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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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cleared. there is some recovery there. >> sounds good. we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25. don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning with us. ♪ good morning. hello winter! 123 million people in the path of a massive storm spreading snow, ice, and rain from the south all the way to new england. decades-old records being shattered, crashes at airports, delays piling up. al will have the very latest on the first big storm of the season. breaking overnight, the death toll grows even higher from those california wildfires. this morning, the grim search for more than 130 people still unaccounted for and the outrage over who may be responsible for the deadliest fire in the state's history. breaking news. a major break in the killing of that "washington post" journalist inside an embassy in
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turkey. overnight, 11 people indicted for the murder, some now facing the death penalty. a live report straight ahead. those stories, plus, out on bail. michael avenatti, the outspoken lawyer for stormy daniels, speaking out after being arrested, accused of domestic violence. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. go scam me? a bizarre twist in the case of a new jersey couple and the homeless man they were supposed to be helping. why prosecutors are now saying they were all behind the get rich quick scheme. and country's big night. ♪ keith urban takes home the top prize at the cmas, while carrie underwood makes a surprise announcement about her pregnancy. >> oh, my gosh, willie! it's a willie! >> we've got all the highlights, today, thursday, november 15th, 2018.
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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. the snow is coming. >> i know! >> if it's not already here in some places. >> check out st. louis. it's beginning to look a lot like a winter wonderland! and of course, if you're not in the snow, you might be in the snow in a few hours. we've got a big storm coming. >> we certainly do. this is the first in an early taste of winter, already causing headaches across the country. we're going to have more on that in just a minute. but first, al is here with the latest on the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. here we go. we've got 89 million people under winter weather advisories. we've got another 30 million plus under flood watches. we're watching it all push in. st. louis in snow, an icy mix for indianapolis on into charleston and rain from norfolk down to atlanta.
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so, here's the timing for this nor'easter. this morning icy travel from indianapolis up to columbus, heavy rain along the mid-atlantic coast. this afternoon, philadelphia, your snow will change over to rain. new york, snow develops sometime in the midafternoon hours. tonight, boston, moderate snow likely. along the coast, heavy rain and increasing winds. and then friday morning as this system continues to move up and along the coast, snow from syracuse all the way up to bangor. look for heavy rain along the coast with strong winds and possible coastal flooding. the impacts, light snow along the i-95 corridor, but look at the heavy snow as you get inland. it's going to be heavy and wet, bringing down some trees, unfortunately, causing power outages. icing is going to be a big deal as well. the ohio valley into the appalachians, we're looking for downed trees, power lines as well. dangerous icing and the roads will be a mess. and heavy rain on top of the snow stretching from boston all the way down to roanoke and along the outer banks of the carolinas with small stream and highway flooding. airport impacts. we're getting ready to go into the thanksgiving holiday.
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for today, charlotte, cleveland, new york area, philly, pittsburgh, all the way down to washington for today. for tomorrow, boston, buffalo, new york, philly, and portland. if you're driving, look at this, the highway impacts going to be significant today. i-64 from louisville to norfolk, philadelphia to pittsburgh on i-76, i-95, raleigh. and then tomorrow, cleveland to new york along i-80, new york to montreal on i-87, and i-95 from philadelphia all the way up to bangor. guys, there's going to be a big impact storm. the good news is, it's a quick mover. back to you. >> good for that, al. thank you. now let's look at the impact of all that winter weather. snow and ice already leading to accidents on the roads, and yes, delays at airports coast to coast. nbc's ron mott is in snowy st. louis for us this morning. hi, ron. good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning. how about this for an early winter wake-up call? the calendar says november 15th
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which means we've gait another five weeks or so to go before the official start of winter, so if this is any indication of what's to come, watch out. this morning, it's a wet winter welcome. >> we're going to have fun, play in the snow, if we don't have school. >> reporter: the season's first nor'easter bringing rain, snow and ice. >> i'll be salting the driveway and the steps. >> reporter: much of the midwest waking up to white conditions like this. the rapid snowfall overnight in st. louis threatening travelers, authorities urging drivers to take it easy on the roads. further up the east coast, last-minute storm preps under way. >> i have shovels. i'm good to go. but i've got to get these leaves all bagged before it snows, or else i'm going to have to bag heavy leaves. >> reporter: in north carolina, salt trucks ready and loaded to deal with potentially dangerous ice accumulations. >> you know, i think we've done all the things we can do to be prepared for it. now it's pretty much making sure we're in position when those temperatures drop below freezing. >> reporter: wednesday's early winter blast bringing snow and ice from tennessee to louisiana, and arkansas, an accident due to icy conditions closed westbound
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interstate 40. in mississippi, two were killed and more than 40 others injured after a tour bus flipped on a slick highway. >> oh, wow! it's so pretty! >> reporter: this southern november freeze already at record-breaking levels in places like monroe, louisiana, which saw its earliest measurable snowfall ever. now, we're expecting this snow to stop falling here in st. louis in the next few hours. if they hit 5 inches and they probably will, it will be the first time this much snow has fallen in the city since 1980. very rare indeed. back to you. hoda, savannah, back to you. >> wow. all right, ron, thank you. this morning, the death toll is continuing to rise from those devastating wildfires in california as crews prepare for yet another long day of searching through debris and fighting those flames. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the very latest. hey, miguel. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning.
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these are the conditions crews are working in, homes that are unrecognizable. the search teams are still looking for the missing, and we're told that number may hover around 130. s the fire danger ub side subsi search for the missing takes center stage in the devastated mountain towns around paradise. forensic teams have been carrying out the grim task of combing through ash and rubble for human remains. the death toll from the camp fire now stands at 56, but as many as 130 are still unaccounted for. that number may still rise. communications in paradise remains difficult with phone lines and cell service largely knocked out in many areas, many searching for their loved ones believe there's reason to be hopeful. >> i'm looking for my brother, monty. i know they made it off the mountain. i mean, i haven't talked to him, so i hope monty, if you can see this, please call your sister. >> reporter: carol haxby is still searching for her son, more than five days after she
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evacuated. >> i have no idea. i don't know what i'm going to do, you know? i'm just at a loss right now. >> reporter: meantime, with evacuation centers overflowing and hundreds sleeping in tents, a growing chorus of residents is calling on pg&e to take responsibility for the fire. betsy anh caoey, whose property is near the origin of the blaze, says the utility company told her about problems on power lines just a day before the camp fire exploded. >> pg&e, if this is their fault, they need to be held accountable. >> reporter: pg&e declined nbc's request for comment. >> we're good! >> reporter: the cause of the fire remains under investigation. in southern california, where many also believe that power lines may have caused the fires here, concern about exposure to toxic smoke. the state's department of toxic substance control said there were no elevated levels of hazardous compounds in the air,
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other than those normally present after a wildfire. back in paradise, nick mayes returning to what's left of his childhood home, searching the ash for a family safe with a prized treasure inside, an engagement ring he's planned to give his girlfriend of two years. later, with the help of his father. >> yep. you got it. this is it. >> all right! >> reporter: amid the destruction, a symbol of love survives. search teams say the rubble here is spread out across so much area it's going to take days even weeks for the missing. that will take some time. again, that's around 130 in northern california. meantime, crews are making progress. here in southern california, the blaze is about 50% contained. in northern california, roughly 30% contained. cert >> let's hope.
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miguel, thank you. and now to that breaking news in the murder of a "washington post" journalist inside the saudi consulate in istanbul, turkey. this morning, new indictments in that killing have just been announced. nbc's keir simmons has got the latest on this breaking story. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this is a dramatic development. saudi arabia, which initially denied involvement in journalist jamal khashoggi's disappearance, now announcing prosecutions. five people, the saudi prosecutor says, were directly involved in, quote, ordering and executing the crime. prosecutors say khashoggi was killed by a lethal injection, his body dismembered and taken out of the building. the plan set in motion the saudi prosecutor alleges three days before the killing. the highest level official behind the killing, he claims, is saudi's former deputy intelligence chief ahmad al assiri. 21 people are now in custody overt murder with 11 indicted. turkey has claimed saudi arabia's crown prince for khashoggi's brutal death, saying the kingdom sent an assassination squad for him.
