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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mike has a look at the commute in a moment but kari is not here today but vianey brought the sunshine with this dress. >> thank you. already made my friday morning and it's going to be a good friday morning. i hope i can make everybody's day back home. especially if you are welcoming some cooler temperatures in your area. that's because we have an incoming system and right now in the south bay, it's 59 degrees. peninsula 55, temperatures cool. we have a couple of clouds in the tri valley, but check out san francisco areas of patchy fog, 55 degrees in the east bay at 57 degrees. now, we are tracking a much cooler forecast as we head into today and things are only going to get better for the weekend, but we are tracking a couple of showers, i will have a complete look at the time line for that, and intensity changes, but let's check in with mike. >> i like the temperatures showing there vianey, a little better in my book. the traffic in the north bay shows a smooth drive in san rafael. southbound 101 in santa rosa we have a crash the santa rosa off-ramp as you get over toward highway 12, not a major concern
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but it is on the grid for the north bay. you see the speeds are smooth there, coming down toward the golden gate bridge, all through cocoa county. the only slowing is highway 4 west coming out of antioch, pittsburg, bay point. the earlier crash cleared around willow pass road. the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on and in san francisco, i continue to follow the closure of the transit center, in fact we do, the entire team we'll update that coming up. right now i want to show you a blip for san jose and slowing for hayward as well for the nimitz. that's to be expected. back to you. >> thank you very much. what is to be expected in washington this morning? the american bar association is urging the senate judiciary committee not to vote on brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination, asking for a full fbi investigation into a palo alto professor's sexual assault allegations. nevertheless senators are set for the first big vote in half an hour, after an emotional all-day hearing, it really gripped the country. here's tracie potts with what is next.
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>> i am terrified. >> reporter: after a day filled with emotion -- >> i thought that brett was accidentally going to kill me. >> reporter: and explosions of anger. >> i am innocent of this charge. this is the most unethical sham since i've been in politics. >> reporter: this morning, lawmakers are ready to move forward with a decision on judge brett kavanaugh. >> it is time to vote. >> reporter: this morning, the senate judiciary committee decides whether to recommend kavanaugh to sit on the u.s. supreme court. some freshly convinced of his innocence. >> i thought both were compelling, but i just didn't feel like, that the allegations were corroborated. >> reporter: others firmly siding with dr. christine blasey ford's account of her alleged attack. >> his statement contradicts known facts and evidence, and so that has led me really to
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believe her and not him. >> reporter: republicans can only afford to lose one vote, arizona senator jeff flake says he's still undecided. >> there's no way you can leave that hearing room certain. >> reporter: regardless of this morning's outcome, the full senate plans to take this up starting saturday, and could be ready for a final vote as early as tuesday. now, the president, president trump was watching and moments after the hearing ended, he tweeted that he thought and the white house thinks he will be confirmed. >> the senate judiciary committee are supposed to vote at 6:30. if it starts late we'll look at local support for dr. ford that's happening right here and people across the country certainly continue to talk about this story. president trump made it clear he thinks google rigs its search system and suppresses
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right leaning views. google for the record denies political bias, but happening today, google leaders will be in d.c. talking with lawmakers privately. that issue is expected to be part of the discussion. lawmakers also want to update on what google is doing to boost consumer privacy and expansion into china. new for you this morning, an oakland man is in custody accused of attacking and raping a female friend. mountain view police say that 29-year-old lavelle powell grabbed the victim on sunday as the two sat in her parked car. they say he strangled her until she lost consciousness. she later told investigators she only came to during the assault, that's when she pushed him out of the car and drove off. officers arrested powell without any problems at his job. a south bay school district trying to find out who vandalized one of their high school football fields. >> "today in the bay's" bob
