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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 21, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now at 6:00, tracking the storm. storm ranger scanning for rain right now. set to bring some much needed relief for those breathing all this smoke, that's inundated the bay area. there's big concerns for people in the fire zone. permanent pot ban? all new overnight, a huge development in one south bay city, getting ready to buck the trend of allowing people to buy and use recreational marijuana. given you rule a kingdom of 2 billion people, shouldn't your power be checked? >> yes. >> mark zuckerberg says he's not stepping down. at 6:15, analysis. "today in the bay" continues right now. we've been on since 4:30 this morning. >> has it been this morning? >> just waiting for to you join us. thank you for being here. good morning, thanks so much. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. holiday travel starting today for a lot of people.
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mike will have a look at the roads in a moment. kari, you're tracking the weather. we'll have rain which could affect that travel. >> off and on rain today. this won't be a major storm but coming on a day when people are hitting the roads and the roads may be slick because it's been a while since we had showers. here is a look at storm ranger. our mobile doppler radar tracking that rain as it gets heavier for the peninsula. as we head toward the south bay, we're seeing the rain coming down from gilroy to morgan hill, 101, seeing some of the wet roads right now. as we go through the timing, rain will be pretty spotty off and on through about 10:00, with some of the heavier rain approaching the peninsula, and also parts of the north bay. we will see waves of rain with parts of the south bay seeing the showers later on this afternoon. so i'll continue to track that for you. we'll talk more about the timing coming up and mike, an easier drive getting to the airport. >> now that the crash is cleared over here getting to sfo, we are talking about that. sfo is right here. folks off of 280 will cross over eastbound 380, that crash just
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cleared just after el camino real highway 82. it's a smooth drive now, folks just a little slowing which will clear quickly. the rest of the bay shows a nice easy flow of traffic, even though the bay bridge metering lights are on, there's no back up wat the toll plaza. little pause for the metering lights. toward the rest of the bay and the south bay, i'm trying to see if my clikclicker -- there we g battery is getting weak. single car crash, the car is facing the wrong way. slicker roads, oftentimes this indicates a spinout. be careful. marcus, back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:02 for you right now. in the wake of the camp fire, search and rescue crews in butte county are gearing up for a new challenge, a wet, muddy and potentially dangerous day. the number unaccounted for 870 and the death toll stands at 81. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from chico, where there are flood concerns in a specific area and some evacuees already started to
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relocate as a result of this threat. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you marcus. we're following the weather concerns, as the weather is kind of on and off. we had a little bit of rain not too long ago but seems to be all clear at this point. behind me is this area of concern, prone to flooding. they would like to see evacuees go to a different area, because of the flood concerns in this area, but it's just one area of concern when it comes to weather for officials here in butte county. i have video of crew shoring up the burned hillsides and the burn stone in paradise. they spent yesterday doing this. of course with the rain coming in, the muddy conditions could provide issues for the search and rescue teams in their efforts over the past week. today is all about the rain, that is a big issue. we spoke to one man who is dealing with it here out in chico. >> i didn't know what i was
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going to do. i was worried about last night, to tell you the truth, you know, and so but now i have to worry about this morning, so i'm going to go hop on my motorcycle and get the heck out of here. >> reporter: take you guys back out here live to this walmart parking lot. this is an area of concern when it comes to flooding in the chico area. now the next half hour, we're going to talk about a new report regarding questions about an evacuation route in paradise, questions regarding that evacuation route. we'll have more on that in the next half hour. we're live here in chico. ss. f pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> there is some concern, good things about the rain, possible concerns with the mudslide and the flooding there, but hopefully it will kind of refresh the bay area. >> yes, and the second round of rain that comes in on friday, that's going to cause a lot of major concerns right now as we take a look at the radar, we are seeing some of the lighter showers moving through and it's been pretty scattered, so it will be off and on.
