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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 28, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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publicly in an effort to bring this country together say that we would feel better -- i'm not expecting them to vote yes, but not to complain that an fbi investigation has not and this is what i'm trying to do. this country is being ripped apart here and we have to make sure we do due diligence. but i do think that we can have a short pause and make sure that the fbi can investigate. my understanding is that some of us would have to, and i'm prepared to do it, make a request to the white house to ask the fbi to do that investigation. it would be short and limited in scope to the current allegations that have been made. >> mr. chairman? >> but i would just encourage democrats who we talked to before to endorse that kind of thing that we can then move on. >> mr. chairman? >> because of the two-hour rule
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we're adjourned. >> what? no vote. >> a lot just took place there and a lot of confusion. if you're confused, it's okay because it appears some of the people in that room are a bit concerned. you can here chairman grassley speaking with dianne feinstein, the ranking member. >> you cut off a vote? >> no, we didn't have a motion in front of us. this all a gentleman and women's agreement. >> gentlemen and women's agreement? let him say what he's committed to? >> no. >> sounds like the mics have been cut here. here's what essentially happened. the senate judiciary committee just voted to move on the
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confirmation, their recommendation of judge kavanaugh to the full senate. jeff flake a republican, put the sign out, a weak pause for an fbi investigation to the allegations made actually, let me bring in kasie hunt here right now. casey, he seems to be implying he won't vote for this with a full senate unless this investigation occurs. do i get that right? >> that's a significant development, lester, yes. what senator flake is saying he would vote yes in committee, which you just saw him do, on the condition they delay the final vote on the floor, long enough for the fbi to do a one-week investigation into the allegations around judge kavanaugh. now, you heard them arguing a little bit right there about how this might all play out. it was called a gentlemen's agreement. and essentially, john cornyn, a member of republican leadership acknowledged this.
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he said to jeff flake, you have the leverage. and he's right. because the other key thing that senator flake said right there was that he has spoken to other members of his conference about whether they would support a move like this. and so what we here on the hill are going to be looking for now is, are senators susan collins and lisa murkowski also going to draw this same line in the sand? because if they do, mitch mcconnell will not have the votes to take kavanaugh to the floor for a final vote. he will essentially have to acquiesce to their demands. now, obviously, a lot can happen behind closed doors. there will be a lot of arm-twisting and trying to convince them to move forward, because the reality is, there is a sense among some republican leaders that a delay of kavanaugh's vote is essentially a death sentence. that either the allegations might come forward, or that the nominee himself and especially his family, might simply lose their taste for the process. and that ultimately, it could
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all fall apart. so just to take everybody back through what we have watched unfold here, senator flake put out a statement, a definitive statement this morning, saying that i am going to vote yes on kavanaugh. he then sat through these hours of back and forth, very partisan, a lot of what -- slarts to what we saw yesterday in the back and forth between the committee members. but as we got closer to the scheduled 1:30 vote, the democrats started to disappear into this little antechamber, and back with senator flake who has a close, long standing relationship with senator chris coons. and i'm sorry, lester, i'm going to give it back to you. >> do we have pete williams? pete, are you there? >> reporter: you do. >> pete, help me understand now. for an fbi investigation to occur, that still has to be called for by the president. does it not? >> reporter: right. so this is jeff flake saying to the leadership, you don't have my vote unless you delay it a week. so you'll have mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, will have
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to go to the president to say, you don't have the votes unless you agree to have the fbi reopen this. >> senator leahy is talking to reporters. in fact, we just -- >> what do you mean, by muddy the waters? >> what you would be saying is, okay, so we have a vote on monday. and have the fbi investigation on tuesday. that wouldn't make much sense. >> senator klobuchar? >> you see senator klobuchar now approaching the microphone. >> well, senator coons and senator flake have been working together on this. for quite a while. and a number of us have been urging them along. and this was kind of a surprise to all of us. senator flake has expressed, including in his speech yesterday, his concern about the divide in this country that is being exacerbated by what's happening here. and, of course, we have been asking over and over again for followup on the evidence. and so senator flake is basically saying -- to his
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leadership, i want to see this additional investigation before i vote for this nominee. and if he is joined by one or two other republicans in that request, then they wouldn't have the votes, unless the investigation occurred. and it's that simple. you'll have to ask them. >> is this from senator flake himself? >> it is one week. one week is what senator flake was interested in. and you can do a lot if you have the whole fbi looking at things in one week. >> was this by the democrats or -- >> you should talk to senator flake about that. but i think you've seen him -- >> asking for reaction from the white house. and in the last -- >> we had different sound up. we'll let you start. is there any reaction from the white house? >> there is. and it's just in the last ten seconds. and it is from the president himself. he is now saying that he will defer to gop senators on this. and when asked about a delay, he said, whatever they think is necessary. now, let me put this into some
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context here. the president right now is inside the oval office, as we speak. he is there with the chilean president, and a small group of reporters is also in the room. they are shouting questions to him about brett kavanaugh. the president is responding. we have cameras in there. we can't show you that video until the president finishes speaking, and those -- that video can come out. we'll roll it back for you and we will do that so you can hear the president yourself. here's the bottom line. once jeff flake made that speech you just saw in the judiciary meeting, the ball went back into the white house's court as pete williams just explained. it's up to the president to tell the fbi, sure, go ahead and open this back up. it sounds like the president is willing to do that, based on what we are hearing now from that group of reporters in the room. the president now talking about the idea of whatever republican senators think is necessary. leaving it up in essence to senator mitch mcconnell. now, the president can't just sit back. the white house has to actually actively and proactively go and tell the fbi, yeah, go ahead with this. but that's where we are, lester.