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earlier this week, the torture tools were revealed in turkish media -- syringes, scissors, a taser, a defibrillator, and radio jamming equipment. the baggage x-rays leaked to a pro-government turkish newspaper. by the time khashoggi walked into the consulate, the hit team had also acquired a bone saw to dismember him. and as that equipment was arriving in istanbul, so was the target. this new video showing khashoggi also at the airport shortly before he walked into the saudi consulate, where he was killed. khashoggi's alleged murder secretly captured on a graphic audio recording, shared with countries, including canada. >> canada has been fully briefed up on what turkey had to share. >> reporter: while "the new york times" citing three people familiar with the recording reports that a bodyguard of saudi arabia's crown prince, seen here outside the consulate, called home, saying the deed had
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been done and, "tell your boss." this scandal has threatened the leadership of saudi arabia's crown prince, who has close connections with the white house, including president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. savannah and hoda, saudi arabia clearly now intent on repairing its reputation, perhaps, whatever it takes. >> all right, keir simmons on that breaking story, thank you. greg is joining -- craig is joining us with another story making headlines. >> good morning to you. michael avenatti, attorney for adult film star stormy daniels in legal battles with the president, is speaking out after he was arrested on a domestic abuse allegations. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has details on that this morning. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you. he's one of the country's most high-profile attorneys, now out on bail and denying what he calls bogus allegations against him. michael avenatti has embraced the spotlight, but now he finds it squarely on him. a lawyer who made a name for himself by taking on president trump now facing legal troubles of his own.
7:13 am
>> michael, what happened? >> what happened, michael? >> reporter: michael avenatti, walking out of a los angeles police station overnight, released after being arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence, a charge that under california law indicates the victim had visible injuries. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. i am looking forward to a full investigation, at which point i am confident that i will be fully exonerated. >> reporter: police are not identifying the victim. the lawyer for avenatti's estranged wife tells nbc news it wasn't her and that she's never known avenatti to be physically violent toward anyone. his first ex-wife echoing those comments, calling avenatti a very good man. >> stormy! >> hi, everyone! >> reporter: the 47-year-old attorney first shot to national prominence representing adult film star stormy daniels, who says she was paid to stay quiet about her alleged affair with president trump in 2006, something he's denied.
7:14 am
>> she can describe various conversations that they had that leave no doubt as to whether this woman is telling the truth. >> reporter: avenatti has seemed to relish his role as trump antagonist. >> this is a man that's been demeaning women for the better part of his entire adult life. >> reporter: and has taken on other cases connected to the president, including family separations at the mexican border and sexual misconduct allegations against now supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. avenatti's visits to iowa and new hampshire stoking speculation his sights are set on the white house in more ways than one. >> i'm certainly more qualified than the existing commander in chief, and i think that i have a really good shot at beating this guy. >> reporter: president trump dismissing avenatti as, he says, a con artist, and calling him a, quote, sleazebag. >> quick question, 2020. avenatti? >> right. i think -- oh, i don't think he's a serious president. >> reporter: the vermont democratic party has canceled avenatti's scheduled appearances in that state as avenatti again
7:15 am
overnight on twitter insists he's done nothing wrong. craig. >> hallie, thank you. staying in washington, one day after the first lady publicly called for her firing, one of the president's key national security advisers is being reassigned. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander's got that story this morning. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. freezing rain and snow here at the white house, and perhaps a storm brewing inside as well. the president tweeting this morning it's all much ado about nothing, that the white house, in his words, is running very smoothly. melania trump, though, getting her way just a day after that extraordinary and likely unprecedented call from the first lady's office for one of the president's top advisers to be booted, and it comes as president trump is publicly mulling over more post-midterm moves. this morning, a win for the first lady after a shake-up in the west wing. >> mr. president, are you going to fire mira ricardel? >> press secretary sarah sanders
7:16 am
announcing deputy national security adviser mira ricardel will depart the white house to transition to a new role within the administration, her ouster coming one day after melania trump publicly called for her firing through her spokeswoman, infuriated after ricardel interfered with mrs. trump's first solo trip overseas. according to people familiar with the disagreement. next to go could be homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen, seen at the southern border wednesday with defense secretary james mattis. >> i thank each and every one of you for what you do for this country. thank you. >> reporter: the president telling right-wing website the daily caller he expects to make a decision about her future shortly after their relationship reportedly soured months ago. speculations again swirling that chief of staff john kelly could be on his way out, this time after clashes with the east wing escalated to the president. president trump insisting no decisions have been made, but he says he will, quote, be making changes on various things. among those under consideration to replace kelly, multiple sources familiar with the
7:17 am
discussions tell nbc news vice president mike pence's chief of staff, nick ayers, notably absent during the vice president's foreign trip this week. the first lady's spokesperson calling the relationship with kelly's staff very positive. last week, president trump downplayed new staff shake-ups in an administration that's already seen historic turnover. >> i mean, there's no great secret, a lot of administrations make changes after midterms. i will say that for the most part, i'm very, very happy with this cabinet. >> reporter: and as we await the results of the florida recount, due today, and as the president is again claiming voter fraud without evidence, another democratic congressional candidate just made some history. andy kim of new jersey will be the first korean american to serve in congress in 20 years, the apparent winner in his race. democrats picking up another seat in california overnight that means the democrats have now gained at least 34 house seats with seven still
7:18 am
undecided, the most democratic house wins since watergate. hoda, savannah, and craig, back to you. >> all right, peter alexander at the white house. thank you. time to turn back to mr. roker. already snowing in washington, d.c. >> that's right. it's like "game of thrones." winter's coming! let's show you. we've got freeze warnings down to the south. look at that. snow is coming down. the snow is developing here. we are looking at another front that's going to bring in some more cold air. we're going to look at that coming up in the next half hour. sunny and pleasant out west, but as you heard from miguel almaguer, we may see some rain in southern california by next week. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. we're going to get tl forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:19 am
good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the very unhealthy air quality remains the big story for the bay area. we're looking at levels that are over 200, which means that it affects everyone, whether you have breathing problems or not. here's a look at your view across san francisco. really hard to see at this point. our temperatures start out cool, but we'll be heading into the upper 60s for the inland areas. we'll see more of the same and only slight improvement in our air quality throughout the weekend. >> and that's your lat and that's your latest weather. thank you so much. still ahead, a bizarre development in an active charity that went viral. did the couple and the homeless man they appeared to be helping, work together to deceive donors out of more than $400,000. still ahead, remembering a
7:20 am
hero. >> he had a heart of gold. he would have done anything for anyone. >> our emotional conversation with the wife and son of the sheriff sergeant who lost his life trying to save oersth
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so, this year let's all get up, get out and shop small on november 24th. i got croissant. small business saturday. a small way to make a big difference. the number of dead - now stands at 56 .. from the wildfire that tore throu good morning. 7:26. the number of people that have died in the camp fire now stands at 56. that's that wildfire that tore through paradise in butte county. early this morning the number of people missing and unaccounted for rose to 297. we just got new updated numbers from cal fire. that camp fire has burnt sho,000 acres and 40% contained. health leaders are monitoring ten people they say somehow contacted a case of norovirus at
7:27 am
a shelter in chico. now kari hall. a the camp fire brings us a swath of unhealthy air. you see views like this. you do need to wear a mask. this is a live look outside in dublin with our time to limit outside is needed for today. we're looking at temperatures reaching into the upper 60s, at you won't be able to enjoy that. you should wear your mask and we'll only see slight improvements in our air quality as we go throughout the weekend with highs in the upper 60s. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> good news, most of the crashes cleared from the upper shore freeway. we may have one sticking around. the rest of the south bay shows 580 clearing. west 92 and 84 both very slow. we're looking at a live look at the san mateo bridge. it looks better than it has in the last 90 minutes. there's also a lot of haze in the air. the air quality is a factor all
