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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 3, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it revealed that uber held talks on a possible multi-billion dollars acquisition. uber considering another option. uber owns a majority stake there. a source says they are looking to secure a deal with either the scooter shares start-up by the end of the year. >> however you're moving around you'll want to keep moving. it is a cold one out there. let's check the forecast right now. >> we start out with a few clouds moving into the area. we did have freeze warnings. we have only seen a few spots. i think the clouds are the problem that will deep us fairly warm heading into the morning. so here is a look at our numbers right now. we are at 36 degrees in santa rosa. it is 47 in oakland and pa palo alto.
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we do need to bundle up. it's a cool start. towards walnut creek about 41 degrees. notice that we will see clouds throughout the day. it will be partly to mostly cloudy as temperatures make it into the mid-50s. as we look at storm ranger at our mobile doppler radar it is our mobile doppler radar giving us no rain as of now. as i open up the picture you'll see that there will be clouds moving in. we can see the swirl of the clouds and all of the system that will be reaching towards the bay area starting tomorrow morning at this time. on your way out the door heading to the bart station no need for the umbrella today. i'll be tracking the need for that and all of your rain gear as we go into the next several days. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. you have been tracking your morning compute.
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>> it is clilly looking -- chilly looking at temperatures there. if you're lucky enough to have seat warmers we are looking at this. i'm seeing green all over the bay. that's good news. green means you're at the speed limit. we haven't seen any major problems. the crash right here on north 101 we saw that clearing on the live camera. a smooth drive should be there for 101. we also see this pretty typical. we have this behind me. that's pretty typical pattern. it is holding up at 6:02 and almost 6:03. again, as you're coming down through fremont. there is this but it's not so bad here. most showing highway 4 and a fender bender reported at the
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bay bridge toll plaza. the good note here fast track lanes are moving. we do have a little bit to get this. back to you. it is 6:02 right now. the life and legacy of george h.w. bush. the former president's body at a funeral home in texas and then eventually the casket will head to washington d.c. starting this afternoon he will lie in state at the u.s. capital. >> starting this afternoon nbc bay area tracie potts is live with more on how he is being remembered. >> hi e is being remembered as friend with someone as major achievements in foreign policy but also someone of character. we will see his remains arrive here in washington this afternoon and right here at the u.s. capital where he began his
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career as a congress plman and heading to the white house. on wednesday after a day and a half of the public being able to pay their respects on wednesday we'll have that national funeral service at the national cathedral. some 3,000 people are expected for that. invited guests and dignitaries. we have learned that his son, former president george w. bush will deliver one of the eulogies. >> thank you, tracie. we are following breaking news for you. this is coming out of san francisco. police are not saying what happened there. it is closed. the bart station is open. there are a lot of police officers there at the scene. you need to be mindful of that. we reached out to police for
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details for you. we'll bring them for you. the city is expecting to finalize the key agriemeement. today in the bay joins us live for that council meeting there. >> reporter: hi there. this is on the agenda and it has been years getting to this point. every step of the way housing advocates have been looking at what it will mean for a city struggling to get people into affordable housing and off of the streets. google plans some retail space, housing space and even some hotel space as well. tomorrow the city will finalize
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the memorandum understanding that is an agreement between the two parties. that is the city of san jose and google. it would create more purchases. it would open the door for land purchases as well. housing advocates said they should use any land they have to create more affordable housing and housing for the homeless. today a group will be at a three day fast to draw attention to this issue. they will be here adds san jose city hall talking about what they want the city to consider. one of the voices that the city of san jose will consider tomorrow. that big deal is on the agenda. there is even a note that says everything else may fall to the wayside and be delayed because they expect so much public comment ahead of this deal. a lot of folks talking about it. >> we'll keep following it as
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well. at 6:06 right now. we are learning long time radio host has died. his body found in a wooded area in kentucky about a mile from where he was last seen. the family says they are working with police to learn more about his death. the 79-year-old was seen roughly 30 minutes from his home. he hosted a talk show. i worked with him. i used to open his listener mail for him. he is a member of black journalist hall of fame. new this morning a recent reorganization is reportedly raising eyebrows. diane won the election in june. since then she reshuffled the staff. that includes demotion for graves. they call it a personnel matter.