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>> we want to go to republican senator, lindsey graham right now, who is addressing reporters. >> last time i looked, you need 50 votes. [ laughter ] all i can say is, right now, what jeff is saying is -- makes sense to me. >> murkowski -- >> i don't know. i'm just -- i'm going to talk with jeff. somebody has got to explain this to trump. so -- i guess that would be my job. [ laughter ] >> are you going to back this move? >> huh? if i'm nothing, i'm practical. okay? >> lindsey graham, making a few comments. let me bring back casey hunt. casey, did republicans realize what was going on in those last few minutes, that jeff flake was deal-making with democrats? >> reporter: i do think they did. they started to back into the same ante chamber, and witness they realized what was going on and suddenly this might be in
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jeopardy. and you heard -- frankly, what lindsey graham just said there was the truth. in a very straight forward way. that he acknowledged, if this is true, that what jeff flake says, not only is he not going to vote without this, but also his other republican colleagues who are in the same boat, they don't have the 50 votes to do it. and as lindsey graham also said, he's going to have to explain that to president trump. it does sound like, based on halle's reporting, perhaps the president has received some of this message. they simply can't -- at the end of the day, mitch mcconnell is very realistic. and he knows his conference and he knows whether or not he has the votes to push forward. and if it's not going to pass, it's simply not going to pass. right now, judge kavanaugh, we're back to the status quo when we started this day. that he doesn't have the votes as things stand right now, without this additional week-long delay. and here i'm going to kind of walk back over here and see what else -- oop. >> i'm trying to find out what
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this is. so -- i just talked to jeff. i'm going to meet with him and senator mcconnell. jeff believes on the process side the committee has been very fair and that we bend over backwards. i think he's been upset about the committee being -- information being withheld. and some of the games being played. but he believes if the fbi had a few more days, some democrats have told him that would alleviate their process concerns. even though they're not going to vote for him. so i think what jeff is trying to do is end this the best he possibly can, to accommodate some people on the other side. and to, you know, bring the committee together, if possible. so this is democracy. am i mad at jeff? no. am i in a different place, yes. >> what happens if the fbi is not done with this background check or investigation? >> i think what jeff is saying -- one, you can have the fbi, cia and foreign legion and they're not going to tell you
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anything more than you have now. that's my view, but we'll see what happens. he said a week is enough for him. or maybe less. so we're not playing this game of opening this up and it goes on forever. what he said was, that i would feel better if they had a week to look at what's in front of us, no more. some democrats have said, okay with that. now, i would like them to come forward. i'm going to talk to mitch and jeff, and eventually engage with the white house. but, you know, again, i don't think we need this. i am long since ready to vote. i think he's been very poorly treated, judge kavanaugh. >> you think this is going to sink judge kavanaugh's nomination? >> absolutely not. i think jeff feels good about judge kavanaugh. he just wants to make sure the process is fair. but you need to ask him. i've never felt better about him being on the bench than i do right now. >> senator graham -- >> what changed?
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>> this is called democracy. he talked to his colleagues, and they're going, jeff, please, please. just give us a few more days. jeff is a really good guy. i wouldn't have done it. but, please, let's be fair. and jeff is trying to be fair. i just don't see we're going to benefit from anything in terms of doing -- i've been doing this most of my adult life. 35 years. you know what you know, you heard what you're going to hear. having said this, this is called democracy. >> for people like you who believe that brett kavanaugh is innocent of things he's been accused of, do you think this might help other people in the country feel better about this person on the supreme court, if a week from now the fbi comes back and says we're good? >> i think the people in the country are going to feel differently a week from now. you can probably put it in the phone booth. however, if jeff feels better about it, i feel better. >> so long as one of those people is jeff flake. >> i'm a practical guy. >> senator graham, after he was confronted by protesters on his way to vote this morning. >> no, listen.
