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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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mccovey cove. a giants' legend now loss. willie mccovey gone at the age of 80. a public memorial will be under way. we'll keep tabs on that. have a great day and we'll you back here for midday news. relationship with the truth. >> when i can, i tell the truth. >> democrats pulling out the heavy hitters. political ads and messages saturating tv and social media feeds. but will the massive push get voters to the polls? divers recover a black box from the doomed lion air flight and believe they've found the fuselage. what will they reveal about the crash that's claimed the lives of 189 on board?
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bowing to public outrage and pressure, the university of maryland fires its embattled football coach. the move just one day after he was reinstated in the wake of player's death in reports of a toxic culture. >> this should have been done a long time ago. >> those stories plus sister mystery. what investigators are revealing about the deaths of two sisters who vanished, then washed up on the banks of the hudson river. mob hit? the mafia hitman being eyed in the death of whitey bulger. and 'tis the season. with halloween barely behind us, the holiday season is officially here. the decorations, the sales, the movies, the music all under way. whether you like it or not, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. "today," thursday, november 1st, 2018. from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, the first of november. we're not ready for christmas yet. we want to still talk about halloween. >> can we just linger for a moment on halloween? it was so much fun yesterday. we have a little bit of wig glue in our hair today. it was a fun time. >> it was a blast. >> and now apparently all the christmas decorations are out. we'll have a story about that later. >> we will. but first where things stand in the final countdown before the midterms. we're five days out from election day. the president's schedule is packed for one last push. >> he was in florida last night. he's got stops in seven other states still to come. and polls are tightening up everywhere. there's a new poll that shows the president's approval rating has dropped four points in the last week. it's at 40% this morning. >> we have two reports beginning with peter alexander.
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peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. president trump is serving as his own megaphone, holding ten rallies in eight states. the democrats rolling out their biggest names. oprah hitting the trail today. all of it tees up a clash at the polls on tuesday. overnight, president trump launching his closing campaign blitz in florida. the main topic immigration. >> a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders. >> reporter: from the caravan. >> and they got a lot of rough people in those caravans. they are not angels. >> reporter: to the constitution. >> congress has never passed a law requiring birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, and the constitution does not -- i say that to the media -- does not require it. read it. >> well, you obviously cannot do that. >> reporter: the president's position causing a rift in his own party, specifically with outgoing speaker of the house. the president tweeting paul ryan
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should be focussed on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship, something he knows nothing about. and as for that caravan, the president is suggesting he'll double or even triple the number of troops deployed to the border. >> we'll go up to between 10,000 and 15,000 military personnel on top of border patrol, i.c.e. and everybody else at the border. >> reporter: more than the number of american troops currently in afghanistan. it all comes as the president, who independent fact checkers say repeatedly spreads false information, says he strives for the truth. >> when can i, i tell the truth. sometimes something happens that it's different or a change, but i always like to be truthful. >> reporter: democrats focused on star powered inspiration to get out the vote. president obama hitting the trail in florida tomorrow. his former vice president joe biden in illinois. >> i am sick and tired of the way we conduct our politics in this country. it's on our leader to set the
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tone. >> reporter: even oprah winfrey. >> vote! >> reporter: campaigning in georgia today for stacey abrams who is vying to become the first female african-american governor. the president is making a lot of promises in these closing days, hoping to energize, to rile up his voters. among them, promising a new tax cut for the middle class by november 1st. of course, today is the 1st of november. congress remains out of session, so that was never a real possibility. hoda and savannah, back to you. >> all right. peter alexander at the white house. peter, thank you. from television to phone, social media, there's never been a bigger push to reach voters ahead of an election. will the information get people to the polls? kasie hunt is on the road in milwaukee this morning with that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as we do go across the country in this final midterm push, there is one thing that is absolutely impossible to escape.
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that is those political ads. they are also in your social media feeds, and even on your phone. the road to tuesday's midterms is not only the most expensive ever. but it's taken on an incredibly dark tone. >> undefended open boarders, immediate tax increases. >> she cozied up to trump and his disastrous agenda. >> reporter: the number of negative attack ads up 61% since the 2010 midterms, and with so many close races this election cycle, voters nationwide have been bombarded with campaign ads, inundated with robo calls, flyers, tv commercials, even text messages. >> i let them stack up and then i shred them. >> reporter: candidates are flooding not just the air waves but also social media where a wave of celebrities are stepping in to get out the vote. >> what's your plan for voting? >> we have to show up to the polls.
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>> vote. >> reporter: even pop star taylor swift private about her political views encouraging voters in her home state of tennessee to vote democrat. >> get out and vote. i love you guys. >> reporter: it's already the most expensive midterm election cycle ever by far. the grand total expected to top more than $5.2 billion. a 35 % increase over the 2014 midterms. and although voter enthusiasm is near historic levels this year -- >> do you feel like it's more important to vote in this election than it has been in elections past? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: -- for some, midterm fatigue is setting in. >> i don't like it. it's too time consuming. >> it's gotten worse. it's more and more and more. >> reporter: this midterm even rivaling the presidential election that sent donald trump to the white house. >> and it's a waste of my time. it says you have no consideration for me as a citizen. >> reporter: once this midterm election is over, just get ready. the next presidential election
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promises to be nastier and more expensive than ever before, and that race could start as soon as next wednesday. >> wow. >> that's right. it starts as soon as the election is called on tuesday night. >> exhausting. >> all right. now to that breaking news from the top of the show. the black box recovered from the deadly crash from a brand new boeing plane off the coast of indonesia. bill neely has all the details on the story. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are now one step closer to knowing why 189 people on board that brand new plane lost their lives. remember, that plane had big problems the day before it crashed. the flight data recorder that's just been found will show with the problems came back and doomed the plane. deep under water amid aircraft debris, divers make a crucial breakthrough surfacing with the
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flight data recorder, a key to this deadly mystery. they're now searching for the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder. onshore officials from the u.s. and from the plane maker boeing inspect debris looking for answers. for families, it's a deeply personal search. among the ba of them children's shoes, for clues to how their loved ones died. one missing passenger sent this haunting video to his wife as he and others walked the jetway climbing the aircraft steps. his boarding pass for seat 24 b. another passenger newly married sent a photo to his wife 30 minutes before the crash. search teams now believe they have found the fuselage. sonar detecting 100 feet down on the seabed an object 72 feet long. underwater microphones hearing the pings from the flight recorders.
