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tv   Today  NBC  September 26, 2018 7:00am-8:52am PDT

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>> that's it for today in the bay. >> joins for bay area news at 11. thank you for starting your morning with us with today. this morning we are going to continue by shaking a tail feather, cutting a rug. >> doing whatever. good morning. on offense. the president takes on the second accuser who claims judge brett kavanaugh exposed himself to her in college. >> she was totally inebriated and all messed up. and she doesn't know it was him but it might have been him. >> just ahead, the woman's lawyer reacts here. the clock ticking on capitol hill. 24 hours from now, the first woman to come forward testifies under oath. downfall complete. bill cosby himorning, sentenced waited sincerely hope ysuffer.
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i >> his team planning the appeal. >> this has been the most racist trial in the united states. >> the prosecutor at the middle of the case, joins us for a live interview. emotional plea. >> maddox is my whole world and my reason for living. >> the mother of the 6-year-old boy missing speaks out. >> i just want my baby home, please. >> the massive search using drones, helicopters and scuba divers in its fourth day. heavy rains washing out roads and leaving rescues across the northeast, with a new round of downpours expected today. stunning revelation. "top chef" star padma lakshmi opens up. and while she has kept silent until now. and taking the plunge. hollywood star, will smith,
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bungee jumps from ayon,o why he says he had to make it a celebrate his 50th birthday. day he would never wedn 26th, 2018. from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. some of us celebrate by going to benihana or getting a birthday cake. >> i blew out 50 candles. will smith jumped out of a helicopter, on a bungee cord. he's a daredevil, that one. st> fa the battle over brett kavanaugh. the president is going into attack mode against democrats and one of kavanaugh's accusers. we're going to talk to her attorney, just ahead. first, peter alexander is here
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with us. lots to catch up on. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when the first allegation against brett kavanaugh came out, president trump showed restraint. that's out the window. unleashing on kavanaugh's latest accuser. on twitter, blaming democrats on what the president calls the destruction. the republicans are just hired to handle their questioning. president trump lashing out, accusing democrats of trying to sink brett kavanaugh's nomination. >> the democrats are playing a con game. c-o-n. a con game. they know he's high-quality. they wink at each other. >> reporter: the president attacking kavanaugh's second accuser, deborah ramirez. >> she was inebriated and she was all messed up. she doesn't know it was him. it might have been him. let's not make him a supreme
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court judge because of that. >> reporter: ramirez told "the new yorker," kavanaugh exposed himself to her in a drunken dormroom party. acknowledging she has memory gaps because she was drinking. >> she admits she was drunk. she admits there were time lapses. >> reporter: overnight, ramirez's lawyer firing back, saying there were witnesses who can corroborate her account. >> her client disclosed to her mother and sister 35 years ago about what happened. there's more people that needed to be contacted, if there's going to be a real investigation and find out senate judiciary committee staffers interviewed kavanaugh by phone about ra democrats are blasting the committee vote before hearing from kavanaugh's accuser. dianne feinstein calling it outrageous. saying, it's clearhat
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reblicans don't want this to be a pair process. and ford's legal team, upset about republicans hiring an outside attorney to question her and kavanaugh. rich rachel mitchell will be asking the questions on behalf of republicans. mitch mcconnell projecting confidence. >> i'm confident we're going to win. >> reporter: lisa murkowski, a critical republican swing vote, warning her colleagues not to prejudge the finds, while indicating an fbi investigation is warranted. >> an investigation would certainly clear up some of the ils about that are out therde what tomorrow's hearing is going to look like. christine ford is going to testify first, starting with an opening statement. there's no time limit on that. then, a round of questions that
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will alternate between a republicans and democrats. and the republicans are expected to hand their time over to the female prosecutor they just hired. kavanaugh gets his turn. same drill for him. it's unclear if the republican senators will ask questions of kavanaugh or if they will do that themselves. we're joined by the attorney for kavanaugh's second accuser. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> i'm sure you heard the president's comments about your client saying she was drunk and has memory lapses. what was your hearing the president say those things? >> well, it was disturbing, especially since he doesn't seem to be of interest to have an investigation into what happened. >> i know you're going back and
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forth with senate staffers about how your client might provide testimony to the committee. we'll get to that in a minute. i know you're asking for an fbi investigation. but bottom line, is she willing to testify under oath about what she says happened? >> she would be willing to testify. but we can't even talk with a senate judiciary committee about what that would look like.and t. at this point, it's a moot question. >> do you put an fbi investigation as a condition on her testifying? >> i wouldn't call it a condition. but it's the only intelligent way to get to the truth of what happened. y, too, she aid, come tomorrow c would say yes? >> i would let her make that decision. i would beng an investigation about what pp s and to cheat that process, is an unintelligent outcome.
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>> dr. ford requested an fbi investigation. and the senate said no. and she's now testifying. just to circle around it, bottom line, if she is invited to testify, will she testify, even if there isn't the investigation she would prefer? >> that's a decision i would make. but it wouldn't surprise me if she agreed to do that. we'll see if she gets that invitation and go from there. >> fair enough. fair enough. let's talk about what she told "the new yorker." i won't get into the details. she said that brett kavanaugh a with the magazine, she wasto ch kavanaugh's role with certainty. as we sit here today, is your giant certain it was brett kavanaugh who exposed himself to her in college? >> she has been very, very
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careful about what information she's putting out there. what she said in "the new yorker" is what she recalls with clarity. she recalls the incident, the genitalia in her face, she recalls brett kavanaugh adjusting his pants and somebody after that brett kavanaugh just did that. those are the facts she very, very -- is comfortable with putting forward. and she was deliberate not to say specifically that in that exact moment, she knew it was brett kavanaugh and saw it was brett kavanaugh. that's one of the things that's made her to me, so credible, she's not putting forth more information. she's been careful about w comf publicly. >> another thing "the new yorker" writes is after six days of assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, she felt confident enough to speak to the magazine. what happened over those six days?
