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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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if not, stay here. we'll be back with another update in half hour and every half hour for that. >> and "nbc bay area news" at 11:00. have a great day. it is friday. thanks for joining us on "today in the bay." enjoy the weekend. good morning. guilty again. the president's long-time lawyer forced to admit he lied to congress to cover for president trump. did the president's business dies to russia go deeper and longer than trump was acknowledging? >> i have nothing to do with russia for anything. >> but the president says michael cohen is the liar. >> what he is trying to do is get a reduced sentence. >> just ahead, what cohen may have told prosecutors in a reported 70 hours of meetings. here it comes. a powerful storm begins its march across the country. tens of millions facing severe weather. blizzard conditions and heavy
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rain the california coast to new england. so, will the weekend be a washout? what you can expect. school scam. a stunning twist for a viral sensation. the leaders of a headlinemaking louisiana school, hailed for getting every student accepted to elite colleges, now, accused of falsifying records and accusing students. all that, plus caught on camera. the newly released videos of chris watt's chilling confession after killing his family. hanks gives thanks. we're helping tom hank shines light on unsung heroes, our nation's military caregivers. >> one family cannot do it by themselves. and dolly and bono. two of music's most legendary stars. and they're joining us, exclusively today, friday,
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november 30th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this friday morning. we're going to get to bono and dolly. savannah guthrie is in d.c. boy, you had a big night. >> you have bono and dolly. i have tom hanks. we had a great night honoring our military care givers, an effort i'm joining. we have a lot to tell you about in a moment. we have big news in washington. explosive, new twist in the russia investigation. a guilty plea from president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, now admitting he lied to congress, putting the president's dealings with russia during the campaign under the microscope. it's a lot of moving parts. we pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good
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morning. this is a dramatic turn in the mueller investigation. michael cohen, president trump's once personal lawyer, says he lied to congress, underplaying the trump organization's efforts to do business in moscow. and he said he said it to keep consistent with what donald trump was saying during the campaign. new reports on the dealings with russia, raised by michael cohen's court appearance. this time, trump said he was pleading to robert mueller to get a reduced sentence. >> he's a weak person. what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. he's lying about a project that everybody knew about. >> reporter: a big change from the praise that mr. trump once lavished on cohen. >> michael cohen is a very good lawyer. >> reporter: in court thursday, cohen said he lied when he told
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congress last year that the trump's efforts to build a trump tower in moscow ended in january 2016, before the presidential campaign heated up. he told the court they actually kept going about it until mid-june. then candidate trump said this in july of 2016. >> i have no nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: cohen told congress, he was not in contact with russian officials. but now admits he did have contact with two officials of vladimir putin's government. cohen's former partner told nbc news, he suggested offering putin the $50 million tower penthouse, a suggestion that went nowhere. cohen told congress there were no plans to go to russia but now says he suggested that mr. trump go there, after getting the republican nomination for president. in court, cohen said he made the misstatements to be consistent with mr. trump's political messaging and out of loyalty to donald trump, who has repeatedly downplayed any business with
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russia. >> i have no deals that could happen in russia because we stayed away. i have nothing to do with russia, folks. i have no dealings with russia. i have no deals in russia. i have no investments in russia, none whatsoever. >> reporter: now the president says there was nothing illegal about pursuing the project while he was a candidate. >> i decided ultimately not to do it. there would have been nothing wrong if i did do it. >> it means when the president was representing he had no business interests in russia, that wasn't true. >> reporter: the president's defenders say all it proves is that cohen lied. >> all i see are process crimes. i have yet to see anybody colluding with the russians. >> reporter: cohen met with the special prosecutors several times in early august. that's hours and hours with the mueller team, raising the question, what else did they talk about? so far, no answer to that. >> pete, stand by. we'll get back to you and talk
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about this with chuck todd, as well. first, all of this is casting a dark cloud over the president's trip to argentina for a key g20 economic summit. peter alexander is there. he has that this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump had been eyeing this global summit as an opportunity to showcase his dealmaking skills. a signing ceremony and the trade deal that replaces nafta, alongside his counterparts of mexico and canada, a deal that needs to be ratified by congress. there's one glaring hole on the president's schedule. what was supposed to be the marquee meeting, the sitdown scheduled with vladimir putin, now, it is off. the president making the announcement an hour after, on the south lawn. the president made that decision after discussing on air force one with his secretary of state,
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among others, russia's aggression towards three ukrainian ships. but the timing was interesting because the president had received a full report on russia's attack on that region. and it came just three hours after michael cohen's guilty plea. a russian spokesperson said they learned about the cancelation on twitter. this not what is going on there but what is going on in the united states. the bottom line, the president, unclear what he's going to do with that time, when he meets with angela merkel, who will be a late arrival here. her military plane had to touch down in germany after some serious technical issues. a german official saying there is no evidence of any criminal activity. savannah? >> all right, peter. maybe we got a couple technical issues ourselves from argentina. thank you. want to bring in pete williams and chuck todd, to talk about the legal and the political ramification on this
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cohen plea. you ended on the tantalizing bit. seven meetings that cohen has had with this prosecutor. do we have any sense of what he may be telling them and where it may be leading? >> no. but what we get a sense of is how much he is cooperating. he pleaded guilty to charges and did not sign a plea agreement. he has been willing to meet with mueller's prosecutors. they gave him the courtesy of bringing the charges in new york, even though it happened down here. they are moving along smartly. he's been cooperative. we don't know what else they're pursuing, based on what he's told mueller. >> it was interesting to hear what president trump said. he said, it's interesting -- i'm paraphrasing here -- michael cohen is weak. he is talking to prosecutors, unlike other people you see, which brought to mind paul manafort, who we learned did not cooperate with paul manafort and
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prosecutors say paul manafort lied. read the tea leaves a little bit. >> i think it does show that michael cohen is a much more dangerous person to president trump these days than anybody else involved in this investigation. that's number one. look, i do think what this has done, is this calls into question anything that congress has done. you realize, michael cohen's version of events was used by the house republicans in their report that he essentially cleared the president. the president would use as propaganda on twitter. they found no collusion. a lot was based on michael cohen's testimony. congress has to start from scratch, at least on the house side. >> unless you, as the president says, michael cohen is lying now, not lying then. >> that's the big day. at the end of the day, mueller is relying on somebody who is an admitted liar. >> a lot of people are wondering where is this all leading to,
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pete. the business about whether trump had business dealings in russia is related to the ultimate question. but the question he's investigating is wether or not trump campaign officials were coordinating with russia in its efforts to election-meddle. this doesn't tell us anything about that specifically. >> or even remotely. it's important to remember, as you know, that there's nothing in the court documents that suggest that there was anything illegal about trying to do business with russia. and that's not the basis of the charge. what cohen is found guilty of and pleaded guilty to is lying to congress. that's a crime. anybody else who lied to congress is probably in trouble. what it does say is the trump campaign -- the trump organization, had set up a conduit to deal with russian government officials. the question is, having opened that circuit, was it used for anything else.
