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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25. don't forget us on bay area news. much more news and weather for you. thanks for starting your morning with us today in the bay. make it a great monday. good morning. honoring a fallen president. overnight new tributes to the life and legacy of george h.w. bush, from leaders around the world to the son who followed in his footsteps. >> if they analyze not only his accomplishments, but his character, they'll say, job well done, george h.w. bush. >> the former president and war hero set for one final trip to washington today as the nation begins saying its long good-bye. >> it's very sad. he was a great man. and we loved him. truce? the president and china's president pressing the pause
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button agreeing to halt the heated trade war between the two countries. how long will it last and what it could mean for the things you want to buy this holiday season. tornado outbreak, rare december twisters cut paths of destruction through the midwest while another dangerous storm system gets set to sweep across the nation from california all the way to the northeast, al's forecast just ahead. those stories, plus chaos in paris, the iconic city coping with violent protests, hundreds arrested. this morning what's behind the anger. shining stars. ♪ >> a-listers from around the world gather in south africa for a benefit concert celebrating nelson mandella on what would have been his 100th birthday. and fairytale ending, a romantic proposal ends with the ring accidentally dropped down a grate in times square, but social media users come to the rescue and find the couple
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halfway around the world, today, monday december 3rd, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie. live from washington, d.c. and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to a split edition of "today" on this monday morning. savannah is down in washington, d.c. good morning, savannah. >> good morning, hoda. this is a city in mourning. this is a country in mourning and of course this week will be dominated by tributes and remembrances to former president george h.w. bush. flags here in washington at the capitol and at the white house and across the nation flying at half-staff this morning in his honor. >> right now mr. bush's casket is at a funeral home in houston and overnight his spokesman shared this touching photo, the 41st president's service dog sully lying next to his flag-draped coffin in houston. the caption there, mission complete. >> so this will be a week of
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honoring the former president. we will walk you through what is planned. the former president will be flown to washington today and will lie in state at the u.s. capitol, after two days of public viewing a funeral service will be held on wednesday at the national cathedral here in washington before the president makes that final trip home to houston. he will lie in repose there, followed by a private service by the family on thursday, and he will be laid to rest at his presidential library in college station, texas. we have complete coverage for you, celebrating the president's remarkable life with members of his family and of course a man who knew him very well, former vice president dick cheney is right here with me. we will talk to him just ahead. but first let's get to craig melvin, he is in houston to get us started. craig, good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning to you. roughly 90 minutes from now president george h.w. bush, his remains will be taken from this funeral home, this is a live look at the funeral home roughly
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15 minutes from where i am right now, he will be taken from there to ellington field and that is where air force one is right now, waiting for the president's body to take him one time time back to washington, d.c. he was, of course, born in massachusetts, the son of a u.s. senator, but after college and war he followed the oil and came here in the '50s when the bushes finally left washington there was little question where he and his wife would live. this city, of course, they loved them so much here, this morning houston and the world are remembering president bush. this morning a man whose entire life was defined by service, from the theater of war to the halls of congress all the way to the white house, he is now being honored by the country he loved so deeply. >> he lived a long life and he accomplished a lot of great things. it's kind of an end of an era.
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>> tributes pouring in for former president george herbert walker bush. overnight a star-studded standing ovation at the kennedy centers celebration. >> i think it's important to the passing of a wonderful man who graciously attended this event many times during his administrati administration. >> in his summer home the president's absence profoundly felt. >> the former president and mrs. bush always had just a really remarkable presence in the community. >> mourners leaving socks among the flags and flowers, a nod to bush's long time love of the crazy and colorful footwear. >> our country lost an american hero. >> in his adopted hometown of houston, a moment of silence sunday before the texans game. and memorials at his statue overlooking the city's skyline, and near his home. >> it's very sad. he was a great man and we loved him. >> the former president's
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service dog, sully, still by his side, sleeping next to his flag-draped casket, bush's spokesman posting the photo with the caption mission complete. air force one touched down in houston sunday, president trump ordering the presidential plane to carry mr. bush on his final flight back to washington where he will lie in state in the capitol rotunda later today. it will be the start of four days of solemn and celebratory events to honor a humble hero who slipped away surrounded by friends and family. >> i said, tell katie we say hi. >> bush now reunited with loved ones lost, barbara, his wife of 73 years, and daughter robin who died of leukemia at age 3. >> we all know he is in a better place, we know he is with our aunt robin, we know he is with gany. he's good. >> some of the president's close personal friends, james baker was also by his side during his final moments as he said his last words.
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said to his son, george w. bush. >> he said, i love you, because 43 had called in to tell his father good-bye and tell him how much he loved him. >> former colleagues reflecting on the last president of the greatest generation. >> i'm always asked which job i liked best out of the ones i had and i always cite that period of secretary of defense for george bush. >> everything he thought of, everything he did in public life, was always directed at helping the american people. he was a patriot, he demonstrated that in war, he demonstrated that in peace. >> the man who spoke so eloquent by of 1,000 points of light now being remembered as a shining example for all americans, a president, a patriot and a humble servant of our nation. by the way, air force one is going to be called special air mission 41 as it transports the former president to and from washington. vice president pence will also
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be delivering a few remarks this afternoon. >> craig, leading us off in houston. we're joined by former president dick cheney who served as defense secretary under president bush. president, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> you must be flooded with so many memories as we look back at the life of former president bush. what do you think the world loses when it loses a leader like him? >> well, he was -- showed up at very important points in the last 70-year history of the united states from his service in world war ii. i can remember the first time i met him, he was a second-term congressman from texas, and i was a new staffer on the hill for another member, but we had a meeting in congressman bush's office about a project that they were working on, i can remember going back, i had been very impressed with his presence and he just sort of dominated the room. i went back and looked up his background when i got back to the office. >> you thought he might be a rising star? >> well, he was, and everybody believed that.
