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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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well, make those phones light up. >> in fact, we'll head over to the phones our sefselves and bek with a local update at 7:25. good m >> i felt like somebody kicked me in the stomach. >> workers blind sided by the news staging a walkout. the company and the president on the defensive. >> i'm not happy about it at all. >> what happens next for those workers? breaking overnight. paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman, accused of repeatedly lying to the fbi and the special counsel in the russia investigation. his plea deal now in jeopardy. will he face even more charges and a lengthy prison sentence?
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and could the president pardon him? we'll have the very latest. chaos at the border. new arrests made, thousands still in limbo at the largest border crossing between the u.s. and mexico. the president defending the use of tear gas on migrants. >> clear message to the caravans and to the trespassers. turn around, go back home. those stories, plus sticking the landing. a nasa spacecraft touches down on mars after seven minutes of terror from mission control. what's next for the historic mission? plus, touching tribute. how oprah winfrey is remembering her mom this morning. and hang on. heart-stopping video of a man's death defying hang gliding ride after the pilot forgets to hook up his harness. what he's saying about the wild ride and rough landing today,
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tuesday, november 27th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. hello. >> i mean, they do call it hang gliding, but if you're going with an instructor, you don't literally want to hang on. >> i guess there was a broken arm at the end of it, but thankfully everything else turned out okay. >> incredible. we'll see that story in a bit. >> let's get to the top story. those major cuts announced by general motors. the automaker set to shut down plants and cut thousands of jobs. nbc's anne thompson joins us now with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. gm says president trump's steel and aluminum tariffs have cost them $1.4 billion. but these cutbacks are more about changing consumer tastes.
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with low gas prices, buyers are increasingly choosing family style suvs and trucks. and that's not good news for thousands of gm workers. it won't be a happy holiday for thousands of gm workers. >> you're going right into christmas. you're looking in, you know, for celebration and that's not there now. >> reporter: general motors is cutting nearly 15,000 factory and white collar jobs. five plants idling next year in the baltimore area, the detroit area, ohio, and canada. >> we're just kind of hurting right now. >> reporter: at one plant, many who have clocked in for a decade or more walking off the line. >> people in there bawling their eyes out. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: gm is halting progress on passenger cars. the buick la crosse, cadillac stx, and the chevy cruze, impala, and volt. but promising to invest in next
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generation electric vehicles. gm's new direction fueled by an evolving economy and consumer tastes. >> the quality is great. the workers are fabulous. it's the best we've had here. there just isn't a market for it. >> reporter: sedans and compact cars bypassed on showroom floors for trucks, suvs, and crossovers. an unhappy president trump talking tough. >> i have no doubt that in a not too distant future they'll put something else -- they better put something else in. >> reporter: after vowing to bring auto jobs back during his time in office. >> they're all coming back. they're all coming back. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers pouncing. >> you're the president of the united states. you made promises to workers. you did well in this area because you promised that you would be different than both democrats and republicans over the years. and you didn't lift a damn finger to help out. >> for as upset as politicians and workers are, wall street likes this move. gm shares up nearly 5% on the
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news. in all, gm is looking to save $6 billion with these closings and job cuts. >> so what's the bottom line here, anne? did the tariffs actually have some effects? is that why folks lost their jobs? >> when you talk to gm, they said no. they said the real reason behind this is we're just choosing different kinds of vehicles to buy. if you look at what ford did a year ago, ford a year ago basically got out of the passenger car business. the only car they're going to have now is the ford mustang. gm is following that path. and all these plants that are closing are plants that have just by and large a single shift where these passenger cars are made. there just isn't enough demand. >> people feel angry and blindsided there. and of course at all companies, gm included, they got a massive tax cut earlier this year. part of the promise was we're going to plow it back into these companies. >> not only did they get a massive tax cut, a decade ago the government bailed them out of bankruptcy. so people are really angry.
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in gm's defense, what it would say is that we are going to invest in our company, but we're going to invest in different types of vehicles. autonomous vehicles, electric battery vehicles. so they say they will be investing, just not in these passenger cars. >> we'll see what that means, if anything, for the workers who've lost their jobs. >> tough news. >> thank you, anne. also breaking overnight, former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is being accused . manafort's lawyers say he kept his word but mueller's team says he lied to them repeatedly. it's serious new legal trouble for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. prosecutors for special counsel robert mueller filed court documents late monday accusing him of lying to them repeatedly breaking his plea agreement as they questioned him in the russia meddling investigation. they said manafort committed federal crimes by lying to the federal bureau of investigation and the special counsel's office
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on a variety of subject matters which constitute breaches of the agreement. but manafort's lawyers wrote in the same court filing he met with the special counsel's office several times and believes he has provided truthful information. manafort could face at least ten years in prison. he pleaded guilty in september to cheating the internal revenue service, violating foreign lobbying laws, and trying to obstruct justice. most of the charges date from his consultancy work in the ukraine before he became donald trump's campaign chairman. in his plea he agreed to corporate with mueller's investigation. >> the worst thing you can do when you're facing serious felony charges, i think, is refuse to cooperate. but even worse than that is agreeing to cooperate and then lying. because you're going to get caught. you're going to face all of the punishment and then some. >> reporter: some legal experts say despite manafort's lack of cooperation with mueller, this could mean more trouble for the president. >> if i were trump, i would be unnerved by the fact that mueller's office knows enough
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about the facts of this case to say you're lying. how do they know that? who told them? what documents do they have? what tapes do they have? >> that's a really good point. >> that has me unnerved. >> reporter: this could be a setback for mueller's team who were hoping to get answers. they're looking to set a date for sentencing and might president trump pardon him? >> we'll be watching. thank you. voters in mississippi head to the polls today in a senate election that had president trump campaigning in the state overnight. kristen welker joins us with the latest on this story. hey, kristen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump is back at the white house today after headlining two rallies overnight in mississippi's run-off race for republican senate candidate cindy hyde smith whose campaign has been embroiled in several racial controversies. but president trump's support for her hasn't wavered as he seeks to solidify republicans'
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grip on the senate. president trump stumping in mississippi overnight with just hours to go until voters head to the polls for a special election. delivering his closing argument for embattled republican senator cindy hyde-smith. >> this is a very, very special person. you got to go out tomorrow, vote. we need her. we need her badly. >> reporter: hyde-smith highlighting her staunch support of the president. a state he won big in 2016. >> thank you, mr. president. i tell you, is it great to have the president of the united states here in mississippi? >> reporter: hyde-smith is locked in a fierce battle with democrat mike espy. if he wins, the congressman would be the first african-american senator since reconstruction. it's a race that's been defined by racial controversy and disturbing echoes of the state's violent past. police are investigating two nooses hung outside mississippi
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state capitol on monday. hyde-smith has drawn fire for saying she'd welcome sitting in the front row of a public hanging. publics her campaign dismissed as a joke. >> any time i said anything that somebody got offended, i want to apologize. >> reporter: the president defending her overnight. >> it was something said that was a little flip. i heard an apology loud and clear and i know where her heart is. and her heart is good. >> reporter: and in the latest controversy, the jackson free press reports hyde-smith attended an all-white segregated high school and sent her daughter to a similar school. espy argues mississippi must turn the page. >> i believe that i'm the candidate to take mississippi forward. >> reporter: acknowledging he'll need a broad base of support to win in this red state. >> i can never win with only black votes. we've got to get votes from everybody. >> reporter: the stakes are high for both parties with republicans now controlling the senate by five seats. a hyde-smith victory would help the gop bolster that majority.
