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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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over the bay compared to yesterday. things will continue to change, evolve, shall we say. road weather index shows there may be damp roadways through livermore. 580 not probing any problems. over here southbound 101, we see slowing near oyster point. looks like a cruiser arrived to help everyone know everybody off to the side. meanwhile getting over to contra costa county, that moves smoothly. getting out of oakland, we saw a backup at bay bridge toll plaza to folks were backing up in the hov lanes. they cleared. no crashes. back to you. a warning for drivers before they head out this morning getting ready for that morning rush. i want you to take a look at this dash cam video. that woman's windshield shattered by rocks on interstate 680. this is in san jose. investigators say this is no accident.
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"today in the bay's" bob redell is along the highway. this is a scary situation there. >> reporter: correct, marcus. fortunately, the women in that car were not hurt during this rock attack that took place this past sunday afternoon. not far from where i'm standing. this was on 680 near berryessa road. the woman's name is li deng. she was riding with her mother when a rock slammed into the hood, another into the windshield. it shattered the glass and sprayed chards of glass. the daughter and mother didn't know what happened at first. they reported it to chp. when they got home and checked her dash cam video, she could see a man in a light-colored sweatshirt on the shoulder of the freeway behind an overpass guardrail lobbing those two rocks at her. we slowed down the video so you can get a better look. deng posted this on social media and heard from other people who had the same thing happen to them. >> there's some cases that
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people saying they saw this guy and did that before. >> reporter: chp did search the site where the man was standing. they searched it twice this week. so far, no luck in finding him. deng tells us she hopes he's arrested. she's worried he could kill someone if he keeps it up. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that is frightening. new details of a teenager behind bars in connection to a homicide in san rafael. it's a story "today in the bay" has been following since tuesday. officers say -- police say officers found 21-year-old errol friedman shot dead behind a parked car. they found that discovery at pickleweed park and canal street. a man ran from the scene after shots were fired. police later arrested a 17-year-old from fairfax, who's being held at marin county
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juvenile hall. 5:02. final farewell for president george h.w. bush. his body lying in repose at st. martin's episcopal church in texas. he passed away last friday at the age of 94. after four very public memorials, his family will say one private good-bye. 3,000 people filled the national cathedral in washington, d.c., including every living president. of course, world leaders. following a funeral today, bush's body will be transported by train to his final resting place at his library on the campus of texas a&m university. he will be buried next to former first lady, barbara bush. 5:03. a live look at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. happening today, b.a.r.t. could make a move to speed up maintenance management for elevator and escalator units across the b.a.r.t. system. if you're a regular b.a.r.t. rider, you probably heard the
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announcement on platforms, talking about about the outages. the agency's board of directors will vote on a new pilot project this morning. if passed, b.a.r.t. will install a remote monitoring system on 81 elevators and escalators. that would help notify work ferz a unit breaks down. also this morning, b.a.r.t.'s board will also take up a parking issue. many people have had to sign up on a wait list to park their cars at any stations because it's been so busy. the agency will discuss possible resolutions for that problem. there's still no set date for the reopening of the now closed transbay terminal in san francisco. "the chronicle" is reporting the reopening may be further out than first believed. the terminal closed when cracks were noticed in two support beams. crews don't know when the repairs will be finished. now shelling out $20,000 to install clipper kiki of courey
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the terminal. a celebration fit for the holidays. the ninth annual drag queens on ice being held in union square in san francisco. state senator scott weiner will be in attendance and speak at the event. that starts tonight at 8:00. >> that looks fun. >> that does look fun. i actually want to check that out. i haven't been. >> sometimes my makeup is like that anyway. >> they have better makeup skills than i could ever dream of. that is a fact. right now the temperatures, 38 degrees in santa rosa. 43 in napa. 52 degrees in oakland. we have a nice combination. you with tell it's chillier in the north bay. as we head into the afternoon, yesterday we only topped out in the 50s. today we'll see 60s on the map. let's go over a quick look at your temperature trend for palo alto. what's going to happen is we're going to start off in the 40s and 50s. then we're going to start to trend upward. again, today it's going to be slightly warmer but not by much. still around seasonable. as the rain begins to fully