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a lot of people think you remember or you don't. what's the six days about? >> maybe that gives an impression that the two of them are in some lockdown room for six, consecutive days. that's not how it went. back to the point i was making. she wanted to make sure that her recollection of what happened and what information she was going to put worth in "the new yorker," was accurate. she hired stan garnet, who is a skilled prosecutor and knows how to work with victims, knows how to talk with victims in ways that are not suggesting information, to make sure they can work with the recollections and come out with the information that's raaccurate. >> "the new york times" said rmer classmates and told some of them that she couldn't be certain it was mr. kavanaugh. did that happen? >> i believe that happened. i wasn't representing her when
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it was taking place. but that goes back to the point that she wanted to be careful she wasn't putting forth false information to "the new yorker." >> what's your client's mindset right now? it's her name in every paper. she's brought out publicly. where is she? how is she today? >> i think she's been lifted up by the support these receiving. but it's frustrating to see some of the remarks by the senate, some of the remarks by the president. she's frustrated to see those and is becoming more and more motivated to participate in whatever fashion the judiciary will allow her to. >> john clun thank you for being with big and comedian bill offender was g up hind bars. sentenced ten to three years in a pennsylvania prison. in a moment, we'll talk to a
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prosecutor that helped seal cosby's face. stephanie gosk is outside of the prison where cosby penalty is t spent the night. he was given his jumpsuit, a towel, soap, and a dinner of meatballs. he will be here for the next few days before they look for somewhere more permanent. >> you still bopping to what is left in your brain? >> reporter: to one of the newest inmates. this >> he's hidden behind a character.xtle.unmaed. >> the decision, five months after cosby was convicte ulting andrea constand at his home in 2004. judge steven o'neill considering
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several factors before sentencing including constand's victim impact statement. bill cosby took my beautiful, healthy, young spirit and crushed it. he robbed me of my health and vitality and my trust in myself and others. the defense pushed for house arrest pointing to his age and health. later, they told the comedian, nobody is above the law. cosby, who must serve three years before being available for parole, meaning monthly counselling and must register with police anywhere had goes after serving time. >> this has been the most racist and sexist trial in the united states. >> reporter: for more than 60 women who accused cosby of groping and rape, it's justice served. >> i don't think any of us ever
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thought for a moment this day would come. >> the search for a permanent facility will depend on his health. he is nearly blind. he has trouble walking. he uses a cane. there are facilities in this state that cater to people who are older. he will likely end up in one of those. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. coming up, the prosecutor e the united nations, where he will chair a meeting of the u.n. general assembly. the president asked other nations to isolate iran's ream re jeem. but it was this line from the president that drew the most notable reaction from the room. >> in less than two years, my administration has accomplished almost more than any administration in the history of our country. america's -- so true. [ laughter ] >> didn't expect that reaction. but that's okay. >> the president spent much of
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the speech pushing his america-first message, saying the u.s. will not be taken advantage of any longer. also this morning, the mother of the missing boy in noh breaking her silence. the fbi expanding a massive search. gabe gutierrez joins us now in >> reporter: good ct nation's attention. now we're hearing from the mother for the first time. they're busy tracking down 150 leads in a race against time. this morning, the mother of 6-year-old maddox rich, with a desperate plea. >> i just want my baby home, please. >> reporter: breaking her silence about her autistic son, now missing for nearly four days. >> maddox is my whole world and my reason for living. he is momma's boy. maddox loves the park, he loves
7:16 am
ther has joined search es his teams. he tells police he and another adult were walking with nninmadx ahea authorities are hoping someone at the busy park may know a true. they are trying to talk to a photographer and a jogger that may have been nearby. >> there's witnesses that can help us conduct a timeline. >> reporter: this community is reeling. >> i hope they find him. i hope they find him alive. >> hoping that the boy who was last seen wearing a t-shirt that says, i'm the man, will be back with his family soon. >> thank you all for your love and support. i just want to say, i want my baby back in my arms. >> oh, my gosh. it's so sad hearing from the mom. gabe, as you mentioned, it's been four days since little
7:17 am
maddox disappeared. do you get any idew officials? >> reporter: hi, hoda. authorities have been tight-lipped. th it's 250 acres. they have expanded their search beyond it. authorities have not ruled out foul play. and the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information in this case. >> gabe, thank you. it is 7:18. let's get a check of the weather. al has the forecast. >> good morning, guys. take a look at the scene in the northeast yesterday. folks had to be rescued by front end loaders. cars getting moved out of the way. massive flooding, from eight to ten inches of rain, in new york, new jersey and connecticut. and kids have to be rescued in connecticut by school bus. it was unbelievable rain. and we got more on the way. in fact, as you look here, with a frontal system pushing
7:18 am
through, bringing strong storms, g. have a risk for 47 millio and the front will stall oto ai of rain in the northeast. from roanoke to texas. seeing 3 to 5 inches of rain, we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. got directions to the nightclub here. and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money with progressive lately, so... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. improving weather as we get closer to the weekend. warmer spots. upper 70s for the we some of our i llnorth bay on saturday. and a more significant and
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widespread chance of rain for the rest of the bay area on monday and tuesday. we are going to see things cooling off in san francisco with more clouds and fog through the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. just ahead, how did the woman who prosecuted bill cro d see him walking away in handcuffs. plus, padma lakshmi speaking out about being assaulted as a
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san francisco )s gleaming new transbay transit center - still closed this morning. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. the gleaming from you transbay transit center is closed this mornings. inspectors are looking at it after work crews yesterday discovered a crack in a steel beam on the upper level bus deck. the $2 billion tower opened just a few weeks ago. it's not clear if this is an isolated problem or part of a larger issue. inspectors will have to figure that out before that tower is allowed to reopen. an update is planned for noon. but nearby freemonteeups. mike has a look at the impact on commuters. >> that's the biggest surprise. people know how to use the temporary transit center. it is again the temporary transit center. freemont, howard, also closed between third and 40 over at moss coney. traffic alert on other side of the bay. out 880 at a street.
7:26 am
left two lanes currently blocked by a crash. minor injuries to the motorcycle driver involved there. that will be a distraction. the south bay, well, that shows an easier drive now that crashes have cleared but still slow. >> roads are slow. you may have a delay if you are flying out of sfo. as we look live outside, low clouds delaying some of the flights by an average of 48 minutes. we will continue to keep an eye on that as we look at our highs today. we are seeing a wide range in temperatures. we will be in the mid 60s for the coast. mid 90s for the inland areas with today reaching the peak of the heat. then temperatures cool off over thedays. weekend looks nice with highs in the upper 70 sunday. laura. >> thank you so much. i will be back with another look at the commute in half an hour.