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while an espy win would give democrats more leverage heading into 2020. and because mississippi is such a ruby red state, there's a lot of confidence. but republicans are so concerned about holding the seat, they've poured millions into advertising. of course it will all come down to turnout as it always does. hyde-smith is hoping the president's final push will help get people out to the polls today. >> thank you. craig joins the table. got more on the battle at the border. >> good morning. president trump using part of that speech in mississippi to again defend the use of tear gas on migrants who rushed the border. so what's next in the showdown? gabe gutierrez is in tijuana, mexico. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. this is the makeshift shelter where more than 5,000 migrants are staying waiting for their next move. the u.s. military says that about 300 troops that were
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previously deployed to texas and arizona have now moved to california. this morning, the white house is defending the use of tear gas at the southern border. >> we're sending a clear message to the caravans and to the trespassers. turn around, go back home. >> reporter: president trump is also threatening to close that border for good if mexico doesn't disperse the group of gathering migrants. >> if we didn't show them strength and a strong border, and nobody has shown a stronger border, if we didn't do that, you would have hundreds of thousands of people pouring into our country. >> reporter: mexico now says about a hundred of the people who rushed a major border crossing on sunday have been arrested and deported. according to u.s. officials, they were mostly adult men. tijuana's mayor is calling this a humanitarian crisis. u.s. authorities are processing less than 100 asylum applications a day. so this is a backlog with no end in sight. >> are you comfortable tear
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gassing children? >> they're not -- you know, they had to be used because they were being rushed by tough people. >> reporter: but in the chaos was maria mesa with her daughters. her escape in this photograph. we tracked her down. when i see that photo, i just want to cry, she says. claiming that she wasn't crossing the border illegally. but instead trying to apply for asylum. others like sara ramos and her three children said they were going to what they thought was a peaceful march that turned ugly. what's your message from the trump administration? look at who's causing problems and who isn't, she says. now facing a show of force across the border, thousands of migrants here are considering what's next. president trump said that three border agents were very badly hurt during sunday's incident.
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but that contradicts the commissioner for customs and border protection who said the agents wore protective gear and no one was seriously injured. >> all right, gabe. thank you. well, we take a turn. nasa is being praised this morning for its spectacular touchdown on mars. the insight lander arrived safely on the red planet after a heart-pounding descent. and who could forget that show-stealing celebration. miguel almaguer has more. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. from conception to reality, nasa has been working on insight for more than a decade. while the space agency has been successful landing a spacecraft some 40 million miles away is never a guarantee. and this journey was as nail biting as ever. >> go ahead. >> reporter: this was the seven minutes of terror. at 2,000 meters per second. >> reporter: the dangerous descent leaving nasa scientists on the edge of their seats as
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they waited to learn if they made their landing. >> touchdown confirmed. insight is on the surface of mars. >> reporter: the mission to return to mars, a success. the spacecraft insight touching down after a 300 million-mile journey through space. sending back these early photos of the red planet. >> it worked flawlessly. it was textbook. frankly, it's incredible how well it worked. >> five, four, three, two, zero. >> reporter: launching in may from california, this marks the first mission to study the interior of mars. rapp propelling through space, withstanding 3,000 degrees, a heat shield and parachutes and rockets to slow its travel from more than 12,000 miles an hour to 5 miles an hour for its perfect landing. crowds watched live in l.a., chicago, and new york.
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>> and liftoff of the atlas 5 with curiosity. >> reporter: unlike curiosity's ongoing mission to explore possible signs of life, this three-legged, one-armed mining spacecraft will dig deeper into the planet. a geological probe. >> the reason we're digging into mars is to better understand not just mars but the earth itself. >> reporter: with solar pan panelling to help power the spacecraft, it will dig 16 feet deep. scientists hope to measure earthquakes or mars-quakes on the red planet. learning more about how mars was formed. >> we'll learn new things about this planet that we see in the evening sky in a way we've never seen. >> reporter: today, a new insight on mars after one breathtaking journey, a new ground breaking one begins. >> so miguel, it's space. what's the real significance of this and what's next? >> reporter: well, the spacecraft is going to continue sending back photos and updates in the days ahead.
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but the real bulk of the science will likely begin in march. scientists say it's just a matter of time, though, until humans actually land on mars. so interesting times ahead. >> miguel, thank you. what a celebration. >> that was fun. >> yeah. that hand shake. we've been practicing it. i know. they were better at it than we are. >> i think we should make that a thing. that was awesome. >> it really was. all right. time to say hi to our friend al. get a check of the forecast. you got the hand shake down? >> i don't. but i think it's great the rover is sending back photos. we still have cameras on our phones from three years ago. it's unbelievable. take a look now. winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings from northeastern ohio all the way to northern new england. you can see this rotation. it is bringing in lake-effect snow. it's going to come in hard and heavy over the next 24 hours. the snowfall rates will continue from erie, buffalo, watertown. winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour. and then tomorrow the heaviest snow will be early in the day. travel will be difficult to just about impossible.
7:18 am
snowfall amounts from western new york all the way to northern new england, we could see isolated areas of up to 18 inches of snow between watertown and syracuse. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. t rick? the clarke st street crater, the mother of all potholes, for decades its tormented the people of this town, they've tried to fill it but it always returns, got me good. but you know state farms got you too. yeah. you hear that, you ain't nothing! are you trash talking a pothole? yup. yeah i am. go with the one that's here to help life go right. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're tracking our next round of rain, it's already starting to move into far northern sonoma county, as well as lake and mendocino counties right now. some pockets of some heavy rain, where we see the reds and the yellows, indicated on our storm
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ranger mobile doppler radar. we'll be tracking this rain, making its way to the south, covering much of the north bay by noon, and then moving into san francisco and oakland by 2:00 this afternoon. san jose seeing it this evening. weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, we'll take you inside the so-called alcatraz of the rockies, with new details emerging about the boston marathon bomber's life there. what he is doing behind bars that is creating outrage. and the hang glider that was forced to hang on for dear life, after the pilot forgot to attach him. the video you have to see and what he is saying about this unforgettable ride. but first this istoday" on "nb
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coming up, a "today" exclusive. bode miller will be here with happy news after such a hard year for his family. and oprah's touching tribute
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for the bay area. we'll see the showers moving from north to south. as we go throughout the day, some pockets of heavy rain now moving into ukiah and moving toward healeddsburg and lakeport so we'll track that moving into the rest of the north bay by noon. at 2:00, we'll see scattered showers and it may be a while before we see that rain in san jose. sometime this afternoon, we'll see some downpours that could make those roads wet for the evening commute, and then we'll have another round of rain tomorrow. we'll be tracking all of this. let's get an update on how the commute is rolling with mike. >> we're looking at the san mateo bridge, still slow but maybe worse, there may be a backup on the high-rise. it's just a big box. hopefully no one's hit it, we'll determine what it is. slow westbound 92, shows up there, but maybe some recovery, i think they cleared the lanes. dumbarton also a good alternate. overall, a lighter than a typical tuesday. the south bay northbound routes taking it in 101 off of 85, same thing for 87 and 85 itself. back to you.
