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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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victory. >> tracking the results of the so-called bellwether races. where do we stand at this point? >> the big prize tonight, control of congress. the balance of power going into today. first on the house side, 240 republican seats, 195 democrat seats. the democrats are hoping and banking on a blue wave to take control. they need a net gain of 23 seats. now, on the senate side, republicans currently control with 51 seats. democrats have 49. power shift here is far more difficult than in the house. all right. let's look at three key races that nbc news has identified as indicators of which party has the edge tonight. contests in indiana, missouri and georgia. indiana, u.s. senate race there, pits incumbent democrat joe donnelly against republican mike braun. right now, braun is leading with 55.2% of the vote. donnelly with 40.7% of the vote. 54% of the votes are currently counted here.
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this is looking good for the republicans, but nbc news says this race is still too close to call. now let's move to missouri, where incumbent democrat claire mccaskill is fighting to hold on to her seat, currently trailing her republican challenger, josh hawley. this is early in the count. just 1% of votes counted. mccaskill, 34%. ha hawley with 63%. nbc news is not calling this one right now. let's head to georgia and a very contentious governor's race. republican brian kemp currently leading stacey abrams here, 59-43. 26% of the votes here in georgia. nbc news says this one is still too early to call. one of many that we will be watching. >> thank you very much, chris. here in california, the big race, the governor's race and the big question, who will lead the state next, gavin newsom or
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cox? strong ties goesreblican busine on fiscal responsibility. >> down in southern california, let's start with sam brock in l.a. where gavin newsom will soon arrive. sam? >> yeah, we are expecting his arrival, raj, in the next several hours, and watch party for gavin newsom, so instrictionably linked to san francisco. this is about symbolism, the biggest metro area in the state of california, people all over the golden state that he would be a governor for all. as you mentioned this race is drawing headlines, among other reasons, the fact that we are at a crossroads right now in california over a wealth gap crisis. gavin newsom has said addressing that crisis will be his number homes in the next seven years to level the playing field for what
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he has called the richest and poorest state. also talking about conditions that we are seeing and can identify with on the streets of san francisco. here in l.a. when you step outside, you are seeing the exact same signs of mental health and drug addiction plaguing the bay area, something that all parties want fixed. the reality is that the numbers in this case skew democratic. 44 or 45% of californians are registered democrats, compared to 25% who are registered with the republican party and 25% roughly independents, which means john cox is facing an uphill battle from a numerical standpoint. let me send it over to my colleague, mark matthews. >> sam, john cox says he feels confident he's going to win tonight, in spite of what the poll numbers are showing. he says the turnout in orange county, san diego county and, of course, in the inla the departm
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dmv are emblematic of larger problems at the state government. here tonight, we will expect to see him, however the vote turns out. he is expected here at the hotel within the hour. he will be having dinner with his wife and daughters and then come down, give or take, whenever the polls close and whenever the numbers show who has won and who has lost. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> mark and sam, thank you. we'll check in with both candidates through the night and especially when they take the stage. much like president trump, president obama has been active on the campaign trail. tonight's election features a lot of his former staffers and volunteers. more than 40 of them are on ballots, including in the bay area. buffy wicks tweeted a shot of a letter from the former president today, running for the state assembly. her opponent is also a liberal democrat. beckels has the support of
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another hvy hitter, oakland congresswoman barbara lee. a developing story right now. voters, some of them in san francisco, are dealing with lighting issues, making it hard to cast their votes. seems the overhead lights at their polling place are just not working properly. nbc bay area's roz joins us. they don't close for another two hours, at which point it could be really dark. >> it could, indeed. it's already pretty dark because of the time change. they've brought a floor lamp outside. let's show you what it would look like. these are the steps they have to navigate up without any lights. they brought this floor lamp outside so people can get into the polling place safely. let's take you inside now. the voting is taking place in the lobby of the sheraton elementary school here. overhead lights are out. polling inspector told us she
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discovered that this morning, that they were out, and began calling the election hotline. they sent the first person outem butad no way to get those light bulbs in. a second person came with a couple of floor lamps. those are the ones you see about here now. and a third person had to come out because the voting units themselves did not have lights in them at all. it's very challenging and she was worried that the conditions here -- >> people need to vote and they need to be safe in this neighborhood at night and not feel that it's too frightening to be here in the dark. >> reporter: now that is the thing that she is worried about. and they are trying to do the best they can here, trying to get as many lights as they can for folks. they're lining up now because it is after work and people are starting to come in more.
