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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> thank you very much. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're going to be back at 7:25 with a live local news update for you. >> right now taking a look at sfo on this friday morning. you can barely make it out, if you are headed out, check your flight before headed to the airport. . good morning. chaos, the northeast brought to a standstill by a record setting snowstorm. >> never would expect this in november. >> students force to sleep in their classrooms, drivers trapped in their cars overnight. more than 10,000 flights canceled or delayed coast to coast. >> i have never seen anything this bad. >> and the misery is not over yet. breaking overnight, from bad to much, much worse. the number of dead and missing in those california wild fires skyrockets. authorities now say more than 600 people are unaccounted for. nearly 70 people killed and the
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fires rage on with no end in sight. we're live with the very latest. >> assange indicted? the justice department prepared to charge julian assange, a development that was supposed to be secret until a prosecutor and a paperwork mistake inadvertently spilled the beans. those stories, but the hoax heard around the world. >> the entire campaign was predicated on a lie. >> new details on that alleged plot by a couple and a homeless man. smoked out? the aggressive new plan by the government to help put an end to the teen e-cigarette epidemic. and the swipe is right. why your social media feeds might be full of those holiday sales a week ahead of black friday. friday, november 16th. from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie
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and hoda kotd live from studio 1a. >> thank you for joining us on a friday morning. craig is with us. we here in the east coast are not. >> she picked a good time to travel. >> i sat in travel for four hours yesterday. a lot of folks sat in traffic a lot longer than that. >> here is the scene this morning. it is a snowy wonderland, but you wouldn't want to be stuck out in it. gridlock up and down the east coast from the first major snowstorm of the season. millions are facing a tre treacherous morning commute today. al says this one caught them by surprise. let's start with kristin. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, it is still brutal out here this morning. we are hearing those horror stories. seven, eight, nine hours in the car last night.
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some people never made it home. this morning school is starting early for some students in west orange, new jersey. or, rather, it never ended after they were forced to shelter in place during the first snowstorm of the season. the school alerting parents thursday, studenting are safe in their schools with teachers and staff. they have eaten dinner and will possibly keep them overnight. that possibility becoming a reality as dinner turned into breakfast. the school tweeting 5:00 a.m. update, some staff getting breakfast ready. it comes amid a storm no one seemed ready for. >> it's pretty bad. it is getting worse now. >> commute tiers and road crews caught off guard by the severity of the quick hitting nor'easter. >> never would have expected this in november. >> snow and sleeting rain creating slick roads and slushy conditions across a good portion of the country. some drivers forced to abandon their cars. others taking hours to get some
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safely. thousands stranded at new york's port authority bus terminal. authorities urging commuters to take trains or ferries. zero visibility causing more than 2,000 flight cancellations. new york's airport one of the hardest hit. heavy snow in new york city, a nightmare for those on the roads. this multi-vehicle accident bringing the george washington bridge to a standstill. >> oh, my god! >> are you okay? >> snowfalling as far south as louisiana, arkansas and alabama and creating treacherous conditions from st. louis to delawa delaware. in arkansas, three people were killed in separate crashes. traffic on interstate 40 halted several hours for safety. the interstate now re-opened but moving slowly. in montgomery county, pennsylvania, even a camel stranded by the snow. but in new york central park, a
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winter wonderland for those with horse drawn carriages as well as one of the park's most famous residents, the mandarin duck. >> it is so magical. >> some deciding to make the best of it. >> i've lived in the south my whole life, so this is really the most snow i have seen in my life. >> a will the of calls for officials to figure out what went wrong. >> thank you. >> as kristin mentioned, there is storm related problems at airports coast to coast. is it still pretty bad there? >> reporter: it's getting better, craig. take a look behind me. this is a sign of hope because people are heading to the security check point. that's where you want to be going. it wasn't happening here overnight. take a look at some of these pictures. people were stranded. folks looked for a spot anywhere on the floor they could find to curl up and sleep. a lot of other people crowded
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into the foot court areas, put their heads down on tables and on their backpacks. as you mentioned, there were thousands of flights canceled in the new york area alone. we have 228 cancellations, 138 delays. among those, a st. louis couple. they started out 6:30 yesterday thursday morning from st. louis trying to get to toronto. got detoured here to new york. flight canceled. now they say they hope they will be able to head not to toronto but back to st. louis some time this afternoon. movement of some kind, it means that the place is starting to get back to normal on the flight monitors, we're seeing more signs of flights on time and boarding and very few signs of cancellations. >> thank you. >> it is not over for everybody. >> not yet. but here's the deal. our bad, okay? we thought that the depth of the cold air loft wasn't that deep.
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it was. and the storm slowed up. so it overproduced. look at what we got. 1,300 miles of storms, record snowfall for 13 states. let's move into the northeast. new york, the biggest snowfall in november in 136 years. chester a. arthur was the president. philadelphia, biggest november snow in 29 years. washington, d.c., the biggest snow in 29 years as well. as we put the radar in motion, you will see that basically we're looking at this system moving away this afternoon. snow for northern new england, new york city improving weather conditions later today. then as we move into this evening, the i-95 corridor. the lake effect snow will continue on into this evening. here are the impacts we're looking for. morning snow, new jersey, eastern new york. heavy snow for northern maine. as we look at these gusty winds
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and expect those power outages, 40 to 45 miles an hour. the airports are going to be a mess again in the northeast. boston, hard ford, new york, philly, all the way out to portland. on the roads we're looking for i-90 buffalo. and new york to banger on i-95. so, guys, by this time tomorrow, things are back to normal and hopefully i can get in my car without any problem. >> al, thank you so much. breaking overnight now some new developments with these wild fires out in california. a dramatic increase in both the death toll and the number of missing. there are now more than 600 people unaccounted for. nbc's national correspondent is in oak park. that's just west of los angeles. good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. that staggering number catching many people by surprise putting this disaster into a whole new perspective.
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some 12,000 structures, mostly homes like the one behind me destroyed. search teams are searching for many of them. this is a difficult time. >> in paradise, california, the number of missing climbing to a heart-breaking 631. the already stunning death toll now likely to climb perhaps to even more unimaginable levels. emotions here are understandably raw. for those who survived and lost loved ones are struggling to cope. kelsey and her daughter lost their home, but managed to escape the fiery onslaught. >> my neighbor ran out and said, you guys need to leave now. so that was huge because i probably wouldn't have left as quickly as i did. >> others weren't so lucky. this community full of retirees with many unable to outrun the flames. search teams now looking for over 600 in the rubble. >> it happened so fast. i think that they would have
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been in serious trouble. >> in the hills outside los angeles, also devastated by a fast moving wild fire, we got a different perspective on this type of disaster with fire chief brian. >> i have never seen fires travel as they are today, as fast as they are traveling. we're having to reset how we think about where we position our resources, how soon we evacuate community members. >> already, first responders are bracing for another disaster. that would be mud slides. >> when fire burns in the hills and strips them of water absorbing brush and makes the soil hard. during a storm, all of that flows right into the sprawling massive communities below. >> the flash flood is right there! get out of here! go! >> even a relatively small amount of rain can cause these slopes to cause way. >> i believe there is a greater risk to live through these mud
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flows than there are actually to these fires. >> a stark warning for those who escaped who could soon face a wave of mud. >> the death toll now stands at 66. for those who have returned to home to properties like this, time to think about rebuilding just before thanksgiving. craig, back to you. >> just so heart-breaking. thank you. another big story this morning, the justice department has apparently prepared an indictment against julian assange. and the question is whether this case could have a big impact on robert mueller's russia investigation. now outside the embassy in london where assange has been holed up for years. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. british officials tell me if julian assange left the embassy behind me, he would likely be arrested. there have always been questions over what would happen next. not anymore. this morning news that the wikileaks founder would likely
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face charges and extradition to the u.s. in a bizarre slip, a court document reveals the u.s. justice department is preparing criminal charges against julian assange, charges supposed to remain sealed. due to the sophistication of the department and the publicity surrounding the case, the document says, no other procedure is likely to keep confidential the fact that assange has been charged. multiple u.s. intelligence agencies concluded that tens of thousands of e-mails taken from the democratic party and hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign were stolen by russian government hackers, part of an operation aimed at helping the campaign of donald trump. those e-mails were published by wikileaks. this court document filed by mistake moments after robert mueller cited wikileaks participation in russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. a u.s. lawyer for mr. assange calling the news dangerous for democracy. the news that criminal charges have been filed against mr.