7:28 am
around the bay. we'll have more local news coming up in 30 minutes. you can always find us at
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7:30 now, thursday morning, 15th of november 2018. isn't that a pretty sight? >> oh, yeah. >> it is. >> snow falling in the nation's capital this morning, but wait until you get closer to it, with winter weather causing problems up and down the east coast. >> that's where we'll start our check of the headlines. 88 million americans from the midwest to maine are under winter weather advisories and warnings today. the snow has been falling in st. louis all night long is now headed east. parts of pennsylvania, new york, and new england could see up to a foot of snow. the storm expected to wreak havoc on travel as airport delays are already starting to pile up. an additional 35 million people are under flood and flash flood
7:31 am
watches. al's going to be back with the latest in just a few moments. the first wave of central american migrants have reached the u.s. border. they slept in overcrowded shelters and tents in tijuana, mexico. some of them were confronted by local residents who didn't want them there. police were called in to keep the peace. about 800 migrants have reached the border so far, many of them biding time trying to figure out if they'll try to stay in mexico or seek sanctuary in the united states, a move president trump has vowed to stop. meantime, some big developments along the south korea/north korea border. the two countries have reportedly demolished and dismantled nearly two dozen guard posts in the dmz. the south korean military let the media witness the demolition today. back in september, the two sides agreed to eventually remove all guard posts as part of an ongoing effort to ease tensions between the north and the south. also this morning, a feel-good story that went viral may have a not-so-happy ending. >> remember that couple who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a homeless man who helped them in their time of
7:32 am
need? well, this morning there are reports it was all a hoax. all three people involved, the couple and the homeless man, could be facing charges. >> that changes my life right then. >> reporter: it was a feel-good story that captured the nation. >> did all that? that is awesome! >> reporter: a couple raises hundreds of thousands for the homeless man who helped them in their time of need. but now, a year after their story went viral, reports that it may have all been a hoax. >> a gofundme fight surrounding a south jersey couple and a homeless man. tonight, prosecutors say it was a scam. >> reporter: wcau reporting that all three people involved are facing criminal charges. prosecutors saying mark d'amico and kate mcclure conspired with johnny bobbitt to create the get rich quick scheme in 2017, the couple creating a gofundme page, claiming bobbitt, a homeless drug addict, spent his last $20
7:33 am
to fill up mcclure's empty gas tank after her car broke down. the story quickly exploded online, raising more than $400,000. more than 14,000 people contributing. but soon, the feel-good story took a major turn after bobbitt accused the couple of using the funds as a personal piggy bank to bank-roll a lifestyle they couldn't afford. the couple disputing those claims earlier this year. >> the money was placed into our account. >> he is our family. >> reporter: bobbitt sued the couple, whose house was raided by police back in september. they were never charged with any crime. >> guys, anything to say? mark, where's the money? >> reporter: now, according to a source familiar with the case, all three face charges of conspiracy and theft by deception for working together, making the story up and counting on the kindness of strangers. so, the couple reportedly turned themselves into authorities yesterday, leaving bobbitt still at large. the couple's lawyer telling nbc
7:34 am
news, "we have no comment, have a nice day." >> well, that's just depressing. thank you. but the weather's super. >> it is, and -- [ laughter ] what's sad about that is there are a lot of legitimate gofundme charity pages -- >> most of them. >> and you want people to stop and think about that. all right, let's go. we have a calendar game grour. >> all right. >> so, this morning, 29 degrees in dallas, the normal low 46. guess what? the calendar should read january 7. >> i get it. >> how about that? >> let's do it again. >> all right, so for new york, when do you think the calendar should read for the temperature we're going to be -- >> what's the temperature? >> well, the temperature this morning is going to be 31. >> oh! is it -- >> december 20th? >> very good. you can see -- >> very nice. >> normally, it would be 42. let me try it a little better this time. all right, this morning, 23 in boston. what do you think the calendar -- >> i'll say december 6th -- >> november 15th. >> wrong, january 11! yeah, we're way ahead of where
7:35 am
we should be for temperatures. but look at this. for today, unseasonably cold throughout a good chunk of the eastern half of the u.s. today philly's going to feel like -- it's going to be 19 degrees below average. indianapolis at 37, 15 degrees colder. even down to new orleans, hoda, look at that, 53. >> whoa. >> normally, yeah, should be about 67 degrees. for friday, the cold air continues in the eastern half of the country. and guess what, into next week we get a reinforcing shot of cold air. so chicago stays in the 30s into early next week. binghamton into the 30s, charlotte into the 50s. and even dallas will be colder than usual with temperatures in for the bay area, the big story is the drifts of smoke moving through and how unhealthy it is to be outside. we're looking at particulate matter levels over 200 for much of the bay area. that means that it not only affects those with breathes problems but the whole population. you shouldn't be outside for any long periods of time.
7:36 am
if you do have to be out there, wear a mask. we're not able to enjoy the temperatures in the upper 60s as we go into the afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> al, thanks. coming up, what should you eat for the best results? dr. oz on the findings from a groundbreaking diet study that may be unlocking the mysteries of losing weight. plus, a "rossen reports" exclusive, your first look at new technology that could help school buses avoid those dangerous crashes. then, the young stars from the beloved movie "you've got mail" all grown up. we're going to catch up with them. but first, a "today" exclusive. the family of the california officer who died a hero trying to stop the borderline gunman open up about his remarkable legacy
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welcome back. sheriff sergeant ron helus, the heroic officer who died trying to stop that mass shooting at the borderline bar in california, is going to be laid to rest today. >> and his family is speaking to nbc news exclusively about the husband and father they lost far too soon. nbc's joe fryer joins us with more. hey, joe. good morning. >> reporter: hey there, guys. good morning. 12 innocent people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the packed borderline. one of the first on the scene was ventura county sheriff's sergeant ron helus, who rushed in to stop the shooter and saved many lives that night. we sat down with his grieving wife and son, who want to honor his bravery and his love for them. >> he gave 100% to everything that he did. he loved people. he loved god. he loved me. he loved you. he loved everyone. he protected people. >> reporter: to karen, his wife of 29 years, ron helus was a
7:42 am
loving husband and doting father to their 24-year-old son, jordan. last week, sergeant helus was in his car talking to karen on the phone as he often did during his down time. that's when an emergency call came in, an active shooter at the borderline bar and grill. >> be advised, there are multiple shots being fired. >> he said he had to go back someone up, and he said he loved me. and i'm glad that i said i loved him, and that was the last time i talked to him. >> the fact that he said i love you during that conversation, does that bring you comfort? >> it does, yes, a lot. yeah. >> reporter: sergeant helus rushed in to confront the gunman and stop the bloodshed. he was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. >> tonight, as i told his wife, he died a hero because he went -- he went in to save lives, to save other people.
7:43 am
>> reporter: the sheriff told you your husband died a hero. >> yeah. yeah. he was. he would have said he was just doing his job, but you know what, he is a hero, and i want him to be known for that, because that's what he did. >> reporter: hours later, thousands lined the streets, paying their respects in an emotional tribute as a procession for the fallen hero passed through the county. >> he wouldn't have expected anyone to do that for him. he wouldn't have asked anyone. >> reporter: helus and his son were avid fishermen. jordan loved their annual camping trips together. in losing his dad, he says he lost his best friend. >> it's a life of good memories. >> reporter: to honor his legacy, what can everyone do? >> you know what, remember to tell the people that you love that you love them. >> reporter: the sheriff's department lobby is now filled with tributes to helus. >> he had a heart of gold. he would have done anything for
7:44 am
anyone. >> reporter: a touching reminder of the sergeant's sacrifice. >> i can't bring him back, but you know what, he died doing what he would have wanted to do, and he's in a better place. >> reporter: even though he was still working for the sheriff's department, helus had also gone back to school to earn his master's degree, and he opened a side business that trained people in gun safety. he spent 29 years on the force and was just months away from retiring. back to you guys. >> joe, thank you. >> thank you, joe. >> thank you, joe. we'll be back right after th
7:45 am
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7:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ we are back. carson's here. good morning. >> yay! >> guys, there is a new twist to an intriguing mystery we've been following, literally for years. and nbc's stephanie gosk brings us up to date. what is going on? >> hey, savannah, guys. you might remember this story.