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>> one thing we did learn about all of this now. we now know why donald trump praised vladimir putin from december of 2015, through the rest of the campaign. why did it begin in 2015? that was in the heart of the 60-day period of when they were truly pursuing trump tower moscow. >> candidate trump was still a business man, probably thinking, let's keep this business opportunity alive. >> but trading potential american foreign policy stances about russia in the meantime. that's what's alarming about it. >> we know from an insider who worked on this deal with russia they scuttled it. they called it off in june, the day "the washington post" reported that the russians were hacking e-mails. they decided it was too politically dynamite to keep going with it. >> there's a lot of moving pieces. the special counsel is looking into all of them. pete and chuck, nice to be in your home. i will send it back to hoda in studio 1a. >> thank you.
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another major story this morning. tens of millions coast-to-coast, facing dangerous weather. we're talking severe storms, blizzard-like conditions and heavy rain. al is tracking it all. he's not here, he's in panama city, florida, this morning. hey, al. >> hey, guys. we're going to explain why we're here in a little bit. this coast-to-coast storm, we started telling you about this yesterday. a tornado threat, high this evening. we have enhanced risk of severe weather. we move into tomorrow. heavy snow and wind for the central plains. blizzard-like conditions. moving into sunday, this system pushing into the northeast and new england. snow in northern maine, but through the northeast and new england. here are the impacts. heavy snow, blizzard conditions, gusty winds, 45 miles per hour, through the dakotas and into nebraska. we look at the possibility of severe weather. tornadoes developing. 16 million people at risk.
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then, as we make our way towards the east, we have damaging winds, hail, isolated tornadoes, including here in the florida panhandle. heavy rain, widespread flooding possible through the florida panhandle. that rain extended to the northeast, and the ohio and mississippi river valley. it's a wide-ranging system that's moving through and is going to have a big impact throughout much of the country. craig joins the table now. some new developments on a story we've been keeping an eye on. >> we are seeing new video of the confession of a california father, who admitted to killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters. details are also emerging from the man's mistress. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: hours of new video released by law enforcement take us inside the interrogation room, for the first time, chris watts, in his own words, breaks down to his father.
7:14 am
>> you choke her? >> mm-hmm. that's just, it's rage. >> thank god, all-mighty, son. >> reporter: watts who failed the polygraph -- later revealed to detectives he murdered his wife. and their daughters, 3-year-old celeste, and 4-year-old bella, are also dead. >> they're gone. there's no bringing them back. >> reporter: after watts led dakotas to their bodies, shanann was discovered in shallow graves. bella and celeste were in nearby oil tanks. investigators also releasing footage of officers with search dogs arriving at the family home. this video, shows him backing his truck into the family garage, where he loaded their bodies. >> the thing was, he was never hostile.
7:15 am
>> reporter: detectives also spoke to watts' mistress, nicole kissinger. >> to this day, after everything i found out, i still look back at that and i don't see any red lights with the way that he spoke of his family. >> reporter: when kissinger learned of the murders, she cooperated with authorities and was never charged with a crime. she googled, did people hate amber frey, the mistress of scott peterson, who killed his wife. a cold and calculated killer, now exposed. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. on thursday, a massive document dump caused a police
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server to crash. before that happened, they were able to download the videos and post them online. if you're planning to fly over the next couple of weeks, you could have some big changes, if you fly through atlanta. delta airlines has opened the first biometric airport terminal in the country. your face alone serves as your boarding pass. nbc's tom costello is there. >> reporter: pretty cool. we're in delta terminal "f." here's how it works. you walk up to the kiosk. it takes your image, takes that photograph and compares it to your passport photo. if it matches, you're through. at the world's busiest airport, it's all about picking up the pace. >> look at the camera for me. there you go. you have a great flight. >> reporter: delta's international "f" terminal, now, the first in the country to go completely biometric, with facial recognition cameras
7:17 am
replacing paper tickets and passports. it starts at the check-in kiosk. the camera recognizes your face, compares it to your passport photo on file. but don't forget your passport. you need to show it at the gate. when you get to your destination, they're going to want to see your passport. when you check your bag, the camera, again, verifies it's you. that's it? >> perfect. that's it. >> reporter: not just checking in and bag check. but early next year, you'll be able to use your face as a boarding pass to get through tsa. it's the same process as you get to the gate. the camera recognizes your face and you're on the plane. >> it's just like one step. you don't have to go through the hassles. >> reporter: homeland security uses facial recognitions for arrival and departing international partners. but delta is the first one to put it flu the entire process,
7:18 am
curb to gate. next month, coming to detroit's international flights and soon, flights within the u.s. >> i think it's realistic to expect within the next couple of years to be able to experience this same benefit domestically, as well. >> reporter: a slow rollout across the country, as facial recognition comes to an airport near you. here's how it works. this camera is taking a whole bunch of measurements of my face. the distance between my eyes, my nose, my ears, my mouth, the breadth and length of the nose and the face. all of that is part of the measurements they have on file. tsa and homeland security says it's 98% accurate. no more digging through your pockets to get your passport or your ticket, look at the camera and you're in. i guess there's something special if you have a twin. >> thanks, tom. let's go back to mr. roker. he is down in florida, for the rest of the forecast.
7:19 am
>> hey, we look at the rest of the country, as you mentioned. we'll show you for today, we are looking at a lot of heavy rain through the gulf coast. it's snowy and cold through the rockies. another storm comes in the pacific northwest. sunshine here in the florida panhandle. that will be changing over the next 24 hours. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. to see how bright the human spirit can shine, to see that no matter what nature does, people will do more. with one of the industries' largest catastrophe response teams state farm will always be among the first to arrive, and the last to leave. to help show that human nature is greater than nature. ♪ good morning.
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i'm meteorologist kari hall. as you are getting ready to head out, a live look 101 in san jose, roads are drying out, and we'll see partly cloudy skies throughout the day. highs only reaching into the upper 50s. we're tracking another storm system that will be here in the morning. we can see the swirls of clouds on the satellite imagery, as it gets closer. we'll have mostly our rain coming through during the morning and highs reaching the mid-50s. dry weather on sunday and monday, and then another storm system early next week. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. we'll check back in with you in a bit. also breaking overnight, shocking allegations about the school that made headlines with these ivy league acceptance reactions. and in washington, the important cause that has us teaming up with tom hanks. our exclusive conversation about that, with the beloved actor himself. first, this is "today" on nbc. .