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from these investigators can work out why a brand new plane suddenly plunged, crashing 13 minutes after takeoff. dozens of body bags have already been brought ashore. the airline's technical director has been fired. the big question, because it preventable mechanical failure that was the reason everyone on board died? >> reporter: the first few months of any plane's life is among the most vulnerable. this one was delivered in august. it will take another few months before the data from the flight recorder can yield the critical answers. back to you. >> bill, thank you. now to the turmoil at the university of maryland. the school's head football coach fired one day after he was reinstated saying he was unfairly blamed for a player's death last spring. the president of the university took action amid growing outrage
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from faculty, students and lawmakers. tom costello is on campus. >> reporter: the university president says it's in the best interest of the university. five months after that 19-year-old player died of heatstroke, a university investigation found the coaching staff had failed to provide emergency assistance in a timely manner and an espn investigation found a toxic culture of abuse on the team. this morning a stunning reversal on the sidelines. >> d.j. durkin has been fired from his job at the university of maryland. >> this is a shocker coming after a shocker. >> reporter: the university of maryland's president firing the football coach just one day after the state's board of regents reinstated him. the family of 19-year-old jordan mcnair who died of heatstroke last spring said it was about time. >> the right thing was done, but this should have been done a long time ago. if the right thing was done, we wouldn't be standing here.
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my son wouldn't have lost his life. >> reporter: jordan collapsed during practice in made. >> advise the medics to come to the field level. >> reporter: a university report shows the coaches failed to check his vitals, failed to apply cold water immersion treatment, and failed to follow emergency protocols. he died two weeks later. >> my heart is broken. >> reporter: the coach was suspended in august. the conditioning coach resigned. at the time the university's president said the school accepted full moral and legal responsibility. >> i said to the family, the university owes you an apology. >> reporter: then on tuesday the board of regents reinstated durkin. >> we believe that coach durkin has been unfairly blamed for the dysfunction in the athletic department. >> reporter: but anger and outrage swept the campus and the state. several players walked out of a
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team meeting with the coach. state lawmakers demanded accountability. the governor said he was troubled and called for the school to fix the problem. late wednesday the university president stood up to the board and fired the coach himself. in a statement writing this is a difficult decision but it is the right one for our entire university. the university is buying out the contract, more than $5 million we're told. president loh, who announced his resignation when the board reinstated durkin, says he'll spend the rest of his term ensuring there's a proper culture of safety within the athletic department. this morning, no comment from coach durkin. ladies, back to you. >> tom, thank you. craig joins the table. another major story. >> good morning. that's right. new developments in the prison murder of boston crime cross james whitey bulger, and who may have been behind it. our national correspondent, kate snow, joins us with more. >> good morning. this morning new details about the improvised weapon that may have been used. bulger was a mobster who once
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helped law enforcement and now two sources tell nbc news they're looking at a fellow inmate with mafia ties who might have participated in the killing. >> reporter: the question this morning, who killed whitey bulger, the mob boss turned fbi informant dying as violently as he lived. authorities now believe bulger was beaten repeatedly with a lock in a sock. the brutal attack taking place inside the 89-year-old's cell just hours after he arrived at this west virginia prison. citing individuals believed on the attack, "the boston globe" revealing investigators eyeing two inmates as potential suspects. one of them a 51-year-old mafia
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hitman from western massachusetts serving a life sentence for his role in two murders. the globe reporting video surveillance captured him and another inmate entering the cell about two hours before he was found unresponsive. >> he was just as much of a killer and a cold person as whitey bulger. >> reporter: the man ended up behind bars only after his friends gave him up to the feds. perhaps a reason to rub out bulger who for years sent rival mafia members to prison as an fbi informant while his own criminal enterprise grew. >> he hates rats. and whitey is the king of all rats. that's why freddie would want to kill him. >> reporter: the attorney says he spoke to his client days before bulger's killing. >> he is in there for murder, so i wasn't completely surprised he would be alleged to be involved in another murder. i don't have any firsthand knowledge that he was involved. >> reporter: he had talked to him about bulger in the past. >> he knew who bulger was and his reputation for being an informant. >> reporter: this morning no charges announced in the case and two sources tell us giaz is
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one of two potential actors in the killing. in the end turning one of the country's most ruthless criminals into the victim. while we're getting a better picture of what happened to bulger, there's one big mystery that remains. why was he transferred to the west virginia prison in the first place and why was he placed in the general population? his death at that violent facility is the third in seven months. they're supposedly understaffed there. a lot of people wondering if this was an accident waiting to happen. >> you could think they could look at the papers and figure out who ordered it. >> you would think. it's being investigated. thank you. we have a lot more to get to including it's the holiday season. ready or not, it's here, november 1st. joe fryer is outside to prove it. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the howls of halloween have barely died down. behind me there are pumpkins. look across the street and you can already see holiday decorations.
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you can maybe even hear the salvation army bells rings in the background. for weeks retailers have been letting us know when it comes to the big holiday, at least when it come to sale, it's already on the way. the children are still working through their sugar hangovers. thanksgiving turkeys have not yet begun to be stuffed, and the weather outside isn't quite frightful. but while halloween was fun according to retailers, it's the season for shopping. forget the 12 days of christmas. these are the 55 days of christmas. >> it's getting sooner and sooner. pretty soon it's going to be up in june. >> reporter: bobbles, ornaments and wreaths galore. the rockefeller center tree, a 12 ton norway spruce has been chosen. the reindeer are flying in l.a. >> it's crazy to have the decorations up already. >> reporter: but more and more common for retail, october is when retailers yuletide up for
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shoppers. and this year with take home wages up, retailers are hoping to cash in. the national retail federation expects holiday retail sales in november and december will increase between 4.3 and 4 .8% in 2018 with consumers spending more than $1,000 a person. online sales are expected to increase 14.8% over 2017 totaling $124.1 billion. the early start is just fine for some folks. >> i love the lights in the house. i love the way that it all looks and it kind of makes me feel more peaceful. >> reporter: for jen of orange county, her house is already ready for saint nick, figuring if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. >> the mall starts september, october. i figured why can't i start then too? >> reporter: one more sign the holidays are upon us?
7:19 am
right here. starbucks unveiling their holiday cups. there are four of them. you'll get these with your drinks starting tomorrow. >> make it stop, joe. >> it's funny. i was thinking al is going to be so happy. no more pumpkin spice lattes. >> yes. i love the holidays. let's show you what we have going on. no trick or treats. that's done. we've got a lot of scary weather down through the gulf coast. we have tornado watches and warnings. a line of storms up into the northeast, the midwest, i should say. the impacts today potential tornadoes. damaging wind threat. this is a vigorous system stretching from new orleans to the panhandle of florida. atlanta will see strong storms, probably airport delays. it pushes on into the gulf coast and along the southeastern atlantic coast. for tomorrow, a lot of rain here. we've got the flood threat going
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from louisiana all the way into the mississippi river valley. rainfall amounts, especially down south, anywhere 1 to 3 inches but locally could be upwards of 4 to 5 inches as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪♪ ♪ we've made it past halloween. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here's a look at this beautiful sunrise under way right now. get out there and take your pictures of it as we get a look at our high temperatures today.
