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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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many cities are feeling the storm. there )s rain on the radar -- and it come make for a wet wednesday morning at this hour, many are feeling the storm. there's radar and could be a wet wednesday commute. >> let's get right to jeff what is being impacted? >> we are seeing the rain pick up. especially the south bay as we take a look at storm ranger doppler radar. we want to point out, the heaviest and most numerous areas of rain through tonight have really been moving out offshore.
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we've seen a small branch there. even though this looks heavy, it is more of a light to moderate rain. getting our roads wet across the peninsula. all of this is moving off the north. down to the south bay, we're seeing it pick up with some wet weather. pushing to san jose. milpitas into 11:47. we've had some showers this evening. also starting to see the rainfall return, moving more wet weather into danville at 11:24. i am tracking this into tomorrow morning. we'll let you know how wet wednesday will be and when a new storm hits this in 15 minutes. it's been a wild night atynee i cutters and hand cuffs to arrest
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eight people for disrupting the city council meeting. at issue, the controversial land deal with google. they want to build a $100 million village near the shark tank. when is the vote? >> reporter: well, that vote is still expected to happen tonight. city council is back in session. they're debating the google deal in front of an empty chamber. you can see, some are in the overflow room in the rotunda watching that meeting live. both sides making emotional pleas and protesters took it a step further. protesters shut down at the san jose city council meeting. shouting san jose is not for sale as members pr police had to use bolt cutters to remove them one by one. protesters that they wereose as
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they know it. they're selling ten and a half acres of city land to google for nearly $110 million, will change the city forever. >> they're promising jobs for a bunch of people and that won't happen for minorities. >> it is for a space with 20,000 google jobs, restaurants, hotels and housing. >> during hours of public comment, many voiced support for the google deal. >> it's something san jose has been wanting for decades. for google to come choose a transit rich area, it will be ysf protesters charged with charging a public meeting. most will be released. stay in place. we'll get back to you later in the newscast.
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we're following another developing story. a new twist in the russia investigation. robert mueller is suggesting a light sentence for the former national security adviser michael flynn. mueller said flynn has been cooperating and has provided firsthand information. according to court documents filed today, flynn gave substantial details of interaction between president trump's transition team and russian government officials. for that information, mueller is recommending a sentence ranging from no time many prison to six months in jail. flynn pleaded last year. he is scheduled to be sentenced later were hours away from the funeral for george h.w. bush. many people have been waiting for hours to pay their respects. among them, bush family members and political allies alike. the latest on the plans to honor the 41st president. >> that memorial service is tomorrow morning.
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final preparations are underway and his grand daughters are giving a look into the eulogy their father will give. >> reporter: thousands are waiting in the bitter cold to make sure they say goodbye to george h.w. bush. there were powerful moments today. the 43rd president, emotional, visiting his father's casket. the 95-year-old senator bob dole, an old world war ii veteran, standing from his wheelchair with the help of an aide for one final salute. americans young and old filled with grief and bush's secret se agencies and his personal aides. at one point, the family greeted visitors filing through. a moment to smile. jenna and barbara bush. >> there's a lot of pressure for him to get it just right. >> and i think he wants to make sure he can get through it himself without breaking down.
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it is something else that he's working on. >> reporter: tomorrow world leaders will join president trump and four other living presidents at the ceremony in the national cathedral. >> all the readings and scriptures were chosen by the bush family. >> the nation prepares to bury its 41 president. >> there is a private ceremony in houston thursday. the casket will then travel by train where he is honored on his way to rest. >> it should be a special day for the country. as a reminder, the u.s. postal service is suspending the regular mail delivery. part of the national dave mourning. stok stock markets and some banks are also closed. and another look at the rotunda, public viewing ends about five hours from now. we'll continue at 4:30 a.m.
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and then coverage from washington, d.c. just into the newsroom. a grim discovery on the side of the bay area highway. the chp trying to figure out how an elderly man ended up dead along highway 84. the officers just happened to pull over near the exit and saw the man in a ditch. officers say they don't see any signs of foul play but they're not ruling anything out. also, a man was found shot to death in a vacant building near the old bryman college in hayward. the victim's name has not been released and police have not identified any suspects. new at 11:00, scam artists try to find new ways to take advantage of the public. they're using an emergency alert system to stir up some trouble. the thieves are trying to get into people's homes by sending
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fraudulent messages. disguised at the emergency notification system. the message claims a deputy may need to randomly inspect your home. >> the office would never ask you to come to your home or turn off your alarms without probable cause or a warn. that's the first heads up that something is suspicious. will it work? the city of san francisco is reviewing a plan to fix the sinking and tilting millennium tower. they want to drill 52 250 feet into bed rock to shore up the building. the old foundation would be jacked up and anchored to a new higher foundation. our investigators spoke to a structural engineer who calls it an effective solution but he does worry about the nuisance and impact on the residents.