7:49 am
when a new jersey family moved into a new home, they began receiving disturbing letters from someone who called themselves the watcher. now, after years of torment, that family's finally speaking out. this is the now-infamous watcher house at 657 boulevard in westfield, new jersey. the stately, 3,900-square-foot home boasting six bedrooms, four baths, and one very disturbing mystery that kept the brodis family from ever moving in. three days after buying the nearly $1.4 million home in 2014, derek and maria brodis say they began receiving threatening letters from someone who identified themselves as the watcher. the anonymous writer who claimed to keep a close eye on the house referring to the couple's three small children as young blood in a series of menacing messages. the brodises opened up for the first time about the terrorizing ordeal to "new york magazine."
7:50 am
>> the first time i read the letters, i got goose bumps. i've never seen anything like it outside of kind of a horror movie or a stephen king novel. >> reporter: in one of the letters, they say the watcher wrote, "my grandfather watched the house in the 1920s, and my father watched in the 1960s. it is now my time. why are you here? i will find out." the watcher seemingly taunting the brodises, who tell "new york" magazine they lived in fear and became obsessed with trying to figure out who wrote the letters. derek says "i was a depressed wreck." >> they hired a number of experts. they hired a former fbi agent to try to create a profile. they hired a private investigator to kind of look around the neighborhood. >> reporter: the family ultimately moved in with maria brodis' parents before deciding to put it back on the market. the house never sold, becoming a local urban legend. the identity of the watcher still unknown. >> we all have our theories, you
7:51 am
know, high school kids, who knows? >> reporter: the cryptic correspondent striking one last time in february 2017. the brodises say a renter received a letter listing various forms of revenge. along with the message, "you are despised by the house and the watcher won." some have speculated the brodises could have sent the letters to themselves as a hoax. the couple rejecting that theory, telling "new york" magazine the ordeal is like cancer, we think about it every day. >> we must send jeff rossen to sleep over. find out. >> send the assistant in there? >> this is a rossen report. >> jeff will never go in there. >> i was going to say, he'll send his producer in. >> right, right. i'm in a hotel down the street. lindsey's inside the house. >> lindsey's alone! [ laughter ] >> that's such a creepy one. thank you, steph.
7:52 am
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hurforty percent off yourget entire purchase, or fifty percent off when you use or open an old navy card now through sunday. need it now? buy online and pickup in-store today. that's forty percent off your entire purchase, only at old navy. francisco. you want to make sure you're limiting time outside and turning your ac on resick late. if you do have to be in outside, wear a mask, stay hydrated and don't leave your pets outside. we're seeing very hazardous numbers out there, very
7:57 am
unhealthy for much of the bay area with particulate matter readings over 200 over a good swath of the bay area. we'll see temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. a very light wind causing that smoke to settle into some of our valleys. we'll see more of the same, only slight improvement in our air quality going throughout the weekend. we'll reach up to 69 degrees on sunday. morning temperatures in the low 40s. still looks really good. we can see some rain chances in the forecast by the middle of nen next week. we're looking at the south bay where arrow shows you southbound 17 is very slow heading up to 280. reports are some caltrans maintenance going on. i'll track that and tweet out the information i get. meanwhile, southbound 680 is still slow through sunol. the dumbarton may be slower than westbound 98. the upper east shore highway
7:58 am
slow from 4 down to the berkeley curve. happening now, the search for missing continues in butte county after that massive camp fire that started a week ago today. this morning the number confirmed deaths rose to 56 and still more than 100 people unaccounted for. now a norovirus outmaking people sick at one of the housing shelters. go to our website for the latest developments. looking live at the bay area skies unhealthy air quality is prompting more rounds of school closures. go to our twitter feed for more. .
7:59 am
we )ll track the air quality forecast overnight as you make your weekend plans. plus: thieves are going after the down payments for california homes on the market. the security flaw they )re usin. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, winter welcome. the first big storm of the season brings snow, ice, and freezing rain from the midwest to maine. 123 million people set to face winterlike conditions today. al is tracking it all. ♪ plus, the truth about carbs. what a groundbreaking study is revealing about the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off. could this change the way you diet? dr. oz is here with what you need to know. ♪ and a little bit country. >> keith urban! >> from keith urban's big win to carrie underwood's surprise baby announcement.
8:01 am
>> oh, my gosh! willie! it's a willie! >> we've got all the highlights from the country music awards, today, thursday, november 15th, 2018. ♪ >> shout out to our okla homies! >> hi, atlanta! go falcons! >> hi, mom and dad! >> it's my birthday today! >> and mine tomorrow. >> whoo! ♪ >> best friends from boston! >> hi to my grandpa! >> and my girls. >> in denver, colorado. >> sisters straight from upstate new york! >> welcome back to "today." thank you for joining us on this blustery thursday morning. we're expecting some snow here in new york in just a bit. >> we are. >> they're all bundled up. >> bundled up and fired up. can't wait to say hello to them. we're getting right to the news at 8:00 because we have a busy morning. again, the snow and ice, they're back.
8:02 am
travel is getting dicey as a massive storm rolls across the country. al has the latest on who's getting the worst of this. al, how's it going? >> right now we're looking at 115 million folks affected by flood watches, winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings and ice conditions as well. as you can see, inland sections from virginia, west virginia, ohio, into st. louis, we've got an icy mix. we've got rain along the coast. here's the ingredients we've got for this nor'easter. deep moisture coming up out of the gulf. that's the moisture feed there. strong upper level low pressure system and over canada, high pressure provides the cold air. the good thing is that cold air isn't that deep from the surface up into the upper atmosphere. so, north and west we're seeing cold for snow, but along the coast, it may start as snow but change over quickly to rain. here are the impacts for washington, d.c. morning rain and snow. we've seen the snow already. it will change over to sleet. then heavy rain later. small stream flooding possible. new york city, cloudy, breezy this morning, kind of chilly. snow starts off, then changes to
8:03 am
rain with some minor coastal flooding at high tides. and then as we head up into new england, here's where we see some real problems. later snow tonight for boston, snow-covered roads, limited visibilities. the i-95 corridor gets light snow, but inland, heavy, wet snow. also, icing is going to be a big problem from the ohio valley into the appalachians. and we're looking at rain that brings flooding rains on top of that snow, especially mid-atlantic on down into the carolinas. guys? >> all right, al, thank you. in california, officials have stepped up the search for people who are still missing in neighborhoods destroyed by wildfires. they're also under growing pressure to find out what started these fires in the first place. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer's got the latest there. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this is what the scene of destruction looks like across both northern and southern california. some 14,000 structures, mostly homes look just like this. it's what firefighters are
8:04 am
looking through for the missing. unfortunately, we're told about 130 people remain missing, although that number could climb. meantime, the death toll has now soared to 59 and that's expected to rise. but there is progress in both northern and southern california, as search teams fan out looking for victims. we know that the fire in northern california, the largest fire in state history has now reached roughly 39% containment. here in southern california, this blaze is half contained across the state. firefighters working around the clock to do what they can to get better conditions. we also know that rain is expected next week. that will be a huge help for firefighters who certainly could use a little bit of relief. >> all right, miguel, thank you. saudi arabia has indicted 11 suspects in the killing of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. the country's top prosecutor is recommending the death penalty for five of the men who allegedly ordered and carried out the crime. he also revealed new details of khashoggi's death inside the saudi consulate in turkey last
8:05 am
month. he said that after a struggle, khashoggi, a critic of saudi policy, was killed with a lethal injection and that his body was dismembered and removed from the building. his remains have not been found. now to the crucial election recount in florida. all the state's 67 counties are supposed to finish their recounts by 3:00 today. the race for governor and a senate seat are hanging in the balance. broward county, the state's second largest, says it has completed its machine recount. that happened overnight. but some counties warn they may not make the deadline. democrat bill nelson, who's trailing republican governor rick scott in that senate race has asked a federal judge to extend the deadline. all right, do you guys know what it's time for? >> boost! >> it's boost o'clock. >> you knew it! a new baby in the family's always exciting. take a look at this big brother's excitement as he meets his new sister for the very first time. >> sissy! i see. >> aw.