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feeling very much like summer. we'll see the highs reaching the low to mid-80s today. oakland, 76. san francisco, 81. and our seven-day forecast keeps those 80s even as we fall back this weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up a new twist in the mystery deaths of two sisters who vanished months ago and were just found on the banks of the hudson river bound together. we'll have the latest. plus nbc news investigates e cigarette use by teenagers. it's now being called a public health tragedy. new lawsuits and an alarming new study. this morning new questions put to the most popular brand out there. first, ts is "today" on nbc.hi
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the hunt for a gunman who shot good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. san jose police on the hunt for a gunman who shot and injured three young people. this happened around 10:00 last night outside san jose's tree community center. a group of juveniles were hanging outside the community center when someone walked up, fired, took off.
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♪ ♪ wake me up before you go go >> it was the best time. >> 7:30 now. this is just some of the great shots from our 80s flash back halloween. craig, you -- >> you owned it. you owned it. >> thank you. >> we're going to have a lot more highlights. >> sh nchanel was crazy. >> i'm amazed by the transformations. how it comes together. it was my first time. >> it helps to have the whole staff of saturday night live. >> we did celebrate a little after the show. we'll get to that stuff in pop
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start. let's start this half hour with a check of the headlines. president trump delivering his closing argument for republican candidates with just five days to go until the big midterm elections. 11 rallies across eight states. the controversial proposal to birthright citizenship. >> congress has never passed a law requiring birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and the constitution does not -- i say that to the media -- does not require it. read it. >> the issue is causing a rift in his own party. specifically with outgoing speaker of the house paul ryan who like most legal experts has said the president cannot overturn a constitutional amendment by executive order. the suspect in the pittsburgh synagogue shooting is in court today and will be arraigned on 44 criminal counts. the grand jury issued the indictment thursday against robert bowers. 11 people were gunned down last
7:32 am
saturday at the tree of life synagogue. funerals will be held today for three of those victims. now to the daring rescue of a hump back whale off the coast of california. fishermen spotted the whale struggling with a rope around its back and whale. one of them jumped into action when they got close enough to it. >> jump on the whale right now and cut it. >> wow. cut it. >> cut it right now. before she dives. cut it. cut it. >> oh, my gosh. >> did you get it? >> yes. yeah. >> he got it. the fisherman called the coast guard prior to jumping in the water. ultimately, they just felt there was no time left. so he jumped into action. did you cut it? i got it. yeah. >> wow. >> courage. wow. all right. we turn now to the deepening
7:33 am
mystery surrounding the deaths of two sisters. they were actually reported missing back in august in virginia but their bodies were just discovered here in new york. nbc stephanie dogosk is here wi the latest on the investigation. >> good morning. the bodies of the two sisters both saudi arabian citizens, found over a week ago. a woman walking along the hudson river here in new york city made the gruesome discovery. a law enforcement source says there is reason to believe they entered the water alive. but this morning there is still no official cause of death. this morning nypd detectives are asking the public for help. 16-year-old tala farea and her 22-year-old sister hadn't been heard from since august 24th. according to officials in virginia the two young women were living with family. police want to know what the sisters were doing and how did they end up in new york city? >> detectives have been in virginia.
7:34 am
they've conducted a number of interviews in virginia including members of the immediate family as well as others. >> reporter: their bodies were discovered bound in duct tape at the waist and feet, dressed in similar clothes. black leggings and coats with fur trim. an early theory was they had taken their lives by jumping off the george washington bridge. but neither young women had consistent injuries. it deepened the mystery. law enforcement officials tell nbc news there is no sign of foul play and suicide remains among the leading theories even though nothing is being ruled out. >> i will call it significant progress trying to get the complete picture of what ultimately led to the two young ladies being discovered. >> reporter: there are multiple reports they applied for pl political asylum. we reached out to homeland security. the agency declined to comment. according to saudi embassy says
7:35 am
it hired an attorney to follow the case, the young women were students accompanying their brother in washington. tala went to high school and her sister was pursuing an engineering degree at george mason university. she had not attended classes since last spring, we're told. public documents reveal the family may have been going through financial troubles. two liens were placed on an apartment in 2016 listed in the older sister's name. it says the tenets owed over $6,000. the teenager was reported missing to the center for missing and exploited children. her profile now taken off the site. a case that ended in tragedy. because the circumstances of the young women's deaths are so mystery, there have been many theories. among them that this was an honor killing. a high ranking law enforcement official tells nbc news so far there's no evidence to support that theory.
7:36 am
>> what's an honor killing? >> that would mean a member of the family killed the young women to maintain the honor of the family, something you see in the middle east, pakistan, places like that. >> stephanie, thank you. let's switch gears and get a check on the forecast from mr. roker. >> the front that was causing problems in the gulf and the mississippi river valley extends into the midwest. heavy showers and thunderstorms. flood watches stretching from buffalo to parts of tennessee. we're look agent this system pushing east and north. river and roadway flooding is expected. then friday it moves into the northeast. a soggy commute along i-95. a risk of flash flooding stretching from a new england to the delmarva peninsula with 3 to 5 inches of rain from new englan
7:37 am
that's your latest weather. >> all right. al, thank you. coming up, remember bishop michael curry? >> we must discover love. rede redeeming power of love. when we do that, we will make of this old world, a new world. >> he brought down the house at the royal wedding. we're kind of sure he's about to do the same here in the studio this morning. welcome. >> looking forward to talking to the bishop. plus we all know ellen.
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she loves pranks. halloween is up her alley. how she tormented her staff this holiday. a candid conversation with julia roberts on her family, her fame, and her advice for her younger self. >> but first a new warning when it comes to kids and e-cigare e e-cigarett e-cigarettes. tough questions about the alarming study are put to an executive at juul c ♪ ♪ ♪ the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now
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if your a parent, you probably know the debate. it's reaching a boiling point. >> the fda announcing yesterday they have hard data that supports a, quote, public health tragedy is underway. cynthia mcfadden has been taking a hard look at this and joins us from l.a. >> reporter: good morning. just yesterday lawsuits were filed against three e-cigarette companies here in california alleging they market to young people which if true is not legal. meanwhile the biggest e-cigarette maker, juul, isn't part of the lawsuits, but it is in the cross hairs of the fda. this morning we talk to juul and to a leading scientist behind a ground breaking study of the e-cigarettes. as you'll see, the results are alarming. just when it seems cigarette smoking was a thing of the past, a new and disturbing trend among
7:44 am
young people. juuling. the most popular brand of e-cigarettes. sleek and loaded with nicotine. >> it just became more and more popular and everyone was huddled around in the bathrooms. >> reporter: this 18-year-old is a college freshman. she says by senior year in high school just about everyone she knew was juuling. >> people hide them in their jacket sleeves and hold them up in class. >> reporter: gordon was part of a ground breaking study to try to figure out if juul or other e-cigarettes were bad for kids. >> i wanted to go right to the source so we could see what toxins are in their body. >> reporter: dr. martin reubenstein at the university of california san francisco had so many patients asking him if e-cigarettes were safe, he decided to study kids who said they use e-cigarettes, including juul.
