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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 14, 2018 4:00am-4:27am PST

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breaking overnigh that white hsef staff john kelly may soon be out after clashing with melia first lady security ke santa ana winds fueling dangerous flare-ups with crews on the ground desperately needing help from above. as the death toll continues to climb, and now dangerous toxic smoke is spreading. >> i don't think my heart had ever beat as fast. unbeknownst to me, i was on the precipice of the rabbit hole. >> monica lewinsky speaks out about her relationship with president bill clinton as never
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before. intimate details and what she'd say face to face with hillary clinton. >> parents behaving badly in a wild brawl at a kids peewee football game. >> and a frightening hit and run where the driver literally ran omhe scene. rivera.od" starts right now.odc lady. in an unprecedented move, new signs tha first melania trump is publicly ca one of her husband's top advisors. senior national security council official deputy to john bolton in a statement. her spokeswoman saying, in part, she no longer deserves to serve in the white house. nbc's kristen welker has more on the first lady's feuds. >> reporter: the first lady flexing her muscles. melania trump taking the unprecedented step of publicly calling for the firing of one of her husband's top advisors, mira ricardel amid other clashes with the chief of staff, john kelly,
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so significant it could lead to kelly's departure. seven people familiar with the situation tell nbc news kelly has tangled with the first lady's team over everything frog where the east wing staff were nbc there have been instances not treated as equals to the male dominated decision makers in chief kelly's office. but in a lady's spokesperson called the relationship with kelly's staff verywledng last month the white house can be a challenging environment. >> we always need to watch your back. >> reporter: the first lady blasted the deputy to national security advisor john bolton. that deputy mira ricardel spotted at a white house event with the president when the first lady's spokesperso releasedta ricardel saying, it is the position of the office of the first lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. multiple sources tell nbc news ric har ricardel interfered wh h first low overseas trip to africa.
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they say so much discord can be damaging. >> you don't want the staff at the white house to be preoccupied with infighting. you want th >> that was kristen welker reporting. >> heart break continues in northern california as more victims of the deadly camp fie d total number now rising to at least 48. it is already the deadliest fire in california history. with dozens still missing, officials say that number could rise. firefighters are struggling to control the camp fire which has grown to 130,000 acres and 35% containment. officials now say full containment may not happen until the end of the 97,000 acres, but crews there have made some progress. that blaze is now 40% contained, with full containment expected by sunday. but flare-ups like this one here airbnb is helping relief workers and displaced victims get
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california's tech giants are stepping in. temporary its open homes program. and google and facebook are each donating between 250 and $500,000 for relief efforts. nbc's miguel almaguer is in oak park, california, with the latest from the ground. >> reporter: as a volcano of fire explodes in the hills outside malibu. >> mandatory evacuations are upped way. >> reporter: the orders to evacuate came immediately. >> i didn't think it was coming back this way, but it looks like it's going to head -- i don't know. >> reporter: polic subdivision. jennifer had minutes to go. >> see, it's right there. so -- >> reporter: it's getting closer. >> it's getting closer. >> reporter: with santa ana winds fueling dangerous new flare-ups, crews on the ground desperately need help from above. helicopters like these have been flying 24 hours a day looking for any body of water to make drops on that massive inferno. michelle owens h n to re me like an apocalypse that god is on vacation and he's not taking care of us. >> reporter: with air quality
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already dangerous, new concern over toxic the woolseyire scorched the santa suzanne afield lat, a highly contaminated area where there was a nuclear meltdown 60 years ago. footage captured by knbc's i-team shows smoke still rising from the power lines on the property. state officials say the fumes likely pose no health risk, but residents are demanding independent health and safe tests. in northern california, families are living a nightmare to a message board. >> i went to 11 different shelters looking for him. >> reporter: amanda's father was feared dead until now. >> thank god. >> reporter: one family's incredible reunio the damage across northern and southern california is measured one family at a time. more than 7,000 homes look just like this. meantime here in los angeles, the fire that's burning in this
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area is now the size of the city of denver and it's on the move. so many neighborhoods look just like this. phillip, back to you. >> surreal. miguel, thank you. >> we are just one day away from the deadline to finish recounting the voetsz in the florida governor and senate race. counties have until tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern to tvoteal but lawsuits filed on both sides can complicate efforts. right now nbc news still has the florida senate race as too close to call. president trump once again waded in the bitter battle between democrat bill nelson and current governor rick scott. in a tweet the president asked, when will bill nelson concede? he also alleged fraud, claiming counties that lean democratic will not be able to find enough votes. >> amazon has made it official. after a search spanning more than 200 cities, the online giant announced it is splitting its headquarters into two locations. long island city in new york and arlington, virginia, outside of