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wednesday morning. that is a sign that fall is on the way. winter's on the way. they are starting to get the rockefeller center skating rink ready for the season. they say it gets together on october 8th. book your tickets. >> i have mixed feelings about that. i love the rink, that means winter is coming. >> it feels like they just took the rink down, too. >> it does. let's get a check of today's headlines. several new developments involving supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. on tuesday, the senate judiciary committee announced they hired an outside attorney to question kavanaugh and christine blasey ford, the first to accuse him of assault. questions.chell has been tapped and tuesday, the committee scheduled a confirmation vote on kavanaugh for friday morning. the president said democrats are playing a con game. wom hurt after her vehicle exploded in a parking
7:30 am
lot in ohio. the moment caught on camera. a witness said the blast sounded like a canon was fired. witnesses say the woman was able to get out of her vehicle on her own. investigators think a propane tank in the back of that suv may have caused that explosion. bill cosby was sentenced tuesday to three to ten years in state prison for sexually assaulting a woman a decaade ag. the 81-year-old was prison before becoming eligible serve three years in for parole. we're joined by the woman who put bill cosby behind bars, kristen gibbon feden. what an image to see handcuffs, prison. do you think justice was served yesterday? >> absolutely. absolutely. andrea constand and her family got to be heard.
7:31 am
many women got to be heard. many women got to be given their victim impact statements. justice was definitely served. >> bill cosby yesterday. he didn't make a statement. there seemed to be little remor remorse, little reaction. had he demonstrated any remorse through the trial, do you think the outcome would have been ff >> that could have been a factor the judge could have considered when sentencing an individual. i understand he invoked his right to remain silent. that's why his counsel said there was lack of remorse. that could have been a mitigating factor. >> let me ask you about remarks at the name of andrew wyatt, said on the courthouse steps. he said it was a racist and sexist trial. they purersecuted jesus. we know what this country has done to black men. you were the prosecutor.
7:32 am
not the persecutor. how does those remarks sit with you? >> to equivocate a man who sexually assaulted and intoxicated women, and a man who admitted to administering medication to a woman without identifying what it was and engaging in sexual contact with him, a man who admitted to giving quaal equivocate that man to jesus is just offensive. >> you're not psychiatrist. you heard two trials. what do you think was going on in during all of this? >> i can only imagine what was going through his head. just from watching him and looking at his body language, you know, i don't even know that it was clear to him that this was judgment day. judgment day would soon arise.
7:33 am
it didn't appear to me that he thought this day would ever come. and it came. >> with most of us, we knew bill cosby as america's dad. you dug into this case. you had to paint a picture for the jury in the opening and the closing. who is bill cosby. how do you think that we should remember bill cosby? >> you know, the person that i studied, in terms of bill cosby, in order to look at whether or not we should charge this case. obviously, once we charge the case and i have to convey a picture to the jury who bill cosby was, i don't know who he was in how we should rember him. but i can tell you that the individual who sexually assaulted andrea constand, was nothing but a con artist. a man who was two individuals. the man we saw on tv, and used that as a cloak, who could groom women and measure them as an intoxicant. >> this was not an easy case.
7:34 am
the first trial was a hung jury. you tried it again. was there a time in this whole period that you thought, maybe we'll just give up? maybe you feel discourage and think, i tried but we're not going to get the conviction we want? >> that is an interesting question. i look for my strength in the a. up? i don't think so. her courage and her strength was enough for me to say, you know what? let's keep going. i just got to ask questions and deliver closing and opening remarks, which i did before. it was her who had to withstand public scrutiny and cross-examination. if she was able to remain steadfast and keep going, i had to. >> what did she say to you, andrea constand? >> many things. i asked if she was happy with the sentence. she said yes.
7:35 am
>> kristen gibbon feden. appreciate it. let's get to al and the weather. >> we have changes in our temperatures as it adjusts to fall. it's staying warmer on the east coast, the jet stream is dipping to the south. we're starting to see cooler air with a 25 degree average temperature of 57. the cool air stretches from the east coast, all the way to the plains, with rapid city, 57. washington, 69. look what happens this weekend. much cooler weather. fall is here for new york city, with temperatures in the 70s. raleigh, same thing for the weekend. minneapolis will see temperatures in the 50s. i'm kari hall. we have the hotst day of the week upon us. then after that it will cool off. we still have a wide range from the coast to the inland vaels. san francisco today heading up to 68 degrees. 89 in napa.
7:36 am
96 in concord. and 88 degrees in san jose. more agon hill today heading up to 93 degrees. as we go into the weekend some of our warmer spots will only reach into the upper 70s. and we are tracking a chance of rain for early next week. >> and that's your >> thank you, al. are your kids pl s spending intervention. how would you like to get a singing telegram? how would you like t a singing telegram from james cordin and neil patrick harris. cordin and neil patrick harris. and an emotional admission
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this morning on "in-depth" today, a revelation from "top chef" host padma lakshmi. >> she says she was sexually assaulted when she was 16 years old and molested as a child. she has not spoken publicly about this until now. kate snow is here with this story. >> reporter: good morning. lakshmi is a critic of president trump. she is coming forward because of the allegations against brett kavanaugh, and why kavanaugh's
7:42 am
accusers didn't tell anyone years ago. padma lakshmi says she understands why women didn't report their assault because she didn't. she writes that her rr at writes. not to my mother, not to my dy for sex. i didn't report it, lakshmi friends, not to the police. she began tvirginity, it would deal or a conscious decision. the loss of control was disorienting. but lakshmi says by the time she wassilenced. when i was 7 years old, i was touched between my legs. when i told my mother and grandfather, they sent me to india to live for a year. if you speak up, you will be cast out. lakshmi is sharing now because of the allegations against supreme court brett kavanaugh. some say a man shouldn't pay a price for an act he committed as
7:43 am
a teenager. but the woman pays a price for the rest of her life. president trump's tweet on friday questioned why kavanaugh's initial lance then, milano, ashley judd and mira sorvino, have joined celeb and ordinary people alike, sharing their own stories with #whyididntreport. and on monday, members of the #timesup movement wore all black and posted photos on social media, with #believesurvivors. now, lakshmi says she'sass esle 8-year-old daughter. it took me much of my life towns. if anybody touches you in your privates or makes you feel uncomfortable, you yell loud. you get out of there and tell somebody. nobody is allowed to put their hands onu. yours. >> kate, this came out a day before the kavanaugh hearing.