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mcmaster believes it sends the wrong message. debate the future of ccfs free tuition program. it is the second year it has bc been offered. it is only a two-year pilot program. they have to approve a plan for the long term. they will discuss this for two more decades. if they approve it it would go to the full board. at that point voters would have the final say next fall. 6:08 right now. a new way for you to speed through the dmv line. how does that sound? starting today you can use the self-service terminal over on homestead road. it lets you renew your vehicle without having to visit a dmv office. it will be open during regular offers.
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>> 6:08 for you right now. want to check for you and your business there tech news. >> let's talk about the markets. likes like a bet are day ter da markets. we saw president trump and president xi talk about putting off the trade war at least until january. that's good news. although the two sides were not in agreement about what their agreement was but we can postpone that at least until january. let's talk about what we'll see later this week. that is the jobs number which come on friday. we are expecting good jobs numbers, but we can expect a sl slowdown eventually. what is the fed going to do once it sees friday's job numbers? we are expecting one more interest rate hike but maybe not much after that. the president doesn't want to see it. he has been putting a lot of
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pressure on this. >> you mentioned the amazon go technolo technology. they are looking at expandsing that into a much bigger sort of store, maybe whole foods. after all, amazon owns whole foods. i tried that amazon go. i think it's the future of what we are going to do in stores. there are companies working on competitors. >> i think you'll see it all over the united states. >> i think we all help each other. >> store security will get really confused. it is nice to talk to a person, right? >> yeah. >> a lot of people have this, alexa. it may soon be able to predict your love life.
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>> yes. >> according to a new study in-home listening devices will be able to judge whether you're relationship is happy or on the rocks. researchers say the devices will act as therapeutic resources for you, maybe give you little love life. >> it will be cheaper. >> you know who else can tell that? neighbors. >> yeah. >> if it's that bad. >> well, they say it will listen to conversations and arguments but funny thing is that it will give advice i think. >> great. what about the people that just talk loudly. >> what are you talking about? >> come on, let's do this. >> well, they yell a lot. >> i don't know. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of those showing up at bay area goodwills soon. >> on the curb free. take it. all right. so this morning no need to kp alexa what the weather will be
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like. we'll see more clouds moving in. it is all cool towards the north bay and the prewarning has been cancelled. we haven't seen temperatures near freezing for many spots. right now it's about 36 degrees. it is 47 in oakland as well as palo alto. san jose at 45 degrees. here is a live look outside as our temperatures start out in the mid-40s. you'll notice some clouds in the mix throughout the day. it will be a cool and pafrtly t mostly cloudy day. not a drop of rain even with clouds moving in. we'll see more clouds arriving heading into the day and then the rain by tomorrow morning. so here is a look at that storm system. it is a pretty large system. it will bring us rain for quite a while. as we track our temperatures starting out this morning we are heading up to 57 degrees in san
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jose and 55 in -- and 60 today in concord. upper 60s for the coast and san mateo 58. san francisco at 53 degrees. for the north bay some mid-to upper 50s with napa reaching 57 degrees. now, if you're planning to head out they are lighting the 25 fo 25 foot menorah. we'll start to see the clouds moving in today. partly to mostly cloudy skies. no rain as we go into early tomorrow morning it will become much more widespread into tomorrow afternoon and the evening. a few pockets of heavy rain for tomorrow night. by wednesday morning we'll start to see the rain tapering off.
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still light rain chances in the forecast throughout the day. our rainfall totals will be from about three quarters of an inch for parts of the east bay to over an inch in san francisco. there will be spots that could reach more rain, about an inch and a half or parts of the north bay and a little bit more for the santa cruz mountains. if you're planning to go to the sierra it will be slippery at times. that snow comes down between tuesday and wednesday. it will be fairly light snow. make sure you're getting the latest weather updates and why i sound congested this morning. if you feel the same way bundle up. we'll see roundsover rain moving in tomorrow and wednesday and then for the rest of the week it dries out and even warms up a few more degrees. low 60s for the inland areas.
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mi mid-50s for much of the week. we'll talk about how much rain to expect once again with more updates to come. he has been seeing a pretty smooth monday morning commute. it looks a little backed up there. >> yes. taking a look over here we see the taillights. things have been building over the last five minutes. the good news is the flashing lights we saw farther earlier in the show they never played out to be anything. there are no problems. the problem is that it's very popular. we'll show you how that's going. from green towards orange then about mid-way across there things start to smooth out. it will be slower. you'll see more there as well. it is highway 84 a little to the south. overall aside from that area we don't really have an issue.
