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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it will be in the upper 40s at 7:00 to 73 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon p the morning commute in gilroy will dip down to 40 degrees at 7:00. skies are clear, no fog, very dry air, and we'll be in the mid-70s as we go through late morning into early afternoon. the fire danger will be the main concern, starting tonight, and i'll have more in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking a new crash in berkeley. >> i am, on our live camera, a look at the east shore freeway. there's golden gate field. you see folks coming off the san rafael to richmond bridge merging in at university, that's the silhouette. reports of a crash over on the shoulder from what i'm told. i don't see any disturbance to the flow. westbound is showing that build. it's green on our sensors, so about 20 minutes highway 4 to the backup at the bay bridge. slowing approaching the carquinez bridge. typical for cocoa county there. smooth drive and typical for the tri valley and east bay. we'll talk about the south bay
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crashes coming up guys. back to you. now to decision 2018 coverage. the midterm elections, here is the latest at this hour. an a takeover, democrats changing the balance of power in the house, but the senate remains red, resulting in a congress divide. plus new this morning, we learn president trump will hold a news conference in just a few hours. it's coming up at 8:30, and we will bring that to you live. also a half billion dollars, that's the new number we're learning spent to get the word out on california's state propositions. in oakland incumbent libby schaaf will be reelected as mayor. gavin newsom will be the next governor of california, decisively beating republican john cox last night. this morning, newsom is waking up as governor-elect, outlining his vision for our state's future. sam brock joins us live from downtown los angeles this morning. good morning, sam.
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>> reporter: good morning, laura. gavin newsom had been leading in the polls on average by about 16 points in the weeks leading into the election, and lo and behold he ended up winning roughly by about 19 points. you might be asking, why is he in l.a.? that would be a very good question, and the answer is simple, for symbolism. his campaign wanted to send a message that though newsom served in san francisco's government for years and of course san francisco's mayor for years where he trailblazed on issues look gay marriage and universal health care, he's here to represent everybody in california and on election night newsom made that clear before a crowd of about 1,000 people taking on trumpism and what he called agents of anger meant to divide us. >> america's biggest state is making the biggest statement in america. we're saying unmistakably, and
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in unison, it's time to roll the credits on the politics of chaos and the politics of cruelty. now it's time for going far and going together. >> reporter: and it was interesting to see how newsom, who has had his eye on this office for almost a decade, describe the results not as a victo victory, but as a collective journey and went so far as to congratulate voters for having the courage of their convictions to vote for him and vote for change. amazingly newsom made history last night, this is the first time, laura and marcus, in 130 years that a democrat succeeded another democrat in this office. >> that is an interesting point, too. and i'm glad you brought up the president about this, because during the campaign, we heard newsom spend so much time attacking trump in his speech, never really by name, interestingly, but now it's important for him to get across his agenda for the people of
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california. >> reporter: laura, that's absolutely right. there is so much real estate during this campaign, and last night, there was extended on attacking the federal government. if you ever hear gavin newsom asked what is the most important issue for you, he'll tell you hands down it's the wealth disparity and building more housing in the state and his ambitious goals when it comes to that. 3.5 million homes in the next seven years, would far eclipse anything california has ever seen before. that's his number one issue, the agenda he wants to address first. >> such a big economy as well. sam, how are things left between newsom and cox? >> laura, that was one of the nice parts, really nice parts about the first section of gavin newsom's speech last night, when he came out and said i just spoke with john cox. he was gracious. he called my situation within our relationship a very generous one and said this is a hard-fought battle, so that was nice. however, in john cox's concession speech, he still
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blamed gavin newsom and blamed the democrats for the high cost of living in the states, something that newsom is now going to have to try and address. >> it is politics. you were up late last night, up early this morning, sam brock, thanks so much for joining us. only 90 minutes or so after the polls closed republican contender john cox, we just mentioned, actually gave that concession speech that sam brought up in san diego. here say little bis a little bi said. >> we gave it a run. we got the message out. we got the issues out. thank you all. >> he told the crowd he wanted to see a return of honor and civility in politics. you may have experienced long lines at some bay area polling places. this morning our "today in the bay" team is breaking todown th voter turnout numbers. kris sanchez is at the voter
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registrar's office. >> reporter: machines are cranking here at the santa clara county registrar's office. these are the mail-in ballots that have to be processed and tallied up for the final count. as busy as it is here this morning, it was busier here last night as the line at the registrar's office was across the first floor and all the way out the door. our bay area counties had significantly higher voter registration numbers, so let's look at how that translated into voter turnout. it was about 29% turnout for santa clara county, alameda, san mateo and napa counties. san mateo came in at the lowest, the county that went to an all mail ballot. highest was in san francisco marin and sonoma, at 40% plus apiece. voters were not only focused on choosing their next governor. we had senate and house races, also 11 statewide propositions, along with some of our local measures, and we are watching those local measures closely and we'll be posting the results
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there as soon as they are certified at in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. now some of the major propositions, well it looks like the gas tax california lawmakers aproved last year will go nowhere. prop 6 is headed to defeat. the no vote is winning by a pretty big margin there. this would have repealed the new tax covering the cost for road and bridge repairs, along with public transit. and as we've been reporting all morning, america is waking up to a divided government in washington, but that's not the only national headline we're watching. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with the winners, the losers and what it all means now going forward. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: hi there. going forward in washington, the big question, can a divided congress actually govern. there are still questions around america with some races still this morning too close to call.