8:06 am
>> precious moment. christmas came a little early for that young man. he cuddles up, gives a kiss. >> oh! >> come on, is this kid going to be a perfect big brother or what? >> sweetest! >> that smile. >> the mom's weeping. >> when we brought charlie home, we had to bribe, bring a lollipop to him. this is a great kid! what a good boy. >> oh, thank you for that. so, what's the secret to losing weight and keeping it off? dr. oz is here with what we all need to know about the results of one of the longest and most in-depth diet studies ever. plus, a "rossen reports" exclusive that parents need to see. >> reporter: hi, good morning! i'm jeff rossen. school bus crashes happening across the country, but there is a new technology to stop school buses from skidding out like this on wet roads. this technology could even stop a school bus before it hits another car automatically. you're going to see it in action. it can save lives, next. e lives. i'm all for my neighborhood. i'm all for backing the community that's made me who i am. i'm all for my theatre, my barbershop and my friends.
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8:10 am
>> it's one of the most in-depth and longest studies ever conducted and the findings may change how you approach shedding pounds and keeping them off. who else would we call on at this moment? dr. mehmet oz, host of "the dr. oz show." good morning. >> good morning. >> they don't study diets all that often, so this is unusual to have such a comprehensive study and results. >> profoundly important. i talked to the study author and interviewed in the past. ludwig says if we can change the belief that all calories are equal, it will establish their goal opinion because calories in, calories out turns out not to be true. >> so the big headline, to just cut to it, is that the low-carb diet is better for maintaining weight loss. >> let me give you the specifics. that is true, but exactly why is important to understand. people who had 20% of their diet made of carbs, so it's just a low-carb diet, they increased their calorie burn 250 calories. in other words, you can get away with more food. also important, they reduced the amount of this hormone called ghrelin. that's the hormone that makes your stomach growl. it's like a gremlin in your stomach.
8:11 am
is that hormone level went down, which means you feel less hungry. so, theoretically, if you can eat more food and not gain weight because your body's burning more calories, and you can keep down your hunger. i know people on the "today" show have done low-carb diets, why people can lose weight, not feel discomfort while doing it, and sustain it. >> savannah's talking about this, because usually there's a time of the day when you're starving and because you're on the low-carb diet -- it doesn't hit. >> you're eating fat, so you feel less hungry. >> let's break it down. say i have a chicken burrito. rice, beans, all those things. how can i make that work for this diet? >> it's a nudge, which is why this study is so important. again, they meticulously measure how many calories your body was burning, how much it felt like it was being attacked. and that's why the data is critical. it was done by realtime scientists, followed people for 20 weeks! most diet studies follow you for hours or days. it doesn't give you that kind of information. let's take a chicken or bean burrito. swap out the whole grain rice, which is good for you, right? but if you're a big-time insulin secreting person, you're shaped
8:12 am
like an apple, you can't get away with that. swap that for avocado or sour cream. >> so you keep the wrap. instead of rice you put avocado or sour cream. >> as an example. you can get a little bit of cards. or everyone's having eggs in america, i suspect for breakfast. instead of having it on a bagel, have it with a piece of cheese. you can still have some carbs. you just can't have as much over the course of the day. >> i think the thing about a lot of low-carb diets is you're like, we can't sustain it. >> yes. >> it's not sustainable. is this sustainable? >> that's what he showed. he actually gave these people real-world experiences. 150,000 foods were shipped out in the course of the 20-week study. people ate real food they wanted to eat. it just could be from a smorgasbord of low-carb options versus high-carb options, so it's applicable to our lives. and the big question i want to ask, how is it possible all these years later we never studied this. here is the unfortunate ereality, most drugs make them $100 million to show they work. studying a diet is much more difficult and therefore should
8:13 am
be more expensive. this happened because a private donor gave $12 million to harvard and said listen, go study this. and they figured something out people have been asking and i'm of the hope that this will push organized medicine off the belief that we can just tell people it's your fault, it's calories in, calories out. just do a better job. this shows your body will feel less attack, less under siege if you eat low carbs. >> we have a lot more information if you're interested on this on your website i took away also crackers are the enemy. you can catch dr. oz weekdays. check your local listings. thank you. >> all right. check your local listings. thank you. >> all right. now, what's old is new again. carson is in our newly spruced up orange room. >> i'll take the bagel with eggs. did you get that? sounds delicious right about now. guys, we're going to talk monopoly. hasbro has put out a new twist on the classic game. we love it. this one's called monopoly for millennials. the box, as you can see, shows monopoly icon, rich uncle pennybags, but he's sporting hipster shades, earbuds, even has a participation medal pinned to his jacket. the tag line for this game reads
8:14 am
"forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway." instead of collecting money, players collect experiences and visit places like the farmer's market, thrift shops, a friend's couch, or even their parent's basement. now -- am i supposed to be swiping here? yes, okay. now, the classic game pieces you remember have been replaced. remember the thimble, the shoe? now they're cool things like hashtags, a camera, an emoji. social media users are very mixed on the review of the game. tyler says "the more i learn about monopoly for millennials, the better it gets. i must own this game." however, amanda says "i think it's pretty offensive and uses stereotypes to make fun of millennials." >> that's so millennial. >> uh-oh, craig melvin -- >> like it or not, it doesn't matter. the game is indeed in high demand and is currently out of stock at walmart's website. vendors are selling it for more than 50 bucks on amazon as well. >> wow. >> and this isn't the first time hasbro -- by the way, do you like the new look here? >> you look really good. >> much bigger.
8:15 am
>> it's no longer orange, which is good. it feels like a travel agency. i'd like a one-way ticket to tahiti, please. by the way, we in our family bought a new monopoly game as well called the cheaters edition. >> really? what's that? >> it's got the treasure chest cards, the chance cards and now the cheat cards that you can pull and you can take 500 bucks from your neighbor. it comes with a handcuff when you go to jail. >> is that really true? >> i swear. >> that's cute. >> and there is also a fortnight edition of monopoly. >> they have changed the name of the company now, hasbra. got "pop start"? >> i do. big night last night, the cmas toog took place in nashville. here's a few highlights. we'll start with kari underwood and her growing bump -- >> beautiful dress. >> gorgeous. >> this will be underwood and mike fisher's second child together. last night, carrie hinted at what they're expecting. >> hey, you remember last time when i accidentally revealed the gender of your baby?
8:16 am
>> well, i mean, who could ever forget #bradblewit. >> seriously, carrie, give me a baby hint. >> it's not going to happen. >> johnny or june? >> i'm not making the same mistake twice. >> tim or faith? george or tammy? >> no. >> waylon or willie? >> wait, what? that doesn't even make sense! >> come on, waylon or willie. come on. i want to know. tell us. >> oh, my gosh, willie! it's a willie! >> oh, carrie blew it! #carrieblewit. >> mike doesn't seem to be too upset with a smile there. another big moment of the night was keith urban, who won entertainer of the year. the singer got teary-eyed as he took the stage and spoke. he's such a great guy. here's the speech. >> baby girl, i love you so much. this, i am shocked beyond shocked. our girls at home, i love you. thank you for supporting daddy and loving me through all of what i do. same with you, baby girl. you make it all worthwhile. above all, just, god, i thank
8:17 am
you so much for the blessings of this. i wish my dad was alive to see this, but i think he's watching over me tonight. >> you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer guy. i'm not kidding. >> the loveliest. and how about that moment with nicole and keith? like, it's like, obviously so -- it's like no one else is in the room in that moment. >> right. and that's how he is, too, when the cameras aren't on him. so happy for keith. next, "you've got mail." it's been years since the rom com hit theaters, meg ryan and tom hanks. the film also starred holly hirsch and jeffrey scarperotti. caught up with the kids, of course, now all grown up, who shared some of their favorite memories in the making of the movie. >> tom hanks was a total prankster. i remember when we were working in a sound stage, working in the interior of the shop around the corner, which was meg ryan's shop. and when we exited the store, there was sort of like this fake sidewalk, and he put like one of those fake dog poo things, and i
8:18 am
kept walking in. >> yes, i remember. this is my autograph that i got from hamm tankz. and me being the kid that i was, i presigned one for him but did it on the same piece of paper, so didn't realize i couldn't give it to him, so he gave me this one. so i kept my autograph to me. there's that. >> you can check out the full interview at great movie. finally, former first lady michelle obama, she and ellen headed to costco to sign a few copies of her book "becoming." and as expected, things got quickly out of hand. >> what's your name? >> michelle, what did you put in here? >> oh, my -- >> what? you can't do that! look at her. she does a lot of book signings, so she gets a little, you know. what? what did you -- >> i didn't say anything. >> oh. what aisle is the foot fungus medicine on? michelle is asking for foot fungus medicine. >> i don't need foot fungus medicine. >> no? smell this.