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she does not want people to be discouraged. she's encouraging voters, keeping the polls open the next couple of hours, doing the best they can. if you're in by 8:00, you can still vote. >> we're having some technical problems there with roz plater. people are still voting there. we are encouraging you to show up and vote anyway. election workers say the county worked so hard to make voting convenient. ballot drop boxes have been hugely popular, including one at uc berkeley where students are of them the first time. 2,000 new student voters for this election. polling places also swamped. county registrar's voters office told us they've been busy all day. people who aren't registered to vote can show up and that's making a big difference when it comes to turnout today. >> for a midterm election, this
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is really busy for us. this is almost equal to a presidential election would look like. >> we just want to be sure we're all doing our part to make a difference in this process. >> lot of voters echoing what that man said, saying they've south bay, not then' to votehe just alameda county. joining us from the santa clara county voter's registrar office to explain. anuoshah? >> that's right, raj. a really long line out here. all these folks are waiting for the conditional voter registration option. that's an option that lets you register and vote at the same time, in the same place. and we've seen this type of foot traffic here all day long with people wanting to take advantage of that option. it's not unusual to see a crowd of voters on election day, but the long lines here for the
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midterm today are largely for people signing up for conditional voter registration. >> it is exciting and great to see this many people are coming out today to use the new law. >> reporter: by law in california, an eligible citizen can register to vote conditionally and cast a ballot even on the day of the election. before today, 600 people had registered to vote conditionally in this midterm and the number wa expected to double today. >> i brought my mom here. we'll see how she can do it for once, too. >> i'm a freshman. i just turned 18. it's like a right feeling to do. >> santa clara and the state have seen record voter registration for this election. and tonight santa clara county estimates turnout could reach 70%. >> we should make a larger presence. >> remember that polls close at 8:00 tonight. and if you're looking to vote conditionally, you can only do
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that at your county registrar voters office. reporting live, anoushah rasta. >> thank you. if you have last-minute questions, check out our voter's guide right there on for nonpartisan guidance. you can find it by clicking on our elections tab at the top of the screen. >> now we're just getting started with our election coverage. coming up, critical races happening across the country and insight from our political analyst, larry guerstin. fire at a recycling center on the peninsula. health warning to a lot of local communities there. i'm chief meteorologist. i'll have a look at the forecast if you're still heading out to cast your vote. plus where it reaches into the 80s tomorrow in about eight minutes.