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look at georgia. the governor's race between stacey abrams, looking to become the nation's first female african-american governor versus brian kemp. kemp is in the lead but there are 77 ballots that have not been counted that could drop him below 50% and push this into a runoff. >> we are going to make sure that every vote is counted. >> we are waiting on the final results but i'm confident that victory is near. >> in wisconsin, democrat tony evers beat republican scott walker for what would have been a third term for walker. interestingly, that was a narrow one, too, about 1.6% dividing the vote, but because of a law that walker himself signed after a narrow trump victory, that is not enough to trigger a recount. they are still counting in wisconsin. and in texas, ted cruz pulled
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out a victory against a big challenge from democrat beto o'rourke. if you look at the map of how that vote broke down, it's very interesting, with o'rourke getting the majority of support in the big cities, and along the border, but it's ted cruz who is coming back to washington. we'll continue to watch that and a few other races around the country that have yet to be decided, like the arizona senate race, that one is still outstanding, too. two women competing, so either way, another woman is coming to washington. that was a big theme from last night. back to you. >> no kidding, across the nation. tracie potts, thanks so much. we realize we can't cover every race on television, but we are covering them all at real time results are updating right now on our website. head there, go for the search bar and look for the big red bar at the top of every single page we've outlined there for you. and right now, at 6:09, we are about 30 minutes away from sunrise, as we start to see our clear skies over the south bay.
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let's head to willow glen. it's going to be another cool start, some upper 40s as you step out the door, and it's going to be another warm day, as we get a look at all of our highs, some low 80s for concord, while the rest of the inland parts of the bay area will be in the upper 70s, and 60s for the coast. i'll break it down for palo alto coming up, and mike has a look at the morning commute. >> overall, kari, looking standard, but the south bay does have two crashes. i'm concerned they're causing extra slowing through san jose and mountain view. north 101 this crash most of the activity off to the shoulder but the focused showing kari showed you with the live camera. second crash north 101 at moffitt, overturned vehicle, a corvette and the crews helping with the corvette are distra distracting folks 101 and jamming up west 237. no major injuries reported. we'll talk about the san francisco area coming up. ment back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," the numbers keep coming in, changing vote totals
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overnight in the race for california's school chief. new comments overnight, and who is in the lead right now. plus, what does the election mean for your money? we'll take a look, when "today in the bay" continues.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the time is 6:13, and let's head to palo alto. it's going to be all clear. another chilly start, and we go
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from 57 at 10:00 to 67 at 1:00, reaching into the low 70s today. another nice one. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week and the weekend forecast in less than five minutes. and the north bay times really jammed up for highway 37 westbound out of vallejo. richmond to san rafael bridge a standard build but the south bay has the two crashes we continue to follow. we'll update that coming up. good morning to you, happy wednesday. the stock market moved quite a bit on tuesday, considering at the time we didn't know for sure how the elections were going to turn out. i thought it would be fun to turn over our stock board to politics house of representatives. the big news today republicans lose 26, democrats pick up 26 in the house, enough to flip it. the stock markets tend to do pretty well under split rule. things to watch, a future democratic house, once it takes its seat may push back against
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president trump's trade war with china and the current house may hurry up and pass u.s. mca, the second version of nafta, before they lose the majority. in the meantime, what we are not going to see is a middle class tax cut. and not just cause the democrats won't pass it, because it never was on congress's radar, despite president trump's promises on the campaign trail. what is curious how little the other tax cut, the big tax cut for corporations was discussed during the campaign. the republicans did not run on their largest success outside of the supreme court appointments. as for the u.s. mca, the trade agreement with the u.s. and canada and mexico has to go through both houses because it's more than a treaty. it changes specific trade law. if the republicans hurry, they could pass it before they leave. if they don't, the democrats will get a chance to take a crack at it. we don't have any doubt democrats will pass t but rather, they may be able to insert things that are friendly