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riddell is live there at sobranto high school in morgan hill. talk to us about how bad that damage is. >> reporter: it's bad enough that the bulldogs can't play here this weekend here. fortunately they'll play at live oak. it is going to cause a problem for the marching band. i'll explain that in a minute. the damage that took place in the football field behind the baseball diamond behind us sometime earlier this week the vandals took their trucks on the field, they did circles and they created ruts with the wheels in the field. the groundskeepers for the district have been able to repair the damage but it's going to take some time for that grass to set. so it's going to be not until sometime next week they'll be able to use the field but as i mentioned the bulldogs will play at live oak high tomorrow, the jv and varsity team. live oak plays fridays, the bulldogs on saturdays so everyone will be able to play and they also have enough time to repair the field from tonight's game so that sobrato
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could play tomorrow. the marching band this is their first game at the halftime, and they normally would be doing it here. what they have to do is rent a couple trucks to get their equipment over there. it's going to cost $600. they don't have that in their budget. they're asking people if you can donate money go to, several hundred dollars to get the equipment over there for the games that are taking place at live oak instead of sobrato. bob riddell, "today in the bay." >> i'll try to send out a link to the story developing all morning but the community is trying to come together to let the kids have their friday night football game. thanks, bob. 6:06 right now. tomorrow is the first north county gun buy-back in santa clara county. the district attorney along with sunnyvale, los gatos, los altos, mountain view, palo alto and santa clara police will trade guns for cash. no questions asked. the gun buy-back is tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning until noon at sunnyvale presbyterian
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church. anyone can turn in a handgun, rifle or shotgun in exchange for $100 each and there's no limit. assault weapons can be traded in for $200 cash. engineers seem to have a plan in place to shore up two cracked beams that were discovered at san francisco's trans bay transit center. it may take a while. commuters who rely on the transit center or driving downtown expect inconveniences to last through next week. crews plan to relieve pressure on the steel beams by installing new columning from street level to the bus deck but among many issues still needing to be worked out, obtaining the new beams. it's not clear when fremont street will reopen to traffic. new for you this morning, upgrades are under way for one of san francisco's most iconic symbols. >> it may have an impact on folks using it for transportation. sf mta releasing video of the rehabilitation process for all of the gear boxes. we're talking about the cable
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cars, the world renowned cable cars in san francisco, and this week crews are working on the palo mason car lines. the shuttle will serve stops north of washington in north beach the first stop is at taylor and san francisco. the free shuttle will be in operation through sunday morning. >> i always think it's so fun to hop on one of those and take a tour of the city. if you're headed into the city today, you're going to enjoy but maybe be a little bit cold in san francisco because the temperatures only topping out into the low 60s for the majority of san francisco, and interior valleys, a little bit more comfortable. 74 degrees expected high for today. 73 in milpitas and check out the east bay, we've seen plenty of warmer temperatures especially in through the interior valleys, but that cooling trend is already under way. oakland a high of about 68 degrees, so not even climbing into those 70s for today. check out concord running about ten degrees cooler for today, about 80 degrees and then 78
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degrees for livermore, if you're hanging out around the peninsula, don't be surprised, you might catch some drizzle within the next hour or so, as we see an approaching system that's also going to bring some cloud cover with it. we might not be as quick to clear for the coastline. redwood city a high of 72 and we're going to be in san francisco again expect low 60s, so no stranger to those cooler temperatures through that area, but the north bay, even through ukiah will also be running a lot cooler today with a high of about 83 degrees, down will you novato 6, mill valley 73 and the cooler temperatures are expected to linger in through the weekend. this isn't just for today. this will set us up for four to five days of cooler weather before we see another warmup again in the bay area. the winds will be nice and light, no significant wind patterns there, about 11 miles per hour. now let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> going much faster than 11 miles per hour, that's the good news for pretty much everywhere for your commute except for the bay bridge. the toll plaza there we have the metering lights and the backup.