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this is jeff flake. i mean, this is what i actually like about the guy. susan, all these people take it really seriously. jeff is not a lawyer. this is hard. you know, again, i've been in the legal system. you have a lot of emotional decisions to make. but the fact pattern here leads itself to, you know, i'm sorry there's just not enough. we've got to move on. but having said that, this is jeff flake being very sincere. and what he's trying to do, i respect the hell out of this, trying to get some democrats to buy in. will a week matter, and some said it would. some want it to just go on and on and on. but you can get a few to say a week longer would make it a better process. >> do you think the republican leadership has agreed to a one-week delay? >> well, if i could quit talking to y'all -- >> among the things, he'll have to inform the president. the president is certainly aware of what has just happened here. again, the judiciary committee essentially approved and sent this confirmation along for judge kavanaugh. but because of jeff flake, a republican and outlier, saying
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let's give them a week for an fbi investigation, it essentially implies he won't vote with the full senate. so this investigation would likely happen. let me go to hallie jackson at the white house right now where the president has spoken, and we're going to hear that in just a moment, right? >> reporter: so i'll just put this into quick context. senator graham says he's going to be the one to talk this through with the president. the president has already talked about this as it was unfolding. it's not clear how much the president has been briefed on the nitty-gritty details. but to give a sense of timing, the president was supposed to greet the chilean leader here at the white house. that was delayed a bit. the president actually walked out of the west wing about two minutes after flake wrapped up his speak. his speech. ake wrapped up his s. >> mr. president, any comment on the request for a delay from senator flake? he wants a one-week delay so the fbi can investigate further. >> well, i'm going to let the senate handle that. they'll make their decisions. and they've been doing a good job. and very professional.
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i'm just hearing a little bit about it, because i've been with the president of chile, and we're talking about some very important subjects. but i'm sure it will all be very good. i guess the vote was a positive vote. but there seems to be a delay. i'll learn more about it as today goes on. i just heard about it, because we were together. >> what did you think of dr. ford's testimony? when you heard that? >> i thought her testimony was very compelling. and she looks like a very fine woman to me. very fine woman. and i thought that brett's testimony, likewise, was really something that i haven't seen before. it was incredible. it was an incredible moment, i think, in the history of the our country. but certainly she was a very credible witness. she was very good in many respects. and i think that -- i don't know if this is going to continue onward or we're going to get a
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vote. but, again, i'm here. so i'm not out there watching. because i can't be. out of great respect. although maybe we'll watch together, okay? we'll watch together. but i think it will work out very well for the country. i just wanted it work out well for the country. if that happens, i'm happy. >> have you thought at all about a replacement for judge kavanaugh? >> not even a little bit. not even a little bit. >> what's your message to murkowski? >> i have no message. they have to do what they think is right. there's no message whatsoever. they have to do what they think is right. they have to be comfortable with themselves. and i'm sure that's what they are. >> would you be willing to do a background investigation on mr. kavanaugh? >> i'm going to rely on all of the people, including senator grassley, who is doing a very good job. that will be a decision that they're going to make. and i suspect they'll be making some decision soon, whether it's to take a vote or to do whatever else they want to do. i will be totally reliant on
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what senator grassley and the group decides to do. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> we're going to talk about venezuela. i was waiting for that question. we will be discussing venezuela, among many other things. a lot of interesting things going on in that part of the world. but chile is really something special. if you look at what they have done, how far they have come, you look at how well-run the country is. i just want to say it's an honor to be with you. a great honor. thank you very much. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. whatever they think is necessary is okay with me. yeah. >> thank you! >> we'll see what happens. i know he wants to meet with us. we'll see what happens. venezuela is a mess. and it's got to be cleaned up and people have to be taken care of. thank you very much. thank you. >> thank you!
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>> president trump, who days ago was calling it a democratic con over and over again, taking a much more measured tone now that the possibility exists that the final confirmation vote of the full senate, brett kavanaugh,'s confirmation of the supreme court may be delayed for a week by a one-week fbi investigation. it was something republicans rejected. the nominee himself rejected in questioning yesterday. but jeff flake, the republican who had been seen in his outlier here, throwing the caution flag and agreeing with democrats for a one-week delay for this investigation needs to happen. let me go to hallie jackson at the white house. the president saying he'll do whatever the senate wants. >> reporter: yeah. >> but he has to be the one to actually start this investigation, correct? >> reporter: or to allow the fbi to open this investigation, to reopen it, to look into this again, is our understanding here. and lester, let's just take a beat here and step back.