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in advance of this, we have a flash flood watch in effect for those areas, also including the burn scar areas of the mendocino complex, as well as a car fire, and then as we move over toward the sierra, we will have some heavy snow coming down, so winter storm warning in effect. looking at the areas of chico and paradise near the camp fire, look at this, some computer models estimating 4 to 6 inches of rain between this storm and the one moving in on friday. as we move back to the bay area, we are going to see some much lighter rainfall totals, but we are going to see some pockets of some heavy rain starting as early as later this morning for parts of the north bay as well as the peninsula. the rest of the bay area also tracking that rain that will be moving through going into the afternoon, with a couple of waves of rain that may bring in some brief heavy downpours and we'll all take a break tonight. i'll talk about the second round of rain and how much we could see, coming up in the next microclimate forecast. it's 6:05, as the rain
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approaches, san francisco launching a new program to help find out which of the city storm drains are most in need of maintenance. the drains in need program allows you to report any issues online or by calling 311. the chp will also be out in force during the thanksgiving weekend. the rain will make their jobs a little tougher because people don't tend to slow down when the roads get wet. listen to one tow truck driver from the tri valley. >> the grease and dirt that has been piling up all summer long and during the fall is now coming to the surface. >> if you're headed to the sierra, expect some rain and snow. the best advice, slow down, start early, and pack those chains. you could download our free nbc bay area weather app. stay connected. we've got breaking weather alerts sent straight to your phone and track our radar with weather in your neighborhood or maybe where you're headed. 6:06 for you right now. as many communities around the bay area hash out how to
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manage marijuana sales in their cities and towns, milpitas is looking to pass on the issue all together. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at milpitas city hall with what the council is doing and it's fitting in with what voters want there, kris? >> reporter: apparently it was a pretty heated meeting here at milpitas city hall and in the end, the decision was unanimous, the entire city council voted 4-0 to come up with a so-called urgency ban to ban marijuana sales within the city limits here in milpitas. they also moved to have staff draft a permanent ban to go into effect later. there is a current temporary ban, but it expires in january and that's the reason for the urgency ban. the ban on marriage marriage sales was enacted when california voters said yes to legalizing marijuana. the city also scrapped a plan to come up with an ordinance allowing ten dispensaries and again the city council said no, though they said yes back in october. now, according to "the mercury news" reporter who was here last night, about 100 people signed
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up to speak here. we also have some of the letters people submitted ahead of time. most of them urging the council to ban marijuana in the city, saying it's a link to crime, others telling the council that any tax revenue coming from legal marijuana businesses just wouldn't be worth the trouble. that sentiment is counter to what california voters said they wanted when they said yes to legalizing marijuana, prop 64 was on the ballot 2016. 58% of santa clara county voters said yes and precincts here in milpitas were in line with that. if this ban goes forward, milpitas would definitely be in the minority of communities that are saying no to marijuana, legal marijuana businesses in their city. we have talked about the local ordinances cities and counties are working on to allow legal
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sales in some form in other places. in milpitas, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. now to coverage of thanksgiving travel. the busiest one in over a decade. we want to check in with tom costello this morning. we first have an inside look at sfo this morning. boy, people come and go from that airport all the time. nationwide an estimated 54 million people will board flights, hitting the road this morning. nbc's tom costello is with people making sure that they're getting where they're going. >> reporter: good morning, i'm tom costello at the faa command center, where they are monitoring the nation's air space on the day before thanksgiving with the big holiday rush under way. how will the weather affect so many people in the air and for that matter on the roads? more than 2.5 million people flying, trying to get to grandmother's house on time. we'll be live at the command center talking about what the latest data shows about your
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trip, your holiday getaway, coming up on "today." >> certainly sometimes you really want to get away. again, tom costello reporting there. the "today" show's travel coverage is starting at 7:02 a.m. right now at 6:10, we're looking at storm ranger, mobile doppler radar showing activity in terms of rain as we watch the peninsula with some of the showers offshore getting ready to move into the santa cruz mountains. if you're going that way, keep in mind it will be wet. elsewhere, spotty, light showers moving through. we get to the travel forecast, we look at any slight delays or the possibility and everything is looking pretty good at this point, even at sfo, with some light rain coming down. we don't have any delays at this point, and then as we look at the wide view, we are also tracking some pretty good flying conditions, but maybe a little bit slick out there on the roads. i'll continue to watch this and what's ahead for the rest of the day coming up. mike, you are getting reports of a fallen tree?
