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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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washington dc. it is 2am on the e right now on nbc bay area news, we have live pictures from washington, d.c. it is 2:00 a.m. on the east coast, and thousands of people as you can see here continue to pour through the capitol rotunda to honor a president and patriot, george h.w. bush. >> we also saw an unannounced visit by president trump and the first lady, paying their respects t they stoodid draped casket. >> mr. bush not only being remembered for his public service but the love he had for
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his family. ian cole has the details of this four-day period for the entire country. >> reporter: the call topil rota will be open, and tonight, lawmakers are honoring the former president. tonight, president trump and the first lady visit the casket of former president bush. mr. trump standing in silence, before saluting. thousands more lining up outside tonight for the pubc viewing that will continue for his funeral wednesday. it begins a week devoted to bush's legacy. this morning, the bush family flying with the le president for the last time. then at the capitol, dignitaries, family and friends honoring his service. as a fighter pilot shot down during world war ii, a congressman, ambassador, director of the cia, vice president, then president.
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>> we thank you for sharing this special man. with our nation and the world. ♪ >> in consequential times, george herbert walker bush demonstrated the finest qualities of our nation and of humankind. >> reporter: here in bay area, his former shawn walsh remembers the president for his civility, diplomacy, and his heart. >> i get mare yesterday, i get a hand written note from he and mrs. bush congratulating us on our marriage. every time a child was born, i got a note talking about our relationship and how blessed we were to be -- knowing me, the president was blessed to know me and thankful for me being a staff person and conveying that to my kids. >> and walsh will attend the second private funeral thursday in houston. former president bush will be laid to rest on the gds
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his presidential university. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. this will be an emotional and powerful week for so many americans. another live look at the capitol rotunda. this is the first president to pass away in 12 years. president ford died in 2006. we'll have extensive coverage throughout the week on air and our website. and on our facebook and twitter pages. back here at home, get ready for more rain. you can see new storm is forming on the screen. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. i know you've been watching the lay c radar closely. when will we see the new wave of rain? >> we're dry here from the south bay up to the north bay, as we get a wider expansive look at this. this storm system is different from all the other storms most recently. it's just offshore by 50 to 100 miles but will take the path down the coastline. not the best for getting
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widespread, non-stop heavy rainfall but it's going to get us the chance. so 5:00 a.m., mainly cloud cover, a chance here of spotty showers. but the heaviest rain still well out here in the pacific. once we hit 9:30, it moves a little closer and then by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, we'll start to see some areas of rain move in. we'll show you when the heaviest would get here tomorrow, coming up. >> thank you, jeff. following developing news right now in the north bay. a violent crime in san a parked car. police say that car was parked on canal street near the water. witnesses told police they saw a man running shooting around 6:0. the area was placed on as police you can see some of the crews and canines there. the suspect is still on the loose. on the run for 24 hours, a woman side stepped police and
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escaped custody. police say she was being evaluated at the hospital last night after a domestic disturbance. investigators learned that there was a warrant out for her arrest out of los angeles. but the woman took off before they could book her. police are looking for her. they say they don't at this point consider her dangerous. you might remember this, the chaos at cal last year. a milomilo yianlopolis was supposed to speak. the effects of that night are still beingt on campus, what is free speech and what is security? a has been settled out of court. cheryl >> reporter: both sides are making strong arguments about what they view as a victory
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tonight. some say it's all about politics when it should be be about free speech. >> i think it makes everything more transparent. >> reporter: transparency is what the berkeley college republicans say they wanted and say this settlement is helping them achieve that. they felt their group walls treated unfairly when they tried to bring conservative speakers to campus last year. >> they're no longer placing time and place restrictions on events we want to have. that's a huge win for us. >> reporter: when milo was scheduled to speak, violence broke out and the event was cancelled because of security concerns. that prompted other speakers to cancel, as well. ultimately, the berge republicans and the young america's foundation sued the school, claiming its free speech was violated. >> things that we wanted we h d achieved. we got rid of the security fees, and now they have a security fee schedule. >> there have been claims made
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that we were imposing security fees on student groups, when they want to bring s done that. >> reporter: uc berkeley denies any discrimination took place. under the terms of the settlement, the school will pay the foundation $70,000 in attorney's fees and change its events policy. >> these change also have no impact how we support our student organizations to bring speakers of their choice. >> this isn't just a win for republicans or a conservative group on campus, it's a win for every student group. >> reporter: at uc berkeley, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. two years after the ghost ship fire in oakland, a newly retired judge h trial. the judge will handle the case on special assignment. the two each face 36 counts of
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invol lun tauntary manslaughter face life in prison if convicted. tonight, the butte county sheriff announced just 11 people remain unaccounted for after the devastating camp fire. >> i think that's a remarkable number at this point, given all the work that's gone into it. >> we've also learned through dna analysis that the death toll has been revised. it's gone down from 88 to 85. later this week, more neighborhoodreopen areas of pair kradis paradise. right escort to take care of any critical needs they have. it's back to school in december. hundreds of students who lost their homes in that fire weretot it's not the same classroom. here's jodi hernandez.