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what are the positives, seeing the energy in this party from both parties getting to the polls? >> no question, record turnout all the way around. midterm election will break all records across the nation. and a lot of that has to do with the democrats. great enthusiasm. his rallies has drawn out so nt many people and nationalized this election, which you don't usually see in a midterm. he's carrying the burden for this. and in some areas, carrying it quite well. it's interesting to see how the turnout is coming in terms of the impact that the president has had for the voters. one nbc poll shows 26% of the people came out to vote because they supported trump. that was the reason they came out to vote for their republican candidate. 38% came out to vote because they oppose the president. that was the important reason for them. polarization here, which we saw before the election, has come right into the election. and no doubt will be with us after the election. >> and that polarization really comes down about gender,
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economics. you see it along socioeconomic lines, college educated versus noncollege edudwomen. >> whites, nonwhites, all that. and, yes, there's going to be breakdown. we really thought women would make a big difference. there was a 27-point gender gap coming into this. men were about even. women were 27% more going for the democratic candidate generically. we'll have to see how that plays out as the night goes on. so many things that look very, very sharp around the edges even a day ago seem to have been a little bit smoother around the edges now. >> before we call anything, it's, what, 6:15 now, 9:15 on the east coast. big three indicators here are indiana, missouri and georgia. which would you go with? >> missouri is the best. it's a state that went for trump last time, handily. claire mccaskill won six years
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ago, is hanging on this time. we'll see if she manages to hang on. that's a good example to see where the election is going. even if she loses by a little, it may give the democrats some hope. if s wins that's a lotwe h oe t issue in georgia. we don't know how muddied that one is. every state is different. when we look at this big picture, one thing is for sure. democracy is in shape because we have so many people coming out today on all sides of the spectrum. that's something for all of us as we move forward. >> nancy pelosi was certain 24 hours ago that they would be able to take back the house, very srn. is that where we stand at this point tonight? >> probably the democrats still feel like they will take the house. i feel like they may not be so cocky right now as they were 12 hours ago. it will be closer than a lot of people think. they were favored. remember the out party always does better. and they're the out party.
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by an average of 30 seats. if the democrats get 30 seats, they will have made the average. if they get less, we'll see. >> larry, we'll see you through the night. 23-2, correct? 23 in the house, 2 in the senate would be that flip count. thanks, larry. >> you still have some time. we have you covered after the deadline. to register has passed. you can visit your county elections office to conditionally register and vote with a provisional ballot. if you registered but your name isn't on the list when you show up at the polls, you can also still vote. if you're in line when the polls close here at 8:00, no problem. the polling station has to wait until you finish casting your ballot. if you have a vote by mail ballot, you can drop it off at any polling location. you have until the polls, we want to hear about it. this is a live look at our call center in action. nbc bay area is teaming up with
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pro publica. if you spot a problem call us toll free at 833-nbc-kntv or send us a message at more details about that deadly triple shooting near san rafael. we now know the name of the man who died at a detox center. devance reed opened fire at that facility yesterday, allegedly shot and killed nathan hill. reed is also accused of wounding two others, his girlfriend and a person who worked at that detox center. the couple dated for years and there was never any trouble. in brisbane, plume of smoke spread south san francisco and over 101 this morning.
6:19 pm
smoke got so bad that the middle school canceled classes and sent students home early. traces of wood, cardboard and sheet rock. suggestions that people stay inside with their windows closed. >> looks like a fog. it was a fire. it was a real fire. i can see the smoke all the way from -- coming out. >> a lot of people in the brisbane area, hoping to have this fire fully contained by 8:00. little over 90 minutes from now. >> jeff ranieri will talk about the conditions outside. still warm today. >> it was. 80s here for the inland valleys. now we'll see temperatures drop, and fast tonight, under clear skies. we know there's still a little bit of time left to vote with polls open until 8:00. if you're in line, you will still be able to cast your vote.
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as we look through tonight, mostly clear skies by the bay. you're averaging 64 now. inland, 67 right about now. and we're down to 59 at 8:00. you still might need a jacket if you just got home from work and you're going to be heading out. into tomorrow morning also, jacket weather in place. i want to focus in on what we can expect. it's going to be a chilly start here across south bay, 48, tri-valley, 46. mostly clear skies. not only the jacket but also the sunglasses. coldest average in the north bay at 45 degrees. that's what i want to focus more on as well. closest look at some areas. we'll get closest to the freezing mark. ukiah, 35 degrees expected there. frost advisory as well. healdsburg, 38. even though we'll start this cold by the afternoon, temperatures will warm up and fast. 82 in concord tomorrow.
6:21 pm
78 in san jose. upper 70s from napa to santa rosa. and half moon bay for san francisco. coming up at 6:48 tonight, new news on a brand new issued red flag fire warning. we'll go overall of it at 6:48 this evening. >> this fire season is extending. thank you, jeff. will californians re-elect a liberal mainstay or support her democratic challenger?
