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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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oakland to burbank -- still grounded. right now at 11:00, southwest flight 278 from oakland to burbank still grounded. tonight the investigation intensifies and passengers are reliving the frightening landing on the rain flooded runway. >> it was scary. almost in slow motion. everyone on the plane was really quiet. >> it could have been much worse. >> federal officials are looking through the night looking for more answers.
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cheryl hurd joins us with the very latest. what do we know? >> well, we know that a passenger left oakland this morning for a quick turn-around trip. she didn't think, she knew she would receive a little rain but she had no idea that her plane would slide off the runway. >> it's nice to come back to oakland in a nice smooth landing. >> karen williams with quite a story to tell. f it was raining when we got there. when we were skidding on the runway, it was like water in a boat. that was water coming up toward the window. >> she said surprisingly people were calm in the moments after the southwest flight from oakland slid off the run fwha burbank. as you can see in this cell phone video, firefighters were checking on confused passengers. she remembers everything in detail. especially with a the pilot said before the landing. >> did he say because it was so wet, that the brakes might have some problems sticking.
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but we didn't know it would be that rough. >> rough and scary for 112 passengers and five crew members who were on board the plane that was able to stop due to special material built into the runway. helping to make sure it didn't slide too far. southwest planes were grounded for hours. jason miller managed to get a flight to oakland tonight. he even showed us a picture he took before takeoff. >> i almost didn't want to get back on the plane but i have to get back home so -- >> reporter: well, you might wonder about that. the plane is relatively new, about 20 years old and it's been used before in burbank. reporting live in burbank, nbc bay area news. >> part of the issue in burbank was all the rain down south and in other parts of southern california. all the mud. take a look. this is new video from lake elsinore in riverside county. that's two feet of mud in a burned out fire zone.
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this led to mandatory evacuations west saw flooded rivers and roads in l.a. county. and snow on the grapevine. this is not lake tahoe. this is down south. both sides of interstate 5 temporarily closed. today everything is back open now. stalking and killing prey. a mountain lion has been killing animals. one woman managed to get that picture of the big cat. the biggest concern though is when the picture was taken. nbc's reporter is in gilroy. that big cat appears to be very comfortable roaming around and it's not that late. >> reporter: yeah. that picture was only shot around 6:30 p.m. last night. around the time that there were still people and plenty of pets out and about. in the photo you can see the reflection of the young mountain lion's eyes. next to it, the carcass of a dead animal. >> we passed into the field and
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i realized that we could see our pet goat laying out in the field so i ran out. >> pickles the goat is one of several of her animals that have been killed over the past few days. she said she also lost her prized rabbit. the biggest concern is what time the big cat was caught on camera. 6:30 p.m. >> a very busy time on the road. i have four children. and we were just at grandma's. okay. it started getting dark. we need to leave because it's not safe. >> reporter: the mountain avenue has been around gilroy. there are several small ranches in this area. neighbors are concerned. >> there is a creek over this way. that's when i started getting concerned. to hear they're right here behind my house, that's another level. >> because she has had some of her animals killed and she now
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has a picture of that mountain lion, she is considering going to the california department of fish and wildlife to get a permit that would then allow her to hire a trapper to potentially capture, trap that predator. reporting live if gilroy. nbc bay area news. thank you. new at 11:00, an fbi raid in one of the bay area's most upscale communities. the target of the raid, a small business that caters to kids. witnesses tell us about eight fbi agents were spotted in los altos removing fwrokss the love bug salon. no arrests were made. love bugs is a lice removal salon. new video from oakland. some members refused to leave. about four people were still there in a shed as police tried convince them to come out. they did and police dismantled the last shed.
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that site has been declared illegal. it happened last month when some 15 people were living in the encampment at the time. city officials say they've all been offered shelter in other locations. addressing a homeless issue on campus. it found that 13% of students have experienced homelessness in the past year. student activists want the university leaders to do something about the issue and they're using tonight's campout as a call for action. we have developing news in washington, d.c. president trump will nominate a former tv news anchor as u.n. ambassador. heather who is the spokesperson for the state department will soon be getting a big promotion. before joining the trump administration last year, she was an anchor for fox news. the move is quite nurn because she has little experience in government or foreign policy. if she had confirmed 20 senate, she will replace nikki haleiy wo
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resigned earlier this year. it is a train to heaven. president bush is now holding the hand of his wife barbara. one last emotion farewell for the 41st president. this ends four days of mourning across the country. ian cole shows us the most notable moments. >> at this same texas church barbara bush's funeral was earlier this year. more than 1,000 of close friends and dignitaries joining in a touching day of tribute. >> reporter: tonight george herbert walker bush reaching his final resting place. the burial following a heartfelt funeral where he worshipped for more than half a century. james baker, his close personal friend, knew him like few others. >> because our glory, george, was to have had you as president and as such, a friend.