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we're trying to raise money for the california wooid fire fund for the folks who lost so much, images so devastating from paradise and butte county. we've within gooding $25 here and there, that all adds up but we also got a $1,000 donation from san mateo. this young lady got $200 donation. this young lady had a $300 donation, we're making it easy. >> and it is so easy. it's wonderful to see the generosity of people in the bay area, and this monday is going to go to the wildfire victims. the number to call is 833-nbc-kntv, we're standing by to take your calls. man's world?
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that's beautiful rome, the coliseum, of course. why are we showing it to you? well, it's our way of teasing our "does it work?" series. craig says he has tried out an app that will teach you how to speak italian. and it doesn't include spaghetti. >> that's a little tease. i've given you 20% of my knowledge. >> we'll look at that. first, a check of today's headlines, in english. we start with major news from the u.s. auto industry. general motors announced monday it plans to close five assembly plants and cut about 15,000 workers. it also plans to stop production of six models. the ceo says in the future, gm will need more computer coders but fewer engineers who work on internal combustion engines. a new video shows how one
7:31 am
gunshot started a massive brush fire in arizona, that scorched about 45,000 acres. this happened at a gender reveal party in april of 2017. here's how it happened. a target was set up with the words boy and girl written on it. moments later, the shot goes off. and the target explodes into flames and as blue smoke rises into the air, the dry grass around it caught on fire. dennis dickey, a border parole agent, pled guilty for starting that fire. he had to pay restitution of $8 million. a heart-stopping new video shows a first-time hang glider holding on for dear life, after realizing he was not strapped in. chris was vacation iing in switzerland. he realized his safety harness was not connected. he was left clinging to the
7:32 am
pilot. the pilot was trying to land somewhere quickly, but he had trouble controlling that glider because he was steering with one hand and holding on to the passenger. the two were forced to aim for the original landing area at the bottom of the mountain. they did get there just in the nick of game because he said he could not hold on for one second longer. he suffered a broken wrist from the landing. otherwise, he was okay. >> that is terrifying. >> okay. >> frankly, good thing he realized he wasn't strapped on, he might have thought it was okay. also this morning, the boston marathon bombing is back in the headlines, with new information coming to light about the case and one of the brothers behind the attacks. nbc's joe fryer joins us with that this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the boston marathon bomber is awaiting execution at a supermax prison in colorado. the deadline to appeal his death sentence is approaching,
7:33 am
december 19th. now, new documents are providing new details about the convicted bomber's life behind bombs with a surprising revelation. this morning, we're taking a closer look at the notorious prison. tucked in the mountains of colorado, is a place known as the alcatraz of the rockies. joseph is locked up here as the only supermax prison. bob hood used to be the warden. >> it's truly worse than death. death is much easier than a 20-something-year-old spending the rest of his life at the supermax. >> reporter: more than 400 invites are currently here, including unabomber, ted kaczynski, zacarias moussaoui, shoe bomber, reid, and terry nichols. the prisoners spend most of the days alone, in their cells. one former prisoner said it was
7:34 am
walking into a tomb. >> you know, it's a constant struggle, day-to-day, to keep your humanity from slipping through your fingers. >> reporter: new court documents from tsaranev's trial says inmates have access to satellite tv. the documents disclosed conversations behind closed doors, between the judge, prosecutors and defense attorneys, who were debating prison conditions if he received a life sentence. the prosecutor told the judge, there's 50 channels of directv that's piped into their room, as long with music, as well. so, the inmate controls all of that. they can watch whatever television stations they want. they can watch educational training. they can watch videos that are to workouts, like yoga or something like that. that surprises many that live near the prison. >> i have a hard time with it. they are in there as criminals. they're not in there to enjoy life. >> reporter: tsaranev was convicted and sentenced to death
7:35 am
for the boston marathon bombings that killed 3 people and injured about 260. unsealed documents reveal that before his conviction, tsaranev wanted to plea guilty and help the prosecution, in exchange for life behind bars. but prosecutors did not make the deal because they said, he provided just two sentences of information on what he would tell them. >> joe, what's the former warden? what's he saying about the supermax inmates having tv access. >> reporter: well, bob hood understands that people might not like it. he thinks overall, it is a good thing. the tvs are a way to communicate with the inmates. they can be used as punishment. he says he saw grown men, convicted terrorists, actually cry because the prison staff threatened to take away one of their favorite shows. >> all right. joe fryer for us. joe, thanks. let's switch gears and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we're going to head out west and our friends who have been dealing with the wildfires. they have a few storms to deal with today. storm number one, today and
7:36 am
tomorrow, storm two, thursday, and another one coming in on saturday. the thursday storm, the one we're most worried about. widespread rain for the northwest. heavy downpours in northern california. wednesday, off and on showers. heavier rain in the afternoon. and thursday, this is the strongest storm. that's the one we're most worried about. that will bring rain into southern california, upwards of an inch. if we get into the burn scar areas, 1 to 3 inches. we're going to see the snow build up in the sierra. and that's like money in the bank when it comes to water for california. that's what's go good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we track the rain moving in on storm ranger, we are seeing a lot of pretty heavy downpours around ukiah, and north of healdsburg we see a lot of reds and yellow there is on the map. as we go through the rest of the day, this rain continues to spread over the north bay, approaching san francisco, right at about noon, and it does look more scattered for the
7:37 am
afternoon. san jose may not see the rain until right around sunset, and in time for the evening commute. >> got some crazy cold weather coming. we'll tell you about that in the next half hour. >> thank you. coming up, bode miller be here sharing good news for his family and an important message for all parents. plus an nbc news investigation. olympic legend mary lou retton was the face of a medical device that promised to improve lives. why are thousands suing the company that makes it? and how oprah is remembering her late mother this morning. and do you have kids on your holiday gift list but no idea what to get them? what to get them? we are coming to the rescue with
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7:42 am
but do the devices put patients at risk? >> reporter: our nbc news investigation in conjunction with the international consortium of investigative journalists, took a closer look at one kind of hip implant that's caused a world of pain and why some critics say it could have been prevented. olympic gymnast mary lou retton was once one of the greatest athletes. but the sport led her to needing a hip replacement. at 37, she became the face of the new metal-on-metal implant. >> thanks to biomet, i'm not living with pain anymore. >> reporter: now, retton is among 2,000 patient nas have filed suit against the company. she alleges that the implant caused her physical harm and the company knew it was defective. similar to what andrew chapel, a young father of four, says he experienced. >> it was so frustrating. it made me so angry. >> reporter: his doctor discovered severe damage to his