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he of course went on to great things and i was a beneficiary of being asked to help on some of those and so it marks certainly one of the highlights of my career. >> some people say it's the end of an era in some ways. what singular quality do you think he possessed? >> well, he had this amazing ability to sort of for the personal touch. you might get a note from him on something you had done. i remember 2004 election night, we are upstairs in the residence at the white house and this is when president bush 43 and i were running for reelection and lynn and i were there with the bushes, big crowd, but we had our granddaughter there, oldest granddaughter, she was about seven years old at the time and the president walked over to her and said, you are the youngest person here, i'm the oldest, let's chat. he sat down and spent a long time talking with the youngest person in the room at that time. she's never forgotten it obviously, she has a picture of
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it and everything else. but he had that people touch, i guess, if you want to put it that way. there was no gesture that was too small or insignificant in terms of what he was willing to do to make people feel comfortable, to help when he could help. he just was one of the most thoughtful people i ever knew. >> he did not like that word legacy, the "l" word, i don't think his son likes it too much, either. >> right. si fuese fácil, no lo haría el periods of time when there's stuff you're doing that's controversial. if it's easy to do it's not going to end up on his desk, but i think his experience and that of a lot of us in public life
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find that over time the record is better explained, you see the consequences of those actions, you can't know the first day you leave office what that legacy is going to be like. think of harry truman, for example, not a very popular president, but obviously one who did great things in terms of what happened afterwards, the cold war. so it's not an unreasonable thing to do, i think it's also reinforced by the notion that he retained from his mother about not bragging about his own accomplishments and that's pretty rare for a politician. >> i don't think she wanted had i'm to even use the words "i am." the great "i am" she called it. did you stay in touch with him in later years? we all know he had choice words about you in the biography that was written about him, said you had gotten kind of hard line in those later years. >> well, the allegation was that between my time working for him as secretary of defense and my time as vice president working for his son that i had become a
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hard ass, i believe was the phrase that he used, and it's true. i mean, partly because what happened was 9/11 and on 9/11 we lost 3,000 americans, more than we lost at pearl harbor. given my view of the world and where we were at that time, i was much more of a hard case in that period. interesting after he had -- was quoted saying i had gone over to the dark side, not that way, but basically i was a hard case, i got a note from him and a written note saying, dear, dick, i did it, and then apologizing and saying nice things about me. that year when we held the annual alpha alpha dinner in washington i was invited by him to sit next to him at the head table. that sort of patched up any wounds that were there. >> i'm sure that means a lot, especially now. >> oh, yeah. >> former vice president dick cheney, thank you for being here and sharing your memories, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, savannah. >> thank you. before his death three former presidents include of course his own son spoke with
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"60 minutes" about the president's life and his impact on our country and the world. >> first of all, being the child of a president is unpleasant. i mean, you watch somebody you love get lampooned or made fun of or harshly criticized. it hurts. so by the time i became president it didn't hurt nearly as much it turns out. i think he's going to go down as the greatest one-term president ever. >> what people don't appreciate fully, even within his own party, is the degree to which he had to land the plane when the berlin wall comes down. you have chaos, potentially, in the former soviet union and russia and uncertainty in europe. all those things could have gone hay ware at any point and the restraint, the caution, the lack of spiking the football that
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they showed was, i think, an enormous achievement. >> it's been one of the great joyce of my life, my friendship with him. don't let the critics discourage you or push you off course. you will be our president when you read this note. i wish you well, i wish your family well. your success now is our country's success. i'm rooting hard for you. good luck. this letter is a statement of who he is. that's why he's a world class human being in my book. >> he was a good reminder that as fiercely as we may fight on policy and on issues, that ultimately we're americans first. >> the mission was not george h.w. bush, the mission was how do we serve the united states. people if they analyze not only his accomplishments, but his character, they will say, job well done, george h.w. bush. >> well, we are going to have a lot more on president bush throughout this morning, including a really special
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tribute from his granddaughter jenna, including some jefr before seen family videos, it's a really touching tribute, do you not want to miss it. nbc news and msnbc will have special coverage of the event celebrating the life of former president bush all week long. for now, though, hoda, i will send it back to you in new york. >> i have willie here alongside me while you are there and craig is in houston. and this morning hundreds have been arrested. lucy cav that you have is in paris for us this morning. what's the latest there. >> reporter: hoda, good morning, we are in the heart of paris and you can see the daniel around my. the arc dee triumph vandalized, at least 133 people injured in paris alone, more than 400 arrests and a protest movement
7:16 am
that shows no signs of backing down. this morning the city of lights is a city on edge. the economic pain and anger long felt outside paris turned its wealthiest neighborhoods into a weekend war zone. france hasn't seen turmoil on this scale in decades. thousands of deck straighters clad in yellow vests clashed with police for the third straight weekend. what began as a peaceful protest over rising fuel prices is now a movement fueled by rage. anger stoked by spiraling taxes, crumbling services and a president demonstrators say is out of touch with the working class. the politicians, the rich, they live on another planet this man says. they don't know poverty and misery. rushing back from the g20 to assess the damage, french
7:17 am
president emanuel macron holding an urgent security meeting vowing in a statement those responsible for the violence will pay a price. but protesters say they will remain in the streets until their voices and demands are heard. french president emanuel macron says this fuel tax hike is needed to combat global warming. his government will try negotiating with representatives of this yellow vest movement later today, but if talks fail, guys, as it has in previous weeks, expect more protests and more violence this saturday. hoda, willie, back to you. >> lucy, thank you. let's bring in al for a first check of our weather. good morning, al. >> we have a lot going on this morning. over the weekend at least 20 tornadoes through much of the midwest including illinois. taylorville illinois where the hospital was damaged, big, big problems. we have a lot of flooding going on now in the southeast. we've got flood watches stretching all the way from
7:18 am
florida into parts of georgia with strong storms coming across, bringing anywhere from another two to three inches of rain. here we go, a coast to coast storm coming on shore now. it moves on shore tomorrow throughout california, heavy rain along the coast, wednesday it makes its way into southern california with gusty winds, strong downpours, then thursday it moves toward the rockies and that's going to bring snow across the west. rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches, possible debris flows over the burn scar areas, the second part of the storm moves into the south on friday. torrential rain in texas, a wintry mix up to the north from amarillo into oklahoma city. saturday it moves into southeast, but cold air in place in the north brings in snow and ice along the northern edge of this storm. take a look at this, we've got heavy rain throughout from houston into jacksonville and parts of the southeast, but heavy snow from oklahoma to the western mountains of west virginia and virginia. so this is going to be a paralyzing system and then toward the weekend it makes its way into the northeast. we will have details on that
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coming up as well. in the next 30 seconds we are going to get to your local forecast. ♪ oh look, we got more photos! that's help at a glance with google home hub. ♪ good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a clear sunrise now as we take a live look outside in san jose. we will start to see more clouds moving in as we head into the upper 50s this afternoon and rain will be here tomorrow, starting out early in the morning and then continuing
7:20 am
throughout the day. rain gradual tapers off on wednesday. next half hour big cold snap coming, we will tell you about that. >> al, thanks joe coming up, the uplifting festival that brought together big stars overnight including beyoncé and jay-z to honor nelson mandella. savannah. and more on the passing of president george h.w. bush including an inside look at his final moments from his beloved granddaughter who was right by his side. first this is "today" on nbc.