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war wash. but as nbc's jo ling kent reports, not everyone is happy amazon is coming to town. >> reporter: the celebrations have begun. >> amazon has found its next home. >> reporter: after a much-hyped competition taking bids from 238 cities, amazon announcing its second headquarters will now be split between the washington suburb of arlington, virginia, and long island city in queens, new york. each location promised 25,000r:e questioning whether the cities are giving up too much. the tech giant led by jeff bezos, the rich est man in the world, will receive billion dol corporate subsidies in new york. and more than half a billion dollars worth in virginia. new york congresswoman elect alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting, the idea that it will receive more than hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at a time when our subway is crum crumbling and our communities need more investment
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not less, is extremely concerning. >> it is already expensive here. >> there are critics that do not like amazon is getting $2 billion in corporate subsidies here because you're one of the most valuable companies in the world. what do you say to that? >> the kind of revenue the cities and states will see because of amazon's investment will exponentially exceed the investments they're making up front. >> reporter: amazon prime to start hiring next year. jo ling kent, nbc news. >> monica lewinsky is opening up about her experience with former president bill clinton and his impeachment trial like we have neve on a & e stunned. >> i don't think my heart had ever beat as fa ias monica lewi president bill clinton. it did.not as ifsl describing heron counters with i think it meant more to me that someone who other people desired desired me. >> reporter: the world shorthanded it as the lewinsky scandal, but 20 years later in the era of me, too, a & e calls
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their docu series the clinton affair. she details the day the fbi questioned her. >> i remember looking out the window and thinking the only way to fix this was to kill myself, was to jump out the window. and, um, i just -- i felt terrible. i was scared and i just -- i was mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family. >> reporter: inay publicly on more than one sorry. >> reporter: in a new essay for vanity fair lewinsky writes, what is's more important to her offer her a personal apology. i'm less disappointed by him and more disappointed for him. he would be a better man for it. bill clinton had no comment. lewinsky writes, if she ran into hillary clinton, she would acknowledge to her sincerely how very sorry i am. kate snow, nbc news.
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>> it's cnn versus president trump today. a federal judge will hold a hearing for the network's lawsuit against the administration. cnn sued over the white house's decision to revoke reporter jim accosta's press credentials after a confrontation at a press conferce all down for us, nbc's tracie potts in d.c. they are calling it a violation of the first amendment dmiss i grandstanding. >> reporter: this was the contentious news conference, not just with accosta but the news media period. during that news conference, accosta was asking the president a question and refused to give up the microphone when the president told him to. as you over a staffer who grabbed at the microphone. accosta refused and then later, his credential to get into and cover the white house was
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revoked. cnn now filing lawsuit saying this was a last resort. >> did cnn try toor be restored. the white house has basically been ignoring these requests so we really had no choice but to sue. >> reporter: the white house in a statement says that the behavioras unprofessional, andorder. they also noted that cnn has nearly 50 other people who have hard passes to cover the white house. back to you. >> those colleagues certainly think jim should be right back in there where he belongs in the white house. thank you. >> news about one of our colleagues here we're proud to say, take this moment to congratulate nbc's own lester holt. a new poll conducted by the hollywood reporter find he's the most trusted television anchor in broadcast news followed by abc's david muir and robin roberts tied for second place. always cool when polls and other people back up what we know. >> all three of them professionals there.
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and let's hand it over to the most trusted weather man i know, bill karins. >> the one that could fill a half hour with this storm. winter storm warnings issued outside st. louis. anticipating an ice storm in the mountains of virginia, north carolina. here's the snowfall map. what really gets you is the know in memphis, little rock, a little accumulations. especially the area of illinois could get hit hard. and tomorrow afternoon into the evening, all of the interior sections of the northeast get hid. the big cities go a burst of snow over to sleet, the rain. interior sections could have a more extended period of snow and sleet. the ice forecast, mountains of west virginia, virginia and also western north carolina. have to wat thatch memphis. how often? 35 degrees. wintry mix possible. especially this afternoon and evening. we'll take a closer look at the timing of this mess and i'd
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also recommend staying tuned on this channel for local meteorologist so they can break it all down for you. >> it is going to be important for them. bill, thank you. especially for the commute. you won't think of new york city cabbies the same again once you get a picture of this pin-up calendar. a group of real taxi drivers posed to show off more than their driving skills. so the parts of it hang out as they poke fun at the traditional cover model. i like that one. proceeds from the calendar will benefit a charity aimed at helping immigrants and also some low income families. great sports to be able to -- >> glad they took a break from the honking and yelling. just ahead we have much more on "early today." stay with us.
