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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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wind speeds at about 9 miles per hour. we are expecting partial clearing. here is where the fog will get to. it is 60 degrees. wind speeds at about 7 miles per hour. as we head into the weekend i'm tracking sunshine. chp has been tracking a traffic alert. your two right lanes still closed. it is from west 84 or coming
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down through pleasanton. backupstarts and two lanes are open. something is going on with me camera this morning. no back up at the toll plaza. that's the great news. flashing lights showed up. i will check out what's going on there. the big issue is that crash south 680. back to you. >> you know what it is, your cameras are taking a holiday break. speaking of the holiday weekend this labor day weekend will be on the look joout for drivers under the influenceov o marijuana as well. >> bob, i know officers are
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already investigating a serious crash from overnight possibly involving drugs and alcohol. >> that's right. good morning to you. what happened here overnight in the south bay is a prime example of why you should not drive under the influence. take a look at this. you're looking at the scene of a solo vehicle, rollover accident. a little bit after 10:00 last night. in this accident the driver was ejected. he was transferred to a hospital with major injuries. he is expected to survive. you can see why chp is investigating this as a possible dui. there was at least one bottle of beer that we could see. a number of canisters that looked like they contained mirn. they were littered around the crash site. with marijuana now legal in california and 29 other states u.s. department of
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transportation released ads for the first time that drugged drivers with the message drive high get a dui. around 42% of people showed some sort of impairing drug in their system. there's a company that developed a marijuana breathalyzer that will help crack down on drunk drivers. right now they rely on blood and urine tests. the device within three hours of consumption. >> we have developed new scientific approach that allows us to measure very small particles of thc. >> roadside testing will be getting starting this fall.
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>> police say he had his hand on a backpack when it fired. the school went on lockdown for hours. two terrifying hours. >> i got here and started texting them. >> the teacher said be quiet because the people that made noise the people in the hallways would know where we were. >> police made four arrests. one student did get injured but not from the gunfire. there will be extra counselors
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on hand today. authorities say lead to the death of another man is expected to appear in court this morning. it happened at the pleasant hill station in july. they say the man who died suffer add small cut to his leg in that altercation. it later became infected and killed him. the man arrested is scheduled to to be arraigned today. it is 6:05 right now. we are learning more about the minutes before a plane crashed in southern california. the plane took off and crash landed in santa ana parking lot. five people on board died. four of them from the east bay. preliminary report says that the pilot said emergency three times before crashing. the reports did not list a possible cause of the crash but id dit say that there was weather and visibility in the area. all right. if you can take a look at the tv check this out coming in from
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berkeley police. we'll have it for you any moment now. a woman -- maybe i'll set you up for it. a woman was doing what pretty much all of us do. she was standing on the sidewalk checking her phone at a downtown bus stop. a car pulled in. a teenager got out, grabbed her phone and got back in the car. she went after them. she got dragged by the car. we don't have the video but the great news is she was not hurt. police arrested the driver and suspect. the body of john mccain is back in our nation's capitol. this flag-draped casket arrived last night. >> it left arizona for the last time. congress and the public will pay their final respects. good morning. >> good morning.
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the final memorial here in washington begins with a tribute from congress this morning. a private ceremony for staff and colleagues. >> america will always remember and honor the lifetime of service of united states senator john mccain. ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> today's memorial follows the arizona where they talked about
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their work together for opponents and friends. >> remembered with laughter with larry fitzgerald. >> i'm a professional athlete. he ran for president. i run out of bounds. >> today mccain becomes the 31st person to lie in state under the capitol rotunda, a man described as an american hero. now, this moves into tomorrow where the national cathedral will happen. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> our live coverage begins at
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6:00 a.m. tomorrow. nbc's chuck todd is covering that from washington. it is 6:08. as you make your way to work or where ever you are headed i want to give you an update. the latest showing fantastic reports across the entire bay area. if you look at the air quality index yellow typically means moderate air quality. green means all good to go. you might see haze out here. because of that smoke. the worst of the smoke is now over nevada. so judging by what i have seen across the air quality index you could be okay in terms of air quality. we have the smoke over nevada. if you're heading out keep in mind you have to look out for
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the air quality as well. keep it in mind as you make your way outside. let's get a check of roads. >> we have one alert to tell folks about. this is southbound 680. it is jammed up. it is a little farther south from there. two right lanes continue to be jammed. this is what we are waiting on. that's for the bay. we look over here the interchange moves smoothly. this is very light traffic. this keeps it from being worse than it is already. the peninsula and i did talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. i wanted to show you there's almost no back up at the toll plaza itself. there may be metering lights. back to you.
