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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 24, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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. right now at 11:00, breaking news. suspicious packages sent to prominent democrats across the country. and cnn studios in new york. this midday, the response, the clues and investigations under way at this hour. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. nbc news is all over this story, and we're following every development as this story unfolds by the minute. we're expecting this special report any time as the president is expected to speak. when that happens, we, of course, will bring that to you live. before that, we're also following this story here to break down the situation as we know it, kris. >> the mayor of new york city called this an act of terrorism, attempt to, quote, undermine our
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free press and leaders of this country through acts of violence. we just got an image of one of those devices intercepted by the secret service. it is nearly identical to at least one other device. now we know there are seven. according to the secret service, neither president obama, whose home you're looking at here, nor hillary clinton, was at home. and at risk of receiving them. they don't get their own mail. in all, nbc news confirms there are seven devices. this is a letter delivered to former cia director, john brennan, over at cnn. this one apparently was a live explosive device, and also contained a white powder. the return address on this one and some of the others is the florida address of democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman, who also received one of the explosive devices. the device sent to the clinton home in chappaqua, new york, was one of the first delivered. the former presidential candidate addressed that threat in florida in the last hour and a half. >> it is a troubling time, isn't
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it? and it's a time of deep division and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. >> now, we are expecting the president to speak any moment now. but this is the tweet he put out. a simple, i agree wholeheartedly, after vice president mike pence tweeted, we condemn the attempted attacks against president obama, the clintons, cnn and others. these cowardly actions are despicable and have no place in this country. here's a recap of who those suspicion packages were intended for. again, president barack obama, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, former attorney general, eric holder, who is also a possible 2020 presidential contender and former cia director, john brennan of cnn. debbie wasserman schultz and new york governor andrew cuomo also received one at his manhattan
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offices. the first one was delivered yesterday to the home of george soros, who is a democratic party backer. cnn is still under evacuation orders, and there is increased security at media outlets all around new york city, and that includes nbc news. again, the president is expected to speak. when that happens, we will go to a special report. marcus? >> kris, thank you. and if you have our nbc bay area app, of course, you got this alert on the suspicious packages. we sent this out around 8:20 this morning. if you don't have the app, download it now. this will be a great way to keep up to date on what's going on. it is free and we'll make sure you are informed. everything breaking when it happens. within the past couple of hours, the atf's national response team arrived on the scene of yesterday's suspicious fire in oakland. you can see how it just destroyed a condo complex under construction. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the scene this morning. bob, what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura.
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within the past few moments, the alameda county sheriff's office has arrived to assist in the investigation. you can see two deputies there. they were there with a drone. they had deployed over the site to help give atf a better view of the site. we know at 9:00 this morning, they pow wowed off site to discuss what they know about the five-alarm fire that destroyed what was supposed to be the so-called i.c.e. house townhome complex. both agencies have had inspectors on the scene here. this is video from a couple hours ago. workers from the construction project were removing loose debris so investigators can safely enter the site, find the origin of the fire and ideally the cause. i asked an oakland fire investigator what makes this fire suspicious. and there are basically three points. one, it started in the middle of the night. two, there was a separate construction fire elsewhere right afterwards. and three, oakland has a history of suspicious fires at construction sites. now, this site went up around
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2:00 yesterday morning. grew to a large five-alarm fire, was visible to many parts of the bay area. at least four of the six buildings onsite did burn down. embers from this location started two other fires nearby. remarkably, in spite of all of this, no one was hurt. about an hour later yesterday morning, another fire started about a mile away at another housing development under construction. that was on peraltao, a second construction fire. mayor libby schaaf says they don't know if an arsonist was behind the i.c.e. house fire here on west grand, but recognizes that arsonists have been trying to burn down housing units, projects here in oakland over the past couple of years. we have reported on suspicious fires that burned down apartment buildings under construction in oakland and emeryville, as well as one in concord earlier this year. and possible retaliation to the development and so-called gentrification of the east bay. back out here live, one thing that investigators will be