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clear out, we'll dry out and we're going to welcome some dry jun weather into the bay area. now i know you're wondering what's going on with the traffic. for that we'll send things over to mike. he's got a better look at that. >> but you do have a nice live shot for palo alto, and the entire peninsula with no problems. almost no problems around the bay. we'll zoom in to the exception. southbound 101 approaching the south san francisco oyster point off-ramp. we saw slowing the last few minutes. we just changed back to green for the read. the fast plain reported by one crash and another crash rumored in the area. that mate have been why all the sensored slowed. chp will update us but it sounds like everything is cleared to the center divide. in the east bay, no major problems on the bay bridge. bay bridge has both lanes
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slowing for fast track and cash. no problem for the nimitz. cheesecake chaos. free giveaways
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mike traffic tease happy thursday.. happy chaunakka. these numbers are the same numbers i showed you wednesday.. nothing has changed because the markets were closed for the national day of mourning. believe it or not.. we expect these to get worse today. wells fargo.. firing more
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executives over its account scandal. lam research in fremont.. i )ll get to that in a second.. but we do have some breaking business news. san francisco )s lyft says its filed the paperwork necessary to take the company public. that is.. sell shares in an ipo. details are very thin.. because lyft is one of those new-style filings under a relatively new law that keeps us from seeing most of the information. the s-e-c still has to approve the idea.. so this will take time. but lyft is... so far.. beating uber to the market. the ceo of fremont )s "lam research".. martin anstice.. has resigned. seen here on cnbc. the company says he )s leaving under accusations of improper behavior. that makes him the fourth chip industry ceo to leave his job under accusation. and major news in the battle between the u-s and china. the chieif financial officer from chinese firm huawai.. has been arrested in canada.. and reports say the u-s is trying to
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get her extradited here. not only is meng wan-zou the cfo.. she )s the daughter of company )s founder. we )re not sure why she has been arrested - canada has not been forthcoming - but it may be an accusation that huawai is exporting american technology to iran. huawei has offices here in silicon valley. it )s the second largest cell phone maker in the world.. behind samsung. the arrest was saturday.. we )re only learning about it now. that was the same day president trump met with president xi. america is trying to restart negotiations with the chinese over trade. one of the sticking points.. is the use of american technology.. and corporate secrets. so this becomes a mystery. did the white house know the huawei executive was going to be arrested? is this part of a larger plan? or coincidence? wrap with scott
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so-- if you recall, earlier this week we told about cheesecake factory )s free cheesecake giveaway. it all sounded fun and exciting -- until! things got completely out of hand! take a look at this long line of people trying to get their free cheesecake slice at the westfield valley fair mall in san jose yesterday. today in the bay )s kris sanchez is at that cheesecake factory this morning - and kris what we saw there is tame compared to what happened at other locations.
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ad lib toss to weather
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. >> we are looking at recovery and no slowing for the last ten minutes. southbound 101 approaching oyster point where there was an earlier crash. everything to the shoulder, there may be a second crash in the area but we're checking that out. no injuries reported for any of those. the big shot shows you a nice smooth drive but heading out of
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silicon valley, heading south there is reports of a crash around the summit area just south of the summit and there may be a quick traffic break from the restaurant all the way toward glenwood drive. they're trying to make sure the vehicle is over to the shoulder. just be careful. we'll send it right back to you. >> thank you. coming up next, the latest on the search for missing crew members after two american war planes crashed near japan. >> plus, it's been six years since lance armstrong came clean and admitted to using performance enhancement drugs.
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. watching today in the bay.
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. welcome back. 5:22 right now. you're watch be "today in the bay." developing right now, overseas a second military man found alive in the seas in japan after a crash involving two u.s. warplanes.