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to democrats, particularly to unions as well, get their voice, now that they have a seat at the table. >> interesting. interesting developments, thank you, scott. moving on to the race for superintendent of public instruction, one of the most hotly contested in the state. marshall tuck in the lead over east bay assemblyman tony thurmond. the race is still very tight with 93% of precincts reporting this morning. you see the numbers there, 51% in favor of marshall tuck, 49% of tony thurmond so far. nbc bay area's kira klapper breaks down what this could all mean for students and of course teachers across our state. good morning, kira. >> good morning, laura. the race this record campaign spending that exceeded $50 million. it's still neck and neck. tony thur mond is an assemblyman and former social worker. thurmond had the endorsement of the california teacher's association which typically
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would all but guarantee a candidate's victory, but that might not be the case this year. march shl tuck, who is slight lay head in the polls campaigned as an outsider. tuck cofounded green dot charter schools in los angeles, administered a group of autonomous schools in l.a. tuck and thurmond favor more funding for k through 12 schools and universal preschool. here is their main difference. tuck wans to rescind 2015 guidance which allowed money for low income students and english learners to be used instead across the board for teacher pay raises. here are tuck and thurmond speaking at their respective parties last night, both remaining hopeful. >> until this election is over i'm concerned until the end. i'm optimistic and anxious. there's a lot of votes left to be counted. we feel good about the direction. >> it's too early to say how this is going to go. obviously we're happy with the trend of seeing the numbers going up. we want to see how this continues to go. >> what's interesting is when all the dust settles and the winner is announced, the winner will actually have
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minimal authority to affect policies. the governor, legislature and state board of education make education policy. the state superintendent simply implements it. >> thanks, kira. we want to tell you about proposition 8, the bid to cap fees on kidney dialysis is going down in flames. record amount of money was spent to defeat that measure. it is 6:18 right now. taking a little bit of a break from all these results that are coming in. you can also find what you're interested in at want to get a look at the forecast though for this morning. >> it starts out clear, cool. it is very dry across the bay area, and then we are going to see our winds picking up and that's going to raise our wildfire danger. we are going to take a look now at the golden gate bridge. beautiful start to this wednesday morning, as the sun rises. you can see there's no fog there, and that's actually where we have the warmer temperatures compared to upper 30s in santa rosa right now, and napa starts
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out the day at 40 degrees. we're at 44 now in livermore, and the high fire danger that begins tonight, red flag warning for all these areas shaded in red, and that includes the north bay and east bay hills. elevations above 1,000 feet will start to see those winds picking up. winds will be mostly calm as we go throughout the day, but then look at what happens later on this evening. we start to see the winds picking up in napa and in antioch with sustained winds at about 25 miles per hour at times, and then there will be some higher gusts. so some of those gusts may reach 50 to 60 miles per hour, and it does stay gusty as we go into the day tomorrow, but some of our most populated areas in those wind sheltered valleys will not have those high wind gusts. this will mostly be in the hills. because we do have some very dry conditions, there will be a good hair day. humidity starting out at 45%, so expect everything to stay nice and smooth. as we look at our high
6:20 am
temperatures today, it's going to feel like summer by the afternoon, reaching the upper 70s and low 80s, up to 74 in oakland. san francisco today 69 degrees and 70 for the high in santa rosa. it is all clear on the satellite and radar as high pressure blocks the storm systems that are approaching parts of the pacific northwest from moving into the bay area, so we continue on with some very dry weather. highs in the low 80s for today and tomorrow. upper 70s leading into the weekend, and more chilly mornings with some low 40s over the next seven days. and mike, now you're taking us to san francisco. >> kari, we promised folks we'd check on a crash in san francisco. it cleared west 80 at fremont, as you get off of the bay bridge. concern but quickly cleared after the traffic break, a quick one. no major problems for the sensors. the backup is in oakland as is standard coming out of the maze and that approach is great out of cocoa county. highway 4 is the slowest there,
6:21 am
the build for the walnut creek interchange. everything is pretty smooth over here, a nice drive but slowing through hayward and union city for 880 south. northbound 101 recovering at oakland road. that crash is cleared out of the lanes, but this one in mountain view is a problem at moffitt. backing up north 237. let's show you the drive on waze, our partners mapped out the times coming out of here around capital expressway into mountain view, that takes about 51 minutes on the bay shore freeway. five miles longer but 15 minutes quicker as this route on 85, so there are good options for you. they'll continue to change as the traffic shifts. join nbc bay area wazers, that's the team for waze, for our wa r wazers and we'll share is that information fror you will share that with us. >> we love sharing, thanks. following news away from the elections this morning. all new from overnight, a big update on those five kids who ran away from home, and they wound up here in the bay area. now, they are safe this morning. we're going to tell you where
6:22 am
police finally found them. and at 6:30, the decision last night which could impact how much you pay for rent.