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>> all right. thanks. coming up, if you love avocados we have a study for you to join. would you eat one for $300? we'll tell you who is paying folks the eat california's favorite fruit and why. a major bay area city closing. don't close a book on it just yet. we'll tell you about a plan for a bigger better library. you're watching today in the bay.
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good morning. we'll have a look at your forecast coming up. >> they are asking if they open up the hov lane through the area we'll talk about what what the progress is coming up. it is the last day of august. it is a bit nervous as president trump threatens more tariffs. electronic cards plunged afterthe company said it would
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delay a video game. look at amazon. over $2,000 a share. it is working towards being a trillion company. apple says it will announce something on september 12th. i think we all know it's a new iphone. these are allegedly the pictures of the iphone. it is a little hard to understand what's happening in this picture. i agree, it's two phones stacked on top of each other in a new color. the tech millionaire who has been accused of beating women will return to san francisco court today we covered it extensively in the past. we'll have full coverage.
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you'll find sky deck which is cow business accelerator. all kind of people working on all kinds of start ups. wants even more start ups to join them. she got $100,000 for the right candidate. we'll tell you how to get that funding coming up here. that is right after meet the press. this is great for schools. they could use accelerators. money in exchange. >> all right. stay tuned for that.
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thanks. do you love avocados? do you consider it a reasonable midday meal? you might have to take part in this study. >> yeah. only in california, right? this looks at the benefits of an avocado a day. they want to know if it hinders effort to shed belly fat. other studies suggest eating avocados on a restricted calorie diet often left people more full than not eating the avocado at all. it is helping fund this study. par tis pants getting $300. i pay to eat avocados. my baby loves avocados. the magical fruit. >> there you go.
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and let's segway to the weather. >> yes. avocados and weather go hand in hand. maybe if you the garden with his grandma it is for you. yeah. right now wind speeds 6 miles per hour. yeah. from the tri-valley we'll switch it up. 60 degrees there. wind speeds at about 7 miles per hour. here it comes. it is right over san francisco. it is about 56 degrees right now. wind speeds about 9 miles per hour. this marine layer is starting to creep in. i want to talk about your temperature trend. as you plan out your morning and your afternoon by about 11:00 a.m. we start to burn off in terms of any cloud cover. we'll burn off faster. through the midday it wertemper
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as well. concord will start doing a little more seasonal. it will mean temperatures will start changing to more normal for this time of year. this is the latest as of this morning. at 5:00 a.m. you can see plenty of green. you have a couple of moderate spots near the tri-valley. we still have plenty of smoke. the majority of it sitting over nevada. through the next three days we could be dealing with light haze through the area. looking like the warmest day of the week so far.