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this is extraordinary. what we are watching now is extraordinary. and donald trump, if you and i talking ten minutes ago when we said the ball was over at the white house's court, donald trump is trying to kick that ball right back over to capitol hill, saying he will do whatever gop leadership decides would be most prudent. so right now it does sound to me, based on what we just heard from the president, that he would be willing to move forward with this. you heard the reporter in the room representing the rest of the white house press corps, ask if the president would be willing, explaining what jeff flake said, and explaining this one with one-week delay, and the president was open to this, based on that. the other striking piece of this is the tone from president trump after the testimony of christine blasey ford, roughly 24 hours ago, on capitol hill, calling her very credible. saying she's a very fine woman. this is very different from what we heard from the president four or five days or so after ford first came out and explained to the "washington post" and what her accusation was. the president railed against
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what were false accusations, a democratic con job. this is a notably different tone from president trump today. so i'll defer to my colleagues on the hill for where that goes. but it does seem like the president is willing to put this in the hands of mitch mcconnell. if chuck grassley comes back and says we've got to do this to get flake on board, it seems he would be open to do that, lester. >> let's go to the congress side, kasie hunt right now. this all lands at the doorstep of mitch mcconnell. what kinds of discussions are going on as we speak? >> reporter: well, senator libbed sigh grah lindsey graham, who you heard at the end of that chaotic exchange is heading to the capitol to talk to senator mitch mcconnell about exactly what to do. and we do know we have seen when the president has come out with a more measured tone, it means he's listening to the senate leaders up on the hill. and the reality here is that this nomination is potentially in peril. senator mcconnell's strategy all the way along has been to push
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as hard as possible, as fast as possible, try to not let any crack show up. because the reality is, all the way along, republicans may not be saying it in public, but there is a risk for them in having the fbi start to look into this. there are a lot of questions about mark judge, who was not subpoenaed, and that was one of the demands susan collins made. they had only heard from his lawyer. there are going to be a lot of additional questions here in the coming days. and frankly, mitch mcconnell doesn't have a lot of options if, in fact, jeff flake does have support from senator susan collins and lisa murkowski. if the three of them stick together, they have an incredible amount of leverage, so we're just waiting, lester, to find out exactly what the two of them think about what jeff flake has done today. >> you've got a terrific handle on it. and i noted when the end of tsen occurred, even senator dianne feinstein wasn't clear, many senators weren't clear as to exactly what was happening. and it sounds like it's being sorted out right now. we'll look for your reporting
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and get this sorted out to our viewers when we see you tonight on "nbc nightly news." another busy news day. we say it a lot. it will be one. we'll see you tonight. high dram after yesterday )s historic he and right now at 11:00, high drama before a key vote after yesterday's historic hearing with judge kavanaugh and dr. christine blasey ford. a vote happened just minutes ago. good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. you just watched that special report. we want to get you right to that breaking news. now this right here is video of that vote. judge kavanaugh has actually been moved forward with everything there. this was an 11-10 vote we were dealing with today. it will move forward. but senator jeff flake says that a full vote will be delayed. this will allow the fbi to investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct. today's vote comes just a day
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after emotional testimony from the palo alto woman who was accusing kavanaugh of sexual assaulting her back in the 1980s. kavanaugh also testified this morning four democratic members of the committee walked out of the ongoing hearing. among them, california senator, kamala harris. >> and there has not been a fair process in place. from the beginning on this. it should not be about raw power. influencing the outcome. of a decision that is about not only a statement about what we hold as being precious and important about our system of justice, but who will sit for a lifetime on the united states supreme court? >> outside that hearing, as you see right there, a swarm of angry protesters gathering there, some being arrested by capital police. we'll keep a close watching on the upcoming vote and any new developments happening. make sure you stay with nbc bay area and nbc news for those updates. more breaking news now. facebook says a security flaw
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exposed information on 50 million users. the social networking site says it did fix the vulnerability immediately after discovering it on tuesday. the flaw allowed hackers to take over the profiles of users through the view-as feature, which let's people see what their own profile looks like to someone else. that feature is now disabled. facebook has yet to say how many accounts, if any, actually were impacted. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates as they come in. and this just in. a relative of a bay area woman is being accused of murdering her. the woman's body was found yesterday in her apartment near fourth and howard streets in san francisco. a 30-year-old man who is related to her was arrested this morning. police say he is being medically evaluated at the hospital and has not yet been booked into jail. investigators are knocking on doors, trying to gather witness statements at that apartment building. now we look at your microclimate weather. a live look in fremont. as you can see, some people on the road there. well, you know, it's been --
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almost nearly the weekend, and we have been talking about those hot temperatures all week, but you've been telling us those temperatures are going down for a pleasant weekend. >> in fact, they're going to be going down so much, that you're going to notice it, even in san francisco, which has been in those upper 60s. now we're expecting low 60s, marcus. and everybody back home getting ready to plan out their weekend. i know you're wondering about the rain chances, especially if you follow me on social media. so i'm going to break it all down for you. right now, current conditions show cloudy skies in the peninsula. the south bay temperatures in the 50s. 55 degrees right now. tri valley. a combination of sun and clouds. and check out san francisco. not a lot of sun through there, 58 degrees. north bay at 57. and near the east bay, just as cloudy, about 60 degrees. overall, today's microclimate highs will be comfortable and already lower than what we're expecting this weekend. and into tonight, expect a high of 60 degrees in oakland. 77 for martinez. but check out the interior valleys.