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here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers,
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6:25 am
promotion, lieutenant governor is now the governor-elect. we'll hear from him later this hour, as we continue our decision 2018 coverage at 6:30. some other top stories now, if you live in the north bay, pg&e is warning about another potential power shutdown, this is due to high fire danger. as kari has been telling us, the red flag warning starts at 10:00 tonight. pg&e may shut off power to customers starting tomorrow in napa, sonoma, and seven other counties. pg&e shut off power several weeks ago trying to avoid a repeat of last year's deadly wildfi wildfires. five children who ran away from their stockton foster home have been found in the east bay, those children were all related, ranging in ages 4 to 16 years old. police say they picked their belongings up on saturday and then left. stockton police last night posted an update. richmond officers located those children in an el cerrito hotel. lace up your skates and hit the ice today.
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union square ice rink is open until january 21st. skaters can get their tickets online or right there at the linc if you want to be spontaneous. nbc bay area and telemundo 48 of course proud sponsors. 6:26 right now. we're minutes away from the start of trading on wall street. we'll see how the market's reaction to the midterms, plus an early morning victory just called in the oakland mayor race. >> "today in the bay's" home for the latest results on key races across the nation. next a look at proposition c in san francisco, that tax on businesses to help with the homeless crisis. how the passing of it could have a ripple effect throughout the region. [ whispers ] this is the loudest snow ever.
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. change is coming, from our golden state -- >> this in every way, shape or form is california's moment. >> to capitol hill. >> thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in america. >> voters swapping polling places to make their voices heard. housing, homeless, your roads, your leaders. a special edition of "today in the bay" continues right now with live team coverage. >> what about your money? the markets are about to open as well. this on the first day after our big vote. we'll check those numbers coming up in just a moment.
6:30 am
first want to say good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get to that in a moment. first we head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at the cool start we're having this morning. >> we have all clear skies, another chilly morning, but a warm afternoon, as you get ready to head out the door. let's head to south san jose to santa teresa. it's going to be in the upper 40s and warming up to 59 degrees at 9:00. that warmup happens fast again today, as we head into the mid-70s by early afternoon. i'm concerned about the fire danger for tonight, as a red flag warning goes in effect at 10:00 p.m. east bay and north bay hills and mountain also have some gusty winds that could spread quickly. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike, you're showing more slowing in the east bay. >> you're talking about the winds for the east bay later on. right now talking about the slower drive, the whether overall for your commute a predictable drive, through the east bay more slowing and first a crash south 880 at alvarado
6:31 am
cleared. disabled vehicle just past the san mateo bridge that's highway 92. we're seeing some slowing but it's not that bad for wednesday there. the south bay has trouble northbound 101 recovering from an earlier crash. 87 sees more traffic and so does 85 building for san jose. right around moffitt we have crash activity to the right shoulder causing a distraction. here's 101 recovering toward oakland road. back to you. >> thanks, mike. now to decision 2018 coverage. the midterm elections, here are the latest numbers at this hour. across the nation, a blue ripple. democrats are set to take back the house majority but being denied the majority in the senate. this morning, nancy pelosi is drawing criticism for promising bipartisanship after the democrats big win. scott mcgrew breaks down what is happening in ten minutes for you. plus an historic high. one the results are official, more than 100 women will be elected to the house, and new for you this morning, president
6:32 am