7:43 am
bones and metal from the implant in his blood, at a level 100-times higher than normal. >> it's been linked to stuff like heart problems and neurological problems. so, i was very scared. >> reporter: what chapel didn't know is that well before he found out the device was causing harm, biomet quietly discontinued it without informing u.s. patients. then, in 2015 and 2016, companies released safety warnings. that's not what the fda did here in the u.s. two months before his surgery, they issued a safety recommendation. but unlike the other countries, it never issued a warning about the specific biomet device. jack mitchell oversaw investigations at the fda, now is the director for health research. he is critical how many medical devices, including the biomet
7:44 am
m2a, are cleared by the fda. >> a patient, if they think the fda puts the seal on the device, that it's safe under all circumstances. that's not true. >> reporter: nbc analysis found five devices where other countries issued safety warnings but the fda never did the same. including a knee implant and a pregnancy test that gives false results. a see difference, how countries monitor device safety. the fda has what is called an adverse event database, where many doctors and patients can report injuries. but critics say the system is too slow. >> it sometimes takes them months, if not years, to discern that there is a major problem that requires action. >> reporter: but other countries are more proactive, like australia, which keeps special registries to track the outcome of 100% of joint implants, including hips. experts say that kind of system allows regulators to spot
7:45 am
problems more quickly and immediately get the word to doctors and patients. >> what might be allowed or approved in europe or recalled is not necessarily the same as what fda will do. and there could be legitimate reasons for that. but i think we have to get these adverse event systems uniform enough that when there is a pattern, that our fda can take action. >> reporter: biomet did not respond to questions. but said in a statement, we adhere to strict regulatory standards and work closely with the fda and all applicable regulatory agencies in our regions. this year, chapel underwent two complex surgeries to remove the hip and the damage. >> i could have gotten them out sooner. that would have saved me three years of pain and suffering. >> reporter: about 400 lawsuits are pending against biomet regarding the hip, including
7:46 am
chapel's and mary lou retton. retton declined to comment for our story. the fda plans to announce the revamp of the clearance process and the way it monitors safety after a medical device is on the market. >> that's encouraging. stephanie, thank you for the story. appreciate it. coming up next, oprah's coming up next, oprah's touching tribute, after the ♪ he's gonna do it! ♪ you gotta see this! ♪ owen's gonna do it! ♪ come on, come on, come on! ♪ he's gonna do it! ♪ alright! i'm ready. yes! let's go, let's go! i got him.
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welcome back on this tuesday. condolences pouring in this morning for venita lee, oprah winfrey's mother. >> she passed away on thanksgiving day. and this morning, oprah herself, is speaking out about the influence of the mother who would inspire one of the most influential women. she was the mother of a media mogul. >> i knew oprah would be something. >> reporter: she passed aon thanksgiving at the age of 83. oprah winfrey posting on instagram on friday. thank you for your condolences regarding many i brother, vernita lee's passing. lee was just 18 when she gave birth to oprah. the future tv host and oscar nominee, raised by her grandparents for the first six
7:51 am
years of her life, before moving to milwaukee to live with her mom. >> i didn't know that my mother gave up a baby for adoption in 1963. >> reporter: in 2011, oprah revealed on her show that she had a half-sister she didn't know about. her mom explaining, she kept the fact that she gave the baby up for adoption secret because, i thought it was a terrible thing for me to do. i made the decision to give her up because i was unable to totally take care of her. oprah later saying, to my mother, i say, you can let this shame go. >> you've got to meet people where they are and love them at the level that they can receive it. >> reporter: in 2013, oprah spoke out about their relationship, acknowledging that while it was far from perfect, there was still a deep bond. >> you have in your own mind what a mother should be and what you wanted your mother to be. and in many cases, your mothers and your fathers can't be what your ideal is. >> so much about oprah's mom and
7:52 am
learning more today about how she lived. yeah. >> absolutely. our condolences to her. >> how proud she must have been. just ahead this morning, we have big news on the big name set to host "snl" in the coming weeks. if you have kids on your holiday gift list, you have to see what jill has lined up for "steals & deals." "steals & deals." she has two well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. ♪
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7:56 am
good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now at 7:56, we are tracking rain moving into parts of the north bay, as it approaches northern sonoma county and continues to move through ukiah with some pockets of some heavy rain. all of this will continue to make its way across the north bay through noon, and then start to approach san francisco as well as the east bay by early afternoon. this could have an impact on the evening commute for parts of the south bay, and other areas that will see the scattered showers moving through. rain chances continue over the next few days. let's head over to mike for an update following the commute. >> pretty calm especially for a tuesday, typical pattern and nothing unusual as far as traffic alerts. looking toward the approach toward the bay bridge, the east shore freeway shows the slowest drive typical and things get
7:57 am
more crowded toward midday, when kari says the rain is coming in. it's crowded over where you are, scott and laura. >> it sure is, and we want you to call in right now. there's a number at the bottom of the screen, at the nbc bay area telemundo 48 teaming up with united way to actually raise some funds for all the victims of the fire that have happened in california. >> you can call in right now to the number on your screen, in fact, you were on the phones just a minute ago. >> i was. i did a live shot here about half an hour ago, and i stayed in here and i answered phones, too, and it was great to be able to talk to so many of you generous viewers out there. keel calling. i'm going to take some calls, and it goes to the victims of the butte county fires and those in southern california, really for such a great cause. >> 100% of that money as well, and we're hearing from our phone bank operators, a lot of that money coming from former fire victims in the north bay who are being incredibly generous. >> that's right, because unfortunately here in the bay
7:58 am
area, we've been the victims of these fires, but this is a way on this giving tuesday that you can help. the number 833-nbc-kntv. give us a call. i'd love to hear from you. >> we'll be listening for you. there comes a point when you realize the bathroom you used to love needs a makeover. let a professional rebath design consultant help craft the look you want. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel
7:59 am
forecast changes for more incoming storms. plus: the fight at the border. the back and forth as the feud between the migrant caravan, mexico and washington heats up. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, car trouble.
