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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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dashcam video shows rocks shattering a woman )s windshield as she drives on a south bay freeway. now at 11:00, it came out of nowhere. dash cam video you're watching show rocks shattering a woman's windshield as she drives on a south area's ian cull joins us along 680 in san jose with the story the w driving with her mother on 680 just south of here when those two rocks hit their suv. but it's what they found after that has the chp investigating tonight. >> we couldn't realize what was happening at that moment. >> reporter: lee den's dash cam was rolling when two rocks
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slammed into her hood and windshield. >> like my face, my body is just full of scratch. >> reporter: it happened sunday afternoon on 680 near berryessa. she pulled over and called 911. the chp took a report but she didn't understand what happened until she got home and looked at the video. >> there's one guy throwing the rocks. >> reporter: when you slow down the video and zoom in, you can see a man in a light sweatshirt just off the exit lobbing two rocks toward her. seen just behind the overpass guardrail on the shoulder. the chp is now investigating and searched the sam first time i c something. >> reporter: den posted the footage to social media where other people told her it also happened to them. >> there a saying that they saws die and he did that before. so i d case. >> reporter: deng worries that suspect could have killed her or another driver and wants him caught. >> definitely i want this guy to get arrested because i don't want any other people to get hurt. >> reporter: now, deng was not
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hurt herself. the chp is asking if this happens to you don't post it on social media, call 911, contact them right away, so they can investigate it. reporting live along 680 in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> that does look scary. thank you, ian. not done yet. a live look at 101 in palo alto. plenty of rain still on the peninsula tonight. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri king wt's least of this latest strm stoorm. we got hit hard last night. >> there were some heavy downpours. not as heavy as that. storm system is on its last legs. the center of the storm is way down near los angeles. these juste rogue bands that are moving in. as you get a closer look at the peninsula you can see this moderate rainfall moving off to the north. wet weather in san bruno by 11:29. daly city 11:47. also over to the east bay we're track some rain over to san leandro. returns showers to berkeley by 11:48. and a little bit of wet weather in morgan hill.
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moving off near san jose over the next 30 minutes. what's left for the morning commute and when some more rain could return. that's in about 15 minutes. >> we'll see you then. thanks, jeff. a brutal crime in los angeles is linked to the bay area. a south bay man is accused of beating this man. tonight he's in the hospital fighting for his life. even many veteran police officers are calling this the most horrific attack they have joins us in sunnyvale with this troubling story. sergio. >> reporter: raj, los angeles police detectives say that shawn roger halpin's last known address is right here in sunnyvale, and he's in jail tonight because of an attack that is so violent we can't even show you the whole video. los angeles police say this security camera video helped them quickly track down 32-year-old shawn roger halpin. he's the man accused of beating a resident of a senior community in l.a.'s chinatown. 67-year-old rene laskha had just finished a morning walk
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with his dog when halpin managed to sneak into the building. police say this attack seemed unprovoked. >> i'm totally creeped out. it's been almost a week and he's still anyone tensive care. >> reporter: susan stout is halaski's partner. in the video you can see his dog wally was attached to halas kichlt through the three-minute beating but was ub harmed. halpin grew up in this quiet cul-de-sac in sunnyvale. neighbors describ h very helpful teenager when he was here but hasn't lived full-time with his parents for years. lapd detectives say halpin may have been under the influence of drugs or suffering from mental illness but people who live on this sunnyvale cul-de-sac say they weren't aware of any mental health issues. in sunnyvale, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> that is disturbing to see. thank you, sergio. just in to our newsroom, a two-year investigation leads to an organized crime bust in the south bay. sjpd arresting these four people last month. but just making the announcement tonight. they were allegedly manufacturing and selling drugs
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across the bay area and even transporting them across the country. more than 800 pounds of marijuana was recovered in this bust along with several other drugs and some weapons. warehouses and n. four other states were also raided. a deadly shooting involving a sheriff's deputy in the east bay. the shooting happened this morning near martinez. the sheriff's office says a deputy noticed a man with an outstanding warrant and he ordered him to show his hands. investigators say the suspect instead reached for his waist and fired a single shot toward the deputy's head. but the suspect's go down. >> he maybe got one shot off after he was a. and the last time he shot him he didn't move anymore. he was gone. >> the 41-year-old man from discovery bay died. the deputy involved is on routine leave while an investigation is under way. the fight to allow google to redevelop a big chunk of san
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jose is in high gear with some high drama. last night as we first reported eight protesters were arrested for disrupting the city council meeting. now, ultimately, in the midnight hour the council gave google the green light. allowing san jose to sell $110 million worth of city-owned property to google. tonight protesters reiterated that they're standing up for what they believe is right. >> that's something that we're able to do and willing to do, to show our opposition t a deal that would displace people. >> mayor sam lrds at least two years away from a final vote for approval. google hopesialnd business ville by 2028. following last night's unanimous google vote, a san jose councilman says his car was vandalized. you can see the photos here. lan deep says someone smashed the passenger side window of his honda accord around 5:00 a.m. he was not hurt.