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♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound >> reporter: after a son watching a father leave his adopted home town for the last time, then arriving at union pacific 4141 painted to resemble air force one. a nod to the president's love of trains. thousands of texans lining up along the 80-mile route to say goodbye on the way to his presidential library at texas a & m. a missing man formation performed by military aircraft over the aerial site. tonight 41st president laid to rest alongside his daughter robin and his beloved wife barbara. a week of tribute. a life and legacy remembered. ian cole, bay area news. now a bay area tribute to the late president bush could be heard throughout the city of
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alameda. members of the coast guard fired the cannons 21 times. a rare military honor. president bush was the last u.s. president to see act yive duty war time. you can join jenna bush hager as she shares her personal tribute to her grandfather. a love letter to gampy. it will air right here on nbc bay area. up next, he just agreed to host the oscars. now he's out. the surprise announcement from the comedian kevin hart. why you could pay more for your tree. a cool 53 in san francisco. we'll show you where it drops down to the 30s. my brand new update and when
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showers could return in about eight minutes. upcoming oscars. s
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-- he weas named the it's no hafg matter. the comedian stepping down as the host of the oscars. he was named the host. some of his old tweets surfaced expressing anti-gay sentiments. he said he has already apologized the issue several times years ago. late tonight he tweeted he was sorry and does not want to be a distraction to the awards show. and the golf club in new york is headlines tonight because of immigration status. she said when she started working as housekeeper at the trump golf club five years ago, she was honest and disclosed she didn't have proper papers and didn't speak english. she said she was told at the
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time that it didn't matter. she is now coming forward because of direct abuse involving igd la abuse at the golf course. throughout his campaign and presidency, mr. trump has taken a hard line on immigration and undocumented immigration. there is a statement tonight saying if any employees gave improper documentation, she will be fired tomorrow. taxpayers could be on the hook for the trial of the golden state killer, joseph deangelo. sacramento county has asked the state to help cover the cost for prosecuting deangelo to the tune of about $20 million. that includes the cost of his public defender. he was arrested in april after investigators identified him through his dna. the crimes began in 1975 and went on for about 11 years. he faces 26 counts of murder and rape, spanning six counts. in april, a judge dropped a
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dmv case against ruben foster after alyssa took the stand and swore she had made up the alleged abuse and said foster never abused her. today she said he did abuse her. it comes two weeks after she called police a second time claiming that foster had hurt her while during their stay at a 49ers hotel in tampa. >> that's why i did what i did. because i loved him. >> if she lied under oath, and she was warned that perjury, but she proceeded anyway, they have on make an evaluation. is this a case we should prosecute? >> the daxt's office said they will not file perjury charges against her. as for foster, he was cut by the 49ers while picked up by washington. tonight's meeting went on as planned without the vice chair of the planning commission. a fallout from los altos after a member of the commission was charged on dui charges. he was caught asheep at the wheel of a tesla, driving about
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70 miles an hour on 101 on the peninsula. the chp investigators say, suspect that he was using tesla's auto pilot feature. this happened last week. he was taken into custody on dui charges. in a statement, he said the auto pilot features are not meant to replace the actual driver. your christmas tree could cost you more this holiday. keeping the tree stocked. more on this christmas tree crunch. the folks say they will not run out of christmas trees but they say they are having to work with more growers than usual to meet expected demands.
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>> tis the season to search for the perfect tree. they're working harder to make sure you can find it. managers say their supplier didn't plant enough trees to meet demands so they're branching out to other farmers. some didn't plant enough and others are getting out of the tree business altogether. >> they find they can grow other crops such as hops for the beer, marijuana is a big crop. >> clancy is still growing his own. he said he has more than enough trees. >> they get that extra christmas cheer on the side. it feels good. >> i'll pay for it. >> prices shoppers are willing to pay. >> we paid a little more coming
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in. we saw the wreath and we thought, we want that too. nbc bay area news. is there a way to make those escooters safer? especially for people walking on the sidewalk? maybe. they want to use geo fencing. it will slow down the scooters and prevent them from going on the sidewalks. it is the same thing used on grocery carts that doesn't allow them to go past certain points in a parking lot. they said they are willing to work with the scooter companies to make it a reality. they're going to meet next week to talk about it. another tantalizing tweet from elon musk and his underground tunnel project. >> december 18th. that is when he said the company will have a major product
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launch. this will include autonomous cars and elevators. getting real here. last month a major step as the tunnel broke through. you see it here. it is situated under the l.a. suburb of hawthorne and is expected to whisk vehicles place to place at up to 150 miles an hour. >> nothing boring tonight at the kntv studios. recognize this guy? we were doing some celebrating. that's a much younger raj mathai. this is his 20th anniversary with nbc bay area. >> i have jet black hair. >> you did. but back then. >> going great. you did it with grace and aplomb and we're very proud of you. >> i can't believe i've gotten to 20 years. i'm really grateful.