8:00 am
general motors announcing plans to shut down several major plants, slashing nearly 15,000 jobs. >> we're kind of hurting right now. >> the president on the defensive over the cutbacks. >> i have no doubt, that in a not-too-distant future they will put something else in. >> what happens now? plus, bode miller live. the olympic skier is here to share good news about his family, after experiencing an unimaginable loss. and how he and his wife are looking to raise awareness about drowning. then, all hail the queen. >> what i do is more than just makeup and clothing. and it means a lot to many people. >> catherine zeta-jones is here to talk about her new role as a pageant coach in "queen america," and how she celebrated 18 years of marriage to michael douglas, today, tuesday, november 27th, 2018.
8:01 am
♪ >> thanks to our boss for giving us the day off. >> to be at the "today" show. >> girls' trip, from the carolinas. >> on eva's birthday bucket list. >> to meet savannah and hoda. ♪ >> from the small town the big city. >> hi, grandpa. we're on the "today" show. >> sending love to my husband deployed overseas. love you, baby. >> reporte >> we love you, too. good morning on this giving tuesday. everyone is decked out in their santa hats. >> i love seeing that rockefeller christmas tree. it will be all-lit tomorrow. >> yeah. we'll get right to your news at 8:00. autoworkers are angry over gm's bombshell announcement it will close plants and slash thousands of jobs in the u.s. nbc's anne thompson is here with
8:02 am
this. >> reporter: this is brutal news anytime of the year, but especially during the holidays. here are the facts. gm is cutting 15,000 jobs, white collar and factory workers. they're going to shutter five plants, four in the u.s. and gm will stop making six passenger cars. why? because customers just aren't buying passenger cars anymore. gm will focus on the more popular and profitable, crossovers, suvs and trucks. the timing, gm is financially healthy, making more than $3 billion before taxes in the last quarter. so, it is basically pruning the tree while its healthy. but it says it will invest in future technology, such as autonomous vehicles and battery-powered vehicles. moving away from passenger cars, gm is a follower here. it is certainly not a leader because ford and fiat-chrysler, have placed their bets and big ones on suvs and trucks. >> a tough day for a lot of
8:03 am
employees. we have breaking news from overseas. nato says three u.s. service members have been killed today by a roadside bombing in afghanistan. it happened in the central afghan city of ghazni. three were wounded in the attack and a civilian contractor was injured. the pentagon is withholding the names of the service members until the families can be notified. there was no claim of responsibility for this attack but the taliban is active in that area. former trump campaign manager, paul manafort, could face ten years in prison, after the apparent collapse of his plea deal with special counsel robert mueller. nbc justice correspondent, pete williams, is in washington with the latest on this. pete, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a surprising twist. when manafort pleaded guilty in september, he agreed to cooperate with mueller's investigators. but late yesterday, mueller's team told a judge he lied to them on a variety of subject matters. that means the deal is off. they will not urge a judge to
8:04 am
shave time off of his prison sentence. manafort's lawyer says he has cooperated by providing truthful information. president trump tweeted about it. saying mueller and his gang of angry demes, see how horribly and visually they are treating people. mueller is a conflicted passenger gone rogue. the judge will set a day for sentencing manafort. >> pete williams, thank you. we have a little "boost" for you at home. we heard that two is company, three's a crowd. but sometimes it's a cute little crowd. little girl is in no mood to share daddy, when mom holds his hand, she replaces it with her own. this kept happening. mom, you're out. i'm in. thank you. we have a lot more ahead, you guys, including, can you
8:05 am
really learn a new language from an app? we're going to ask craig because he gave that a shot. first, a "today" exclusive. we'll be sitting down with olympian bode miller. olympian bode miller. we'll talk to bode abou
8:06 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:09 am
welcome back. former olympic skier, bode miller, and his wife, morgan, suffered an unimaginable loss over the summer, when their 19-month-old daughter, emmy, drowned in a neighbor's pool. morgan said her daughter managed to get outside and get into the pool. it happened in a matter of seconds. we sat down with bode and morgan back in july. morgan was still pregnant with their baby boy. how are you thinking about the new baby? the fact that you're going through this and creating life. >> that was my first concern, besides the fact of never being able to see my daughter again. it was -- every time.
8:10 am
how am i supposed to bring a new baby into this world with just losing my baby? and now, we have the opportunity to get to love that baby, not only for ourselves but for emmy. >> well, the millers welcomed their son last month, on october 5th, and bode is with us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's such a flood of emotions, because as we were just talking about, it's grief still. and now, it's joy, too. >> yeah. i mean, if there's one thing that can find of help to heal and fill that spot in your heart, it's a baby. and he's a special one. besides the lack of sleep, it's been a really nice process to be able to go through. >> there he is. he's adorable. he was a big baby, right? almost ten pounds. >> 9.9. my wife, we knew she was magical but this was incredible. >> i have been texting you and
8:11 am
trying to find out the baby's name. as it turns out, it took you a little while to name them, right? >> yeah. we got criticism for it. >> why? >> if you go in a hospital, you can't leave the hospital. but at home birth, you can do whatever you want. all the kids were going to school and everyone was like, what's his name? we call him baby brother. and everyone thought we were crazy. it took us three weeks. >> we have to get to know him. >> once we got to know him, it was clear. >> can we announce his name? >> easton von miller. we pulled that off. >> and you grew up in eastern new hampshire. and i think you told our producers. rek is the middle name, that you spell r-e-k. but morgan wasn't that nuts about it? >> she is nuts about it not being his name. >> but you prevailed. >> i pushed it through. >> we have a good compromise system. >> how are you guys doing? how are you managing all of
8:12 am
this? >> i think there's a blessing to being so busy, in a way. your days go by really slow because there's a lot of stuff and the kids and that kind of emotional strain is still there. then, the months just fly by. i think any parent can relate to that. it's unbelievable that it's been six months since we lost emmy. at the same time, seven weeks already, for easton. you know, i think we see the path forward a little bit. it's kind of keep it going and try to stay positive. yeah. >> easton was born one month before emmy would have turned 2 years old. >> and on our neighbor's birthday. that was special. it was nice to have a birthday buddy. >> yeah. i got the pleasure of meeting you in your home over the summer. and i could just see that emmy's presence was still so felt.
