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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 4, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the 4:00 to 5:00 hour and then later on tonight. we'll talk about how much rain we can expect coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have a closer look at the bay bridge backup? we told you about the crash, that the car was slowly making its way off the harrison off ramp there in san francisco. and we saw all this stack up here, the red lights, bralights across the bridge. from treasure island towards san francisco, traffic is flowing smoothly and we're starting to see it recover. it's rippling back. that first car goes, but it takes a while before your car gets to go and you tap the steering wheel or mumble something or other. we'll have some folks mumbling right here over oakland towards the city. that's only the delay. we zoom out and the rest is construction. it's clearing, guys, back to you. thank you, mike. >> happening now reflecting on
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the extraordinary life of former president george h.w. bush. president bush passed away friday night at the age of 94. today thousands are expected at the u.s. capitol to pay their respects as his body lies in state in the rotunda. >> president bush's body went up the capitol steps one last time yesterday. he launched the first gulf war. wednesday is being declared a national day of mourning for the war hero turned statesman and world leader. due to the national day of mourning, mail will not be delivered tomorrow. and the u.s. stock exchange will also be closed. traci potts is live on capitol hill with how many are remembering bush's legacy. good morning. >> reporter: overnight there was a steady stream of people who were filing bay to pay their respects. the bush family, which we saw at
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the ceremony today, will be meeting privately with president trump today. ushered in with a 21 gun salute, president george h.w. bush ascended the capitol steps one last time. he'll lie in state under the rotunda today. the son who followed in his footsteps struggled to maintain composure as washington's elite reflected on his father's service and his impact. >> all his years in public service were characterized by kindness, modesty, and patriotism. >> reporter: today's leaders barely able to vote when president bush was in office, shaped by his challenges and his achievements. >> he was the first president i had a chance to vote for. he was the first president to teach me and many of us that in a democracy, sometimes you fall short in that how you handle
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that, that is just as important as how you win. >> he kept us flying high and challenged us to fly higher still. >> reporter: president and mrs. trump paid their respects last night. they will attend tomorrow's state funeral at the national cathedr cathedral. wednesday, declared a national day of mourning for the war hero turned statesman and world leader. tomorrow's going to be a very big day here in washington. thousands of people are expected, invited guests for that event. and then after the state funeral, his remains will be sent back to texas for a private burial, a private ceremony happening there. he will be buried at the bush presidential library next to his wife, barbara, who passed away earlier this year and their daughter, robin. back to you. >> finally reunited once again. thank you very much. we have much more on the life and legacy of former president h.w. bush on our home
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page, you can also watch all of yesterday's very moving tributes and ceremonies there as well. 5:03 right now. and a solution for a leaning troubled tower, i'm talking about the millennument tower. here's the details, pete? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. according to this new report, the solution would cost roughly about $100 million and it would take about 18 months to fix the problems we've covered extensively here on nbc bay area when it comes to the millenelin
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tower. the proposal is calling on a shoring up of the san francisco building, the 58 story building. they want to drill into the bed rock to shift the building's weight to fix the problem. the purpose would be to relieve the stress on the soils underneath the building that's causing it to settle. the goal is to get a review on this so they can start work in late winter or early spring. as i mentioned our investigative unit has covered this story extensively over the past couple of years. we're live here in san francisco, for "today in the bay." >> people are hoping for a solution there, pete. thank you. it's 5:05 right now. we have a follow-up to an unusual dui arrest on the peninsula that made news coast to coast. we covered it assist developed here on "today in the bay." police officers had to stop a tesla they believe was on autopilot on highway 101 with the driver seemingly asleep at the wheel. investigators have not been able to confirm the autopilot feature was engaged. scanner traffic indicates they briefly considered using spike
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strips to stop the car. the plan never materialized. >> city unit is behind a vehicle that's in autopilot. it's a tesla that returns clear. >> we're going to go ahead and 22. looks like they were able to stop the vehicle. >> one officer ended up using his patrol car to get in front of the tesla and slow it down seven miles south from where they first tried to pull the car over. the chp says they're now trying to make a standard response plan for similar scenarios in the future. north of the bay area in bute county, tonight state and federal agencies plan to give updates on recovery efforts following the deadly camp fire. two different community meetings are being held in orville and paradise. the fire burned more than 153,000 acres last night and destroyed 14,000 homes. 11 people remain unaccounted for and through dna analysis, the death toll has been revised from