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that's standard even on a friday. south bay peninsula, east bay, all showing a standard friday pattern, a light build. what will continue to be an issue is the closure over here in san francisco, following up on a report about that closure for the sales force transit center, fremont street is closed and that presents an issue for folks getting off of the bay bridge so heads up if you don't normally head to the city for your commute but you are this weekend, fremont street will be affected as folks head toward the closure that jams up traffic, looping around off harrison the other side of the skyway from that exit, that will also be congested as it has been since the closure started a couple days ago. moscone center there's good news over there. howard street will open between third and fourth. it's been closed for about three weeks. that will reopen tomorrow after they clear dream force and no problems toward the bay bridge, just 17 minutes from highway 4 down to the bay bridge backup. back to you. >> thanks, mike. just in coming up here on "today in the bay," selling your phone number, a new controversy
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for facebook, all new for you this morning, how the company uses your digits to make money. plus the new way businesses in san jose, by san jose with ebay, what they're taking on. should verizon and at&t be worried? 6:25, missing chameleon, the search for this little guy's owner here in the bay area. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:13 a.m. and if you are up for an early morning workout, i have great news. your temperatures will be extremely comfortable all the way through 12:00, especially for san ramon, you may be able to hit the snooze button or take a nap in between the morning workout. if you haven't had a chance to start the workouts this may be a great weekend. i'll have an idea about what you can do in terms of events coming up in a bit. >> over here we're looking at dublin, folks well awake, up to dublin grade, a smooth drive. you see the build. we'll show you where the slowing is developing. good morning, i'm eric at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street will look to add to yesterday's gains, stocks rose thursday but closed off the highs of the session. one day after the fed hiked
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interest rates and signaled more rate hikes were coming. on today's watch list, personal income reports, personal spending, manufacturing and consumer sentiment. the dow rose 54 points while the nasdaq was up 51. the sec is suing elon musk for fraud over the tweets he sent last month saying he was considering taking tesla private and he secured funding. the sec alleges musk misled investors that he did not secure funding from any source and cited previous statements made by musk that he was looking to squeeze short sellers or investors betting on tesla stock to go down. in addition to potential fines, the action is ec is also trying to remove musk as the ceo and ban him from being executive at any public company. in a statement, musk says the sec's action is unjustified. the company's stock fell more than 13% last night after the news. that's about $9 billion in market value loss, just musk's stake alone $1 billion down the drain. ebay is offering wireless
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service if you buy a used phone on their website, get a prepaid plan as an additional option on that phone's listing. it's 30 days of unlimited wireless through ebay's partner red pocket mobile. it cost $29 and there's an option to upgrade to various annual plans. marcus and laura, happy friday. >> thank you. >> thanks, eric. >> at 6:16. facebook doesn't just use your phone number for security reason. it uses it to target you with ads. two universities released a new study showing how the tech giant takes personal information, not specifically given to it, and shares it with advertisers. people use their phone numbers to authenticate their facebook account are most at risk of their numbers being shared. this comes five months after facebook first data breach scandal. also new this morning the world's most expensive shoes are up for sale. the shiny gold pumps are shaped in gold leather, trimmed with more than 100 carats of
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diamonds, currently sitting on the top floor of a high-rise hotel in, guess where, dubai. >> dubai. >> going to have to pay $17 million to take them home. >> wow. >> notice they're not even putting them on a foot model. >> i was going to say. >> and how comfortable is that shoe, i wonder? >> does it matter? >> see how it feels when you got a diamond stuck in your shoe. >> last week, thank you, mike. bringing it all back. >> you'd have to carry me around if i wore that. >> and if one little diamond popped off we'd all be looking for it because that's a lot of money. >> there you go. >> headed out this weekend, spending some money locally, maybe some fresh farmer's markets or festivals, i've got some good plans for you. so let me break it down for you, what you can expect. south bay as you head out the door, 59 degrees. peninsula peninsula 55.