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>> i don't know if anybody heard it, but we heard about it. this would be over at sky line just on the peninsula near the 92 crossing there. so reports of a tree down. now we haven't had major rain or major wind but that's a note. we'll look for the types of reports as storms start to come into our area. the north bay moving very smoothly, a little slowing around mayor island, a tiny bit for 37 and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on but it's only slow from the toll plaza to the metering lights themselves. the rest of the bay is a smooth easy drive. back to you. >> thank you very much. getting up early, grabbing your phone? we're going to do a faicebook slide and see what happens in the commercial break. follow me. a thanksgiving tradition in jeopardy. the reason tomorrow's macy's day parade may not go exactly what happened. >> are we really going to show them what happens during the commercial breaks? wall street can't get hits act together. we'll look at the latest numbers when "today in the bay"
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right now at 6:14, we're in a microclimate weather alert as rain approaches the bay area. storm rangers tracking that rain moving into the peninsula. we see some rain approaching palo alto. live look shows improved air quality and roads may be damp. some of the heavier rain will be here as we go into the rest of the morning. we'll track the rest of the microclimates and storm ranger coming up in less than five
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minutes. >> we are not currently in a traffic alert unless you're alarmed at how light the traffic flow is. you shouldn't be. we've been talking about why. we'll show you the overall drive and i'll tell you what to expect. good morning to you. markets fell again tuesday. about the only positive thing i can say is that stocks are not going to fall tomorrow. i absolutely guarantee it. the dow has erased all gains for the year. apple is under pressure again this morning. restoration hardware reportedly laying off people in its corporate offices. facebook's mark zuckerberg speaking out publicly after that latest revelation from the "new york times." among the accusations, facebook knew about russian interference long before it led on. there have been questions about whether sheryl sandberg should continue with the company, and whether zuckerberg should step down as chairman of the board. in an interview with cnn, zuckerberg says sandberg would stay and then said this. >> so you're not stepping down
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as chairman. >> that's not the plan. >> would anything change that? >> i mean -- eventually over time. i'm not going to be doing this forever, but i certainly am not currently thinking that makes sense. >> many companies split the role of ceo and chairman. case in point, apple, tim cook is the ceo, not the chairman. elon musk stepped down as ceo isn't the chairman of alphabet. this man is, john hennessey. splitting the chairperson's role from the ceo role is seen as good governance. curiously, while facebook is under withering fire for letting too much questionable content on facebook, zuckerberg made a point of talking about how facebook is making changes to let more questionable content on the site. take a listen.
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>> you post something, someone else reports it, we might take it down if we find out it's hate speech or violates our policy. if you disagree, you'll be able to appeal and also be able to appeal to an independent body. >> zuckerberg on cnn and facebook's stock again under pressure today. >> thank you. >> it's tough, thanks, scott. 6:17 for you right now. happening now, concern the high winds in new york could ground the balloons at tomorrow's annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. the parade has never been canceled because of weather. today crews are said to inflate the balloons. watch the macy's thanksgiving day with or without the balloons tomorrow morning at 9:00 right here on nbc bay area. many moons ago san jose used to have some of its own balloon parade and all that. it was fun. >> they would never let laura hold one of the balloons. >> she would just go, yeah. >> it was a cool event, but you
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know, this thanksgiving, a lot of people coming and going, and we're going to see some rain. >> we're going to see some rain today for the turkey trot in the morning. things are looking like it will clear out by then. great news there, as we use storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar to track the rain, we are the only ones with a tool like, this mobile radar around the bay area. the scan is live, so when you're looking at other stations, their radar is about two to five minutes behind what we are showing, and the storm ranger scans closer to the ground, so we can pick up on very high detail on what's actually happening, and not missing out on anything. so as we get a look at what's happening now, that's the red scan there, some of the heavier rain now moving into parts of the tri valley, and also approaching the santa cruz mountains. the north bay has seen the light rain moving through and the roads may be wet at times in parts of northern napa county, as we head toward contra costa county right now, we're seeing some of the rain moving through, around the oakland hills, and then we head over toward 580 and 680, where that rain is coming down in pleasanton, livermore
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and headed off toward the east so be mindful of that, if you're getting ready to hit the road. san jose looking good now and as we move over toward the peninsula, woodside is seeing some rain that will be approaching palo alto within the next few minutes and seeing a cluster of heavy rain that's just offshore. this will be moving into the santa cruz mountains and approaching the boulder creek area within the next 30 minutes or so. so if you're going through 17, it is going to start to pour. we are looking at a pretty good coverage of rain right at around 10:30 this morning for the north bay, and some waves of rain kind of spotty for today. this could slow you down, so make sure you're planning for some extra travel time, and then once again tomorrow morning, we are looking good as far as the rain clearing out for a little while. it does return for tomorrow afternoon for the north bay, and then we'll see some waves of rain for friday, pretty much ul day lo all day long. this will add up in terms of rainfall totals. with the two systems moving in,
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san jose reaching over half an inch of rain, higher amounts for morgan hill. much of the east bay getting over an inch of rain and one to two inches for parts of the north bay. so i'll be tracking that and the impact. you may see it as you go into the next couple of days, but so far t looks easy for the commuters. >> too easy, kari. looking at an easy drive, i don't begrudge anybody, green sensors all over the bay. we talked about a tree down affecting skyline but it's not blocking highway 35 over there near 92. we do have a fender bender reported near the maze, but it sounds like it's not affecting the maze or affecting lanes out there as well. smooth drive for the rest of the bay. wow, there's something wrong with this clicker. ily very have to check that out with engineering. looking over here the only thing i'm worried about, highway 17 northbound, slowing and the crash pulled out of lanes. there was a single car crash. i'm not going to call it a spinout, watch morgan hill, kari talked about the sprinkles and maybe slicker conditions. the first rain always the toughest. the bay bridge toll plaza even though metering lights are on,
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look, no backup at the toll plaza. only from the toll gates to the metering lights that's the only place you'll hit the brakes. back to you. >> all right, mike, appreciate that heads up for us. 6:20 right now. ahead at 6:30, a live report from the east bay, as all that rain mike and kari just mentioned finally arrives. but first, grateful for another week. >> i honestly thought i was going home. >> a dramatic and emotional ending on "the voice" as a bay area singer advances, the closing moment and her message this morning. "today in the bay's" mike inouye gearing up for the holiday. it looks like he was doing a little bit of shopping at trader joe's. check out his facebook page to hear the special message the good folks from trader joe's are delivering, right after you pay. head over to his facebook page, mike inouye.