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a live look at the funeral home in houston texas .. where the casket holding president bush very good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. we have a live look at the funeral home in houston, texas, where the casket holding president bush now sits. in about an hour his body should be taken to ellington field outside of houston where air force one will take him one final time to washington where the president will lie in state at the capital. following a funeral service on wednesday at the national cathedral, he will be brought back to texas for a final burial. nbc news plans to go live in about an hour to bring you this morning's processional. meantime, very cold start in the bay area. let's check in with kari. >> christmas in the park in downtown san jose or any point
7:27 am
today, you'll have nice weather for it. temperatures start out in the mid 40s. we reach about 57 degrees for the middle of the afternoon. then we'll be tracking rain set to move in for the early morning hours all across the bay area and continued throughout the day, getting heavier. it gradually tapers off wednesday as we reach 56 degrees. we'll have slightly warmer temperatures for the end of the week as our skies clear, overlooking upper 50s and low 60s from san francisco to the inland areas. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. >> kari, overall volume continues lighter overall. walnut creek area showing the slowing here on the right side of your screen. 680 off walnut creek in 24. west 80 a little recovery. this crash blocks one part of the lane at the herk lease exit, enough to kick off slowing at the carquenas bridge. recovering for south 80.
7:28 am
there's a live shot showing you the sun in their eyes. >> another update in half an hour.
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♪ 7:30 now on this monday morning, december 3, 2018, and you are looking at the u.s. capitol where president george h.w. bush will lie in state in the rotunda later today. savannah is in washington this morning. good morning, savannah. >> good morning to both of you and just ahead, we'll speak to two granddaughters of president bush, one of whom was in the room when we passed. and he'll share something special. we are honored to have jenna bush's loving tribute to her grandfather, including never-before-seen moments. >> we look forward to that, but let's begin with a check of today's other headlines.
7:31 am
breaking news this morning. one child was killed. more than 40 others hurt after a charter bus carrying a youth football team crashed and overturned in arkansas just outside of little rock. the bus was off interstate 30 traveling from dallas, texas to memphis, tennessee. many were rushed to the hospital. there is no worden what may have caused that crash. kareem hunt is speaking out for the first time since a video surfaced showing him shoving and kicking a woman. hunt sat down for an interview with espn's lisa salters on sunday. he apologized for the altercation which was caught by a security camera in february. hunt said the video was tough to watch and that he is not that type of person. >> honestly, i just want to let the world know, you know, how sorry i am for my actions and, you know, it's been a tough time for me, and i'm extremely embarrassed because of that video. >> the chiefs released hunt last week saying he lied when asked about the altercation earlier
7:32 am
this year. all right. next time a cashier asks you if you want fries with that, tell them yeah, but only six because that's the ideal serving size. a professor calls french fries starch bombs and it says they lack the nutrients and that people should track how they feel after consuming fries and that may lead to healthier habits. >> if you are going to go, just go all the way in. either have them or don't. i go for the xl. >> i'm with you. >> let's go back to savannah. hey. as the world begins saying good-bye to george h.w. bush, our thoughts are of course, with his family, and over the years, jenna's reports on her grandfather and interviews here have provided an inside look. this morning, jenna is sharing her farewell tributeer farewell
7:33 am
her beloved grandfather. ♪ >> as the summer finishes out and the seas get a little higher, the winds a little colder, i'll be making some notes, writing it down, lest i forget. >> reporter: my grandfather wrote letters all his life, to his children, his wife, friends and even political rivals. he often wrote about love and family. for me, his words have always been a precious gift, all the more so now. it's my turn to write a love letter to my gampy. >> he showed you and me how to love. he showed you and me the importance of humility. >> he thought it was very amusing to make people laugh and to come out in some goofy hat. he loved that. he loved being funny. >> i'm sure that every one of his grandchildren thinks he loves them the most. he makes every person feel so
7:34 am
special. >> reporter: my grandfather always said his greatest gift was his family. he was bliessed with six children, 17 grandchildren and great grandchildren, too. whatever demands were placed on him in his professional life, and there were many, we all knew we could count on him. he made each of us feel adored. always, he was our rock. >> a lot of the special times are around the dinner table, the laughs around the table, and that's how he grew up, with everybody at the table and everyone talking and everyone laughing during those meals. they were so much fun. >> reporter: and by his side, devoted for more than 70 years, was my grandmother. through times of triumph, and times of loss. their engagement at my grandfather's beloved walker's point, was a cherished tale. ganny told us about a time when
7:35 am
you brought her here and you got her engaged. do you remember that at all? >> no. >> you don't remember at all? you were about to go to war and you introduced her to your whole family. >> she was a beautiful girl, ganny. >> reporter: she was 19. do you remember that at all? >> i don't remember the timeframe. but i remember coming to maine. she claims we got engaged there. >> reporter: did you ask her or did she ask you? >> i think she asked me. >> reporter: did she really? i like that. she was very assertive. >> still is. >> reporter: so, you -- and what did your family think about her? can you remember? >> they liked her. >> reporter: that didn't sound that enthusiastic. >> what more do you want me to say? they liked her a lot. put it that way. >> reporter: as they grow older together, my grandfather said every night, he would still reach for my grandmother's hand, just to know she was there.
7:36 am
do you think about what life will be like without him? >> i'm not going to be without him. i can't imagine life without him. >> reporter: given the gift of time, so rare and so precious, my family has been able to reflect on what he meant to us. getting him to reflect has never been easy. but sometimes on the back porch with his beloved kennebunkport, with a view that meant so much to him for his childhood, i talked to my grandfather about his life. you're not scared about debt att all. do you think about it? i do. i wonder what it's like. >> reporter: and there's people in heaven you want to see? >> definitely. i can't quite sort out in my mind how we're going to find them. >> reporter: who do you want to see first? >> barbara, go with her first. my mom and my father. and robin, our little girl that died. >> reporter: what do you want your legacy to be? >> i want somebody else to
7:37 am
define the legacy. i've banned the use of the "l" word, the legacy word. i think history will point out the things i did wrong and perhaps some of the things we did right. >> reporter: i'll treasure the special days like this one, spent with my grandfather in kennebunkport, when my mila got to spend time with gampy. >> hold your head up high. >> reporter: when you see a baby just starting their life, like that one -- >> hello. >> reporter: -- what would you say are the most important things you've learned over your life? i know that's a pretty big question. >> be true to yourself. to thine own self be true. >> reporter: my children will always know how special my grandfather was to us because we will never let them forget. and they will cherish, too, all
7:38 am
those letters, their great grandfather in his own words. >> remember the old song, i'll be there ready when you are? well, i'll be there, ready when you are, because there's so much excitement ahead, so many grandkids to watch grow. and if you need me, i'm here, devotedly, dad. >> well, we certainly know that president bush was a beautiful writer, a beautiful writer of letters. and jenna clearly has that quality and so many other lovely qualities of her grandfather. >> just when you thought you knew and loved everything about him, jenna tells you even more. that was so beautiful. >> i like to believe that reunion he was fantasizing about is happening right now as we speak. >> i did an event at his library at the request of barbara bush. and i got a thank you letter from president bush that said, you made my bride extremely happy.