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a marine jet collided with a refueling plane in western japan about 18 hours ago. five crew members missing. the rescued crew member is said to be in fair to good condition. new this morning, lance armstrong is opening up in an incredibly candid interview six years after admitting to the world he used performance-enhancement drugs. he sits down with nbc's andrew ross sorkin. >> you can call it whatever you want to call it. doesn't matter, fraud, betrayal, all these things people felt. that's on me. i'll spend the rest of my life trying to make that right. >> armstrong opens up about the personal and professional fallout. he was stripped of his seven tour de france titles in that scandal. you can watch the entire interview coming up today on the "today" show. it starts at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." 5:23. happening now, the golden globe nominations will soon be revealed. a live look in hollywood. the podium is set. right now the nominees for
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division awards are being unveiled. we'll have complete results coming up in the next hour. you see the media setting up. sandra oh and andy sandberg will host the golden globe awards january 6th right here on nbc. >> should be fun. new this morning, an animal services operation in florida taking a bit of an unorthodox approach to bring home lost pet using facial recognition. >> every pet is scanned into a rover database and there's a smartphone app and it's like having a pet detective in the palm of your hand. finding rover is designed to recognize and reunite lost pets. rachel sievers with petco services says there's a first county shelter to start using this. >> we saw is it as a great opportunity to really offer something to our community. >> now, the app references your
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pet's unique features with pets already in the system to find a match. it also works in reverse if you find an animal to see if it's listed as lost. >> pretty cool. the technology these days. you know, buying a home is the top for many americans, especially for millenials. >> according to a new report from bank of america, millenials want to be homeowners more than they want to get married or have kids. 72% of millenials did list homeownership as a top priority. by contrast, 50% of millenials say getting married is a priority while 44% list having children. a look at how they plan to spend their cash for couples. >> a survey from quicken say a majority of couple as gree on holiday spending limits but 30% don't agree on the amount they're spending. a third of americans say they spend more on themselves during the holiday season than they do on their spouse. >> one for you and one for me. a parade of penguins enjoying the cold weather in
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pittsburgh, pennsylvania. look at them waddell outside into the lightly falling snow at the pittsburgh zoo and aquarium. the event is held in the winter at the zoo as long as temperatures are under 45 degrees and conditions are safe for those little penguins. >> i would like to take one home as a pet. 5:26 for you right now. coming up next, top stories we're following on this thursday morning, including new details on an officer-involved shooting in san francisco from earlier this year. a suspect was killed in a shootout with officers. up next in a live report, how that man's family plans to respond today. plus, it was certainly an emotional day in america yesterday as we said good-bye to former president george h.w. bush. these are live pictures from houston, texas, this morning, where his private funeral will be held later today. we'll have more on the details coming up. live now at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. the morning rush is getting under way. check for your morning commute and forecast straight ahead right here on "today in the bay." it is 5:26. skyline
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a very good thursday morning to you. let's take a peek outside. clearing skies, nice look at san francisco this morning. look at all the lights. good to see. going to have a few days of dry in our forecast, which will be good.
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good morning and thanks for joining us. >> we want to head over to vianey in for kari. oh, i like those temperatures behind you. >> a nice combination of cold and mild. that's microclimate for you. we have 50s on the map. 50 degrees in san jose. 53 in hayward. north bay, 43 in napa. as we head in towards the afternoon, we'll climb into some upper 50s and some 60s. let's get a quick check of your san jose temperature trend because we'll have a combination of some sun and clouds but it's definitely going dto be a lot sunnier than yesterday. 49 degrees by 8:00 a.m. if you notice, we start to dip down in the temperatures but then we go right back up into the upper 50s by 12:00. san jose is expected to climb into the 60s in the afternoon, but we do have some changes as we head into the weekend. i'll break those down for you. first, we'll check in with mike. >> we're looking at here towards the bay bridge toll plaza where marcus showed you that shot,
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things have started to stack up and now filling in for all lanes, cash and fast track, which started first. so, we do have the metering lights on. and the build for the san francisco side. the slowing you see towards treasure island, that will back off as folks are held at the toll plaza and then build into berkeley curve. contra costa county moves nicely. we had the crash at 580 at golf links but it's off to the center divide. maybe damp roads, but we'll track that as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:31 right now. this police shooting, if you can make it out here, it shocked the community. officers killed a man inside a san francisco barber shop. this morning the family of that man shot and killed by san francisco police will announce plans to file a lawsuit against the police department. "today in the bay" live in san francisco this morning with the details. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, laura. you may recall this shooting happened last march. several people were caught in
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the crossfire in the barber shop and one officer was injured. the dramatic video released by police shows the chaos that unfolded in the barber shop. police say the family of jahed eid had a gun and tried to break into the garage. police later spotted him at the barber shop and that's when police say he fired at officers nine times. officers fired 26 shots, killing him. five others who were shot, including an officer, survived. at a heated town hall meeting, barber shop workers and some families say police could have approached him differently. the police chief said he would look into those concerns. no word yet on the details of the lawsuit but the family is expecting to announce this lawsuit at 11:00 this morning in front of city hall. reporting live in san francisco, sharon kasuta, "today in the bay." happening now, the nation is pausing to honor and remember george h.w. bush.