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you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? marriott starwood member good morning to you. it is 7:26. i i'm laura garcia. marriott starwood members everywhere are getting a rude awakening. word hundreds of millions of guests may have been affected by a massive data breach. the 500 million accounts were exposed. the problem may have started up to five years ago. hackers had access to the starwood customer database, including passport numbers, phone numbers and email addresses. it is possible credit card numbers were also stolen, but the company so far has not confirmed that. marriott is planning to notify potential hacking victims by email. let's get a check of the forecast, a drier day ahead. >> we will enjoy a nice cool
7:27 am
weather, a little bit of sunshine here and there. live look in freemont, 880 starting to dry out as we see across the bay area. we're headed into the upper 50s today, that's what we'll see not only from the coast but also the inland areas. we're tracking the next storm system, the swirl of clouds out ahead of the cold front that will be moving through and bringing us some rain, mostly tomorrow morning. and then after that, our high temperatures reach the mid-50s, as we dry out tomorrow afternoon, and then looking at some mid-50s throughout early next week, and more rain on tuesday. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. >> kari, this big number at the top, 46 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. it may not seem like a lot, but today with lighter traffic, it is, the crash held things up around gilman westbound 80 that cleared in the last few minutes. we should see some rapid recovery there. the rest of the bay a typical pattern, but southbound 101 ajammed out of san mateo, clearing and recovering down in toward san carlos and redwood
7:28 am
city. the earlier crash and traffic break cleared. southbound northbound routes show a push, mild slowing 87 at capital, crash on the shoulder. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
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7:30 on this friday morning, ♪ 7:30 now on friday morning, that is the newly lit true paired with the u 2 version of the classic music, baby please come home. >> there is a reign we picked that song. because jenna sat down with bono to talk about the life saving work that brought him together with her father. she shares that conversation. >> plus down in d.c. savannah highlighting some important work. >> that's right, guys. i had the best night last night at the first hidden hero gala, part of the elizabeth dole foundation.
7:31 am
it's all about supporting our military caregivers. we all know about the sacrifices that our veterans have made. and so often they come home from battle wounded, injured, maybe visible maybe not, but we celebrate the family members who do everything for them. we sit down with tom hanks lots more back to you. >> get to that in just a moment savannah but we start with a check of the headlines beginning with new twist in russia investigation. my knowledge cohen president trump former attorney and fixer says he lied to congress by underplaying the trump organization efforts to build the trump tower in moscow. he says he did it to keep his statements consistent with what president trump was saying during the campaign. president trump now calls cohen a proven liar. >> by being weak, unlike other people that you watch, he is a weak person. and what he is trying to do is get a reduced sentence. so he is lying about a project that everybody knew about.
7:32 am
i mean we were very open with it. >> previously cohen told congress he was not in touch with russian officials about the project but now admits he did have contact with two officials of vladimir putin's government. meanwhile, president trump says there was nothing illegal about pursuing the project while he was a candidate. >> the same area of northern california devastatesed by a wildfires last month is getting hit again, this time by flash flooding. the storm brought an inch 1/2 of rain. toppling trees trapping motorists in flooded roads. butte county ordered ee action virginias in some areas more the of the spam in southern california. the rescuers use add chaper to lift a man to safety after being caught in a swollen river. back with a bit on the latest forecast. >> the u.s. postal service is investigating a carrier after the woman was caught on surveillance video throwing packages- check it out the simon family says it was shocked to see the package delivered via
7:33 am
airmail as in underhanded toss. the carrier throws it twice. the box marked handle with care. in the statement the post office says this is unacceptable behavior that doesn't reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional dedicated carriers. >> now to a school in small town louisiana that garnered national attention for sending underprivileged students to elite colleges. but overnight a bombshell report in the "new york times," the school accused of not only lying about the accomplishments of the students but also, quote, fostered a culture of fear with alleged physical and emotional abuse. >> we visited the college recently while the school accomplishment helping one strgle low income students get into top universities seemed impressive and inspiring i had a healthy does of skepticism about the methods used, methods which are now under fire. . it was the feel good video seen around the world.
7:34 am
a 16-year-old student opening his harvard acceptance letter viewed more than 8 million times. but now after that video and others like it went viral in school they also graduated from is under fire. an explosive "new york times" report released overnight, the tm landry school in louisiana facing accusations that it falsified transcripts, made up student accomplishments and mined the worst stereotypes of black america to manufacture up from hardship tales that it sold to ivy league school hungry for diversity. we visited the school earlier where the student's growth seemed impressive, especially since the school's founders mike and tracy landry had no background in education. >> how did the founding of the school happen in. >> when we went to the school with our youngest son he was passing, had good grades all that stuff. and he couldn't read. >> what grade was he in. >> first going to second and he couldn't read. at that point mike was like, look i'm going to home school him.
7:35 am
he took him to grade levels in a summer. and so then we had other parents come and say, well, if you did that with him can you help my child? >> but you weren't remotely qualified to teach these kids. >> exactly. >> why were the parents bringing them to your house. >> because when they came to visit they saw the smiles on kids faces. and the kids were saying i'm learning. it's hard. and it's weird. but we're learning. >> but according to the times who interviewed 46 sources including parents abformer and current parents and teachers and law enforcement agencies the kids weren't learning. one parent had a child assessed the at a learning center and found he was two grade levels behind. the parent telling the times the longer the kids stayed the further behind they were. noerp student who graduated from tm landry and went to wesleyien said she froze and failed first chemistry tests and walked out
7:36 am
of a biology exam leaving the university earlier this month after she said she fell into a impression over the first semester struggles. the times reporting the kids were afraid of the landries who fostered fear with physical and emotional abuse. students and teachers said. students were forced to kneel on rice, rocks and hot pavement and choked, yelled at and berated, according to court documents. >> there was this little kid, he was probably about seven or eight. and he was acting up in class. mr. mike, he had took the kid by the neck and picked him up and body slammed him on the table. >> in an interview with the times the landry denied falsifying the transcripts and college applications as or for any ails of abuse michael landry admitting, oh, i yell a lot. now a school once viewed by some as dream come true for others is a nightmare. >> we should note here we reached out to the school, i reached out to the landries as well, so far as no response.
7:37 am
>> you think that harvard and yale and coronell would need more than just transcripts needing sats or acts, another reason for the kids getting into in. >> after spending time with students and landries they teach to the test. by that i mean the act, sat, they focus and making sure the students going to college know how to take the test. you know there are ways you can teach to the test and may not be able to necessarily. >> you feel sorry for the kids. >> do you. >> you have do. >> we are following the story though. >> let's turn to the big coast to coast storm impacting weekend travel plans. al down in panama city, florida with the latest. >> hey, guys. it's also affecting temperatures as well. ahead of the system we get a real big surge of warm air behind it, tolder air drawn in. the jet stream takes a dip out west but up north in the eastern half of the country so it's growing the warmth growing there turning cooler west.