7:44 am
that's no coincidence, right? dence. shewords, as we consider who we appoint to make decisions on the highest court of the land. kavanaugh denies all of the allegations and the white house is standing by him. still ahead this morning, help for parents. parents like natalie morales, for instance. if you want help with your kids who are obsessed with video i get it all the time. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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7:53 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are looking live at dublin. hazy sunshine.
7:54 am
skies here are all clear as our temperatures start out nice and cool. it's going to be a hot day, in fact the hotst day of the week as our high temperatures in the 90s. upper 90s farther to the north in the north bay. san francisco keeps it cool with a high of 678. 85 in palo alto. san jose reaching 88 degrees. in our inland forecast we are getting ready for a cooldown after today. and our temperatures heading into the low 80s for friday and the weekend. looking nice, with a slight chance of rain in the north bay on saturday. highs reaching the upper 70s. then into early next week we will be tracking a system that could bring us some rainnconday san francisco mostly says in the 60s but a little bit cooler for the weekend. let's get an update on how the commute is moving now with mike. >> overall it looks typical but we have a couple of issues over in the trivalley out of freemont. we are looking at northbound
7:55 am
680. very slow. crash, big rig, maybe two over there heading into vargas. that's a distraction. slowing, consider that blocked. we have a crash that cleared to the shoulder at dixon landing road. bay bridge, nothing unusual. for the city we have the transit center closure. >> in fact, happening now as mike was just telling us, traffic feeling the impact are the closure of the transbay transit center. workers discovered a cracked steel beam yesterday. inspectors have to figure out the depth of the problem before that transit center is able to reopen. an update is scheduled forn o t for years catholic leaders can be trying to get a high school outside of morg h on our home page, more info. hap. his accuser is going to testify -- we )ll bring it to you live. and we )re tracking the commute nightmare surrounding the transbay transit center.
7:56 am
join us tomorrow from
7:57 am
it's 8:00 on "today."
7:58 am
coming up, on the attack. president trump takes aim at the second kavanaugh accuser. >> she was totally inebriated. she was all messed up. >> and goes after democrats, saying they are trying to sink his confir they know he's high-. they are winking at each other. >> the countdown on for tomorrow's hearing. we're live with the latest. plus, game over. nany parents have, getting their kids to put down the controller. >> this is an intervention. you know what that means? i think you guys play too many video games? do you think you play too many video games? josh? >> no. >> no. >> is too much screen time really that harmful? and saved by the bell. actress kristen bell coming by to talk about "the good place," as well as her hilarious takes on fame, family and "frozen 2."
7:59 am
september 26th, 2018. >> chase skipped school today. >> so i could celebrate my 9th birthday on the plaza. >> celebrating our anniversary. >> adventure with my mom. >> from georgia to "today." >> celebrating noah's 13th birthday. >> from georgia. >> happy 80th to my dad. >> from rochester, minnesota. >> celebrating my 75th birthday in new york city.ite country on our plaza this morning. welcome back to "today" on a wednesday morning. looks like the rain stopped for a moment. >> that you withstood a downpour. and they are standing. >> here's the news at 8:00. with one day until his showndown, the president is milwaukeei inin ining mocking o
8:00 am
brett kavanaugh's accusers. >> president trump showed restraint. but not anymore. the president unleashing on kavanaugh's latest accuser. on twitter overnight, blaming democrats for what he calls the politics of destruction. new this morning, we's just hire their questioning. president trump lashing out, accusing democrats of trying to sink brett kavanaugh's they're winking athother. >> reporter: the president attacking kavanaugh's second accuser, deborah ramirez. >> she was inebriated. she was all messed up. she doesn't know it was him. but it might have been him. oh, gee, let's not make him a supreme court judge because of that. >> reporter: ramirez told "the new yorker," that kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken dormroom party in the '80s. >> she admits she was drunk.
8:01 am
she admits time lapses. >> reporter: earlier today, ramirez's lawyer responding. >> what was her reaction to hear the president say those things. >> he doesn't seem to be of interest to have an investigation in what happened. >> reporter: a source familiar with the process said that judiciary committ judiciary committee staffers interviewed kavanaugh by phone about ramirez's allegations. democrats are blasting republicans for scheduling the hearing vote for kavanaugh on friday, before hearing his first accuser, christine blasey ford. dianne feinstein saying, it's clear republicans don't want this to be a fair process. and the republicans are hiring an outside female attorney to question ford and kavanaugh. rachel mitchell, an arizona
8:02 am
prosecutor, with decades of experience, will be asking questions. mitch mcconnell projecting confidence. >> i'm confident he will be confirmed in the near future. >> reporter: the second accuser, deborah ramirez, told us she would be willing to testify publicly. and in the last hour, ford's lawyers have sent in sworn and signed declarations, from four people that corroborate claims about kavanaugh. kavanaugh denies the allegation. and there's this. this morning "usa today" has obtained five pages from the 1982 clapd his lawyers sent to committee to prove he was not at a house party four decades ago. pope francis overnight, defended the handling of the
8:03 am
priest sex scandal. and she says the church has worked hard to prevent abuse. here's anne thompson. >> reporter: this morning, pope francis trying to stem the fallout from the sex scandal of the catholic church. the pope telling reporters if it was one priest that accused a child, this was monstrous because that man was chose to pennsylvania grand jury report, where 300 priests were accused of everything from molestation to rape over seven years, the pope saying, the church has come a long way. facing abuse and what he calls priests calling into corruption. noticing ths decrease recently. we stopped it. critics of the church, including survivors, would challenge. now, the german catholic church is the latest to be rocked by
8:04 am
reports of sex abuse. 1,670 clergy accused 3,600 people. all the victims, minors, most of them boys. on the plane, francis would not address the claims he ignored sexual misconduct by theexcardinal in new york. unanswered questions on scandals haunting the church here and around the world. for "today," anne thompson, nbc news, new york. bill cosby has started serving his prison sentence for sexually akaulting a woman more than a decade ago. this mug shot of cosby was released this morning. earlier today, a prosecutor who helped put him in prison, described how she tried to portray bill cosby to the jury. >> the individual who sexually assaulted andrea constand was a
8:05 am
con artist. a man who was two different individuals. a man who we saw on tv and he used that as a cloak, to lure women, groom them and gain their trust so he could administer an intoxicant and assault them. >> the 81-year-old cosby remains a potential danger to society. >> we have the news? >> we do. let's do "the boost." >> travelers were stranded for hours at an airport in spain. and then, this happened. two of their fellow passengers decided to put on a show. they hit the moving walkway and entertained everybody with their dance routine. check it out. ♪ the couple from switzerland had been taking dance vation in spa. that's not a bad way to pass the
8:06 am
time. >> where was the music coming from? that's amazing. >> an airport in spain. that's why. much more ahead this morning, including the ultimate plunge that will smith took. what life at 50 looks like for the movie and music superstar. >> a nice view. is too much gaming harming your kids' social development. natalie takes this on and it's personal. why it's impor does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. every year 790,000 americans it can happen anywhere, anytime.