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we have patchy fog in san francisco, 55 degrees east bay, and cool about 57 degrees, talking about your daytime highs it is expected to be a much more comfortable afternoon, finally starting inching toward some cooler temperatures around here. 80 degrees expected for concord. if you notice, no 90s on the map and it's going to stay that way for the next several days. 68 degrees in oakland, 74 down through the south bay and san jose, and along the peninsula, only 63 to 64 degrees predicted high in san francisco, and those clouds along the coast will be a lot slower to clear out this weekend. i do have some great news in terms of our air quality. north bay, south bay, santa clara all looking good with moderate conditions still remaining for the inland east bay but i have better news, improving air quality expected into saturday and sunday, which means go out there and enjoy the outdoors and let's talk about what we're expecting in terms of the showers, because i have been talking about that. we've got our first system coming in right now already
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making its way in, that's what's keeping our temperatures cool. it will kick up the possibility of seeing some showers, scattered showers for the north bay early saturday morning, really clearing out by the midafternoon, maybe 12:00. anything south of the golden gate bridge you don't really have to worry in terms of the rain. same goes for sunday. no major rain expected for sunday, just some light scattered showers off to the north bay, but we have a second system coming in, and this is going to roll in on monday. our models are now trending a lot drier for monday and a lot wetter for tuesday, which means we have a better chance of seeing widespread rain into tuesday, with a few tenths of an inch in terms of rain totals which is why we launched our mobile doppler radar storm ranger sitting on top of san bruno mountain ready to track the incoming rain. remember i told you i had a couple of things you could head out and do, redwood salsa festival is tomorrow and nbc treat truck will be there handing out free ice cream from
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12:00 to 5:00 p.m. and next few days rain stays to the north. redwood city rain is not in the forecast. >> is it salsa dancing or the salsa you eat with chips? the answer is yes they have both and the treat truck get that free ice cream today at at&t park, right now in the south bay no problems here. smooth drive for 101, a little slowing. there is the gradual build on a friday, same thing over here, hayward southbound 880 from 92 to 84, that's the dumbarton bridge for 84. little slower drive there, little build for the upper shore east freeway, about 17, 18 minutes from highway 4 to the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can expect that obviously. but no big delays, just so i'll move my head there. highway 4 that is the slowing, pittsburg, antioch, bay point. we know about that slowing in the area. in the city continued closure for sales force transit center, the temporary transit center back in place, minor reroutes for muni, ap transit, golden
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gate transit. b.a.r.t. is unaffected and no delays reported for the system. keep that in mind in the city if you're headed on mass transit for the weekend activities, across the bay right now a live look for san mateo bridge shows you the volume, just kicking in over the last few minutes and i showed you more traffic heading down there hayward southbound 880. over here on the peninsula no delays. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 6:21. coming up next on "today in the bay," finally a deal after a year of negotiations and protests, the resolution for some south bay teachers. tired of robo calls? so are we. but a real solution could be on the way and soon. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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♪ welcome to monowi, nebraska, population one. me. i'm mayor, secretary, treasurer. every decision you have to make yourself. four out of five women will become solely responsible for their finances. i like the independence and every woman should have that, you know? i make my decisions, and if they're wrong, i live with them. if they're right, i'm very proud of myself. plan your financial life with prudential.
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bring your challenges.
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the time. welcome back everyone. it is 6:24. nbc bay area responds to complaints about phone scams all the time. >> we all get those annoying calls. some of us every day. so we ask consumer investigator chris chmura to take a closer look at this growing problem. >> if you think you're getting more robo calls than ever you might be right. a telecom analyst called first orion predicts next year nearly half of all calls to mobile phones will be what it calls scam and nuisance calls. researchers found such calls have doubled since 2017. phone scammers are changing
6:25 am
their tactics. they are spoofing caller i.d. to hide behind what looks like a number from your area. it's prompted most of us to just lose all trust in caller i.d., but scammers, they are persistent and greedy. >> they just make more calls. keep trying over and over and over again to get through, and so we see a big increase in volume as more and more people stop answering the phone or use tools that protect their phones. >> we wanted to know what are phone companies doing to stop scam calls. tonight at 11:00, we'll show you just how easy it is for scammers to trick you with fake caller i.d. and tell you about a a solution on the horizon that could sharply reduce the number of unwanted calls you get. a solution on the horizon that could sharply reduce the number of unwanted calls you gea solution on the horizon that could sharply reduce the number of unwanted calls you get. in the meantime, call us with your consumer complaints. the number is 888-996-tips or visit i'll see you again tonight at 11:00. cats and dogs go missing all the time but did you lose this pet chameleon?
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hillsborough police officers say this colorful little guy here made his grand escape and a neighborhood found him sneaking around san mateo street yesterday. he was around housing on hillsborough avenue but now the chameleon is safe and chilling out with the peninsula humane society. >> so beautiful, doesn't even look real. 6:26. coming up next on "today in the bay," senators in washington set for a first big vote on brett kavanaugh's nomination. this in fact is a live look inside the hearing room. we will carry it live. plus that story we mentioned a moment ago, the terms of a new contract for teachers in an embattled south bay school district. at 6:45, a fruit stand around for generations in the bay area says good-bye. the decision to close up shop. -n
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washington -vote scheduled at any moment right now, 6:30, taking a live look in washington, where the senate judiciary hearings are meeting. there is our own senator dianne feinstein right now facing a lot of heat in the kavanaugh hearings, what will happen today? could a vote happen? we'll take it live for you as any developments come up. first good morning to you. thanks for so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. vianey arana is in for kari hall. you say the cooldown begins? >> already under way. temperatures much more sewsonable. 55 degrees in the peninsula.