7:38 am
you can see dallas, 13 degrees above average, denver 8 degrees cooler. d.c., 44, 10 below average today. saturday look at the warmth, indianapolis up to 59. austin 77. same in mobile but las vegas will be 57 degrees. and then moving into sunday, new york city's 60 with rain. atlanta 73. 13 degrees above average. while denver is struggling to hit freezing at 32 degrees. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're looking at partly cloudy skies today, highs from the coast to inland areas reaching the upper 50s and we're getting ready for another round of rain said to move in early in the morning. most of it should be clearing out by the afternoon, with highs in the mid-50s, breezy and cool on sunday, a high of 55 degrees, and there will be another round of rain moving in on tuesday into wednesday of next week. san francisco looking at more of the same. temperatures on par all across the bay area, and the morning
7:39 am
showers moving in. guys coming up in the 8:00 hour we are telling you why we are here in panama city, about taking -- shining a light on what's been going on after michael hit, hurricane michael. and honoring some first responders, coming up in the 8:00 hour back to you. >> looking forward to that, thank you. coming up, how is this for star studded? the legendary dolly parton here is treating us to a live performance. >> also nba superstar steph curry touching response to a fan. >> bono opens up to jenna about his unlikely friendship with her father and the mission shaping his life. >> savannah goes one-on-one with tom hanks to spotlight aworthy cause for the country's military families, right after this.
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savannah guthrie, some of the information that could go out there because you know, as well as the sun comes up, that there are folks out there who are trying to get by right now who may not know about hidden heroes. >> oh, i love that carson joins the table. that's the beloved tom hanks talking about the lovable savannah guthrie. you were at a special event. tell us about it. >> we did. i had the privilege of emceeing the gala to honor the americans carrying our country. this is my first opportunity to be part of the campaign as the hidden hero's ambassador for the elizabeth dole foundation. but i was not alone. tom hanks has been a champion of the cause from the start. before the eept we had a chance to sit down and talk about why it means so much to him. >> you played a lot of roles that are either of veterans or touch upon the issues. >> yeah. >> but it's not assumed that that would mean you'd want to
7:45 am
make this part of your life's work and yet you have. >> well a lot of the work that i did opened my eyes to an awful lot of stuff that your average civilian might not pay attention to. >> on film tom hanks has fought on the front lines. stepping into the shoes of those who served our country in movies like saving private ryan. >> hey, bubba. >> hey whereforest. >> and when we did forrest gump you we went to paris island. we watched everything at paris island, boot camp for united states marines. i couldn't look at what they were going through without thinking, you know, this would have been good for me. >> you rarely ask for help, but you deserve our support. >> experiences that he says led him to a bigger mission, giving back to those who gave up so much. >> given the option it's like what can you do in order to aid
7:46 am
some aspect of making our -- forming a more perfect union, to coin a phrase. >> for hanks it's not just helping those who risked lives to defend our country. >> we talk about veterans. and i don't think we can pay enough attention to the veterans, especially since we are the beneficiaries of their -- >> so much that they do. >> but hidden heros is all about the people that care for veterans who have come back with wounds, some you can stee and some you can't. >> this is -- the bruce string seen song we take care of our own. >> last night hanks was honored as chair of the hidden heroes campaign launched by the elizabeth dole foundation. the effort looks to give voice and support to 5.5 million military caregivers. family and friends whose lives are changed in an instant and mostly serve in silence. >> it's 24 hours a day that that loved one going to require a certain type of care and attention. and one human being, one spouse,
7:47 am
or one family in a house can't do it by themselves, not without suffering stresses and strains on finances, not getting enough sleep. you know. >> or not living the life they thought they were going to live. >> signed up for. >> through the hidden hero's campaign hanks hopes to build a community so caregivers know they are not alone. >> the great thing about america i think is that people will show up to help. you know, i just -- this is not a self-serving thing but people ask me about playing fred rogers all the time. fred said something amazing, look to the helpers, the people who show up. it might be baby sitting somebody's kids. it might be driving somebody to junior college. it might be sitting with the wounded veteran or the veteran now at home and helping them get through the course of the day or driving them around. that is service to people who really need it, not just the veterans. but to that spouse and to that family who may be stretched to the extent of their ability to
7:48 am
get through -- to get through the day. the simplest tiny thing may make a huge difference in somebody's day. and that means in their life. >> it's not just the thing that they do or service they provide, i think it's also that caregiver knowing that they are seen. >> yes. in -- and they are supported. everybody can write a check without a doubt. everybody can show up in an event. but it's not a substitute for one-on-one connection and one-on-one help. >> guys, tom hanks's commitment is infect news. he walks the walk sending them letters. i'm excited to team up with him. in the next hour you meet an incredible, a veteran, his caregiver. and we had quite the surprise for them. can't wait to show you that in a few. >> good stuff. >> a great interview. >> i don't know if he is running but i vote for him. >> right. >> thanks, savannah.
7:49 am
also ahead this morning, another superstar doing life saving work. jenna's revealing and personal conversation with bono. but first, this message. ♪
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7:57 am
hours, we'll see this working its way into the rest of the bay area. quick round of some heavy downpours with the cold front sweeping through and a lot of the rain will be tapering off, right at about noon, and then some drying conditions into tomorrow afternoon. we're looking at the potential of getting anywhere from a quarter to possibly close to a half of an inch for the north bay, and the santa cruz mountains and the rest of our forecast, we are going to see the high temperatures in the mid-50s, and sunshine returning on sunday. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. >> i've circled this session for highway 87. the northbound side was jammed up to kurtner a couple minutes ago. there was no crash registered in the system. i'll attribute that to an earlier crash which had to clear. the rest of the wbay looking relatively clear. speeds coming down into the 50s is not bad. 40-minute drive, improvement for westbound 80 from highway 4 to the bay bridge and the backup at the toll plaza. there's oakland, because 880 here and 580 showing more slowing. back to you.
7:58 am
>> thank you very much. happening now, tesla driver is in custody, the chp looking into whether or not his car was on autopilot as he slept at the wheel. earlier this morning officers had to position a patrol car in front of his to stop it on highway 101. if you're a starwood member from marriott, listen up. marriott says up to 500 million guests may be at risk after hackers breached a starwood database. it's possible credit card numbers were stolen. the marriott will not confirm that. on our twitter feed marriott's response including a new customer call center. another update in half an hour.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, weekend washout. a massive storm system bringing dangerous conditions from california to new england. heavy rains out west, blizzard-like conditions in the midwest and snow, ice and rain in the east. al is tracking it all. plus, bono and bush. >> do you remember the first time you met my dad? >> he didn't want to see me. that's fair enough. >> jenna sits down with music legend, bono, to talk about his special relationship with her father, helping to save lives across the globe. and a dolly good time. the one and only dolly parton stops by studio 1a. and we could not be more excited. today, friday, november 30th,
8:01 am
2018. ♪ >> someone is turning 62. >> who dat? >> it's me. >> celebrating mom's 65th birthday. >> from maple grove, minnesota. >> i love "today." ♪ >> today is my birthday. 50 and fabulous. >> sizzling in our 60s. >> from bakersfield. >> here to hug savannah and hoda. >> we're turning 10 on "today." >> that is a great crowd. welcome back to "today." i wish i was right there with you. hoda and craig are holding down the fort in studio 1a, with an awesome and excited crowd this morning. i'm here in washington, d.c. just ahead, we're going to have more of our conversation with tom hanks.