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88 down to 85. later this week, more neighborhoods should reopen to evacuees. santa clara firefighters union and rock bottom brewery are joining forces to help those fire victims. this morning, they'll work together to brew a batch of resilient bute county proud ipa. 100% of those proceeds will be donated to the camp fire relief fund. more information where you can actually buy the beer just ahead. go over to our website, it's 5:07 right now. san francisco airport leaders plan to get feedback on their plan to change rules critics say target taxi drivers. in october, the airport commission approved free speech rules. it limits the area where taxi drivers can hand out leaflets. members cited safety concerns in making the changes. taxi drivers are asking the
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commission to rescind the new rule and are still considering legal action. and right now as we approach 5:08 we're starting out with cloudy skies, but so far no rain. as we get a look at storm ran r ranger, you can see the scan coming from the san bruno mountains. things are looking good this morning. all dry, but you still need the rain gear if you'll be gone for most of the day. we'll start to see the showers moving into the coastal areas right at about noon and becoming more widespread. by 3:00 we've got a good coverage across the bay area and we'll see more of the rain moving through as we go into this evening. still, some times of heavy downpours, even as we go into tonight and starting out the day tomorrow. several days of wet weather on the way and we'll talk about how much we can expect out of the
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system. mike has an early look at the commute. our indexes show a damp roadway there south of discovery bay. right now we have green censors, so that's most of your commute. recovery getting towards treasure island area. the censors slow a little slowing, they have to average out those speeds. there's a tiny bit of lag. we're looking at speeds better than those colors might indicate. and we have cleared all lines south 101, so traffic is flowing down towards university on the bay shore freeway. back to you. it's 5:09. coming up this morning, when st stanford hopes to power the community on renewable injury. take a look at this wedding
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video going viral. do you see it? if you don't, we'll point it out coming up next. the chinese researcher who shocked the world is missing this morning. a free slice of cheesecake for you and everyone. still ahead at 5:25, how you can score a free slice of heaven from the cheesecake factory this week.
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right now at 5:12 as we head to south san jose, we'll see some mostly cloudy skies, a cool
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start, some upper 40s as you get ready to head out the door. then we'll start to see some of that rain coming down right at about 1:00 this afternoon. as we take a look at storm ranger, everything is clear for now. we'll time it out for your microclimate coming up in less than five minutes. looks like the overnight lane closures have cleared. we'll show you a smoother drive for most of your bay and then some changes. and a very good morning, happy tuesday, happy hanukkah as well. we're gold to talk about yield curves. let's start with something simple. no markets tomorrow because of the national day of mourning. congress has postponed testimony from google's ceo. he was supposed to talk to the house judiciary tomorrow. he missed a previous opportunity to testify in the fall. google leaders realized they should not have missed that hearing. here was the scene back in
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september. >> i deeply disappointed that google chose not to send its own top corporate leadership. >> twitter and facebook's ceos did show up. the yield curve is flattening. i know you haven't had your second cup of coffee, but let's talk about the yield curve. when you lend the government money, the longer you let the government have it, the more money you expect in return. here's my graph. if you invest in a three year note, you don't expect much interest, but a 30 year note you can expect a lot of interests. this makes sense, right? when the yield curve flattens, you're not making that much more money. why do we care about this? it's often a sign that recession is possible. the chinese scientist who claimed he edited the genes in two embryos is missing.
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some presume he's been arrested by chinese authorities. he horrified fellow researchers with this claim. he used technology that was developed here in northern california. it's never been used on babies before. babies were born healthy as best we understand. there are dozens of ethical problems here. he's missing. it's not clear if he's violated chinese law but we'll continue to follow this. >> he said he took out a gene to prevent hiv. >> the father had hiv and there was this plan -- one of the problems with editing genes in babies is babies eventually will have their own babies. >> of course. >> when you edit genes in people who are done having children, those genes will never be passed on. babies they will. >> interesting. thank you very much. quarter after 5:00.