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new trublend matte made foundation, in 40 shades. from covergirl. -and san francisco welcome back to "today in the bay" on this wednesday morning. taking a live look outside on your left is our storm ranger doppler radar. you see all that rain approaching the bay area, and on the right, a beautiful look at san francisco. we've seen so much smoke in the bay area. the rain hopefully will wash things out but concerns for the people up in butte county and what the rain will do there. we're tracking the storm. we'll have more coming up. some good news for you this morning, something to sing about, an oakland native is moving ahead on "the voice." >> the 18-year-old was in the bottom three, but she made it to
6:25 am
another round. ♪ some people want it all, but i don't want nothing at all ♪ ♪ if it ain't you baby >> she won the instant save vote after singing alicia keys' song "if i ain't got you." >> so much love, i want to cry but i'm trying not to. i'm just so thankful. thank you so much to all the fans that voted. i really honestly thought i was going home. but i'm here. >> good for her. she's so excited. watch more on "the voice" right here on nbc bay area on monday and tuesday night. nbc bay area responds to many complaints about airlines, some will arise out of a busy day like today. >> we sent consumer investigator chris chmura to sfo, he has tips
6:26 am
to tackle air travel trouble and the moment it happens, instead of waiting after the fact. >> reporter: let's run through a couple of scenarios. first, your flight is delayed or canceled -- the solution? try rebooking yourself. the major air carriers let you rebook online or on their app. problem two, you're going to miss your flight. solution, alert the airline. by warning the airline in advance, an agent might proactively book you. problem three, your flight is overbooked. solution, improve your odds. airlines oftentimes decide who to bump off a flight based on who is last to check in. get your boarding pass early. many airlines let you do that 24 hours in advance. problem four, your luggage is lost. solution, file a claim immediately, also be sure to ask the airline whether they'll let you buy essentials on their dime, items that will keep you clothed and clean until your baggage finally arrives. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us, the number is 888-996-tips or visit
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. >> thanks, chris. 6:26. next and all new this morning, a camp fire controversy, a report out overnight saying a move by the city of paradise may have contributed to the deadly gridlock. in the south bay, no prison time for a former middle school coach convicted of taking pictures of underaged students. the punishment he will face. and our top story, the rain moving in, clearing out that smoke. kari's brand new updated forecast for us and the timing on how much we'll actually see of that rain. [ horn honks ] rolling stone raves
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green book is hugely entertaining. what experience do you have? public relations. [ laughing ] audience everywhere are cheering. i don't think i've ever met anyone with your appetite. yeah, right. [ laughing ]
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our stormranger working hard this morning right now at 6:30, a live look at our radar there, our storm ranger working hard this morning, tracking that storm. thank you so much for beginning your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to kari right now, tracking this for us. how is the radar looking? >> looking good, seeing we are getting rain moving into parts of the bay area, and we've issued a microclimate weather alert because of the showers coming through. this won't be a major storm, but it is coming on a busy travel day when a lot of people will be out there driving or trying to catch a flight. as we look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, parts of san bruno mountain giving us a high definition view of some of the light rain starting to move into san francisco. also heavier rain moving into parts of the east bay around mt. diablo in the tri valley. expect the roads to be wet as you get ready to head out, while still all clear in san jose.