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cool tri valley 56 and we still have some patchy fog, mid level clouds in san francisco and we'll send things over to a special report. earing.
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it is 6:41, as you're headed out the door this morning, temperatures are nice and cool in the 50s but you notice by about 10:00 a.m. at 52 degrees. it will be cooler today topping out only in the 70s and low 80s. i will have a complete look at what you can expect this weekend
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coming up. sunrise at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's well lit by all the headlights as well. we expect this slowing but i'm tracking another slowdown a crash in san jose. >> look at the backup out there, thank you very much. 6:42 right now. new this morning, there was a standoff at a san jose valero gas station. thankfully it is over. thanks to the viewer who sent this, happened in willow glen by the post office meridian and hamilton. it started last night when a man walked in and threatened employees. the employees managed to evacuate, but the man barricaded himself inside that gas station. police tell us this morning, they negotiated with him until 3:00 in the morning. thankfully the scene is cleared. this morning, teachers are in the south bay, they have a new contract, and that's good for students and the huge school district. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at
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evergreen school district headquarters in san jose, one you've been following for quite some time, kris. >> we've been following this for 16 months now, laura and marcus, and this is finally a deal that will get those teachers back to all of their duties and all of the activities that they sponsor, including some of the afterschool activities as well. good morning to that guy. so let's take a look at some of the details we're talking about here. this is a contract for the evergreen teachers association. it offers 4.5% in raises over the next three years, with the initial raise retroactive to july of 2017. it also keeps class sizes lower, providing voters pass a parcel tax in november so we'll be hearing a lot about that. it keeps art classes for fourth through sixth grade classes, and the teachers association and the district have been going back and forth for nearly a year and a half now, a deal seemed impossible, and union members
6:44 am
did authorize a strike, but it ultimately did not come to that. so i mentioned things getting back to normal across the board. lot of the teachers working without a contract said they wouldn't do anything outside the parameters of the school day and that means that a lot of our sports teams here in the district were not practicing. the student council anything outside of the school day wasn't happening and now the teachers can get back to those students, we know how much that makes a difference in a student's life. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> get back to the work. thanks a lot, kris. >> 6:44. one of the oldest fruit stands in silicon valley is calling it quits. on sunday c.j. olson cherries will shut down its shop in sunny veil. now the owner, deborah olson has been working at that stand since the 1950s, back when her grandmother ran the place. she's ready to semi retire and shift the business into wholesale. olson says that the hardest part will be saying good-bye to the
6:45 am
hundreds of customers. >> and they came in with their walkers and i saw them and i burst out crying and they started crying because i just saw my grandmother right in front of me, helping them, when i was a little girl. so you know, it's been like that, because this is so much history between our customers and olson. >> so you'll be able to buy c.j. olson fruit at the markets and at their locations in sjc and oakland international airport. >> that's great, a little cherry dress with that. new an oakland teacher has school supplies her class needed. >> this is another good one thanks to social media challenge and a netflix actor. the photos just posted bianca garcia teaches first grade in oakland. brandon flynn from "13 reasons why" chose her for the ten featured teachers challenge. bianca received some items from
6:46 am
the wish list already are stacking up, they'll help about 66 students. the wish list is still up and you can continue to donate. that's nice to see. >> really cool. >> in that "13 reasons why" is shot up in the north bay so it's all connected. nice to see. >> good to feature teachers. >> big time. my goodness every day, thank you. >> could take class outside today. >> it will be fun because the kids don't have to worry about 90s in the interior valleys. we know how quickly it can warm up. thanks to the microclimates and incoming system our temperatures are going to vary but they're going to be positively varying in terms of a cooldown. peninsula 55 degrees right now. tri valley 56. 59 degrees in the south bay, and we have just some patchy mid level clouds in san francisco at 55 degrees right now. east bay 57. little bit cooler in the north bay, partly cloudy at 52 degrees and your daytime highs as you head in towards the afternoon will be in the 60s for the coast, and the bay, some 70s,