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quora was hacked. hackers gained access to users' data. an investigation is underway. the company is saying it's working on securing that site. quora says it will impact all impacted users. stanford is taking a huge step towards running on 100% renewable energy. the universities is launching a second solar generating plant outside of fresno, which will be up and running in three years. stanford already has a solar plant in southern california and on campus rooftops. how does the technology work? stanford says there won't be a direct line from the remote installation to the campus, instead it's going to inject clean energy into the state's power grid equivalent to the energy the campus uses. "today in the bay" isn't the only place you can find energy. a lot of energy on the football field these days. check out this post touchdown
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celebration. the worm! golden tate busted that worm. i used to love doing that dance right there. all right. >> really? >> yeah, it was fun. the eagles beat the washington redskins 28-13. come a little closer here. notice anything odd in this wedding picture in australia? take a hard look. do you see what i see? there's an alligator lurking in the back photo bombing the happy couple. do you see it there? >> look at that. >> it's kind of frightening. >> it is. >> he didn't attack anyone. probably saying what's going on? i don't know how they would not -- well, you know what, no i do know how they wouldn't notice that. look at the way they're looking at each other. >> so in love. >> do you feel like someone is watching us? >> the alligator looks like he's smiling. i don't know. >> oh, my goodness. >> that was not a bad story. >> no wedding pictures by the
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swamp, okay? >> probably a good idea. so we start out this morning, you need to make sure you have the umbrella. we'll see the showers moving in as we track it throughout the day. most will be during the afternoon hours, so we're starting out this morning, a live look outside in dublin where already a lot of people are up and out the door. let's head to the dublin b.a.r.t. station with our temperatures, it's cool, only at 46. it will be mostly cloudy. we'll see the temperatures holding steadily there. if you will be starting out, getting your hair together this morning, the frizz factor starts out low but then goes high. you do need some hairspray, maybe take it with you as that rain starts to move in or make sure you have a ponytail holder once the rain starts to come down. as of now as we check out our mobile doppler radar, everything is all clear. i wanted to show you the storm system that's basically swirling
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just offshore. we can see the clouds and even some light rain that's started to move across the region. we'll start to see some of the rain moving in, approaching the coast at noon. and then shortly thereafter, it makes its way inland with some pockets of heavy rain in time for the evening commute. it's going to be a soggy one, it may take you a little bit longer to get home as we're looking at scattered showers off and on, not only through this afternoon, but also during the overnight hours and then gradually tapering off tomorrow. still rain chances there throughout the day. we're looking at a possibility o of getting anywhere from a quarter to over a half inch of rain, maybe a little bit higher in some spots like the santa cruz mountains and the north bay hills as well. it will be a little bit closer to an inch. and our winds will be picking up as well, starting to increase for the afternoon. wind speeds at 20-25 miles per hour and maybe a little bit higher at times. we'll have to watch out for the potential of bringing down small
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tree limbs. as the rain pours, we'll see our rainfall totals at .25 to .50 and then drying out towards the end of the week as our temperatures make it into the low 60s. saturday still looking really nice and then another chance of rain in the forecast for sunday into monday. heading over to mike, so far things have been looking good. there was one incident over in san francisco and it rippled back with the slowdown all the way back to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have good recovery on the span, but because of the backup on the bridge and the timing, it's 5:20 now, but about 5:12 they turned on the metering lights about ten minutes early. that's resulting in some folks waiting longer than they would expect. i did want to point out, these flags over here have been at half-staff and that's in observance of president bush's passing. remember tomorrow to keep that in mind as well. we're looking towards the rest of the bay, no problems.