7:39 am
and for that, i'm forever grateful. >> wow. >> i thought, wow, that says it all. >> we're hearing so many -- just ordinary courtesies that people have been holding in their hearts and letters stored away and treasured all these years. there's so much to remember fondly. i wanted to mention that i'm going to sit down with jenna and her sister, bash remarrbarbarba tomorrow. it will be their first interview since their beloved gampy's passing. i'll sends it back to you guys. al, let's turn and get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what's going on. we have cold air coming in. this is a big expanse of canadian air that's going to literally go coast-to-coast. the jet stream to the south and the last day of warmth along the eastern seaboard. temperatures will be 5 to 15 degrees above average, from new york all the way down to wilmington. but pittsburgh, nashville, memphis, cincinnati, all below average. and tomorrow, from san francisco to washington, d.c., down to
7:40 am
mobile, and up to chicago, everybody below average temperatures. later in the week, it will be 39 in new york city. it will be temperatures, highs will be 5 to 20 degrees below average. chicago, 33 on thursday, 32 in kansas city, 42 on friday in nashvi good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's mostly cloudy as we take a live look outside in san francisco. no rain. we'll see showers holding off until tomorrow morning. now as you get ready to step out, it is cool with some upper 30s and low 40s and then some upper 40s in san francisco. as we go into the afternoon, we'll see a few peeks of sunshine. showers early tomorrow morning and getting heavier as we go throughout the day and then tapering off throughout the day on wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. still ahead, the manhunt to
7:41 am
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this morning on "in-depth today," a big event that brought together some of the world's biggest stars. >> this was really cool. the 2018 global citizen festival, an all-star concert, led by beyonce, aired on msnbc. it was in south africa on what would have been nelson mandela's 100th birthday. kelly cobiella has the details. good morning. >> reporter: willie, hoda, good morning. just an incredible lineup of a-listers to celebrate nelson mandela at this global citizen festival in south africa. and this concert really was a stunner. it included a jaw-dropping performance by beyonce and jay-z. >> global citizens, we love you. and we're here to celebrate you and celebrate nelson mandela.
7:47 am
everybody, everything is love. >> reporter: global superstars -- ♪ get it out get it out >> reporter: -- and epic duets. beyonce, joined by a long list of stars for the global citizen festival. in the audience, 90,000 captivated fans and not one of them bought a ticket. they earned their spot by doing good deeds, part of global citizen's efforts to help end poverty by 2030. usher got them dancing. pharrell made them "happy." alongside cold play's chris martin. and ed sheeran had them singing along. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ >> reporter: and in the middle of it all, a twitter pledge from canada's prime minister, justin trudeau. $50 million from his country toward the cause. >> wow. $50 million.
7:48 am
i would have taken $200,000. thank you, justin trudeau. >> reporter: the memory and legacy of nelson mandela, front and center throughout the festival. oprah winfrey to honor the late president, who ended apartheid. >> he demanded respect. he modeled integrity. he brought joy and hope to every life he touched. >> reporter: a stirring tribute. ♪ halo >> reporter: and an emotional finale. had them in tears. such an emotional performance. beyonce paid tribute to africa in another way, guys, in the five incredible costumes. one of them was this amazing beaded number, beaded, floral cape, bodysuit. boots, all with 54 countries of africa included in the costume.
7:49 am
>> i was just about to ask you about her outfits. now, totally explained. can you imagine that night? >> kelly, you describe beyonce's performance as jaw-dropping. we were wondering if there is another kind of beyonce performance. they're all kind of jaw-dropping. global citizen does a great job. dr. oz and what you need to change right now that could be a simple fix for your aching back. first, these messages. simple fir julie means more to me than anything. simple fir and i wanted to ask you before i ask her. may i have your permission, to marry her? you're not just marrying her. you're marrying her whole world. shop neil lane diamond engagement rings... kay. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth.
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7:53 am
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♪ ♪ 'cause you've found what you've been dreaming of ♪ ♪ yeah you know that this is really love ♪ good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. clouds are moving in as we look outside san francisco. chilly, especially in the north bay. upper 30s in some of our areas but also a lot of 40s on the map as you go through the east bay and south bay. 57 degrees today with a few peeks of sunshine and then the rain arrives tomorrow, starting out early in the morning,
7:57 am
becoming widespread as we go throughout date and we'll see the rain gradually tapering off on wednesday. by thursday, we're seeing some drier conditions and temperatures in the upper 50s and then by the start of the weekend looks like the best day will be on saturday before the rain returns on sunday. san francisco looking at more of the same. not a wide range in these temperatures from the coastal areas to the inland valleys. so a lot of 50s here as we go throughout the workweek. we'll be up to 60 degrees by friday and saturday. i'll continue to track the incoming rain. a look at the roads now. >> looking great. it's slow but moving. no incidents there where the arrow is. dumbarton. south bay, north street at hamilton a crash and quick traffic break. this should clear quickly but right now it is slow. you see caution down here southbound in the the middle of
7:58 am
the screen. stick around. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. happening now president george h.w. bush making one final journey to our nation's capital. live look, the procession slowly bringing the president's casket to ellington field outside of houston. he will be taken to the nation's capital where his body will lie in state for two days. a live look at ellington air force base where air force one awaits. national cathedral, thursday, the president will be buried back in texas. nbc news plans to cover this morning's sendoff in half an hour. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless.
7:59 am
like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, remembering george h.w. bush. it's 8:00 on today. coming up, remembering george h.w. bush. our grandfather belonged to us but also the world. the family pours in as the country comes together to mourn the loss of an extraordinary man. >> he lived a long life and accomplished a lot of great things. it's kind of the end of an era. plus, a one-man circus. how a wrong turn got the attention of the police and the world. >> for them, that was the biggest thing that could have happened to them at that moment.
8:01 am
and all hail hootie. >> when was the last time all four of you were on campus together? >> 1995? >> craig heads back to where it all began for hootie and the blowfish. >> this is the bar where i learned how to go to a bar. >> as the iconic band joins us live with a huge announcement you will not want to miss today, monday, december 3rd, 2018. ♪ we're jump ropers from mason, ohio. it's her birthday. >> shout-out to her friends at iowa. >> from florida. >> for grandma's birthday. ♪ >> it's mom's 60th birthday. >> from the lone star state, first trip to new york. >> today is piya's 15th birthday.