6:31 am
we have some rain that's moving through the peninsula, palo alto, woodside, san mateo, getting ready to see the light rain and much heavier rain rolling over the santa cruz mountains right now, that will be approaching saratoga, if it can make it over the santa cruz mountains. so i'll be tracking that, and also your plan for thanksgiving, that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have a crash in the north bay? >> i do, kari. our san rafael camera shows a couple of things. i saw flashing lights, a cruiser going whoom, zooming up north toward ignatio up here in the north bay and a crash reported there. you see the light traffic flow southbound. we have more traffic building and under the lights little puddles from earlier sprinkling, so we do have some spots that do have slicker roadways. be careful out there. so far no major problems reported. getting through the area toward the bay bridge the metering lights are on but only the metering lights with a backup. everything else including the toll plaza just fine. we had one crash clear from 17
6:32 am
but we might have a new crash in the santa cruz mountains where kari showed the rain coming through. we'll check on that coming up. back to you. >> thousands of people in the bay area will be hitting the roads this holiday weekend. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live over the east shore freeway in berkeley with what we need to know before hitting the roads this morning there, bob. >> reporter: the next couple of hours we'll see the first rain of the season. you could imagine the roads will be extra slick all of the oils and liquids building up the last several months on the freeways here. it's been a good while since they had a good rain. we want to throw up numbers on the tv screen from aaa, expecting over 48 million americans nationwide hitting the road, about a 5% increase over last year. including all modes of travel
6:33 am
this weekend, the travel volume will be the high nest more than a dozen years. peak travel time after 3:00 in the afternoon, no surprise there. aaa is expecting a response around over 300,000 calls for assistance throughout our country, mainly for dead batteries, lockouts and flat tires. i bring up the flat tires, just a reminder to make sure your wheels are properly inflated with this wet weather coming. chp reminds us not to tailgate other vehicles. watch your speed. remember, the posted speed limit is the fastest you are allowed to go as conditions permit. if the roads are wet and unsafe, you might want to consider slowing down. >> i know it's greasy and slippery out there, so you know, it's been a while since we've had rain, that's all i'm worried, that people are not used to it again. >> reporter: what about you? do you change your driving habits? >> yeah, i drive a lot slower, a lot slower. got to be safe out there. >> air change, go back it, i
6:34 am
like the rain, i like anything. >> reporter: are you worried about other drivers who might not necessarily use caution? >> sure. because some people crazy. >> reporter: aaa has identified three markets nationwide where they expect to see quadruple the normal driving times this holiday weekend. new york city, boston, and are you ready for it? san francisco. big surprise. reporting live here in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> have the drum roll going for you, bob, thanks. >> 6:34 right now. north of the bay area, butte county is still reeling from the camp fire, and now survivors are preparing for the rain. the storm could hamper the search efforts under way. >> right now, 870 people are still missing. the death toll now stands at 81. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live in chico, where there is a lot of anxiety this morning about the incoming rain. this is amid the report of an
6:35 am
initial evacuation there, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. we'll get to that report in a second. of course, folks here are concerned about the rain. we are getting a light drizzle once again at this walmart parking lot in chico, and behind me, you have the tents set up with evacuees there. they have encouraged to relocate because this area is prone to flooding, but as you can see, they're still set up here so we'll see what happens here with that situation, but we talk about that report, this is from the "l.a. times" this morning, discussing the evacuation routes out of paradise as folks tried to escape the camp fire. now, in that report, it mengztis back in 2015 the city narrowed skyway road, the main road in that area from four lanes to two lanes. the purpose of that was to slow down traffic and hopefully boost business in the downtown area, but of course, this caused some gridlock on the road as thousands tried to escape the
6:36 am
camp fire. now the mayor of paradise did address this in "l.a. times," responding to this, saying the narrowing of the road "didn't really matter when it comes to the effect on evacuations" saying no town in the world could prepare to evacuate an entire city like we saw in that fire, the camp fire, as it affected the paradise area. ten years ago, another fire took place in paradise and their evacuation problem and that's why the city initially did not do a full scale evacuation when it came to the camp fire. of course they changed the tune when the fire did take place. guys, back out here live, we see what's happening here with the tents, that a lot of questions on that evacuation issue but the big concern today of course is the weather. we're live here in chico, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> watching that weather closely there, pete, thank you. >> thanks, pete. 6:36 for you right now. new this morning, a new effort reportedly in the works to protect the power company's
6:37 am
liability for wildfire losses. "the mercury news" reporting as soon as today, a southern california assemblyman will introduce a new measure allowing companies including pg&e to pass potential payoff costs on to customers. camp fire victims in butte county filed suit against pg&e even though the cause has not been determined. bill passed last year includes a loophole that does not cover 2018. 6:37 right now, hoping to lift the spirits of first responders working in the fire zone, the "today" show's al roker and natalie morales are in butte county along with eight all-star chefs preparing special thanksgiving meals for the first responders as a thank you for their work. >> reporter: how do you concentrate on what you're doing and yet knowing what's going on back at home? >> you see people day to day especially living in the community, and it just makes you want to fight it that much harder and do so much more and
6:38 am
try to protect and, you know, look out for the well-being of other people. >> you can watch that full interview coming up on the "today" show, that's right after "today in the bay," starting at 7:00 a.m. doing good things for people, doing better things. we have a good commute. i know that's not a big deal but still it's important for folks as well getting around. we expected the early commute to be really good but the rain held off as well. damp roadways, be careful as we drive around the area. we are looking a little farther south where we have this issue reported for 17. northbound 17 just past the summit, we have your second crash of the morning, it's again just north of summit road so there's a little slowing there. kari did talk about some rain trying to get over the santa cruz mountains and they're not able to get there just yet. we'll watch for that as well. wet roadways are a bigger issue. as we come over toward the richmond to san rafael bridge, we have a smooth flow of traffic. we have a crowd gathering here, that's a little more traffic than we see at the bay bridge toll plaza, where the metering lights are on.