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only the backup right there at the berkeley curve and the approach towards the toll plaza, that will be unexpectedly slow out of berkeley and emeryville yesterday. we have slowing for 880 south past stevenson. overnight roadwork has your left lanes blocked. they are picking up those cones and that's why you're seeing slowing there. it will be just fine. east bay to the peninsula, no problems on the san mateo bridge. back to you. thanks, mike. coming up, thieves targeting more than a dozen cars in the south bay. what police say they had in common common. we're going to tell you how you can get a free slice of cheesecake this week. it's all coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 5:24. happening today, members of pittsburgh, pennsylvania's jewish community will hold an emotional hanukkah celebration. it follows five weeks of the rampage that rocked their community. southern california congressman, duncan hunter, and his wife will be headed to
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court. it's alleged they spent more than $150,000 of campaign funds. he just won reelection in the election. this just in, car break ins happened near mountain view high school. in all the cases the suspect targeted unlocked vehicles to steal items inside. officers remind you, lock your car and take your keys out of your car as well. take out your personal belongings, don't make it tempting for the thieves. today, a chance for you to spread a little joy this holiday season. >> the main post office in oakland is looking for volunteers to go through and respond to letters addressed to santa. this is because santa is so busy getting the toys ready for the christmas day delivery. so the post office is on seventh street and those interested in
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helping out santa can arrive at 10:00 this morning. everyone likes deals, here's one for you if you're looking to indulge before the holidays. the cheesecake factory is giving away 40,000 slices of cheesecake. you have to place an order through the doordash app or website and use the promo cold free slice. that give away starts tomorrow. >> isn't that oreo cheesecake? >> delicious. 5:26. coming up next, top stories we're following this tuesday morning, including the move to ban styrofoam containers. the impact the move could have on the erestaurant industry. google's expansion in mired in protest. we're talking -- taking you live to san jose coming up next. a live look at highway 101
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at this early hour. if you're headed up the peninsula, we're monitoring your morning commute across the bay area. kari hall has the timeline of when the next band of rain will move into the bay area. it's 6:27, you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5-30- maybe you )re among those counting the days until maybe you're among those counting the days until christmas. right now, the holiday spirit --
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take a look at this video here, this is certainly a beautiful sight there as we start out the morning, just beautiful. you can always see some decorations. >> i like all the lights. isn't it nice? we drive to work so early in the morning and it's nice to see. thank you for hanging lights and thank you for joining us this morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head over to kari hall. >> the rain is going to be lit up, a lot of green and red on the radar. we're looking at dry conditions as you get ready to head out the door this morning, but i wanted to show you where the rain is now as the storm system approaches. we'll start to see the rain moving in as we go into this afternoon, especially for much of the bay area. as we time it out, right at noon we're going to start to see a lot of those christmas colors popping up on the radar. at noon we'll see pretty good
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coverage heading into the early afternoon hours. be prepared for a slower evening commute. i'll have more on that timing coming up in a few minutes. mike is helping you get to work on time. you talked about the evening commute, we're in hanukkah right now, so there will be folks getting home for evening activities. keep in mind that may change the volume of traffic you're expectin expecting. we're in recovery mode, the early backup was caused by a crash in san francisco at the fremont exit. that rippled all the way back, berkeley curve in towards the metering lights. that's it. there's contracosta county. no problems, guys. 5:31 right now. in a few hours contracosta county will decide whether to ban styrofoam containers. >> reporter: if you look at the
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19 cities and towns here, ten have already enacted some sort of ban on styrofoam. cities and towns like walnut creek, richmond, lafayette, concord. what the county is proposing, and they'll be deciding on later this morning, is a ban on just styrofoam food and beverage containers, effective only in unincorporated parts of contra costa. businesses will be given a six month grace period. whatever containers they use to replace the styrofoam would have to be recycleable. styrene, the main component in styrofoam is a possible human carcinogen. now the california restaurant association opposes this proposed ban. according to the richmond
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standard, the association argued in a letter to the county that styrofoam containers keep foods fresh and safe for eating and that switching to other containers would eat into restaurant's already operating on razor thin margins. in addition, san francisco and over 100 other cities state-wide have enacted some sort of ban on styrofoam. "today in the bay." 5:33 for you right now and remembering a former leader of the free world. the life of former president george h.w. bush. president bush passed away friday night at the age of 94. today thousands are expected at the u.s. capitol to pay their respects as his body lies in state at the rotunda. >> president bush's body ascended the capitol steps one last time yesterday as he body was ushered in with a 21 gun
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salute. a former navy aviator, president bush died by family and friends like former secretary of state james backer aker and his wife,. president and mrs. trump paid their respects. tomorrow is being declared a national day of mourning. due to the national day of mourning, mail will not be delivered tomorrow. and in a rare move, the u.s. stock exchange will also be closed. meanwhile, president bush's faithful service dolg, sully is staying by his side. he'll be at the capitol later today. he escorted president bush's body to joint base andrews in maryland. before that he laid by president bush's flag draped coffin in texas. take a look at that image. the two-year-old labrador was matched with president bush this past summer, shortly after the
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passing of barbara bush. a presidential historian had this to say. >> i think that what we'll remember is that the former president took his leave of the world in the company of a faithful dog who will go on, as his master did, and continue to serve. >> sully will now have a new mission to serve wounded military service members. 5:35 right now. new this morning, authorities in marin are asking for your help. san rafael police say officers found a man shot and killed behind the wheel of a parked car. they made that discovery on canal street. witnesses said a man ran from the scene. two teenager are behind bars in connection to a homicide.