8:13 am
just everywhere and everything and by everybody. >> and the kids talk about her, which is really good and hard, too. we have to. she's everywhere in our house. you notice it. you feel the loss. but she's still part of our family. >> i want to talk about joanie. that's the reason you've been open and shared your grief. you've been on a mission, you and morgan, to beware of the number one killer of children. and the notistatistics were bet this summer. you hope this had an effect, of people listening. >> you hope what you're doing. there was some catharsis to it, as well. we wanted to effect change. and while statistics probably won't reflect the right stuff for years, that's the way the statistics work, but we definitely noticed in our area, just the awareness. people were paying attention to it more. and my call to action was
8:14 am
always, for people to address it with the pediatricians. that's the missing link that is the easy to address. i never heard about it from a pediatrician. i had gone to so many wellness issues, it was ridiculous that the number one thing had been brought up. i'm encouraging to parents to go to the pediatrician and bring it up. in a nice way, you don't have to be harsh about it. it seems crazy that part hadn't been done before. i think parents are just -- no one wants to be negligent. i don't think we were. it's one of those things. i think it's more about directing energy into areas where it can affect change. that pediatrician/patient relationship is really a powerful one. if it's done right, it can effect things. >> it's about individual lens and the you're here in new york. we're so happy to see you, but you have a really good cause, the turtle ridge foundation which is your foundation and
8:15 am
helps young people with disabilities get some athletic equipment. you have a poker night tonight. >> yeah. >> i didn't know you played poker. >> i don't play well. you can come and just hang out. it's going to be great. it's at stout. we were there before and they were amazing to us. the tournament is really more fun. if somebody who actually knew how to play came, they would probably mop the floor with my new hampshire crowd. the turtle ridge foundation has been really important to me. we affect some of the stuff with the drowning as well through trf. we donate money to that mostly for swim lessons and things where people just don't have the money if they're willing to try to take the steps. the foundation is in our 16th year. >> you can still sign up for the poker night. bode who admits he's not good at poker -- >> my poker face is right here. >> give our love to your
8:16 am
beautiful family. nice to see you in person. if you want more information on the fund-raiser we put it all on our website. >> we're talking about a really cold november. boston's arch high this month 49. that's more typical for chicago. their average high has been 41. minneapolis's average high reachereach reached 35. that's more typical for a anchora anchorage. we're looking at more cold air coming into
8:17 am
>> and >> and that's your latest weather. you've got some pop start. >> good morning, even. we begin with "saturday night live." the show has announced three back to back shows lined up for december, revealing upcoming hosts will be claire foye and jason momoa. also matt damon will be hosting in the last show for 2018. damon recently made a cameo on snl portraying then supreme court justice nominee brett kavanagh.
8:18 am
cyrus captioned the videos with the date 11/19, which we only assume the day the new song will be dropped. finally mary poppins returns. we've been talking about this highly anticipated sequel for a while now. while we have to wait a little long tore see the film, two new songs from the film have been released. ♪ waiting there until it's time to show, spring is like that now far beneath the snow ♪ ♪ hiding in the place where the lost things go ♪ >> oh boy. >> it's beautiful. >> she'll make the perfect mary poppins. the second song is sung by
8:19 am
miranda. ♪ when liar fe is getting scary your own -- >> we're look forward to that. the complete sound track comes out december 7th. we've been waiting all morning for this. our special series "does it work." >> savannah, this morning it is your turn. >> you've probably seen those commercials for apps that claim that you can learn a new language. i decided to try it out. let's just s-- just say bo--
8:20 am
>> i was with the rise of mobile language apps they say they make it easy to learn on the go. go. spanish, french, portuguese, mandarin, japanese, german, russian, arabic and hindi. the options are endless. i would like to learn italian because several years ago i went to italy with my wife. i could speak no italian. the next time we go to italy, it would be nice to be able to participate. i studied spanish in high school and then college. and i use the term study loosely. i did just well enough to get the credit. so, i'm not fluent in spanish. i downloaded the language app babble, to study italian for $12.95 and started at the beginning level. after the assessment, it was learning the rudimentary terms in italian. so, i learned hello, thank you,
8:21 am
good evening. ciao. that's my favorite. not to brag or boast, but i got a perfect score the first time. babble's lessons are 10 to 15 minutes. i've been impressed. so far with the app, it requires you to not just hear it and speak it, but to also spell it. according to babble's website, 73% of our users indicated they would be able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within five hours of using babble. it's been difficult for me to retain the information. it's hard because i'm not around lots of people who speak fluent italian. babble's website recommends real-life conversations. so, i took my italian to the streets of new york. first up, fresco, by scotto restaurant.
8:22 am
let's have a conversation in italian and i'll see how much i can understand. >> okay. [ speaking italian ] >> you're going too fast. restaurant. pasta. water. >> ci. >> it helps when you point to the items. up next, the metropolitan opera. perhaps we could sing in italian. there's lots of italian operas. we figured we would give that a shot. maybe you can sing just a smidge. and then, i will do my best to translate what you just said. [ singing in italian ] >> i heard father in there. and i heard yes. and that was pretty much it. but it sounded beautiful. [ singing in italian ]
8:23 am
♪ >> perfecto. my practice continued. i used the app for ten days straight. a few days i spent ten minutes. most days, 15 to 30 minutes. i made it through the first beginner level. it was time to be evaluated by an italian professor on whether i had basic italian skills. >> it means nice to meet you. >> that's right. that's right. >> what did you learn? >> clearly not a lot. [ speaking italian ] >> i have exhausted my italian
8:24 am
vocabulary. sorry. so, i failed? >> honestly? >> ci? >> ci. in a week only, it's impossible to learn italian. >> ci. prego. >> gratzi. >> i know that one, too. i'll just say -- >> what? >> your accent sounded good. >> i look forward to visiting italy again. >> you had a lot of words. >> they just didn't make sense when you put them together. >> if you went to italy, there -- >> that's what the professor said. immersion seems to be, according to her, the best way to learn a language. babble gave us a statement. they said, we're thrilled that craig chose babble to learn italian. and his commitment to learn three hours over ten days is a great start. while babble gives you phrases, you can put to use immediately, craig will need to keep at it to get comfortable speaking basic italian.
8:25 am
results are highly individual. but the more you practice, the more you learn. >> that was like a report card. craig is sitting still but socializing too much. >> if craig would apply himself, he could have success. >> you did great. >> i may keep it up. here's the thing, if you have the time to devote to it -- >> you have plenty of time. >> that's right. i enjoyed the app. >> cool. >> i want to try it. thank you. could you read this in italian. straight ahead, catherine zeta-jones. she has an interesting new role to tell us about. and
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
oh, yes. >> and good morning, everybody.
8:30 am
it's 8:30, now. it's tuesday, 27th of november, 2018. beautiful day out on our plaza. we have great folks out here on this giving tuesday. and we really hope you will think about where to share your many blessings this year. lots of happy faces on our crowd. >> lots of them. >> are we ready for a "crowd moment"? >> i think we might. >> this is a rowdy crowd. jonathan laurie from louisiana. there we are. oh. look at this sweater. look at this sweater jonathan's rockin'. i'm guessing you're from new orleans. >> louisiana. north louisiana. >> north louisiana. >> and your sign says -- >> we knew up in new orleans, louisiana, watching hoda as our local anchor on wwl channel 4. >> i love we can arrange a meeting. hoda kotb, some of your early fans. >> who dat. how about the saints. are you fired up? >> we are.