7:45 am
what did you learn? what are the highlights from the study? >> we found a lot of the same chemicals in the urine of the teenagers that we see in cigarettes. much lower levels but higher than what we expect to find in environmental exposures. >> reporter: are any of these toxic? >> the five main chemicals are either shown to be cancer causing or thought to be cancer causing in humans or animals. >> reporter: do we know what the long term effects of using the e-cigarettes is? >> we don't. even the fact that these were lower levels is still concerning. we don't know that these kids will continue to use for many years, but should they, we expect to see some of these same negative outcomes that we see with cigarettes. >> we fully acknowledge that there are youth using this product and it's not acceptable. >> reporter: ashley gold is the chief administrative officer of juul labs. juul dominates the e-cigarette
7:46 am
industry with 74% of the market share. a company now valued at an asounding $16 billion says the product was designed to give adult smokers an alternative to cigarettes. they claim their research shows 50% of smokers who use juul stop spok smoking cigarettes. >> we know cigarettes kill half the people who use them. the potential of vapor technology is to deliver nicotine and avoid combustion, and thereby reduce the harm resulting from cigarette smoking. >> is it safe? do you know what the long-term effects of juuling are? >> i can't talk about safety of the product from a regulatory perspective. >> reporter: i'm asking you whether you know if the long-term effects of your
7:47 am
products are safe? >> we have data from the time the product was on the market to show. we will collect data over time. >> reporter: isn't it your responsibility to put a product out there for adults or anybody else to purchase -- >> i think the context is critically important. >> reporter: all i'm asking you is whether you have a product that you can tell me 30 years from now isn't going to be killing people from something else? >> there is growing scientific consensus that there is less toxic from e-cigarettes. >> reporter: e-cigarettes appear to be less harmful than cigarettes in the short run. it's unclear the long term effects. juul does contain nicotine. there is no dispute that nicotine is addictive. >> we're not disputing that. >> reporter: and that in itself is a concern to many hbl health experts who worry kids that experiment may not be able to stop once addicted to the
7:48 am
nicotine, and that could lead to cigarette use. unfortunately there are an awful lot of unintended users of the product. and they happen to be kids. >> and it's critically important that youth are educated about the harms of nicotine. what we don't know about e-cigarettes, and why these are not products for them. we agree 100% with that. >> reporter: what do you tell your patients? >> i strongly recommend against it. there's no reason healthy adolescents should be exposing themselves to potentially cancer causing substances. >> reporter: do you think it's bad for you? >> yeah. i know it's bad for you. >> reporter: and that doesn't stop you? >> no. it doesn't stop me. a lot of things are bad for you that you still do. >> reporter: and that has a lot of parents very concerned. well, juul labs pushed back on the study saying you can't draw conclusions about any one e-cigarette brand from it because the kids in the study were self-reporting which
7:49 am
products they were using. now, meanwhile the fda is so concerned about e-cigarette use among kids, they are now considering taking some e-cigarettes off the market, perhaps even banning the flavors that kids prefer. their decision is expected soon. back to you guys. >> all right. cynthia, thank you. cynthia will have a lot more for us tonight on "nbc nightly news". >> thank you, cynthia. just ahead, how much do we love this woman? >> a lot. >> julia roberts, and how much does she love harry smith? a lot. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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♪ (laughing) ♪ come here! oh my... (applause) ♪ (vocalizing) (dad, over phone) just like that? (vocalizing continues)
7:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ good thursday morning. right now it's 7:55. clear skies and a nice sunrise across the bay area. here's a live look across san francisco. it will be a warm day with highs reaching 70 degrees for the coast. inland valleys will be up to 85 degrees in concord and napa. san jose reaches 81 degrees. we keep the 80s in the forecast
7:56 am
going into the weekend and we'll see the morning temperatures dropping back into the lower 50s. let's get an update on the commute from vianey. >> it's been sis out thebusy ou. a traffic collision was just reported along 237. it looks like we're seeing delays along 101 as well. a quick check of your east bay drive time, slowing still along southbound 880, you're looking at 36 minutes. as far as your bridges go, westbound 92 towards the san mateo bridge, about 33-minute drive. marcus? >> thanks, vianey and kari. right now, a giant legend is being remembered. fans are mourning the death of hall of famer willie mccovey. he died yesterday at 80 years ago from complications from a surgery. check out our home page for the overwhelming response from social media. many consumers mise website for another. what you need to watch for. plus: this massive migrant carvan is heading to the u-s border.
7:57 am
the moves an east bay business is making to help those seeking asylum. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing,
7:58 am
expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, final stretch with five days until the midterm elections, the president all in on immigration. >> they vote for democrats, it's a vote to liquidate america's boarders. >> while democrats are reaching for their stars, obama, biden, even oprah. we're live with the latest. plus feeling the power of love. >> there's power in love to help and heal when nothing else can. >> the bishop who stole the show at the royal wedding live in studio 1a with an inspiring new message of hope.
8:01 am
and real homecoming. >> harry, i'm so happy to see you. >> it's been a long time. >> oscar winner joulia roberts sits down to talk about her tv series, mother hood, and the advice she'd give her younger self. today, thursday, november 1st, 2018. >> we're gal pals from california. >> from charlottesville, north carolina. >> skipping school to be here with grandma. >> from pennsylvania. >> shoutout to my son alex in buffalo. go, bills. >> hi to my sisters in colorado. >> sister trip from wisconsin. we love "today." >> and we love you right back. welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning. still have a little bit of our halloween hangover. we're going to revisit all that
8:02 am
stuff in a bit. >> the crowd looks happy. >> a busy morning. let's get to the news at 8:00. both sides are giving it everything they've got on the final push to the midterm elections. that includes a barrage of last-minute ads and a barn storming campaign trip by president trump. peter alexander has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. the president bracing for a democratic surge that could cost republicans the house. it's largely focusing on his attention on keeping the snooth in republican hands. he's holding ten rallies in eight states. the democrats rolling out their biggest names. obama, biden, even oprah all out ahead of tuesday's midterm showdown. the president last night was in florida emphasizing immigration, even as he's warning he may send up to 15,000 troops to the u.s./mexico boarder. that means there would be more troops in border than in
8:03 am
afghanistan right now. he called birthright citizenship crazy. the president who fact checkers have said routinely spreads false information says i tell the truth when i can. president oba oprah is in georgia today for stacey abrams, vying to become the first female african american woman governor. breaking news in the crash of the boeing jet liner. navy divers recorded one of the black boxes. and they believe they spotted the plane's fuselage 100 feet down. both expected to provide important clues on what caused it to plunge into the sea shortly after takeoff. 189 people were killed.