8:07 am
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8:08 am
♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ we're back with our special series, "help, my kids won't stop." this morning, video games. harmle lesless hobby or a real problem? >> 83% of teenage girls play them. and 97% of boys do it. >> that low? >> and that includes two little boys we watched grow up, natalie's two sons. good morning, nat. >> they're big boys now. josh and luke. of course, i'm a mom who is
8:09 am
going to brag. they're great kids. they're very involved in their sports and after-school activities. they bring home good grades. but like other kids theirage, they are logging many more hours than i would like them to be playing video games. for josh, who is 14, about 10ear-old, luke, is more of a madden guy. i don't let them play monday through thursday. but if they earned it, friday through sunday, i let them play a couple of hours. >> reporter: from separate rooms in the same house, to a family trip this summer. last day of vacation. and we're on our devices. it seems like they just can't get enough. as a parent, i'm, of course, very concerned. sometimes i see them playing too much. and i feel like they're not present. and they're not participating or listening to me. i decided to go to the sources in my own home to discuss my
8:10 am
concerns. all right, guys. this is an intervention, okay? do you know what that means? i think you play too many video games. do you think you play too many video games? josh? >> no. hardly. >> no. >> when you play video games, what are you getting out of that? >> i'm socializing friends that live far away, which ase to get to on the on in the real world? >> no. >> if you're so into your do ha headphones on. >> reporter: my kids tuning me out is the least of my worries. researchers show see stress hormones. the bright lights, colors and pace, can overload their system, depleting reserves. the end rauesult of all of this is, is a child in stress, meaning creativity, passion, and impulse control can become damaged overtime. damage by screen time looks similar to damage caused by drug and alcohol use. this is an expert on brain
8:11 am
function at ucla. dr. small, how much video game playing is too much video game playing? >> each kid is different. some kids are much more sensitive to the technology than others. one way to gauge it is to get a sense of how your child behaves involvement with the games. >> how are video games affecting my social devme right >> social development takes time. if you're always relating to people online, you're not having the chance to allow your brain to develop, to learn those social skills, which are critically important. there's been studying showing if you play a violent video game, it takes you longer to recognize that someone is happy or sad. >> he says all is not lost. one study shows when a group of kids spent just five days in nature, away from technology, their emotional and social intelligence went up. i think there's something for
8:12 am
all of us to learn from this. we have to live in the moment more. appreciate where we are. look up and put the technology down. >> nice to see you playing a little football with the kids. the doctor gave you some takeaways. what do you think parents should know? >> that's right. of course, something i do in my house. set time limits for video game playing. i need to do a also get them in activities off line. get them interested in things like sports andan academy of pe just recommends avoiding all digital media altogether. you guys have your work cut out for you. >> yes, we do. thank you so much. >> it's so funny because before we had children, we pledged we would never be those parents, and all of a sudden -- >> you are. >> because you want to have a meal, conversation. >> it's hard to get them to take just a little break.
8:13 am
>> it's not that much different than when we were kids and the tv. how much tv did you watch? >> "space invaders." >> pong. it was hot. now to millennials and the latest thing. they're killing the deal with millennials. ee study out of the university divorce rate in the u.s. has dropped 2% thanks to genern tha waiting until they're older to get married rather than the baby boomers who are divorced and remarried a couple times. boomers continue to divorce at high numbers. the divorce rate as doubled for ages 55-64 and it's tripled for age 65 and older. philip cohen says one of the reasons for the decline is the married population is getting
8:14 am
older and more highly educated. and there is a status with people regarding how they're doing. the average age of marriage in 1968 was 23 for men, 31 for women. we're all about avocado toast and lasting marriages. first applebee's, now divorce. what will millennials kill next? couples are choosing to live together, even have families together without getting married for like ten years. they don't feel that pressure than other generations did to tie the knot. >> that's interesting. you saw the video a few minutes ago. will smith, yesterday was his 50th birthday. he wanted to celebrate in a big way by bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the grand canyon. to the videotape.