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looking at, they'll be looking forward to is surveillance video. i've already counted three surveillance cameras here at the site. i believe there are more. the developer of this project says they installed a number of security cameras around this site, because of the previous suspicious fires at other construction sites here in oakland. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right, bob. thank you. right now we want to turn to our microclimate weather forecast for you. a look at palo alto. beautiful, sunny start to the afternoon there. another great day outside. prepare for the warmup. meteorologist kari hall has been telling us about that. today is going to be nice. >> really nice. and, yeah, fall-like, cool day. then we are getting ready for some hotter temperatures as we take a live look outside in san francisco. no fog today, and we are going to see a lot of sunshine going into the afternoon. so as you make your plans to get out there, it is going to start to feel really nice after a very cool start this morning. in fremont, we head up to about
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65 degrees at 1:00. eventually getting up to about 71 degrees in the middle of the day and then cooling back down fairly quickly. our high temperatures for today will be a degree or two above yesterday and our highs reaching 76 in antioch and in livermore. and san jose, up to 71 degrees and 65 in san francisco. ukiah today looking at a high of 75. but we are about to dry things out once again. temperatures going up. we'll talk about that in the weekend forecast. it's coming up in about ten minutes. >> sounds good. we'll look forward to it. thank you, kari. today, morgan hill gun laws might get stricter. it's in part because the city's high schoolers fought for change. their push came after a gunman killed students at marjory stoneman douglas in florida. morgan hill students recently joined young people across the nation, walking out of class, observing one minute of silence for each person killed. then the morgan hill community took it a step further, holding a town hall meeting about school violence and gun control.
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>> it definitely makes me feel more like i can do something in the future. >> we had many high school students coming to city hall and talking about what they wanted to see from the city council. so i think it's important for the city council, and they have said this. to show the high school students they're listening. >> here's the change s the council will consider tonight. reporting stolen weapons to police within 48 hours. and all unused weapons have to be in a lockbox or trigger box, not just loaded ones. it also bans anyone from owning any high-capacity weapon, even if they were purchased before they were banned by state law in 2000. the city council didn't just listen to the high schoolers. there were several public meetings through the process, as well. the ordinance is likely to pass at the meeting which starts at 7:00 tonight at morgan hill city hall. a new violation against the troubled san francisco high-rise you're seeing right there. it involves a second cracked
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window discovered in the sinking millennium tower between the ninth and tenth floors on the fremont street side. our investigative unit has been telling you this is the second crack reported this month. according to the report, it actually happened two years ago. inspectors say that window washer only recently reported it to the building management. we spoke with supervisor aaron peskin, who believes the building should be yellow tagged right now. >> the city has immediately told them to put up protective scaffolding. they don't want to do it. and it's like, at some point, we've got to, you know, quit playing around. >> now, the first crack found on the 36th floor happened suddenly over the labor day weekend. millennium tower executives expect to have that moved as soon as today. you can watch all of our investigative stories on our website. go to
11:10 am someone in south carolina is a billion dollars richer. but someone here in the bay area also won big. last night's drawing hit $1.5 billion. pull out your mega millions ticket. here are the winning numbers. 28, 70, 5, 62, 65 and the mega paul was 5. that single winner could take home a lump sum payment of $904 million. after taxes, as much as $589 million. here in the bay area, a ticket with five of the six numbers was sold at the safeway in san francisco. that ticket could be worth more than $900,000. not bad. new at 11:00, the lottery winner might be looking for a new place to win. how about robert redford's former home in napa valley? this is a ten-acre wine country retreat in st. helena. the 5,500 square foot house went on the market for a cool
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$7.5 million. the actor says he's selling the home to move to the bay area to be a little closer to family. lovely. >> beautiful home there. we've got much more for you right here. netflix denying allegations of racism. what the streaming service is accused of doing to get minorities to watch. and apple ceo tim cook has a warning about your data. the reason he says it's being weaponized. jurors today resume g
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the fate of a san welcome back. the top stories from across the bay area. jurors today resumed deliberations in the fate of a san jose man accused of killing his parents. testimony ended last week in the trial. he's accused of shooting his mother and father in 2016. he represented himself in what at times reportedly was a bizarre and rambling defense. if convicted, he could face 25 years to life in prison. and the desperate plea from the family of shelly mcclendon.