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you might incorm rate the forecast. >> that is great. >> specifically this area, the tri-valley is where we have our only problem. this is showing up before you get there through the area where the hov lanes kick in. two of them are still blocked. you're jamming up for west 84 as well. more traffic trying to get releas released very windyerks roads. chp did not get any sort of highs. it is about a 20 to 25 minute
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delay heading down towards fremont. we saw a little bit of back up plumbing over there. fast track no problem. no metering light. a very light commute over there. back to you. >> all right. thanks. coming up, kids are back in school. an end of an era. closing the doors to a kplunt community. more on this this morning. we'll show you what the city is planning. uncle sam is making a clahae to idirid cards. a warning when nbc bay area responds next.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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families. the federal government is sending new >> nbc bay area responds with a warning. >> new medicare cards to those across california. here is where the problem comes in. chris says cammers are seeing this as a new opportunity. >> the new cars look like this and the biggest difference is this line right here the old
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cards included social security numbers. it has been replaced with a unique string of letters and numbers like that. >> both of these are complete fraud and not true. they are free and you don't have to do anything to receive them. >> even if you still have your old card doctors and hospitals will continue to accept it through the end of the year. still have questions in call 1-800-medicare or visit nbcb you can contact us or call us,
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888-996-tips. in ynew this morning, one e bay community is ending a chapter. >> yeah. it will shut down good tomorrow night but we got a sneak peek ahead. the city has outgrown the building. it was built in 1951. only 14,000 people lived in hayward back then. today it is almost 150,000 people. bookworms won't have far to go. take a look at the time lapse. putting up the 21st century library. it's the most environmentally with enough solar panels to supply 100% of the power. they made this project possible. opening scheduled for october 27th. people can check out books at the library. exciting. coming up at 6:26 a bay area community on edge after a major
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site in home invasion. neighbors are outraged. we'll tell you what police plan to do about it. >> passengers pushing another person off the train. more coming up in a live report.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m kira klapper - in for laura on this friday, august 31st. vianey is watching the weather. vianey? anchts live look here on your friday morning. >> clouds and fog are relentless. i have got it again. you can see how foggy it is. 90s on the map. that's what we have to prep for as we head into labor day weekend. we'll keep the breezy
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conditions. it looks like it may be sticking around for september. let's send things over the mike. this is the last time we'll be in red. the latest updates a lane has just cleared. it is great news. all lanes cleared. look how quickly you see it cleared here moving from red to orange and then hopefully green coming out of livermore valley. a chance for good recovery. you do have a big back upcoming towards fremont.
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take a look at two people try to go throw a passenger off of a train. >> still plenty of unanswered questions as to why this all happened. pete is live there in the city with what he was able to actually unravel, pete. >> reporter: good morning. i want to point it it was first shared by an independent journalist. she is saying these two men were not happy with this individual. they attempted to throw him off the train.
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>> over music? over music? leave him alone. >> we are trying to confirm the specific location it may have happened. you can see the man in the gray shirt choking the individual. eventually you see he is join bid another man and both of them, it looks like they were try to go throw him off of the train. we are working to confirm the location. i have reached out to get more information. hopefully we'll get that at some point this morning. today in the bay. >> that's disturbing to watch that video. thanks. new for you this morning an overnight fire at facebook's
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he headquarters. it appears an ac system caught fire around midnight. the flames were knocked out quickly. the call is under investigation. it's not clear how much damage to that building was sustained. we reached out to fire officials for more details. we'll pass those along once we hear back from them. >> more home invasions. this morning neighbors are banning together and police say they are ready take more action. >> chris is live. i know we have been reporting on these problems for a few weeks now. what do people who live there, what are they asking for? a lot of folks really not
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feeling, there were a lot who gave an earful last night about what they say is an unprecedented rise in crime. i can tell you we have reported on carjackings, home invasions and stolen cars in the last month. last night they told police the only reason three masked men didn't enter is because someone was home and triggered the
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alarm. what it means for willow glenn and for the rest of the city, we are trying to figure that out. in the meantime i have posted a lot of information in my twitter feed, my facebook page and instagram story about how you can make sure you know what your neighbors are doing and who is not supposed to be in your neighborhood today in the bay. >> aretha franklin will be buried two weeks after her death from pancreatic cancer. hundreds spent the night hoping to attend a funeral. the church plans to allow one thousand fans inside. this follows a week of celebrations that included a star studded concert last
6:37 am
flight. fans have come to say good-bye. >> i knew i had to get here. >> contributions, civil rights it will include pop stars. any giants fan will tell you andrew mchutchin is fast but his time with the giants was too fast. mchutchin has been an every day player who quickly became a fan favorite. it will be yankees.
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>> tonight we'll be handing out frozen treats. join us. right now no problem getting there. south bay a little bit of slowing. a big issue in the tri-valley. better news, the traffic alert being cleared. the road is being cleared south 680 all the way down. west 84 slow out of livermore and pleasanton area. lighter traffic flow there as well as the rest of the bay. no metering lights but look at the bridge to the north. there's a little back up. >> yeah. so that either means everyone is at home watching us right now or everyone is out of town, right? >> they are watching us online. >> yeah. >> yes. >> yeah. so for those of us still in town this weekend what will it be like? >> if you're heading to the giants game this is what your forecast is looking like. the game begins at 7:15 p.m.