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a democrat will win in california. incumbent dianne feinstein and challenger kevin de leon in the u.s. senate race, we know this. a democrat will carry california. incumbent dianne feinstein and her challenger are both democrats and deleon is hoping to pull off a political shocker. >> live in san francisco with more details for us, jean elle. fienstein really outspent her opponent. >> we're here where senator
6:25 pm
dianne feinstes holding her election night party. we're expecting a crowd of about 300. the candidate won't be here until about 8:00, after the polls close, to watch results come in with supporters. this is a very familiar night for senator fienstein. she has celebrated election wins for decades. the 85-year-old was a san francisco supervisor, san francisco mayor and has served four terms in the u.s. senate. she is now seeking a fifth term as senator. the senator cast her ballot in san francisco yesterday, telling voters she still has work to do. she wants to continue fighting for women's rights, lgbtq rights. gun control, health care and fighting the divisive republican agenda are her top priorities. now some of her critics believe it's time for the senior democrat to let someone else step in. her challenger is a fellow democrat, former leader of the state senate, senator kevin deleon, state democratic party endorsed deleon over fienstein. he is the son of an immigrant.
6:26 pm
climate change, pay equity, immigrant and civil rights are among his priorities. he also says he whe divisive republican agenda. so the campaigning is over and now it's up to voters to decide who will be representing californians in the u.s. senate. and we will bring you updates from senator dianne feinstein's election night party as the night moves on. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. up next, the polls are closed in 40 states. we're following tight races and we'll have the update in a few minutes. major turnouts and minor problems at the polls. i'm steven stock. our investigative unit looks into problems you reported to us right here in the bay area. sfx: tinny headphone music
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the polls have been closing across the country and the votes are being counted. so the question is, will it be a blue wave or will it be stopped by a red wall? to track our results nationwide. let's bring in chr chmura, tracking for us. we talk about the big three in terms of the bellwether, indiana, georgia, missouri. you have something from indiana right now among your headlines. >> we do. we're going to start in florida if that's okay. lots of focus on the house. lots of gubernatori a. l races. republican ron desantis against
6:30 pm
andrew gillum. now, desanti, 48 for gillum. 96% of the votes but nbc says this race is still too close to call. let's go to texas. west to the senate race out there between ted cruz and beto o'rourke. republican incumbent ted cruz versus this up star beto o'rourke. o'rourke is leading. this race also too early to call. let's move to kentucky and another bellwether race here. we have a congressional seat in the sixth district. nbc news has called this race for the republican incumbent, andy barr, winning here with --
6:31 pm
what have we got? 50.6% to 48.2% with 89% of the votes in. this was billed as an early test of the democrats chances. more good news for republicans. an update on that indiana senate race that raj referred to minutes ago. nbc news is now projecting that republican mike braun will defeat the incumbent democrat joe donnelly there. we are tracking all the national races for you and will have another update in 15 minutes. >> let's rejoingerston. the big three, indiana, missouri, georgia. indiana goes republican. should it go republican tonight, and that's a big if here tonight, should it go republican, how do you praise president trump in terms of what did he do right to get to that position? >> he held that state. it's a republican state and has been forever. i think before it became a state. that's how red that state is. so for donnelly to have eked out a victory six years ago was sort
6:32 pm
of a miracle. and that miracle just didn't hisho ttime. there is some magic to trump, no question about it. and that fairy dust was sprinkled in indiana, but it is a red state. >> that magic may not be working, though, in texas. he gave so much -- in the 2016, so much about lying ted. then he tried to resuscitate ted cruz but beto o'rourke -- it's still too close to call but young people really in love with beto >> young people voting 2-1 democratic, according to exit polls. and o'rourke could benefit from that kind of thing. he certainly has made a big dent. and all the demographers have said texas is likely to be purple by 2024.