6:39 am
different this wednesday. >> it is a little different. lot of people not working, traveling, a lot of people expecting a lot of company >> and rain, something we haven't seen in a long time. >> it starts out this morning off and on. we'll have a couple of waves of it, and we're tracking it with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, some of the heaviest rain moving over the cruz mountains, so kind of poor there. as we go hour by hour, the rain will pick up in intensity, a little bit more coverage by about 11:00 this morning, especially for the north bay, and then the rest of the bay area once again just kind of seeing it in waves. south bay may not really see any rain until about this afternoon. we all will take a break from it later this evening, which may be good news for people hitting the roads a little bit later. there will be a chance of rain overnight, and then as we go into the day tomorrow, most of the day looks pretty dry, and then the second round of rain starts to move in between late thursday night and throughout the day on friday.
6:40 am
we do have some rain that will be coming through, so once again, rain looks like it takes a break for the silicon valley turkey trot, happening in downtown san jose and it's cool to start with temperatures in the low 50s. we'll be at about 58 degrees at 11:00 and if you'll be traveling across the state, snow in the sierra, so from yosemite park toward south lake tahoe we'll see some rain moving through and some of the sunshine in southern california, with highs near 70. we'll talk about today's temperature trend and another look at storm ranger coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari. >> 6:40. all new this morning, a bad accident in contra costa county, when stones fell and hurt four workers, where it happened, and what we know so far. plus a busy travel day already under way. >> we're leaving today instead of tomorrow. >> yes, i think it would be a lot worse tomorrow. >> ugh. we'll take you live to sfo, where our crews are already there talking to passengers this morning. the status of flights at this hour. and just a day after
6:41 am
excusing a saudi crowned prince, the president has a big ask from saudi arabia. let's take you out to the big board, welcome up arrows though just a fraction of what we lost yesterday. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:43 am
right now, 6:43, sun rising in the east and rain approaching from the west. amazing sunrise over palo alto and rain moving in later on this
6:44 am
morning that will get heavier throughout the day. we're starting to see rain approaching the peninsula. we'll take a closer look at storm ranger coming up in five minutes. >> i should have picked that camera. here you have san rafael that looks nice. you notice a puddle over on the right, the northbound side, we have damp roadways already in some spots, and i do have a crash to report. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. with thanksgiving just a day away, the holiday travel rush certainly on with many hitting the roads, rails, skies. this is a live look at sfo. lot of people are coming and going. today is the second busiest day, on the ground at the airport, a lot of passengers gearing up for the flights, dropping off, picking up. rain is expected in the bay area later this morning so keep in mind that could cause some delays. now across the country, 2.5 million flyers will be in the air today. 3 million on sunday. many say they're packing their patience and leaving early. >> we're about an hour and a
6:45 am
half before our flight, usually we get an hour or so, not too bad. >> cheaper gas is helping to fuel the busiest travel rush on the roads in 12 years, it's down 24 cents in a month. new for you this morning, in concord, four workers are receiving or recovering there after being hurt on the job. large stones fell and struck them at a business, this is near the challenge drive and franqette avenue. it happened yesterday afternoon before 4:00. no word on how badly hurt those workers are. a one-time driftler lier wi spend the next two decades in prison after pleading guilty to two stabbings. hart pleaded goilitiy in the 2016 death of a homeless man stabbed dozens of times as he slept in a doorway in santa rosa. hart also pleaded guilty to stabbing and seriously injuring a man in a movie theater two days later. hart faces 27 years to life in prison for both crimes, when is
6:46 am
he sentenced next month. making headlines in the south bay, a former p.e. teacher in san jose has been sentenced for possession of child pornography and taking inappropriate pictures of young girls at school. 47-year-old clifford papadakis will serve eight months of house arrest. he worked at willow glen middle school when he was arrested back in february. >> 6:46 right now. the president is calling on saudi arabia to lower oil prices this morning. >> scott mcgrew, some may say this is curious timing here. >> curious timing or obvious timing, marcus. the president just made that tweet about oil prices a short time ago. "oil prices getting lower, great! like a big tax cut for america and the world, enjoy! $54 was just $82." he's talking about the price of a barrel of oil. "thank you to saudi arabia, but let's go lower." this call for saudi arabia comes less than a day after president
6:47 am
trump let crowned prince mohammad bin salman off the hook for the murder of a virginia resident and "washington post" writer. the official statement from the president on the murder and dismemberment of jamal khashoggi said "it could very well be that crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event, maybe he did, and maybe he didn't!" with an exclamation point, and goes on to say, "we may never know all of the facts." the cia reportedly has told the president bin salman is responsible. as for the tweet to then call for saudi arabia to lower oil prices less than 4 hours after that just doesn't seem random, comes across as quid pro quo. house oversight chairman trey gowdy, a republican, wants ivanka trump to answer questions about her use of a personal email account while conducting government business, and california billionaire tom steyer launched a series of ads that certainly make it sound like he's running for president.
