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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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right now buses are being rerouted to the old anteriorly. sam brock joins us from the transit center we just got new information. sam, what do we know? >> reporter: there's a couple things going on right now, raj. first of all, they shut down fremont between howard and mission behind me. this whole strip of land shut down. you're looking at sfm ta engineers taking the power off line next to the salesforce transit center. again, they are trying to be as careful as they can about preventing any possible hazard. this has to do, of course, with a steel beam, not with the power source. but for whatever reason they are cutting this off. those are the two things we heard from the transbay authority just a second ago about what happenedrk zab infor were expecting the beam over my shoulder. this morning there was a routine expectation going on and one of
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the workers saw a crack in the beam. it was described at six fe6 fee. we didn't get a great explanation as to why it took them until 4:00 to shut things down, at which point they did which is where they stand right now. here's mr. zabaneh describing the inspection process. >> absolutely beams are inspected and the fabrication shop before they arrive at the job site. they're expected after installation and we have a very rigorous inspection process. >> reporter: here's another tidbit, closing off the salesforce transit center through tomorrow morning as they continue these expectations. there's a lot gong right now in san francisco. you know that it's salesforce dream force right now. that's two blocks down the street at mosconeny center. there's 150,000 people here for
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that event. salesforce tower just to my side here, and millennium is next door. some of the practices we've been reporting on for months, all of this in close proximity. in san francisco, sam brock, neighborhoods news. >> you mentioned it, the nearby medical linen yum tower having problems of its own. under orders from city building inspectors, experts were checking that 36th floor window that suddenly cracked over labor day weekend. all 116 units in the tower will be checked for similar window cracks and damage within 90 days. the big unanswered question is whether the turbo's tilt is to
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blame tot cracks. our investigative unit are working on this story. a led to a near catastrophe at san francisco international, that's what the ntsb says is the cause from a plane flying 50 feet from a packed commercial flight at sfo. we look at the mistakes made, who was to blame, and a new revelation about another flight minutes earlier. >> this is rare. the ntsb almost never holds a hearing to look at an incident that involved no injuries, but in this case they decided to do so partially because if that air canada plane had waited a few seconds more to pull up, more than 1,000 people could have been injured or even killed at sfo. this video shows a potentially catastrophic near miss on july for landing mistakenly aims
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a taxiway where four fully-loaded planes are waiting to take off. you see it pulling up at the last second, less than 50 feet from one of the planes. >> you had the potential, if the crew didn't execute a go-around of 1,100 -- over1,100 airplane occupants could have been affected given the lineup on the taxiway. >> the day the national transportation safety board determined the near miss. >> their failure to use the instrument landing system to back up their visual approach, their expectation bias, the effects of fatigue on an overnight flight andry arew rest misidentification. >> the ntsb also found construction on a runway added to the confusion and only one air traffic controller was on duty at the time. today the board issued seven recommendations to prevent this
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from happening again. >> they include actions to examine methods to more effectively identity closed runways. >> others include developing better technology to warn pilots if they're heading toward the wrong runway, enhancing runway identification at night, and recommending that canada strengthen its rules to prevent pilot fatigue. another key finding revealed today, a delta flight which landed four minutes before air canada's near-miss got close to making the same mistake. the flight crew of that plane reported the runway construction lights were so light that they couldn't determine if the location of the inbound runway. a third woman coming forward accusing supreme court nominee ot friday misconduct. testimony about his alleged seonduct. rnhael avenatti says he represents that third accuser who will go public before
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thursday's hearing where senators will hear testimony from kavanaugh and dr. christine blasey ford of palo alto. she claims kavanaugh attacked her in high school. the second claim is from deborah ramirez seen there saying kavanaugh exposed herself to her at yale. president trump cast doubt on her account citing how long ago it was and her admission that she was drunk. a sense of relief in san ramon tonight. police arrested a man they say started at least one of two back-to-back fires. drone video right here shows just how close those two fires came to houses in one san ramon acres burned u both prompting evacuations. investigators believe both fires are the work of an arsonist. he's been arrested on one count of arson. in the south bay the