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it happened on fourth street and silver avenue. a 60-year-old man was shot and killed. investigators say he apparently went to north richmond for a drug transaction and was shot. both teams are being held at juvenile hall. 5:36 for you right now. today is the day that could begin the transformation of downtown san jose. the city council will vote to sell google $111 million worth of land for a massive development in downtown. we reported homeless and housing advocates worry about an impact just as sizable. chris sanchez is live in downtown san jose with more on this pivotal day. >> reporter: hi there, marcus. the city is expecting a lot of public comments for what is inocio innocuously called 4.1 on the agenda. it's a survey that we previously
5:37 am
reported, and the letters that were previously submitted are any indications, this has pretty broad support in the city of san jose. yesterday, though, a homeless advocacy group began a three day fast to urge the city to consider setting aside money for homeless programs and for permanent tent encampments. others counter allowing google to provide jobs to the city is a way to make it happen. >> the city that turns its back on people to chase after google dollars is just wrong. >> google being one of the bigger companies in the word, i think they're going to bring value to san jose. >> through the google partnership, 25% of new houser will be affordable. a new downtown fee and a community benefits package will provide more for affordable housing. i did post a link to the city documents in case you want a
5:38 am
little light reading with your coffee this morning. it's all there for you. if not, we break it down on you can find that there. we'll be here when this vote happens, as we've been previewing this for it seems like years. in san jose, "today in the bay." >> thanks, so much. right now we want to take a look at the morning commute. a lot of people are worried. >> we need housing, but we need more roads and parking, everything ripples around, right? over here so far, everyone is concerned about how they're going to get to work. in the south bay we have slowing north 101. it shows up right here. we saw this one vehicle, it looked like it was stalled out but i think someone hit their brakes a little too hard. this will stick around, even though it might be ten minutes before it smooths out. no crash as far as we can tell. we have a good flow on the rails. no delays on mass transit,
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that's great. those parking lots, they are crowded early. over by the b.a.r.t. station in dublin, traffic is flowing smoothly. >> all right. looking ahead over to the weekend there, it should be a nice weekend but we're going to get some rain before we get there. >> we'll see rain for today, and then again tomorrow. then for much of the weekend, it's going to be mostly clear, but there will be some rain we'll have to track. here's a look at storm ranger this morning as you get ready to head out. things are looking good now, but the rain is very close as we look at the storm system swirling offshore. we're going to see the scattered showers and then it lingers for tomorrow. thursday, friday, saturday looking good and then another storm system for the end of your weekend. but that's also when it will be time to settle down and start getting ready for work on monday. so if you're planning to head out of town, heavenly is going to be nice. the snow will be holding off and
5:40 am
it will be a great weekend to be there with highs near 40 degrees all weekend long. if you're heading down to paso robles it will be in the 60s. we'll talk about when the rain arrives in the south bay in about three minutes. 5:40 right now. coming up, brand-new data shows arrests in california at a historic low. but it also shows a disturbing trend. we sifted through a new report overnight. we'll break it down, what it means for you coming up next. we'll get important updates on the russia investigation coming out of washington. calling that man, how the caped crusader made one boy forget about his fight against cancer for a day. kari w
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right now at 5:43 as you get ready to head out, not raining now but you want to make sure you have the umbrella as we track our south bay temperature in san jose. we'll be at 50 at 6:00 and mostly cloudy skies heading into the upper 50s. we should see the rain moving in during the early afternoon hours. we'll take a closer look at that, a look at our live storm ranger coming up in less than five minutes. despite the problem early on the bay bridge, things have calmed down. a little slowly at the berkeley curve and slowing develops for the north bay at highway 37 out of vallejo. thanks so much, it's 5:43 right now.
5:44 am
new this morning, antioch police are investigating a tragic accident in a mall parking lot. a driver struck and killed a 3-year-old girl last night, it happened outside the sears store near highway 4. police say the driver was not impaired and no charges have been fired. people convicted of crimes in alameda county won't have to cover their administrative court fees. supervisors will adopt the plan to waive those fees as of january 1st. they also approved waiving all current uncollected fees, amounting to more than $25 million. that new rule is meant to help low income people get back on their feet after being released. alameda joins san francisco as the only two counties anywhere in the u.s. to waive those fees. the state is seeing a historic drop in arrests, according to a new report by public policy institute of california. the rate dropped 60% since 1989.