6:33 pm
it may be purple by 2020. georgia example is such a good one when it comes to voter suppression, the exact match that secretary of state kemp talked about, your name better be exactly the way it was written before or you can't get your ballot. 28 states have passed suppression laws after a supreme court decision that made it easier. with that, most of them have been southern rural states. although there have been some democratic states as well. we don't know how many voters have been denied the right to vote. we do know there's many and in some states it makes the decision. >> georgia, there were four-hour lines in georgia and other parts of the country. this advanced nation that we live and thrive in, that should change. i don't care if you're democrat or republican, those should be improved. >> we've seen those election after election. often times the judges get involved at the very end. a judge got involved in georgia as well but say it's too late now to change the rules that really had been misapplied.
6:34 pm
we'll never know how georgia might have turned out but it tilts things in ways that we don't call democratic. >> and not having electrical strips to be able to plug in the machines. >> that's right, or not enough machines, or, you know, just having too many voters there and not keeping track. there's so many reasons why. and in some cases it's very intentional. that's the sad part. >> certainly. larry, thank you. we'll check back with you later. in the midst of this important election, we've seen a few problems. we're talking about it in the bay area, not just nationally. fielding calls throughout the day, trying to track town some of the issues here. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock joins us with what we've been able to find out. stephen? >> we tracked dozens of calls along with e-mails, texts and tweets from elcerrito, berkeley to clara county. nothing really major but
6:35 pm
frustrating enough that some people told us they gave up and did not vote. >> in san mateo, the lines started to back up when a wifi glitch shut down voting machines. the issue lasted only a few minute minutes, it caused a ripple effect that left some like sarah sherwood waiting an hour or more to vote. >> of course i would wait twice that long if i needed to, but i was concerned that it would suppress the vote. >> we have much more volume that i think we anticipated, and people are out here, voting in throngs. it certainly is taxing our systems a bit. >> reporter: in san francisco, one downtown precinct had one elevator for a polling place on the third floor. lines snaked out on the street and around the block. by midday, the lines had finally disappeared but other san francisco locations faced similar headaches. one polling location in the outer sunset opened 35 minutes
6:36 pm
late because a poll inspector failed to show up for work. in foster city, this line stretched down the block. >> what we have to do is go by the book. it says a vote by mail was issued. gl >> in south san jose, one voter found herself on the mail-in ballot list. >> you can vote but we're going to have you vote provisionally. >> voters being put on the mail-in list without asking that we found in lots of locations all the way down to southern california. and in the last few minutes, we received phone calls about issues occurring right now in alameda county. some of the same issues we saw two years ago in the presidential election, including handicap accessibility problems in berkeley and optical scan andstat residents there, according to voting officials, have had to be similar to two years ago.
6:37 pm
given paper ballots. going back to the old-fashioned paper ballots. we'll stay on it and let you know of any other problems we encounter. >> stephen, we'll check with you through the night as well. if you have any problems at the poll weiss want to hear about it. this is a live look at our call center in action. we are teaming up with pro publica to track any issues with this election. if you spot a problem call us toll free at 8-33-nbc-kntv or not even thanksgiving. we haven't carved the turkey but they're getting ready for christmas at the capital. we'll tell you where this year's state christmas tree is coming from.
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there comes a point when you realize the bathroom you used to love needs a makeover. let a professional rebath design consultant help craft the look you want. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel of voter )s office in all right. we are following the election results. and the voting is still happening here in california. let's give you a live look at the santa clara county registrar's office in san jose. people are still linedt to cast. polls close at 8:00.