trump saying that he will hold an 8:30 news conference for you. we'll bring you that live on nbc bay area. it is 6:31. big decision in san francisco that could have other bay area cities following the lead. voters passed proposition c, taxing some of san francisco's largest businesses to help fund programs for the homeless. pete suratos joins us live in san francisco with a look at how this bitterly divided business leaders. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. prop c passing last night in san francisco and really going to be more taxes for large companies in san francisco, specifically those tech companies. so it will affect the tech sectors. going to start at the beginning of next year on january 1st. now, for folks that aren't familiar with this, talk about prop c, this homeless tax, as it's been dubbed. it means a tax for large companies in san francisco of more than $50 million annually, about one-half of 1%. so if you're a company making
6:33 am
more than $100 million, you're going to pay roughly about $500,000 more in taxes. now, this did divide tech ceos in san francisco. sales force,{s:c}eo mark benihoff supporting it, donated millions of dollars to the prop c campaign but twitter ceo jack dorsey was against it, saying it will deter tech companies from coming to the city of san francisco. of course there were campaign supporters at last night's rally that are happy with these results. >> homeless people have a lot of home they haven't had before that we were' able to turn this around. >> reporter: now that tax will generate roughly about $300 million, and it's expected to provide housing for 6,000 people. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> beautiful sky line behind you, too. thanks a lot, pete. >> 6:33 for you right now. new for you this morning, within the last hour or so, official word coming down,
6:34 am
incumbent libby schaaf wins the second term as oakland's mayor, by receiving the majority of first ranked votes. because this is a ranked choice vote, there was a chance it would not be decided for days, but last night, even as the first results were coming in, schaaf's camp was already optimistic, and she's actually looking ahead to the next term. >> clearly the most pressing problem right now is homelessness, and i will be focusing my first hours in a new term with our unsheltered residen residents, listening to them, hearing their needs. >> in 2014 she was declared the winner after the 14th round of that year's ranked choice vote. >> 6:34. we know the bay area is home so some of the priceiest housing markets in the nation. proposition 10 is being defeated. it would have allowed local communities to determine their own rent control authority.
6:35 am
you take a look at the numbers there, 62% voting against it. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose with reaction to the race. kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. as pete mentioned the homeless and taxation situation in san francisco, affordable has been a big driving force for a lot of the propositions that voters had on their ballots, not only here in santa clara county, but really around the bay area and across the state. so the fact that prop 10 ended up on the ballot is a push to help renters who are feeling just an enormous burden of affordability. the fact that it failed means that local government will now continue to try to figure out what to do with rent control on their own, as local governments have, since the contra costa hawkins act was enacted in 1995. the no side spent very big, funded primarily by the california apartment association, developers and
6:36 am
property managers. the folks in support of prop 10 which included the california democratic party failed to persuade voters that allowing local governments to enact rent control would bring the rents down. two factors that may have persuaded voters in the ballot booth, the fact that this could have opened the door to regulation of single family rental homes, and the potential loss of revenue to local governments in the long run. but the housing affordability debate was very well represented on the ballot, and it is a conversation that will continue, though without that repeal of the costa hawkins act, without any more local rental control ordinances. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> i'm sure that conversation will continue. thank you, kris. >> 6:36 right now. as many expected, senator dianne feinstein won re-election, but her challenger kevin de leon made the race interesting losing by about half a million votes.