8:19 am
>> no. >> when they go low, we get high. when i say michelle, you say pfiefer. michelle -- >> pfiefer! >> michelle. >> pfiefer! [ laughter ] >> their adventures at costco, i could watch an hour of that. it's like its own show. of course, a full sit-down interview with former first lady michelle obama is today on "ellen." check your local listings. >> oh, that's awesome. >> all right, al, thank you -- al. carson! thank you. al, weather. >> i'm going over here. my chair is spinning. no? i'm just going to stay here? there we go. all right. i was turning my chair around. freeze warnings now through the south. of course, we have a nor'easter making its way up the coast, sunny and pleasant out west, cold and snow t good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a look at our view in san francisco. really smoky out there.
8:20 am
and our air quality, the amount of particularate matter has made its way into the bay area. wear a mask if you have to be out there. temperatures heading into the mid to upper 60s for much of our bay area. we'll see more of the same, only slight improvements in our air quality for the weekend and rain chance still in the forecast for the middle of next week. there . let's all spin, right now! everybody! whoo! >> we do have these new wheelie chairs, and we're all 5. >> mr. roker, thank you. >> okey doke! >> jeff rossen's here. this morning on "rossen reports," an exclusive first look at cutting-edge technology that could prevent school bus crashes. >> that's right. our "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with that. hey, jeff. >> good morning. look, this is personal for all of us, but especially personal for me. this year, my 6 and 8-year-olds were riding a bus, a school bus just like this, when it got into a crash on the highway, so serious, our station here in new york, wnbc -- as you can see, that's the bus right there, my
8:21 am
kids' bus -- they sent their chopper to cover it as breaking news. imagine seeing that on television. thank goodness nobody was seriously hurt. we got lucky, but that's not always the case. school buses are big, heavy, and tough to maneuver, especially in bad weather, but now there's a brand-new system for school buses that senses danger and takes control of the bus automatically, literally helping it to steer out of danger. this can be a game-changer and save lives. you're about to see it in action right here. [ screaming ] >> reporter: school buses losing control. again -- >> i'm going to need about 20 ambulances. i have a full school bus and i have victims on the ground. >> reporter: and again. students inside going flying. already this year, dozens of school bus crashes across the country. in texas, 24 students injured when this bus hydroplaned and flipped. near pittsburgh, dozens more rushed to the hospital in another crash.
8:22 am
and near dallas, 12-year-old jasmine alfaro was killed when her school bus crashed and burst into flames. but now, the country's largest school bus maker says they've developed new technology to prevent many of these crashes and save kids' lives. and today, for the first time ever, they're about to show us that technology on this bus in action. and to do it, we have our drone out, we have multiple cameras, and we are here on this closed track, away from traffic, so nobody gets hurt. and the reason for that is because we're about to get on this bus and nearly crash it to see if it really works. the company ic bus sets up the test, calling in this special water truck, hosing down the track like it just rained, the kind of conditions your kids' bus would drive in. i am on the bus with trish reid of ic bus. their driver, fred, is behind the wheel. we barreled down the road
8:23 am
heading right for the wet pavement. the system is off. okay, so, the system is off right now. this is like any school bus in america. >> yes, it is. >> all right, here's the turn. here we go. oh. you can see the whole back of the bus is fishtailing out. we're all over the place. >> lost control in a skid. >> if there were cars right there, people -- >> it'd be devastating. >> reporter: now check it out from another angle. the bus crashing right through those cones. from our nbc drone, you can see it fishtailing. leaving the track, even coming straight at our camera in the safe zone. now we come around and do it again, but this time, they activate the electronic stability control. system on. >> okay, confirming the system is on? >> it is on. >> here comes that turn right now. whoa. ooh, that's a tight turn! it's staying inside the cones! >> the system knew what the driver and the bus was doing and
8:24 am
corrected it. >> spot on! that accurate. >> reporter: a perfect turn, even at the same speed. staying on track, not hitting a single cone. but the computer does even more. this next test surprised even us. the team parks a car on the track as we're still on the bus and the driver hits the gas. >> we're going to demonstrate collision mitigation technology. it's advanced technology that helps the driver if they get distracted or have any kind of medical condition, to avoid an accident. >> this is to simulate we're on a highway, there's traffic up ahead, gridlock, and the driver's not stopping. >> that's correct. >> if we continue on, we're going to hit that car, guys. >> reporter: with that beep, the computer hits the brakes automatically, stopping the bus in its tracks. >> did you hit the brake on that? >> nope. >> i actually want to get out real quick and show you something. i want to show you the distance is even stops. this is how well the radar works. this is like a whole school bus
8:25 am
length, away from the car in front of it. this will save your kids' lives. that's amazing. experts say school bus is still the safest way to get your kids to school. this technology makes them even safer, obviously. and this is a big deal, because as i mentioned in the piece, the company that skam up with this technology, ic bus, is huge. in fact, nearly two-thirds of all kids in america read ic buses to school every day. now they're putting this technology into every new school bus they build, standard. >> good. >> nice to hear that. >> pretty amazing. >> good report. >> thank you. >> thank you, jeff. >> thanks, buddy. the cost of beauty. we're going to explore the toll that your morning routine may take on your life. and the one andi )m ...
8:26 am
the number of dead - now stands at 56 .. from the wildfire that tore through good morning. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia. the number of dead sadly stands at 56 from the wildfire that tore through paradise. today marks one week since that fire began. the number of people missing and unaccounted for is still well above 100. and in the last hour, cal fire gave us a new update. the camp fire has burned 140,000 acre, 40% contained now. to make matters worse for evacuees, house leaders are saying 10 people somehow contracted the case of norovirus. they don't want that to spread. let's check the morning
8:27 am
commute now with mike. >> okay, laura. northbound 17 in the last five minutes, starting to improve past hamilton. maintenance work reported for caltrans and also a report that was reportedly in the clearing stages. we're looking for improvement. 87 also very slow northbound. south bay, in general, valley commute. showing some improvement, i think they've cleared that big rig. 580 slows, approaching the d dublin interchange. still moving very slow. slow but recovering through el cerrito. back to you. >> all right. we'll have another local update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hi, there, everybody! it's thursday morning. it's november 15th, 8:30. we've got a great crowd out here on a chilly day. >> hey, guys! hi! >> the calm before the storm, because the snow's coming down a little bit. really starting to feel like christmas out here. we've got the rockefeller center christmas tree. in a week we're going to light it up. and carson's working the crowd. what you got this morning? >> well, i'm noticing we've got these fine folks here. fans of craig's since the craig cam, south carolina. this is katherine and bob, craig. >> good to see you, katherine and bob. >> just to say good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> what is the craig cam? >> well, in 2001? >> yeah. >> craig, we used to watch him
8:31 am
every morning on tv in south carolina. >> how about that? >> and we said, we're going to see you on the "today" show one day. >> wow! that's so sweet! >> here is that moment. >> thank you. thanks for coming. >> nice to have you folks here. thank you so much. >> thanks for coming. don't google craig cam. if people googled it right now -- >> maybe we'll bring the craig cam back. >> no, we don't want to do that. >> sounds good. >> coming up, the legendary michael douglas is here. he looks so young, but did you know he's celebrating 50 years in show business. we won't tell anyone. and he's coming back to tv, great new project. can't wait to chat with him about all of that. that's right. then we'll help you deck your halls for the holiday with great new ideas, including a few fun projects that the kids can get involved with as well. >> love this. plus, an eye-opening look at just how much time and how much money we invest in our appearance and whether it's really worth it. >> huh. >> what do y'all think? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> you bet. >> third hour of "today," by the
8:32 am
way, just a few minutes from now, jenna's turn to live out her childhood dream. she starred on broadway -- >> wow! >> we're going to show you what happened when jenna bush hager joined the cast of "chicago." she said that after her performance, her husband asked them if they could keep that outfit. >> yeah! she looks good. she's got it. >> look at that. >> all right, let's get a check of the weather. >> all right, let's see what we've got for you. starting your weekend out tomorrow, inland snows in new england, a clipper bringing some snow through the northern plains, warming back up down through texas. sunshine in the southwest. sunday -- i should say saturday, we've got the next blast of cold air coming into the plains. sunny skies along the west coast, light snow through the upper mississippi river valley. then sunday, sunday! a chilly day in the northeast, a quick shot of snow making its way through the ohio river valley. sunny and dry through the southwest. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still tracking very unhealthy air quality with some thick
8:33 am
plumes of smoke moving into the bay area today. limit your time outside. if you do have to get out there, make sure you're wearing a mask. we will see high temperatures heading into the upper 60s and a few low 70s. we'll see more of the same over the next few days with some minor improvements in our air quality. for the weekend, we'll be in the upper 60s. morning temperatures still chilly and still tracking a chance of rain in the forecast for the middle of next week. >> weather. of course, if its like to take us with you when you have to head out of your house, all you've got to do is download the sirius xm app and you can listen to "today" show radio channel 108. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. oscar-winner michael douglas has a lot to celebrate, 50 years in show business, and the release of a new netflix series called "the kaminski method." >> he plays sandy kaminski, a legendary acting coach, who along with his longtime friend and agent, they're trying to come to terms with getting older.