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police say the 31-year-old was last seen on september 15th. this is near basskem avenue in san jose. she's 5'1" with a tattoo of a carrot on her left forearm and tattoos of religious symbols on her right arm. mcclendon's family says she has been reported missing before, but never this long. and police are saying more about the man shot and killed by officers in pittsburgh. police now say the officers responded to a domestic disturbance call and a man holding his wife and baby at gunpoint. they say that he shot a relative who tried to intervene. that man then forced his wife and baby into a car. police followed until they say he barricaded himself in a home. when police say he started shooting at officers, they fired back, killing him. that man is from pittsburgh, but has not been identified. a developing story. thousands of central-american migrants traveling in a caravan continue to make their way through mexico towards the u.s.
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the group is roughly 1,000 miles from the border. at the pace they're going, it could take anywhere from three weeks to more than a month to actually reach the u.s. nbc's armarianna asenso reports from mexico. >> reporter: the migrant caravan on the move today, embarking on a 40-mile walk. many of them, you see here, trying to get on whatever ride they can to ease the journey. because we're already starting to see those signs of fatigue. you see men, you see women. some of the children don't even have shoes. the mexican federal police asking people to be safe. it remains to be seen whether they will actually make it to their destination today. but you know that president trump is watching these images and also watching another migrant caravan making its way to mexico from el salvador. this is mar anna atencio for nbc news. markets latest
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netflix is denying and opening bell there at the new york stock exchange, where things are looking great. the dow is actually down this morning. and the stocks actually fell in volatile trading on today as losses in tech, at&t shares outweighed post earning bounce of boeing. netflix is denying accusations that it tailors its movie promotions based on race. as bloomberg reports, many users have complained that the service is trying to manipulate them to watch certain programs by using secondary characters and promotions that are the same race as the viewer. now, in a statement, the los gatos-ba gatos-based company is saying, quote, we don't ask members for their race, gender or ethnicity so we cannot use this information to personal lies their netflix experience. the only information we use is a member's viewing history. tim cook warning that personal data is being weaponized against users.
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>> every day, billions of dollars change hands and countless decisions are made on the basis of our likes and dislikes, our friends and families. our relationships and conversations. our wishes and fears. our hopes and dreams. >> cook was speaking at an international conference on privacy and data in brussels, belgium. the head of apple also endorsed tough privacy laws for both europe and the u.s. and he renewed the technology giant's commitment to protecting personal data. for a second day, thousands of union workers at the university of california are striking their part of local 3299. the patient care technical workers say they're upset about the university outsourcing jobs to contract companies that pay less to those workers. nearly 39,000 workers plan to take part in the three-day strike. you might recall back in may,
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service workers at the university staged a three-day strike, as well. this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good day, everyone. we're coming on the air to bring you the first remarks of president trump addressing the string of suspicious packages, more than half a dozen potential explosive devices that have been sent to prominent people, including, among others, former president obama, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, sent to the clintons' home in new york. and former cia director, john brennan, addressed to him at the new york headquarters of cnn. the president is going to be making remarks in the east room of the white house, where he's attending a previously scheduled signing of opioid legislation. but we think he will talk about these devices. let's bring in nbc justice correspondent, pete williams, quickly. pete, where do we stand on the number of packages right now? >> reporter: at least one other one addressed to former attorney
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general, eric holder, but never delivered to him and sent back to the return address written on the package that turned out to be the florida office of congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. >> this is the first lady, melania trump, speaking first. >> i strongly condemn all who choose violence. i'm grateful to the secret service, as well as the local and federal law enforcement for all they do on a daily basis. to keep us safe and encourage people across the country to choose kindness over hatred. i want to welcome you all to the white house, to reflect on the progress this administration has made in tackling the opioid crisis. and more importantly, to look ahead at the work still to be done. we are here to talk about the continued actions we are taking to combat the opioid epidemic,
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which my husband will talk about in a few minutes. i must say, i'm proud of our president and the work being done in the white house and across so many agencies to help those affected by drug abuse and addiction. just last week, i visited thomas jefferson university hospital to learn about their maternal addiction treatment, education and the research program called matr. this program supports families and babies born with neo nature tal absence syndrome. we are committed to helping children and the many issues they face as they grow up. and sadly, drug abuse is one of those issues.