8:15 am
>> 4, 3, 2, 1, bungee! >> oh, my god. >> i could never do that. >> what do you think of that? >> terrifying. >> that's crazy. >> i want to mention he did it giving the proceeds from the event to a charity of his choice. we want to wish him a happy 50th birthday. that worked out well for will. up next, neal patrick harris dusted off his vocal cords and performed singing tell grams with joe parrish the other day. they sang to celine dion. ♪ she's given millions of good brazilians, all those tiny hairs are gone ♪ happy birthday private waxer
8:16 am
♪ happy birthday private waxer ♪ happy birthday private waxer. >> happy birthday! maure maureen, happy birthday. >> oh, my goodness. >> can you do private waxing jokes before 10:00 a.m.? >> nicel done, gentlemen. the cast of "modern family" sat down with ellen yesterday reflecting on the past 10 years together. ellen would ask the cast who can do a best impression of sofia vergara? >> i'm wearing, like, trousers buti nt to wear something tight
8:17 am
and like a doll chain, maybe, bu the day. >> that's amazing. wow. >> if you want to see more interviews of ellen with the cast, head to that is your pop star. >> i'm impressed. al, you got the weather? >> i'm going to walk to the map now. you got the weather? >> i'm going to walk to the map. we're looking at severe outlook from new england to washington, d.c. we could see tornados upstate new york on into maine. the rainfall amounts, locally, about an inch throughout parts of new england. this front drapes all the wayd- flood, two to three inches per hour. some places could see 5 inches or more. the rest of the country, we're looking at sunshine, from the plains to the pacific northwest, down into southern california. but the big story will be from the northeast, all t good morning, i'm is kari hall, we'll
8:18 am
have a wide range in temperatures today, upper 60s in san francisco, upper 80s for santa rosa and some mid 90s for the inland valleys a we reach up to 96 degrees in concord. san jose reaching 88. it will be hot and some sunshine in the forecast tomorrow. still pretty warm, but it starts to kol off as we head towards friday and the weekend. upper 70s and a chance of rain in the forecast. san francisco staying in the 60s. >> and that's your latest weather. now, to our series, "the vote." hard to believe just 41 days until the crucial midterm elections. >> jacob soboroff has been crisscrossing the country to find out what hmatters to voter. you just got back from texas, didn't you? >> i sure did. n lest twist in the russia investigation. do down where we were, we were a long, long way from the drama in our nation's capital. ♪
8:19 am
this is a cucumber, covered in chili. it's delicious. we came here with gina ortiz jones, who is running for congress, to see what matters to people here. >> this is a community that's underserved, underrepresented. >> reporter: what do people want here? >> everything. look at the boots. >> reporter: these are awesome. how is it going? what matters most to you? other than child-sized cowboy bo boots. >> my community. >> reporter: that's a thing. i heard not many people vote. >> just business and kids. it gets hectic. what would get you fired up enough to vote? >> to make a difference. the people in the lower income bracket. >> reporter: when you say our people? >> hispanics. >> reporter: and this district is latino.
8:20 am
>> 70% latino. it's community. how we look after one another and how we invest in the future. >> reporter: we're on our way from one of the most populated parts of this district, the little corner near san antonio, to one of the most remote parts, crystal city. we're going to meet the congressman named will herd. >> it's largely the state of georgia. >> reporter: 38 stops. 32 town halls, 14 of which were dairy queens. do you have a preferred dairy queen order? on my own, it's a medium dip cone. you have to join us. please. what's your question? >> we're one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. i think you know that. >> my concern is the streets. >> potholes. >> my problem is good why dthe
8:21 am
week? or russia? >> i think that the issues that are being brought up are not only importantgo make a differe tomorrow. >> what most elected officials and what the media try to cover, are not the same conversations you have down here locally. >> reporter: the other thing nobody brought up was the southwest border. and his district has one-third of it. we headed down there to eagle pass, to see if we could figure out why. we're on the mexico side of the border wall, but still in the u.s. frank is out here playing golf on the border. that's mexico right there. that's the rio grande. if you hit the ball far enough, it goes into mexico. let it rip, frank. not quite to mexico. but not bad. what are some of the challenges of being a small business guy? >> things are r: ysl need awell?
8:22 am
>> to thriving, yeah. >> reporter: when when you're out here golfing, do you think about the politics that people talk about with the border? >> no. >> reporter: what do you think about? >> let's go to work. what time is tee time? go golf. >> who knew a golf course on the border with mexico. it's not that they're not interested in the allegations. they don't bring them up first. if the challengers want to win, they have come out and vote on the issues they care about. >> you wonder why voter turnout is so low there. >> texas is a it's the third youngest state in the country. and millennials don't go to then latino population there, will increase the voterell is
8:23 am
in a good place for us,i )m ... san francisco )s gleaming new good morning, 8:26 right now, i'm marcus washington, san francisco's gleaming new transit trend bay center closed this morning. inspectors are looking at it after work crews yesterday discovered a crack in a steel beam on the upper bus level there. so $2 billion tower opened a few weeks ago, it's not clear if this is an isolated problem or part of a larger issue. update is planned for noon today, and nearby fremont street also remains closed, that's expected to add traffic back-up for a lot of those commuters. speaking of the traffic back-up, let's head over to mikeave to deal with this. >> fremont street, right here, traffic getting off of the bay bridge. some folks exiting on fremont and making the loop around. because fremont is closed off folsom, folsom getting jammed
8:24 am
up. fremont and the exit off of the bay bridge jam and coming off the skyway things are slow from about treasure island. folks starting to slow as you travel through the area ch 80. that's the ripple effect from that one building closure. getting towarded bay bridge, a smoother dry through the east bay. lighter traffic, patches of fog. north 680 slow towards vargas.
8:25 am
fast, reliable internet is crucial.
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♪ it is 8:30, now, on this wednesday morning, september 26th, 2018. a little gloomy out here in midtown manhattan. but look at the bright faces wm. there's a lot of celebrations going on. but there's her 9thbirthday. where is -- >> i think it's a young boy. >> a young boy. >> young man. >> yes. >> he has the birthday hat. >> chase, how are you? >> good.
8:28 am
>> are you supposed to be at school? >> yeah. >> did your mom and dad say it was okay to come see us? >> yeah. >> what time did you wake up? >> 2:00. >> we want this birthday to be special. all of our anchors have little gifts for you. >> a "today" show mug so you can drink coffee. >> a happy birthday. >> i wanted to get you a pebeat. but you have a pillow. thank you. >> enjoy your birthdayh >> he's been waiting for this for a year. >> we love you, sweetie. >> a pillow is nice. but skipping school. >> that's the best gift. and kristen bell is here. she has her hit sitcom. season three is starting. her marriage, and everything. and golf fans riding high off of tiger woods and him winning.