8:31 am
so excited. >> thank you for coming. i miss louisiana and new orleans every, single day. it's good that y'all came here to spread some love. >> that's a heck of a sweater, jonathan. a heck of a sweater. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. you are adorable. who dat? >> that's what you say. coming up, catherine zeta-jones on her new role as a ruthless pageant coach. her marriage to michael douglas and so much more. also, a special "steals & deals" holiday gift guide. this morning, santa's workshop has come to studio 1a filled with discounts on great gifts for our kids. this will be helpful. we're going to cook up two pies. one is savory. one is sweet. both are delicious and great to share. first, isn't dylan supposed to be out here? >> i am way down underneath you right now, in the control room because we are celebrating a huge birthday.
8:32 am
she is turning 40. these balloons are really big. can we sing "happy birthday"? >> everybody together. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happen y birthday, dear libby♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> you want to blow out your candle? >> yes. >> way to go, libby. we love you. >> speech. >> she's like, wrap. wrap. >> audio two. it's not just any tuesday. it's giving tuesday. mr. roker, i believe we have a special guest. >> giving tuesday is created by "today" with our sponsor, the salvation army, with just 28 give ing days until christmas, giving tuesday is the perfect
8:33 am
time to join the fight for good. >> we're kicking off the season of giving with cameron bure. she is teaming up with the salvation army. it helps makes the holidays brighter for people in need. candice, good to see you. >> so good to see you. >> why did you get involved in this? >> giving feels so good. not out of obligation, it feels good. i have joined the fight with the salvation army who helps 40 million people in poverty. >> this time of year, we are so busy to get ready for the holidays, we may not prioritize the giving. >> there's so many children that will go without a warm bed to sleep in, without a present under the tree. and the salvation army has been providing that for families and children over 150 years. >> we see the iconic red cutket. if you don't see one, how do you help otherwise? >> you go online at
8:34 am if you see the red kettle. go over and drop your coins in and drop the dollars in. the money you put in that community, stays in that community. you're helping people in need. >> if you come down here to rockefeller center, a lot of the kettle ringers here have dance routines and stuff. it's very impressive. candace, good to see you. merry christmas and happy holidays to everybody. in more how you can here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >>. >> morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're attracting rain moving into the bay area with the north bay being covered by rain as of now. we track it on storm ranger, it shows a lot of the heavier rain now moving to the east of highway 101 in sonoma county. rain throughout the day, we'll see showers approaching
8:35 am
san francisco and east bay by lunchtime and moving future south into the south bay by the evening community and then tapering off tonight. >> we got a lot of people on the plaza. let's give them a quick little look. you can always take us with you, "today" show radio, channel 108, on sirius/xm. almost to the end. guys? >> everybody gets on tv. love when al does that. we are here with catherine zeta-jon zeta-jones. she is an oscar winner and take herring talents to facebook watch. she is starring in a new series, called "queen america." >> she stars vicki ellis, the most ruthless pageant coach in oklahoma. when her client is decrowned, she takes on the hapless runner-up who needs some work. take a look. >> samantha, one thing you'll figure out during our training, is that although learning how to speak well is important, learning when not to speak at all is even more so.
8:36 am
now, let's find you some jewelry that doesn't look like you won it at an arcade. >> catherine, good morning. you big meanie. >> oh. >> it must have been fun to play. >> you know, it's always good to play -- she's not a villain because, as the series unfolds, you see the cracks and the vulnerability in her. and that's why i took on this role of vicki ellis. you can just relish in her. in a way she's like my alter ego. i think that but i would never say it. vicki thinks it and says it. that's always so much fun. i just relish that. >> this is a dark comedy but it tackles serious issues. eating disorders, things like that.
8:37 am
>> on the outside, the pageant world seems light and fluffy. but our series delves into the grittier part of it. and the ideal of perfection in the world we live in today. we deal with bulimia. we deal with a lot of distressing things. it's a way of showing the world, that these girls' commitment to life is getting to a better place. this is what it takes. it was a wonderful journey for me to take on this character. >> there's a striking scene, where your character has a moment of binge eating. and i was reading in some of the notes, you said, you grew up as a dancer. you could really connect to that need and that feeling that you have to be perfect. and you have to look a certain way. >> yeah. i was brought up -- not brought up, i was a dancer. you spend that much time in front of a mirror, you will find something wrong with yourself. after i shot that scene in
8:38 am
particular, was that both men and women on the set came to me and said that really touched me. both men and women. these were the crew members. these were hair and makeup. these were not models. these were not actresses or ballet dancers, where one would associate bulimia or anorexia with. it was interesting. and the great thing about being on facebook watch, which is a completely new platform for me. >> yeah, sure. >> is that there is the content and there's a community and there's the conversation. so, for example, issues like that, people can communicate, share stories, share the lightness and the darkness of these characters because, like i said, the character, vicki, my character, on the outset, looks like she's just a ball-breaking, no-nonsense, ruthless women. and she is. but you see where that comes
8:39 am
from, the fear and the letdown of, maybe, what her life could have been. >> it wasn't too long ago, we had your husband on the show. and you're on the show. you guys have been together, i think going on 18 years. and i was just struck at how remarkably candid you are about your marriage. we hear about the good things. but you don't shy away from talking about the things that aren't so great. i was looking up this morning. i saw you had spoken about those things that were probably tough to talk about. >> yeah. i think at any -- i'm so happy that we made it, almost 20 years ago. it's been great. i think it's just unfathomable to me that you would be with one person for 18 years and things are rosrosy. they're just not. my mother and father were married for 50 years. i have seen the bad and the ugly with them and they're going
8:40 am
strong. michael and i have an open relationship. when you have kids that didn't ask to be born into a world that is scrutinized or looked into, you have to be open and honest and share things that probably people at the drugstore wouldn't share over the counter. >> do you feel that michael gets too much scrutiny? is that what you think? >> not at all. michael is doing just fine. >> you talked about kind of having a conversation, almost sounded like a family meeting, when some allegations came up against him. and again, you were really open about it. saying, okay, what is really going on here and how it was a moment for you and the family. >> yeah, we share everything around the table. i'm a big european kind of family girl. and so, everything is shared around the table. issues with my daughter, if she's feeling insecure. she's a teenager. girls can be mean. and my son going off to college
8:41 am
what that is for you and for me. all these conversations get around the table. and so, and then, i think you clear the air. and everyone knows what's going on. it's no big surprises. >> that's right. you put a cute picture up on the moment you met on instagram, which was all those years ago. and you share a birthday. >> is that good or bad? >> it was wonderful for ten years. and then, it got really boring. it got boring like, why am i looking for a gift for my husband when it's my birth day? >> what would vicki say, your character? >> she wouldn't be dealing with that. she would go, honey, you buy your own cake. >> wouldn't it be nice to have just catherine? of course, we absolutely love it. and i must say, as the years go on, it's the kind of destined -- we're so similar. i want to reiterate that he is
8:42 am
25 years older than me. as i age gracefully, like -- the gap gets narrower and narrower, as it does with men. i am going to reiterate that. >> thank you, catherine. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. are you coming back with hoda and kathie lee later on. >> seeing you later. you can catch "queen america" on facebook watch, on sunday, 9:00 eastern. >> don't miss it. coming up next, "steals & deals" meets santa's workshop. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
that's right. >> we are back with day two of our "steals & deals" holiday gift guide this morning. it's all about the kids today. jill martin is here with a sneak peek of what is inside santa's workshop. >> we have a special workshop and special friends here today, right? >> hi, guys. >> we have been having a fun
8:45 am
morning. everyone got up early and had their breakfast. and now, we're ready to shop. let's start with hannah, frank and ellie. >> hi, guys. >> and frank is wearing his lucky bow tie. the random house book set. $49.90. >> that's a lot of money. >> i'll tell you how much it is now. >> how much? >> you get ten books. 2 billion of these are in print. we've been reading them all day. ten book sets to choose from, the retail $49.90 but the deal is $16. that's 68% off. >> thanks, guys. >> that's all the books. now, we have valencia, lucien and giatta. say hi, guys. >> hi, guys. >> we've been building. the picasso tile building blocks. retail $119.99. >> hello. >> an 82-piece magnet building
8:46 am
blocks, or the 62-piece set with the l.e.d. lights. you see valencia is playing with them. >> the cutest. >> that's one of our producer's daughter. the deal is $39.50, that's 67% off. >> great job, guys. way to go, valencia. okay. what do we have here? >> we have studio emoji necklaces. they have each of the emojis on them. and briana knows, what can we not have too many of? laughs. never have too many laughs. and so, one of them says laugh. and lol. all of te mohe emojis are on th back. the deal is $36, that's 70% off. that's good for kids of all ages. >> cute. >> hi, everybody. these are the gaba good speakers and headphones. you get to choose just one. thumbs up if you can hear me.