11:21 am
we will continue to shine a light on successful programs like matr that demonstrate positive results for children. over the past year, i have traveled both nationally and internationally, learning about many of the programs offered through private organizations, schools and hospitals, which are meant to help children and families as they deal with drug addiction. what i constantly hear is the need for support at all levels. law enforcement needs our support and the resources necessary to stop criminals from putting drugs on the streets. families need the resources to get treatment and followup care for loved ones. those who are addicted need the support, resources and guidance to know they are fighting a disease and should not be ashamed.
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young mothers need the support necessary to not only beat their addiction, but gather the skills needed to be successful parents. babies born addicted need the resources for treatment, but also need followup care for years to come. i was honored to be part of a round table compromised of several experts at thomas jefferson university hospital that was to help with the design and implementation of a new initiative the department of health and human services is working on to measure the long-term health outcomes and needs of infants suffering from neo natal absence syndrome. as a nation, we must come together to fight this epidemic by providing as many resources as possible, and i know that as long as my husband is in office, this will remain a priority.
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fighting opioid abuse goes across all party lines. thank you all for being here and being part of the fight to end this epidemic. it is now my honor to introduce the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> i want to thank you very much, melania. i know how hard you've worked on this. and that's just one of many languages that you know. so that's just amazing, the way
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you can do it. thank you very much, darling. appreciate it. also, i want to thank mrs. pence for being here. you have been just so terrific working alongside of our great vice president, and thank you very much, karen. really appreciate it. [ applause ] i'd like to begin today's remarks by providing an update on the suspicious packages and devices mailed to current and former high-ranking government officials. the safety of the american people is my highest and absolute priority. i have just concluded a briefing with the fbi, department of justice, department of homeland security and the u.s. secret service. as we speak, the packages are being inspected by top explosive experts, and a major federal investigation is now under way.
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the full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice. we will spare no resources or expense in this effort. and i just want to tell you that in these times, we have to unify. we have to come together. and send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. [ applause ] thank you. it's a very bipartisan statement. i can tell you from both sides,
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we both agree on that. this egregious conduct is abhorrent to everything we hold dear and sacred as americans. my administration will provide additional updates as they become available, and i just want to thank everybody for their understanding. we're extremely angry, upset, unhappy about what we witnessed this morning. and we will get to the bottom of it. we are gathered together today to address america's drug and opioid crisis, and a crisis it is. which now claims 70,000 lives a year. one year -- >> president trump now resuming his previously scheduled plan to make remarks at the opioid event there in the white house. but taking a moment, along with first lady, to condemn these acts of apparent political violence or attempts at political violence involving these suspicious packages we've
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been reporting on. let me go back now to our justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, you were laying out what we're looking at here. this began, as we know, yesterday, at the home of george soros, north of new york city. where do we stand now? >> reporter: then another one addressed to hillary clinton at their residence in new york and addressed to the obamas at their home here in washington, d.c. while the soros package was put in his mailbox, neither of those got anywhere near the clintons or the obamas. they were both intercepted at an offsite mail facility. and one was delivered to cnn's midtown manhattan office, addressed to john brennan, the former cia director. the authorities say it also contained a suspicious white powder they were checking. and for that reason, they evacuated the area while they cleared out the explosive device and took it to a facility in new york to be dealt with, render it safe, so they can send it down here to be analyzed, along with the others. what is still not determined, we're told, whether these devices were actually working devices. now, they looked like they could