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assange is more troubling than the manner in which that information has been revealed. since 2012, julian assange has been evading arrest in london, holed up in the embassy of ecuador. he fled there over claims he sexually assaulted a woman in sweden. the document first unearthed but a former u.s. intelligence official and posted on twitter revealing assange's name two times in an august court filing. part of an argument to keep sealed a different case. a spokesman for the u.s. attorneys office releasing a statement saying in part the court filing was made in error. that was not the intended name for this filing. >> so obviously a mix-up, a big one. what does that mean if prosecutors were actually trying to get him arrested and into a u.s. courtroom. >> look, people who support him
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are going to say, i told you so. we always said he was the target of the u.s. government. they're going to call this underhand and say that julian assange should be protected by the first amendment. does it make it more difficult for u.s. prosecutors? yes, i think it does. but i think we know they are really determined. they do believe wikileaks was working with the russian government, a hostile actor for the u.s., even though wikileaks denies it. and julian assange, on a number of occasions, has deeply embarrassed u.s. intelligence. i think would dearly love to see him in court. >> thank you. meanwhile this morning, stormy daniels' attorney is again defending himself following his arrest on suspicious of domestic violence. now his client is also speaking out. the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig. good morning to you. new this morning, michael avenatti is now suggesting what
7:15 am
happened has done nothing to dampen his political ambitions as he now hints that political motivation may have played a part in his arrest. it comes as we are hearing from stormy daniels who says she's holding off judgment for the moment but still fired off a warning. >> hi, everyone. >> michael avenatti's biggest client may not be for long if the accusation against him turns out to be true. stormy daniels in her first statement since her attorney was arrested tells nbc news these are serious and obviously very troubling allegations, but right now that is all they are, allegations. the adult film star says she'll reserve judgment until after an investigation, adding, of course i do not condone violence against women. and if these allegations prove true, i will be speaking new representation. avenatti has represented daniels in her case against donald trump in which she says she was paid
7:16 am
to stay quiet about an affair. los angeles police have not identified the victim as avenatti vehemently denies doing anything wrong. now, in a new twist, the attorney is hinting a right wing conspiracy theorist could be setting him up. avenatti now finds himself the center of conversation. >> we know him. he comes on the show. it was very upsetting to hear this, very disappointing. if it proves to be true, i will disavow him. >> but avenatti insists it's not true. released from jail and fighting, he says, to clear his name. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. i have been an advocate for women's rights my entire career. i am confident that i will be fully exonerated. >> and of course there has been speculation about a possibly 2020 run for avenatti.
7:17 am
he is now telling usa today via text message that he is still considering possibly running for president. he says he will not be imitated. he's due in court on december 5th. >> all right. thank you. >> let's go over to al. you are still hanging your head in sorrow? >> shame would be it, really. as we look out west, again, we've got clear skies. however, a lot of folks out there in california have to deal with toxic smoke and stuff from the fires. so even though it looks nice, sunny and pleasant for a lot of folks, still not. freeze warnings down through the gulf and again as that system moves away, we've got more snow in northern new england. we will get to your local forecast coming up.
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the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. i know it's hard to tell, but this is a live look outside in oakland, with very unhealthy air quality. thick smoke will continue and very unhealthy air quality through tuesday, that advisory has been extended so no improvement in our air quality throughout the weekend, and our temperatures will be starting out in the upper 30s and low 40s, reaching into the upper 60s. still tracking that rain for the middle of next week. >> and that's your latest weather. >> a lesser weather man would have shifted blame. one of the many reasons i love you is you owned it. >> not only that, but he's right 90% of the time, right, al? >> i don't know about that. >> yeah, you are. coming up, new details on
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the shocking twist of what was an inspirational gofundme campaign but was a hoax. how a couple and a homeless man's story unraveled. and what happens to the 14,000 donors who gave in good faith. also ahead this morning -- don't wait a week for the hottest black friday deals. we're going to show you how to find those deals right now and right on your phone. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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they are ridiculous when they first wake up.unkin'? daddy walks into the walls like he's a bumper car. your dunkin' doesn't make you, you... but it helps. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. we are in a microclimate weather alert .. with extremely unhealthy air quality .. due to the butte county wildfire. you can barely make out the eastshore freeway in a very good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. in the butte county wildfire you can barely make out the east shore freeway in oakland. take a look at the skies in dublin near the hacienda crossing. to get the latest on the conditions, we go to meteorologist kari hall. >> laura, they extended the smoke advisory through tuesday, so that means we will not see any improvement for the weekend. turn your air conditioning on recirculate. stay inside as much as possible, or if you have to go out, wear an n95 mask. as we look at our forecast and our temperatures, we will reach into the upper 60s. light wind and the reason why
7:27 am
the smoke settled into the bay area. but there will be some improvements starting late on tuesday as the winds pick up as our next storm system approaches. our rain chances still in the forecast, starting out on wednesday, continuing into thursday, there may be a couple of rounds of rain as we get closer to thanksgiving, but in the near term, we're still looking at very hazardous conditions for being outside around the bay area and we will continue to monitor this as we go into the next several days. so a lot more on this, and also the latest info on let's get an update on the morning commute from mike. >> a light drive because schools and universities all canceled, many are canceled throughout the bay, also we have folks leaving town for the thanksgiving week next weekend. so we have a lighter flow right now and earlier crash north 101 cleared just before you get to the bay bridge, had a good chance to recover, which is unusual at this time of day. no recovery yet for b.a.r.t. the bay fair station is closed blocks, for a train that was smoking. an investigation continues and ac transit will help you the out
7:28 am
and crash on the smart train in santa rosa, bus bridge in place. muni and vta free rides to get you out of the smoke. >> another update in half an hour.