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87 around here there may be a crash. any time we have that there we see extra slowing. walnut creek interclang was nice. we have seen a steady flow. we know we have more traffic coming up for the upper east shore freeway. we are about a half an hour. you avoid the toll plaza andfully delays there as well as for the rest of the agencies. we showed you the slowing. overall it's not that bad. 880 just 20 minutes here. this is down towards the bridge. it includes the slowing past the san mateo bridge. expect it to go pretty quickly over the last half hour. we have our red section. this is west highway 37 and heading towards here where things bottleneck. it gets closer. that's a great slow of traffic to the north bay.
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the bay bridge toll plaza did show a back up. we are showing you traffic is right here. the fast track lanes are moving. >> back to you. >> more for you coming up. we'll what right back. -- we'll be right back.
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we take a live look outside.
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it will be a good day to head out to christmas in the park. we will be at about 43 degrees. throughout the day partly cloudy only reaching the mid-50s. as we kek ocheck out our arrivi storm system we can see the widespread clouds out there. it will be cloudy even before the rain arrives throughout the day today. by wednesday we'll see the rain tapering off. i'll continue to track this and we'll be talking about what to expect as more rain moves in when that next system arrives. that's coming up in the forecast. we are also showing san jose on this live camera. this is 101. did clear and things were able to smooth out.
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we are seeing a lighter volume of traffic. we talked about the possibility of a crash. this is a crash and lanes had just moved to the shoulder. the only slowing for the south bay here. this shows you what we expect. heading in towards morgan hill northbound 101 here as well. in the a problem here. it is good news and the rest of the bay a typical pattern. that's coming out over on the right. westbound 580 starting to creep in. it is the slowest on 84. you're okay once you get towards 680 south. back to you. >> all right. thanks. 6:21 for you right now. two defendants are due in court for another preliminary hearing. family members honored the victims by visiting the memorial
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at the site of the oakland fire where 36 people died during the dance party. he lost his son. he was a d.j. he attended the party. his father is putting his energy into a nonprofit that helps provide safe housing. they also held what they call a boom box procession down international boulevard. many are members of the under it's ground art scene. a preschool assistant in hawaii accidentally served students pine sol instead of apple juice. an assistant took the pinesol off of a kitchen cart and filled cups with it. a teacher stopped students from drinking it it. three students that were evaluated were treated. i can imagine that was scary. >> training at stanford to help
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children save lives. they have this and they can take injections. it is helping put firefighters through real life scenarios. you can watch that. you can see how doctors are also learning from the training of the firefighters they are undergoing. >> pretty cool. an update on breaking news. a series of fires overnight in the marina district. we'll take a look at the information and h investigation and how that he has fires started. today kids from the fire zone go back to school for the first time. a look at how the community is getti getting ready. >> firefighters found an engagement ring but it dropped down a grate. they had to search for the couple that lost it.
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we'll tell you how it all came together. you're watching today in the bay at 6:23 right now. joining us.
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i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. . >> monday, monday. we love you. >> it is plmore of a love-hate relationship. as we take a live look outside we have a few clouds
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moving by. with chilly temperatures here is a look at numbers. we do have mid-30s. it is 40 in napa. san jose at 45 degrees. we'll be about 41 degrees through 8:00. you'll see the clouds mixing in. here is a look at our high temperatures for the afternoon. we'll be up to about 56 degrees here in east san jose. as we head to to the east bay up to 55 in pittsburgh and we'll be slightly cooler than normal with breezy winds and partly cloudy skies looking at 54 degrees. the north bay reaching 55 in sonoma. as we head over to mike you have been tracking a smooth kplut. >> we have the build now and we
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are seeing this slowing off of 880 and 680. the crash around 14th. it is in the center divide. it is providing a distraction. we see the slowing despite the lighter volume of traffic. folks maybe head over towards 17. it will create a little different flow there. over here looking at the westbound highway 4 commute. we do see more slowing there they ri main pretty predictable. it is because of lighter flow.
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upper east shore freeway heading down towards the bay bridge. it is just about a half an hour. it's not bad and also 880 and 580 showing slowing. of course this is waiting for you as you struggle through any slow downs. back to you. it is 6:29 right now. three fires started in a very popular neighborhood. investigators trying figure out who started them. >> have they put the fires out? >> reporter: they have. we have new information. good morning you guys. now telling us all three of these are confirming were set intentionally. we do not know whether they were set with the intent to cause damage.