8:02 am
and we have a big surprise for a military family that's being helped by the hidden heroes campaign. that was quite a moment. can't wait to tell you about it. you know who else is in studio? dolly parton. >> tell her i love her so much. dolly, call me. >> we'll pass it on. >> we'll see you in a bit, savannah. president trump, arriving in argentina overnight for high-profile trade talks at the g20 summit. peter alexander is traveling with the president. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you. president trump is eyeing this global summit, the g20, as an opportunity to showcase his dealmaking skills. a short time ago, participating in a signing ceremony. a new trade deal that replaces nafta, along with his counterparts in canada and mexico. congress still needs to ratify that deal. there's a glaring hole on the president's 48-hour trip here. the scheduled sitdown with vladimir putin is now canceled.
8:03 am
it was supposed to be the marquee meeting of this visit. the president saying it right after boarding air force one. he consulted with his top aides and his secretary of state, and they canceled it because of russia's aggression at three ukrainian ships this week. the president had been briefed about what was going on several days ago. and the announcement, by twitter, came less than three hours after the president's long-time former lawyer, michael cohen's, guilty plea became public. a russian spokesperson saying this morning, the president's decision, the true reason behind it, had nothing to do with russia's actions in the region but president trump's domestic problems. >> peter alexander there. thank you. december is about to roll in with a nasty storm, bringing dangerous weather to much of the country. al has all this from panama city, florida. good morning.
8:04 am
>> good morning, guys. as we close the door on the 2018 hurricane season, we are worried about this storminess firing up. we have winter storm watches and blizzard warnings. winter storm warnings, stretching from california all the way into the midwest. and we've got strong storms getting ready to fire up and bring severe weather into the gulf coast and into the mid panhandle area of florida. we're looking at anywhere, enhanced risk, 16 million people at risk for tornadoes developing during the day today. tomorrow, looking at slight risk in the panhandle of florida, the gulf coast and the mississippi river valley. in the panhandle, we could be looking at flooding. but strong winds and damaging rain, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches through a good portion of the country. blizzard warnings and conditions, i should say, blizzard conditions in the upper
8:05 am
midwest and the central plains. that's the latest on that system. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. guys? >> al, we'll come back to you in a few minutes. thank you. we have breaking news about a massive hotel data breach that could affect 500 million customers. marriott revealing someone hacked the guest reservation database for its starwood properties starting in 2014. it says the breach was just discovered two months ago. information disclosed had passport, phone and credit card numbers, as well as birthdays and addresses. marriott says it will start sending e-mails to affected customers today. are you ready for your "boost"? >> we need a "boost." >> riley was disappointed because she wanted a new pair of basketball sneakers. she could only find her top pick, steph curry's curry 5, sold in boys' sizes.
8:06 am
she wrote a letter to the two-time mvp, she got a personal response. he said, he promised to send riley a pair of curry 5s, which he pointed out are unisex. >> steph curry wrote the letter. i was happy it wasn't typed. it was handwritten. >> i'm just so thrilled with steph curry and his response and the fact that he made my daughter's day, week, year, millennium. i mean, she is over the moon about this. >> love it. there's more, too. curry said riley will be one of the first to get the curry 6 shoe when those come out. he invited her to join him at a special event for international women's day. that steph curry, what a good guy. >> he's my favorite in the nba. class act. coming up, more from savannah in d.c. and her inspiring conversation with none other than tom hanks himself, on the hidden heroes campaign.
8:07 am
plus, their very special surprise for a military family. >> can't wait to see that. first, another superstar that inspires. jenna sits down with bono to talk art, activism and the special bond he shares with her father. coming up after this. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪
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8:12 am
this morning on quadrilli"t talker," a rock star and a president. >> president trump will soon sign legislation, to provide more funding for the fight against aids in africa. >> it will support pfar, the president's foundation for aids. and jenna sat down with the man who convinced to make it happen, bono. >> when my dad became friends with bono, they were one of the oddest couples in politics. now, the initiative they care so deeply about, is credited with saving 50 million lives. >> it's like a moon shot to me. it's right up with the space
8:13 am
program. >> if you want to see what changing the world looks like, check out the faces of these children in malawi. or meet pepsi, the cheerful nurse who has spent a lifetime making rounds in this clinic. 20 years ago, would you be laughing like this? >> no. i would have been sad. >> reporter: that's because back then, this is what she saw. the desperation and hopelessness of a continent plagued by the aids virus. >> you realize it's an accident of geography. where you are born deciding where you live or day. if you lived here in new york, you got the pills. if you lived in malawi, you died. >> reporter: do you remember the first time you met my dad? >> yeah. he didn't want to see me. that's fair enough. different political views. i wanted to come into the office and get him to look up from his
8:14 am
big oak table in the oval office, to let his values tell him what to do. i don't know if it's a texas thing. burr your father felt the weight of responsibility, presiding over this, the greatest health crisis in 600 years. >> seldom has history provided an opportunity to do so much for so many. >> i remember that moment, when your father committed to this. he promised in the state of the union speech, he would get those drugs on bicycles, on motorcycles, however it took, he would get them there. it was a ridiculous idea in some quarters. how are you going to do this, these complicated medicines. >> reporter: it's okay. but in malawi, i met with a room full of hiv-positive mothers. thanks to pfar and 20 cents medication -- all of your babies were born without hiv. when you tell a mother, their baby is hiv-negative, what
8:15 am
reaction do you get? >> they start dancing. >> reporter: they dance? >> yeah. my baby now is free. >> to see that joy and defiance in her big laugh, that gives me hope, finally. >> reporter: my dad said, without you, pfar, couldn't have happened. >> i think we have to cut through the shenanigans of political cartooning and see that some people can have different views and be principled people. i told him it was "hunting and fishing" weekly. if you look at his face, he thinks it's "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. >> i have a picture of you and my dad at the ranch. >> i have a comedic relationship with your father. we were riding in a motorcade. people were waving from the side of the road. i said to him, pretty popular. i didn't think you were this popular, mr. president.
8:16 am
he said, when i first came here, they used to wave at me with one finger. >> that was a good impersonation. >> was that good? >> reporter: it's pretty good. >> i've become fond of him because underneath his armor, there's passion, compassion. he has it. >> reporter: what would you say to people that said, we already paid billions. we have to worry about us over here. >> i know the people whose lives will be lost to this. i know the health workers who had their lives watching the waste of human potential. it's half of a percent of the government budget that fightss poverty overseas. ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ don't let it get away >> reporter: you played music forever. ♪ touch me >> reporter: how does this compare to that work? >> it's not like i do the art and i do the activism. it's all the same. been able to make my celebrity,
8:17 am
and i can't stand the word, useful. u2 and my family is the thing i'm most proud of. he feels similar. we are bound together, whether he likes it or not. >> reporter: or you like it or not. >> just remember what you can achieve when you work with people you don't agree with. >> that's fun. so fun together to watch those two. >> it's interesting. they may seem completely different, but their work together has done so much. and he says, you don't have to agree on everything. but if you agree on one thing, you can be tied to somebody forever. >> that was the greatest life lesson. >> and i got to spend time with bo bono. >> that's the second-greatest life lesson. >> bono and my dad will continue to fight against aids. a particular concern, women are twice as likely to be infected in parts of africa. and bono says we've come a really long way. but we have to keep fighting.