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areas like concord and antioch hit upper 80s yesterday. not expecting that today. this is all thanks to an approaching upper low that's really going to change our weather forecast. and it's going to break apart that ridge of high pressure that made that impact. let's talk about the air quality. for today, good air quality for the north bay, south bay and santa clara valley. for the weekend, we expect improved air quality and all green for good to go, which means it will be a great opportunity for you to head outside and enjoy. so let's talk about the systems that will be affecting us this weekend and what exactly we're talking about in terms of time line. so we've got that first upper low that's already approaching from the west. that also hard caused a drop in those temperatures. and that's going to bring a good chance of seeing some spotty showers just north of the golden gate bridge. drizzle on the coast. rain chances off to the north bay, into sunday, as well. as of right now, though, our models are showing a bit of a contrast in terms of rainfall totals. but they're starting to become more in agreeance in terms of how much rain we're expecting. we have a second system coming
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in on monday, and now the models are trending drier and wetter on tuesday with a couple of tenths of an inch. and the majority is inching towards the north. so a lot of that moisture isn't really going to make it past the golden gate bridge. south bay, we may catch better rain chances as we head towards tuesday. now as far as the big game tonight for the giants, i know a lot of you are wondering, well, we do have our very own doppler radar out and about. but let's get a check of your temperature trend. first pictures at 7:15, as you know. you can watch the game right here on nbc bay area. it is going to be a little chilly. we're going to drop down into the 50s right around first pitch and keep that cloud cover all night long. so please don't forget to pack accordingly and take a sweater. now over the next serve seven days, a spotty chance to the north, but we'll keep it in there for san francisco with our best chance of seeing more rain into monday and tuesday, not just for san francisco, but also for the inland areas. but take a look at those comfortable temperatures.
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plenty of 70s ahead before we warm up by next wednesday. back to you. >> all right, thanks. nearly 600 teachers in the south bay have a new contract. for the first time in one-and-a-half school years. so what will it mean for those students at evergreen elementary school district? nbc bay area's kris sanchez is here to answer that for us. break it down for us. >> the teachers really have to be relieved about this one. you might remember they were so fed up with working without a contract, that they voted to go on strike. so the good news is that now they won't have to walk off the job. let's take a look at some of the specifics here. this is a contract that offers 4.5% in raises over the next three years. but the initial raise is retroactive to july of last year, which means they'll be back at the bargaining table in the next two years. the contract also caps smaller class sizes and that is only in voters tax coming up in november. it keeps art class in fourth through sixth grade classes.
11:29 am
the teachers association and the district have been going back and forth for 16 months now, and the only way the two sides were able to reach an agreement was with the help of a state-appointed negotiator. for their part, the evergreen school board will vote to accept the deal at their october 18th meeting. the district spokesperson told me just this morning, we are excited to move forward and get on with the business of educating our kids and working together to pass the parcel tax renewal. both sides say that parcel tax measure ee is critical, and they will work together to make sure that the community knows how critical it is. measure ee asks homeowners to pay $125 a year in order to generate $3.1 million in funding for education. santa clara county voters, you're going to see this on your ballot on november 6th, so we'll continue to report about it in the weeks to come. >> kris, thank you for that. new details this morning in south bay high school, trying to find a person who tore up their football field with a car or truck. bob redell is live outside in
11:30 am
morgan hill. and bob, i hear this is all happening on the weekend of the school's first home football game. >> reporter: correct, kira. fortunately, the bulldogs will be able to play their regularly scheduled saturday game this weekend, just not here at home. instead they will borrow the field at their rival high school. the field here is too unsafe. look at this video that was posted on facebook. you can see the damage that was done to the football field here at sew bratto high between tuesday night and wednesday morning. someone drove a vehicle on the turf. they peeled out, they did doughnuts, they tore up a lot of the grass, created a lot of deep ruts. this week the grounds keepers with the district repaired the field, and this is what it looks like now. you can see the dirt patches where the ruts were. this is video we shot this morning. but the ground is still soft. the district is afraid someone could get hurt twisting an ankle or falling down, something like that. the district needs a few more days to add turf. they plan to have the field ready for homecoming, which is a