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you can see this. looks like a shed. the sign ton the outside of it says this recreation area. this is on san francisco park property. they are guarding this site waiting for fire investigators to arrive on the scene. you can see marina middle school and then next to this property next to the marina branch spot another fire. when firefighters were putting out that fire they came across this fire. they smelled smoke and came over here and found this building starting to go up in flames. they are working on this and they learn about another fire just about a block or a block and a half from here. i said the breaking news telling us the fire department telling us all three of these fires were intentionally set. they have arson investigators coming to the scene this morning
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waiting for the light to break and of course this is something that the students, teach rs aer parents are going to find. later they will find an active fire information underway. arson investigators on their property. we'll have more details if we get any in the next hour. we are live in the marina district. >> all right. thanks for that. students will return to school for the first time since the deadly campfire ripped through the kplunty. >> we have details for us with pete. >> reporter: good morning to you. we can expect an emotional day for students and staff. they are returning for the first time since the campfire hit the area. students will be returning here at the elementary school. this was set up at the school.
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it will be part of a small group of the 28,000 students that will have turned to school this morning. now, when it comes here about 14 schools were damaged and destroyed. more than 30,000 students were displaced. when it comes to june fied school district they will have to relocate to near by schools like this here and high school students are going to meet as they will be doing independent study throughout the year. we are hoping to get more in orville. >> all right. nice to get back to normalcy for those students. honoring the extraordinary life of george h.w. bush. >> his body is in houston,
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texas. in a few hours it will head to washington d.c. we have more on how the former president is being remembered. >> reporter: body of george herbert walker bush. >> he is remembered for his humility and character and ability to relate to people. >> panama, the persian gulf, the collapse of the soviet union, the fall of berlin wall. >> you know, dancing on the wall as it came down. >> a former navy aviator bush launched the first gulf war. >> he knew what combat was a about. he knew it was people on your side and people on the other side. >> breaking this pledge. >> read my lips, no new taxes.
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>> it cost him a second term. he'll be mem moorialized wednes at the national cathedral. president bush died surrounded by family and friends like former secretaryover state james baker and his wife. >> she went over and kissed him on the forehead and said we really love you very much. he looked at her and said you better hurry up. >> keeping his sense of humor until the end. >> tracie potts reporting there. remarkable man. remarkable family too. you can feel the love and respect they had for each other. his son will give the eulogy. we'll have it here on nbc. this week google may get the green light for 50 acres there.
6:35 am
the -- some are givening a three day hunger strike. >> we have a crash ahead of that council meeting. good morning. >> reporter: the big google agenda. a lot of homeless advocates and affordable housing add voe caugh -- advocates pushing back today. they are asking what it could mean in a city that's struggling in a city of homelessness. the question is in downtown san jose where the san jose sharks play. it is a rather large area. it also plans some development for retail and housing and also perhaps some hotel space as
6:36 am
well. tomorrow city council will finalize that of understanding with google. it could help google land the sale of about 25 or around 50,000 -- 50 acres of land in downtown san jose. that could bring 25,000 jobs we ve -- eventually. they will be out here this morning talking about the impact of all of this. they want the city to consider that and include that planning there their plan with google in the memorandum of understanding. the city council has it on the agenda for tomorrow. there are other items on the agenda. there is a note in there that everything else could be delayed. a lot of folks will have public comment. we'll cover that for you as well and also cover the three day -- the start of the three day today.
6:37 am
they plan on speaking at 10:30 this morning. today in the bay. >> really big issue in the south bay. thanks so much. it is 6:36 right now. the oldest toy drive of its kind in the country. the san francisco fire department ramping up the holiday effort to help children in need. it dates back to 1949. the saint francis yacht club donated 150e bicycles and toys and money. it continues through christmas day. makes a big difference to a lot of kids. >> let's check the morning kplut and see how things are rolling out there. >> it is beautiful out there. >> it is slowing down. you're right. it merges off of 280 and 680. overall it's not bad. right here is where we typically see a lot of traffic. it is building in the same pattern. a lighter volume overall.
6:38 am
starting the commute. it is the toughest drive here. the earlier crash is over on the shoulder. there may have been a second crash in the area. we will remind folks it is very slow. this is heading up past 87. a lot of folks heading up here. it will take you into east campbell. it is a disturbance. dheep in mind. any where north of there looks good there. peninsula is fine. southbound would be the commute there. you can see that coming up at 880. northbound 238 coming out. we still have a crash. it sounds like everything is in the center divide. the distraction where things are narrowing and shifting is a tough problem. still only slow off of redwood road because of a lighter volume
6:39 am
of traffic. we have highway 4 at the top of your screen. it is causing throeing. redwood road always reminds me of scooby do. >> that is a tough one and you mastered it. and we'll see rain tomorrow into the week. the weekend starting to clear up. there will be rain moving in sunday reaching 59. so we should be all quiet in terms of snow falling. if you want to go hiking around thewoods the trails may be a little wet. more rain moves in.