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be. they all look pretty much like this. this is a picture of one of them, the one found in new york. it's a pipe with end caps on the end, wrapped with electrical tape, wires coming out, attached to some sort of device. but whether this was actually functioning, designed to be functioning or actually accurately made so that it would function is still being determined. the first device, the one that was found at the soros residence, was disabled. it was rendered safe. so there's no the a lot they can learn from that one. they're looking at other possible ones also delivered. governor andrew cuomo suggested one was sent to him. we're not certain about that. that may turn out not to be correct. and there's been another one int intercepted at a congressional mail facility. and also another potential one in new york. so we're looking at for sure six, maybe seven, maybe eight devices. we don't know. we think that they know of all
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of them at this point. but the fbi has sent out a massive mailing, e-mailing, to government, nongovernment, corporate offices around the country, showing them what these devices look like, how they're imagined in a padded envelope. what sort of stamps they have on them. what return address they have on them. and telling everybody to be on the lookout. this is the misspelled john brennan name, the one sent to cnn today. but you can see how they all have forever stamps from the postal service on them. so now the effort, of course, is on full-court press to try to find out where these are coming from. the fbi and the atf and other agencies, secret service, have a lot to go on here, because they have recovered these devices. fortunately, lester, none of them have gone off. >> and pete, just to be clear, obviously, i see the stamps there. do we know all of them came through the u.s. mail? >> well, we know that most of them were sent through the u.s. mail. we've heard conflicting accounts on whether the one to cnn was actually put in mail or
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delivered by courier or whether the one that was addressed to george soros was -- even though it had stamps on it, placed in the box or put in there by the postal service. at least some of them we know did go through the u.s. postal service, because that's how they were intercepted and never got to their intended destinations. >> pete williams keeping us up to date. we're joined by senior law enforcement and counterterrorism analyst and former new york city police commissioner, bill bratton. mr. bratton, first of all, it sounds like police authorities have a lot to work on. they have intact devices, they have stamps, they have addresses. where do they go from here? >> you're correct. as pete has referenced, there is a lot to work with here. the investigation will be led by the fbi, new york city, the joint terrorism task force. so they'll be working in a coordinated fashion. where they go from here is one -- the notification, new york city has a shield system that goes out to 30,000 security directors throughout the region,
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fbi similarly is trying to do that on a nationwide basis. the idea being this is what to look for at this current time. concern going forward is copy cats, certainly. the concern is, are there more of these devices? the issue with governor cuomo's office, that may, in fact, be an envelope without a device that seemed to not be clear at the moment. that was referenced earlier. so biggest issue at the moment, certainly, lester, is fear. there is a phenomenal effort under way by this individual or individuals to create fear. looking at the target seems to be potentially politically inspired, which is even more concerning in this election year, and at the height of the election season. but fortunately, law enforcement is very good at following up on these things. they are very well-coordinated. and i can speak to that experience for new york city, certainly. and i'm very comfortable we'll get to the bottom of this. >> i think we all assume, when we drop something in a mailbox
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or even at a post office, it's largely anonymous. is that the case, or are there surveillance techniques that might allow them to trace the trail of these packages? >> yes and no. many post offices have closed circuit tv. the ability to trace back to points of origin. there's so many ways -- dna potential they might get off of any of these packages if the individual was not wearing gloves as he was assembling the devices. even the devices themselves, the idea of where did the materials that are in that device, where are they sold? are there instructions on the internet for how to make that particular device? social media monitoring. have there been threats made to these individuals that might lead back to a suspect? there is a myriad of information that can be traced and used by law enforcement. and they will be going in a lot of different directions. >> all right. bill bratton, good to have you on. appreciate your expertise in all of this. if you are just tuning in, president trump appearing at an
11:33 am
event right now about opioids, a previously scheduled event. did make some comments about this rash of suspicious packages. here's what he had to say. >> i just want to tell you that in these times, we have to unify. we have to come together. and send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. [ applause ] >> our chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, joins us now from the north lawn. the elephant in the room, of course, is that the president has vilified many of the people on this list and potentially providing an awkward moment there. >> reporter: and lester, there is a common thread, as you point out, between the people who have received these devices and they are all people who the president has personally attacked, who he has criticized or who has been critical of the president.