11:31 am
week from tomorrow. the staff is in touch with the school's resource officer, and also checking surveillance cameras to try to catch the vandal, who the superintendent believes was most likely a kid. doesn't realize the problems he or she has caused. >> maybe they'll gain some empathy for the damage it does to hundreds of students. and a community. when you do something that might be fun or might be something that you think is cool with friends. we're hoping that someone comes forward with information about that. so we can hold them accountable for what they did. and if nothing else, never, ever do it again. >> reporter: this last-minute switcheroo over to the high school did present a problem for the marching band. they have a lot of equipment that needs to be transported by two trucks, which cost $600 to rent. wasn't in their budget. but the boosters did run a last-minute fund-raiser online and this morning the superintendent told us they were close to if not already having reached their goal. so game on. reporting live here in morgan
11:32 am
hill, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you. engineers now seem to have a plan in place. this is the shore of the two cracks discovered at the transbay transit center. the fix may take a while. commuters who rely on the transit center or someone who has to drive in downtown, you can expect those inconveniences to last at least through the next week. crews now plan to relief pressure on the beams while installing new steel columns from street level to the bus stack. now, among many issues still to be worked out, obtaining those new beams. it's still not clear when the fremont street will reopen to traffic. and a followup for you. b.a.r.t. is ready to beef up and fight against fare jumpers as part of a larger effort to boost rider safety. last night in pittsburg, they plan to double the number of fare inspectors from 7 to 17.
11:33 am
inspectors will also increase fare-monitoring to weekends and late night service. b.a.r.t. is in an all-out push to cut down on b.a.r.t.-related crimes. board members believe it will start with those who are actually ignoring paying those fares and stopping them. >> when you ask the chief, he'll say those that have no regard for lower level offenses sometimes also have no regard for criminal activity that's much more serious. >> the board will also approve spending for other security measures, including higher barriers at fare gates. developing now, a powerful earthquake racks indonesia, strigi triggering a tsunami. it hit off the island, followed by at least ten strong aftershocks. this new video shows the moment the earthquake hit, shaking buildings and sending people running for cover. the latest reports show at least five people were killed. dozens of buildings are damaged. today is the day oakland a's
11:34 am
fans have been waiting for. playoff tickets went on sale at 9:00 this morning. we have new video of fans buying tickets at the coliseum. look at that line. folks were lined up for hours to purchase single-game tickets. now, if you're an a's fan, you know this. the a's need to win their first wild card game to play in the divisional series. it looks like the yankees will likely host the all or nothing wild card game next wednesday. tonight the a's play at anaheim, finishing up their regular season. right now we have live pictures from at&t park in san francisco. well, the giants, they take on the rivals, the l.a. dodgers tonight. you can watch that game right here on nbc bay area, starting at 7:00 tonight. that's followed by the season premier of "dateline" with lester holt and then nbc bay area news at 11:00. and speaking of that giants game, make sure you stop by our nbc bay area treat truck there at at&t park. and pick yourself up some free ice cream. treat yourself and then you can actually meet some of our crew.
11:35 am
you have raj mathai, kari hall, passing out free ice cream. so stop by and say hello and get a treat. >> and now we know why kari hall isn't here right now. she's getting ready for that. coming up, the clock is ticking for landlords at one peninsula apartment complex. some tenants are describing their housing experience as a living hell. the problems people are living with. next. continuing coverage of an
11:36 am
my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
11:37 am
complex on the peninsula. residents call continuing coverage now of an infestation at an apartment complex on the peninsula. residents call it a living hell. bedbugs and sewage are top complaints at the san mateo complex. >> inspectors are taking action here, demanding the complex fix the issue by this evening. just a warning, this story might be hard to watch.