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>> it's great to be back at school. >> reporter: that's how 6-year-old macy and her brother are feeling about returning to school. the ratliff children lost their house and pets in the camp fire. getting back to something normal is a relief. >> it mea a friends, and i have missed them since this fire has happened. >> i can't believe our town is gone, but so glad that the school has opened up and did what they had to do to get the kids back. >> reporter: paradise elementary is being housed in oroville. paradise high have one up drop-in centers at the chico mall. kids are getting donated chrome books to do independent study until the district finds a more permanent hp make them whole more than anything else that will happen in their life. a third grader needs their mother and friends.
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so they have to have their high school where their peers are. >> reporter: students say the last three weeks have been really tough. but getting back to a routine feels good. e> it's raeally nice to teachers, and just get together and just kind of get your life situat situated. >> reporter: you're looking at all the posters and positive messages put up here for the kids today. children say this is one of the best days they have had since this fire started. of the 900 or so students at paradise high school, 550 showed up here today. in chico, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> good thing they have each other. up next, information of 100 million users stolen. the latest company to be at the center of a major data breach. some comments from michelle obama. what the former first lady said
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about cheryl sandberg's lean-in philosophy. our storm is just offshore. we'll have details on how much we'll get with this, plus the f.
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you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. just one more way we go beyond at&t. righw,le internet and add voice for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. just into our newsroom, some notable news. a mountain view based company has been hacked. as many as 100 million users may be impacted here. cora sent out a memo saying data.s gained access to cori says the breach was the result of unauthorized access by a malicious third party. steps are being taken to better secure the site. new at 11:00 tonight, what happened to kelly jean popleton. 35 years later, detectives are still working to solve a cold case. the 14-year-old was found dead on the side of the road in
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december of 1983. witnesses saw a black point yak trans am near the crime scene. she was last seen in free lamont on the corner of darwin drive and fremont boulevard. if you remember or heard anything, investigators say they would like to hear from you. because of staffing issues, the san jose police department ku9 its street crimes unit years ago. that unit focused on robberies and drugs. now it's back up and running. since being revived almost a 66 arrests. neighbors say it's a welcome relief. really glad that the police are coming out here and starting to cleane'rehi going t you're going to meet the street crimes it sgeant. in san francisco now, who is setting fires in the marina district? that's what investigators want to know. and neighbors, as well.
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someone started three small fires between 1:00 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. this morning at moscone park. thankfully, no one was hurt and no one has been caught. a big decision tomorrow in san jose that involves google. some people are against it, and they gave up food to prove it. nearly $10 billion an acre for public land around the station, which will make room for more business and housing. city council will decide whether it's a go, but homeless advocates say no. they say some of that public land would be better used to take care of the homeless. in college and homeless, a study shows thousands of state san jose university students don't have a steady place to live. students gear up for the finals, there's an estimated 4300 of them focused on a more pressing
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need, a place to sleep. 13.2% of students reported experiencing homelessness during the past year. that's 1 in every 8 students. >> i have seen a lot of students that sleep in their cars. i also have friends that sleep in the library. >> the university is addressing the problem with the one-stop it plans to open a food pantry in the student union, as well. but the homeless alliance wants the university to offer parking spots for homeless students to park overnight and 12 dorm beds available for students. right now it's currently just two. did she lean too far? former first lady michelle obama took some people by surprise on her book tour, speaking about work/life balance by taking a swipe at facebook exec cheryl sandberg. >> reporter: the event billed itself as an intimate
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conversation with michelle obama. what the crowd got was the former first lady unfiltered. according to multiple people, obama had this to say about marriage. that whole so you can have it al at the same time. that's a lie. and it's not always enough to lean in, because that doesn't work all the time. then laughter reportedly erupted in the arena. [ inaudible ] >> -- so then it's time to go to marriage counseling. >> reporter: obama seemingly taking swipe a the book "lean in." women work and the will to leave. >> we don't sit at the table or gh. >> reporter: sandberg's book was a best seller, and so is michelle her memoir "becoming" leapt to the top of the best seller list for 2018. her book tour events have been packed. the first lady sometimes
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dropping the first lady formalts. >> one of the keys to a successful marriage is separate bathrooms. >> reporter: that sense of humor was on display saturday night, punctuating her straight talk with an unexpected expletive. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> i'll agree with the bathroom. >> there's going to be a trend away -- >> when are you leaving? >> jeff ranieri is here to talk about our rain a few hours away now. >> it is. this storm does not look as big as the storms from last week, but keep that umbrella handy. let's take you into our forecast. i want to give you this broad perspective just so you what's happening and why. we have our storm system just offshore, but this is different than all the other storms we had last week.