8:18 am
>> it was like 23 cents. it's like nothing. it's like change. it changes somebody's life. >> your work in africa was eye-opening. thanks for taking us there. we're going to al in florida and a check of the weather. >> hey, guys. thanks so much. we're here serving these great first responders. we're in panama city. but this whole panhandle was just devastated by hurricane michael, back in october, and causing massive damage. third-most powerful hurricane ever to hit the u.s. so, we wanted to shine a light on what's going on here. let's take a quick look and show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned and tell you more about it on the backside. we're looking at severe weather making its way through the gulf that's ways going open around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in san jose
8:19 am
where we're seeing sunshine, dry roads and more people out. our high temperatures heading to 57 for the middle of the afternoon. we will also be watching the next storm system that's going to bring us a quick round of rain during the overnight and early morning hours. it starts to reach into the north bay right at about midnight and continuing to move through early tomorrow morning. >> and that's your latest weather. i'm here with our sponsor, one of our sponsors, from state farm, dawn mckenzie. why did you decide to have this breakfast for these fantastic first responders here in the panhandle? >> well, al, we have been on the ground, boots on the ground for hurricane michael since it hit. so, we really had an opportunity to see the huge impact that our first responders have had. so, what we really wanted to do was to recognize them and to just ensure they know how appreciated they are.
8:20 am
we're also here giving out home security devices and grants to our local organizations. again, it's just a way to say thank you and to give back to the organizations and to the people who have given so much to help this community recover. >> and there's still a lot to be done down here. >> yes. >> a lot of folks feel like they've been forgotten down here. >> i hope not. we have first responders, community organizations and state farm, here, as well. >> dawn, thank you so much. we have our heartwarming story coming up in our next half hour. you don't want to miss it. back to you guys. >> great work down there. from al in florida and savannah in d.c., and her night honoring the brave caregivers out there. >> it was an amazing night. 5 million spouses and loved ones face enormous challenges. they are caring for our wounded veterans. they often do so in silence. hidden heroes is here to bring attention to the untold stories of american caregivers. you are about to meet one of
8:21 am
those families. two american citizens, one originally from uganda. one served on the battlefield and another is still serving in home. pat and jimmy like to spend time outside in their home in virginia. taking their son to drive golf balls. on the surface, the couple is cheerful and upbeat. it's hard to imagine the great challenges this family has faced. >> being married to a marine, they're going to deploy. you don't know what to expect. you pray they come back alive. but you're never told about the between. coming back alive but not alive. >> reporter: jimmy, a refugee from uganduganda, was deployed times. he sustained a traumatic brain injury and now suffers from posttraumatic stress.
8:22 am
>> nothing prepared me for how tough life would be, the sacrifices i would have to make. >> reporter: sacrifices that included sidelining her dream of pursuing a ph.d. to care for her husband and young son. pat says, the isolation at times, was unbearable, until she was put together with hidden heroes. >> if you're a military ca caregiver. there's not a uniform but you serve our country every day. >> reporter: oscar winner tom hanks has been chairman of the hidden heroes campaign since the beginning. hidden heroes are all about the people that care for veterans that come back with wounds, some you can see and some you can't. >> it's 24 hours a day, that loved one is going to require a certain type of care and attention. one human being, one spouse, or one family cannot indict by themselves. >> reporter: caregivers need help. and provides a way to volunteer that help or ask for it.
8:23 am
>> it might be baby sitting somebody's kids. it might be sitting with the wounded veteran now at home and helping them get through the course of the day or driving them around. there's a myriad of things. >> the thing they do or the service they provide, is also that caregiver knowing they are seen. >> yes. everybody can write a check, without a doubt. but it's not a substitute for one-on-one connection. >> reporter: and senator elizabeth dole has been making those connections for years, by creating the hidden heroes campaign, as part of her foundation, caring for military families. she was about to connect us with pat and jimmy. they have no idea tom hanks is we hi behind this door. are you pat? i'm savannah. can i give you a hug? it's nice to meet you. i brought a friend. >> oh, that's a good one. let's do the thing that men do
8:24 am
when they clap each other on the back. you know? >> yes. >> this is really about honoring people like you, pat, and those who do the work of caring for our heroes, your husband. >> thank you. >> reporter: what has this organization meant to you? what was life like before and how is it now? >> i can be very honest and tell you that i was lost. i remember walking through the corridors in the hospitals and finding spouses. but there was no connection, until we found the elizabeth dole foundation. i was shocked to find out there's a whole world of caregivers out there, military caregivers. we started sharing resources and telling each other where to find things. >> reporter: including the help jimmy needed and a way for him and his devoted wife to go back to school. >> look at that. you grew up in uganda. he served in the united states marine corps. >> yes. >> you're getting your ph.d. and he's getting his bachelor's degree. >> yes. >> after serving three tours of
8:25 am
duty. what better primer do you need other than the promise of the united states of america and how it can happen when we all come together. and somebody raises their hand and says, i can help with that. >> yes. thank you. >> reporter: it was an extraordinary evening at the first annual hidden heroes gala, honoring these caregivers with extraordinary courage. >> they are raising their hand and saying, hey, we are here. hidden heroes are feeling empowered. we feel our voices being heard. we are not hiding anymore. >> i wish you could have felt what i felt in that room. so many caregivers that are working in the shadows every day to support our veterans. they were surrounded with love and respect. my thanks to tom hanks and elizabeth dole, who is tireless in this work. we are just getting started. >> that was beautiful, savannah.
8:26 am
what do you have, mr. daly? >> to our right, a national treasure. dolly parton, ladies and gentlemen. >> get her, carson. >> hello, dolly. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. you have a moi )m ... marriott starwood good morning to you. 8:26. marriott starwood members everywhere are getting a rude awakening. word that hundreds of millions of guests have been affected by a massive data breach. marriott saying up to 500 million accounts were expressed. they had access to phone numbers, passport numbers and e-mail and if possible credit card numbers were also stolen but the company says they can't confirm that. the marriott is planning to notify potential hacking victims by e-mail. right now, let's look at your morning commute. >> we're looking at oakland markets.
8:27 am
northbound, all these trucks, folks getting to their destination, that's very crowded but not very slow. it's slow but not exceptionally slow through oakland. 580, 880, we know about this push. just above, westbound 24, slow through the -- all the way over to 13 and berkeley area. no major crashes reported. we see that slowing. i'll tweet out anything we may need to avoid. overall, the south bay looks so bad. here's 101, just north of 286 it's moving just slowly. >> we'll have another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] 8:30 on this friday morning. it is november 30th, 2018. can i just say something? we have a massive crowd out here today. >> this is a heck of a crowd. >> i think it has a lot to do with the one, the only, dolly parton. you have something special on the plaza. >> i'm excited.