8:04 am
a baggage handler was suspended. officials say a guy was drunk on the job saturday when he fell asleep in the cargo hold. nobody noted he was missing he so ended up flying from kansas city to chicago undetected. he wasn't found until the plane pulled up to the gate. the employee was questioned by the fbi. that's standard practice when aviation security is involved. and the morning boost. cheerleading is about boosting team spirit and getting fans to their feet. we found a young lady that gets that job done. she's giving it her all. we're not 100% sure our team did, but who cares? that was the winning performance right there for that cute little lady. >> i love her. i love her. she should teach a class. >> adorable. >> much more ahead on this thursday morning including the
8:05 am
big scares that our friend ellen cooked up for halloween. >> she's at it again. >> who could use a dose of hope? >> who could use a dose of hope? bishop curry electrified the they are ridiculous when they first wake up.unkin'? daddy walks into the walls like he's a bumper car. your dunkin' doesn't make you, you... but it helps. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. ♪
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♪ ♪
8:11 am
we are back with today's talker. the breakout star of prince harry and meghan markle's wedding. >> that's right. all the people who watched that will remember bishop curry and his spirited sermon on the redeeming power of love. >> well, now he has a book out featuring that sermon and a few others. it is called the power of love. sermons, reflections and wisdom to up lift and inspire. and michael curry is with us. when you come to our studio, you're always happy. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you always inspire us and leave us feeling so positive, and this has been a hard week. >> hard week, yeah. >> we started in pittsburgh and what happened in a house of worsh worship. >> yeah. >> the rabbi there gave a talk at a vigil the day after. and he said he was really honest saying, like, the scriptures say the record is my shepard, i shall not want, but he said i want those 11 people back.
8:12 am
how do we deal with grief and our faith and how do they coincide? >> well, we deal with grief honestly and forthrightly. when it hurts, it hurts. don't pretend it doesn't hurt. that rabbi was wise. when it hurts, even to tell god, it hurts. and i don't understand. this doesn't make any sense. but the second thing is do it together. part of the jewish tradition is you never let someone, a dead body be by itself. we do it together because there's something about being in community with each other, that i can hold you when you can't hold yourself up, and you can hold me when i can't. that's part of the power, and then sometimes we have to live with the rituals that can sustain us. witch y rituals of faith have been around a long time. they've been around, and they have the capacity to hold us and to provide a space where god's energy can begin to move in and
8:13 am
among us. some of those are the ways that you walk through grief, not avoiding it but walk through it. live with it. and find live at the same time. >> one of the things you always say is love wins. like, love wins. you got a book out that we'll talk about in a minute. you were in a church yesterday, and a question was asked, like, does love always win? and what is your answer to that? >> it was, i was in england in a cathedral, and one of the questions was can this way of love, does it really work? and the truth is nothing else has. it is the only thing that will work. if you think of love purely as a sentimental thing, and it's partially that, then it doesn't make sense, but if you realize that love certainly as jesus and moses taught, love is about unselfish, selless living that seeks the good and the well
8:14 am
being of others even sometimes above my own self-interest. that selfless living unselfish living is the only thing that's changed the world for the good. who made a difference in your life? they made a difference in your life not because they were doing something for themselves but because they cared about you. it was you, not themselves. think about any kind of social change that has ever happened in human history. it has been people who have been thinking about more than self. who have been thinking about others. think about first responders. they don't know who they're going in to help, but they do it because it's selfless. the truth is nothing -- no good created and done by human beings has ever been done from the motivation of selfishness. it has always been selfless service and giving which is what love actually is. >> transforming for the giver of
8:15 am
self sacrificial lover and for the receiver. you write in your book the opposite of love isn't hate. >> it's self-centeredness. and hate is a derivative of that. and if you think about it, it does make sense. if love is self-giving, selflessness, a willingness to give and not to count the cost, the willingness to do that, the opposite of love really is self-centeredness. and the truth is, it doesn't work. self-centeredness doesn't work over the long hall because the truth is if we all live a self-centered existence, i'm the center of the universe and you're expendable. if we all live that way, you don't even have a society. democracy depends on that. human survival in life on this planet depends on our capacity to be unselfish, to be selfless and giving. and the miracle is that when we do that, we actually get blessed ourselves. >> we do.
8:16 am
>> we actually do. >> you are always a blessing to us when you're here, bishop curry. >> you guys are a blessing. >> thank you so much. his book is called "the power of love". find more about it at we are looking at the power of weather right now. a frontal system causing big showers, thunderstorms, tornadoes as well. but it's also causing a change in our temperature. a fall feel behind the front. ahead of it, it's warm. new york city today, we're going to get to the low 70s. charlotte, 75. jacksonville, 85. behind the front temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below average. tomorrow it moves to the east and so nashville is 11 degrees cooler. new orleans only 68. by the weekend we start to feel more fall like. boston in the 50s. same in pittsburgh. green bay will be in the that's ways going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm
8:17 am
meteorologist kari hall. very nice start to this month, november 1st. we're looking at some very mild temperatures this morning. and then it will be warm afternoon. we're going to see those highs up to 83 degrees in antioch, 85 in concord. and in oakland, a high of 76. up to 86 in ukia. san francisco, high of 70. a lot of 80s for the inland valleys over the next several days. and it doesn't cool down much even as we go into the middle of next week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you. mr. daly a little pop start? >> many stars celebrating halloween. heidi klum stealing the show as fiona. other celebrities who got in on the fun, you might have seen justin timberlake and jessica biel with their son. neil patrick harris's family
8:18 am
with a haunted mansion theme. and ina garten sharing this with two young fans. up next, halloween is like the super bowl for ellen. this year no staff member or celebrity was safe. [ screaming ] >> whoa. she almost hurt herself. >> i think i wet my pants. >> i watched that. >> finally many of us took our
8:19 am
kids trick or treating last night for fun. craig, you and the family of dinosaurs out there looking for candy. savannah and jenna spent their holiday together. jenna's girls joined the fun as a little mermaid and a spooky witch. hoda and your mom. bumblebee crew there. al, your puppy transformed. >> he was a pineapple. >> dylan's son i guess wouldn't get in the costume, but he still went trick or treating. >> sheinelle's kids made out well. and i had fun with my cowgirl and ninja. not too shabby. >> that's adorable. >> we had a great time. hope you did do. halloween brings out the creepy and creative. this is a 13-year-old. this costume we saw this and thought oh, my gosh.