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7:30, now, friday morning, 16th of november, 2018. that's the scene on the roads around pittsburgh after the first major snowstorm of the season caught a lot of folks off guard. and then, stuck on the roads for a few hours. >> caught everyone off gouuard. parts of this country is recovering from that storm that brought travel and air travel to a screeching halt. students in new jersey were forced to spend the night in school. road conditions were so poor, buses couldn't get them home and parents couldn't pick them up. from the midwest to maine, road
7:31 am
crews and commuters caught by the severity of the storm. more than 2,000 flights were canceled and 8,000 were delayed. the number of people unaccounted for in the california wildfires skyrocketed thursday night to 600 people. many of the people probably fled the fire and don't realize they've been reported missing. butte county has made that list public to let authorities know they're safe. in all, nearly 70 people have been confirmed dead. 52,000 residents displaced in the fires. the camp fire is 40% contained. florida's contested senate race is headed to a legally-required hand recount now. an initial review of the machine recount shows rick scott ahead of bill nelson by less than 13,000 votes. but the contest for florida governor, between ron desantis and andrew gillum appears to be over. desantis has a large enough advantage to avoid a hand
7:32 am
recount in that case. we're learning more about the case of the new jersey couple and the homeless man, now accused of working together to pull off a gofundme scam. stephanie gosk has been following this one. >> reporter: quite a story. it's been a remarkable and troubling turn of events. so many people donating for what they thought was a good cause. but according to new jersey officials, that doesn't seem to be the case. there was no empty tank of gas. there was no $20 bill. what there was, says the county prosecutor, was fraud. >> the story may seem too good to be true. unfortunately, it was. the entire campaign was predicated on a lie. >> reporter: the campaign got national attention and raised $400,000 from kind hearted people, who thought they were rewarding a homeless veteran, after he gave his last 20 bucks to a woman who ran out of gas. instead, the prosecutor says all 14,000 donors were duped.
7:33 am
>> we went where the evidence led us. this unfortunately where it is. >> reporter: prosecutors say kate mcclure, her boyfriend, mark d'amico, and john bobbit jr. came up with the scheme together. and now, all three are charged with second-degree theft. among the allegations, this photo was actually taken a month after the couple first met bobbitt, say investigators. tens of thousands of text messages were obtained. in one, mcclure allegedly writes to a friend, the gas part is completely made up. but the guy isn't. i had to make something up to make people feel bad. as the money came in, the couple was going on trips and making big purchases. >> there were a number of expensive handbags that we seized. some other jewelry. there was a car. >> reporter: this morning, mcclure's attorney is speaking out. he says his client was conned, too, used by d'amico and
7:34 am
bobbitt. >> they used her face and her image. if you talk to kate's friends, they will tell you she is a kind and charitable individual. and d'amico knew this and he played on that, along with bobbitt. >> reporter: while the prosecutor made a plea to the public. >> a case like this can make the public more skeptical and hesitant to help someone in need. i urge you not to let that happen. >> more than 14,000 people contributed to this campaign. is gofundme going to return any of that money? >> they get a percentage of the money that's donated. they say all of the 14,000 people will be reimbursed. as for bobbitt and d'amico. we reached out to d'amico's attorney. he did not get back to us. bobtd bobbitt is being detained, awaiting extradition to new jersey. >> like a feel-bad story, right? >> the good thing is there were 14,000 people who wanted to help
7:35 am
and who did something good. maybe that outweighs the bad. >> they get their money back and give it to another good cause. >> thank you for helping us see the silver lining. mr. roker sees the silver lining. he's standing by for a check of the weather. >> the silver lining, we have a big, new monitor. the bigger better deal, baby. this system is the system that doesn't want to go away. but it did. >> the monitor didn't appreciate it. it's back. >> let's go to this full, okay? all right. so, the system, now, is actually intensifying again. and look, it's bringing more snow to northern new jersey. we may see snow in here and upstate new york. we're looking at that. it's back. cold now, more cold air that's going to come in from canada and reinforcing it. let's see what happens. we're looking at boston, today, 44 degrees. that's eight degrees below average. down to mobile, 62.
7:36 am
that's nine degrees below average. >> bigger doesn't seem better, clearly. >> yeah. and then, next week, look at this. albany, temperatures in the 30s, charlotte in the 50s, 40s in columbus, dallas, 51 on sunday. that's what's going on around >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. unfortunately the very unhealthy air quality has not cleared up, and will not clear. we're not expecting this air advisory, smoke advisory to expire until tuesday night. so make sure you're taking those extra precautions and our high temperatures headed into the mid to upper 60s today, low 70s, as we limit our time outside, and we're still going to have the smoky conditions, very light ones throughout the weekend. we are tracking that rain, set to move into the bay area starting on wednesday. >> we'll try this again in the next half-hour. >> poor al. not your day. >> i feel good.
7:37 am
>> thank you. coming up, the issue that has prince william fired up and taking on the leaders of facebook and google. overnight tributes to "hee haw" legend and ambassador, roy clark. plus, kelly clarkson and steve carell, on what happened when he finally met kelly clarkson. we remember that iconic scene. ready, set, shop. the black friday deals you can find right now, with a click or swipe. swipe. but first, these messages. ♪ bum-bum-bum-bum-bum t-mobile believes it's better to give than to receive. some may disagree. (scream) no! others won't believe it. no! no! and some just won't have the words. (laugh) join t-mobile and get the samsung galaxy s9 free. we look forward to your reactions. (scream) ♪ bum-bum-bum-bum-bum hurforty percent off yourget entire purchase,
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hurforty percent off yourget entire purchase, or fifty percent off when you use or open an old navy card now through sunday. need it now? buy online and pickup in-store today. that's forty percent off your entire purchase, only at old navy. we're back with "in-depth today" and one week until black friday. someone needs a new tv monitor. >> hard to believe it's just seven days from now. the annual hunt for haoliday borgens could look a little bimpbt. it might not be you stepping into a store at all. jo ling kent explains. jo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig.