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>> there's a lot of drilling. when they do that drilling, how much of that sound transmits into the occupied spaces? it is something they'll have to determine. >> before any drilling begins, they'll have to sign off on the $100 million fix. not sure who will pay for it because of the ongoing legal fight. coming up, a warning about some dog food brands. also, a holiday party like to other. why at&t park was transformed into a winter wonderland. the storm ranger and mobile doppler radar shows rain returning. i'm tracking it. plus another chance this weekend.
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brands of dog food. they were found to have dangerous levels of vitamin d. 70 times higher than what is considered to be safe. so the fbi is recalling 12 products from eight different brands. while it is an essential night rental for dogs, high amounts can cause serious health problems like kidney failure or even death. >> just lethargy. not feeling very well. loss of appetite. sometimes they can vomit or have constipation. >> she said more brands may be named in the recall. for more details, go to our website. all right. check out the bottom of your screen there. yep, that's a mountain lion just strolling casually through a fremont neighborhood. 4:45 in the morning near the mission creek regional preserve. they are warning with that kind of a cat around, you should keep
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your pets indoors. california has some new names on the list including san francisco mayor ed lee. >> in what has been a very emotional year for my family, this is such an amazing time and place and honor to be, to have him recognized. >> that's lee's daughter who is set to be honored from her dad who you may remember died from a heart attack last summer. joan baez was also welcomed. joining the inductees, robert redford, thomas keller, fernando valenzuela, nancy mcfadden and others. the giants weren't even playing but you can see it was quite a party. we're talking about the holiday heroes event. an annual fund-raiser for
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underserved children. and a special award for hunter pence. you got the assignment of the out with hunter. >> reporter: it was a very nice night. about a quarter of a million dollars will be going to ten different children's organizations. and the good thing for me, you didn't have to be hunter pence to be a holiday hero tonight. 1,000 people at at&t to support the foundation for children. >> and thank you. you are the best. >> the former giant hunter pence and his wife honored with the award, one of the charities benefiting is the pence's favorite. no kid hungry. >> when you hear from the teachers how much it improves their behavior and their performance, there's plenty of reward. >> nine other children will benefit.
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>> we're going to refurbish the basketball. we just bought some new fitness equipment. >> other bay area sports teams represent. they sent cheerleaders, the warriors, the san jose earthquakes spun the wheel of fortune. the ravens had anador >>participating, free baseball over the summertime. >> i am beside myself. i don't have the words. >> without our pp super lucky. >> giants fans probably want to know this one. five hours from right now, 5:00 in the morning, he is getting ready for winter ball. he said he wants to help the team win. he helped the giants win, maybe he can do it again. thank you. from at&t park and levi stadium,
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the 49ers hosting some holiday cheer. this is their third annual event. some of them even took home new shoes and toys. >> just being able to see everybody so happy. the holiday experiences. . >> they're not forgotten and we appreciate the opportunity to support them. >> well said. about 4049ers were on hand. signing autographs, taking pictures, more than nd >> the holiday season is here. >> the rain is here as well. so it makes it romantic and holiday-esque. >> 15ly like december. so many years where we get to december and not a lot happening. right now we have the wet weather starting to return.