8:20 am
this is just a little too relatable. this is jillian. she went as, quote, tired mom. she's 13. no detail left untouched. she's got a baby, a toddler on the leg. >> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. >> you come closer, there's cheerios in her hair. >> oh, that's awesome. >> the pacifier barely hanging on. she's clutching the target bag. there's three bottles of wine in the target bag. jillian is one of nine children and often sees her mom trying to manage the busy family so it's no secret where the motivation of the costume came from. >> genius. it's like looking in a mirror on the weekend. thank you. that is cool. >> did you dress up, harry smith? >> this is it. >> by the way, you are here for a bunch of reasons. one is you sat down with julia roberts for a personal conversation about family. she loves you, by the way. >> everyone loves you.
8:21 am
>> yeah. bring it. i've interviewed here numerous times over the years, and whenever we have the conversation, it feels homecoming, and that happens to be the name of her new television series. it debuted on amazon prime tomorrow. it's really good much like the star herself. >> harry, i'm so happy to see you. >> reporter: it's been a long time. >> this to me made my saturday away from my family. i was like well, i'm noing go see harry. >> reporter: we've been seeing her get ready for 30 years now. fans are beguiled by her charm. >> choose me. marry me. >> reporter: and mesmerized by her vulnerability. julia roberts is as big as movie stars get. as the line between big and small screen blurs, roberts the actor heads to where the good material is.
8:22 am
>> homecoming is a safe space. >> reporter: in a new tv series, homecoming on amazon prime, roberts plays a counselor and a mysterious rehab center for military vets. a place where nothing is as it seems. >> reporter: it's a little bit tie lig twilight zone. i kept thinking to myself, you're such a good listener in this show. that ends up being so important. >> well, it should always be important all the time to everybody. right? let's not talk about politics. >> reporter: and because we too have a sense of humor, we dug this up. >> are you always this efficient? >> not always. >> reporter: julia and don johnson in a 1988 episode of "miami vice". >> okay. first of all, can you believe the size of my face? it's like a little china plate. why am i talking like that? i'm so cute.
8:23 am
honestly, i'm so happy to have this job and don johnson was so nice to me, and i just saw him a week ago. >> reporter: did you? when you look at her, that julia roberts from all those years ago, knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given her? >> you know, none that she would have listened to. >> reporter: despite being an oscar winner and mega star, roberts says she stays grounded thanks to her husband of 16 years danny moder. >> i give him a lot of credit, not that i am a different person, but that he has helped me protect my person and keep my person where i want to be. >> reporter: and at home she's a soccer mom to their three children. three. are they all teenagers now? >> almost. henry is 11. >> reporter: what's it like trying to raise three kids in this day and age?
8:24 am
>> it's interesting, because it's also new. the opportunities, the pressures, the resources, the having the whole world in your hand like that. >> reporter: do you try to keep them off social media? >> yes. i mean, i think -- i don't really understand what they need that for right now. >> reporter: roberts just joined instagram herself this summer. >> because i knew i'd be so good at it. i felt it was my responsibility to social media, to make my presence felt. >> reporter: the world was like we have all of this social media, but we don't have you. >> we don't have the 50-year-old housewife perspective represented enough on instagram. >> reporter: and this housewife turned 51 earlier this week. when you have the opportunity to sit and have a conversation with julia roberts and she laughs, either at you or at herself, it is a thing of just abundant joy.
8:25 am
>> harry. >> reporter: it's the truth. >> you are determined to -- i've been fighting tears this whole time we're sitting here talking. you're just determined to make me watery. >> reporter: bring it. >> oh. harry, you're pretty charming yourself, harry. >> reporter: okay. okay. first interviewed her for "mystic pizza". >> back in the day. >> but the show is good? >> reporter: there's no glamour in this for her. this is a very, very raw twilight zone kind of creepy what's going on here? is that the story? is that the story? what's the real story? she kills it. >> it's so cool that tv with amazon prime and all these other outlets that they're putting out projects attracting such great talent. >> that's what i said to her. is the line between film and television, there's no line. it is completely gone. >> we're the beneficiaries. >> yes. >> a great interview. thank you.
8:26 am
>> another day at the office, pal. >> we'll have more with julia roberts and harry in the fourth hour. for more great moments head to ahead new steals andi )m .. san jose police right now .. on the hunt for a gunman who shot a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia. san jose police on the hunt for a gunman who shot and injured three young people. happened about 10:00 last night outside san jose seven trees community center just off of capital expressway west of center road. police say a group of juveniles were hanging out, outside the community center, when someone walked up, fired and took off. none of the young people suffered life threatening injuryings. right now, police do not believe the shooting is gang related. but police also say that shooting is still under investigation. time now to check that morning commute. vinea is in for mike. >> it's busy out there but typical commute.
8:27 am
in terms of traffic collisions, a couple of fender benders in the south bay. you can see delays around northbound 101, westbound and even eastbound 280. you're going to be in the south bay, expect some delays through there. let's look at drive times, northbound 101, the heaviest commute at about 55 minutes. we're working to clear out northbound 280 from highway 21. northbound 85 from highway 101, 47 minutes. live look at the san mateo bridge. metering lights are still on. >> looks like we have to be patient. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. it's thursday, november 1st. we're out here on the plaza. a beautiful day. actually, it's in the northeast. nice and warm out here. and we've got a happy halloween crowd. >> uh-huh. >> guys, there's something really cool in the crowd. we all feel like we had a good halloween. right? >> yes. >> nobody had a better halloween than this young lady right here.