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his body is lying in repose at st. martin's episcopal church in houston, texas. here's a live look. he passed away on friday at the age of 94. after four days of very public tributes and memorials, today his family will say one last private good-bye. yesterday 3,000 people filled the national cathedral in washington, d.c., including every living president and world leaders. following a funeral today, his body will be transported by train to his final resting place at the presidential library on the campus of texas a&m university. he will be buried to his wife, former first lady barbara bush. back here in the bay area, san jose police talking about an organized crime bust in the south bay. special agents arrested four men last month accused of manufacturing and selling drugs across the bay area and transporting those drugs across state lines. agents conducted raids at
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warehouses in the bay area and four other states. in the bay area alone, police say they seized more than 800 pounds of marijuana along with steroids, hash oil, ecstasy and weapons, including a rocket-launcher. they say the bust was two years in the making. one month after the deadly firestorm, the first paradise residents are only now being allowed to return to really nothing. authorities yesterday lifted evacuation orders for some people, but pg&e says full power will not be restored before the end of the year in some of those neighborhoods. gas services may take even longer than that. police are telling residents to be extra careful as they return to their property. >> i do want to remind everyone there are still a lot of hazards up there. we ask that you drive at a reduced speed, watch for utility crews, watch for equipment and be mindful of your fellow citizens and everybody trying to help restore our community. >> water in paradise right now
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is also a big problem. it's only available to a handful of agencies and facilities, including the town hospital. 5:34 right now. new this morning, target is reaching a statewide multimillion dollar settlement over allegations over illegal hazardous waste disposal. the state's attorney and alameda county attorney are saying the corporation will pay more than $7 million. in a statement, a target spokesperson said the company has, quote, made significant progress in the way we handle hazardous waste. new this morning, mystery in morgan hill. livestock owners help you can help solve. it involves the goats you see here. they say they are helping with private prevention by chomping on dry land. you may have seen them on 101. over the thanksgiving holiday, thieves stole more than 20 goats and also a trailer, which has been found, but without the goats. some are pregnant.
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the owners say the theft has crushed their business. if you know anything, contact the santa clara county's office. happening today, the oakland a's take their new stadium pitch online. this is an effort to the inform fans. the team is holding a facebook live event with bay area planners and stadium designers. fans are encouraged to submit their questions ahead of time it starts at noon and a lot has to happen before a shofl ever hits the ground there. but the team hopes to move into a gleaming new waterfront stadium near jack london square by the year 2023. it's 5:36 right now. happening tonight, a warning for drivers in burlingame. cal train closing a station on broadway avenue from 10:00 tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning. signs will be put up to direct traffic to use oak grove avenue as a detour. the work is part of cal trains
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electrification program. >> this weekend we'll have stoppage of cal train in san francisco. the last couple of stops have been stopped over the weekend so they can continue the electrification of those areas as well. we're looking at no problems for the route for cal trains, no delays along the peninsula side either. we're looking to the south bay. north 101 shows a little slowing. it's been there for about 20 minutes. it's sticking around. looking over towards 17, the southbound side. we had that crash which has just cleared past summit road. no injuries. a quk look at san mateo bridge. it's a nice, clear view and sparkling lights as we travel towards the peninsula with the taillights. here we are on friday eve, meaning the weekend is in sight. >> it's going to be filled with
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sunshine, comfortable weather and overall you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors. coast, bay, and inland temperatures will be in the upper 50s. low 60s for inland areas. as we head to your saturday, you don't have to worry about the rain on saturday. the last of that moisture is set to make its official exit within the next couple of hours. further to the south, i mean l.a., they're definitely still catching some rain down there. if you're traveling through the grapevine or anything like that, check the road conditions. it still might be a soggy, slippery commute at least through tomorrow. sunday's forecast, a bit of a change. that's because we are tracking another system rolling through. but i do have some good news. even though i'm showing rain right here, we'll start off our day mostly clear and then start to see an increase in cloud cover because that system is set to make its arrival late into the evening and overnight hours. you might still catch sunshine early on sunday. the temperatures remain in the 50s. 56 degrees for the coast. 57 for the bay. and some low 60s for inland