6:40 pm
you can see, lots of people still showing up. there is time for you to get out there and cast your vote. other headlines this evening, an officer is recovering tonight after being shot in the head while responding to a call in antioch. this happened last night near deerfield drive. police were called to the scene after reports of a man with a gun. the shooting led to a five-hour standoff with the suspect who is now behind bars. several homes in this area were evacuated during that standoff. the officer who was shot in the head is expected to be okay. >> an early morning fire ripped through several greenhouses near morgan hill. it started at an agricultural. down the road from coyote creek golf club is where it is. firefighters tell us 10,000 square feet of greenhouses were destroyed and one building where someone may have been living but they were gone by the time those firefighters arrived. >> the search is on for two men who police say snachd a woman's
6:41 pm
purse on the peninsula outside the mcdonald's at the stanford shopping center sunday afternoon. a woman says she was sitting at the table when a man walked up and grabbed her purse and took off. on o suspects dropped at purse. >> hard to believe but crews are starting to already deck the halls at the state capital. it came from a state forest in redding. chp escorted the tree on its journey. they'll spend the next few days trimming the tree and will feature ornaments made by developmentally disabled individuals. there will be a big tree lighting ceremony. do you know where you can watch it? >> where. >> right here. we have it every year. >> excellent. hopefully, we get some holiday weather. right now a lot of us are wearing shorts around town. >> so unusual outside. no rainfall in sight.
6:42 pm
right now a beautiful shot of downtown san francisco. 60 right now. look at this. dropping into the 40s early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that chill and also a new red flag fire warning. >> thank you, mr. ranieri. >> another set of states closing their polls in a few minutes. we'll check with chris chmura with races across the country and here in california. the nati
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
so far it appears the republicans have seen a slight edge in polls continue to crows across the country. we're taking a races. republicans have seen a slight edge in key >> it goes back and forth. it's 9:45 on the east coast. a lot of the ballots are being counted. chris chmura is tracking our national desk on our big board over there. >> among the early republican victories, key wins in both the states of kentucky and the state of indiana.
6:45 pm
in addition to that, though, right now we have what appears to be maybe an indication of a blue wave coming from the state of virginia. all right. the past few minutes, first sign of that emerging as a republican stronghold appears to fall. it's jennifer wexton. she is the democrat. she appears to have unseated congresswoman barbara comstock in the state of virginia. wexton appears to have won by a decent margin here, 54, 55% of the vote to comstock's right e.onth painting comstock as a key ally to president trump. a huge nearly four virginia's tenth congressional . ck to you. >> if you have any problems at the polls, we want to hear about it. call center in action, pro publica to track any issues with this election. if you spot a problem, give us a call toll free 833-nbc-kntv or send us a message at
6:46 pm >> we've got you covered all evening. we'll be teaming up our live coverage with election results come in. we're partnering with lester holt, savannah guthrie and chuck todd, starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight and we're also going to provide you local results throughout the evening as well and, of course, we'll have full coverage for you tonight at 11:00. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. we'll take a little television time-out with a weather update as people are still going out to the polls. we've got an hour left. >> i don't think we'll see pr the fore. let's go ahead and get a view c here as bay. hovering at 64 by the bay. also those inland valleys we're 67 right now. and we're also down to 59 through 8:00. so a beautiful evening out there. just might be a little bit chilly for you. here is something you want to do. keep that jacket in the backseat of the car for tomorrow or right
6:47 pm
near the front door. we are going to start off cold. temperatures widespread here in the 40s for averages tomorrow morning, down to 48 for the south bay. notice these clear skies as well. peninsula, 49, tri-valley at 46. we'll begin here with 46 in the east bay as well. san francisco at 48. not much in the way of fog in the north bay at 45. while we will start this chilly, we'll see a huge rebound in our temperatures. strong area of high pressure will help to bring the heat. and i think this will put us about ten degrees above average. we're starting in the 40s. by the afternoon, we're up into the 80s for east san jose, morg h water. hayward this time of the year with mid 70s. over to dan vilville, up to 82. concord, 82 and pittsburg at 80. mild, 77. san francisco not going to be extremely warm day but you will find upper 60s to the mission and the embarcadero.