8:31 am
is your name sophia? >> hi. >> sophia last night it was halloween. where were you last night? >> on a plane. >> right. you live where in. >> well, in arizona. >> in arizona. >> and then what happened? >> my parents surprised me and told me i'm going to new york for my birthday. >> so your bags for packed? >> did you get off the plane an hour ago? >> yeah. >> happy birthday. you're turning 13? >> yes. >> are you mom? >> no. i'm grandma. >> mom and grandma. you're amazing. >> thank you. i'm enjoying the trip as well. my husband is amazing for sending us and staying home with my boys. >> exactly. happy birthday to you. welcome and take a nap later. that red eye is tough. happy birthday. isn't that cool? >> she does red eyes better than we do. >> i know that red eye too well. did you go trick or treating on the plane? >> good idea. >> today is november 1st. november is alzheimer's
8:32 am
awareness month. mar maria shriver is going to show us how when the disease strikes it impacts the entire family. >> and the rush to the holidays is underway. don't worry. jill is here. she has a special steals and deals. everything you need for your entertaining this season whether you're the host of the party or the guest. >> harry smith edition of steals and deals today sticking around. >> and also we are gathered and happy to have martina mcbride here. we'll gather and her table. we'll feast on seasonal classics, and martina will explain why cooking and singing have so much in common. and in the next hour i'll sit down with actor ron howard to talk about how his out of the world new project is really breaking boundaries, and the one thing he can't make a movie without. >> oh. that's a tease. >> that's a good one. first, can we brag about someone for a second.
8:33 am
in til in style, their famed designer, they challenged eight people for a dinner party. here they are. do you see those folks? you reck size someone? >> is that san vannvannah. >> wow. >> wait. >> tiffany haddish was there. it was so fun. micha mi michael is an incredible designer. they put this together for "in style". look. >> wait. what did you talk about? >> what didn't we talk about. it was really fun. >> i'm sure. all off the record. >> for dinner? >> i don't even remember. >> you can read all about it in "in style". >> it was really cool and fun. mr. roker, a check on the weather. >> they invited me to "popular
8:34 am
mechanics" for a great dinner. it was fantastic. strong storms along the east coast. a fall feel in the southwest. for saturday a push ol cool air comes in to the ohio river valley. autumn warmth through the southwest. clear skies just on time for the new york marathon in the northeast. mountain snows through the rockies. wet weather in the pacific northwest. heavy rain moves back into that's what's going on around the country. here what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> november 1st will feel like summer around the bay area, especially for the inland valleys. we're heading up to 85 degrees today is sunshine and more mid-80s in the forecast through the start of the weekend and even into early next week. san francisco will be up to 70 today and then mostly some mid to upper 60s for the rest of the week. our morning temperatures dropped down to the low 50s. we're setting our clocks back one hour on sunday morning.
8:35 am
>> that's your latest weather. you can check us out any time you need to. go to today siriu s xm, and take the "today show" with you. now to our ongoing series brain power today. november is both alzheimer's awareness and family care givers month. >> it's a time to recognize the millions of families who care for loved ones with a disease that can take a toll on their own health. with us is maria shriver. >> good morning. these care givers do it without any pay or compensation, and it is really, really hard work. i know because i did it with my dad. but there are families like robin forbes and her teen daughter who work tirelessly to care for robin's father who has alzheimer's, and they're all struggling to stay afloat.
8:36 am
>> i worry about my mom. she has to worry about me. so i just wish there was more of a balance. >> reporter: for 14-year-old haley and her mom, robin, worrying has become a way of life. >> not that shirt, dad. >> reporter: after long days at work and school, they come home to care for their 82-year-old father and grandfather jim who has alzheimer's. >> i love you, grandpa. >> reporter: a formal naval officer who lost his leg, he struggles with everyday tasks. sometimes even forgetting his family's names. he's very different than the man they grew up knowing. >> i describe him as my rock. he's strong. everything that you could ask for in a dad. >> reporter: jim was diagnosed with alzheimer's last year, so robin moved him and her mom into the tiny apartment she shares with her daughter and her boyfriend, dezi. he cares for jim during the day
8:37 am
and robin and haley care for him at night giving him his meds and keeping him safe as he slips into the cognitive fog of alzheimer's. >> i worry about it all day when i'm at work, and it's draining. it's emotionally stressful. >> reporter: do you feel like in this country you're falling through the cracks? >> yeah. us and a lot of other people. >> reporter: experts say it's a national crisis. of the 16 million family care givers, nearly 60% suffer from high emotional stress. 40% suffer from depression, and it's not just adults. 250,000 kids under 18 also care for loved ones with alzheimer's. do you feel like i don't know how to do this? this is too much pressure and responsibility? i'm going to make a mistake? what's going to happen? >> sometimes it is like that, because i don't want to always ask my mom for help pause that's always putting so much on her plate. >> reporter: what is it that
8:38 am
what she said that touched you so? >> as her mom, i don't want her to ever have to worry about stuff like that. i want her to worry about being a kid. i don't want her to think that it's putting too much more on my plate. >> you had it backwards. >> reporter: the stress is taking a toll since her parents moved in robin's lost 50 pounds and can't remember the last time she went to the doctor. >> a long time. >> reporter: so you can understand how care givers sometimes get sicker than the people they're caring for? >> definitely. >> reporter: but she says the struggle is worth it. every moment with grandpa a gift before alzheimer's steals him away. >> take advantage of the time you have with your loved one. there is some guilt of not spending time with them when you had the opportunity to. >> what was so moving, 40 million care givers in this
8:39 am
country, two-thirds of whom are women, they're also working and so many are just like robin, living paycheck to paycheck. >> the burden often falls on the woman in this case. >> and what's really interesting is we did a poll that just came out this morning that said a majority of americans say they would vote for political leaders who talked about this issue who put it front and center, and yet, they feel like none are. but they have high hopes for the women running. they think that they'll put family issues like care giving, research for alzheimer's and dementia for front and center. >> my mother was a care giver to my grandmother for a number of years and did not fully appreciate the toll it was taking on her physically, emotionally and mentally until after my grandmother passed. >> that's a huge issue for care givers. they're getting sick. robin saying her health has been decimated and they don't have time to go to the doctor. we also have a lot of resources on for care givers. it's really an issue of our
8:40 am
time. people not only as i say, caring for children, working full-time, and then caring for aging parents. moving them back into their homes and it's really heroic work. they see it as such, which is the flip side of that. >> maria, we love when you come to see us. >> thank you. i'm around for steals and deals. >> jill martin standing by with a special holiday edition of steals and deals. first, this is "today" on nbc. proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. welcome back. we're kicking off november with steals and deals. we're getting you ready for holiday gathering around the corner. jill martin is here. she has bargains on entertaining essentials. stand out hostess gifts. >> you tweeted this morning, i can't believe it's november 1st. things girls say. everyone is walking over like can you put the brakes on holiday. but it's that time.
8:43 am
it's time to stock up. >> we can be ready. we have a bunch of deals. is someone at the door? who is it? come in. >> oh, it's funny. hi, carson. good morning. >> what's up? you brought the alter creek holiday gift basket. the retail is $117.99. for 17 items in this scone mix, and hot cocoa and truffle. here's hot cocoa. >> you can always add something in the cocoa. >> that's the retail. $117.99. the deal is 66% off. thanks, carson. >> gosh, i wonder if anyone else will come over today. >> oh, it's hoda. >> i brought you a present. >> and she came early as usual. >> she said. wonderful christen ornaments. the retail is $195.