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community fight is not over. a month ago we told you about vandals attacking a san jose memorial honoring fallen soldier of the vietnam war. tonight as police continue the hunt, the city is trying to prevent it from happening again. they're getting help from google and an eight-year-old girl. damian trujillo joins us from that memorial with the details. damian? >> reporter: raj, these are the names of the 142 men before fro san jose who were killed or missing in action in vietnam. this incident has sparked a new level of community activetism. vandals doesed the sons of san jose memorial with acid. >> you just don't think people will do things like that to a memorial. a place of solace. >> reporter: first volunteers restored the memorial, now the foundation is raising money to put a protective film over
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memorial and install surveillance cameras. some people in law enforcement are spending their free time looking for the vandals. >> there's eight guys i went to high school with and guys that i played sports against. >> reporter: the effort has sparked donations big and small from silicon valley titans like google to this eight-year-old girl. >> that one really warmed our heart. >> reporter: moved by news coverage of the valentine's dayism, bella put up a lemonade stand and delivered a check to the foundation for $200. >> it was incredible. and she was just so proud to stand with us and take pictures and hand us the check. just great that they're bringing her up with a sense of community. >> reporter: the vandals did the damage, but the foundation says they may also have inspired an entire community, even those still too young to understand perhaps the sacrifices of war. the foundation says they want to raise about $40,000 here for the added security measures of
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there's still about $34,000 short even with the contribution of the a little-year-old. i'm truddamian trujillo. we learned exclusively that a longtime crime investigator in oakland have been implicated in racketeering and extortion. we report that harry hue recently quit his job at an alameda district attorney office inspector amid-a corruption probe. >> reporter: veteran vefrtsz describe him as the legendary first member of gang task force. his specialty, asian organized crime in oakland and san francisco. who was even deputized as an fbi agent as he investigated asian gangs back in the '90s.
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he worked for app a decade build hi high-professional cases as a corner inspector. prosecutors had no comment other than to confirm his departure. he is no longer employed at the office. multiple law enforcement agencies tell nbc bay area say authorities targeted hu with evidence gathered from a lengthy wiretap investigation into the notorious gang member shrimp boy chow. multiple sources tell us federal investigators suspect hu knew in advance about the planned attack on leung in chinatown. hu's lawyer didn't respond our request for comment.
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jaxon van derbeken nbc bay area news. it needs to be exposed for what it is. it's a silent killer. >> talking about fentanyl, the drug that killed her brother. we investigate next. 'mhief meteorologist jeff ranieri. news in san francisco.
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the salesforce transit c . we want to update our breaking news for you now in san francisco. as we have been reporting, the salesforce transit center will remain closed until tomorrow at least. inspectors discovered a major crack in a steel beam inside the terminal. our sky ranger flew over the old transit terminal where buses are being rerouted. effort to cut off the power now. we'll bring you the latest information both on air and on our digital platforms. police and healthra o trend. years later. the problem is t even >> law enforcement has coming up with a new way to monday ods and they say it can save lives. liz has more.
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in a. >> it's called the od map, and all sauv phone. first responders put in the location of an overdose to warn people about bad batches of opioid pills like the one who killed a beloved south bay man. >> no one should have to see what we saw. >> the death of her brother is something margaret will never get over. >> he was just a great guy, didn't deserve the final outcome. was way too young. >> hard to talk about? >> yeah. >> justin was 38, a father six, an amputee who turned to the streets to find pain pills after he lost his insurance. >> he was just a normal guy. he was our world. >> but margaret's world came kraushds down the morning of
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april 13th, 2016, when her mother found justin slumped over his bed, his head nearly touching the floor. >> i heard my mom and dad crying. i just broke down. the last time i saw my brother was in a body bag being hauled away. >> justin bought norco pills from a dealer in san jose, but they were laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times more opponent than heroin. around same time, authorities in sacramento reported 52 overdoses and 12 deaths from counterfeit . >> what we have here is a map. >> this is a prevention special counsel with the high intensity drug trafficking area program but northern california.