5:45 am
but we went through that report overnight, and it also states that african-americans remain three times more likely to be arrested than whites. the report claims that blacks were arrested at least eight times more frequently than whites in san mateo and san francisco counties. new this morning, an investigation is underway after a migrant family seeking asylum was turned away at the u.s. u.s./mexico border in san diego. last month video captured the family being denied introduction. the ports of entry was at capacity, however immigration lawyers are claiming officers broke international law. >> the law is clear. if you show up at the border, you must take the applicant in and process them for asylum. >> in a statement, cbp said no one is being denied the ability
5:46 am
to make a claim. officers allow people in once space becomes available. 5:46 for you right now. president trump will attend tomorrow's memorial service for president george herbert walking bush. >> the bush family specifically invited the president. >> you recall the cain family did not invite president trump to john mccain's funeral, but he was a senator. let's take some live pictures of president bush as he lies in state at the capitol rotunda. the memorial service is tomorrow, and "the washington post" reports this morning that the bush family has promised president trump he will not be criticized by people delivering the eulogy tomorrow. you'll recall trump was very much criticized by people delivering the eulogy at john mccain's funeral. trump has often criticized
5:47 am
george w. bush and made fun of the senior bush's idea that we're a thousand points of light. that was a couple of months ago. >> the thousand points of light, what the hell was that? what did that mean? i know one thing, make america great again, we understand. putting america first, we understand. thousands points of light. i ever never got that one. has anyone ever figured that out? it was put out by a republican. >> the white house will allow the distrirector of the cia to f members about the murder of jamal khashoggi. up till now jenna haskell was not permitted to say anything. >> that's trump's former campaign advisor, miketchael fl,
5:48 am
but today we learn how long he may go to jail. we're going to hear from the special proscomputecutor today, detailing how flynn has cooperated. it may give us insight into who the special prosecutor is targeting next. follow me on twitter, i'll update you throughout the day. find me @scottmcgrew. how would you like to receive a surprise visit from batman? yeah, that's exactly what happened to a special 7-year-old boy in indiana who is battling brain cancer. he pulled up to the child's school there in the batmobile and spent a little time with christian daughtry. ♪ jingle bells, batman smells
5:49 am
♪ bat mobile lost a wheel and joker got away ♪ >> isn't that right? >> that's a cool car there, isn't it? christian says he felt amazing after hanging out with the dark knight there. pretty cool. >> that dark knight -- it must be cold there. did you see his hat? >> he also noticed that christian was wearing a flash tee shirt. he likes superheroes. batman was cool. >> big surprise. >> i love it. that's so nice to see. it's been pretty good to have the breaks from the rain but the rain is still important to us. it's coming back? >> it's coming back today. we're going to see it moving in during the afternoon. we start out this morning with a cool start as the clouds move in. upper 40s to low 50s as you get ready to head out the door. let's head over towards walnut creek. mid 40s by 8:00. 47 by 9:00 and then gradually
5:50 am
making it into the 50s by early afternoon. you do need a nice warm jacket or a sweater, but don't forget the umbrella. it's not raining now, but we'll see it moving in later on today. as we track it with storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, we can see the storm system approaching with some rain very close to the coast. then we'll see it making its way inland, especially for the south bay and the peninsula at noon and really heavy rain starting to ramp up for parts of the south bay. by early afternoon this will slow you down getting home. we're going to see more waves of rain going into the overnight hours and even into the first part of the day tomorrow. by the afternoon, the rain should be moving out of here. we're looking at pretty decent rainfall totals, anywhere from .25 to .50 for most of our microclimate. maybe a little bit higher for the hills. as we check out the sierra, that's a live look all lit up with some of the lights there on the trees. this will bring in light snow.