8:02 am
>> and welcome back to a split edition of "today" on this monday morning. willie is with us here in this studio 1a. savannah is down in washington, d.c. good morning, savannah. >> hi, guys. good morning again. i have quite the picture to show you this morning. take a look at this. this is ellington field in houston. that's "air force one" with the sun coming up. today will be known as air mission 41 as it transports the 41st president from houston. i want to get right to craig melvin with this morning's details and tributes. good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning to you. roughly 30 minutes from now, the body of president george h.w. bush will be leaving this funeral home. this is the george lewis and son's funeral home in about 15 to 20 minutes. it will be taken to the tarmac
8:03 am
at ellington field. that is "air force one" ordered here by president trump to take president bush to washington for one final time. a growing memorial to the late president here, the man who adopted houston as his hometown. the man passed away on friday night. we were told his last words to his son george w. bush was, "i love you too." it was here in texas when the president launched his business back in the '50s and his political career. the nation will fittingly begin four days of events to honor a humble hero, president george h.w. bush taking his file trip today, again, on air force one. he's going lie in state at the u.s. capitol building before the state.
8:04 am
president trump's wife melania will attend it. then he will come back to be buried at his presidential plot at his library. he will be reunited with his wife barbara bush of 73 years and their 3-year-old daughter robin whoa passed away from leukemia. i want to share this moving photo that was tweeted out last night. this was the picture that was posted by jim mcgrath, a long-time spokesperson for the president. it shows sully, h.w.'s vet dog lying in front of the owner's casket with the caption, "mission complete." the trade truce with china is already having a positive impact. he and the chinese president agreed to a cease-fire. china has also agree to resume buying some american farm
8:05 am
products. the ugs will postpone a plan to hike tariffs on $200 billion of chinese goods at the end of this month. meantime a marriage proposal took an awkward and unfortunate turn in times square this weekend when a tourist couple lost their engagement ring. nbc's stephanie gosk tells us how it all worked out. >> reporter: call it a modern cinderella story with an "only in new york" twist. john just proposed to daniella anthony in central park, but as the couple was heading out to celebrate, her engagement ring slipped off her finger into a sidewalk a great out of reach. as the bride-to-be sobbed, passersby stopped to help. special officers opened up the grade to look for the wayward wedding ring. >> there was a lot of muck and typical things you would find at
8:06 am
the bottom of the sewer a great, but fortunately it was sitting on top. >> reporter: there was only one big catch. john and daniella did not file a police report thinking it would not be found. the nypd put out a twitter sejd out this sweet apb, wanted, and for a fairy-tale ending call 1-800-877-tips. thanks to thousands of tweets, the lovebirds were located already back in england. it's jeff incredible the groom told "the new york times." that would never happen anywhere else in the world. >> we help anywhere we can, whether it's something that seems as small as this for us, for them, that was the biggest thank could have happened to them. >> case closed, the didn't tweeted. love john, daniella, and the nypd.
8:07 am
for "today," stephanie gosk, "today," new york. >> they got the ring and now a story for a lifetime. they'll be telling their kids that for generations. a little time for your morning boost. a fedex driver said he was doing what he thought was right. he saw a flagpole knocked ore in the wind in the front yard. so first he stops his truck and as a veteran of the u.s. marine corps, he can't bear to see the flag on the ground. he lifted the pole up, the flag, gently folds the stars and stripes with dignity and respect in a proper respect, military way, and placed it on the chair. >> well done, sir. a lot ahead this morning. dr. koz and a culprit of your back pain and you can do something for it today. but first, members of president bush's family is giving them a better sense of their final days. we'll talk with hthem coming up after this.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
♪ ♪ ♪ we're back at 8:12 with much more as the nation pauses this week to remember the life of president george h.w. bushe. savannah is spending the next few days in washington. hey, savannah. >> the president's body will be flown here today and will lie in state ahead of a funeral service at the national cathedral on wednesday. as tributes are pouring in, members of his family are giving us a better sense of his final days. it was a peaceful ending to a remarkable life. >> he looked at me.
8:13 am
he said, where are we going? and i said, we're going to heaven, jeffe. and he said, that's where i want to go. >> reporter: president bush's former secretary of state and long-time friend, james baker, was by his side for his final moments. telling "the new york times," this was the most competitive man i ever knew my entire life. he demonstrated that right until the very end. he competed with death. he kept saying, it was time to go but kept coming back. >> as dad was going through the final stages of the transition, almost every grandkid -- and there's 17 grandkids -- had a chance to either, in person, or by phone, weigh in and express their love for this great man. >> reporter: george bush's son, neil, was also in the room for his father's final moments. >> it was a beautiful moment to see him. and he didn't suffer. he was in the loving embrace of family. it was a prayerful, incredible
8:14 am
time to be able to share at the end of this incredible life. >> reporter: earlier in the week, a visit from another former president. >> i had the pleasure of visiting my buddy, 41, briefly this afternoon. >> reporter: president obama heaping praise on president bush tuesday, giving no public indication of his friend's waning health. >> the work that president george h.w. bush did, with jim at his side, was as important and as deft and as effective, a set of foreign policy initiat e initiatives as we saw in recent years. >> reporter: by the end of the week, bush's health had deteriorated quickly. family members, including granddaughter, marcia bush, was called to be by his side.
8:15 am
>> i said, tell ganny we said hi. >> and he heard you. >> i hope so. ♪ silent night >> reporter: so there on friday, ronan tynan, the irish tenor, who sang "silent night." jim bakker said, believe it or not, the president was mouthing the words. >> they got 43 on the phone. >> reporter: his final words were to his first-born son, george w. bush, who called in to speak to his father one final time. >> 43 said, i love you, dad. and i'll see you in heaven. and 41 said, i love you, too. and those were the last words that he ever spoke. >> we're joined by two of the president's grandchildren, marshal and ashley bush. cousins. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> you're so bright and shiny this morning. i know your hearts are heavy, as well ashg
8:16 am
well, as you think about the life of your dear, dear grandfather. how are you doing this morning? >> i'm good. i think that i was lucky enough to be there when he passed. so, i have a lot of closure, which is great. i know he's back with our grandmother and with our aunt robin. i'm happy he's happy. >> of course, it's an inevitable thing. he lived a long and wonderful life. i get choked up or we get choked up talking about a memory. it's still difficult to grieve. we're celebrating his life this week. >> there's so much to celebrate about his life. marshal, you mentioned, you were there, you were in the room as he passed, which i imagine was such a profound experience and a real privilege. can you share what those moments were like?