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he says the free tool asks first responders just three simple questions, whether the overdose happened, and whether or not we saw a 33% uptick in oxone overdoses. >> using data from an east coast city, he points out a recent cluster. >> what does that tell you? >> that there's a bad batch. >> authorities were able to sound the alarm and save says >> the problem w of those overdoses across california effectively. >> east coast agents have been using the map for more than a year but has yet to take off in the bay area. statewide just 16 departments have signed up so far. >> are you satisfied with the progress? >> at this point? no. when you look at only a handful
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out of over 200 organizations, it's small. and we need to move a lot faster on this. >> according to the state, overdose deaths in california haven't gone down much since 2013 and e.r. visits for ods are up. he says the stakes are too high not to get on board. >> we can't wait. the longer we communities. that's my plea to each agency out there is that they look at this threat and these issues that they help us to be part of the solution. >> this is justin be grandma. >> for margaret and her family, the pain of losing justin won't ever go away, but they're counting on bay area agencies to embrace a new tool that can help protect others from opioid overdoses. >> if you're going to help someone else's family member, why wouldn't you do it. >> director cena is urging all law enforcement to carry nar can
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on patrol. coming up at 11:00, for the first time you'll hear from an alameda county detective who was exposed to a lethal dose of fentanyl during a drug bust. but was saved by nar can tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. see you then. . >> really important information there. if you have a story for our or visit your website at investigate. jeff ranieri is back with us. are we looking. >> fog at the coast of the that's what people want when they visit san francisco. then head anywhere away from the coast in the next few days. it is going to be hot. we have this area of high pressure that's been pretty stubborn sitting at the same spot. so with this here, i think over the next two days we'll keep those hot 90s inland and then those cooler 60s right near the
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coastline. the side effect of this heat that may impact your health is a spare the air alert, unhealthy levels of pollution for the east bay and south bay. that's where you might need to limit your outdoorxposure for the next 24 hours. with that heat tomorrow i think the hottest will be inland, contra costa, warmest in morgan hill with 93. close to the bay and the san francisco pattern moving in. temperatures will drop to 88 here in san jose. 77 in oakland. half moon bay. we are just barely holding on to chances of rainfall over the next seven days. what we still see happening is two different systems. one saturday and sunday with a slight chance, but a better chance early next week from a storm that could combine in with remnant moisture from a typhoon. we'll talk more about what we're
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seeing on amounts of rainfall and that full timeline coming up tonight. a see you then. >> thanks, jeff. taking a different approach. the new idea to help curb crime on b.a.r.t.
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proposal to make the system safer ..doesn )t rely on two b.a.r.t. directors latest proposal to make the system safe doesn't rely on police or cameras. it takes a page from the transit system across the bay. if you use muni in san francisco, maybe you've seen workers who are part of the transit system citizens program. they are unarmed men and women who are trained to deescalate fights and prevent crimes on the muni system. b.a.r.t. directors are hoping to create a similar community ambassador program. >> the program in san francisco, which is, again, hiring folks to be a second lens of eyes and
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years come from the communities we serve. >> according to asylum, b.a.r.t. police are still struggling to fill more than two dozen open positions. simon plans to bring it up at a board meeting. kids who don't identity as male or female have another option called the universal locker room. the locker room is the first of its kind in the uc system and offers a private space for students who are nonbineed disability accommodations. >> i hope students feel that this is a place accessible and open to them regardless of how they identify. >> it's a space that offers privacy and is for everyone. >> cal says it spent nearly $2.7 million on building this new locker room and that the money will be repaid by students. three years ago the student body voted in favor of imposing an
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annual fee upon themselves to pay for this new locker room. up next, a crash in a beam forces the brand-new transbay transit center to shut down. we'll have more on our breaking news from san francisco. man. >> how would you rate the cleanliness of san francisco? how about a near-perfect score? seriously. that's what one report found and it turns out you're footing the bill. we investigate in san francisco, next. transit center is shut dow.