6:37 am
feinstein will serve her fifth u.s. senate term,at the age of 85, she'll be the oldest u.s. senator. last night she talked about her goals for the new congress. >> we need to do an immigration bill. we need to do a health care bill, particularly to provide a public option and to enable people to buy into medicare at age 55. >> in defeat, democratic state senator kevin de leon said he'll continue to work so all voices in california will be heard. the "today" show of course covering the national races, including a wrap-up of the election as democrats flip the house, but republicans keep the senate. plus a closer look at what democrats will try to accomplish with their newfound power. >> it's not too early to decide you need to get on the roadway, trying to get down the east shore freeway it's a smooth drive past the racetrack. we're looking at a smooth drive and a lot of traffic flow, and that's why we see all this slowing on the maps for berkeley and just a bit through hercules
6:38 am
and richmond. this isn't bad for the east shore freeway. cocoa county and walnut creek interchange and highway 4 the top of your screen, a typical pattern kicked in over the last ten minutes. the rest of the bay shows a nice drive, slow through hayward, recovering frommen aearli an ea crash. looking at the san mateo bridge westbound, here is just fine, but at the toll plaza, reports of a disabled big rig blocking one lane, and so that will be an issue for folks to get around. >> might slow 'em counsel. down. >> might slow 'em down. >> we're getting over the hump on wednesday and going to see the weather we're enjoying now continuing into the weekend. so we'll be in the upper 60s for the coast, and nice beach weekend and the bay in the low 70s. also nice and warm for the inland valleys. we're going to see a repeat of the weather continuing on sunday as well as we see a lot more sunshine. if you want to go over and meet marcus, he'll be at the walnut
6:39 am
creek on ice on saturday for the opening ceremonies. it will be in the upper 60s, beautiful weather as we go throughout the morning and afternoon. wrapping up the weekend with the veterans day parade san jose at the s.a.p. center and nice conditions starting out at 70 degrees and reaching into the low 70s for the early afternoon hours. getting out of town, going to russian river valley to relax this weekend, it's beautiful weather with some low 70s and starting out with some cool temperatures, still in the morning hours. yosemite will see the highs reaching up to about 50 degrees on friday and on saturday. we will see where we will begin with our south bay temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. looking forward to that. >> taking a look at the numbers on the big board. look at the dow jones industrial average up 254 points, fluctuating around there. we'll keep an eye on the markets. also next an important story
6:40 am
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good wednesday morning. 6:45, beautiful sunrise as we see the sun coming over the hills over the south bay. santa clara will have another cool start, as well as the rest of the bay area, and a comfortable afternoon. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about the high fire danger coming up in a few minutes. >> and this shot looks like 101 recovering, very nicely for san jose. this is deceptive. i'll show you where the problems are now for the bay shore freeway coming into the area. the president is already looking ahead to a democratic congress this morning. >> the investigation that will break in scott mcgrew. >> good morning.
6:46 am
the first few tweets from the president, marcus, this morning, were about last night's election. you're right, he is getting ready for the house committees that will be able to subpoena his campaign officials and ask them questions under oath. the president said on twitter this morning, if the democrats think they're going to waste taxpayer money investigating us at the house level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all the leaks of classified information, and much else at the senate level. two can play at that game." now it is telling, the president has pivoted so quickly to the russia investigation just hours after the election. frankly, i was going to wait a couple days to talk about this, but the election changes things. the house intelligence committee looked into the russian connection, but it was led by a republican, the ranking member, was a democrat. on january 3rd, these two men flip roles. adam schiff will be in charge,
6:47 am
adam nunez who was protecting the president, he said so out loud, will not be in charge and of course bob mueller, the special counsel, we don't know what he's going to do, nobody does. it's reasonable to think he was waiting until after the midterms to make any major moves. well, it's after the midterms. the victory in the house means california's nancy pelosi will once again be speaker, we presume. she spoke last night about trying to bring americans and the american government together again. >> a democratic congress will work with solutions that bring us together, because we have all had enough of division. >> that call for unity actually angered some of her base. there are partisans on both sides. we have a question mark, because pelosi still has to be voted into that office, but even president trump says he'd like pelosi to be speaker, suggesting in a tweet a couple of minutes ago republicans vote for her as well. he no doubt sees her as a useful foil. we'll be talking about the ramification of the election for
6:48 am
weeks, but one thing to note, the attempt to repeal and replace obamacare is over. republicans were not able to pull this off, despite the fact it was one of their biggest campaign promises two years ago. this has caused frustration in the party. they had seven years to plan, two years to execute, could not get it across the finish line. president trump will talk about his thoughts about the election and midterms 8:30 our time, nbc bay area will car rry that live. if you're on your way to work,, stream it into your car. you checked the big board. i go back to that. >> look at that. >> the market rallying a bit. nothing unexpected happened. perhaps not as many democrat wins as we were all expecting and wall street was betting on, but things turned out pretty much the way wall street bet. wall street is awfully good at betting. >> it was up at 250 for a time there and bay area stocks faring pretty well. thank you very much. we're also not out of the woods yet. want to wring thbring this to y