5:39 am
areas. if you're heading out of town, maybe heading up to heavenly, they have plenty of snow up there. it will be a great commute because they've had a couple of snow showers with the system that rolled through. as we head towards friday, saturday and sunday, the road conditions will be much better because we're not tracking any snow falling but they have fresh powder up there, which is always fantastic to see. i'll send it back to you. >> really great to see. 5:39. coming up, new information we're learning this morning on how a deadly firenado formed during the carr fire in redding. the u.s. senate teaming up against president trump. we'll take a look coming up in checks and balances. and pot mania is taking over. we have pot cookies and lollipops and now there is marijuana-infused perfume. i've heard it all. if that's not strong enough for you, we'll see if this perfume passes our smell test. >> oh, really? it's 5:39. a lot more still to come. you're watching "today in the bay."
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they say, at a certain age you just stop caring. i wonder what age that is. simply ageless foundation with olay. tones, hydrates, and reduces the look of wrinkles. from covergirl.
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and we are tracking some pretty good weather today. we're expecting some 50s and some low 60s through the afternoon. i will break down exactly what you can expect as we head in towards your weekend coming up. a look at fremont showing you the nimitz freeway flowing smoothly. surface street traffic starting for the south bay. a little slowing for the bay
5:43 am
shore freeway as well. i'll point that out coming up. thank you very much, va fia and mike. new details on a story we've been following for months. south bay leaders have shot down plans for a new catholic high school in morgan hill. the catholic diocese owns the land and wants to build a school but to do that, it requires the city of morgan to annex the land to bring did into city limits and bring it into city services. but santa clara county open based commission denied that bid. that would be for morgan hill, not san jose. new this morning, there's a new explanation for the creation of a deadly firenado spurring there in the carr fire. now, video captured that mons r monstrous funnel which you aring in redding in july. a new study says it was created by a combination of scorching weather, erratic wind and the ice-topped clouds.
5:44 am
scientists say firenado was the size of three football fields. a tunnel of smoke and flames killed take firefighter. in total the carr fire claimed eight lives and burned more than 1,000 homes. new this morning, a top aide for senator harris is resigning. larry wallace was a long-time staff member who served as director of division of law enforcement under harris when she was state attorney general. as sacramento bee reports, wallace paid for a sexual harassment lawsuit during that time. wallace transitioned to work for harris as senior adviser in her sacramento office. now, he has not yet commented. how, a spokesperson for senator harris say we were unaware of this and take the accusations of
5:45 am
harassment. google ceo is likely trying to make amends for missing a major senate hearing earlier this year. silicon valley suddenly realizing how poor its relationship is with washington. president trump has tweet the insults against google several times. senator will meet with trump today along with redwood city's oracle and others. the google kree was also supposed to testify in front of krong th congress this week. that's been postponed because of the national day of mourning on wednesday. in other new, the senate is teaming up to defy president trump. california's diane ryan stein, republican senator from south carolina lindsey graham co-so sponsoring a senate resolution blaming saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman for the death of a journalist. the president said, maybe he did, maybe he didn't.
5:46 am
first, you have a bipartisan move in the senate, democrats, republicans, coming together to defy the president. two, they came to that conclusion that mbs was involved after a briefing from the director of the cia. a previous briefing from the secretary of state let mbs off the hook which means either the cia or the state department misled the senate. based on the senate's reaction today, it's pretty clear they think it was the secretary of state, mike pompeo, who's leading them down the wrong path. that's going to be tough on pompeo's credibility. speaking of congress, mary barra wi will be back on capitol hill explaining why she's closing america's plants. gment m is under pressure after being bailed out by the american taxpay taxpayer. we'll watch everything that's happening in washington. as usual, you'll find me talking about it on twitter. >> thanks so much, scott. 5:46. cannabis be true?