7:42 am
can you believe it, we are just one week away from black friday. you're probably already seeing holiday deals pop up in your instagram feed. that's because it's becoming one of the fastest-growing ways we're all shopping. get ready. this holiday season, the shopping rush is coming to your social media feed. this year, 30% of consumers say they buy something directly on instagram, twitter, pinterest or snapchat, making shopping on social bigger than ever. >> i love it. i found my bedspread on there. candles, gifts for my friends. >> they give you discounts. i think shopping with instagram, they're kind of cool. >> reporter: big tech companies are cashing in. instagram with three new ways to check off your holiday list. you can save a product you see in your feed to your shopping list. or buy products from a brand you love on instagram, pressing on the shop button. you can save and explore
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products you bought in a video on your feed. snapchat is in the holiday spirit, too. rolling out a new channel on the discover page, featuring deep discounts on pictures from snap. then, friday through cyber monday, snap will have special discounts and products directly in the app. it's part of a massive shift to make shopping just for you. while targeted ads may raise privacy concerns for some, experts say most social media buying is safe. when it's time to pay, make sure you're entering your information, into the brand's official website. for many shoppers, the best part of buying directly from social media is avoiding those holiday crowds. >> you don't have to get out in traffic and get to the mall, around everybody. >> reporter: if there's a brand or a store you really like, you want to follow them on social media. you can find out if there's special deals. if you're seeing a good discount in a black friday preview sale,
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do some price comparing and maybe you go ahead and jump on that. and that's because shopping experts are telling us that inventory could be tighter this year, from toys to clothes. your must-have items could sell out, guys. >> good advice. >> thank you, jo. straight ahead, guys, remembering a country icon. roy clark. his humor, his heart, his music, everyone ♪ ♪ ♪ the united states postal service makes more holiday deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ with one notable exception. ♪ ♪
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as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. join over 250,000 patients who have chosen humira. ask about the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. humira... and go. ♪
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7:49 am
country music icon. >> when they call you a legend, it doesn't mean anything, other than here's an old guy i want you to meet. ♪ you carry my books to school >> reporter: the self-described hillbilly singer, could play any instrument he picked up, did his variety on i got a -- he joined the show in 1969 serving as co-host for its entire 24-year run. >> "hee haw" was the icing on my professional cake. >> reporter: sweet success mixed with enormous raw talent. one year after receiving his first guitar at age 14, clark began his musical career playing in washington, d.c. at dire bars. he spent a decade touring with major acts. before catching his own big break in 1960. at 27, clark, finding luck in las vegas, with this gig that launched him into stardom. ♪ hail, hail, the gang's all
7:50 am
here ♪ >> reporter: clark, wracking up 23 top 40 hits including "yesterday when i was young." ♪ yesterday when i was young >> reporter: performing the classic at the funeral of his long-time friend, baseball legend mickey mantle. clark, always bringing heart to the stage, along with humor. the grammy award-winning musician, hosted "the tonight show with johnny carson" a few times in the '60s and '70s. ♪ at last i am free i don't hurt anymore ♪ >> reporter: this morning, musicians paying tribute to the hall of famer. >> i'm a-pickin'. >> i'm a-grinnin'. >> reporter: and brad paisley remembering the moment when he opened the 2016 cmas with the man who inspired him to become a picker, too. roy clark shaped my path. i practiced his style and then his facial expressions. he was a hero and so many have the same story. the country music hall of fame, and the grand ole opry.
7:51 am
he played when he was 17 years old. he's survived by an extensive family and his wife, barbara, of 61 years. there will be a memorial service in tulsa. >> that is fun to see those pictures. his warmth and goodness, just jumped off of the screen. >> he had such a kind face. >> a kind face. i remember watching "hee haw." >> everybody around the set. buck owens. still ahead, dwayne johnson taking natalie inside his tv show that gives everyday athletes a chance to become legends. >> wonder if she did the workouts. football snacks. nachos, wings, delicious. we're going to spend time in the kitchen, the recipes after local news.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
. good friday morning. right now at 7:56, the main concern today still remains to be the air quality. look at how much particulate matter is floating in the wildfire smoke. we have unhealthy levels up to 300 in san francisco, and 315 in walnut creek. that means you need to limit your time outside, as we look at the numbers, so the issue is
7:57 am
spare the alert day, if the particulate matter levels are over 100, we see it unhealthy range over 200 and closer to the wildfires it's in the hazardous range or even above. we are having to take those extra precautions as you head out, as our temperatures will reach into the upper 60s today. very light wind causing more of that smoke to settle into the bay area, and there will not be much of an improvement in our air quality throughout the weekend. the good news is that we're tracking some rain that's set to arrive on wednesday, and continue on thursday. more updates on that. let's get a look at our morning commute from mike. >> kari, the smoky, hazy mucky air, what you're talking about. the drive is fine around the bay. we expected it light but the problem is folks waiting at b.a.r.t. stations will be there longer. the bay fair station reopened with limited service. there was an earlier problem with one of the trands. ac trance sit helping out. delays for the smart train riderider
7:58 am
s as well. happening now, 7:57, smoky skies across the bay area, they are pushing the extended health advisory through early next week. stay current on conditions headed to our twitter feed. >> firefighters in butte county gave us an update on the camp fire, 45% contained with the number of homes destroyed jumped in the latest update to nearly 10,000. smoky conditions closing schools across the bay area today. on our home page we posted a full list of closures. some are not closed, so check it out.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, winter blunder-land. >> i've never seen anything this bad. >> the first winter storm of the season causing chaos across the east coast. >> i had a car wipe out in front of me. >> massive delays on the roads, the rails and the runways. commuters caught off guard. what should you expect this morning? al has the latest forecast. plus, up in smoke. how the fda is planning to fight the use of e -cigarettes by teenagers, as the number of users skyrockets. >> we'll be at levels where half of the major high school teenagers are using e-cigarettes. that's not tolerable.
8:01 am
>> what parents need to know. ♪ i want to rock and ready to rock. we're stepping inside the titan arena with dwayne johnson. how his new show is challenging everyday athletes to push their limits. >> what are you trying to get out of them? >> to create a platform for everyday people that were exceptional athletes, create a platform for them to shine. >> "today," friday, november 16th, 2018. ♪ >> we're the bannington family. we're on "today." >> celebrating our 27th anniversary. >> from boise, idaho. >> i'm turning 13. ♪ >> got married five years ago. >> checking off our bucket list on the "today" show. >> it's my 80th birthday. >> good morning, everybody. everybody on the plaza is going
8:02 am
poncho-casual. it's a rainy day and we have a hearty crowd. hoda has the morning off. craig is here. and it's good to have you along on a friday morning. let's start with news at 8:00. millions of people across the northeast, dealing with the icy mess from our record early season snowstorm. stranded commuters and air travelers, caught a lot of folks off guard. kristen dahlgren has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. the snow coming down here again pretty heavily. people are talking about that commute last night, some calling it the worst-ever. that's really saying something. this record snowfall is catching so many people off guard, including a school in new jersey. they had to keep kids overnight. it was too dangerous to send them home. on the roads, so many accidents, people talking about six, seven, eight hours stru s stuck in tra. many were abandoning their cars because they weren't going anywhere. this morning, a lot of calls for
8:03 am
officials to figure out what went wrong. remember, we have a long winter ahead. >> reporter: cri >> all right, kristen. thank you. al is standing by to tell us if we've seen the last of this thing. what's the word, al? >> this fooled us all. it ended up being colder and slowing down. it's now giving us one, last, parting shot. there's another band of snow coming through new jersey, upstate new york, and eventually could make its way across here in manhattan. but the good news is, it's too warm, really, to snow. the heavy snow continues through new jersey, eastern new york. heavy snow for northern maine, as this continues moving up. what it does is moves out quickly. airport delays today for boston, hartford, the new york area, down to philadelphia. on the roads, it will be messy again up through northern new england. and then, it's out and it's done with. guys? >> that sounds good, al. thank you. now, to a scandal rocking an ivy league college. seven women suing dartmouth,