8:44 am
the set of -- that is a beautiful gift. >> three snow flakes or trains. the locomotive engine, the box and the caboose all come in the train, and then there's this other set. on the retail $195. of 65% off. >> three ornaments? >> yes. >> gosh, we've had so many people over. >> who could it be? >> maria shriver. what do you have? >> i don't know. i think i have a smelly candle. >> please, close the door. >> sorry. >> i think someone else is come right behind you. >> people are coming. >> guys, so bossy. this comes in a beautiful gift box. you don't even have to wrap it. the brand is carried at barney's, sacs, and other
8:45 am
retailers nationwide. they are beautiful. they open come with a gift box and have a different set. retail 85. the deal $28.50. >> they're very fragrant. there was noise at the door. >> bye. >> look who it is. >> oh, i love this. >> a tray. a serving tray. >> this is cool. >> lock the door. lock it. >> did lindsey pick this out. it's a beautiful tray. retail, $59 to 143. they sell out every year. pick your pattern. there's more on different colors. great to serve on, also decorative. the deal is $19.99 to $59.99. that's 66% off. >> thank you so much. well -- there we go again. gosh, what a busy time.
8:46 am
>> hi, al. >> the broadway star. >> what? have you got -- >> what is your gift? lovely. >> happy holiday is in november. this is latin for taste of life. the retail is $45. al, you brought this i assume because you love cooking and seasoning. four different piece four-piece set to choose from. you can go on to see them all. they're magnetic. it's super easy. >> like on the fridge door? >> yeah. >> deal $19.99. 66% off. there can't be another person at the door. it's harry. >> am i late? >> no, you're not. join the party, my friend. >> okay. this is the serving bowls. retail 150. these are beautiful bowls. they rarely give deals like this. you can put them in the freezer. if you want to serve something cold, the deal is $44 71% off.
8:47 am
let's run through the products more time. we have the treat trays, the ornaments, the candles, trays, the seasoning sets latin for what? >> taste of life. >> and the bowls. >> you can find all these deals at let's raise our glasses. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> it's november. up next, we'll get cooking, country music star martina mcbride sharing one of her favorites. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
it's time for today food. if she's not performing, you can
8:50 am
find her in the kitchen. country superstar martina mcbride is here. >> you're going to be cooking a recipe for us handed down by your mom. you have a new cook book out called "martina's kitchen mix". what's cool about this cook book is martina has a play list in there so you can crank up the music. >> you equate cooking and singing. >> i think it's about sharing. when you find a great recipe, you want to share it. when you have a great song, you want to share it. >> where did you find this flinstone piece of meat? >> it's huge. >> it's enormous. >> this is your mom's recipe? >> my mom passed this recipe down. she's watching. hi, mom. >> what her name? >> genie. >> hey, genie. >> what cut is that? >> a chuck roast. >> mince some garlic. i rub it in so it gets in the
8:51 am
meat. then we brown it on all sides. >> look how big that is. that's major. >> i know. it's a little -- >> did she cook all the time, martina, your mom? >> she did. she cooked every supper. we all sat around the table to eat every night. brown this all on sides. don't be afraid to stand it up and get the edges. four minutes on each side. it gets a lot of flavor in there. it gets the flavor locked in. >> you have three daughters. do you cook together? >> my oldest daughter loves to cook. we spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking together. >> okay. first love, was it cooking or singing? >> singing. >> of course it was. >> so you got this guy browned. then what? >> so then here it is browned. >> there was no liquid down yet when you seared it. >> right. just a little bit of oil. >> i'm going to pour beef broth on top. and we're going to lay -- this is my mom's trick. lay some onion and green pepper
8:52 am
on top. >> that's it? >> yep. just going to flavor the meat. and then we're going to bring it to a boil and reduce the heat. put the lid on it? . >> the meat is raw inside at this point. >> right. it just cooks in this beef broth and it's so good. >> how long do you cook that? >> about four hours, three and a half hours. until it's fork tender and falls apart. then we get -- >> is this the gravy? >> yes. love gravy. i made a slurry with corn starch and a little bit -- >> slurry? >> isn't that a good word? >> you'll have to translate. >> it's like after the kathie lee and hoda show. >> i've been there. >> we had tequila on the ten when she was here. >> we were a little slurry. >> i loved every minute. this is corn starch and a little bit of beef from the gray zi.
8:53 am
put it into the broth. >> look at this meat. >> i know. i can't believe that. falling off the bone. >> bring it to a boil and stir it like this until it gets thick. >> is there a way to cut this that you like? >> the knife goes right through the meat. it's like that pull apart. oh, my gosh. >> take it. do it. >> okay. one, two, three. >> oh, martina. that's the chuck? i had to idea. it's like ribs. >> wait. look at it. >> mashed potatoes and gravy. then you have -- >> wait a minute. try it with the gravy and the mashi mashies. come on. >> try mine. >> carson, get over here. >> you eat that. carson, you take that bite. >> it falls apart. >> martina -- >> it's good. right? >> that is excellent. >> to get this delicious recipe and more head to and snag a copy of martina's
8:54 am
cook book. check it out at >> see the tour. holiday album out. >> lot going on. >> lot going on. >>first, this is "toda y" ♪
8:55 am
>> lot going on. >>first, this is "toda y" ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
8:56 am
come on. this is serious. >> this isn't tv eating. i )m - -... eal deal. google workers today .. are planning a walkout. they )re protesting how very good morning to you. it's 8:56. google workers today planning a walkout, protesting how the company has handled the exits of former google executives accused of sexual misconduct. women engineers are said to be spearheading today's protests. hundreds of workers reportedly demanding change. google is not commenting.
8:57 am
we are at google headquarters. a live report in our midday newscast. also look for updates on our homepage. the man accused in the deadly rampage in a synagogue in pittsburgh entered a not guilty plea in court this morning. authorities say he gunned down 11 worshipers telling police he wanted all jews to die. a giant legend is being remembered. fans moushing the death of hall of famer willie mccovey. full story on our homepage, including the overwhelming response on social media. many ce
8:58 am
website for another. what you need to watch for. plus: this massive migrant carvan is heading to the u-s border. the moves an east bay business is making to help those seeking asylum. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
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good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm sheinelle jones alongside the team with craig melvin, savannah guthrie and al roker. this is the real deal when you look at each other and say hello. have you come down from your sugar crush yet? >> no. here's the thing. you were out last night with the kids. you go trick or treating. they can't eat all that candy. i find myself throughout the course of the night, i'll take one. >> trying to help them out? >> take one for the team. >>


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