6:48 am
>> we need to turn this around. we need to redefine what it means to be free. >> steyer is also the man behind the impeach trump movement. in the past, we probably dismissed steyer's chances because no man who has become president, had to be a senator, a governor, or a general in the past, until donald trump. donald trump changed that. stayer is not the only californian who might be flirting with the idea for president. congressman eric salwell, from the house as well. there's never been a president coming from that side of congress. we'll be paying attention to what happens today. you need to watch today, just before a holiday, and this is when some kind of news might come out. follow me @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. just in time for the holidays, downtown san jose ice rink is officially open. look who was there last night. >> gabby. >> to cut the ice, cut the
6:49 am
ribbon, what did you do? >> we were cutting it up, cutting some jokes. >> cut it up on the ice, mike inouye emceed the grand opening along with olympic gold medalist kristi yamaguchi and gabrielle, our meteorologist for telemundo. >> we were sweating a little bit. >> california winter. >> ice skating under the palm trees and the tree lighting on friday downtown san jose as well. >> all right. ooh, it's going to rain on friday. >> it will rain off and on throughout the day on friday, make sure the sun comes out. we are going to track this rain moving through on our storm ranger this morning, and as you watch nbc bay area, we're the only ones with a tool like this in the viewing area and our radar scan is live so when you watch the other stations, theirs is two to five minutes behind ours and the storm ranger scans lower to the ground so we're getting more detail in the low storms that we get here in the bay area. we're tracking the rain, most of
6:50 am
it has been pretty scattered but we're getting some good intensity here with this rain that's moving over the santa cruz mountains, and approaching the woodside area. 280 is about to get soaked right now and also for sunnyvale, light rain that will get heavier as this continues to move through. if this rain could make it over the santa cruz mountains, it should be in san jose, within the next 30 to 40 minutes, so put that in your plans if you're getting ready to head out the door. we are going to see a little bit more coverage and our rain going through late morning and early afternoon, but it's still going to be scattered, so there will be some breaks in between at 3:30, a lot of the rain shifting over toward the east bay, and then moving off toward the east, while we take a break from the heavy rain, which may be a good time as well to head out on the roads later on this evening. but still some rain chances overnight, and then drying out for most of the day on thanksgiving, before our second round of rain moves in late thursday night into early friday morning, we are going to see that rain once again continuing pretty widespread and heavy at
6:51 am
times throughout the day on friday, and then ending on early saturday morning. so during that time, we're going to get some heavy sierra snow. if you're driving through or going to the sierra, we're looking at elevations above 6,000 feet, getting possibly one to two feet of snow, and those winds are going to be whipping, so here is a look at our thanksgiving sierra forecast, with the potential of some very heavy snow there, and then the rest of the weekend is looking pretty good with some 40s and drier weather. heading over to mike, you have a crash on highway 17? >> kari, this is the second crash of the morning. i know you said the rain is coming up toward the santa cruz mountains. there may be some damp road or something. we've had a couple of crashes northbound around the summit. the bay bridge metering lights are on but there's not a backup at the toll plaza. we had the backup here north approaching the summit headed up toward redstowoodet states, the crash is on the on-ramp but the
6:52 am
slowing shows up through the area. highway 101 smooth through the south county and reopened entirely through the fire zones, ventura and l.a. counties. be careful out there. we're looking at contra costa county, slowing for highway 4 in through concord and a build for the maze but nothing dramatic. the metering lights are on but there's no backup at the toll plaza itself, as you see from the live shot, that is the clear toll plaza. little moisture, little puddles there in the parking lot over there and also the beautiful sunrise, the skies are clear, so that rain is definitely having an effect on our view right now, about you it will have an effect on the drive as we get further into the day and this afternoon, big volume around the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. you're watching the roads. we're watching the stock market this morning. the dow jones actually up more than 100 points so far. yesterday the stock market lost all of its 2018 gains. nervous investors have been dumping stocks because of worries about the global economy along with the u.s./china trade dispute.