5:47 am
the first ever marijuana-infused perfume is for sale in oregon. >> it's made with essential oils of marijuana, lemon, tobacco and frankincense are added to those ingredients there. developers describe it as elegant, woodsy and warm. >> everyone's very intrigued in this scent and they're even more surprised at how elegant it ends up smelling when they experience it. >> the pot perfume does not contain thc, which means it will not get you high. you will have to pay a high price so the bottle will cost you 95 bucks. >> oh, no. >> that's not that much. >> just walk anywhere in the bay area -- >> that's what i was thinking. contact. >> we've done those stories about illegal pot farms and people say, what a great smell -- >> elegant and woodsy. >> i bet chanel is rolling over.
5:48 am
>> they got what they wanted. >> qul, transitioning to weather now, i guess, we've got a beautiful sight in lake tahoe right now. they got so much snow from all these systems we saw roll through. right now it just looks magical. lake tahoe, 27 degrees. >> love it. >> yeah. we've got some beautiful lights up there. some snow. i've been seeing everybody's wonderful videos. i have a lot of friends who headed up here to go snowboarding and skiing. here's what satellite/radar looks like right now. a my combination of clearing in the northern portion but southern california is dealing with rain. check out los angeles. if you're heading to l.a. tonight or tomorrow, down through the grapevine, look at bakersfield also catching some showers. make sure to check the road conditions before you do that because you might be caught up in slick roadways out there. they're expecting to keep a lot of this rain through today and in tomorrow, possibly through the weekend. as far as we go, look at storm
5:49 am
ranger. it's been busy but it looks like it's up and running. it's taking a break in terms of tracking rain. things have slowed down significantly. as we begin to see the area dry out, we'll welcome in some nice sunshine through the area. a look right now at san jose, about 50 degrees. wind speeds at 5 miles per hour. san francisco, 54. also beautiful and clear as we head in towards the afternoon i want to show you your temperature trend because we'll climb into the upper 50s. we'll keep sun and clouds. it's not going to be completely sunny the entire day but you'll see for the most part, mostly clear skies. cupertino topping out at 57 degrees. you'll see we'll have low 60s through the interior valley. if you're headed out to the coastline, there's a beach hazard statement in effect because we have tall waves coming through. down through the coastline, microclimate weather for the next seven days, this is what it looks like, thursday and friday we'll keep the dry weather, even in through saturday. saturday morning it will be fantastic. so is sunday morning. notice how i put p.m. rain.
5:50 am
that means the rain will move in late sunday into monday. as we head in towards next week, into tuesday and wednesday, the rain seems to clear out, according to our models. overall, i would say keep that umbrella in hand if you're going to plan on being out sunday night into early morning. as far as the temperatures go, we'll remain in the 60s all week long and then we cool down once again as we head in towards next monday. back down into those 50s and the overnight lows as we head into saturday, dropping down into the 30s again for inland areas. that's going to be cold overnight. >> get an extra blanket. you got warning from vianey. we have warning from the capital corridor system. systemwide delay because of a signal issue. sounds like what we might have had yesterday between richmond and martinez. that's a good chunk of the track. when there's a problem on the tracks, you can't get around it so there will be that systemwide delay continuing. b.a.r.t. has no delay. that's great if you want to get past the bay bridge without a problem. over here, south bay, a little
5:51 am
slowing for north 101. typical pattern here. very light throughout the rest of the valley. there's a crash west 237 approaching matilda in sunnyvale. no issue as far as speed sensors go. dublin interchange looks great. there is a crash reported but i don't see any problem past the san mateo bridge. there's a build heading to and from tracy on 580. no major issues, highway 4 slows through concord and bay point. that's it for contra costa county. bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights off. on the peninsula, we didn't talk about that but it's pretty much like this. 101 and 280 basically adds speed. back over to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. happening now, an american catholic priest is under arrest in the philippines.