6:48 pm
marin, napa, sonoma, 79 in novato and 75 in mill valley. so it's warm tomorrow. we'll see some low humidity. really not much wind through the day. we anticipate wind to pick up with a brand new chae in the weather once we hit thursday's forecast. so we haig is this little syste sliding down near nevada. that's going to help to bring the wind across northerly and slightly offshore wind. because of that, there is a newly issued red flag fire warning. this, again, is for specific areas. feet and above for the northeast and south bay where we could get occasional gusts of 20 to 40 miles per hour. 10:00 p.m. wednesday lasts right through 7:00 p.m. friday. my senate forecast shows we have less wind once we hit saturday's forecast. we're dry through the next seven
6:49 pm
days and also less in the way of wind saturday as well for the inland valleys. 70s coming our way this weekend and still no rainfall for this forecast either. we are looking at maybe until after thanksgiving before we get some wet weather in here at this point. >> thank you, jeff. >> his first-ever nfl start was nearly nick mullens is getting ready for a second one. plus the giants have a new boss. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you ju with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage forr you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote.
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giants... this is a live look at mccovey cove from our excluive ballpark cam. the giants have a new boss, farhan zaidi -- has been hired breaking giants, livehe team's new president of the baseball operations, 41-year-old comes over from the dodgers. he is returning to the bay area, a cal grad who started his baseball career with the a's. he also becomes the first muslim gm of an american sports team. big news from the giants tonight. the kid is getting another shot, speaking of the 49ers, nick mullens was dazzling in his nfl debut continues. >> he will start against the giants on monday night football.
6:53 pm
from levi stadium. >> nick mil mullens is sitting there saying this nfl stuff isn't all that hard. 3 for 3 on his opening drive and touchdown to show for it. >> that was just the beginning. nick mullens making a name for himself under the lights in front of a national tv audience. 34-3 victory last thursday night, the sort of performance that is impossible for a head coach to ignore. kyle shanahan informing mullens he will get the starting nod once again on monday night football. with a full week to prepare for new york, could he be even better? >> yeah, i'm a believer in the more reps you get, the more efficient you'll be. that will definitely help. last week was a lot of cramming for this team. to get o even get practices,g your mind right almost. so, definitelyhelp.
6:54 pm
we're excited to attack the and see what the giants present us. >> mullens looked and sounded the part of a veteran. >> nick trying to call the play. nick, can you stop talking even though he can't hear him. that's funny, though. >> george talks a lot. >> the levity it provided may have been inadvertent, but it worked. the task now, for mullens and the team to build on last week's success. >> you have to stack wins on top of each other. hope they start snowballing. >> winning makes it a lot easier. hopefully, we can keep doing that. it's a hell of a feeling and a lot of fun celebrating with the guys. >> colin resch, nbc bay area. >> only 23. he's young. let's take you back outside. it's down to the wire now. about an hour left. this is the santa clara county register voter's office in san
6:55 pm
jose, hour left for you to cast your vote. long lines still there. don't worry. if you're there in line at 8:00, the polls officially close but you do get the opportunity to cast your vote. if you're in line, you can still cast your vote before they close. >> it's not just the people in the selection but all those propositions. there's a lot on the line. if you have any problems at the polls, we do want to hear about it. live look at our call center. teaming up with propublica. if you spot a problem call us toll free 833-nbc-kntv or send us a message at 2018. >> we'll be bringing you updates throughout the evening on the hour, every hour. we'll have all the latest results in colorado once the polls close as well as national races for you as well. >> as a reminder, we'll send our coverage over to lester holt, s savannah guthrie and chuck todd as a lot more results are coming in on the east coast. we'll see you throughout the
6:56 pm
night. >> and full coverage at 11:00 as well. good night. sfx: tinny headphone music
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for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. from nbc news "the vote, america's future" here's lester holt and savannah guthrie. >> welcome back. the democrat's way in the house. >> look at the house meter, this is to set the stage. they needed 23. in the senate two. they are going in the wrong direction for the senate. as far as the democrats are concerned. look at that ten pickups, they need 13 more if they want to get control of the house. this is one of the races that just got called. this is a pickup.
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