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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 19, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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lester holt is next with nightly news. breaking news tonight, a gunman opens tire at a hospital in chicago multiple people shot in the attack including a police officer. a massive response underway right now. the hospital being evacuated. we're there live. a war of words between president trump and the u.s. commander of the raid that killed osama bin laden. the president blaming the decorated admiral for not capturing him sooner. tonight the growing backlash. judgment day for the colorado father that confessed to killing his family. chris watts confronted in court. >> i trusted you to take care of them. not kill them. >> prosecutors lay out a motive. >> a major outbreak of chickenpox, one state's worst in over 20 years. the epicenter a school where
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s aren't being vaccinated. >> the first store selling recreational pot in the u.s. about to open their doors. we'll take you outside. the price you pay for the medicine you need and a drug company about to raise prices on dozens of prescriptions, is yours one of them? a terrifying crash caught on camera, a race car going 171 miles an hour suddenly flying through the air. how the driver amazingly survived. what she is saying tonight. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt>. we start with breaking news from chicago tonight where at least one shooter reportedly armed with a rifle opened fire inside a hospital late this afternoon. early reports describing multiple victims including a police officer. it happened at the city's mercy hospital just south of downtown chicago. nbc's kathy park is there with late details.
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>> reporter: tonight, panic on chicago's south side. >> just turned and started running. security was trying to direct us into rooms and told us to lock the doors behind us. it was chaos. >> reporter: dozens of first responders flocking to mercy hospital. reports of multiple victims shot. >> the shots was coming so strong, so closely. i thought i was going to be hit by a bullet. >> more shots fired. more shots fired. >> they have the pharmacy barricaded. ten shots so far from inside. >> reporter: police met with gunfire at the scene. one officer shot, rushed to a neighboring hospital, now in critical condition. >> inside mercy hospital. look what is going on. active shooter. >> reporter: the hospital partially evacuated and placed on lockdown, residents sheltering nearby. >> there is a shootout. they all on they knees. >> reporter: the first shots fired outside the hospital at 3:28 p.m. >> gentleman turned around and
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shot three times in her chest and when she fell to the ground, he stood over her and shot her three more times. >> reporter: and tonight, officials are confirming the suspect is dead and four people are in critical condition. the hospital is secure and patients are safe. lester? >> kathy park in chicago for us tonight. thank you. a dramatic showdown in court as a colorado man received three life sentences for murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters in a case that shocked the nation last august. the prosecutor revealed new details including a motive. miguel almaguer has more. >> i trusted you to take care of them, not kill them. >> reporter: confessed killer chris watts faced his father and mother-in-law in court today. >> i have no idea who gave you the right to take their lives. >> reporter: the colorado husband and father given three life sentences for the murders of pregnant wife shanann, 3-year-old celeste and 4-year-old bella.
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>> and they also trusted you, the heartless monster and then you take them out like trash. you disgust me. >> reporter: in a courtroom where two families openly wept, watts became emotional when his mother spoke to him as only a mother can. >> we love you and we forgive you, son. [crying] >> reporter: the motive for murder says the d.a. watts desired to start a new life with his girlfriend. in court, horrific new revelations, shanann was strangled, daughter celeste and bella smothered. >> imagine the horror in bella's mind as her father took her last breathes away. understand clearly, bella fought back for her life. >> reporter: the little girls' bodies were dumped in oil tanks and shanann's in a shallow grave. >> your faithful wife trusted you, your children adored you and also trusted you.
