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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 6, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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doing here, send it out to new york, lester holt, savannah guthrie, chuck todd anchoring our national coverage. >> we'll be back with local news and local races at 6:00. 8:30 in the east. this is election night. nothing short of control of congress at stake tonight. we'll see how they do. we have some calls to make. >> polls closed in arkansas. the governor's race there. nbc news projects that asa hutchinson will go on to victory. in ohio, too close to call. richard cordray and mike dewine. too close to call. georgia race, still too early to
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call. you see 16% of the vote in >> florida governor, too close to call. a lot of votes counted but not all of it. call at this hour. indiana senate race, too close to call. you see quite a difference in the vote there at this hour. here is a battle for the ages. missouri, claire mccaskill trying to hang on to her sen seat in a state that is becoming redder and redder. that is too close to call. >> let me warn you both on missouri and indiana. they have the democratic vote, the counties that they get pretty much the last counties that report their returns. >> you think that's a reflection. >> that's why we're not calling indiana. you see that wide -- you see the wide disparity there. the fact of the matter is, gary, indiana, a big democratic area. that is literally the last county to report. you have to find out how much is there. >> sorry, andrea.
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we have a call to make. senator menendez in new jersey, blue new jersey, he hangs on despite the fact that he went on for a corruption trial. we are saying that he is going to win although our graphic is frankly confusing to me right now because it shows bob hugin ahead. it's menendez who won. that's our projection. bob menendez. chuck was explaining how we wait for the numbers to come in. >> new jersey, exit poll, we have our own extrapolation. we match it up with actual returns in the key precincts mps sometimes the first vote comes in comes from a very partisan county in one direction. in that little upper right-hand corner youl ase of new jersey, 100% of the vote in. >> a graphic that popped up, we're watching the one drama of the night as to whether the democrats will reach the 23 seats they need to take control of the house.
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they have added two. democrats now need 21 to -- a net gain of 21 to take control of the house of representatives. speaking of which, we have data coming out of virginia. virginia fifth district. let's see. put that up. denver wriggleman is the projected winner there, republican. >> this is significant. that was our tsunami watch race in virginia. open seat. republican district. leslie coburn there who is a long time journalist, progressive journalist had that flipped. then you were looking at something we had never seen before on a democratic side. that is sort of the sigh of the relief from republicans. this could be a knife fight tonight. we'll see. we go to the other two. virginia second. this is the swing -- the official swingiest district in virginia technically if you looked at it on a 50-50. the house race looks exactly
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what a swing race house district looks like. >> right. fascinating race. >> virginia 7. he knocked off eric cantor. >> he was the sitting majority leader. political earthquake. unseated by this. >> before there was trump there was dave brack. now he's claimed defense, abigail spanberger. this is tough for democrats. it's a coin flip. democrats, they claim they only needed one out of virginia. if they don't get two out of virginia, this is going to suddenly have everybody tighten up. >> here's the one they got. >> one they got. >> jennifer wexton winning, district 10, barbara comstock the incumbent losing her race. that's one of the pickups we've seen. >> first of all, comstock was behind from the beginning in this race. this is suburban washington, d.c., she was too conservative
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for the federal workers. she stuck with donald trump even though she didn't claim she was a republican. she stuck with the president. she was behind from the beginning. the real race is dave brack's race. democrats on the house side were already counting their victories. they're talking about the leadership race. whether pelosi can win. >> this may be entirely too confident. it could be a lot closer than they hope. >> we saw that from chuck's bell weather. >> i can do the best of all worlds. i can take you to a house bell weather that will tell us something about the very tight senate florida race and gov i don't remember's race. this is florida 26, tight race. this is where i grew p.
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i don't mean to be taking you to congressional districts where i grew up. southwest part of date county. carlos curbello. he did everything he could to separate from donald trump. this is a district that hillary clinton carried by a whopping 16 points. these are the type of districts the democrats believe they've got to win in order to win the house. what i would just tell you as we wait for this vote to trickle in in dade county, which will tell us a lot about this race, it's also going to help tell the story of florida governor and florida senate as we wait for more dade county vote to come in. this tells you it's early. >> has a trump factor emerged here? >> not so far i mean other than in turnout. you know, look, when you win or lose a race by less than 1% which is going to happen in the state of florida.
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if you want to blame trump, you can blame trump. if you want to credit trump, you can credit trump. rick scott has won both races by less than 1% and donald trump wasn't president. i can't sit here saying we're seeing a trump effect. >> two out of three voters said that trump was a factor in their voting and 26% say they were voting in favor of trump, 38% voting against trump. >> early yet. your tea leaves don't show a blowout for the democrats. >> no. >> good night, great night or disappointing night for democrats? >> there you go. >> let's go to morgan ratner. she's at headquarters for claire mccaskill. she is in the fight of her life, morgan. >> reporter: that's right. we're waiting for senator mccaskill to arrive. she is trying to hold on to her
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see the despite josh mccallum. we have brand new statistics. they expect to see record turnout. it could in fact be higher than they've seen in more than 20 years. they expect to see more than 2.3 billion ballots passed. we were talking to people on both sides of the aisle. democrats and republicans understand what's at stake here. control could come down to this state in missouri. missouri does not have straight ticket voting nor do they have early voting. everything depends on the final hours in one of the closest senate races in the country. back to you. >> i like that. early voting is good but these folks are going to the polls.