5:52 am
77-year-old reverend kenneth hendricks was arrested yesterday. he is accused of sexually assaulting altar boys in a remote filipino town. the reverend had been living in the philippines for 37 years. 5:52. next and all new this hour, a very big warning for parents and caregiving. the infant ibuprofen recall issued overnight. it could cause permanent damage. also, solving silicon valley's biggest problem. that's how one bay area frames her effort to make tech companies more inclusive. hear her big plan coming up next. says providing supervised s
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welcome back. it is 5:55. a new report this morning says providing supervised access to heroine for addicts could reduce the risk of fatal overdoses. the rand corporation is a santa monica global policy think tank. >> it says heroine injunction sites have been successful in other countries and should be tested in the u.s. san francisco was set to open a safe injection site before the governor intervened. he vetoed the bill which would have allowed the city to operate one. the facilities provide sterile drugs. researchers say these sites can lower the risk of overdose and reduce the risk of the spread of disease.
5:56 am
there's a new push to diversify the tech culture. one group of entrepreneurs want to drop silicon valley. she says biased and hiring and the so-called brogrammer culture and she's putting up $100,000 in capital to help in programming. >> this is using tech to fix tech. >> i wanted to quit. >> we have diversity problems. we have inclusion problems. we have tech culture problems. >> you can watch the entire story on our website right now and read about the startup competition she's pitching. nbc news exclusive. lester holt sits down with director steven spielberg to discuss the lasting impact of schindler's list and the lasting impact today. >> what do you want people to
5:57 am
take away from this film? >> individual hate is a terrible thing, but when collective hate organizes and gets industrialized, then genocide follows. we have to take it more seriously today than we've had to take it in a generation. >> see the full interview in the 8:00 hour of the "today" show or look for it later on apple is working to cut your sun exclosure by making you more informed. scientists at northwestern university developed a new device you may want to throw in your beach bag. a small wearable sensor measuring your exposure to uva and uvb light. it can warn users when they get too much device. the device connects to a smartphone to access information the my skin tracker, the uv sensor, is available at and select apple stores in the u.s. put on that sunscreen. they say every wine bottle has a story. the next installment of our
5:58 am
award-winning documentary series shares some of those stories from winemakers and growers. >> born in mexico, rolando came to napa valley as a teenager. he knew nothing about wine, but learned from sdprendz taught himself. in 1997 he launched mi suena which means my dream. the white house wanted to serve his wine at a state dinner. >> the chef loved it. i loved it. and wanted five cases for the dinner. i said, what dinner? i'm just like, yes, of course. what do you say? you're so happy and you can't believe it. >> bay area revelations, america's wine country airs saturday at 10:00 after "saturday night live." >> to your health there. 5:58 right now. right now and brand-new at 6:00 a.m., rub en foster's accuser
5:59 am
tells her side of the story. >> he threw my stuff out of the balcony, dragged me out of the house, down the stairs two or three times. >> the woman at the center of the domestic violence allegations against the former 49er opens up in an all-new interview. ride-share race, a big breaking business story we're following. san francisco's lyft taking a big step in its battle with uber. all new, cheesecake chaos, long lines and tension at stores across the country, including in san jose. what went wrong and the arrest that has people talking. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> mike will have a look at that commute. we start off with vianey in for kari this morning. is the rain pretty much gone? >> yeah, the radar is nice and dry. storm ranger not picking up a lot of moisture but the
6:00 am
temperature as you head out in the north bay, a little chilly. if you're taking public transportation, you need to bundle up because temperatures in the low 40s, mid-50s and eventually we'll climb to upper 50s. we'll climb into low 60s for the afternoon but we have to start off with the cooler temperatures first. as we head in towards the weekend, i am tracking another round of showers pushing through. i'll break down the timeline for that coming up in a bit. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> vianey, we just showed pleasant hill and b.a.r.t., no problems for temperatures or for delays for b.a.r.t. we do have things to report, capital and ace train, we'll show our drivers. but the bay bridge toll plaza showed a backup relatively late, about 5:30 when they showed all lanes backed up at the toll plaza. we see a pattern forming as they slow down around the berkeley curve. san pablos, those slower spots are starting to


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