11:38 am
>> reporter: blankets crawling with bedbugs, rats and roaches. >> it's disgusting. there are people downstairs who see cockroaches everywhere. microwave, everywhere. >> reporter: people living in san mateo haven't responded to complaints. myra says she is paying $3,000 a month, and sewage has bubbled up into her sink and is exposed in a broken pipe in her yard. >> it's unbelievable. it's horrible, what's going on in here. she has kids. >> reporter: inspectors from san mateo came out on tuesday. tonight they posted a notice of violation, red tagging mold name and addresso's unit. >> it poses a health hazard. >> reporter: she says the property manager gave her money for a hotel. udr has 24 hours to fix the sewage issue and five days to
11:39 am
provide a certified inspector's report saying nine bug-infested apartments have been treated. >> justice. >> reporter: while he says it's welcome news, neighbors are organizing. he saves people who were once a frayed to call the city for help are now eager for inspectors to see their apartments. >> that was jean ellie reporting. we reached out to the management company, but did not hear back. the management company is getting a bill for inspectors that's a $10,000 bill so far. additional fines and penalties will be added on if the problem here is not corrected. inspectors will be back at the complex today. top stories now that you need to hear about. a standoff at a san jose valero gas station is over. a viewer sent this video of the station in willow glen. police say it all started last night when a man walked in and threatened employees. the employees evacuated, but that man barricaded himself
11:40 am
inside the gas station. police negotiated with him until 3:00 this morning. an oakland man is in custody accused of attacking and raping a female friend. mountain view police say 29-year-old lavelle powell grabbed the victim sunday as the two sat inside her parked car. they say he strangled her until she lost consciousness. she later told investigators she only came to during the assault. that's when she pushed him out of the car and was able to drive away. officers arrested powell without any problems at his job. the contra costa chp shared this new video. you can see all the carpool child violators they pulled over yesterday. the smoke now clearing somewhat on when or where california cities can hold pot-themed events. until now, that law was a little hazy, because events could only be held on county fairgrounds. but east bay lawmakers crafted a
11:41 am
new bill, giving local governments the authority to approve temporary special event licenses, wherever they wish. this week governor brown signed that bill into law. and tomorrow is the officials north county gun buyback in santa clara county. the district attorney, along with sunnyvale, los altos, mt. view and palo alto as well as santa clara police will trade guns for cash. no questions asked. now, that gun buyback is tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning until noon at the sunnyvale presbyterian church. anyone can turn in a handgun, rifle or shotgun in exchange for $100 each. and there's no limit. assault weapons can be traded in for $200 cash. this morning, big news from the state capitol, which could change the way you get your seafood. >> and it could also put some fishermen out of business. senior investigative reporter filed this report from sacramento. >> reporter: governor brown just signed these new regulations into law that would eventually ban a type of fishing net that's
11:42 am
been used off the california coast for roughly 40 years. the gear can stretch a mile long and is used to mainly catch swordfish, but it's been blamed for unintentionally en tangling and killing thousands of other sea creatures, including endangered species, like whales. our investigative unit first uncovered the impact of these nets two years ago. lawmakers then took notice and today the governor took action. now, the law would pay fishermen up to $110,000 if they decide over the next year to retire the gear. those that don't would still be forced to stop using the fishing nets by january 2023. with the investigative unit, i'm begot shaban. >> you can call 888-996-tips, or visit our website, that's
11:43 am well, a first-ever event taking place this weekend being organized by someone you may have heard of before. >> starting today, they're holding a three-day beach volleyball tournament that includes wellness and music events. the festival is organized in part by olympic gold medalist kerry walsh jennings. >> the team is legit. the sport is deserving. the market is ripe for us. >> p-14440 is the name of the event, derived from the amount of minutes in a day. some of the best beach volleyball players in the world will take part. >> should be fun out there. looks like the weather this weekend might be just a little fun. >> it's going to be cool enough to where you can enjoy the outdoor activities. right now it's a little cloudy in san francisco. but i've got an approaching system that may have you changing your plans and it may involve some rain. i'll have the details, coming up.
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welcome back at 11:46 on your friday. everyone can celebrate that the weekend is here. >> friday! >> and vianey is in for kari with a look at your weekend forecast. >> i think you're going to like this weather, especially if you're ready for some fall-like temperatures. >> yeah. >> it is fall. >> right? it is fall. but it hasn't felt that way. we got introduced to our first week of fall with some 90s. what is that? well, i am here to introduce you to some much cooler
11:47 am
temperatures. 64 degrees for the tri valley right now as you head out the door for the peninsula. 55. and they can ocheck out the sou degrees. one more thing you're going to notice, it is cloudy out there. san francisco, 58. and the east bay, 60 degrees. the reason we've got such cooler temperatures today is because we've got an approaching upper low, and that ridge of high pressure that kept us in the 90s has made its exit and now we see a system take over. here are your predicted highs. you're going to notice how much cooler it is by 10 degrees, because check out concord. 80 degrees our predicted high. still warm, but at least not in the 90s. meanwhile, in oakland, very comfortable and cool at 68 degrees. so you're going to be down here in the south bay, san jose, 74 degrees. and, of course, along the coast and the peninsula, and in san francisco, temperatures are only topping out into the low 60s. and the cloud cover is expected to linger all day long. so if you're going to be heading anywhere along the coast, take a
11:48 am
sweater, because it's going to get breezy as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. over the next five days, here's what we expect. this weekend, our first system brings a chance of seeing spotty showers off to the north bay. the majority of it is taking off to the north. for saturday and sunday. but the coastline in san francisco still has a chance of seeing some spotty rain, maybe some drizzle early on saturday and into sunday. we get another system that comes in on monday, and now that system is trending actually a little bit drier for monday and more wet phenomenon tuesday. what does that mean? that is our best chance of seeing more widespread rain. as far as the timing and the intensity, and how much rain we're getting, that could all still change. as we inch closer, the models are aligning, and shows .10 of an inch, the majority taking off to the north. and even in our euro model, showing that. even though we're not tracking signature rainfall, we have our very own storm radar up and it's got that cloud cover out there. on top of san bruno mountain.