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>> reporter: a family killed at the hands of the man they loved most. >> my daddy is a hero. >> reporter: miguel almaguer, nbc news. president trump is facing new controversy after he doubled down in his attacks today against a retired navy s.e.a.l. who over saw the raid on osama bin laden. nbc news chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has the story. >> reporter: after a verbal attack on an american commander, new backlash against the commander in chief. >> retired admiral, 37 years. former head of u.s. special operations. >> hillary clinton fan. >> special operations -- >> excuse me, hillary clinton fan. >> a navy s.e.a.l. >> wouldn't it be nice if we got osama bin laden sooner than that? >> reporter: he over saw the raid that killed osama bin laden. robert o'neill, who supports donald trump, said he fired the fatal shot. >> something like this is not about republicans or democrats
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but america. admiral is the reason my s.e.a.l. team got in and president obama approved it. that's as simple as it gets. >> reporter: the president's criticism comes after he called it the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime. he stands by that, quote, i admire all presidents regardless of political party who uphold the dignity of the office. mcraven called for his own security clearance to be revoked in solidarity with john brennan. >> his integrity, his courage, again, his lifelong commitment to this country's defense is something that i think even donald trump should hold up and revere and respect. >> reporter: it's not the first time the president insulted members of the military or their families. he criticized a gold star family after they opposed him in 2016. during a condolence call, he offended the widow of a sergeant killed and last week did not visit arlington national cemetery on veterans day,
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prompting a rare admission of regret. >> i should have done that. i was extremely busy on calls for the country. >> reporter: the president has not personally visited a combat zone yet but says he plans to. president bush went to baghdad within three months and president obama within three months. president trump acknowledged the u.s. has the recording of the journalist jamal khashoggi in turkey but says he hasn't listened to it and casts doubt on the saudi prince's involvement despite the cia's conclusions. here is richard engel. >> reporter: in turkey, supporters of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi held a ful found. president trump telling fox news, the u.s. has turkey's secret recording of khashoggi's brutal murder. >> it's a suffering tape.
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it's a terrible tape. i've been briefed on it. there is no reason for me to hear it. i said should i? they said you shouldn't, there is no reason. >> reporter: the cia concluded saudi crown prince ordered the killing inside the saudi consulate in istanbul, a person briefed on the assessment says the crown prince has been central to the president's policy and president trump seems reluctant to accept the cia's analysis. >> they haven't assessed anything yet. it's too early. that's a premature report. we'll have a report on tuesday that will be complete. >> reporter: president trump seems to be sticking with the crown prince betting he'll survive this crisis. he might. today the saudi king praised his son for helping the economy. no mention of khashoggi. lester? >> richard engel, thanks. the holiday travel rush underway could be one of the busiest ever. the roads and airports are
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packed and a storm is brewing that could affect the plans. we get more from nbc's kristen dahlgren. rothe highways to the sky ways, get ready for a record-breaking year of holiday travel. the most people on the move since 2005. about 48.5 million americans hitting the road, up 5% from last year. thanks to a strong economy and falling gas prices. but with so many travelers, trip to your turkey dinner could take four times longer than normal during the rush and another storm system moving through the midwest and east could make things more difficult. >> it's better if i go early and give myself the time. >> reporter: at chicago's o'hare airport today, holiday travel in full swing. 30 million passengers taking to the skies over 12 days. >> we're going to spend anksgiv >> reporter: as what could be a week of travel headaches is just getting started. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. the number of people missing or unaccounted for in the
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california wildfires is now nearly 1,000. so many families waiting for word are their loved ones in the hospital in a shelter without access to a phone or were they unable to make it out alive? steve patterson is there for us tonight. >> reporter: it's painfully slow work that gets more difficult with each passing day. search crews combing through the ruins of paradise looking for remains of loved ones lost in the fire. >> there are a lot of people that want some answers. they are depending on us to find their loved one. >> reporter: with the death toll rising daily, close to 1,000 are unaccounted for. >> it's all gone. >> reporter: firefighter paramedic dave smith responded in the first few hours as flames raged through town. >> you can see -- >> reporter: the fire personal, smith's sister and nephew barely escaped before their home was consumed. >> it's tough. it's tough. so looking forward, i'm very thankful. looking forward to thanksgiving,