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we )re learning new details abot the brand new building, and . right now the salesforce transit center is shut down. we're learning new details about the brand-newprobm impacting co san francisco. it was open for just a month before being shut down today. a crack in a steel beam which inspectors are now looking at. >> $2 billion to build and right now already problems. that crack is forcing the transit center to be closed at least until tomorrow. you can see the map where the buses are being rerouted. they're now pulling into the old terminal between folsom and howard a few blocks away from the salesforce transit center. let's bring in sam brock who's been on the ground for us for the last 90 minutes and joins us with more updates. sam? >> reporter: roaj, anoushah, passengers wondering how long until we get clarity. one person came up to me and
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said, wait, where's my bus. and i had to tell her to go to beale where they have reopened the old transbay terminalaking stride. >> given what's going on next door, that raises an interesting question. >> smart thing to do. >> i would rather take a bus at another spot than have a beam fall on me. >> reporter: so, again, they are trying to kind of see the bigger picture here. we are not going to know until tomorrow what the fate of this cracked beam might be, but we do know this, raj and anoushah, a metallica concert will get out after the 9:00 or 8:00 hour, so you'll have all these folks from dream force coming here trying
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to get home. we'll have the latest throughout the evening. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. among the most common complaints about san francisco is the cleanliness of our streets. but a public relations firm says theelatively clean. turns out the city paid off big money. >> we have new information involving your tax dollars and a government contract that's raising concerns at city hall and on the streets. ♪ >> the jazz is the intersection of chaos and beauty. ♪ and san francisco might just share the same address. [ applause ] ♪ that's at least ow rickey wilson sees it, he's a 70-year-old jazz singer who spent his entire career performing at clubs across the city. >> what are you walking over every day? >> you name it.
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♪ >> look at all this [ bleep ]. step over garbage. and the main thingou step over people, human beings. >> san francisco public works is in charge of cleaning up the city. its $72 million street cleaning budget has spiked more than 80% in just six years. we've also learned that the department has been paying a public relations firm that makes you believe the city is clean. >> they hired jbr to survey san francisco. the team walks the city looking for trash, sir, rings and human waist they then rate san francisco treats and sidewalks each year on a scale from 1 to 3, 1 being very clean, 3, very dirty. last year the pr company gave san francisco an average rating of 1.18 for commercial areas.
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1.06 for residential neighbors. those are near-perfect scores, which means san francisco should be just about spotless. >> what does that make you think? >> they're lying. >> the pr company never responded to our requests for comment but san francisco has fade firm more than $400,000 for its work. >> that's mind-boggling. >> according to that same pr agency, last year san francisco was the cleanest it's been in four years. but during that time those in the city noticed more filth, not less. last year san francisco received 20,000 complaints about human f feces, and 6,000 complaints about used drug needles, that's up 228% in just four years. >> that raised some red flags for you? >> yes, >> dan gouger is a budget analyst of the city and he was shocked by the results of that survey. >> why were you so surprised? >> i live in the city and i
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don't picture san francisco as being a very clean city. >> is that part of your concern that their findings might be flawed? >> i -- yes, yes. when at the same time the number of complaints to the city has continued to increase year after year? ♪ >> we've also learned san francisco pays millions more to clean its streets and sidewalks than other larger cities with even bigger populations, including chicago, san diego, san jose, and los angeles. in fact, l.a. is ten times larger than san francisco and collects nine times the amount of trash. but san francisco still spends about $20 million more on street cleaning each year.
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>> at the end of the day you're in charge of keeping the city clean? >> that's right. >> would you say you're doing a good job? >> i'm trying. >> muhammad is the director of public works and saysany francisco. extra crews have been assigned to wash away feces and pick up used drug needles, and the city staffs 23 public restrooms, five just opened this summer. but he says san francisco is still in the midst of an emergency. >> how, then, could a pr company, your department hired come to the conclusion that san francisco deserves a near-perfect score when it comes to cleanliness? >> we continue to work at this every day. these are situations that no one of us created. >> forgive me, i didn't hear an answer. are you familiar with the jbr report? >> yes, i am. >> you've been paying them upwards of $400,000. >> and that data is being used
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to make decisions for the city around cleanliness of sidewalks and neighborhoods. >> but the reality is people are stepping over needles and human waste, and a pr company you paid says san francisco is spic and span. >> there are many parts of our city that don't have some of the thgs you're talking about. they might have sampled some of the nicer parts of the city. >> now there are concerns the findings are not accurate. they are partnering with public works to overhaul the way san francisco measures cleanliness. ♪ rickey wilson knows the city. he's walked the streets and says trying to pass them off as pristine is tone deaf. >> there is a chance here in this city, man. because this is the city, man. just can't keep stepping over it
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and talking about what it is and it ain't because it's a beautiful place, man, and it's beautiful people. >> should be better than that? >> and it can be, and it will be. based on the lingering questions over just how san francisco is spending its street cleaning budget the city's own analysts recommended against giving public works kd of long-term funding increase, but san francisco lawmakers and the mayor decided to give the department a boost anyway. over the next two years, anoushah, and raj, that's another $13 million. >> wow. some really impressive numbers there. if you have a story for our investigative unit, you can call or visit our website at investigate. up next at 6:00, stranded at sfo, the mishap for a plane that never left the runway. tonight as
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found him here in the bay area.