8:29 am
we have the ryder cup in france later this week. a lot of our team usa hopes are riding on the shoulders of a 25-year-old in justin thomas. and justin was nice enough to tee it up with our own dylan dreyer. how cool is that? if you're looking for a great meal to start your day, you're in luck this morning. we're revealing "people's" new list of the best places to grab breakfast, including a few selections by mr. al roker himself. >> all about the breakfast. you got a check of the weather? >> that's right. we'll see what you're serving up as far as your breakfast weather. we have storms from the northeast in new england, all the way into the mid mississippi river valley and down into the gulf. we're looking at sunshine out mid-atlantic states, all the way into the gulf coast and the southeast
8:30 am
cl day for the coastal areas in san francisco, with highs in the upper 60s, clouds and fog slow to clear. inland valeries, a lot of sunshine, cooler temperatures, mid 90s. going into tomorrow, slightly cooler, but some more significant cooling for friday into the weekend. weal be tracking a chance of rain in the forecast next week. show, on today o mommy. what's your name? >> anna lauren. >> where is she from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> dad is taking a picture. let's go back inside.
8:31 am
>> thank you, al. as we said earlier, we're delighted to have kristen bell with us this morning. she's the star of the hit show, "the good place." >> in the first two seasons after entering the afterlife, her character has been on a bit of a rollercoaster. now, it's season three, where she has room to learn. >> i've been flying for 40 years. this is australia, right? >> i went to an american school. i speak english. and german and greek and latin, just in case it ever comes back. >> cool. >> i once got 12 out of 12 on a quiz that was do you know all of the slang wordsuse? i did cheat. >> it's season three. and you're turns out. this season is interesting
8:32 am
because they send our characters back to earth for a second chance. i love this behind it because we're separateded on earth and no one is getting better. the idea is we need each other in order to improve. and the idea you need your friends to push you to be better, your soul mate or your group ofs. the fact we need each other. >> you feel like that's why the show has broken through? there's so much on tv. and somehow this little show has found its place and found a good viewership. >> i think the idea is interesting, to me, at least. how do we share erlt together? how are we supposed to be good . and you can watch it with their kids. i hear from people, they're watching it with their 8, 9, 10-year-olds. >> it makes you feel like what would heaven be like? what would your good place look like? >> so many naps. so many naps.
8:33 am
>> just a napping place. >> yes. all i would eat is croutons and mulberr mulberries. my two favorite foods. >> you're away from your little one ones. >> how old are yours? >> 3 and 5. >> how do you kedeal with that distance? >> we're rarely away. we only take work when we can travel together. we'll go to atlanta for two months together or something. our preschool gave us come they have that as atr in americ. >> do you know that? >> i don't. >> enjoy your reign. >> i'm an oversharer. >> we want to put it to the test. have you ever let your kids wear dirty clothes? >> of course. that's not even -- where is the honesty part. the answer is duh.
8:34 am
>> you drop food on the floor, outside in the grass, you pick it up and give it to your kid? >> yes. >> have you lied to your kids about what time it is? >> yes. they can't tell time yet. i also lied when their birthday is. >> what do you mean? >> if it's a wednesday and we can't celebrate and w don't kno. >> i love it. >> has your child had a soaking wet diaper and you're on top of that. but sometimes i'll try to convince her to do it. if i'mike laying down, pop that diaper off and go grab me a new one and i'll lace it up for you. >> i thought you were going to be like, grab me a beer out of the fridge. did you let your kid sit on the screen to do your own thing? >> rarely. sometimes. we limited it to being nature shows. i do find they get -- i don't
8:35 am
mind it because i got to say, pbs, disney, they have really great shows now. and when we need to do it on the weeknight or something, we do a nature show because once they watch tv for, like, over an hour, they're sogrumpy. i just don't want to deal with the aftermath. >> you're here to talk about this. but you're here in new york for an important reason, aren't you? >> yes. i'm speaking at the u.n. general humanitarian new part of the u.n. it's a partnership between the u.n. and local ngos. it's all for women's issue. it takes a woman in iraq, who sees the problems in her community. it's not a board making a decision. here's what we need and we give them funding, capacity training, which is tech management, how to manage their team. if the idea is successful, we can franchise it around the world so everyone lives better globally. it came out of the idea that 1%
8:36 am
of global funding i women, which is -- that's hard to wrap your head around. certainly women are not the only solution. but they're more than 1% of the solution. it's to focus on that issue and let women solve their own problems and their communities. >> you're ready for that speech. talk to us about "frozen 2" next >> i knew it. >> handcuffed. >> can't say a thing. >> the season premiere of "the good place" is here at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. dylan hits the links with one of the brightest young stars. first,
8:37 am
8:38 am
this portion of our program was created by "today" by our sponsor, citi. citi, welcome what's next. >> some of us very excited for the opening ceremony of the ryder cup, tomorrow in france,
8:39 am
where the best golfers from the united states and europe will battle it out. >> carson, i know you're jealous because dylan got to catch up with one of the representatives of the stars and stripes. >> so happy you were out of town. justin thomas has taken the golf world by storm, competing against and competing some of the players who inspired him growing up. we met to talk about his blossoming career and tight-knit family and we hit the links. justin thomas is not your ordinary 20-something. he's one of the world's best golfers, rapidly filling his trophy case. an established superstar, who has the game in his blood. >> like any little boy, you want to be like your dad. and him being a golf pro, i grew up and followed him around. >> justin's father, mike, and grandfather, paul, built careers as instructors and passed on
8:40 am
their life's passion to a kid that was eager to learn. >> they were a great support system, my whole family was. to have that to come home to, was nice. >> reporter: what values did they teach you on the course? >> to be respectful and have fun. they knew i was talented in golf. they never forced it on me. they wanted me to have fun and enjoy it. >> reporter: as a child, the sport took on a new meaning after justin watched tiger woods dominate in person. he was hooked. >> it was unbelievable to watch what he did. and you watch someone do something like that as a 7-year-old or 8-year-old. that's a person you're pretepiding to make a putt to beat. >> reporter: this weekend, another top ten for justin and a front row seat to history, watching the guy he grew up idolizing, goo circle in five years. justin and tiger are part of one
8:41 am
of the team events, the ryder cup. every two years, the best american players take on europe's top talents in front of roaring crowds. >> it will be a great experience. anytime you can represent yourp country, and play with so much passion and pride. >> reporter: what would a win mean for you? >> it's about all after us. it's about the country. we're playing for the red, white and blue and we're excited. >> reporter: you're 25 and you've had success so far. how do you stay grounded? how do you stay in the moment? >> i don't look a so far, i have this record or this record. i want to be a great ambassador for the game. i want to be a great role model for kids. >> reporter: anyone who knows me, knows i can't stay off the course very long. we're going to play a little, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: can you handle it? >> i don't know. >> reporter: first, it was time to practice. >> uh-oh.