5:51 am
mostly about two to four inches across the sierra. then we are going to see once again .25 to .50 here as we get more waves of rain going in. going into thursday, friday, saturday it's going to be dry as our temperatures warm up slightly above normal. there will be another storm system moving in sunday into monday. and for san francisco, mostly 50s throughout the next several days. heading over to mike, there's a mystery in san jose? a curious case of a stretch of red chidown here. the red is gone, it's now orange. we're talking about the color for the speed censors, and you'll notice that kicking in for the tri valley. 880 over there in hayward, same sort of latitude, that's where the volume is coming off of 580. we don't usually see it at southbound 280 around saratoga. things are moving more smoothly now. a backup of orange instead of
5:52 am
red. i think that was a couple of slow moving vehicles, so the averages changed. the peninsula moves very nicely, a little flowing around that willow exit there. it's open and all southbound lanes are open after earlier construction as well. eastbound over toward grant road there's construction until 7:00. 580, folks are waiting to get to san rafael from richmond. happening now before you fill up your bowl of kibble for your dog this morning, there's an alert you need to know about. the fda is issuing an warning after 11 popular brands of dog food was found to have up to 70 times the safe levels of vitamin d. it's something that could be deadly. recalled brands include natural life, sportsman's pride among others. go to fda's website to see which brands are being recalled. we're putting the link on our
5:53 am
website, and next and all new this morning, a huge change to a very popular website you might check regularly. what's about to be banned. a new class of plane tick, as if we didn't have enough already, the perks for what united is calling premium economy class. turn that around and look at yourself. >> hear from the california man happy and hopeful after a successful face transplant. you're watching "today in the bay." composer/librar y/you can still weigh in on the
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right now, have you heard about this? this is a radio station out of ohio pulling the song, baby it's cold outside, after a caller called complaining about the lyrics saying the woman felt pressures and even asking the question is there something in this drink? this is in light of the me too movement. 50% people think the song should stay on the radio. some say they agree with the radio station's call to pull that song. you can actually weigh in on that on my twitter page there. it is @marcusnbc. 5:56 right now. new details this morning on the horror on the highway. a bus packed with children overturning in the middle of the night in arkansas. >> this is so sad. we told you about this yesterday
5:57 am
morning. a child was killed and at least 45 other kids and adults were hurt. since yesterday, we've learned the little boy who died, he was a third grader, cameron johnson. his school confirmed his identity. the bus was carrying a youth football team home to memphis, tennessee, after competing in a championship game in texas. one coach says that bus rolled over four times. so sad. 5:57 right now. follow-up for you, protests over a new plan to bring a controversial confederate monument back to a north carolina university. yesterday, university officials announced a plan to build $5.3 million center for history and education to house the statue on campus. people took to the streets late last night in protest. critics say it continues an attitude of tolerance for racism on campus. officials say the new building would allow for a fuller, more honest history of the university. big changes are coming to a
5:58 am
popular blogging site. tumblr says it will ban certain adult content. that change becomes permanent on the 17th. apple pulled tumblr from itunes last month. all new for you this morning, we're hearing from a 26-year-old california man who has a new face, thanks to a 25 hour face transplant surgery. >> isn't modern medicine available? he is talking for the first time about this. two years ago, he accidently shot himself in the face. his prognosis was not good. thanks to an organ donor, doctors were able to replace his upper and lower jaw, much of his mouth and teeth, nose and cheeks as well. he says he has hope again. >> when you look in the mirror, what do you see and how do you
5:59 am
feel? >> i feel new. i feel, you know, my whole life in front of me. they put me back together again like humpty dumpty almost. >> right now, he's back home with his family and he hopes to go back to work as a welder very soon. amazing. united airlines is rolling out its new premium economy class. it goes between coach and business class. >> passengers willing to pay will get bigger seats, plus amenity kits, free alcohol and noise reducing headphones. american and delta already offer premium economy seats. united says the seats will be on 21 international routes by may. honoring president bush, how leaders in washington are saying good bye and the change his funeral will have to your routine here at home. finally, a fix, a brand-new
6:00 am
report saying that people who live in the sinking millennium tower have an expensive plan to straighten things out. what they're proposing. brewing for good. the new beer planned in the south bay to support wildfire victims. how you can get your hands on the new brew. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good now tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. i want to start with kari hall. you said the rain is coming back our way? >> especially this afternoon. we're starting to see the clouds across the bay area. as we get a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, so far not a lot of green here. no rain. then you want to make sure you have the umbrella for the afternoon as this storm system swirls just offshore and starts to bring in some rain as we go into the noon area. especially for the peninsula


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