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deep says he has no proof there was a connection between the car breakin and the city council vote. back home, after a deeply emotional tribute from dignitaries and family, tonight the 41st president is in texas. this is a live look at st. martin's episcopal church in houston where george h.w. bush is lying in repose. as you can see, texans are paying their respects even at this late hour. now, earler today in washington every living president and members of the bush family were joined by hundreds of mourners for a funeral honoring the memory and legacy of a life spent in the service of others. special air mission 41 flew over the bush presidential library as it carried president george h.w. bush back to texas. tonight mourners filed past the late president's casket at st. martin's episcopal church in houston. the outpouring of respect at the
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end of a national day of mourning. the day began at the national cathedral in washington. inside partisan politics taking a pause. a rare moment of unity. president trump greeting president and mrs. obama. face to face with his predecessor and the clintons for the first time since tak b presidential group, handing candy to michelle ob hero, a ma. >> the most decent and honorable person i ever met was my friend george bush. one of nature's noblemen. >> his life code, as he said, was tell the truth, don't blame people, be strong, do your best, try hard, forgive, stay the course. >> reporter: but the most touching tribute, from his own son, george w., sharing lessons
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passed from father to son. >> he showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage, and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country. a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. and in our grief i just smile knowing that dad is hugging robin aagain. >> now, after tomorrow's funeral service in houston the president will be takenst. now from washington to texas here in the bay area so many fond memories are being shared. look at this one. the alameda county sheriff's department tweeted out this photo from its archives. those are deputies with president bush in 1992. the president stopping at newark high school for a jog while campaigning in the bay area. >> that's a great photo. you've heard of thinking outside the box. how about thinking outside the lanes? still ahead, the wild new idea
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that could speed up your compute. . plus a dangerous drive. how tesla owners are tampering with the autopilot feature on their cars, and why the chp says it's dangerous. storm ranger shows a few showers lingering, pushing off to the north into san francisco over the next 30 minutes. we're tracking what's left of this, what's in store for the morning commute, and a new chance ahead. that's in about six minutes.
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get around this kind of traffic by passing drivers on the shoulder? that maneuver, believe it or not, could one day be legal for buses and maybe even carpoolers. but is it safe? would it work? nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live along 680 in alamo with that idea that's being discussed. interesting, cheryl. >> very interesting. buses driving on shoulders like the one you see here behind me
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is happening successfully in minnesota. and a pilot program is just wrapping up in san diego. but what about here in the bay area? a pilot program could be coming to contra costa countytty great idea to battle bumper to dangerous. >> reporter: dangerous or a bumper traffic on bay area highways? >> what if somebody's pulled over on the side of the road? eople about buses zooming along on the shoulder. >> in that lane there's not enough room for them to drive a bus there. >> reporter: contra costa transportation authority executive director randall awasaki says there are solutions to keep everyone safe. >> they've got technology embedded in the vehicle to make sure they can see ahead of them. >> reporter: iwasaki has been working with the california transportation association along with the valley transportation authority to bring what is called the bus on shoulder concept to the bay area. heavily congested areas like highway 87 through san jose.
