stocks. amazon and apple also hitting all-time highs. investors cheered by news the united states and canada are moving ahead in talks to potentially overhaul nafta. on the watch list, people filing for unemployment and the nasdaq closing up 79. brace yourself for a spike in gas prices this holiday weekend. aaa says this could be the most expensive labor day weekend in $2.84 a gallon, about 48 cents higher than last year. don't fret. experts say the spike should be temporary as refiners are starting to switch over to making cheaper winter blend gas. >> uber says it finds the idea of delivering food by drones
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compelling. it has become a big source of money for the company and it's the fastest meal delivery service in the u.s. they could take part in a commercial test program in san diego that had been approved by the government. they have been working closely with the faa and department of transportation and had several successful test flights. back to you. >> t now. when it comes to your morning new this morning, an eye opener cup of coffee. the fda is shooting down california's plan to add a cancer risk warning for coffee. the plan actually sprang from a recent league decision ruling coffee shops would have to warn customers. but the top food u.s. regulator said it's calling california's warning a misleading statement. >> new this morning fromant kau seven vehicles. look at that. hill where a gia fntl on this is from overnight. it happened in a neighborhood off 6801:00 this morning.
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no one was hurt. pete suratos will bring us a live report at 5:30. >> luckily, no one hurt there. >> coming up next on today in the bay, another cool start to our morning. vianey is in for kari. good morning. >> good morning, that's right. we're kind of saying farewell to the last days of the season temperatures but we're running slightly warmer, especially in the bay. i'll break down your daytime highs in a bit. >> stillollo fng a traffinstiga. the shooting investigation closing northbound 680 through parts of san jose, alum rock to berryessa is the segment that is closed. we'll give you those updates coming up.
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new this morning: a very good thursday morning. taking a live look outside. wow, no one crossing -- oh, they are in the distance. they're waiting. golden gate bridge this morning from a distance. you see some traffic out there. busy in other sparts, especially in the south bay. we'll tell you about a freeway closure going on well, new for morning, this next story is going to make you feel one of twoys. this animated video will make your palm sweats or you get overly excited like i am. they haven't begun building the new ride at six flags discovery kingdom, but it could make you queasy. this is batman the ride, supposed to open in the spring of next year. it's called a 4d wing coaster. it includes a lot of flipping,
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head over heels and a lot of weightlessness. perfect for thrill seekers everywhere. look at that right there. >> you're flipping around as well as -- >> flipping as well as you're up and down. >> that's not how i do-si-do. >> we talked about it, you have to go. >> have you been yet? >> i have not been. >> if you do, facebook liv hold on to your >> that ride, i can't wait. >> nice weather lately. >> oh, yeah. this weekend if you're heading out there, it's going to be ideal. not only are we warming up but the cloud cover will clear out. first, we have to get through the next two days before we really start to see the warmup. 62 degrees right now in san francisco. we have some cloudoverut there, but still that layer of fog isn't as, you earlier this week. but we can still expect keep some 60s on the map, especially in san jose as well. 62 degrees right now, and if you're heading out near the
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tri-valley, there goes the traffic. 62 degrees there. winds at 5 miles per hour, and it's running warmer. you probably noticed we have more 60s than 50s. well, in fact, we do. that's because we're starting to warm up just a bit. concord, 66 degrees right now as you head out the door into the tri-valley. half moon bay, 62. what does it look like throughout the bay area in terms of cloud cover and 24-hour temperature change. let me break it down for you. notice, we have a little cloud cover rolling in through half moon bay, san francisco. running warm in napa compared to where we were yesterday. 11 degrees warmer, and into the weekend, we're going to notice an increase of about 13, 15 de warmer this g. so your microcte mil milpitas, 80 degrees. oakland, a high of 69. if you notice further into the tri-valley, concord, 82 degrees. a lot more 80s on the map. half moon bay at 64 degrees. in the city, a little breezy but still dry. 68 degrees for mission.
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embarcadero at 67, and out through the north bay, 83 degrees for ukiah, and 77 for santa rosa. let's talk about the next seven days, as we head in towards friday, believe it or not, saturday expected to be some of the warmest days. we'll have high pressure build in right back up towards california, us, sitting out to the south now. what that's going to do is bring 90s on the map for the inland areas. saturday may be the warmest day for inland areas. in san francisco, sg66 degrees saturday. warmer on sunday with 68. saturday and sunday, upper 80s weather if you're going to have a l good. over here, looking at 101. we're following a police rs. investigation of a shooting. 101 here, looking at 680 and 101, that's fine through this stretch. 101 may be an alternate. because this portion of 680 is still closed. although our sensors just lit up, i didn't get any update.