6:49 am
attention, the threat of wildfire dangers. there is another red flag warning about to go into effect, which could lead to intentional power outages for parts of the bay area. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in contra costa county with why forecasters are concerned. bob? >> reporter: marcus, laura, we haven't had any rain. the brush is dry. humidity levels are low, and tonight, they're expecting wind gusts of 40 to 60 miles an hour. that's why the national weather service is issuing this red flag warning for places like cocoa county, where we're at right now, alameda, santa clara, it goes into effect 10:00 tonight until 7:00 friday morning. take a look at this map we put together for you, this red flag warning also extends further up north to nine counties, including napa, sonoma and lake counties. cal fire tells us they have bolstered their resources here in the area just in case. pg&e is warning customers who live in those nine counties up north that the utility might
6:50 am
intentionally shut off their power. any time starting today through tomorrow, we've seen pg&e do this before as a precaution, in case the winds were to knock down power lines and spark a wildfire, like we tragically saw last year in napa and show ma counties. the wildfire threat is real. you look at video of a wildfire burning now here in the bay area. cal fire tells us that firefighters have stopped the rincon fire burning in santa cruz county. they've stopped it from moving forward, but it's still burning within a specific area located off highway 9 at rincon that has burned 17 acres, 65% contained. there are 210 firefighters involved. this started eight night. cal fire still trying to determine the cause. reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. looking at that, we have to worry about the concerns of the wind. are we going to see a lot of wind? >> the wind picks up tonight for
6:51 am
most of the populated areas in the bay, we will still see some light winds, but mostly be in the hills and very low humidity. we start out this morning cool temperatures as you get ready to step out the door. look at tiburon, only 50 degrees, and you can see the clear skies, clear across the bay, live in sunol the temperature dropped down to 44 degrees as you get ready to head out the door. it's chilly in gilroy, stepping out the door to 40 degree temperatures. we'll blast that heater again this morning and as we go through the day, it's going to start to feel a lot nicer. lunch time outside it will be 70 degrees. the red flag warning for the east bay and north bay hills, all of the areas shaded in red and elevations above 1,000 feet will start to see the winds picking up later on tonight, and humidity levels stay low, only at about 8% at times. so with that, any sparks could cause a fire to spread fairly
6:52 am
quickly, as our winds continue to come in from the north. as we look at our wind speed forecast throughout the day, it stays mostly calm, but then look at the time frame later on overnight into early tomorrow morning, the winds start to pick up in napa and also around antioch. and then we see those sustained winds at 20 miles per hour, those gusts may reach 50 to 60 miles per hour, as we go into the day tomorrow as well. still breezy as we see it all picking up across the bay, even for the coast, while san jose will keep those winds fairly light once again in the valleys. you won't see those winds as much, and then our high temperatures well above normal, reaching into the upper 70s in the south bay, even some low 80s in concord, and 79 in napa today, and san francisco in the upper 60s. as we start out this morning, we see the clear sunrise, and it is a chilly morning. whatever you need to keep you warm, a jacket, a hat, a scarf, and then you want to enjoy some extra time outside so make sure
6:53 am
you have on some comfortable shoes. as we look at the bigger picture, the satellite and radar shows there is an approaching storm for parts of the pacific northwest, but we are going to stay very dry here as we stay stuck in this same weather pattern that keepds os our tem r temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s, and morning temperature in the mid-40s. heading over to san francisco and our seven-day forecast warms up just a bit headed into tomorrow and friday, and upper 60s continuing through receipt v -- veteran's day. mike, it's not your typical commute. >> we have a pretty typical pattern in the east bay, a slowing east shore freeway, the maze, and highway 4 is the worst of it through cocoa county, alameda county and approaching the bay bridge, but south of 580 we have a more slowing for 880 approaching 92. once you just pass there at tennison, we have a disabled vehicle which may be blocking
6:54 am
one lane. that is adding to the slow drive there, standard for the tri valley, lighter for pleasanton, not bad for a wednesday. to the south bay north 101 at oakland road recovered nicely. 280/85, showing that build. 87 north at capital, there is a crash there and we may have one lane belonged. that's a tough place any time of day but right now as the commute builds. 101 at moffitt at the top of the screen, we had a crash off to the shoulder, there's a crew helping a vehicle in the bushes. so distracted and slowing there. this is a problem coming out of south county, up through san martin, we expect a slower drive but it continues up through morgan hill up to bailey, there's debris after a crash there. one lane is blocked, that's a really tough spot, all those folks coming out of hollister, gilroy, san mr tain and morgan hill bottlenecking right here, and that makes things clearer at the 101/85 split at san jose. no problem for mass transit, that's the good news.