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>> and the second winner of the $687 million powerball jackpot drawing is expected to be revealed today. the lucky winner bought his ticket in new york and it is worth $343.8 million. io now thait going to be. >> can't wait. completely different life now. now we have ae,nother case of parents behaving badly. the latest of a growing trend at >> reporter: the kids were shaking hands after the game when the adults started throwing punches. the brawl between coaches and parents at a youth football league game near atlanta this morning captured on cell phone video. about two weeks ago a nearby county georgia, another violent fight. two people rushed to the hospital. >> we're going to hold people accountable. adults need to act like adults. when they step out of line we'll take measures. >> reporter: it's a trend not just here in georgia but across
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this footage of a reckless hit and run in miami caught on surveillance video security cameras, show the blanket of smoke. to make matters worse, the driver can then be seen walking. police are not yet reporting if the hit and run driver has been foun>>gosh. e' been the ahair apparent to the british thrown and now he's turning 70. we'll go live in london next. s .
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and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. thank you so much. i was c this started tonight. the continuing search for new timings, new characters, new voices, new stories to tell is still intoxicating to me. it always has been, it always will be. that's why i never did drugs. i had this. >> veteran comedian billy crystal the faward. he's only the 8 club's 114-year history to get that honor. >> you get that big name, need other names, too. you saw robert denirohere. >> martin scorsese was there. >> meg ryan. well deserved. >> he is an icon in our culture. >> still ahead, he is one of the pieces on a toast. why monopoly for millennials is sparking backlash from its target audience. >> avocado toast.
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his royal highness is celebrating a new milestone. his 70th birthday. to mark the occasion they released photos of the prince and his family. he also did a little celebrating of his own at a london gala. for more let's go to nbc's sarah m harman in london. this celebration has been going on all year. >> hi, frances, good morning to you. 70 years old is a milestone birthday. prince charles is squarely in the spotlight today. he'll be honored with another group of 70-year-olds in the community. there will be a glamorous party at the buckingham palace hosted
4:25 am
by his queen. he gotrly. aience there gave him a a great moment. in london. and we've got these new photos put out by clearance coatithe g grand dat. these photos were taken in the garden of charles' london home clarence house. that outdoor setting quite fitting for a man who has spent decades campaigning for environmental causes. he's always been ahead of his time that way. today is his day. 70 years ole. we're wishing him a very happy birthday indeed. >> i'm sure the celebrations will continue. sarah, thank you. >> waiting is the hardest part. tom petty monopoly edition? a, a yoga studio, b, selfies or c, a music festival? >> all of the above. >> that's right. she wins. it's part of the monopoly for millennials release. it's receiving widespread
4:26 am
backlash from offend the millennials. social media firing back at the tag lines adulting is hard, quips of their own. keyword baby boomer and negative cultural appropriation. selfie culture that is. the game is actually sold out. that really surprises me. i didn't think millennials play board game. >> in this case they're too offended to get started. millennial ng tough, especially when the city you're living in. it can leave you feeling like charlotte from sex in the city. >> i've been dating since i was 15. i'm exhausted. where is he? >> who, the white knight? >> a study says you could be living in the wrong place. wallet hub ranked the cities. 28.nta number one. el paso 115. the ranking compared 108 cities and took into account things like population, night life, among other things. >> lot of other cool things to do in el paso outside, this
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time from fremont out there, waiting for the sun's arrival for everyone to get up and get going. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now, we want to get a look at your traffic and weather before you head out. kari, another cool start to the day. >> it's so cool out there and it's still smoky. no changes this morning. i put up our air quality map so you can see all the dots and look at where you are. we have the unhealthy air quality for most sensitive, means unhealthy for the children, the elderly or people with breathing problems. still dealing with the same issues ase a headed into the
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