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and getting everybody together. >> reporter: others still desperate to find friends and family. >> you have reached the voice mailbox of 530 -- >> let us know you're okay, buddy. >> reporter: with the fire burning, the holidays will be bittersweet. officials are worried rain in the forecast will complicate search efforts on the ground. it's a race against time for thousands holding out hope their loved ones are still alive. steve patterson, nbc news, paradise, california. let's turn to the major outbreak of chickenpox, the worst north carolina seen in 20 years and officials there say the epicenter of the outbreak is a school where many children have not been vaccinated. we get the latest from nbc's ann thompson. >> reporter: tonight in north carolina, so far 36 students at ashville waldorf school have come down with chickenpox. a private school with one of the highest religious exemption
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rates in the state 110 of the 152 students do not have the chickenpox vaccine. >> vaccines work and prevent the spread of illnesses. when we lack the protection of vaccines, we see outbreaks. >> reporter: while vaccines are required in north carolina, students can be exempt for religious and medical reasons. >> we have a lot of people, a lot of elderly people that go to church that could be contaminated due to the outbreak. >> reporter: experts say the new outbreak shows why vaccines are critical. >> when you see chickenpox spread through a community because of low vaccination rates, that's the canary in a coal mine saying other diseases could spread, as well. >> reporter: the school is closed this week. in a statement to blue ridge public radio, the school says it follows state immunization requirements but recognizes a parents' decision to immunize a child happens before school. tonight, massachusetts is just hours away from opening the doors of the first retail store selling recreational pot on the east coast.
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nbc's stephanie gosk is skipping the line getting an inside look. >> reporter: smoke it, eat it, vape it. starting tomorrow in massachusetts anyone over 21 can buy it for fun. >> what a moment. we're so excited to be here today. >> reporter: the state voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use two years ago. since then a commission has been working out details. >> it's not going to be in every city and town and state and every street corner but it's going to be accessible. >> reporter: the store is one of two licensed to sell so far. more will be approved in the coming weeks but there are rules. >> the number is 28 on the scale here. >> reporter: and that's the massachusetts law, that you can buy 28 grams in a single day for recreational use? >> correct. >> reporter: jake is a veteran with ptsd. his connection to pot is personal. >> with the cannabis, i'm able to kind of take a deep breatout
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without looking over my shoulder. >> reporter: the business will be a wind fall, a $215 million increase in tax revenue in the first two years and sales in the billions. even as marijuana remains a schedule one substance under federal law alongside heroin and cocaine. veterans are making the first two purchases, it's the major here in north hampton says he'll buy a chocolate bar and not try it himself. he wants to preserve a piece of history. lester? >> stephanie gosk, thank you. a teenage race car driver is recovering tonight after surviving a horrifying crash. it was caught on tape. there it is. nbc use gabe gutierrez has more of the dramatic details now. >> reporter: if you blink, you might miss it. this race car going airborne and slamming into a track fence. here it is slowed down. the driver loses control flying above other cars befor
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it happened so fast onlookers at the formula the grand prix don't seem to realize what happened at first and then horror as emergency crews rush in trying to save the 17-year-old driver. incredibly, she survived. experts say that's because the car hit the soft wall and not the concrete barrier below it. sofia flores from germany was hospitalized with a spinal fracture and tweeted i want to let everyone know i'm fine and will be going into surgery. there is word the seventh-hour procedure was successful. racing fans around the world stunned but grateful that this terrifying crash didn't end up much worse. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> pretty remarkable. the cleveland indians will have a new look next season. the team unveiled new uniforms today without the controversial mascot they had over 70 years. critics long called the logo racist and insensitive to native americans. also tonight, is the cost of
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your prescription about to go up? then, trapped in an elevator plunging 80 floors down inside the intense rescue. and the nurse rising from tragedy to care for others like her.
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we're back with the price you pay for the medicines you need and an announcement from the pharmaceutical giant pfizer that it's raising prices on 10% of the medicines including dozens of prescription drugs. nbc's tom costello and what it means for your family. >> reporter: months after saying it would defer raising prices, the world's biggest drug maker says it will hike prices by 5% on 41 prescription drugs effective january 15th. though, pfizer says most customers won't pay more because the price hikes will be offset by higher rebates and discounts paid to insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers. memphis pharmacist phil baker says the uninsured and under insured could be hardest hit.