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i think i've been here 20 years. i i got a will the better when you came along. >> we're very proud of you. i think i gave him the gray hair. >> let's do that. >> as we move into the next 24 hours, we have a nice forecast. a little speed bump for the morning. this week across the bay area, that storm system is moving to southern california today and it just clobbered so cal. snow in the grapevine that shut that down as well. you can see the storm ranger is showing the system beginning to break up so a much better day for los angeles as we head into
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tomorrow. be very careful as it will be icy. our very own storm ranger continuing to show dry conditions. we don't want to you get caught off guard. if you've laid the clothes out for yourself, make sure you have a scarf. especially here. that will be chilly. south bay at 40. going to my coldest average with 35. san francisco, 43. and the east bay at 30. it's been a long time since we've seen a trend like this. lingering cloud cover. this is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we have mostly sunny skies. it will look like it's broken but it's not. there's not much in the way of
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cloud cover coming our way. i think with that sunshine, it will put us across the area. 60s from san mateo to palo alto to. san francisco, light winds, sunshine. 58 along the embarcadero. hook beautiful and 63. we get some showers returning into monday. we're dry next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. take a look for yourself. you can see this is a really
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good break for us after all the activity we've seen over the past eight weeks. i can't wait for friday and saturday. >> we're almost -- 20 years and one day. up next, the mystery surrounding an increase in animal shootings this year. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. tonight show hashtags. a great show. stay tuned. happening now, a dangerous situation at san jose state. two men got into an argument inside the library. one of them pulled out a knife and then took off running. campus police officers tracked him down and arrested him. thankfully, no one was hurt. "oad
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to take a hiatus because of safety issues. the new measures organizers are implementing before festivities start tomorrow. and mike has your friday commute covered before you head out the door!!!! join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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bay. the "lindsey wildlife center" in walnut creek says it )s seen 30 animals, mostly birds, who have been shot. most of the shoot the wild high of center in walnut creek said it has seen 30 animals, mostly birds, that have been shot. most involved a bb gun or pellet gun. it is not clear why people are shooting the birds but it is likely people think they're a nuisance or they're just using them for target practice. >> very recently, we've that everything from a crow to a raven to a red tailed hawk to a turkey as a result you are. come in with indications that someone shot it. >> unfortunately, most of the animals do not survive.
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the wild live center is reporting to it the department of fish and while life. a missing goat. flyers are circulating to find the person who stole dozens of goats. they said the fire prevention efforts by chomping on the brush and landscaping. thieves stole at least 60 goats from a farm. they stole a trailer which has been found, minus the goats. some of those goats are also pregnant. >> we hope they get them back. warriors make a surprise visit to a local high school. we'll show you where and why.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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court. a high school court. the students at the school -- the warriors did not play tonight but they still played tonight organization a high school court. >> can you imagine, they coming was in? the students were shocked. why were the champs there? here's why. there's kevon looney and that's his alma mater. the whole gang came along. his jersey is retired. it's rare that an nba team, an entire team hangs out together.
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the warriors are a special bunch. >> the raiders have been disappointed this seige. >> the football team is playing in a state championship this season against ventura college. despite what happens on saturday, his players are already winners. >> look at the make-up of our team. this age group? they're in jail, dead. they win every day when they show up to go to school. >> saturday's game is at sacramento city college. check it out. back in a moment with the very special tree lining. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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george h.w. bush )s funeral today... we will be replaying "days of our lives" at three a-m. a programming note to tell you about. due to our coverage of george h.w. bush's funeral tonight, we'll be playing days of our lives at 3:00 in the morning. governor brown and the first lady hosting the 37th annual christmas tree writing in sacramento. it looks beautiful. this year's tree is a 65-foot white fir. it is decorated with, is that right?
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10,000 lights and 900 hand crafted ornaments. >> do you know what we should have done? had a tree lighting for raj. >> you're making me embarrassed. >> we could have the tree lighting ceremony tomorrow. >> if could i turn red, i would turn red. tomorrow we've got a nice cold start in the 30s. in the afternoon, sunshine, and explain spotty showers. >> so the temperature won't be 20 tomorrow? >> for you, yes. thanks for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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