8:31 am
walk with me. just in time for the holidays, we have an exclusive first look, let me go this way, of one of the season's hottest gifts. ladies and gentlemen, we have a full line of fortnight toys. this is the llama here. you have 23 toys in all of that. here's the plush llama. the kids are going to love that. that's 10 bucks. this is the hottest stuff for the holidays. this is a four-inch figure pack, less than 40 bucks. your kids are going to love that. or me, if my wife's watching, look at this. this is cool stuff right here. this is the turbo builder set. look at that. yep. i'll have one of those. and here, we have the loot chest. awe these awesome fortnite toys
8:32 am
will be made available. this is an awesome collection. they go on sale tomorrow. and speaking of fortnite, let me borrow this. this is all of that stuff right here. >> where is that going? >> john henry of indiana. how are you doing, buddy? >> john henry. >> how are you? >> good. >> you have a birthday recently. >> yeah. >> how old are you? >> 13. >> you like fortnite? >> yeah. >> what's your favorite skin. >> nutcracker. >> buddy, this is for you. that's good. watch your screen time. don't play too much but have fun when you play. happy birthday. welcome to new york. >> what a great gift. wowsa. in a moment, the moment we've all been waiting for. we're going to sit down and talk with and listen to dolly parton, some live music from that icon, coming up. >> can't wait for that.
8:33 am
then, on the third hour of today, a timely topic for the holiday season, stress. we have creative things we can all try to battle against stress. and lester holt is going to join us, as well. >> oh, wow. first, down to al in panama city. >> hey, guys. thanks so much. this part of florida is so devastated by hurricane michael. we're surrounded by the brave men and women, the first responders, not just the fire and police. we've got also folks from salvation army. we have folks from habitat of humanity, animal shelter value tiers, all helping to rebuild after hurricane michael. a quick look at your weekend weather and showing you what's happening. tomorrow, we're going to see strong storms in the southeast. look for heavy snow in the rockies. blizzard seasons in the plains. on sunday, it's turning milder in the mid-atlantic states,
8:34 am
below average temperatures in the rock that's ways going on around the country. here's what's happening -- >> in your neck of the woods. >> so good. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're going to gradually start to see some clouds rolling in today, out ahead of our next storm system that will bring us some rain during the overnight hours into the start of the day on saturday. today, we're looking good with a mix of sun and clouds. cool temperatures, highs in the low 50s. by midnight, 2:00 in the morning, we see rain moving into the both bay. the rest of the bay area sees it around sunrise. some waves of scattered showers through early afternoon. >> friends in florida is created by "today" with our sponsor, state farm. turn caring into doing. visit state farm's >> as we said, we're here in panama city, florida. this area, so devastated by hurricane michael. our trip made possible by the
8:35 am
great folks at state farm. and standing with me here is chelsea and her daughter, rain. they made it through this hurricane. but they needed a little help from social media and first responders. >> good morning. breaking news. extremely dangerous. hurricane michael strengthens again overnight. now, a powerful category 4. >> it's never happened before in 167 years of keeping records, there's never been a category 4 storm to make landfall in the panhandle. >> we went on an emergency schedule, the alpha bravo shift. basically, everyone works 12 on, 12 off. >> we pushed the couch in front of the door and tried to block as many windows as possible, with whatever we could find. it started getting more violent. right as the eye picked back and
8:36 am
passed over us, the winds started up and the trailer hit the window. and the wind rushed in through the house and it completely lifted the roof off, all in one piece. very quickly, it was maybe five seconds that it took for all that to happen. once this window went, that entire roof came off. i think the number one thought through my head was praying towards god, asking him to protect us. i didn't have enough service to call anybody. but there was enough to get on facebook and make the posts. my first post was to say help. and i put an address. >> it had reposted over 1,000 times. and it got to a friend of my sister's, who got it to my sister. my sister lives in aurora, colorado. the friend knew that she had a brother that was a deputy in bay county. send it to erica and erica sent it to me. i think that's pretty amazing. that's nothing short of a
8:37 am
miracle. >> it was very dangerous and frightening. i honestly didn't know if we were going to make it out without being hurt or alive, even. >> shortly after the storm, it looked like a forest. these giant oak trees are blocking every roadway and power lines were down everywhere. >> i was very shocked to see the officers pull up. >> chelsea is sitting in the passenger seat with a small baby. she has like egg crate mattress toppers covering the windshield. >> at that point, i cried so much. i didn't think i had anything left to cry. my face was swollen. it was just a big shock. he asked if he could hold the baby. i said absolutely. his partner, he actually took a picture for us. it was a touching moment. that's a picture i'm going to keep in my heart. i hope that people can look at that moment the came way i do with as much gratefulness.
8:38 am
>> we're here with chelsea and little rain and your fiance, austin. what would you say to deputy proctor if he were here? what would you say to him? >> i would tell him thank you very much for everything he did for us. >> on second thought, why don't you tell him yourself. he's right here. jason proctor, his deputy and his partner, michael. aw. >> this is mike. >> nice seeing you again. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> you were about to tell me what you were going to say to jason. >> i wanted to tell you, thank you very much, for everything you have done for us. i will never been able to thank you all to the full had it not been for you, i don't know what we would have done. est extent. we didn't have supplies to be stuck out there. i appreciate it. very much. >> you're welcome. >> you guys are heroes. you've all done so much. what's going through your mind right now? >> really, i think everybody
8:39 am
that reposted the initial posting is the heroes, that traveled across the country, thousands of times. just got to the right people. everyone behind us has done similar things like this. this is just part of our job. >> you guys have done amazing work, we wanted to thank you. he got a little something for you in the truck. we brought in, basically, some holiday dinners for you. come on up. everybody, all you guys. come on. we have sides. we have ham for you. come on in. we hope you have a great holiday. we appreciate everything you've been doing here for the folks here in the panhandle. thank you so much. we appreciate it. thank you. all right, guys, back in new york, these folks have been doing so much work. we want to make sure nobody forgets. by the way. chelsea, we have something for you guys, for little rain.