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a young modesto boy is safe after sheriff deputies found him in the bay area. he was abducted from his mom's home yesterday morning. an amber alert was issued last night. he was tracked to a la quinnta hotel in dublin. they left the hotel this morning and arrested cosso and his son and reunited jace with his mom. a leak at sfo left a lot of people scrambling for other flight options. the valorous flight started leaking, 10 gallons of it. so it was canceled . a photographer spotted the plane on the tarmac hours later. passengers told us the airline suggested they fly out of oakland. a badly burned snake is now up for adoption at the peninsula humane society.
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this here is felix. he's a florida king snake who came dehydrated and burned. they've been treating him for the past four months and now he's ready to find a new home. . he'll need his own tank, at least 60 gallons. your kids need a pet, don't they? >> i'm not bringing that home. >> i'm sure your son would love felix. >> oh, my gosh. >> here you go, max, take a look. >> that would be the worst. even for snake lovers. where did it go? >>, by the way, anoushah rasta is hanging out with us. great job. >> good to have you. >> you're welcome. >> let's get a look outside right now. you can see across the tri-valley, haze, spare the air alert, 93 in livermore today.
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we'll talk about how much hotterer tomorrow and the rain chances. >> a crack in a beam forces transbay transit center to shut down. we'll have a live update from san francisco.
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. there's a lot happening in san francisco. we continue our breaking news coverage there in the city. inspectors are looking at that crack in a steel beam that prompted the shutdown off the brand-new $2 billion salesforce transit center. >> that's right. it is closed until at least tomorrow. buses are being rerouted to the old terminal between folsom and howard streets. jean is in san francisco with the details. jean? >> reporter: we are here on beale street between mission and howard. take a look, you can see it's closed and the crime tape is up. police are standing by. inspectors are up on the third floor of this salesforce transbay terminal looking at the steel beams.
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crews installing ceiling found a crack at 10:00 this morning. let's take a look at mission street. you can see it's creating some commuter chaos at the height of the evening commute. the transbay joint authority decided to shut the terminal down as a precaution and it has closed roads around it. staff evacuated the terminal just before 5:00 tonight. police and transit workers are out here directing commuters to buses at the old temporary bus terminal. as for that crack, officials say it's made of american steel and it was last inspected about a year ago. >> absolutely. beams are inspected and the fabrication shop before they arrive at the job site. e ipected after installationnd we have a very rigorous inspection process. >> reporter: now, that beam supports the bus deck, ceiling, and the floor of the new park. inspectors are now taking a look at the beam and dozens of others. officials say they don't know
6:46 pm
what caused the crack. they do say they don't believe it's related to the sinking and twisting happening here at the millennium tower. but again, they don't know what caused that cracking. we're expecting an update tomorrow at noon. for more information about the size of the crack and what may have caused it and what the fix is, and the impact on the entire structure. parking control officer here is saying they're going to open beale street up. so that might help with a lot of this traffic congestion. it's 6:00 withat lead rightfic . reporting live in san francisco, jean ellie, nbc bay area. >> let's look at the subcommittee m map. you see the area surrounded in red where all this is happening. the cracked beam is part of the ceiling above that bus deck level. the third level of the multistory transit center. on top of that is the much-talked about roof park.
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all of it is shut down tonight while engineers work to figure out just how big of an issue this will be. we'll be tracking this story through night on our website, ay on our digital platforms. tonight at 11:00 we'll have a look at what you should expect from tomorrow's commute. >> we need good news so for that we bring in jeff ranieri. seven days we've been hoping for a chance of rainfall soon and we still are managing to hold onto that as we head to the next seven days. i just w yt i here, two rain ch in the next seven days, possibility of showers. but a better chance next week from a system that could actually pull in a little bit of moisture from a typhoon that's out near japan. no tropical conditions expected for us, just the possibility of rain. more details in about two minutes. let's bring you right into that
6:48 pm
wednesday morning forecast for s that midweek start. for the bay, temperatures with nice relief with upper 50s, on the cool side from the south bay to the tri-valley, also looking at fog returning back to san francisco, 54. patchy clouds t rule for tomorr head away from the bay and you're going to encounter that heat. the car thermometer is going to shoot closer to the bay, 88 in san jose. mid-90s from livermoro concord over to walnut creek. martinez at 90. then you head over the east bay hills and you're at a much more comfortable 77 in oakland. >> along the peninsula looking beautiful from san mateo to palo alto. anywhere from upp70s to mid-80s.