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>> the impact is people die at the end of the day. people can't afford their medicine. they leave it at the counter and die. >> reporter: in recent weeks, president trump claimed credit for convincing pfizer and other drug companies to hold the line on prices. >> we've taken bold action to reduce the price of prescription drugs. we called them and said you got to reduce the price of your drugs and they did you're going to see drug pricing going down. >> reporter: so far this year drug companies raised prices on 263 medications but an average of nearly a percent with many choosing to go without. >> it is an epidemic in our country that's unaddressed. >> reporter: pfizer said only 10% are affected but won't say what could be a hard and expensive pill so swallow. tom costello, nbc news, washington. up next, t 84 floors and the dramatic rescue after a cable snapped. stay with us.
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scary moments at one of chicago's tallest skyscrapers. it fell more than 80 floors down yet amazingly, everyone got out alive. in one of the most iconic and tallest buildings in chicago, a terrifying ride as an elevator plunged 84 floors after at least one cable snapped. six people trapped inside including a pregnant woman. >> it was a pretty scary situation where we had the cables that were broke were on top of the elevator. >> reporter: they were forced to cut through a brick wall to pry it open. the tourists stuck for three grueling hours. some fearing for their lives. >> they were from out of town, all right? and visiting this great city and they were just very joyous that the chicago fire department came to assist. >> everyone got home safely
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and our air quality is already changing. we )ll show you the side-by side photos of the smoke, comparing friday to today. next at 6. in tonight's those who serve, her life was changed forever in an instant but after tragedy struck, she rose again to become a nurse at the very same hospital that saved her. three years ago, nicole gren suddenly collapsed from a rare genetic heart condition. >> i coded 40 times and then beep, beep. i come back and it was just over and over and over again. >> only 24, she'd always been healthy and active, but with her heart now struggling to pump, doctors at milwaukee's hospital had to do
5:58 pm
something drastic. they amputated both nicole's legs above the knee. >> and then i remember in tonight's those who serve, her life was changed forever in an instant but after tragedy struck, he rose again to become a nurse at the very same hospital that saved her. three years ago, nicole gren suddenly collapsed from a rare genetic condition. >> i coded 40 times and then beep, beep. i come back and it was just over and over and over again. >> only 24, she'd always been healthy and active, but with her heart now struggling to pump, doctors at milwaukee's hospital had to do something drastic. they amputated both nicole's legs above the knee. >> and then i remember my mom removing the blankets and i looked down and i just tears, just they just flowed. >> if someone came to me now and said, nicole, i will give you your legs back but you have to sacrifice all that you've had over the last three years, i would say, no. i would never take my legs back
5:59 pm
for what i have gained. >> what an amazing lesson. that is "nbc nightly news" for this monday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. a local family lays their son to rest... and they )re askin right now at 6:00, a local family lays their son to rest and they're asking if police officers needed to shoot and kill him. plus, it's a race against time. what could speed up and also potentially hurt recovery efforts at the camp fire. a thanksgiving storm that will clear the air. we have the updated timeline. >> >> the n right now. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it is slightly improved, but it's not clear just yet. our poor air quality is now entering the second week. on the left is a time lapse video of the smoke surrounding
6:00 pm
the golden gate bridge. on the right, students at san jose state wearing masks on their way to class. >> let's begin our team coverage with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, what are you seeing? >> right now as we have been talking about, still unhealthy air for the bay area. you can see these areas in red for the north bay, east bay and south bay. that is unhealthy air we're breathing. our smoke advisory in effect through tomorrow. just based on the fact that we're only beginning to see things shift as we head into tuesday's forecast. the big problem we've been under for the past 12 days is high pressure, that lid, that cap right over keeping all of this smoke down to the surface. it is as simple as rainfall moving in, that's going to be good enough to wash away that smoke. when do the first raindrops arrive?


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