8:04 am
claiming it ignored claims of sexual harassment and assault against three prominent professors. anne thompson has more. and some of the details are disturbing. >> reporter: they really are. you consider these women say they have been living with this fear and harassment for years. dartmouth officials acknowledge they'd were looking into allegations last fall. all three tenured professors have left the college, amid an ongoing criminal investigation, the seven women students want culture change now, suing dartmouth for $70 million. the seven women say the three professors turned the department into a 21st century "animal house." they groped, sexted, and harassed students. the alleged bad behavior of the professors dated back to 2002, with dartmouth looking the other way. >> at every turn, they chose money, prestige and power over
8:05 am
the safety of their women. >> reporter: christine says professor william kelley had sex with her in 2015, when he knew she was too incapacitated to consent. >> i don't remember that night. i don't remember waking up the next morning. so, i was told by bill kelley after that, we had sexual intercourse. >> reporter: melissa was an undergraduate student, she says kelley sent him naked pictures of himself in 2016. >> it was asserting his power and his dominance, over not only my situation at doartmouth, but within the field and my future beyond. >> reporter: some of the women reported the professors in 2017. 20 days later, this woman says she was raped by paul whalen. >> i was assaulted in his home. >> reporter: she says she was groped by todd heatherton in a karaoke bar while attending a conference in 2017. >> he proceeded to summon me
8:06 am
over to him. he groped me and he put me on his lap. >> reporter: in a statement, heatherton called his actions unprofessional, saying, i deeply regret touching the graduate student but denies it was sexual. there has been no whalen or kelley, no criminal charges have been filed. dartmouth says sexual misconduct and harassment has no place there. it took unprecedented steps towards revoking the professors tenure and employment. another woman who is part of this lawsuit, told us one of the professors gr s bragged about t retaliation he and the others took against those who complained, saying they had been, quote, iced out of their careers. very disturbing. >> anne, thank you. meanwhile, we told you to expect it. now, it is official. the food and drug administration announcing its new plan to fight the skyrocketing use of
8:07 am
e-cigarettes among teenagers, including a crackdown on any store that sells them to underage kids. tom costello has been covering this for us. good morning. >> reporter: e-cigarettes are supposed to be an alternative for adults who need to stop smoking dwak ctobacco. but the cdc says 3.5 million students are using them. the nicotine is powerfully addi addictive. a nationwide crackdown for what the cdc talls a teenage epidemic. 78% of high schoolers in just one year. middle schoolers, a 48% jump. it has to stop. >> we'll be at levels where half of the american teenagers and high school students will be using e-cigarettes. that's not tolerable. >> reporter: experts say fruity
8:08 am
flavors target teens, including bubble gum, vanilla cream and watermelon. nicotine levels that can lead to addiction and tobacco use. now, the fda is >>. >> wall them off from teen shoppers and verify every customer is at least 18. >> if there weren't flavored, i don't think anybody would be doing them. the flavor is the best part of it. >> across the country schools report kids sneaking puffs in class. some high schools even closing rest rooms as vaping explodes in popularity. now a viral public service announcement by teens for teens who are addicted to ecigarettes. >> its just apart of my life now. i know its bad but i can't stop. >> reporter: e-cigarette maker juul says it plans to discontinue sales of certain fruit flavors at 90,000 stores. a whole new generation may be getting hooked after all the
8:09 am
efforts to stop teens from smoking. an effort to ban flavored vapes. it will fight the proposed ban insisting they do not pose any greater health risk. >> thanks, tom. 8:09. hoda's off so i get to do the boost. let me tell you about miles scott. he goes to school. plays little league and that in itself is really amazing because we really all first got to know him when he was that kid. do you remember this five years ago. miles was battling leukemia, but he got to suit up. he was batman fighting villains in san francisco thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. miles has been in remission ever since and now on the fifth anniversary of that big day, he is cancer-free. >> wow. >> make a wish says it is more proof that lifting a child's spirit can make a real difference in their medical outcome.
8:10 am
>> that is a fantastic boost to end the week. >> way to go, miles. a powerful speech from prince william taking social media giants to task over cyberbullying. why he says it was inspired by his role as a dad? plus what amy schumer is saying about a health scare that landed her in the hospital right after this. ♪ hi. this is peggy. (vo) you do more than rescue pets when you share the love. you build families. get a new subaru, like the all new forester, and charities like the aspca can receive two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru. (avo) get zero percent during the subaru share the love event. well you remember what happened last year. you can't bring a backup thanksgiving to my sister's house. it's not like we're going to walk in with it. we'll bring it in as we need it. ...phase it in.
8:11 am
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shop an incredible selection of jewelry and styles at prices that match their brilliance. november 16th to the 21st only at kay. ( ♪ ) only at kay. darryl! hey, darryl. hey! hey. how much would you pay for something you don't want? nothing. is this a test? no. question two: do you like getting stuff you like for free? yes. this feels like a test. it's not, it's just why verizon lets everyone in your family get the unlimited plan they need without paying for stuff they don't. and why verizon gets you six months of free apple music. did i pass? not a test. but, yeah, you passed. yeah! (vo) the music you want, the unlimited plan you need, on the network you deserve. now buy one of our best phones and get one on us. we're back with today's talker. a new antibullying campaign from the duke and duchess of
8:13 am
cambridge. hi, keir, good morning. >> reporter: i have never heard william as outspoken as i have this time. he was even question today's polarized politics. as a new father to george, charlotte and louie, william launched a new campaign against cyberbullying. after meeting with young people, william claimed in a speech that social media companies have been too proud to listen. >> i had doubts being cast about the scale of the problem. i was told that companies were already doing plenty and just needed more credit for it of the i saw denias about the age of young children using our most popular platforms. >> reporter: the new generation of royal including kate and meghan have been taking an
8:14 am
increasingly high profile speaking out on issues, but this was something different. william's speech while mentioning no names was a thinly vailed critique of social media leaders like facebook's mark zuckerberg. >> the journeys of inventors from student dormitories has been so fast that they may struggle to understand that their incentives have changed. the noisy shareholders, bottom lines and profits is distracted them from the values that made them so successfully in the first place. >> reporter: the tech industry has been mired in a string of scandals, twitter, facebook, google, criticized by lawmakers over russian meddling in the election and fake news. prince william suggesting they're not listening. >> i'm very concerned, though, that on every challenge they face, fake news, extremism, polarization, hate speech, trolling, mental health, privacy and bullying are tech leaders
8:15 am
seem to be on the back foot. you can reject the false choice of profits over values, you can choose to do good and be successful, you can work in the interest of the children and parents who use your products and still make your shareholders happy. we not only want you to succeed, we need you to. thank you. >> reporter: we need you to succeed. it is a stunning, just when companies like facebook are facing so much scrutiny, to see the royals effectively piling on, guys. there is another talking point here. some folks won't like me hearing me say it, these royals, they're not elected, they're not politicians, should they really be weighing in on political issues like this or even questioning the way u.s. companies commercially operate? so there will be two sides to this argument but amazing to hear prince william talking like that. >> its undeniable the royals have quite the mega phone. thank you, sir.
8:16 am
>> reporter: that's right. let's move on to carson. he has moved into our fancy new orange room. >> just sitting here waiting for my flight. let's talk thanksgiving. for a lot of young adults, thanksgiving can be the very first time that they attempt to cook a turkey. so naturally, they're turning to their parents for some advice, but what's happened is a prank has gone viral where kids are texting their mom's asking this question, how long does it take to microwave a 25 pound turkey? the keyword here being microwave. not a good idea to microwave. this mom writing, not sure you're supposed to microwave a turkey. that would be gross, bones and all. i'm worried. can you call me? then things get sassy. wrap in foil and microwave, precooked because you'll need to feed the fire department.