6:55 am
these rails are running on time. back to you. and before you head out the door, here are the top stories here on "today in the bay." >> a live look at the state capitol, where a new governor takes over in january. gavin newsom defeated republican john cox by a wide margin, and he was declared the winner last night before most of the votes were even tallied. he took some shots at the gop during his victory speech. >> we don't discriminate and we don't denmoralize. we don't separate families, and we don't lock kids in cages. >> cox delivered his concession speech less than two hours after the polls closed. he says he called newsom and promised to work with him on shaping california's future. now to the race for superintendent of public instruction, one of the most hotly contested in the state. political newcomer marshall tuck is in the lead over east bay assemblyman tony thurmond, but the race still very tight, with 92% of precincts reporting this
6:56 am
morning. 51% in favor of marshall tuck, 49% for tony thurmond. >> i'm concerned until the end. i tell folks i'moptimistic and anxio anxious. there's a lot of votes to be counted. >> we're happy with the trend of seeing the numbers up. we'll see how this continues to go. >> the winner will have minutal mortgage to affect policy. the governor, legislature and state board of education make education policy. the state superintendent implements it. >> we're tracking major propositions. looks like the gas tax california lawmakers aproved last year will not be going anywhere. prop 6 is headed to defeat. the no vote to repealing the tax is winning by a pretty big margin. that would have repeal the new tax covering the cost for road and bridge repairs along with public transit. proposition 8 there, the bid to
6:57 am
cap fees for kidney dialysis is going down in flames. record amount of money was spent to defeat this measure. live look at san francisco where voter s handed the city a hugs atote address homelessness, approved proposition c which will tax the largest companies, any company making $50 million will pay half a million dollars in taxes, prop c is expected to generate about $300 million each year and help house an estimated 6,000 homeless people. new video from the santa clara county registrar's office, there, like many county, voter turnout high compared to most midterm elections. here is a look at the turnout in counties around the bay. san mateo the lowest, that county went to all mail ballot for this election. among the highest, san francisco, marin and sonoma counties. a live look at capitol hill where changes are on the horizon. america waking up to a divided government in washington. the midterm elections have given democrats control of the house
6:58 am
of representatives. in total, the party is projected to win over 30 seats. this morning, nancy pelosi drawing criticism for promising bipartisanship, after the democrats win big. she also called for unity in the name of the vision of the founding fathers. despite the big win, republicans still in charge in the senate. on the "today" show, east bay congressman eric swawell talks to something something about the future of the russia investigation. that interview is in about 30 minutes there on the "today" show after "today in the bay." you might want to be headed out the door, dressing the kids for school this morning, i say bring a jacket. >> extra layers this morning, and then not so much for the afternoon. we have a wide range from the way we start the day to the way we go into the afternoon, going from most of us in the 40s this morning, heading up to about 80 degrees inland. we'll do it all over again tomorrow with gusty winds continuing into the weekend, with some well above normal
6:59 am
temperatures and mornings starting out in the 40s. san francisco will warm up a couple more degrees over the next couple of days, but still feeling very nice. >> not bad at all. >> i got a little visual trick for you guys. deceptive look. san mateo bridge, let's look at a live camera from the toll plaza shows you look how light on the right, that he's your commute direction. usually traffic is bogging down. the reason? now you see the build just now, there was a quick traffic break approaching that toll plaza. remember i talked about that big rig that was stuck there? >> right. >> they stopped traffic off 808 for a minu -- 880 to restore and that will cause a backup into hayward for south 880. the rest of the bay looks pleasant. this is the jam out of san martin and morgan hill, the debris bailey at north 101. >> slowing folks down on that stretch. we always have a check of your morning commute and the forecast as well when we have our local news updates every half hour. we start out at 7:25 this morning. look at this shot!
7:00 am
>> beautiful shot there, to start our wednesday morning there, and president trump going to speak about 8:30, going to air right here on nbc bay area. we'll have that for you. also going to have more for you at "nbc bay area news" at 11:11. good morning. divided we stand. it's a new day in washington. as voters turning out in record numbers give democrats control of the house. >> it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. >> the people's house is going to do a lot more work for the people. >> and in the senate, rc republicans pump up their power. adding to numbers in a string of red state battles. >> it was a contest for who we are and what we believe. >> the president upbeat after countless rallies of the faithful. >> vote


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