8:17 am
>> it was incredibly peaceful and sweet. a bunch of family and family friends were there. everyone was touching him and holding him. we just wanted to make sure that he knew that we loved him as much as he loved us. making sure he wasn't alone and he was comforted. you know. it was beautiful. >> it sounds like he was sur rounded by love. and it sounds like he surrounded his kids and grandkids all his life. ashley, what are the memories coming to mind in the last few days. >> the more recent memories stick in my head more. i spent thanksgiving with him holding his hand and singing hymns. he was singing at the table. my most recent memories are cuddling up in bed next to him and feeling his love until the very end. >> marshal, i think you were 2 years old when your father was in the white house.
8:18 am
you have a lot of memories of bag little girl and the time he made for you. >> he liked having family around, all the time. it was great that i was a ten-minute drive from the white house growing up. i got to spend a ton of time there. a ton of time with graampy and ganny, which was amazing. i also loved dogs and we had a bond and connection over that. that was sort of our thing, which was awesome. >> one of the things that your cousin, jenna, has told me over the years, is how much robin, their daughter that they lost when she was 3 years old to cancer, how much robin was in their hearts every day. when you think about them being reunited and getting to hold her again, what comes to mind? >> just love, i guess. you know?
8:19 am
>> with ganny, as well. >> his favorite thing was to be with ganny and to hug. and to make sure he knew how much he loved you. i think we're very happy that she, now, is getting to experience that. she did not for a long time. she was only 4 when she passed away and she got to experience what we got to experience for 94 years. >> marshal and ashley, he was a wonderful man. and it's nice to talk to you and get your reflections. thank you for spending time with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> as you can see, there's some sadness and a lot of joy in celebration of a life very well-lived, guys. >> isn't that what you want at the end, to have your kids and grandkids speaking about you the way everyone is speaking about him. savannah, thank you. we're going to switch gears and go to mr. roker and a check of the weather. >> a lot going on
8:20 am
coast-to-coast. let's start in florida, where they've been having heavy rain. some areas with nine inches of rain pushing through. we have flash flood watches right now the panhandle of florida, into southern georgia, for another few inches of rain. out west, we have another storm system that's going to be coming in. this one is going to be a coast-to-coaster, another one like we had last week. we're going to look for the rain pushing in. tomorrow, the storms move onshore. heavy rain from northern california to central california, as we move into wednesday. that rain moves into southern california with downpours, gusty winds and possible flooding. thursday, it heads east towards texas, bringing snow across the rockies. we're looking at rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 3 inches, from monterey down to san diego. we have to worry about burn scar debris that's what's going and around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll have dry weather today. good day for christmas in the park in san jose. let's head to south san jose,
8:21 am
partly cloudy throughout the day and highs only reaching 57 degree. cool day. we'll see the rain first thing in the morning tomorrow. working its way across the bay area with a high of 55 degrees. rain will taper off gradually on wednesday and the rest of the week is sunny until sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. willie? >> thank you very much. let's turn to our special series, "ditch the pain today." we're dealing with something so many of us deal with, back pain. >> are you waking up and feel kind of sore? do you have a nagging pain and it can't go away? it may be your posture. right, sheinelle jones? >> wait until you see this report. if you're like me, at your desk, in your car, on your couch, you're slouching, twisting, harming your spine. i looked at one fitness regimen looking to change that, and it already has me standing a little taller. your posture can be problematic. don't believe me?
8:22 am
looked our studio during commercial breaks. all of that hunching and slouching compresses the spine. experts say it can lead to serious back pain. >> bad paosture is one of the reasons people come into my office. they don't say they have bad posture, they have back pain. >> reporter: more people than ever are turning to fitness to combat back pain. >> you have to make sure the entire body stays strong. >> reporter: like foundation training, a series of exercises and stretches designed to open and lengthen the body. >> pull the chin back and pull the shoulders wide. >> reporter: it's something you can practice at home, or at yoga studios, like at hot yoga in philadelphia. >> we're stuck on the computer, we're stuck on the steering wheel, and most of all, this thing. we live in this little space of four inches where we're forward, rounded, and our shoulders are hunched forward.
8:23 am
it tightens up the middle back. and often times the mid back doesn't feel it, but the neck, the low back, our hips don't work as well because we're sitting all the time. >> reporter: and the cause and the cure can happen in more good morning, everyone. we're coming on the air to begin our live coverage to cover the death of george h.w. bush who died at age 94. he's making the journey accompanied by the extended bush family. you're looking at the procession making its why down southeast houston to ellington field where he'll fly aboard the "air force one" jet to washington, d.c.
8:24 am
on hand, his son george w. bush. this was the departure from the funeral home just a little less than an hour ago. the former president will be flown from there aboard the plane to washington, d.c. he'll lie instate at the capitol rotunda. it happened last 12 years ago with the passing of gerald ford, and the death of president bush is a political current moment. political come men tatder chuck todd is along with us along with john meachem, who's the author of "destiny of american power." political analyst angela card and chief of staff george w. bush. he served seven presidents including ronald reagan, vice president, but it was richard
8:25 am
nixon who played a big part in jump starting his national career, naming him united nations ambassador after a failed senator bid in 1970. our tom brokaw joins us this morning from the knicnixon libr. any minute we're expecting the hearse carrying the president. set the scene for us. >> reporter: good morning. the aircraft behind me typically known as "air force one" known as air mission 41. his casket is expected to arrive on the tarmac in a few minutes. the honor guard is ready to play "hail to the chief" as well as the 21-salute. also attending is george w. bush and the first lady and others.
8:26 am
we'll head back to washington for several events. later in the week he returns to texas. he was not just a statesman and politician but a father and neighbor, a pillar of the community. he and his family came here decades ago, built so much here, and he'll be taken to his final resting place on the ground of the presidential library in college station nchl the next few minutes we're expecting his casket to arrive and a send-off of the 41st president. lester? >> thank you. we're told ten minutes before the arrival of the motorcade. let's bring on the panel. john meachem, let's start with you. kerry sanders was talking to people who were standing out there. they said, this is our neighbor. talk about the connection of this president and his family. >> george herbert walker bush,
8:27 am
we wouldn't be sitting here if he followed the conventional path. he went to war, came back to attend yale in 1948. that summer instead goichk of g wall street, he went to procter & gamble. he could have become an investment banker, but he wanted to go into the oil business. he said quite honestly they wanted to make a lot of money quick. he went to odessa, texas. mrs. bush's mother thought it was so far from the destination, she sent boxes of soap. they moved to midland and in 1959 mr. bush moved to houston, wanted to go into the offshore business. really that was the year his daughter dora was born. houston became home for them for the next 60 years.