8:17 am
>> that's clever. >> are you serious? are you sober? and the best one here for last month, simply, no idiot. never incite me to dinner -- never invite me to dinner, ever, please. cooking your first turkey can be a tough one of the remember the butter ball hotline? >> of course. >> ever have the deep fried turkey? >> i have once. that's dangerous. >> its so good. >> 320 degrees, 15 minutes per pound, ie, 25 pound turkey, six hours 15 minutes, let it rest. >> look at you. look at you. >> how long in the microwave? i'm just kidding. >> three years. three years. >> i know. i know. i know. >> remember back in october the comedian announcing she is pregnant with her first child, but amy's been honest about the no so great side effects of pregnancy including morning sickness.
8:18 am
she shared this update on instagr instagram. i'm fine, baby's fine. but everyone says the second try mester is better is not telling the full story. sending so much love to the doctors and nurses taking great care of me. its the same condition that the duchess of cambridge experienced during all three of her pregnancy. we're glad they're doing well and hope she starts feeling better soon. >> extreme morning sickness. >> that lasts for the entire pregnancy. i've had family members who have had it. these moms are so incredible and courageous. the baby should be fine and she'll be fine but its a lot to take on. >> adam levine, speaking of morning sickness, yesterday the singer and coach, we worked together a lot on "the voice," he sat down with ellen.
8:19 am
here's what adam said when she asked about the rumors. >> its a rumor. i can neither confirm or denial the truth of this rumor. its definitely a rumor. and the rumor's a rumor that everyone seems to be discussing. its the super bowl. >> yeah. >> its a great event and there's going to be a band performing or an artist of some kind performing at halftime. >> a-ha. >> and its going -- its going to be great regardless -- >> whoever it is. >> yeah. >> whoever does it, seems like that would be a really big deal to perform at the super bowl. >> whoever is lucky enough to get that gig probably is going to crush it. >> yeah, yeah. >> staying tight-lipped on that one for a while. guess we'll have to wait and see. sounds pretty promising. more on that interview, you can tune into to "ellen." >> its been 13 years since the 40-year-old virgin hit theaters, which means its been 13 years since this scene became famous.
8:20 am
>> no, kelly clarkson! oh! >> when he yells out kelly clarkson while getting waxed. last night he was on "the tonight show" and he opened up to jimmy fallon on actually meeting kelly clarkson and why he was nervous about it. >> i thought she would be mad at me before that. i wasn't sure because i hadn't met her and i -- >> why did you say it? >> i don't know. is he making fun of me? like, why would he say that in anguish, you know? >> that's what was on her mind. >> incidentally i love her and i'm a big fan -- >> do you people yell it to you? >> sometimes. [ nonsensical words ] >> that's what she said, blech!
8:21 am
>> that is your pop star today. >> i could listen to that all day long. >> carson, thanks. let's get a check of the weather now. announcer: this sunday night football weather is brought to you by -- all right. let's look and see what we've got for you today. a clipper coming across the northern plains. that's going to bring some problems there for the northern plains. freeze warnings down through texas. the cold air continues through the ohio river valley and as our nor'easter moves away more heavy that's ways going open around the country. >> good morning. unhealthy air quality. a live look outside at dublin. we're still going to see the smoke advisory, it has been extended. so take some extra precaution as we head out. not much wind, that's the reason
8:22 am
why the smoke has settled. the first round may arrive as early as next wednesday. latest weather. of course, it is time for our favorite night of the week, that's right, because its sunday night football night in america! we've got a good one, the vikings coming in to soldier field to take on the bears. clear, cold, 29 degrees. good thing its a barnburner because we're going to need the heat. sunday night, football night in america starts at 7:00, guys? >> that's football weather, too, by the way. >> i like the slow zoom. >> every week he takes it up a notch. now he's turning his attention to television, so what do you do when you combine
8:23 am
medieval like physical challenges, compassionate competitors and the rock, well you get the titan games. >> welcome to the self-described most epic and insane athletic competition ever devised. >> welcome, to the titan games! >> reporter: the titan games, dwayne johnson's new athletic competition series. it may look like the setting of a rock concert, but really its the new home of the titans games and the superstar you know as the rock" dwayne johnson, he's about to give me a tour. >> this is the arena we have created. you ready to do this? >> reporter: i'm ready. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is the master mind because the titan games, dwayne johnson and our star natalie morales from the "today" show. >> reporter: its a devilish mix of ninja warrior, survivor and
8:24 am
the rock's imagination. >> i wanted a show to redefine what an athletic competition can be. >> reporter: competitors face off against one another against a series of taxing athletic challenges with a lone woman and man surviving to be crowned titans. >> we have teachers, dentists, we have people from wall street. >> reporter: you had a vision when you were thinking about the show because you executive produce it. you created these challenges that are monstrosity. what are you hoping to get out of this? >> just creating a platform for everyday people who were exceptional athletes. create a platform for them to shine. >> reporter: athletes with stories to tell. >> i had a terrible accident three years ago and got hit by a car and didn't think i'd ever been in a place like this. >> reporter: the challenges have names like pole position, drag race and fire power. >> all roads lead to mount owe limb bus which is seven grueling trials all the way up to the top of the mountain, 60 feet and seven grueling trials all the
8:25 am
way back down, if you win that, you become a titan. >> reporter: where did this idea come from? >> as my ideas all come from when i'm drinking tequila and i've got a great idea. >> reporter: i should do that tonight. >> i got a great idea. >> reporter: tequila aside, the challenges are inspired by the rock's own workout and are meant to test not just your physical but your mental will. >> by the time they got over there, they are so emotionally spent, a lot of them are crying and laughing because they can't breathe and they're all bleeding. we've also found with the women is the emotional angst the women are going threw to push themselves is extraordinary. >> reporter: for you to do this, to be here and witness it, what do you get out of it? >> i get an incredible amount of gratification just knowing that they have this incredible spotlight. >> reporter: a lot about life happening on this course right here. >> a lot about life. >> reporter: titans on the course and in life forged by the rock. you notice, you know what i love
8:26 am
about this already and i haven't really seen the show yet because it doesn't start until january, is that the men and the women compete in the same obstacles. they are not making it any easier for the women. >> thank you. always good to see i )m ... we are in a microclimate weather alert .. with extremely good morning. it's 8:26. in a micro weather alert due to the butte county wildfire. you cap barely make out. that's pretty much where you are. equally extreme experience there. >> we're looking at the number of particulate matter, that's fine particles, floating in the air. we're looking at these numbers where we have purple in san francisco, 320 particles.