6:40 am
saturday looking at a high of 58 degrees. for the trivalley, by sunday we start to see rain moving back in. nice beach weather and we'll see sunshine for the most part of the weekend. now, we'll talk about what's going on today. we'll be tracking tomorrow's rain coming up in about three minutes. >> all right. than thanks. looking forward to that. a pair of california nuns accused of stealing from the school, what they took and how the church says it will punish them. we get advice from a doctor that says this could keep thousands from getting lung cancer.
6:41 am
they decided to delay the big board. industrials gaining today. you're watching today in the bay.
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a cool start. we are at 41 degrees and reaching into the mid-50s today. we are stay rain free.
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i'll time it out for you coming up next. it looks tough but seeing things move smoothly. we'll show you how things are on the approach. it is a back up in the area. >> thanks so much. . a man who needed a little help after a heartbreaking loss. >> his team stepped in to help him get his money back for a wlal watchi-- whale watching to. >> his wife bought tickets on groupon and sadly she passed away. he couldn't open her groupon account and didn't know how else to get a refund. they sent patrick a $75 refund
6:45 am
check. he was grateful for this help. it points how important it is to have a digital will these days. it includes e-mail, online shopping as well as passports to your home and computer -- phone and computer. >> call 888-996-tips. ? thank you, chris. it is a quarter to 7:00 right now. a simple test could save your life. 25,000 americans who are at high risk for lung cancer would be able to beat the disease. it would be between the ages of 55 and 75 with a history of smoking. a low-dose ct scan takes less
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than 30 minutes. a shocking theft from a southern california catholic school. two nuns accused of stealing money. both worked at the school more than 20 years before retiring last year. they say they will address the situation and added our children have not been effected or willing effected by these events. >> the problems effecting for mar than members of the migrant caravan. it turns out there has been a ripple effect on some businesses. she joaned a business called baja border tours. he takes people to points south of the barder. he also says business is almost completely dried up due to the border closure. a business owner is still trying to help the caravan trying to
6:47 am
help them with clothing donations. it is 6:46 for you right now. scott is taking a look at what we can see right here with all of the news. >> good morning to you. there are only four days left until a possible government shutdown this morning or later this week. there is also a government pause on wednesday for the funeral of george h.w. bush. there is talk about maybe extending the deadline for the spending bill beyond friday. after all we are only three business days away from the deadline and then the government shuts down. in the midst of this george h.w. bush will be laid to rest. that comes later this week. in the meantime we do have live pictures this morning. it is in houston. it is one of the planned routes we believe of the motorcade and then onto the jet that serves as air force one which will take his body to washington.
6:48 am
that will be where he will lie in state and then a ceremony there and back to texas laid to rest on saturday. in many ways george h.w. bush was the most qualified man to be president in the 20th century. he was a former congress plan. he was the former direct tore of the cia. he was a former ambassador and of course he was a former vice president as well. he was teased by many people about being too nice and not tough enough to actually run in a presidential race. he said that he didn't think toughness was bullying people. he said it is about character. it is something you can remember in times like this. current president of the united states issued a statement praising president bush. again, president bush will -- the body of president bush will
6:49 am
move from texas to washington today where he will lie in state at the capital until wednesday. a ceremony in the capital on wednesday and then back down to texas a second smaller ceremony and then laid to rest on saturday. we will of course have full coverage of all of this on nbc as it happens. >> don't forget he was a father as well as his wife was just lost in april. they had such a great love affair. i bring it up as well because love does win in the end. listen to this next story. for one couple it actually went global. see them there crouching down? that guy had just proposed to his girlfriend there. this is in new york city's time square. the ring didn't quite fit. she dropped it through a sewer grate. two officers tried to find it but they couldn't. the couple in tears. they flew back to england thinking the ring was gone
6:50 am
forever. look what happened here. on saturday policemanaged to find it there in the muck but they had to locate the couple. let's say cupid's work is easier these days due to social plead ya. they posted images of the pair and they tracked them down. a big fairy tale ending for them there. they are making arrangements to send the ring back to england. >> they should get married on the today show. >> plab. -- maybe. >> it was too big. >> it wasn't like she didn't like it. >> no. no. not at all. >> yeah. let's think positive when it comes to engagements. >> real love. >> all right. >> so yeah, this morning cuddle up and bundle up as you get ready head out the door. here is a live look from at&t park. a beautiful sunrise. the sun coming through under