8:47 am
not cluged plugged in. they're great and light up when you plug them in. we can be a queen or a unicorn. the deal, $14. that's 72% off. >> wow. >> all right. >> and i have a special surprise. who is on santa's nice list this year? >> raise your hand. yay. everybody? >> does everybody want a toy on the set? what about all the toys? yay. i need everyone to come get a bag behind me. >> come. get a toy. come on. >> you get all of the toys behind you for being good girls and boys. >> we're going to go over the products. come on. we have the products recap. little golden book sets from random house. block sets from picasso tiles. the emoji necklaces from g.b. studios. and headphones from gabba goods. these deals are on
8:48 am
and jill is back tomorrow with gifts for the women in your life. hi, valencia. >> look at the little boots. we're going to come back with recipes and other stuff. first, thiss i
8:49 am
8:50 am
this portion of "today food" is created by "today" with our sponsor, citi. citi is matching donations to no kid hungry, up to $1,000, to end childhood hunger in america. >> we're back with "today food" on this giving tuesday. one in six children in america face hunger every day. that's 13 million children that don't know where they're going to get their next meal, which seems terrible during this holiday season. no kid hungry works to fight that, with the help from chefs like j.j. johnson from the henry hotel. he is here to share with those in need. why did you decide to get involved with this in. >> well, you know, i'm a community guy.
8:51 am
and i always looked at the community. sometimes you don't realize that a rich community or a poor community, somebody always needs help. and i always wanted to give out a helping hand. >> you never know who is suffering. that's right. you have some exciting news this morning. >> citi is going to match any donation. so, get your credit cards out, your checkbook out, go to your local branch, they're going to match up to $100,000. >> we have pie. everybody likes pie. you're combining pie with short ribs. >> short ribs. turmeric and curry. i'm all about the spice. >> yes. >> some tomato paste. >> right. >> and red wine. let this reduce down by half. >> you seared them? >> i seared them ahead of time. we can throw these in here. >> how are long are you going to let them cook? >> i'm going to let it cook for three hours. >> in the oven or stove top?
8:52 am
>> either one. thyme and parsley. >> that you caramelized. and you can get a store-bought pie crusts. >> you can get two of these. >> you're going to bake this for how long? >> 10 or 15 minutes. dig in. >> and you have meat and pie. get out of here, melvin. >> you didn't invite me? >> how do you say this in italian? >> i just came for the pie. meat pie? you're holding back. >> a little dessert. >> another pie. get your pie crust, have these fancy pie weights. but you can use rice or lentils to hold it down. a nice double-burner. get the chocolate fudge nice and loose. don't get a double burner in the
8:53 am
store. you need a pot and some water. whipped cream, powdered sugar, cinnamon, orange. >> oh. you're making a lighter -- would this be considered a ganache? >> a ganache. >> that's french, craig. that's not italian. >> i'm doing two pies because i want to give one to somebody in need. >> great. >> and then, one for my house. >> that's terrific. >> share of strength is leading the way. citibank is helping them. there's nothing like giving in the holiday spirit. $1, $100,000, whatever you can do. >> you're there. >> j.j., thank you so much. we appreciate this. >> you took my pie. >> i'm sorry. >> sharing is caring. i was going to dig off your plate. >> we have three little care bears here. no kid hungry. and for the recipes, go to back in moment. th ais
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
al, jenna and sheinelle getting ready for our third i'm meteorologist kari hall. rain moving into the bay area. it continues to move into porar of northern sonoma county. this will continue in the north bay until about noon. and then make its way into parts of the south bay and the east bay later on this afternoon. recei let's get an update on how our wildfire fund-raiser is going. here are scott and laura. >> that's right, the wildfire fund-raiser to help the work times of the northern and southern california wildfires, it is going on right now. nbc bay area have teamed up with united way to take donations today, no matter how big or
8:57 am
small. >> that's right, and we want those phones to ring. 833-nbc-kntv. we want those phones to light up. there have been generous donations including from people who experienced past wildfires. we really appreciate those donations. >> when we get off air, we're going to answer phones. i'd love to hear from you. give us a call. the number's on your screen. we t
8:58 am
forecast changes for more incoming storms. plus: the fight at the border. the back and forth as the feud we're tracking overnight forecast changes for more incoming storms. >> plus the fight at the border, the back and forth as the feud between the migrants, mexico and washington heats up. >> tomorrow morning at 4:30. this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
8:59 am
live from studio 6a, this is
9:00 am
"today." >> good morning, everybody. welcome. i'm al. here with jenna and sheinelle, our pal, jacob soboroff. we have good things to get to, like swearing at your kids. or kids are swearing at you. decoding work e-mails and should you moisturize your backside? >> sorry we have you here for this. >> we may be split on that one. thank you. think about it for a second. >> we got it, al. >> we're going to begin with some of -- as somebody who grew up and watched t


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