8:42 am
>> reporter: come on. come on. oh, come on. >> that was a bad read. that was my bad. >> bang. there it is. >> what's it like, now, being one of the golfers that the younger generation looks up to? >> it's cool to have lito dress like me. i just hope they are inspired more. >> reporter: i don't play with anybody who hits it like that every but no pressure, right? >> look at that. look at that. >> reporter: a high-five from a golfer who has made his fair share of clutch shots. out here on the course, justin thomas is right where he belongs. >> there's a lot, a lot, i want to establish. things i'm working towards. i want to get better every year.
8:43 am
>> reporter: did you see that putt? >> yeah. we saw it. >> see it in slow-mo. >> i'm so jealous. >> reporter: i'm very coachable. justin thomas tells me what to do and i listen. >> note to self, never leave town again. >> you did miss an opportunity there. >> the ryder cup, for people who think golf is boring, this is an exciting event. >> it's rowdy. it's rowdy golf. you don't expect it. >> going at it with the finger-wagging. >> thank you. >> you can catch more of justin and team usa, starts friday, bright and early, 2:00 a.m. eastern on the golf channel, this weekend on nbc. al has made it into the pages of "people" magazine, with his favorite place to grab breakfast.
8:44 am
we're going to share the picks and some of the choices.
8:45 am
8:46 am
. and we are back with today food this morning celebrating breakfast with help from people's annual food issue highlighting the most popular breakfast spots coasto 50 state. here. we have food director nancy >> and among those pi a sinault here. nancy, thank you. >> thank you. >> where do you want to start? >> first i'll tell you how we came up with our list. we worked with thousands of on-line reviews to find the most highly rated ones as well as the ones that had the most reviews, and then we found the dish everyone raved about. >> so what state is this? >> this is indiana. excuse me, this is actually maplewood, ohio and this is their ricotta pancakes.
8:47 am
it makes it fluffy and textured and the lemon gifves it tartnes. it's just lovely. would you like to try it? >> i would. >> i like kf i'm not a big ricotta freak, but these are really terrific. >> a few other ones around the state in indiana, they have the cinnamon roll french toast and they use cinnamon roll dough, which sounds outrageous. and in arkansas they have norwegian waffles. >> this is a good-looking sandwich. >> this is the grind from mississippi and it's sausage, egg and cheese, but instead of putting it on regular bread, they clearly put it on a buttery croissant, so the cheese gets all melty and it gets caramelized on the top. it's all warm. please take a bite. >> oh, that's good. >> that's so good. i mean, cinnamon rolls, pecan
8:48 am
buns. this is heaven here. >> it really is. this is from -- >> what state is that? >> this is from alabama. this is from buzz cops sweets. they're covered in great toppings. if you order a breakfast sandwich, they'll actually put it between the cinnamon roll. this is something we should all do, clearly. >> wow! are we talking begnets here? >> we are. we're actually in colorado at lucille's and they smother them in powdered sugar, so don't wear black when you eat them. >> everybody talks about av kaud -- avacodo toast. >> this is from new york. they house-make their bread. >> it's too healthy.
8:49 am
>> they make their bread and they have fresh avacodo, cumen. it's avacodo toast turned up a >>here is a great cheese shop in chatham, new york called vinny's cheese. i go there all the time. >> do they make breakfast sandwiches? >> they make breakfast sandwiches. they have a guy named johnny there who makes a fantastic breakfast sandwich. it has cheese and bacon, sometimes you can get that, it's got egg and greens. so you can get some healthy stuff there. >> what kind of cheese do you prefer? >> any kind that's in front of me. which is good. then we have a fantastic place. this is henrietta's table in cambridge, massachusetts. this is their cinnamon cranberry french toast, which is unbelievable. nicely done. we want to finish light. this is from the griddle cafe in
8:50 am
los angeles. the best breakfast pancake -- >> on sunset. it's down the street. >> it's crazy and fantastic bacon as well which we sadly don't have here. but my pal jodi there has beent. >> is breakfast still in the united states, is it the biggest meal of the day? >> it is. it's so popular. every restaurant is serving it. i feel like with all the options, there's something for everybody. it's what's for dinner. >> people's food issue hits stands nationwide on friday. for the full list of today's breakfast locations g to i )m
8:51 am
8:52 am
san francisco )s gleaming new transbay transit center - still mplgs good morning, 8:56, i'm marcus washington, san francisco'sny transbay transit center still closed this morning. inspectors are looking at it after work crews discovered a crack on a steel beam in the
8:53 am
upper level bus deck. fremont street closed, impacting bus lines and traffic. the $2 billion tower opened a few weeks ago, it's still not clear if this is an isolated possible or part of larr issue. inspectors have to figure out before the center reopens. so far there's been no updates, buttis possible they may give us one sometime thiss afternoon. we'll have live update in our midday newscast and we're posting updates as they come in on our twitter feed. south bay catholic church leaders have tried to get a new high school built for years, but it would be located just outside of morgan hill city limits on our home page, the latest signs suggesting is t may get the green light. tomorrow's hearing on track for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh, he and his accuser are expected to be questioned about sexual assault allegations. on our home pa hearing.
8:54 am
we celebrate hispanic heritage month. nominee brett ka happening while you get ready. his accuser is going to testify -- we )ll bring it to a hearing for supreme court nominee hping while you get ready, his accuser is going it testify. we bring it to you live. and the commute nightmare surrounding
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[ applause ] good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. it is the eve of a huge day in washington that could determine the makeup of the u.s. supreme court. and we have some heavy hitters right here to talk about what's making the rounds today, including nbc national correspondent, peter alexander, nbc chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, and nbc's own jacob soboroff. we have the dream team going today. thank you for being here. tomorrow, both supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh, a federal judge, and one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct,
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