8:40 am
merry christmas. happy holidays. >> thank y'all. happy holidays. thank you very much. >> we're going to continue to hand this stuff out. >> here we go. back to you guys. >> don't you love -- i mean, i love when we highlight things just like that. >> the helpers. >> thanks, guys. thanks, al. up next, the one, the only, dolly parton. we're going to chat with the country queen. plus, she's going to perform for us. >> you teased it enough. >> it is time. first, this is "today" on nbc. . first, this is " first, this is " to
8:41 am
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all right. we've been waiting and waiting. you know it's going to be a great day when the lovely and talented dolly parton stops by. >> she is here with a brand-new album to the netflix movie called "dump lin'" here's dolly
8:43 am
singing a song from the movie. ♪ i want to be happy i want to be free ♪ ♪ just like the girl in the movies ♪ >> okay. that song makes you want to get the kleenexes out. we're so excited that you're here. this song, not only is it awesome when you listen to it, there's oscar buzz around this. that's one thing that is out there for you. >> that would be great. i've been nominated twice. that would be great to win that. there's other great stuff out there. this is a contender. the theme song from the "dumplin" movie. >> this is a book that's based on a little girl that just looked up to you. >> yes. the little girl was kind of overweight in the book. she just built her confidence, as her mother was a beauty
8:44 am
queen, played by jennifer aniston. danielle mcdonald is the girl that plays it. she is wonderful, by the way. anyhow, she wants to be special. in the book, she grew up loving the music and going by dolly's sayings and that sort of thing. when i heard about the book, i thought it was great. and jennifer called and said i'm going to make this into a movie. would you allow us to use some of your music? of course. and would you write new music? i said, of course. we got with linda perry and did some new songs along with old ones. >> i ran into linda yesterday outside of "today" show. >> she is great. >> she's doing a benefit show for the people of the wildfires. >> she couldn't be here this morning. >> she produced the soundtrack with you. >> she did. she produced it. we wrote five new songs together and one more original that i wrote, that i'm singing with
8:45 am
mabel staples. >> macy gray, and allison courthouse. miranda lambert. >> so many things we love about you. one of the things, you were rehear rehearsing. it is going to be amazing. we were sitting here and your drummer started hitting the drum beat. and you broke into this moment. >> oh, you taped it. well, that is to get your blood rolling. we weren't planning to use it. we were just doing it for you, this wonderful set and players here. >> it meant the world to us. >> that song is just so energizes ienergiz energizeing. we're working people and hitting the street. >> what is your cup of ambition in the morning. then what happens to dolly parton. >> actually, i get up early. i'm up by 3:00. i go to bed early.
8:46 am
but i'm an early bird. >> what are you doing at 3:00 a.m. >> i do my little meditations and my spiritual work. and i look over what work i have to do. i answer mail. i do more work than most people do all day because it's quiet. the energy is all low, except mine. i really get a lot done. i love the wee hours. >> what do you do before you fall asleep? >> i pray. i say thank you for blessing me. >> you are somebody that loves the holidays. i dress the part. i dress like san clause. >> dolly claus. >> we're so excited. we've been waiting for this live performance. >> one more quick break and we'll do it. man's world?
8:47 am
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> finally, the moment has arrived. we're back with one of our favorites, country music legend, dolly parton. >> here she is performing "girl in the movies" off of the "dumplin'" soundtrack. take it away. ♪ popcorn, soda, a box of raisinets ♪ ♪ velvet cushioned seats and soft armrests ♪ ♪ best seat in my favorite movie house ♪ ♪ start my dreaming as the
8:50 am
lights go out ♪ ♪ and up on the silver screen, i picture me ♪ ♪ living out my passion, hopes and fantasies ♪ ♪ i wanna be the girl in the movies ♪ ♪ the one with the glint in her eyes ♪ ♪ the girl that seldom loses beautiful with grace and style ♪ ♪ acting out her story standing in her glory ♪ ♪ happy ever after i wanna be the girl in the movies ♪ ♪ i wish i had a nickel for each
8:51 am
dime i have spent ♪ ♪ watching others live their lives with confidence ♪ ♪ can't keep living in this make believe ♪ ♪ make believe coming attractions ♪ ♪ will be starring me oh ♪ ♪ i wanna be the girl in the movies ♪ ♪ the one with the stars in her eyes ♪ ♪ in her eyes she gets the roles she chooses ♪ ♪ she can laugh or she can cry ♪ ♪ standing in her glory and whatever i'm supposed to say there ♪ ♪ but always happy endings
8:52 am
i wanna be the girl in the movies ♪ ♪ time i show the world just what i'm about ♪ ♪ i'm stepping out and i'm stepping out ♪ ♪ i'm feeling bold and i'm feeling proud ♪ ♪ yes, i'm gonna be that girl, oh, i wanna be that girl in the movies ♪ ♪ hmm m m i'm gonna stand up ♪ ♪ i've had enough of my dreams being shattered ♪ ♪ and i've had enough of my tears being splattered ♪ ♪ i've already been that girl i wanna be ♪ ♪ i wanna be ♪ i wanna be that girl in the movies ♪ ♪ and i wanna shine i wanna shine ♪ ♪ i'm gonna shine
8:53 am
i wanna shine ♪ ♪ just like that girl in the movies ♪ >> shine, girl, shine. >> yes. >> you go, girl. >> yes. >> dolly parton. they need to serve a box of kleenex with that song. >> it's not sad. >> it's beautiful, though. that was awesome. the "dumplin'" soundtrack, is out today. the movie premieres on netflix. we'll have more with dolly in our fourth hour. we have more coming up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:54 am
we're in memphis, tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases
8:55 am
of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. okay. are we the happiest we've ever been right now. let's just sit here for a moment. love you, dolly. >> thank you. >> what do you have coming up, willie? >> who cares? dolly parton is here. i have on sunday, benedict
8:56 am
cumberbat cumberbatch. he's a great actor. you know that. it's a great conversation. dolly parton is here. >> there's something about that song. women were crying just listening to that. >> dolly, you're such an incredible story teteller. you embody the lyric and deliver it in a way that's so moving. >> that's the song, all of us that go to the movies as kids, we dream of what we want to become. and when we do, we get emotional about it. >> we love you,i )m - -... the chp .. now plans to talk good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. chp now making plans. look at this live video this morning of a unified school district, chartered school there, and police activity as you can see. they have a person in custody. we're trying to gather more
8:57 am
details, exactly what happened and what is behind all of this. as you can see, this is vallejo unified school district. no students involved is what we're told. as you can see, heavy police presence going on there. now we want to take you to this. chp plans to talk more about the arrest of that tesla driver on the peninsula. investigators are looking into whether his car was on autopilot as he slept at the wheel. what we know at this point is officers tried to pull them over as that car was driving 70 on 101. they had to position a patrol car in front of his to get the car stopped. that arrest was made some seven miles away from where officers first tried to stop the car. we have more information about this right now on our facebook page as well as more news in an hour. lines at t
8:58 am
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live, from studio 6a, this is "today." [ applause ] >> hey, everyone. >> i feel like i want to clap. >> you can clap. you know who they're clapping for? you. lester holt here. he set his alarm early to be with us. it is friday. >> ah. >> i don't know if you all need it the way i do. >> yes. >> happy friday. you made it. i'm jenna, with craig, and sheinelle. as we mentioned, special guest appearance, by the one and the only lester holt. >> this is fun. i spent 12 years on the "today" show. this is back to those muscle memory things are clicking in right now. >> when you set your alarm, was


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