8:34 am
>> listen to me, we're all scared, but we get through it because we're not alone. you're not alone. >> who do i have? >> can you see me? i'm right here in front of you. hi. hello there. i see you. you see me? >> michael douglas, we see you! good morning, good morning. >> boy, that scene has a little bit of everything. >> a little bit of everything. >> yeah. >> i mean, you pick your projects with great care. we've seen over the years the things you choose, and there's a reason you picked this one. so, what was it? >> well, first of all, chuck lor lorre, who i'm a fan going back to "two and a half men," but my family spent probably the last 11 years watching "the big bang theory." it was a family thing --
8:35 am
>> and he produced that, too. >> he produced that, wrote that, and "young sheldon." he's a great writer. so, this came to me, and it was just beautiful writing. hadn't thought at all about going back into television, television series. >> yeah. >> but this streaming thing is incredible. so, i read it. they said, okay, no commercials. they say half-hour comedy can be half an hour, can be 40 minutes, 25 minutes. you can say anything you want. >> that's pretty cool. >> i said, where do i sign up? >> yeah, you know, i'm trying to think if you've worked with alan arkin before. >> never knew him, never met him. >> you guys have real chemistry, and that's really at the heart of it. >> it is, you know, and that's one of those magical things, savannah, you never know. you meet somebody one minute, and then the next you're together. the early scene we have in kind of a musso franks restaurant in l.a. i looked at it afterwards and said i believe these guys have been friends for 40 years, and that's just chemistry. happens to work out that way. >> you've got other cool people
8:36 am
in this, too, danny devito. >> danny devito, we have guest stars, ann-margret comes in. >> patti labelle. >> patti labelle, jay leno, or later, elliott gul comes on. >> it's a lot of humor, but a lot of heart. >> well, that's what i was really taken by. and the fact that chuck says he found humor in getting old. i said, i want to drink what you're drinking. >> exactly. >> see how this happens. >> we were just saying before the break, we can't believe this, but you just now got your star on the hollywood walk of fame, which is -- >> what were they waiting for? >> what is taking so long? >> they offered it to me before. >> okay, okay. >> over the years, they have offered it at different times, but i live on the east coast and i just was not there when it was on the west coast, but it seemed appropriate, because i said, oh, my goodness, this is my 50th year in show biz, so i should get the star and then i have "the condomini" "the kominsky method" coming out
8:37 am
tomorrow. >> can we listen to a bit of this speech? >> it means so much to me, dad, that you're here today. i say thank you for your advice, for your inspiration, and i'll say it simply and with all my heart, i'm so proud to be your son. [ applause ] >> 102 years old, looking right at you. >> he's looking right up at me and he's saying i have no son who's got 50 years in the business. >> exactly. how's he doing? >> he's unbelievable, you know? he's discovered facetime, all right? >> oh, really? >> so, now the only big thing is i have to explain to him we're three hours' time zone difference. so we go to bad, dad, dad, it's three hours later. but he loves it. where are you? so you show him where you are and he lets you see it. the only problem is we'll have a nice conversation, about 15 minutes later, i get a buzz again, i'll turn it on. hello, it's me. hi, how are you doing?
8:38 am
dad, we just spoke about 15 minutes ago. oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, i forgot. >> you and your lovely bride have been together for 18 years and now you've got in your family a new grandchild! >> i do. my oldest son, cameron, made me a grandfather, lua. >> look at that little lady! >> beautiful, beautiful little girl. i'm very, very happy for her. yeah, we're all continuing. i was thinking about for kirk now we have four of his grandchildren. all three of my kids, cameron, dylan, and karis, all want to be actors as well as my niece, kelsi. so, we have four douglases in the third generation. >> guess what, you've got the genes for it, to say nothing of katherine as well. so, we'll be watching them for their 50 years in the business. >> thank you. thank you. you'll enjoy it. >> we're going to like this. "the kaminsky method" is out, on netflix tomorrow. >> you can say whatever you want. >> thank you so much. just ahead, how about this? the true cost of your beauty routine. why it goes far beyond just the price of cosmetics. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back. on average, women spend nearly an hour a day on their appearance, and the beauty industry generates nearly $4.5 billion in revenue every year. >> nbc news signal host simone boyce is here with the impact on all that money and all that time. good morning, good morning. >> good morning, ladies. as women continuing to break down barriers this year, it got me thinking about all the time and money we spend on hair, makeup, and beauty products, when we could be putting all that energy into something else a bit more permanent. so, it begs the question, why do we do it? >> we wear makeup to shape the way other people perceive us. >> women conceal. we highlight. we contour, without ever really asking why. society tells us we need makeup to look and feel complete. is that sexist?
8:42 am
>> women as a whole are expected to conform to these cultural assumptions and gender stereotyp stereotypes. so, it doesn't really matter whether you're in a law firm or whether you're at starbucks, the most attractive perceptions are the ones that benefit. >> in my quest to better understand what this dynamic looks like for women today, i decided to check out she spoke, a spot here in new york where you can get your makeup done in the same way you go to the salon for a blowout. that's jo becker, a regular here. why do you like getting your makeup professionally done? >> having my makeup done just sort of makes me feel empowered, like i sort of have this shield and that nothing can kind of penetrate that. >> so, it kind of feels like armor to you, like you're suiting up for battle? >> yeah, absolutely. >> rebecca and i never started this place so that women could come in and be pretty for men, so that women could come in and feel good about themselves. >> over the course of our lifetimes, women spend about
8:43 am
$200,000 on our appearance. so, why is makeup a big deal? well, because when we look at spending month to month, women shell out nearly $91 on cosmetics alone, but men? a mere $51 goes towards their faces. and then there's the most precious resource, time. >> the time it takes for women to apply makeup in the morning, to do their hair, is labor that they're performing that males don't have to. >> before world war i, most women didn't wear makeup. once men left for the war, all that changed. >> because women are entering the workforce. they have this new power with respect to purchasing products and they become the primary target. >> the research community agrees, women who wear some makeup are more likely to get the job and make more money, even if the time and cost of beauty disadvantages them. but some studies show female bosses actually weaken their authority when they wear heavy
8:44 am
makeup. >> we really need to shift our gaze and start focusing so that we're not disadvantaging women, whether they're wearing makeup or not. >> maybe you like wearing makeup. maybe you feel like you need to. but if you can't see yourself without it, it's worth it to ask why. >> this is like a very personal story for you, too, isn't it? >> i think for you two as well. when you work in this business and you spend hours in the makeup chair, i mean, we keep the beauty industry in business, and it just got me thinking and wanting to look a little bit deeper. and when you look at the numbers, we're spending $200,000 a year as women on our appearance. that's a law degree. that's a house. that's money to travel and give back. so, i just want to make sure we're understanding the cost of all this. and if that's a choice you want to make, then great. >> all right. well, thank you. >> thank you so much. and you can watch the entire story on simone, thank you. all right, just ahead, have you ever heard of a pj wreath?