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>> goddi schwartz in testimony pa -- tempe. >> reporter: we've gone from extraordinary to unprecedented. that was our voting booth that they just set up outside. that is how big the turnout here, very unexpected. to give you a little bit of historical perspective, this line stopped there in 2016. now it is extremely dark right now, but this line stretches at least two, two and a half hours students have been waiting for quite some time to cast their vote. they're going to vote. they have a d.j. over here. music playing. mid term cramming. some say they haven't made their decision on who they're going to vote for. we know here the main senate race is martha mcsally versus kyrsten sinema.
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>> this says fyi vote martha. endorsed by president trump. president trump looming large over what's happening here. a lot of people say they are voting for mcsally because she has president trump's endorsement. a lot of people here saying they are also voting for kyrsti kyrstin sinema because she is independent. >> thank you. if there was a ruler on a set my knuckles would have been rapid. >> tempe, arizona. don't say tucson, it's tucson. nevada senate race is here at the mall this afternoon or evening in nevada. steve, tell us about it. >> savannah, i am at the mall since the control room started they told me to stand by here at the mall. i was at the end of the line. now i can't tell you where that starts. it snakes all the way into the mall. check this out. this line goes all the way afrpd
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mocrcorner. ic strategists have to feel emboldened. that's because the strategy for the democrats is to build up a big fire wall of votes in clark county. that's where we are. that encapsulates las vegas and to build up the votes to brace for moderate losses in places like washeau county, that's where reno is. as the votes come in, we can snake around this and show you more of this line. it stretches all the way down. republicans have been saying, hold on, not so fast. you don't pay enough attention to the rural districts. there will be big votes as the republicans come out and show their support as the night goes on. there's razor thin margins between dean heller and jackie rosen, the democratic challenger. we've been watching the polls. they've been in the margin of error ever since we've been watching this race. it's exciting to watch the line. exciting to watch the race. we'll continue to do so.
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back to you guys. >> thank you so much, steve. >> and nbc's garrett hake is covering the texas senate race. he's at beto o'rourke's headquarters in el paso. what are you hearing there, garrett? >> reporter: lester, as the numbers are coming in my republican sources are pointing me towards the dfw area. 1 million votes counted so far. republicans are nervous about what they're seeing there. beto o'rourke performing well suburban counties, collin and tarrant county, cruz is leading just barely in tarrant county. fort worth, arlington. been trending towards democrats in the last couple of elections. that was essentially tied. that's not good news for ted cruz. overwhelmingly in the state of texas the math favors cruz. republicans i talked to aren't in any kind of panic yet but they're watching what they're seeing in dallas a little bit nervously. we're still waiting to see any
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numbers by harris county, houston. the o'rourke campaign is >> a lot of money spent in the race, a lot of new voters. >> beto o'rourke i believe raised more money than any senate candidate in history. we'll find out if money can get you a win in deep red texas. we're going to be right back with insights from election night. veteran tom brokaw. our coverage continues live in just a moment. >> regardless of where we live, we share a common belief that georgia can do more, can be more for all of us. >> you get a vote and you get a vote. >> i've got a message for all stacey abrams liberal friends coming to georgia, this ain't hollywood. copd makes it hard to breathe. so, to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro."
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welcome back. we have a call on a race that has been watched very carefully. sixth district in kentucky around lexington. andy barr the republican incumbent will hold on there. projected winner in the sixth district.
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>> this is one of the races they were watching most closely because it was so tight even though that's a district that president trump carried by 16 points. a great recruit, people said, on the democratic side but it's into the enough. >> it isn't. it's funny. democrats were trying to wave national reporters off of this race over the last 48 hours as they saw numbers coming in. she ran a different kind of race. she didn't want to do super negative ads. some people are back seat driving some of the decisions she made. this is a larger issue overall and why i think we might be in for a knife fight for the two parties. this is lexington, college town, yes, but it's a rural and ex-urban district around it. it's the split districts that have a little bit of suburbs and a little bit of rural that are about 50-50 each. democrats have to win some of those in order to get the majority. not all of them, but they have to get some of them.