11:34 am
and that is worth noting here. the president's critics already have argued that president trump does bear some responsibility, not for the acts themselves, of sending these devices, but for creating this toxic political culture. he has railed against democrats on the campaign trail in a political sense. what is notable is that he at rallies over the last several weeks, as he's been gearing up for the mid terms now less than two weeks away, he has gone after by name some of the individuals who have received these packages. the question now, lester, the message we heard from the president in the east room was very clear. condemnation of what he called an egregious act. he even went off-script at the end there, saying we are angry and not happy about what happened. we want to get to the bottom of this. the white house, i will note this morning, was extremely quick in coming out to condemn what they called terrorizing acts. in a statement from white house press secretary, sarah sanders. in the past, at times, the president has delivered one message at the white house and then gone on the campaign trail or to a rally and has tweaked that message. and that is something we will be
11:35 am
looking for later today. remember, the president heads to wisconsin tonight for one of those big rallies now ahead of the mid terms. and so what he says will be watched closely by a lot of folks, not just in the political world, but across the country. there is also an opportunity, lester, to ask the president some questions on the white house south lawn as he leaves for that rally. we will be there to find out more. >> and hallie, we don't know the motivation of whoever is sending these. we do know that most of them have gone to prominent democrats. is there any concern at the white house? any special precautions being taken there against suspicious packages? >> reporter: the secret service has now come out and said there was some conflicting reports earlier in the day that perhaps one of these packages had been delivered to the white house. i was told by a senior administration official, that's not the case, as of about an hour ago. the secret service came out even before that and knocked that report down. so nothing that we know of at the moment that's been intercepted, headed to president trump. i will say the focus from the people i've been talking to in the west wing is figuring out who is behind this. that's why you see the president
11:36 am
had a briefing today with the highest top officials in his administration that deal with terrorism, with the secret service and with homeland security, lester. >> hallie jackson, thank you. we will be following developments throughout the day. i'll be back with full details tonight on "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york. that was a special report from nbc. coming up next, we'll have your microclimate forecast.
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welcome back. time to get a look at the forecast with kari. seems like cool in the morning, but summer hangs on by the afternoon. >> it makes us think of fall because of how cool it is early. but as we go into the afternoon, once it heats up, it's like, okay, we're going to have some much warmer weather. what season is this? here's a live look outside in healdsburg, nice and cool, 61 degrees, all clear skies. and we are seeing nice, clear visibility. yesterday at this time, once the clouds started to clear up, we had a lot of haze still lingering. so now the visibility looks better, and as we head over toward campbell to see how the rest of the day shapes up, we'll be in the low 70s, reaching 71 degrees at 4:00, which is about normal as we look at our -- what is seasonal for this time of year. and right now it's still 64 degrees in san jose. it's 60 in oakland. and 62 degrees in napa, san
11:40 am
francisco 61 degrees. and we're pretty much on par with yesterday at this time for much of the areas from san francisco, extending off towards the east. but san jose is a little bit warmer than yesterday at this time. you might not feel it really that much as you get ready to head out around martinez going for a workout, running during the middle of the day. you can do that, because our weather stays nice and cool. we're looking at some mid 70s there for the high temperatures. as we head down to the south bay, looking at our highs for this afternoon, los gatos will reach up to about 72 degrees. up to 70 in hayward. a little bit warmer in concord with a high of 77 degrees. and our winds are coming in from the northwest for the peninsula with highs there reaching 67 degrees. up to 66 in the mission district with a gusty westerly wind and about 18 miles per hour. and for the north bay, mostly some low to mid 70s for today. so still really nice. we do still have a pretty brisk onshore flow that brings us that natural air conditioning. but we are in for some changes
11:41 am
heading toward the end of the week. starting tomorrow, slightly warmer temperatures, high pressure will be just to the south of us, and that will change the wind flow and also not give us a strong as an ocean breeze. it also blocks any chances of rain from coming in, and a lot of the showers will stay across the pacific northwest. but then as we go toward the end of the weekend, this area of low pressure to the north of us will change our wind. we'll get more of a northerly wind, and some slightly cooler air, as well, before the high pressure returns. so our temperatures will ramp up. if you're making weekend plans in napa, friday we're up to 80 degrees and 83 degrees on saturday. the but feeling a little bit more comfortable on sunday with some of our hotter temperatures reaching 89 degrees. as we get closer to halloween, looking much better for the kids going out trick or treating, may be a little breezy at times, good for those halloween costumes. laura, marcus? >> that's right. right around the corner. thanks, kari. coming up, we'll be right back with the latest on the
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apology from megyn kelly over some comments she made during her show. my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody.