8:27 am
we're looking at walnut creek at 325. they issue spare the air alerts when levels are over 100. so it's really hazardous to be outside today without a mask. children and the elderly are most at risk. then as we go into the weekend, there's not much improvement, but we're still tracking rain chances for the middle of next week. >> more coming in about 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning. hi, thanks for coming. it's 8:30, friday morning, november 16th, 2018. you know why these folks are smiling? >> why? >> the sun just came out. they're out in their ponchos. the clouds just parted. >> blue skies for you all. >> there's a special little girl over here. can we meet miss haley? is it haley or hallie? >> hallie. >> why are you here today? >> because of my 9th birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> was it raining when you came out this morning? >> yes, ma'am. >> you stayed out all this time. wow. anyone you want to say hi to at
8:31 am
home? >> my dad, my brother and my grandpa. >> oh, so sweet. where are you from? >> auburn, alabama. >> you're the cutest girl i've ever seen. and your eyes match your hat exactly. happy birthday, sweetie. >> thank you. >> how cute is this little doll. happy birthday, love. she's the cutest. >> so cute. got friends from idaho i'm saying hello to. craig had to leave early. he's on assignment. one of your favorite actors, eric bana, about his creepy, new role that might have you deleting your social media accounts. plus, spicy wings, healthy nachos and not-so-healthy cookies. >> looking good. and coming up, natalie, sheinelle, jenna and myself will be talking about ways to prot t protect, not only your identity but your money. al is across the street for a really good reason.
8:32 am
what's shaking? >> hey, guys. we have the new flagship fao schwartz store. two floors of unbelievable fun. remember from "big," tom hanks and robert losia playing the piano. let's get someone in here that can actually play. give us a tune, if you could. look, they're dancing. >> go. ♪ >> little "heart and soul," very nice. here we go. ♪ very impressive. i could have done that. but we wanted good-looking people to do it. and there's the famous fao schwarz toy soldier. good to see you, sir. this is the build-a-bear rocket. it's 27 feet and unbelievable. we have a lot going on. you have build-a-bear workshop. we have barbies, transformers,
8:33 am
the fao schwarz clock. it winks. it's digital. and there's marvin the magician, the magic shop. you have a trick for us? >> a light anywhere. you can change the light and make it disappear. >> there you go. very nice. thank you very much. over here, we have a little -- >> baby adoption. >> very nice. what a cutie. looks just like me. >> yeah. >> the magic shop over here. all kinds of stuff. melissa and doug, the famous craft place, you can get stuff here. and you can do a little shopping, food shopping for all your food needs. it's very special. yes. lots of stuff going on. it's all here, opening up at 10:30, a great place to come down when you're shifting us at the "today" show. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:34 am
>> it's still smoky out there and you want to make sure you're wearing a mask. our air quality remains very unhealthy. our wins light but will change up, may briefly change some of the direction of the smoke. we're still assessing the rain chances set to move in on wednesday. >> more of fao schwarz tomorrow, on "today." >> good new neighbor. >> thank you, al. "true crime stories" are all the age right now. and a new bravo show, "dirty john" may be the wildest one yet. >> and eric bana sweeps deborah off her feed. but her foughter e daughters th john is hiding something sinister as he creeps around her home.
8:35 am
>> hey. what's in the safe, kiddo? >> are you going to have time to pick up your tux today? >> sure. what do i need a tux for? >> for the cancer benefit. good morning, sunshine. >> so, he's spending the night now? >> uh-oh. that's not a good sign. >> eric bana, good morning. >> good morning. >> you're "dirty john," creepy john and scary john. this is a dating nightmare, right? a charming, good-looking guy turns out to be a psycho. >> this is a true story. it's a couple that met online. and he presented as the charming, perfect person. and we quickly discover that all is not as it seems. he's a master manipulator and
8:36 am
con man. >> was it a podcast, too? >> a "true crime" that turned into a series of articles with "the l.a. times" and there was a podcast to coincide with it. it was hugely popular. we adapted it into a miniseries. >> you started in comedy, right? comedy background. now, you play a sociopath that goes between being totally charming and -- >> it's the same thing. when i was preparing for the role, it made me how similar the life of a sociopath has a mask on, as actors. i get to drop it at the end of the day. >> you don't have deep, dark secrets, right? >> no. >> yeah. i mean, you kind of had to make him charming. so, it's like, you had to be both the villain and find some warmth and goodness and appeal. >> yeah. you have to believe that deborah has fallen in love with her and he's fallen in love with her. >> is that real?
8:37 am
is that love real? >> i think early on. i think early on. and i think if it wasn't, they're capable of convincing themselves that it's real. that was interesting about the research. so, yeah. you just have to buy in. and of course, i had the wonderful connie britton to play off of. it's so easy. >> we're not allowed to give anything away. but the end is shocking. >> let's worry about the beginning and not get to the end. >> i know. i'm just saying. we were joking about it before. she met this guy in online dating, right? isn't it great -- >> for women watching, before they watch "dirty john," what are the takeaways? they meet a guy like your character. how would you know he's crazy? >> a red flag is seriously someone who has no friends or family. major red flag. that's the first one. and a man who turns up for a first date in a pair of cargo shorts? >> i'm in trouble. good thing i'm married. you're married. would you use online dating
8:38 am
these days? >> i've been married 21 years. i'm starting to suspect something. i would not. i would run a mile. i would go traditional. >> i don't think i could, either. >> a whole, new world. you just turned 50. >> i did. >> during this shoot. >> thank you very much. >> what does that feel like? i'm right behind you. >> i celebrated 50 when i turned 40. they got a koala birthday cake. i was away from home. it was no big deal. i didn't have a party. >> 50 is so different. i remember my dad turned 50, being a kid. i remember, that's so old. and here we are, i'm right behind you. >> thinking back to when my dad was 50, yeah. i thought that was old, as well. not now. >> exactly. now that we're all pushing 50, we're like, that's young. what are you doing for the holidays, back home? >> yeah. back home. christmas down under. nice, hot summer. >> yeah. >> looking forward to it. >> well-deserved. "dirty john" is great. it's produced by our sister
8:39 am
company, universal cable productions. you can watch that sunday, november 25th, on bravo. eric, thank you very much. coming up next, a revealing look at dating in the digital age. >> run. >> through the eyes of high school girls. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ well, breaking up has always been hard to do. but with the rise of social media, it's harder than ever. >> that's right. for teens just entering the dating scene, it will be the only world they know. savanna sellers is here, the host of "stay tuned." good morning. >> good morning, guys. thank you so much. i chatted with a group of high school girls about the way that smartphones and technology are affecting their relationships. it's not just breakups. the way the whole thing goes down might make your head spin. online, many teens are putting
8:42 am
their best filtered faces forward, especially when it comes to your love life. what happens when your status goes from in a relationship to out of one? >> reporter: after two years of dating, they posted an emotional video, announcing their breakup, that's been viewed 4 million times. >> liza broke up with me. >> reporter: and "stranger things" star, millie brown and her ex revealed their relationship and their break-ups on instagram. but it's not just celebrities that are finding themselves in the limelight of iphone screens. who has been through a breakup? all of you. do you think social media makes breaking up harder? >> yes. you have to see it. you have to see him and what he's doing and his friends and the girls he's with now. >> reporter: and it's not just breaking up that's hard to do. for the social media generation, finding love at all can be even
8:43 am
harder. the modern-day version of a note in your locker is hoping your crush slides into your dms. that means direct messages. >> we could be telling our kids, our kids will be asking us, how did you meet? snapchat. it's so romantic. you waste so much genuine moments we're missing out on. we're saying the i love yous on text for the first time. that's crazy. i think a lot of girls would love to be like, i met my boyfriend. he came up to me and told me how beautiful i was. that's not how it was. >> he slid to my dms. yeah. >> reporter: the constant access to pictures and information can lead to an obsession with what others are up to. what about relationship goals? >> yeah. >> even like comparing yourself to other couples. look. they're going to this place. we're not doing anything right
8:44 am
now. >> or they're taking supercute pictures. me and my boyfriend are not. >> and if you don't want that for yourself, you need it for other people, which is twisted. >> reporter: it's created twisted standards for guys and girls. who has it tough center. >> we're different in our own ways. but girls. >> all of the posting we have to do. we have to look perfect in every photo. and sunset pictures. it's just like -- >> standard is perfect. >> that's what boys think is the standard. that's why we all feel we have to live up to that. >> reporter: in this technology advances, there's dating pitfalls. social media lets you see where people are at all the time. what is that like? what does that do to you? >> it's a good and a bad thing. >> like, they were in wawa 26 years ago. what are they doing right now? if they just got home from something and it said they are free, why aren't they on their phone yet?