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we're looking at a closure of northbound 680 between alum rock and berryessa because of the shooting investigation. a shooting occurred on the freeway. bob is at the investigation scene at hofstetter, and they're gathering evidence through the area. reop about 5:15, perhaps another 15 to 20 minutes. right now, capitol avenue or king road are good options or highway 101 through the south bay. the rest of the bay shows a nice easy drive. a couple smaller incidents. one popped up heading north through menlo park. we'll check on 101 when i get back to my desk. there's a stall reported at pleasant hill. it should be off the roadway pretty quickly. 101 with an easy flow through san rafael. back to you. >> thank you. continuing coverage this morning in san francisco on the discovery of a headless corpse without hands found in an apartment. medical examiners still trying to identify the remains. neighbors believe it's the man
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who lived there, named brian egg. a man arrested in connection with the case appeared in court yesterday on a probation violation. they arrested lance silver one day after the remains were found. they said he used egg's debit card for purchases including a car. he spoke with a car dealer who says he sold him that car. >> he told me his name was brian egg and his information all matched up. he called his bank so he could use his debit card for an over the limit purchase. >> car dealer says he's shocked with the developments. silva is held without bail. >> 4:51. new this morning, how close do you want your kids to get to their professor? mercury news is reporting uc santa cruz is asking faculty to open their homes to student. their guarantee two years of housing to their incoming freshman, and this year they offered housing to 9,000 students. >> turning up the heat, the san
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diego congressman indicted by a federal grand jury is releasing a new political ad. the campaign for nujar paid for the 30-second tv ad. it calls republican congressman duncan hunter an embarrassment to his southern california district. hunter and his wife were charged last week with using more than $250,000 in campaign funds to illegally finance family trips, golf outings, school tuition, even fast food. they have pleaded not guilty. >> all n morning for you, some customers are threatening to boycott in-n-out over a political donation. the department's filing form shows the company donated $25,000 to the california gop this week. they found it on the secretary of state's website and posted it yesterday. the sacramento be reported back in 2014 that the company did donate to a pac founded by a democrat. wewill be watching the story and let you know if anyone actually
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boycaughts. coming up here on today in the bay, a hit netflix series "13 reasons why" is coming back for a third season. the big effect filming may have in sonoma county. >> first, happening now, massive flooding in myanmar after a dam failed, rising waters, forcing more than 63,000 people from their home. two people reported missing. it's believed they were swept away by floodwaters. >> jimmy carter celebrating a huge milestone. he's now worked with habitat for humanity for 35 years. he'll celebrate his 94th birthday in october. more news right after this break. you could save energy by living off the grid.
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freely there in fremont. taki a livefic appears to be mo problems, though, in the south bay. there's been a shooting on a south bay freeway. we'll have details coming up. new for you this morning, staffing issues are catching up to the petaluma police department. the chief of police sent out residents an e-mail saying the department is currently 15 officers short of a full staff. he says in large part this is due to the department's inability to offering competitive wages. he calls for more funding. the city not commenting, but he says that officers may no longer show up to non-injury collisions, misdemeanor thefts, and home issues. >> if you're a fan of 13 reasons why, you probably know one of the stars is from sonoma county. ? sonoma county itself is part of the show. many scenes are shot on location, including local high schools. tonight at 9:00 p.m., the cause controversial show about
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teen suicide currently filming its third season now, will air at the start of the ye>> yeah, . that's because the best known sisters in sports are set to square off. serena and venus williams both won their matches yesterday. that means they'll face each other in the third round tomorrow. if you're wondering, serena holds a 17-12 lead in matches against her older sister venus. >> a lot of people will be watching that match. >> i love playing my sister. >> hey, any level. 4:57. vianey has a look at our forecast, and 62 not bad. >> not bad. we have some good looking cloud cover out there in san francisco. and yes, we are tracking a warmup just in time for your weekend. i'll break it all down for you coming up. >> and we are looking at the drive right o het shooting inve. i'll give you alternates and the latest update we have.
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>> that's right. this is a look at the car that was actually shot at. we have reporters live at the scene. bullet casings are being looked for on the ground. all the latest details as we cover breaking news on this thursday morning. 4:57. 5.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news at 5:00 onhiday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we know lanes northbound 680 in
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san jose closed right now. police are investigating a shooting that sent a driver to the hospital. today in the bay's bob redell is live for us. he ist 7-11. where the driver ended up after driving away and getting off the freeway after being shot. what can you tell us about what happened? >> well, good morning to you. we have actually moved to just off 680 at alum rock, the northbound on-ramp which you can see chp has shut down. they have shut down northbound 680 between capitol and berryessa so that officers can get on the road and look for shell casings and any other evidence. take a look at this video new into our newsroom that shows the shutdown taking place. if you're commuting to this area, this area is shut down while chp looks for evidence on 680. they expect to reopen, it could be any time between now and let's say 5:15, 5:30. this is based on our conversations with chp earlier. this is the scene at that 7-eleven off hofstetter where the driver of this black honda accord ended up after he was
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shot while driving this stretch of woman passenger in his car. he was driving. we counted at least five bullet holes t


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