6:47 am
and inland areas 80s. talk about some good old microclimates there. san francisco predicted high of about 63 degrees. check out oakland, 68, and as we take it further in towards martinez, 77, and it only gets warmer in antioch, about 80 degrees. hey, at least no 90s on the map, which is always great news for us, but with the incoming system, it's also bringing with it some improving air quality into this weekend. your air quality for today north bay and south bay in santa clara valley all good to go, bay and coast and inland east bay still seeing some moderate conditions but getting better, expected to be in the green for good through saturday and sunday. let's talk about the next five days. what systems are affecting us, what is coming with it? who is going to see showers in i got all the answers. the first system is approaching already from the west, that's the one that's already starting to trend our temperatures a lot cooler. right now the models are only showing a scattered chance of seeing some light showers in the north bay, really anything north of the golden gate bridge for
6:48 am
saturday morning and sunday morning. but we have an additional system, and there's one just right behind that one, and this one is going to bring with it a better chance of seeing more widespread rain, but no significant rain totals but anything is good, considering we have not seen any rain for quite some time. let's talk about the totals. as far as our totals go, our gfs model is showing a couple of tenths of an inch. if you notice the ma norjority the moisture stays to the north. the north bay is going to get the best and most out of this rain system but again at most possibly a quarter of an inch in the north bay, maybe just a little bit more. the rest of the bay area looking dry, a tenth of an inch. light scattered showers with a better chance of seeing some rain as we head in towards tuesday. so let's talk about the next seven days. how is that looking for us? as we head toward saturday in san francisco, spotty chance there continues, and then we get a chance of seeing some drizzle, so again, no major rain, but you might catch some light showers along the coast with a better
6:49 am
chance of seeing some rain as we head in towards monday and into tuesday, but look at that drop in temperatures, but by next wednesday we'll start to warm right back up, mike, so enjoy the cool weather. >> we get that cool stretch we'll take it. slower stretch you want to be prepared northbound 87 around the alma bridge there's report of a crash there. chp isn't there yet. i don't know the latest status for lanes was reported over off to one side, we're looking at capital expressway slowing past kurtner to alma. bigger concern west 237 approaching matilde, a couple of crash in the middle of 237, right and left lane getting by but a lot of distraction for both of these folks both lanes and that's causing a lot of slowing out of san jose. mountain view moves nicely into palo alto. no problems for that stretch of the bay area. on the east bay 880 slows south headed through hayward, a
6:50 am
traditional pattern crash on the shoulder by as q ags stre"a" st. more folks headed across from richmond to san rafael across the bridge. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and slowing off the skyway forward fremont, one lane closed like yesterday and folks tie up toward the sales force transit center which is closed right now. fremont street also closed and continues that closure, that will affect moneyie, ac transit and golden gate transit. those are the transit agencies relocated to the temporary structure. b.a.r.t. is unaffected running on time this morning. back to you. >> thank you very much, busy morning especially in washington, d.c. coming up next, it is a top story we continue to follow, the brett kavanaugh hearings right now, a live look at the senate hearing where everyone is gathering. they've been discussing this morning before the vote is taking place. we'll of course have the very latest. continue to follow nbc bay area. also first happening now, could you get your hands on the best selling items from amazon but you have to head to new york
6:51 am
city to do so. amazon four star just opened for business in the city's soho neighborhood. it's a new one-of-a-kind shop, the company's latest attempt is now a physical retail store. we'll see if they'll expand any more. more news after the break. 6:51. distance relationship.