8:45 am
>> no, i have not. >> there's a term for you. we have creative, do-it-yourself ideas to get your home ready for the holidays. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ well, thanksgiving is in one week. oh, my gosh. >> i know. can you believe it? >> 39 days until christmas, but who's counting? you know what that means, time to start decking them halls, everybody. >> jasmine ross is host of hgtv's "hidden potential," here with inexpensive, easy ideas for do-it-yourself holiday decor. we are all in. >> you mean like easy for you because you do this all the time or easy for us? >> no. >> yes, we need help. >> i don't know if you noticed, but i have my tool belt on. >> looks good. >> we build houses and do big projects, but at the end of the day, it's the little projects that make all the difference. >> and they're so cute. tell me about this christmas tree. >> first we have to put on our gear. carson. >> oh, perfect.
8:48 am
>> if we're using tools, we have to be safe. >> i took the pink one, carson. don't be mad. >> hgtv, this is the norm. >> nails, this will be fine. >> carson, that's your toolbelt. lucky duck. i like it. >> love pink. >> so, these are simple -- >> it's okay. go ahead. don't waste the time on my belt. keep going. >> these are simple trees to make out of boards that you would buy. these are 8-foot boards i bought from the hardware store. >> can you get them presliced? like it's a bagel. >> yes! you can ask for them to cut anything for you. it's free. >> i love that. then how did you put it together? >> i just screwed from the back on to one big piece here and made that into a christmas tree. >> this is awesome. >> here we put christmas cards. >> i love that. >> it's a great way -- i don't know, do you get all these cards? >> we string them with string across our mantle. >> and here we actually are going to add another nail and i can show you how to do that. here's a nail on my tool belt. >> let's do it. >> put the goggles on.
8:49 am
>> safety first. >> safety first. okay, carson, we're going right here. >> i'm standing clear. >> right here. >> okay. >> nice! >> how about that? >> okay, and then, you know, i made these little ornaments as well. >> oh, nice. >> so, i think you need to hang that one. >> okay. nobody wants the savannah ornament, but here we go. thank you. >> thank you. >> this is a great way to display your ornaments. my mother-in-law was like, i'm doing this this year for my whole tree. >> i love this! and i love using christmas cards because they're so cute and displaying them makes them laugh. >> i love you in the hard hat. >> thank you. i like the pink hard hat. this is amazing. >> you guys sent me your children's pajamas. >> yes. >> which was a little bit weird. i think we can take these off, by the way. >> okay. >> we're done with our -- >> we can do this with my children's pajamas, by the way. >> this is our children's pajamas we cut up. basically, you sent us over your pajamas. i cut them into strips that look like this. >> okay. >> and you could do old napkins, dog blankets, right? >> wow.
8:50 am
>> and all you do is you tie the strips onto a string of lights. >> unbelievable. >> and i mean, this is easy. >> this we could do. but what about the wire? how did you make it a circle? >> i have a wire wreath form. you can buy this at any craft store. >> oh. >> and all you have to do is wrap the lights around. so, we would just go i don't know, maybe one or two more times. >> so lights first, then wrap it around. >> tie your strings on the lights, wrap it around. then i think i have a plug here. >> are the lights what are holding the pajamas to the wreath? >> exactly. >> that's amazing. >> it's so easy. >> it's really cute. >> then where's yours? >> this is actually mine. >> you had doughnuts, which was really cute. >> i see some "frozen" pajamas here. it is so cute. >> and we have the red, white and blue theme going on. >> patriotic in my family at bedtime. what do we have here? >> these are diy snow globes.
8:51 am
you can use spaghetti sauce jars, whatever you have. i took a little tree, i had balls i glued onto the lid. you flip it upside down, blue on the lid, fill the jar with some water. >> it's really cute. >> the key to success is glycerine, which is oil. >> oh, why? >> because otherwise, the glitter doesn't move slow snow. you know how a snow globe meals more -- >> visitcus, you might say. >> whoa! big word. >> glycerine is not as big of a word. >> no, it's a bush song, but is it good with kids? >> it's just oil, something you buy at a craft store. then you just flip it over. >> that's so cute. >> and shake it up. you can see it's kind of moving slow in there. >> look at the viscosity of it. >> viscosity! >> boom. >> okay, cool. >> he was saving that one. >> he did, he did. this is cute. >> this is another thing you can do with jars. who doesn't have jars around the house? >> yeah, exactly. >> this could be on a mantle, in
8:52 am
an entry, a centerpiece on a table. and all i did was take that candy you have no idea what to do with and put a little tea light in there. >> good idea. >> this is just filler from a craft store. >> you have an electric tea light. would you not recommend a real candle? >> i would not. i think it would melt and just be a problem. >> fire, not good. >> exactly. >> and what's this? >> okay, these are snowmen made out of just foam balls and carnations. >> so sweet. are these real? >> they're not real because i live in california and -- >> you had to make these and bring them? >> yeah. i didn't know to ship real flowers, so these are silk carnations, but you could easily use real carnations. you just stick them into a foam ball -- >> how long would a real one last? >> i did, if you spritzed it. >> a couple weeks. >> the toolbelt -- >> can we get a shot of carson, because you wear it well. you really do. >> i'm ready to go. >> he's ready for "hidden
8:53 am
potential." >> yes, he is. >> thank you so much. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today"n nbc. o
8:54 am
8:55 am
well, we all know there's a winter storm bearing down on the east coast. here's something that's going to make us a little jealous. you know where kathie lee and sheinelle? look at them. they are in miami beach for the fourth hour. it's 80 down there? >> hi, kids! >> yeah, it's beautiful, but we're not sure we'll be able to get home. >> well, that's the thing. >> sad. so sad, we might have to stay a couple days. >> yeah, i saw a sign yesterday that says "take a moment to enjoy the moment," so that's what we're going to do. >> we may take a week. >> we're going to take a moment. i got here a night earlier. we're here because of the ford championship weekend, nascar, 3:00 eastern, a championship for drivers all competing. we'll talk with all four of the drivers today. kathie lee, yesterday i had a chance to go out with joey logano on the homestead-miami
8:56 am
speedway. these guys are so competitive! >> in it to win it. yeah. >> i have greater appreciation for these drivers because i asked them, are you just going around for 400 miles? don't you get bored? so he said, let me take you out on the track. we went 140 miles an hour. it was amazing! >> that and more, a little eating, drinking, dancing. come enjoy the moment with us. >> wish we were there. guys, have so much fun. >> thanks, guys. >> next on the third hour ofi ) cal fire this morning provided a new update on the deadly camp fire tearing thro very good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia. an update on the deadly camp fire has now burned 140,000 acres. the fire is listed at 40% contained. meantime, the number of dead rose late yesterday to 56, more than 100 people still unaccounted for. >> and there's a new development making matters worse this
8:57 am
morning for evacuees at chico. oun si on site monitoring a norovirus outbreak. those people are now quarantined. happening now, helping those evacuees, including one who thinks they caught that virus. >> taking a live look outside, our skies above dublin, bay area skies still very unhealthy today. in some cases it's triggering a new round of school closures. meteorologist kari hall will have that story on midday. you can go to our twitter feed for links to some of the latest numbers. local updates for you in an hour. you work hard for every dollar.
8:58 am
so we don't want you to pay one cent more than you need to for health care. at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered. visit today. we )ll track the air quality forecast overnight as you make your weekend plans. plus: thieves are going after the down payments for california homes on the market. the security flaw they )re usin. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
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live from studio 6a, this is "today"! >> and a good thursday morning, everyone. craig melvin here with al and jenna and jenna. >> hey, jenna and jenna! >> i just got stephanie gosk -- i'm sorry. jenna. >> we were talking about the confusion -- >> we were. >> all jenna. >> jenna. >> i'm jenna myself. >> we're getting off to a great start here on this thursday morning. >> i'm natalie. i'm visiting. >> i love when carson comes in to host. fantastic. >> willie, this has been good. >> all morning. e'


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