8:28 am
people joked he was there only for tax purposes. he ended up in maine. he had no intention of going anywhere except back to texas in 1993. >> last time he was seen in public was election day with his neighbors casting his ballot. >> he was -- what's so funny about being with him in houston is you'd go to the barbecue place, the restaurants that were all in strip malls and people would bring out every course. they knew exactly what he wanted depending on the relative scale of the evening or lunch. they would bring him a martini or beer. he loved it. it's where he became friends with james baker and so many people. never won a statewide race until he ran for president in 1988. but he did represent the 7th district of houston. >> there's a picture at the polling place with his service dog sully with him. chuck, we're supposed to start three days of intense mourning.
8:29 am
obviously it started saturday. as we look at this president, are we also looking at this through a nostalgic eye, not only nostalgic, but the way politics used to run in this town? >> i think in fairness, we always do this with a presidential funeral. we don't it very often. it's the one moment we're not a democracy. we do preet the president as a member of the monarch of sorts. we have this moment. i think we use this moment to assess where we are in the american story, where we are in this moment, where did the president fit into it, how did the president tribute to it. i do think it's more cute right now because of the current state we are with this president and the fact that you have -- it's such a stark contrast between the two men as we're talking about george h.w. bush and the person he is and the character he is. obviously you can't help but compare it to the current president we have, and they're just two radically different people. completely different.
8:30 am
i don't think this is the time to get too deep into the trump comparisons per se, but i do think because this is -- i think it's okay as a moment as americans if we lift up in this moment and have this conversation because, again, this is what we do when presidents do. >> let me bring in andy carr here. if you look at the accomplishments of this one-term president, the star treaty, the success, the panama connection, the fall of communism. if you look at that, you may say, how come he only served one term. >> he did looked at it that way. >> jim baker said that, yeah. >> look. president george h.w. bush, i think, was an amazingly successful president if you look at foreign policy. yes, that's easy. but even domestic policy. that's quite significant because he didn't have a republican house or republican senate, and
8:31 am
he still got huge support for some very, very significant domestic issues. the civil rights act of 1993 -- '92. you had the americans' disability act which changed the world. the clean air act. he gave us -- violating a campaign promise, he produced a budget deal, a spending deal that brought discipline to congress rather than just impose discipline on the executive branch, and it created surpluses for the first time for many, many, many years. gave us so much in education, in health care, in child care. people don't pay attention to that because of the work he did to prevent the cold war from being a hot war. >> this is why it's such an important week, andy, because you point it out. i do think americans need to learn that george h.w. bush got punished for compromise. he was a one-term president
8:32 am
because he chose to work across the aisle, he chose to break the campaign promise. let's be realistic. it's the most famous campaign break ever. it set america on a course for better fors who. >> he didn't stumble in breaking his promise. he kind of knew it. >> he acknowledged it. >> he acknowledged doing the right snie right thing. >> let me fwlibring in tom brok. what stands out you in terms of remembrances? >> i think these cases are about the majesty and complexities of the politics. i'm surprised all my pals around the table didn't mention any singular presence who kept him from getting the presidency, and that was ross perrault. that hurt the president terribly when he was running for
8:33 am
re-election against bill clinton. i'm at his historical library. i must tell you, they've done a remarkable job of showing both the accomplishments and dark side of that president. george bush was his ambassador to china, he was also the chair of the republican national committee, and when the tapes came out showing nixon in his darkest moments, george bush was appalled by what he read. but when he became president and dedicateded this library, he came back and paid high praise to the president. we have a photoi think, of them all standing on the lawn, including ronald reagan, and he talked about richard nixon's influence on creating a republican party in texas, and george bush went to congress as a result of nixon's attention to that state. so once again we have the complexities of american presidential politics, the bright side and the very dark side as well, and you have the
8:34 am
apotheosis of this library, celebrating the richard nixon as president of the united states in 1968 50 years ago this november. so stop and think about it. we're always a dynamic society. there are so many parts that play in our american politics, and not all of them always fit together neatly and gave us the kind of mosaic we would like to have. so despite -- i know that george bush had real reservations about this president, but he did give high price to him -- praise to him. >> i want to bring in anita who served mrs. laura bush. thank you for being with us. this family has been through an enormous -- it's been an enormous year for them. how have they dealt with this? >> i think you have two colleagues around the table who know very well, too, john meachem and andy carr, one of
8:35 am
the closest people to the family. i'm honored to be with them today and mr. brokaw too. you know, the reflections, i think, for all of us in theese past seven months have been very deep and such a reminder how lucky and privileged all of us were to be a part of their lives. this was a beautiful family and a beautiful man, and barbara bush was a beautiful woman. and they gave us such example of courage, pate trotdism, love of country, friends, family, all the good things in life that all of us would want, and i think they're all heartened and encouraged by the wonderful and well deserved tributes and recognition of george and barbara bush and the legacy of service that they have had not only to their local community,
8:36 am
but to the country and to the world. and i think it's just such an honor and privilege to have even a few moments to share that on behalf of myself, my own family, are the trajectory of my life and my husband's life as andy knows because he was there through a lot of it with us, in great part due to the bushes and particularly to george bush. so on behalf of so many of the thousands of people and former staff members who worked for president bush and were part of this wonderful time that he served the country, we are all, you know, feeling the loss, but also so proud of the tributes that he is getting now because they're so well deserved. >> well, anita, we appreciate being a part of the panel a, an
8:37 am
we'll include you in the discussion. we want to share with you the procession, the motorcade carrying the body of george h.w. bush. there's the airplane carrying him to washington. if it looks familiar, yes, it's part of the "air force one" fleet, however, it is not carrying a sitting president. so it will be noted as sam special 41. sam mission will be the call sign. but that plane, this version of "air force one," president george h.w. bush was the first president to fly aboard that -- what was then a new fleet of "air force one" aircraft that will soon -- >> you know, lester, it's worth pointing out that in many ways george h.w. bush planted the republican seed in texas. it's the heart and soul of the republican party. it was thomas doey, was new
8:38 am
england, the upper crust, right, new england pa trigs party, and george h.w. bush was the first immigrant if you will from new england to the sun belt and lo and behold, look at the party today. >> that's one of the marvelous things about his life. in many ways the government has been funded by a conversation. even president obama governed under that. then george h.w. bush and his son's story is both a mirror and a -- they were both a mirror and maker of that political journey. senator prescott bush from new england, very much a republican, george h.w. bush goes to texas, he was the first sane seed of texas politics. >> i said seed. don't forget seeds get wild. >> there was one republican congressman.