8:45 am
>> you don't have to say anything because you don't want them to think you're crazy. >> reporter: is it too much sometimes? >> it's a lot to think about. every platform, there's so many ins and outs. what am i supposed to be focusing on? what relationships mean more to me? it's a good juggling game. >> we care so much, but we pretend like we don't. >> these girls are very much aware -- >> i'm scared. i have two young girls. i'm terrified. >> it's scary. they feel trapped in it and feel like there's no way out. they go off of instagram for a little while and they feel like they're missing everything. >> when i was at mtv, nick lachey and jessica simpson had the reality show. their whole relationship was on television. now, we publish everything, right? >> it's so much more invasive. >> a television show was once a week. this is every second. the fact of a youtube couple. >> makes millions of dollars.
8:46 am
and they're not really posting everything. they're only posting the good stuff, which makes everybody else feel kind of sad. >> right. we actually need a translator for all of that. >> the teen girls. >> just miss when you drive by someone's house. >> like savannah. drive by 20 times and park the car. >> a little light stalking. >> savannah, thank you so much. if you want more, stay tuned. nbc news twice daily news show. on snapchat. coming up next, recipes for wings, and an unbelievable dessert to get you through a weekend of football watchi. >> jngus
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back with "today loves football." you're going to love the sunday night games on nbc. the minnesota vikings are heading to chicago to face the bears.
8:49 am
are you okay? we're excited. we're going to be sharing recipes for the ultimate game time foods and a chocolate chip cookie you don't want to miss. >> are you excited about that? we put those on the table and people go crazy. >> we're starting with chicken wings. these are not fried. >> okay. i'm into that. it's a healthier take. >> yes. >> chinese take-out. sesame chicken, a crowd pleaser. >> yes. >> and chicken wings, the ultimate football food, we marry them. a simple glaze for you. sesame oil, soy sauce, a bit of honey to give it the sticky sweetness, and then, some mios paste. >> is it easy to find miso paste? >> it is. you go to the refrigerated section. you can find it easily. i'm going with four gloves of garlic, a fresno pepper and some
8:50 am
ginger. >> and lemon juice? >> a little lime juice. >> put the lime in the coconut. >> my favorite song. >> thank you very much. >> turn that on. and we go until it's smooth. and you reserve two tablespoons of that. you're going to glaze a little extra. >> how long do you let this marinade? >> i like to go two hours. this is the biggest tip for making great chicken that cooks evenly, let it rest on the counter for 20 minutes so it comes to room temperature, not cold, cooking to hot. you have the kiwings here. i cut the tip offics off. that's going to go in the oven for 30 minutes. your chicken is cooked at this point. that's the miso paste at work. if you don't have time to marinade, don't worry about it. are you ready to help me? >> yes. >> here's where you take it -- grab these chicken wings. they're going to go on a hot
8:51 am
grill pan. this is going to give us extra char. give it a little extra golden brown crispness. we aren't frying it. this makes the punch of the crisp that you want. >> nice flavor, daphne. >> we have to do this. we saved some of the glaze. while it's hot, give it a little extra juice. a little scallions, fresno, a little sesame seeds. >> you haval pain owe jalapeno,. >> did you have tongs for the memories? >> i did. >> want to confirm it. >> very exciting. >> i love that you're staying hydrated. beer and water. >> i didn't notice the water. >> i made you a good beer. got the good stuff. chocolate chip cookie. every family has the recipe. i tinker with it a lot.
8:52 am
this is my favorite recipe. this is all-purpose flour, salt and baking soda. and here's one of the first things i do. i came up with this. i didn't have an electric mixer. i had to do it by hand. i melted the butter and did it with brown sugar and white sugar. you come up with this toffee colored blend. and it makes for chewy cookies. if you like a hard cookie, don't come here. if you like a dougy cookie, or fudgey, like warm and gooey, but toffee on the edges, that's the dream. the other trick i do is i do two full eggs and an egg yolk. if i were to do this at home, i would do it individually. >> you throw in the chips. >> yes. and let it rest. >> i like it in a cast iron skillet. >> you can make little balls or
8:53 am
a skillet. when you're feeding a crowd -- >> how long does it take to bake? >> it's a cake that eats like a cookie. >> amazing. >> go into the center. >> digging right in. >> we're friends here. >> oh, yes. >> my goodness. >> that's behind the curtain right there. >> and the nachos over here. this is the full deal. daphne, thank you so much. i wasn't sure where you were going with that. >> come on. >> getting him thin trouble. >> you'll find these recipes at and the vikings and the bears, sunday night at 7:00 eastern, on "football night in america." >> you work hard for every dollar.
8:54 am
8:55 am
so we don't want you to pay one cent more than you need to for health care. at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered. visit today. well, willie is here and he is whipping up something special for "weekend today." >> performance cooking by
8:56 am
savannah. she's not actually doing anything. i am trying not to eat this cookie. >> tomorrow, on "weekend today," they will kick off the thanksgiving celebration. >> you want me to stop? >> it's not annoying enough yet. and recipes from siri daly. >> and somehow, no blending is happening, either. >> should i lift it up? whoa. it goes flying. >> "sunday today," ethan hawke. a great conversation with a great actor and a great guy. >> "sunday i )m - -... we are in a microclimate weather alert .. with extre >> good morning. 8:56. extremely unhealthy air quality due to the butte county wildfire. that's fso through all the haze on your right. meteorologist kari hall is telling us in some cases the levelsp pollution are in the
8:57 am
hazardous stage but really unhealthy almost everywhere. of course it all extends from the camp fire burning in butte county. it is now 45% contained. the number of homes destroyed jump to nearly so,000. authorities say there are hundreds of people unaccounted for. our bob riddle is speaking with firefighters. kari hall will have an update on the air quality. those conditions have triggered school closures in the san jose area. more news for you in an hour.
8:58 am
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live from studio 6a, this is "today." >> hi, everybody. welcome this morning. i'm natalie morales, along with carson daly, sheinelle jones, jennaush hager and jeff rossen. >> i'm here to help. >> we need you for the holidays coming up. let's talk about what happened yesterday. i was scammed with the weather. al told us to expect this. but i'm not prepared. i'm a california girl now. >> look at this traffic. it seems like we were surprised.


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