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yes, typically a little cooler in san francisco. you probably already know that. if this is your first time going please do not forget at least a light sweater. you'll forget regret it if you take one. temperatures will drop down into the 50s but hey, look at the skies. it looks like they cleared out quite nicely. the bay will be in comfortable 70s. that's plenty of sunshine to go around especially if you're hanging around with family and friends. you'll have nice warm temperatures to enjoy the outdoors or if you'll be inside. if you're not live streaming us
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now i know somebody might help you out. back to you. >> all right. thanks. coming up next, a warning for drivers this labor day weekend after a dangerous drive overnight in the south bay. and way more than just a first kiss. just a life- changing first date - but a life "savi >> she's not there i'm dead. >> it happened on not just a life clanging first date baa life saving first date here in northern california, the couple that experienced it talks to today about the incredible love story. the president back on the attack this morning against the doj, the fbi and media as well. let's take you out live to the big board. dow industrial is down mildly under 26,000. today in the bay will be right back.
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anchts gorgeous shot of walnut creek. plenty of fog through san francisco. i'll give you the time line and we welcome the sunshine coming un. here is a gorgeous shot of the fremont traffic. a nice flow of traffic. we'll show you the tri-valley in recovery mode. all right. thanks. 6:43 right now. now to a top story you following. we are looking at a rollover
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crash on southbound highway 17 in which the driver was ejected. this is out of redwood estates. the driver was transported to the hospital but you can see right here why chp is investigating. there are a number of beer bottles and canisters of marijuana littered across that crash site. at 6:44 good news or bad news depending on how you feel about the scooters that were taking over the streets of san francisco. in six weeks they will be back. you have heard about the drama so many dockless scooters cluttering the bike lanes. each will be allowed to operate
6:45 am
in a one year pilot program. >> good news and bad news for his attorney general. the bad news is the president says he will probably fire him at the midterm elections. president has been on a terror lately attacking the fbi and news media. >> our justice department and our fbi have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now. people are angry. people are angry. what's happening is a disgrace.
6:46 am
at some point i wanted to stay out but at some point if it doesn't straighten out properly i want them to do their job, i will get involved and get in there if i have to. >> he also wuchonce again attac the media. >> todd, everybody, governor, look how many cameras you back there. it's like the academy awardsment look at it. they can't get enough. when i start screaming fake news you see the red lights go off far little while. excuse me. we have technical difficulties. okay. now back on. zb that one is easy to prove because you're watching the video from the tv cameras. he always alleged the interview with lester holt was dock tord. this was conducted in 2017 and he has never claimed up until now that the tape was doctored. for the record, it wasn't. not the first time he made such a claim.
6:47 am
the president also claimed the voice on the famous access hollywood tape is not haze after he apologized for what he said on the very same tape. the focus this weekend will be on honoring john mccain. you can find me there. >> we can't even believe video anymore. thanks. it is 6:47 for you right now. call it a first kiss a romance novelist couldn't make up. >> talking about how it saved a life and launched their love story. training far paddle boarding event. look at that. she is a doctor. she started giving them mouth to mouth while performing cpr.
6:48 am
>> my first thought is did he trip and my second thought is he duds n-- does not seem like the type of person that would be playing a joke on me. i immediately realized he is not responding to me and knew there was a problem. >> she is not there i'm dead. >> and he underwent open heart surgery the day after that. they are boyfriend and girl frnd and sharing their beautiful story with the hope that more people learn cpr. you can watch more on the 8:00 a.m. hour of the today show right here on nbc bay area. >> some people just swipe. >> yes. >> they had to do the whole heart attack cpr. >> saved my life. >> yeah. >> hopefully they are together forever. >> sending good vibes their way. we are showing you this nice shop of what we have going on in
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some parts of the bay area. the fog is holding onto san francisco. it is not holding onto walnut creek. we have a nice clear shot. beautiful colors as the sun comes out. i hope your friday is off to a good start. in san francisco there goes that layer of fog. current temperatures as you head out the door we have 60s true the south bay. it is 60 through concord. san francisco at about 57 degrees. they are not going to stay in the 50s or 60s, yes. it will go up and get warmer into the weekend. your highs today, san jose 80. up to the north bay it is 82 degrees. that fog will eventually clear. a lot of people are likely to get away.