8:39 am
the one way bush came into this story was to drive the john burch society, an extremist cold war that they thought that george marshall and dwight eisenhower were big conspirators. >> they were a bigger problem in dallas rather than houston back in the day. >> george h.w. bush, his first job was chairman of the republican party. he ran in '64 and then was in the house from '66 to '70, but he was, i think -- in fact, one quick story about tim mcbride, anita's wonderful husband, who was the body mar for george h.w. bush for a long time. to give you a sense of the man's innate courtesy, the day he was inaugurated as president of the united states, he decided not to wear a top coat. tim mcbride said do you want me
8:40 am
to get your coat. he said no. reagan was all bundled up. so bush turned to tim and said, where's my top coat. he said, you told me not to bring it. he said i can't show him up as an old guy. so he walked over wearing tim mcbride's koetds. >> you're seeing in the distance there what appears to be the arrival on the base itself the motorcade. there will be an official ceremony. you're going hear precision military a lot over the next 72 hours because this is essentially military operation in terms of the timing, in terms of the ceremony you're about to see before the casket is put aboard. >> this is planned in years of advance. >> all 30 years. >> how long have you been involved?
8:41 am
>> it's a sensitive issue. >> this is literally from when he was still president they talked about his funeral. >> they call it the book. >> did you go over it with other presidents? >> it's very common. i remember when i was chief of staff to george w. bush when president reagan died, the president was in power, and nigh the book. >> the book. >> i knew the book, what had to happen. >> in president reagan's case, he outlived all of his pallbearers. >> i want to go to peter alexander. peter with some news. what have you got? >> reporter: we've just heard from the president of the united states who had clashes with the bush family, in particular jeb bush. just moments ago as we watch the motorcade, we heard from the president on twitter, of course, saying looking forward to being with the bush family to pay my respects to president george h.w. bush.
8:42 am
we know at 5:00 this evening the vice president mike pence will deliver remarks when the former president 4rks1 lie instate at capitol. there's a plan for the president to arrive and the two families may visit before the funeral. back to you. >> peter alexander at the white house. thank you very much. as the hearse comes into view, the motorcade onto the field, this, by the way, ellington field, is home of the texas guard that president george h.w. bush belonged to when he served in the military and there was a texas national guard. he flew out of this very base. the ceremony will be fairly brief compared to what is planned for later in the week. there will be an official departure ceremony. we don't believe any remarks, but we will see the family.
8:43 am
a good number of family will be boarding the air force trip to washington, d.c., and then we will see another ceremony and a procession when they arrive in washington this afternoon and the former president is taken to the capitol to lie instatement l ful -- instate. let me go back to tom brokaw as we make our way to the aircraft. tom, any other thoughts? >> by the way, it was president ford, not president nixon that put him in the embassy in china. but his involvement in the republican party created a great dividend to this country. he persuaded his tennis partner jim maker to leave the party and become republican. he's high le regarded as the gold standard in all the jobs he had, and on his final day, jeb bush was at his side three different times.
8:44 am
it was a relationship and partnership i was able to see three times up close, and baker told the story on his selfie. he said, look, i don't think we should be doing it this way. he turned and look at him and said, remind me, am i the president and you're the adviser? i'll make the decision. john meachem knows very well they were at ease with each other, but the sum of their parts was greater than the individual parts, i think it's fair to say. >> you north korknow, it made m. look, there was always this competition between reagan and bush. but let's be realistic. bush wouldn't have been bush without reagan, but reagan wouldn't have been reagan without bush and baker. >> there are a lot of different points that could have gone differently.
8:45 am
one was in 1960 when texas billionaires came to bush and wanted him to leave the republican party and run as a democrat. that's one that didn't happen. and jim baker desperately trying to get a very competitive george herbert walker bush to drop out of the 1980 presidential race before bush wanted to because he knew that the reagans needed to see that bush could be a team player, and both president bush, h.w. bush and 43 have said to me that neither one of them would have been president had ronald reagan not made that call on the wednesday night of the convention to put bush on the ticket. >> the president's hearse has now arrived at the aircraft. anita, let me bring you in here as we await the family to be escorted alongside the casket. >> well, this is a day clearly the most poignant for all of us
8:46 am
to be actually seeing this. you know, there have been a lot of emotional moments just in different pictures and things that have been released. >> we'll watch here now. >> yeah. >> as this ceremony begins. >> sure.
8:47 am
>> forward, march. halt.
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♪ we just saw president george w. bush and his siblings and family board the air force aircraft, the vip aircraft that will be taken president george h.w. bush to washington, d.c.let it's notable this is the third time that the body of an american president has been flown from texas to washington.
8:57 am
president kennedy, of course, in '63, president johnson in '73, and now the 41st president of the united states. as we noted, a simple departure ceremony, the family boarding through the passenger door to greet the body of george h.w. bush as it is placed onboard the aircraft. as we noted, this is part of the fleet normally used as "air force one," in this case sam 41 as it's called, assigned to a special air mission as one of the two aircraft in this fleet is dedicated to this mission. >> john, you were talking about a piece of music we're going to be hearing a lot that we heard there. we're probably going hear this quite a bit, aren't we? >> it's "eternal father, strong to save." it's the official hymn of the united states navy, a favorite of franklin roosevelts, patrick kennedy. you couldn't walk down the street in washington without hearing for those in peril on
8:58 am
the sea. it's a remarkable piece of music. it was the president's favorite. it's a prayer really. of course, he was in peril on the sea, and i think i've heard him hum it. one -- two people's names he would want us to say quickly are the two men who died in the mission on saturday, september 2nd of 1944. dell da laney and ted white. the president thought about them every day during three quarters of a century and he would want them to be celebrated as well. >> the bush family have seen the passing of their father and mother over the past seven months. i was thinking of george w. bush as he boarded the aircraft, how much did he rely on his dad in terms of advice and guidance?
8:59 am
>> emotionally, a great deal in te --. in terms of pragmatic counsel, not at all. he did ask about the iraq war. he told him at christmas at camp david in 2002, he put it, if the man won't comply, you've got to do what you've got to do. but president bush, interestingly, the senior president bush as he said to president clinton, he wasn't one to give advice. i think part of it was -- chuck covers these folks all the time. part of it was having been a president and a candidate and a president and vice president, he had spent decades being offered unsolicited advice. you know what i mean? you've got do this. you through the library at college station, it's endless letters. spiro agnew in the 1980s.
9:00 am
president nixon couldn't stop writing letters. i think part of it was out of deep respect to the office. 41 would not offer a nod unless asked. 43 would occasionally ask. he asked bob 43 would occasionally asked. he asked about bob gates becoming secretary of defense. he wanted jim baker at that period when donald rumsfeld left. he wanted baker to do the triple crown being state treasury and defense and he called his dad to ask about that. more conversations than we know or appreciate. but there was never a moment and president bush used to talk about this. they never sat around and talked about at walker's point and the old man said this is what you have to do about medicare. the family dynamic was different. >> let me bring in, what is the political dynasty, if you will. is it something they talked about as a family or unfold on ow


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