6:53 am
>> next on "today in the bay," a look at the top stories including permanent pot ban, a huge development in one south bay city bucking the trend for allowing people to buy and use recreational marijuana. plus no more robo calls, the brand you action to stop annoying calls and a new stop to stop texts as well. we are back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." before you head out the do
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6:55 am
here are the top stories on
6:56 am
today welcome back. it is 6:55, and before you head out the door, here are the top stories here on "today in the bay." >> we're in a microclimate weather alert. here is a look from our radar this morning, we're tracking the first in a series of storms moving into the bay area. right now, it's a little on and off. you may notice sprinkles depending on where you are. as you can see from our live cameras in some cases, there are wet roads out there as well. the rain is supposed to intensify through the end of the week. we'll get some breaks here and there. north of the bay area, butte county is still reeling from the camp fire and survivors are preparing for the rain as well. this in fact is a live look from chico, where some evacuees were staying outside in tents, have started to relocate. the storm could hamper search efforts under way. sadly, 870 people are still missing. and the numbers are staggering. the death toll now stands at 81. crews have been shoring up burned hillsides to prevent mud and rockslides but because the
6:57 am
soil has taken so much damage, experts fear it won't be able to absorb water. >> an online child pornography investigation leads to the arrest of a san francisco pastor. 59-year-old steven saban is accused of distributing child porn through a social media app. he is a pastor at christchurch lutheran in sunset. investigators searched saban's home and they recovered more than 600 files. the pastor is booked into the san francisco county jail. a live look in milpitas this morning, city leaders are saying no to the idea of legal marijuana dispensardispensaries. now, according to "the mercury news" reporter who was here last night dozens of people spoke out about concerns about crime. the ban is supposed to take effect immediately. new this morning, this might be music to your ears, the fcc is taking new steps to get rid of the annoying robo calls
6:58 am
there. the agency just proposed more measures to fight spam calls and texts. one idea, creating a database to reassigning numbers so you hopefully get fewer sales intended for other people. second proposal would classify text messaging as an information instead of a telecom service that would give wireless carriers more explicit permission to block suspected spam texts. the fcc will consider both ideas at a meeting next month. apple in talks with the va to provide veterans access to electronic medical records right there on their iphone. the "wall street journal" is reporting a deal could boost apple's efforts to partner with medical institutions and turn its ios software into a data base to store and share health information. apple could hold records for 9 million vets to simplify doctor visits and potentially improve care. you probably heard about the scary romaine lettuce recall? dozens of people sent to the
6:59 am
hospital from contaminated lettuce. this morning on "today" why the cdc says simply throwing it away is not enough. 6:58 right now. before we head out the door, and you as well, maybe you're staying in, let's check the forecast with kari. >> if you're headed out it's a good time for most of the but area, some of the showers have been scattered. storm ranger tracking that, but it's about to ramp up for the peninsula. it's a cluster of heavy rain moves in. take a look at sunrise over san jose, if you're getting ready to head out, roads are still dry but once again, rain is approaching and follow me on social media, i' i'm @karihallweather, on facebook, and live updates as well. there is concern about one particular crash. >> one particular crash, smaller crashes around the bay but look at the map, the speed sensors around the bay are great until we move down to highway 17 northbound, right around summit. we did have word all lanes were blocked for a few minutes, but they've opened one lane again, recovering from an earlier
7:00 am
crash. the slick roadways like we're starting to see in the north bay may be an issue. the san rafael camera is showing some drizzle on the road. >> that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> thanks for starting your morning here with us. good mor [ music playing ] good morning, go time. more americans hitting the road today in more than a dozen years. the busiest thanksgiving travel season in half a generation and a bitter cold one to boot. just ahead, will you get there on time? and could whipping winds in new york ground those famous parade balloons? unprecedented recall. the cdc with a stunningly broad directive to every american. there out euromaine lettuce. any brand from any store anywhere. e. coli outbreaks and officials have no idea where it's coming from. ahead, why the


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