6:50 am
. it is 33 degrees. if you're 45eding out to lake tahoe is temperature trend into friday, today, saturday and sunday. the warmest day being on sunday. you're still in lake tahoe. your overnight lows will be in the 30s and 40s. if you're heading out to monterey we will keep cloud cover through friday and saturday. on sunday we have that ridge of high pressure that will effect the entire bay area. as far as your air quality index we have your green which means good weather. this is moderate for interior valleys through the tri-valley. if you're heading up over nevada it is a little hazy out there. the smoke is situated over nevada. the air quality might bring us a bit of haze. if the temperature trends into saturday and sunday dropping into the 50s. the warm up isn't going to be as
6:51 am
noticeable in san francisco. it will be in inland areas. 90 degree mark for sunday and then it cools off a little bit by wednesday. >> i'll take a little bit of cool off. right now we start with a little more slowing. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights were turned over just over ten minutes ago. we are there with a friday before the holiday. it is down the east shore freeway. no major concerns. more slowing. a lot more recovery. so things are still slow coming down and then easy recovery down past the earlier crash. 84 looking nice there. you're clear there. a little build over as well. we have a light flow and we kick
6:52 am
in midday and afternoon. no problems there. a little slowing. back to you. >> all right. thanks. just shy of 6:52, a quick look at top stories on today in the bay. >> including brand new video showing a person being pushed out of a train in san francisco. it has been retweeted thousands of times overnight. investigatore still looking for the cause of a back here in the u.s. fire investigators in chicago are looking for the cause of a building explosion. it took several hours to rescue two people trapped under the roof when it collapsed. we'll be right back with more news. before you head out the do
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- we begin with a new video out of san francisco that went viral while you were sleeping: take a look as two people try to thr we begin with a video out of san francisco. take a look at two people trying to throw a passenger off of a train. it is unclear which stop was taking place. you can see a man wearing a gray
6:56 am
shirt and gray hat putting another rider in a cloak hold. we'll keep you updated as this story develops throughout the day. happening today a man charged in a bart station assault authorities say killed another man is expected to appear in court this morning. it happened back in july the man who died during the altercation. it later became infected and that's what kills him. police say a student had his hand on a gun in his backpack when it suddenly fired. this was yesterday.
6:57 am
no one was hit by the gunfire. it prompted a huge response from police and a lock down. officers eventually made four arrests. more than 200 showed up to voice their frustrations. one spoke about neighbors recently stopping a just in the knick of time. >> it just so happened that the son, the young man, he was there and he clicked the alarm system. >> we spoke with about a dozen homeowners who told us they recently installed home security police chief right there says that the department is now improving its response plan
6:58 am
flames were knocked down quickly. the fire happened around midnight. it is not clear how much damage the business sustained. we reached out for more. we'll pass it on when we hear back. shutting down for good tomorrow night. the most sustainable to supply 100% power. voters made this $65 million project possible opening its schedule for october 27th.
6:59 am
giants will meet with the mets tonight. this is the first game in a three game series. >> guess who else will be there? >> who? >> you. >> okay. >> who doesn't love free ice cream? >> come get it. >> just come get the ice cream. >> you do have to take a selfie. >> fereven if you don't want on. >> that air quality gets a lot better. it is a little hazy. temperature trend in san francisco, 60s. it gets a little cool. take a sweater to the game. subtle changes to the commute. >> yes. we have recovery continuing for the trivalley. still a little slow from the
7:00 am
earlier crash that cleared. metering lights are on. more crowds heading for this afternoon. >> absolutely. we'll see you there. beat us there. >> we are back at 7:25. good morning. john mccain's flag-draped casket arrives in washington aboard a military plane. the defense secretary, fellow senators and dozens of mccain staffers come out to greet his family after that emotional farewell in arizona. >> i always thought of john as a brother. we've been in a hell of a lot of family fights. >> today john mccain will lie in state. his 106-year-old mother roberta mccain there to see it. head-on tragedy. the death toll climbs to at least seven people, dozens more injured in a horrific bus crash in new mexico.


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