11:49 am
and that is up and ready to go, so we will be tracking that incoming system. now a quick reminder if you're heading out to the dodgers versus giants game tonight, you can watch it here on nbc bay area. first pitch at 7:15. and you know what's even better? we've got the treat yourself truck out there. raj and kari. if you want to check out the forecast, maybe share it with a friend, i did tweet that at nbc vianey. over the next seven days, here's what you can expect. saturday and sunday, again, very spotty chance for san francisco. but our best chance of seeing some rain is going to be off to the north bay. look at those temperatures. we've got some 70s on the map. we'll keep the rain chances through monday and tuesday. and then by next wednesday, just looking ahead so you can plan, goes right back up into the 80s as another ridge of high pressure begins to dominate. so at least we've got cooler temperatures. just make sure to keep an umbrella handy, especially if you're off in the north bay. back to you. >> that's the beauty of the bay area. if you don't like the weather today, chances are in three or four days, the weather you like will happen. all right. well, coming up, are you tired of those robocalls?
11:50 am
well, there is a solution that might be coming our way. we have our consumer unit looking into this, and they're going to help us out.
11:51 am
11:52 am
nbc bay area responds to complaints about phone sca welcome back. nbc bay area responds to complaints about phone scams all the time. we were just talking off camera. we all get them. >> yeah. some people every day. so we ask consumer investigator, chris chmura, to take a closer look at this growing problem for us. >> if you think you're getting more robocalls than ever, you might be right. first orion predicts that next year, nearly half of all calls to mobile phones will be what it calls scam and nuisance calls. researchers found such calls have doubled since 2017. phone scammers are changing their tactics. they are spoofing caller i.d. to hide behind what looks like a number from your area. it's prompted most of us to just
11:53 am
lose all trust in caller i.d. but scammers, they are persistent and greedy. >> they just make more calls. they keep trying over and over and over again, to get through. and so we see a big increase in volume, as more and more people stop answering the phone or use tools that protect their phones. >> we wanted to know, what are phone companies doing to stop scam calls? tonight at 11:00, we'll show you just how easy it is for scammers to trick you with fake caller i.d. and we'll tell you about a solution on the horizon that could sharply reduce the number of unwanted calls you get. in the meantime, please call us with your consumer complaints. the number is 888-996-tips. or visit i'll see you again tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to it. we all need to know how to get rid of those calls. >> yeah. we will be watching. and we'll be right back. stay with us. our award winning
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
series "bay area welcome back. the next installment of our award-winning documentary series, bay area revelations, profiles activists who have chang changed way people look at them and others. >> it started in 1979 as a group of gay men who dressed up as nuns. that quickly turned into political activism, and the sisters took a lead role when the aids epidemic hit. sister roma has been part of this for more than 30 years. >> the sisters along with the rest of the lgbtq community
11:57 am
really have taught the world how to deal with this. >> what the sisters did to educate the world during a deadly epidemic, the bay area revelation sexual revolutionaries airs tomorrow night at 10:00. >> one last look at the weather before we head into the weekend. >> it's going to be a cool one. we are tracking some cooler temperatures, but also some rain. remember, saturday and sunday, the majority of that rain, scattered showers, a chance for that to the north bay. but everyone will be feeling this cooldown. you're probably already feeling it now. as a matter of fact, we're going to keep those 70s around, at least through tuesday. now our better chance for seeing more of a widespread rain will come into play on tuesday. but check out san francisco. again, spotty chance saturday and sunday. it's not looking too wet. so don't worry. it's not really going to make its way past the golden gate bridge. >> i'm looking forward to the rain. >> yeah. we always need it. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. >> all right. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. we'll see you monday.
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> accused of sexual misconduct and many republicans are defending him. americans were like, her's an idea. just pick a different judge. there's thousands of judges. anyone! what does judge judy do? let's get judge judy? there. judge joe brown. simon cowell. i don't care who it is. >> okay. late night guys taking on the historic ford/kavanaugh hearings. kit's off. scott is here and mike. we were all glued watching this


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