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it's taking the unusual storm path moving off to the south. that's why we're not going to see non-stop rainfall for 2 1/2 days. it will spiral in some wet weather tuesday and wednesday's forecast. right now, storm ranger, mobile doppler radar, dry here in the east bay and north bay. by tomorrow morning, we have added back in some showers chances to the bay area. it's going to be cold here with 40s from the south bay to the tri-valley. not heavy rainfall but the chance of scattered, spotty shower activity, even for san francisco and the north bay. let's get a closer view of all this on the future cast. it's that hour by hourlan out y. 5:00 in the morning, getting up early. it's the cloud cover dealing with and the chance of a few showers. heaviest rainfall is in the pacific.9:30 in the it's again because the storm is bay area. coastline. it's going to have a harder time pushing that wet weather to us. once we hit the afternoon, it looks good to get moderate rain
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and heavier pockets indicated pi the yellow. that would be for the north bay sown to the south bay. the best chance of rainfall tomorrow will likely come into the evening. it should push up more rainfall for us, from 7:30 to about 11:3e tenth of an inch, and you can see some bay. higher elevations, closer to half inch there. so what i've done on my forecast, rain chancese like always. i've highlighted how much rainfall we could get out of this storm. you'll see for wednesday, we'll keep that wet weather possibility with a tenth to half an inch. thursday, from 7:00 a.m. right into the noon hour, starting to dry out, we'll get a break on friday, as well. also into saturday and here we go again. another chance of possibly wet
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weather once we hit sunday night. continuing into next monday with a quart tore three quarters of an inch. a little rainfall coming in, we get a break and then a new system. temps in the 50s in san francisco. also, more 50s next couple of days here across the interior valleys with the same rain forecast. heading up to the sierra, we will get stop snowfall. a snow level that could drop to about 3,000 feet. we'r lther two topeaks, could tff. it standsuth bay. the mission tonight to save the dancing pig. and we have jimmy. guys, may guest tonight. and l.t. fisher. music from hooty and the blowfish. it's a great show. stay tuned. happening now, a sea lion is back in the bay this evening after it wandered onto shore in berkeley. east bay police say the sea lion wandered onto land and got stuck in the grass.
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the officers gave the animal a hand and loaded it on a rescue truck. after a checkup, it was put back into the bay. back in a moment. ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people...
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25-hundred union workers have agr biggest hotel strike in more than a decade is over. 2500 union workers have agreed to return to the job on wednesday. marriott and its union workers were in high spirits when they gathered this morning to learn about the tentative agreement. the four-year deal includes a little more than a dollar an hour wage increase for the first year, and health care benefits that, for now, will keep pace with premiums. marriott issued a statement this afternoon saying it looks forward to welcoming its
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associates back to work. apple is saying thank you to veterans with a new online store, offering a 10% discount. apple offered veteran discounts in stores in the past, but this is the first time it created an online store. the company says we're proud to offer active military and iore. an expression of our gratitude for their grave service. san jose's mission to save a pig has reachedts the neon pig that's danced on that sign for decades outside steven's meat products near the shark tank. the city's preservation action council raised more than d 35,000 to restore the sign, but it needs more money for a main nanls fund for the pig and other historic signs. that sign disappeared last month. we have to get that back. up next, steph curry's dad
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makes an appearance at the game tonight.
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well, let's face it, the road hasn't been that kind to the warriors this season. they've lost six straight away
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from home. >> a lot of injury. there's a good way to snap that losing streak, invite your parents to the game. the warriors in atlanta. hello to the curry family. right there is dell curry watching his son, there is mom, too, soniacurry. third quarter, the three-point. he had 30 points on the night. a few minutes late. the steal here, ahead to jordan bell. the warriors cruise to a much-needed win, 128-111. the giants are getting ready for an active off-season reshaping their entire roster. tonight, they reportedly finalized a deal with j.p. rashardi to become a senior adviser in the front office. he worked for the a's before going to the blue and monday night football, in philadelphia, the eagles hosting washington. the eagles are the defending
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super bowl champs and they need a win tonight and get it. carson wentz, the touchdown pass to jordan matthews. the eagles win 28-13. >> back with more in a moment. vg drinks. i dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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drinks. firefighters in palo alto are helpin finally tonight, from saving lives to serving drinks, firefighters in palo alto are helping out one tab at a time. tonight, they tended bar at old benefits bar. campele fire. if you missed it, don't worry, they'll be bar the next two mondays in a row from 6:00 to 10:00. >> that means we need to go to the old pro. >> that's our best spot on the peninsula. >> i've got to try it out. >> how are we looking tomorrow morning? >> cloud cover, a chance of spotty showers. better bet of moderate rain, maybe a few heavier pockets tomorrow afternoon and evening. we'll see that system linger wednesday, and drying out thursday, friday, and saturday. another possibility sunday eving into next monday. we get the spacing, and avoid flooding issues, and we get that rainfall that we need.
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as we get a look at the sierra, i think we have some time about. a couple of inches the next couple of. >> tnks 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. drive safe. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- margot robbie,


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