6:49 pm
ingleside, 68 and across the north bay you have a cold 65 in point reyes and a hotter 97 in ukiah. heat stays with us tomorrow, over the weekend the temperatures drop. that's going to come from a system that is developing in the pacific. it'syng t hold a slight chance of showers this weekend. so i would not cancel any plans over it. the system with the better chance of rainfall is still unt monday and it might pull remnant moisture from a typhoon. so the big question with rainfall is how much. the good news today is forecast model are becoming a lot better aligned. two of our long-range models we look at, the american and european models, are becoming closer aligned with the outcome. the american model showing a tenth of an inch. we'll take a look at the european model.
6:50 pm
that has tamped down the totalled, 0.25 inches. it doesn't look like a big storm next week, but certainly a chance of rainfall. on my extended forecast we're looking at a slight chance this weekend, 20%he the inland valle think the bigger impact will be the colder temperatures from 98 tomorrow down to 78 on saturday. we'll keep those 70s into next week's forecast. it's going to be evolving each day until early next week. but i'll be here. let me do the work. you sit back and relax. >> you do all the work. i love that. >> i love that. thank you. two undefeated teams clash on center stage this saturday. stanford takes on notre dame in a game you can see here on nbc bay area. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship
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with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life...ome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training in active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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saturday... stanford and notre dame...right here on nbc bay it is the marquee matchup in college football this saturday. stanford and notre dame right here on nbc bay area. >> you are wearing your stanford red. both teams undefeated and ranked in the top ten. here's colin resch on the farm. >> it's no wonder this game every year is one of the higher rated games to watch.
6:54 pm
they've been exciting. >> and the outcome enjoyable if you're a stanford. the cardinal have beat the irish three stating times, something the head coach doesn't needed to be reminded of. >> yeah, you can talk about winning the last three games, but what we need to do is play better football. >> last year after surrendering an 83-yard touchdown early, a 38-20 victory at stanford stadium. this year the rivalry returns to south bend and the cardinal knows what's coming. >> you got to know you're going to get calls that aren't going to go your way. >> we recruit nationally, so we don't have a bunch of west coast guys. we have guys from the midwest, guys from the east coast that grow up watching notre dame or not liking notre dame. that rivalry has been really good. the games have been outstanding. >> the 2018 version figures to
6:55 pm
be outstanding again. both teams undefeated. the cardinal ranks 7th. the irish, 8th. they are both ranked in the ap top 10. >> we don't look at numbers or ranking. that's the first thing the coach says don't worry about.or on is we focus on to go out on game day an win streak over the irish will increase to four. at stanford, colin resch, nbc bay area. we continue our coverage in san francisco. inspectors are looking at a crack in a steel beam that prompted the shut down of the brand-new salesforce transit center. coming up at 11:00, what should expect from tomorrow's commute. stay with nbc bay area and we'll be tracking this story through the night on our website and on all our digital platforms as well. >> very nice. before we go, jeff ranieri will
6:56 pm
have the last word in how we're looking >> on the fog near the coastline. if you head to the inland valleys, up to a hot 98 degrees. look at that drop by saturday to 78. only a slight chance of showers this weekend. better chance could come our way by monday and tuesday. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. ♪"extra"
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"extra" ♪ now on "extra," bradley cooper lady gaga bring the star power. >> tonight is a big night for us. >> the star is born director opening up about his two babies, his directorial debut and for the first time his little girl with irina shayk. >> are you singing at home with
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your girlfriend and baby? >> how she and lady gaga bonded over leftovers. tom arnold calling roma downey a liar? >> she said i assaulted her. i didn't see her, i didn't touch her. >> about the physical altercation, why it got heated with megyn kelly. >> no, no, no, no, no. mandy moore's audition tape for "this is us."


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