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because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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kelly .. after her controversial comments during yesterday )s shw .. about wearing a straight up apology this morning from nbc's megyn kelly after she controversially made some comments during yesterday's show. this was about wearing black face for halloween. >> before with he get to what she said a short time ago, in case you missed it, a small slice of the controversial comments. >> what is racist? because truly, you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on black face. >> yes. >> or a black person who puts on white face for halloween. back when i was a kid, that was okay, as long as you were dressed up as a character. >> backlash was immediate with a lot of people calling this an ignorant, at best, if not downright insensitive. kelly acknowledged it immediately this morning at the very top of her show. >> i want to begin with two words. i'm sorry. you may have heard that yesterday we had a discussion here about political correctness and halloween costumes.
11:45 am
and that conversation turned to whether it is ever okay for a person of one race to dress up as another. a black person making their face lighter or a white person making their darker to make a costume complete. i defended the idea, saying as long as it was respectful and part of a halloween costume it seemed okay. well, i was wrong, and i am sorry. >> this is a history. going back to the 1830s. shows to demean and denigrate a race wasn't right. i'm old enough to have lived through amos and andy where you had white people in black face playing two black characters. just magnifying the worst stereotypes about black people. and that's what the big problem is. >> that was al roker talking about it this morning with the "today" show team. in other news, gilroy police search fogging for a man who exposed himself to a student. it happened at gilroy high
11:46 am
school. a man in a car approached her. shortly after, she ran inside for help. police say the car was an older model black four-door sedan with black rims. two victims of clergy sex abuse plan to speak out in san francisco about a lawsuit filed against the vatican. this is just a day after another assault survivor made a big demand. his legal team releasing a report, listing 212 priests accused of sexual misconduct in the bay area. he's calling on every bishop in california to release the names and whereabouts of clergy accused of sexual abuse. >> there's more, and until every little corner of every secret archive is uncovered, we're never going to get to the truth. >> now, that report coming just days after the san jose diocese releasing the names of 15 priests accused of abuse. but this report found more than twice that number. the diocese saying it is heartbroken to learn of more abuse and will review that list. and if you want to see that full
11:47 am
list compiled by the law firm, we have posted it online. you can see it on our website. just head over to coming up, another look at the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> a lot of people get ready to head out for lunch. we are seeing a lot of sunshine, nice breeze and slowly warming temperatures. eventually we're heading into the low 70s in fremont. we'll get a look at our microclimates and the return of summer in the forecast coming up. nbc bay area responds to a
11:48 am
11:49 am
sunnyvale man whose purchase of a high-end sports car hit welcome back.
11:50 am
nbc bay area responds to a sunnyvale man whose purchase of a high-end sports car hit some speed bumps. >> he asked investigator chris chmura and his team to help out because he was facing thousands of dollars of repair of a car he just bought. >> this is a case against mercedes in san jose. he saw this 2013 corvette advertised there. he bought it. then he took it to his mechanic the next day. well, that mechanic found damage underneath, including scrapes and what he said were missing parts. well, phil complained to the dealer and it did $500 in repair work. to double-check that work, phil took the corvette back to his mechanic, who found new damage. this time, cracks to the corvette's fiberglass frame. phil says the mechanic suspected improper use of the lifters at the dealer's garage. so phil confronted the dealership. he asked for them to pay for those repairs. but he says the dealer declined
11:51 am
to pay for those repairs. so he turned to us. we contacted mercedes-benz of stevens creek. they didn't offer an apology right away, but they eventually did. we recommend getting a second opinion before you sign on the dotted line for a car like that. our number is 888-996-tips or online at >> thanks, chris. what would be the best way to spend our lunch? maybe outdoors today? >> yeah, going outside. it is going to be beautiful out there. but i wanted to give an update on the remnants of willa as it moved through some of the resorts in central mexico, moved into the western coast of mexico yesterday. and now look at all of the rain that's spreading up through ten texas as it gets caught in a storm system sweeping its way
11:52 am
toward the east. so we are going to be hearing more headlines about this. a lot of rain there. while we are just bone-dry here in the bay area and starting to see temperatures warming up. 64 degrees, slowly warming up right now as we get a look outside and also 61 degrees in santa rosa and some of the temperatures you'll feel as you step out the door. and it's about the same as yesterday for many parts of the bay area. a little bit warmer for parts of the peninsula, as well as the north bay. as we look at the seven-day forecast, it's up on the bottom of the screen with our forecast for dublin for the rest of the afternoon. here we're reaching into the mid 70s. so it's going to be perfect for any outdoor activities, whether you have to run some errands, going to the park, picking up the kids. and just want to make sure you enjoy extra time outside today. and if you can, head to the beach. half moon bay is going to be really nice. but cool with some low 60s there. we will have some warmer weather there, even along the coastline, going into the weekend.