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highway 101 along the peninsula. interstate 280 in san mateo county. and the bay bridge are a few of the areas being looked at. iwasaki has been working years. >> theschedule. and hopefully that will princen. >> reporter: a proposal le conversion in contra costa the 13-mile bus shoulder county could cost more than $30 million. but adding a lane on a freeway could cost up to a billion dollars to complete and could take 20 years. now, transit agencies may have to seek statewide legislation to make it happen, but here in contra costa county a pilot program could start here in a couple of years. reporting live in contra costa county i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. well, more boots on the ground, less street crime in san francisco. that's how it's working according to a new study
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released today by california policy lab sxuchlt in assaults and a 17% decline in thefts, including car break-ins. now, in september of last year sfpd doubled the number of walk neighborhood beats. many are deployed to property crime hot spots that include tourist attractions. it's not your usual front porch threat. for one family the loss of a package is truly heartbreaking. jennifer nicholson says the box was sent from her brother who's stationed overseas in the air force. that package swiped from the front porch of her home on saturday. inside is an irreplaceable gift that was for her uncle. >> my uncle howard is dying from brain cancer. so it's a special flag, yeah. it has flown over syria in a combat mission. so it's just the most important thing to me right now. it's a flag for my uncle. >> reporter: police say the
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number of package theft is tes. take a look at this. many tesla drivers are manipulating their cars. here's the trick. they're tampering with thetolot. and the chp says this is extremely dangerous to everyone on the road. some people are even posting online tutorials showing these dangerous driving techniques. it all starts with a water bottle or an orange. here's nbc bay area's anoushah rasta. >> reporter: california highway patrol has a warning for drivers about a different kind of distracted driving, one that officers say is being shown to people on websites like youtube. >> one of these handheld running water bottles works wonders for turning this into full self-driving, full autonomous on the highway with autopilot too. >> reporter: this is a video posted on youtube showing a water bottle strapped to the steering wheel of a tesla while the car is on autopilot mode. chp says some drivers are doing
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this to trick the car's sensors into thinking they still have their hands on the steering wheel. the car is programmed todrivers they're no longer paying attention. >> i need to put some resistance on it. otherwise, c tbe a driver assist feature. it's not designed to let the vehicle do all the driving. >> reporter: this video's been watched more than 20,000 times, and there are others like it on the internet. some use an orange instead of a water bottle wedged into the curve of the steering wheel. these tesla drivers in mountain view tell us this isn't something they would ever try. >> i don't think it's right. especially if they're promoting it and saying hey, you can use your phone while doing, it et cetera. so no. i think it's really careless and quite frankly stupid. >> i've definitely heard of people not really paying attention when using autopilot. which also is not very smart. so this is kind of in a similar
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nbc bay area news. tesla responding to our story late this afternoon, only saying that the autopilot featurequire the drview-based w launched the first commercial driverless taxi service today in phoenix. it's linked to a phone app like uber and lyft. customers can use their phones to hail a driverless ride 24 hours a day. the company says it will eventually find its way to bay area customers. waymo says a safety driver will be in the car during those taxi rides at least for now. oh, wow. >> that looks pretty scary. we'll be the first to admit it. at some point we'll jump on board, but it looks pretty scary. >> interesting. well, weather dependent i'm wondering how that kind of impacts everything. >> good question. >> with the car radar they probably have a lot of it figured out. but you never know. we are . focused in on storm ranger. it's our mobile doppler radar.
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it's the only one in the bay area. just one of six in the country. all owned by our nbc stations division. and this is better because it's live real-time data. closer to the ground. it gives you a better scan of what's happening. so let's take you into storm ranger and show you what we have right now. and there's some scattered showers across the east bay and the peninsula. ing to the north, continuing wet weather into danville to 11:51. moraga just after midnight. and then we've been tracking this wet weather through the peninsula tonight. also moving to the north. more showers in san mateo to 11:33. that would continue into dayly city after midnight as well. so we've had these rogue bands of wet weather moving in from the storm system, which is now well into south southern california. so by tomorrow morning we really think a lot of this would be pushing out and we're on a drying trend of all of this wet weather lately. that means at 8:00 in the morning here you can see a little bit of sunshine building in on the future cass for the
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north bay and the peninsula. we'll still hold on to some cloud cover to start, though, by the afternoon sunshine also trying to continue to build back in with some cloud cover as well. filtered sunshine. we're really trying to push ahead toward partly cloudy skies tomorrow. so it will be a nice day for us. the thing i want you to remember, ou temperatures. look at how chilly it's going to start tomorrow morning. heater's going to be clicking on. probably need that extra blanket tonight. jacket in the morning. 40 for the south bay. tri-valley 37. down to 36 in the north bay. san francisco 44. and the east bay at 41. now, the good thing about tomorrow, while we start off this cold with some of that blue skies building in by the afternoon and the sunshine, it's going to help temperatures to warm up. so not as chilly but a cool day. 60 here in cupertino, 62 in morgan hill. right through contra costa alameda counties upper 50s and low 60s. ot a whole lot of a change no san francisco and across marin, napa, sonomacounty. low 60s through those interior
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valleys. we stay with this awesome weather through the next three days. then by sunday night 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. some showers return. we're low krerg the totals on this right now the way it looks. quarter inch late sunday night into monday. dry out tuesday and wednesday. keep those jackets handy but toss that umbrella into the back seat of your car. you're not going to need it here for a while. i'm looking forward to this sunshine. get the car cleaned up for a little bit before that next crowned of rain. or maybe i won't. i don't know. >> a lot of christmas tree shopping on saturday, right? >> yes. >> that's a good day for it. thanks, jeff. >> up next, they don't like the location. growing outrage over a new marijuana dispensary that could be setting up shop in the east bay. and happening now, usa gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy. the organization is struggling to reach settlements in the dozens of sex abuse lawsuits involving former team doctor larry nassar. he was sentenced to prison in january after he pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual misconduct.