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and down here to san jose where the roadways are wet. we've seen some light to moderate rain. we'll hold with some low 50s as we head into tomorrow morning and the rain chances continuing. the storm chances, unusual. this is lingering near coast. moving off to the south and it is continuing to spiral in. we've seen a small piece of the breakoff and it has started to pick up the wet weather. we have a dry layer right near the surface. so as this heavy rainfall starts ground, it is evaporating. let's go ahead and track this again. you can see the wet weather returning. this would continue to push in
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by 11:49 tonight. union city, once we hit midnight. a wider view will show some wet weather moving into contra costa county. concord, 11:45, and vallejo, expecting some wet weather to retu ntmidnight. my hour by hour forecast keeps rain chances at 3:30 in the morning. that would continue into 8:00 in the morning. then as we head throughout the day, the storm system really tries to push off to the south. i think we'll hold on to some spotty showers by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. if you've been outside, you know how cold it is. down to 42 in the tri-valley. you'll be dropping to 39
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degrees. we have 56 in santa rosa, no big changes in temperatures. might have extended forecast has dry weather thursday, friday and saturday. we're confident on that. and then we hit sunday, it still looks really good from about 8:00 to :00 at night. we'll sigh dry weather hit next tuesday. saturday will be the nice day in the weekend. once we hit sunday night, rainfall likely to return and that would continue into monday's forecast as well. two to four inches expected right around 4,000 feet. and then four to eight inches of
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snow. i would like to go up to the sierras but i don't think i can manage it before christmas. >> we can try to get our shopping done. up next, some local super stars are heading to the tokyo olympics. hey, guys, we have russell westbrook, a great show. stay tuned. the first major city in the country to get rid of minimum parking requirements, for all types of development. the legislation happening now, city leaders have voted to get rid of minimum parking requirements. it eliminates planning to provide parking spaces as part of the project.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. nounced that hackers accessed a database that is takg customers. there was access to a database last week it was reported that that had personal information for guests including phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, even passport numbers. they said they will pay for new passports if any of the customers find they're victims of fraud. here's an issue not even steph curry can workout. the key line continues to be closed by the ballpark as crews widen the platform near the warriors new arena.
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rain and unexpected rock caused the delays. trains were swamd out for shuttle buses and carried passengers. the warriors fans are a little annoyed. >> we have to get to a bus and then disembark and get on another train. definitely an inconvenience. >> it created a hectic day for me. i had to wait extra time and i didn't know this was going on. >> it's a pain in the butt. >> yes, it is. >> a little pain. muni says things are looking good to return to normal as early as thursday. okay, we don't know which athletes are going to tokyo for the 2020 olympics. the cal coach has been named as head coach for the team. he was the assistant coach for the team at this 2015 rio games. the team took 11 medals. it was outstanding.
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again, that is 2020 tokyo. we're all bidding to go as well. >> oh, fun! we'll tell you what the warriors did in terms of kevin durant and the suspension for the 49ers. sfx: squeak
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countless injuries and legal troubles ... now comes a major suspension. kyle nelson -- the teams long snappe countless injuries, legal troubles and now a major suspension for the 49ers. >> you probably never even heard of kyle but he was suspended te banned substance. he says he's been taking the same substance for five years. the coach said he hopes this a reminder to know what the players are putting in their bodies. >> cj anderson is now a raider. look at this photo. he is hosting this shot as he signs his contract. anderson scored the game clinching touchdown for the denver broncos in super bowl 50 at levi statement. his mother, a huge raiders fan. >> any chance for colin
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kaepernick's returned to the nfl? washington is down to its third string quarterback. the first two are out for the season with injuries. the warriors there fans want him to sign cap. he tagged washington with a picture of kaepernick. the rival, a new hockey team coming to the nhl. rounding out the totalrancse te? wait for it. $650 million. they'll be in the pacific division. they don't have a team name yet but they will start playing in 2021. >> there's a sharks fan! >> we'll be back in a moment with a story about a dog saving a man. i am a family man. i am a techie dad.
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the dog he says saved his life. jim sherbourne says his german shepard, jake, woke him up as flames whipped around his house last month. he says his jerel an shepherd jake woke him up as
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flames whipped around his home last month. >> he just looked at me dumb-founded. and the glow. i saw the glow. ten more minutes, i would have been toast. >> after nearly escaping the fire, towed give up jake for a few days to a shelter. during that time, jake developed pneumonia from breathing all the toxic air and the treatment was not cheap. the veterinarian bill, $11,000. the nonprofit group called bay area german shepherd quickly create a go fund me page. we just checked that page and we're happy to report, more than $11,000 has been raised. and really, it was like $7,000 at 5:00 p.m. so it gained another $5,000. >> remember how much money they raised? that's fantastic. >> did you see how happy jake is? so happy to see him!
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>> that's cool. >> we have some scattered rainfall. i expect after the morning commute, another storm likely on sunday. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the t s jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- saoirse ronan,


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