11:53 am
and we are today heading into the low to mid 70s for much of the south bay, which is about normal for this time of the year heading into the end of october. we should be in the low 70s. we'll have some upper 70s in pittsburgh today. we'll be up to 77 degrees there with hayward reaching 70 degrees, 62 in half moon bay. and daly city, a little warmer than yesterday. a high of 64. we'll also be up to 64 in the outer sunset today, in the 50s with novato reaching 75 and sonoma reaching 73 degrees. we've been talking about all of the changes ahead and the return of summer, because of an intense area of high pressure. high pressure causes the air to sink and often changes our wind flow. and with us getting more of that very warm and even going offshore, it keeps the marine layer and the fog at bay. we will have some changes going into next week as some of that cold air moves in across the pacific northwest. it will also bring some rain there. and if you're making weekend plans to head to the sierra,
11:54 am
it's going to be a nice weekend there with highs in the low 70s while we will have some very warm temperatures for our inland valleys reaching into the upper 80s for a couple of days. but that spike in temperature only lasts a little while. we'll be back in the upper 70s early next week, while san francisco today reaches the mid 60s. expect some low 70s over the next couple of days. and really looking forward to a lot more sunshine in that offshore breeze there in the city as we go into friday, as well as saturday. marcus and laura? >> temperatures you can't complain about. >> certainly can't. thanks, kari. a lot more coming up. we'll be back in a moment. proposition 11 solves two issues.
11:55 am
first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
11:56 am
proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. i need to make a disclaimer, because i don't know if this story is true. but they're saying crocs are making a comeback. >> woo! >> at least among teenagers.
11:57 am
the brand has skyrocketed among the age group over the past year, according to piper jaffray's biannual survey, ranking 13th out of all footwear brands in teen popularity. a massive jump from the 27th ranking crocs held last year. business insider reports this is all thanks to go ugly fashion becoming a new trend. so -- >> i had my same black pair for ten -- no, eight years. >> wow, so they're croc classification. >> they still look the same every year. >> they're comfortable. >> i'm kind of heaappy to say ie never had a pair. >> christmas gift. >> and we're thinking about christmas with temperatures in the upper 80s for the inland areas over the next couple of days. i'm not even in that mind-set yet. >> i'll take the flip flops and the 80s. >> yeah. or crocs. >> no, no. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> all right. make sure you come back
11:58 am
tomorrow. we start at 4:30. warning, california. a handful of billionaires have spent over $70 million on campaigns to undermine our public schools. and electing a former wall street banker named marshall tuck to superintendent of public instruction is all a part of the billionaires' plan to take money away from neighborhood public schools and give it to their corporate charter schools. that's why tony thurmond is
11:59 am
the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers for superintendent of public instruction. because keeping our kids safe and improving our neighborhood public schools is always tony's top priority. weaving youruld schools own out of flax. or, simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing with energy upgrade california.
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> jennifer garner is dating again, guys. we are so happy for her. everything you need to know about the secret, new romance. welcome to "access live." scott evans is with us today. cue the love song. whoo. >> glowy. >> i love this guy already. i just love him for her. >> do you think jennifer is like, guys, i'm fine. martha stewart said she wants to set her up. i think she is like, people, i will be okay. >> dating for six months now this guy who's apparently a


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