5:48 pm
virginia 7 is what we're watching. so far republicans have to feel good that the rural and ex-urban turnout is through the roof. president trump has a way to get his people out. that's what we're seeing in florida and the rural parts of -- >> she was a terrific candidate? >> yes. >> someone from the military background, terrific candidate. >> former marine pilot. atio ase lot of hope on both sides, especially the democratic side, that this could be a big night. we're going to wake up in the morning the country will still be very deeply divided, no question about it. there are some new players on the field, no question about that as well, especially on the democratic side. they activated more women candidates, african-americans are doing well where they're running. at the end of the day, donald trump and his powers are still
5:49 pm
intact if it stays the way that we're seeing it right now. big reason for that i believe for some time is the economy. the fact is the economy is chugging right along. the greatest job creation since the 1960s. that's a big factor when you're in a presidential election or any kind of election year. tomorrow morning the presidential election for 2020 wiause there are so many new players there. there's somebody missing from tonight that we'll be hearing about in the not too distant future, the special prosecutor, mr. mueller. he'll have something to say. >> he'll have something to say if the democrats control the house then what he has to say takes on even greater importance. andrea you wanted to add? >> they will have investigative powers, subpoena powers, they can go after his tax returns. pelosi, the leaders if they are the leaders will fight back against a progressive or more liberal challenge to try to go after impeachment.
5:50 pm
they don't have that kind of power. to tom's point, what's really interesting is in the exit polls it said the economy for the first time in memory was not the biggest issue, it was health the issue that defined the democratic races and not immigration which is what the president kept returning to despite paul ryan saying look at these job numbers. talk about the economy. don't talk about immigration. it may prove that the president was right to try to get that base out and try to turn out this vote. it's still early to make that conclusion. >> i agree with that. the economy holds the voter in place if they're doing well and espestrily states where he surprised everybody by winning the race. we have a long way to go. there is no coombaya moment at this point. >> so far, look, we're basically getting to the mississippi river. there is a whole nother part of the country west of the mississippi last i heard.
5:51 pm
so far this is a mirror image of the last four elections we've covered here. i mean, it has been basically, you know, there's a slight advantage for one party or the other each night, but we're 47% percent nation with the last 6% tipping the balance each time. >> i will say this about donald trump and his party, they are much better about holding their people and they have an idea what they want to hold and th'r democrats are much more scattered. they are bringing in new people but the leaders are the same people who lost the congress three elections in a row and there are a lot of people out there in america saying the democrats, i need a unified message about what they're going to deliver for me beyond health care. >> and a lot of the democrats running in red states have said the democratic brand has been a problem for them. >> yeah, exactly. >> they are running moderate races. that will be the big debate as we go forward, what kind of
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democrat race they should run, a progressive one to the left or one to the middle. we're going to continue with tom and our panel when we come back. short break. stay with us. ♪ it's a lot easier to make decisions when you know what comes next. if you move your old 401(k) to a fidelity ira, we make sure you're in the loop at every step if you move your old 401(k) to a fidelity ira, from the moment you decide to move your money to the instant your new retirement account is funded. ♪ oh and at fidelity, you'll see how all your investments are working together. because when you know where you stand, things are just clearer. ♪ just remember what a ttle bit that skills like teamwork,
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medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. welcome back. a lot of big questions but of course one of the big dramas of the night is can democrats regain control of the house. >> this is the nbc decision desk
5:55 pm
at work looking at the races and looking at the votes. the vote that has not been counted. right now nbc is projecting a 65% chance that democrats will, in fact, take back control of the house of representatives. chuck, the question for you tonight and for all political watchers is, even if the democrats take control, what would the margin be? it is not a total blowout on the part of democrats? >> no, i can't imagine this going more than the over/under line, 35, i would have taken the over based on polling, at this point i'll take the under. i think we're looking at someer seats. ouldean they came up at 65%. short. >> exactly. >> that's why i'm saying -- >> our meter would go back -- >> that's why the meter is barely over the majority line. >> we are just a little bit away.
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minutes. we )ll have fresh results from some very important national races. plus, can you imagine voting in next at 6:00, more polls across the country are closing. we'll have results for nationally important race. >> can you imagine voting in the dark? the power outage next at 6:00. see you then. are we in for a bl?
5:59 pm
or a red tide? right now at 6:00, decision 2018. are we in for a blue wave or a red tide? 14 states just closed polls. we are tracking all the latest developments. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. a lot of energy across the country and here in the bay area. this is peak time, as people are heading to the polls before this 8:00 p.m. deadline. now, across the country, things are starting to take shape as each party hopes for a big victory. >> tracking the results of the so-called bellwether races. where do we stand at this point? >> the big prize tonight,
6:00 pm
control of congress. the balance of power going into today. first on the house side, 240 republican seats, 195 democrat seats. the democrats are hoping and banking on a blue wave to take control. they need a net gain of 23 seats. now, on the senate side, republicans currently control with 51 seats. democrats have 49. power shift here is far more difficult than in the house. all right. let's look at three key races that nbc news has identified as indicators of which party has the edge tonight. contests in indiana, missouri and georgia. indiana, u.s. senate race there, pits incumbent democrat joe donnelly against republican mike braun. right now, braun is leading with 55.2% of the vote. donnelly with 40.7% of the vote. 54% of the votes are currently un


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