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we're back in a moment. complain- from porch delivery thefts to mailbox burglaries. how to see what )s coming in the mail - from your phone. and we )re already tracking the weather for the big weekend events! the forecast tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. ing not next to the kung fu studio. that is the cry tonight from parents in the east bay upset that a pot dispensary could be moving right next door to a martial arts storefront. the pot shop is on webster street in alameda. the city does require buffer zones for schools and youth centers. but alameda doesn't consider the martial arts studio to be a youth center because not all the students are underage. >> you want to make sure that we actually have opportunities for cannabis businesses to locate in the city and not to have restrictions. >> now, the kung fu studio's manager is not on board with it.
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she says more than 80% of her students are kids and she feels a dispensary sendsheehop still two permits before opening. a bay area music legend is stepping down, and another big name is replacing him. it's a major change for the san francisco symphony. acclaimed composer and conductor esa pekka salonen in finland is taking over for michael tilson thomas. salonen has an impressive resume, currently leading the london philharmonic. he'll take over in san francisco in 2020. as for the man he's replacing, 73-year-old michael tilson thomas, considered among the best conductors in the world. he's stepping down after a 25-year run at the symphony. next year the symphony will celebrate mtt with a season-long tribute. so we get the best of mtt next season and then the new director comes in. >> a well-deserved tribute as well. >> he's a legend. we're back in a moment with the ioayith us.
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it was must-see t-v. they faced each other in the past the past four years when the warriors play the cavaliers we all know must-see tv. >> it was big-time. they faced each other in the past four nba finals. now the cavs are among the wor .
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no more lebron james. that's what happens. he's with the lakers now. in cleveland tonight everyone still wants a photo of steph kury. curry was balling tonight. went for 42 points, including 9 of 14 from the three-point range. warriors cruise to a 129-105 win. they play in milwaukee. that's going to be a showdown. on friday night. in the 408 it's good to be home. the sharks hosting the hurricanes. san jose dominating this game from the get-go. we'll pick it up in the second period. timo meijer has been out for more than a week. back in action with this long deflection into the net. it's a good-looking goal. sharks beat the carolina hurricanes 5-1. i'll be back in a moment with an update on the rain for you. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools
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that simplify your experience i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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strap on those ice skates. san francisco )s civic center you don't have to be kristi yamaguchi or brian boitano here but you can still strap on those ice skates. san francisco's civic center plaza is transformed for the holidays. the christmas tree is lit. it is pretty. and the ice rink, as you can ri. and yeah, great holiday activity. it's really funny. >> you've got to keep your balance.
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the civic center ice skating rink is open -- that would be me out there. through january 6th. that looks awesome. >> oh, man. >> jeff, it's perfect for you. you can do your triple lutz out there. >> and you can do your -- >> perfect. >> they'll be performing tomorrow night. >> somebody bring the ems. >> are we going to get up early tomorrow morning with our temperatures and we're going to go down into the 30s for those inland valleys and also some cool 40s. we're drying out. rain moves out tomorrow. we even get a little bit of sun. dry through saturday. little bit of rain late sunday night into monday. i think we have a really nice weekend coming our way. what are you saying, i'm going to fall out there? >> oh, no. not me. >> we'll be prepared. >> i'm sure you woubeld >> [ cheers and applause ]the art tonight show starring jimmy fallon." of new york city, it's "the tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- andy cohen, john legend, and
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