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this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today. here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome pack. the time now 6:53. here are the top stories on
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"today in the bay." >> a decision that may shape the future of the supreme court. live look at capitol hill where the senate judiciary committee is about to vote whether to recommend judge brett kavanaugh, breaking within the last few minutes senator jeff flake says he will vote yes for kavanaugh. the full senate may begin confirmation as soon as tomorrow, so we'll continue to follow that. we're waiting for the vote to come. in the meantime, breaking news into our newsroom, a tsunami has hit the indonesian island of palu, after a 7.5 earthquake struck near the country. the tsunami wave caused about -- was about six feet tall, it hit the city. we don't have word so far on death or damages. another we continue to follow. president trump has made it clear, he thinks google rigs its search system and suppresses right-leaning views. google for the record denies
6:55 am
political bias, but happening today, google leaders will be in d.c. talking with lawmakers privately. that issue is expected to be part of the discussion. lawmakers also want to update on what google is doing to boost consumer privacy and expansion into china. new for you this morning, facebook does not just use your phone number for security reasons. it also uses it to target you with ads, according to a facebook spokesperson. this comes after two universities released a new study. it shows how the tech giant takes personal information, not specifically given to it, and shares it with advertisers. people who use their phone numbers to authenticate their feist book account are most at risk for their numbers to be shared. engineers seem to have a plan in place to shore up two cracks discovered in steel beams in san francisco's trans bay transit center. the fix may take a while. if you rely on the transit center or someone who has to drive downtown, you can expect
6:56 am
the inconveniences to last at least through next week. crews now plan to relieve some of the pressure on the beams by installing new steel columns from street level all the way to the bus deck. among many issues still needing to be worked out, a painting of the beams. it's unclear when fremont street will reopen to traffic. >> b.a.r.t. is ready to beef up its fight against fare jumpers. part of a larger effort to boost rider safety. at a packed meeting, this is last night in pittsburg, board members approved a plan to move and go have more than double the number of fare inspectors. caught on cam camera, the contra costa chp just shared this new video for us. see right here all the carpool violators they pulled over during yesterday morning commute. chp officers say it's part of their new carpool crackdown. >> make sure somebody's in that car with you. tomorrow is the first north
6:57 am
county gun buy-back program in santa clara county. the district attorney along with sunnyvale, los altos, mountain view and palo alto and santa clara police as well you can trade your guns in to them no questions asked. the gun buy-back is tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning until noon at the sunnyvale presbyterian church. you can turn in a handgun, rifle or even a shotgun in exchange for $100 each. no limit. assault weapons can be traded for $200 cash. this new for you this morning, upgrades are under way for one of san francisco's most iconic symbols. >> talking about the cable cars but it may have an impact on folks using them for transportation. sf mta releasing video of the rehabilitation process for the gear boxes. it powers the city's world renowned cable cars. this week crews are working on the powell mason cable car line so a free shuttle will be available to riders. shuttle will serve stops north of washington and north beach.
6:58 am
the first stop is at taylor in san francisco. the free shuttle operation will all happen through sunday morning. if you're an oakland a's fan with the playoffs on your mind today is the day. >> here we go, in a few hours playoff tickets will go on sale. we don't want to be debbie downers or put any corks in that champagne, actually there's probably no corks left in any of that champagne they put everywhere, but looks like the yankees will be hosting the all or nothing wild card game. it means the a's would have to win their first to play in that divisional series. single game 60s for wild card and divisional series go on sale at 9:00 a.m. i say go a's. in the meantime can't forget our giants. live look from at&t park in san francisco this morning. the giants taking on the l.a. dodgers tonight. you can watch all the action, in fact right here on nbc bay area, starting at 7:00, followed by "dateline" with lester holt and "nbc bay area news" at 11:00. and speaking of the giants game who wants some free ice
6:59 am
cream? ice cream! >> me! >> ice cream! at&t park going to be out there to get some free treats from our treat truck. you'll find raj mathai, kari hall out there and giving it out. marcus and i went out we thought we were ice cream vendors. >> that's right. >> get your ice cream! >> free ice cream! today might be a nice day for ice cream. when isn't it? >> it will be a little bit cooler. i heard there was also popular one what was it the own, the dr drumstick. we are tracking the chance of seeing light drizzle but spotty chance of rain will continue, but mainly for the north bay. so if you live south of the golden gate bridge, you should be just fine. our best chance of seeing more widespread rain will come into play in monday and tuesday's forecast. >> all right. reminder for you, headed to san francisco. >> you just talked about the transit center still closed. fremont street still closed. the bay bridge moves smoothly but as you approach from the westbound direction you'll find
7:00 am
fremont street one of the lanes is closed. traffic will get congested as you head toward that area. >> busy day. thanks for starting it with us. >> and thank you so much. good morning. he said she said. today the senate speaks. lawmakers meeting right now, set to cast the vote of a lifetime, to send brett kavanaugh to the supreme court or send him home. >> i am terrified. >> dr. christine blasey ford testifying brett kavanaugh tried to rape her. >> with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 100%. >> the judge pushing back hard with tears and fury. >> i'm innocent of this charge. this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. >> and with the world watching, senators unload.


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