6:51 am
those clouds. it will be with us throughout much of the day. as we take a look at our numbers and what you're going to feel as you head out the door only about 36 degrees in santa rosa and 40 in napa and 47 in oakland and palo alto. beautiful sunrise as we get a look at san jose. as you're getting dressed you need a heavier jacket or a coat. jeans will probably keep you comfortable throughout the day. as we take a look at our high temperatures we are heading up to around 56 in east san jose a and 55 in cupertino. we'll be at 57 in redwood city. it is 55 today on the emba drk we'll keep it in the mid-to upper 50s. as you're getting the kids up it
6:52 am
will be 43 in san jose and we go from 43 to 56 by the time that last school bell rings. later we have the second candle lighting ceremony. that 25 foot menorah will be lit up. we'll see temperatures at around 52 degrees. bundle up. it will be cool. as we get a look at our storm ranger our mobile doppler showing we don't have any rain close to the bay area. you want to make sure you're following me on social media on twitter and look for my page on facebook. our seven day forecast shows that we'll start to see that rain moving in tomorrow and it will be here before sunrise for much of the bay area. our high only reaching 55 degrees. the rain will taper off on wednesday. by thursday we are see ago lot more sunshine with upper 50s. we'll have a few days of dry weather and temperatures pretty mump the same whether you're
6:53 am
inland or san francisco. a lot of 50s here over the next few days. i'll be tracking that and you're tracking a crash in san jose. >> yes. it is a critical portion of the san jo san jose commute. it effects the south bay drivers. from time to time we see things improve. there may be more crews helping out with perhaps another vehicle or so. we are tracking that. no major injuries. it is impacts 85. you can see the jam on 87. it is causing more folks to head up towards 17 as a rerout to get towards 280 or farther up. 101 shows a little congestion around capital expressway as well. this is coming up towards silicon valley. we are okay but we have all of this traffic feeding in witness you get through here. you're back until you see the
6:54 am
slowing that i showed you a few seconds ago. we have that and then 880 suddenly slows down. of course it is over towards that bridge and the facebook side of the commute as well. it is slowing through san no m . this is from highway 4 to the toll plaza. speeds just below 50 at the very worst as you're traveling towards the kal see yum. it shows a nice drive. no mayor problems for the north bay. it is an easy drive getting down there. 101 continues all the way down there. we are showing speed limits. back to you. >> thank you. >> much more ahead here on today in the bay. we'll be right back.
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this is a fight. not to the finish.
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but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- breaking news and welcome back. here are the top stories. >> breaking news. three fires started in a very popular neighborhood. they are trying to figure out who started them before anyone got hurt. good morning you guys. telling us all three of these.
6:58 am
it is right nooeext to the mari area. between 1:00 and 2:30 p.m. these fires started. the recreation center appears to be use as a shed. investigators should be arriving on the scene within the next hour or so. we'll bring you more information if it becomes available. good morning to you, guys. they will return to school here. they have the sign set up here. it will be returning at about 8:30 a.m.
6:59 am
28,000 students arriving since the first time since it began. when it cams to paradise school district they will be relocated and the middle and high school students will take part in an independe independent study. we are live, today in the bay. >> all right. thank you very much. probably getting normalcy for them. >> it is cold out there. we are going to see temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. it will hold off until tomorrow morning. more showers on wednesday. >> all right. telling us you a crash? >> yes. it will effect folks getting to the east bay. just reported around here. we'll track that. it is moving well.
7:00 am
>> there you go. we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25. don't forget us on bay area news. much more news and weather for you. thanks for starting your morning with us today in the bay. make it a great monday. good morning. honoring a fallen president. overnight new tributes to the life and legacy of george h.w. bush, from leaders around the world to the son who followed in his footsteps. >> if they analyze not only his accomplishments, but his character, they'll say, job well done, george h.w. bush. >> the former president and war hero set for one final trip to washington today as the nation begins saying its long good-bye. >> it's very sad. he was a great man. and we loved him. truce? pr


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