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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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there may have been a traffic break or at least more slowing as crews arrived for the crash with no major injuries before you get to the whipple off-ramp into union city. no other issues as far as the big drive and that's good stuff. we have slowing, maybe a crash on 580. i'll check that out as well. back to you. 5:00 on the dot. happening today new insight into the russia probe in cases involving president trump's former campaign manager and former personal lawyer. special counsel robert mueller's office is set to make new court filings in those cases, make those filings public. "today in the bay's" blayne alexander is live in washington, d.c. blayne, there's a lot of reaction on the russia probe from president trump overnight. >> yes, kris, good morning to you. reaction just within the past few minutes or so, 15 minutes or so. he was up and tweeting about this very early and he clearly has a lot to say. we're going to show you his five-part tweet that he sent out
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over the course of about 30 minutes this morning. president trump is attacking the russia investigation. he's attacking mueller's team. he's attacking robert mueller himself, the special counsel, and the theme of it all, he's essentially trying to undermine all of them and undermine the credibility of mueller and his investigation. now, this tweet storm comes after we've seen really two weeks of very solid, major and steady developments in the russia investigation, and we expect to see some more today, and these involving two people who were once close members of the president's inner circle. let's start with paul man aare the to, the man who was president trump's one-time campaign chairman in 2016. as we know, in recent days, mueller's team wanted to scrap a plea deal that they have with manafort because they say manafort was lying to investigators, so they say they're going to toss that out. they want him to be? ence -- sentenced immediately. in the filings today, we expect to get at least some sort of a
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glimpse into what exactly his alleged behavior entails. now, the other person that we're expecting inside on today is michael cohen. he was the president's long time personal attorney. he was his fixer. he once said he would take a bullet for president trump. the two were very close. in recent days it's become increasingly clear that cohen is strongly cooperating with mueller. we know that he has spoken with the special counsel for hours or so, kris. we expect in the filings again today to get some sort of a sense as to what information was divulged in the conversations. >> always good when that information becomes public. thank you very much, blayne. 5:02 right now. developing in our nation's capital, president trump will nominate a former tv news anchor as u.n. ambassador later this morning. heather nauert, currently the spokeswoman for the state department, will be getting a big promotion. before joining the trump administration last year, she was an anchor for fox news. nauert has little experience in
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government or foreign policy. developing right now, one-time san francisco giant is one of two baseball players who were killed in a car crash in venezuela. infielder jose castillo played for the giants back in 2008, and that was his last season in the majors. the other player who died is luis val buena who played for the l.a. angels last season and played a total of 11 years in the big leagues. the two were playing for a venezuelan winter ball team at the time. authorities say their car struck a rohhing last night and went off the road. no details about a hit-and-run crash in richmond that killed a 1-year-old. sylvia welch is facing dui and manslaughter charges. court documents say she was also driving on a suspended or revoked license. the crash happened last month at cutting boulevard. the 1-year-old died at the hospital. there's a big fight brewing
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over what to replace the old valco mall with. people against the new housing project this morning are celebrating a small victory. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with details. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. what this valco project in coup toe know is centered around the hot topic we talk about all the time in the bay area, the issue where and when to build housing. despite the small victory for opponents, there's quite a battle ahead. the group is better cupertino. they gathered roughly about 5,000 signatures in opposition to this project to be built at the valco mall site in cupert o cupertino. that would provide nearly 3,000 homes, nearly 200 hotel rooms and plenty of office space. proponents say it will help with housing but opponents say it will cause traffic issues and stretch city resources thin. the project may proceed anyways, thanks to sb 35, a new state law that would fast track housing
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construction, so developers could consider an alternative plan with resident input but it could move forward regardless of any potential city-wide vote. as far as the next steps the city council will discuss this issue december 18th and they could vote on it as early as next year city wide or hold off until the general election in 2020. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, thanks for the update there, pete. happening today, san francisco will unveil freda collow way in the ingelside area, used to be known as phelan avenue. a holiday tradition is back. the oakland zoo lights is kicking off the season. here is a live look at what to expect as you go out there to see it. beautiful there. the nightly event runs, this starts at 5:30, and it goes until 9:00 at night, and it ends on january 6th. so you have a little time there. tickets to zoo lights cost $10
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for adults and $9 for kids. >> the gondola going is a beautiful view. >> way to view the whole bay. i love that. we're starting out this morning with mid to upper 30s in parts of the north bay. it is chilly. santa rosa now 36 degrees. and livermore now 37, but we do see some 40s for the south bay, and parts of the east bay over toward san francisco. if you're on your way out the door to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station it's only about 45 degrees so wear a warmer jacket or coat and as we go through the day, you may be starting to peel that off, as we warm up into the upper 50s, and then checking out our temperatures for cupertino, where we will also have a chilly start, but a very nice and warm afternoon, with some low 60s. so we'll get a look ahead to the weekend coming up, and mike, you're checking out the altamont pass. >> i am. the whole corridor back and forth, east and west. slowing grant line road. eastbound counter commute they've been doing the paving
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project for the last couple weeks. westbound your commute there is that slower drive we see typical. there's also a crash reported there. it sounds like everything should getquickly. the rest of livermore, pleasanton, the tri valley, north of there contra costa county moves smoothly. south county we have no problems. note for l.a. if you're headed toward southern california area, i-5, had weather problems yesterday and a closure for a period of time, i-5 is open over the grapevine but a wind advisory so keep that in mind. no advisories for wind. smooth drive across the bridges. little slowing at the toll plaza. cash lanes for the bay bridge and no problems southbound 101 through san rafael down to the golden gate. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, the latest on the arrest of the chinese tech executive in canada. u.s. authorities push for it. the impact it's having on wall street and perhaps your 401(k). we've been telling you about
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the massive dog food recall. up next, one retailer is giving away free dog food to those affected. and still ahead, do your kids spend hours playi inin in t fortnite? they may have a problem.
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right now at 5:10, it starts out chilly with some mid-40s in the south bay. as we head toward sunnyvale, it will be a nice day to get out and about, spend some extra time
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outside as our temperatures reach the lower 60s, and then we'll start to see more clouds tomorrow, and rain on sunday. i'll track the timing for you, what to expect for your weekend plans, coming up in less than five minutes. timing is much better traveling north through oakland. the tail lights moving smoothly from highly past 23rd. construction all clear, guys. good morning, i'm frank hollande at cnbc global head quarters. wall street is pointed toward a lower open this morning following a stunning reversal in the markets yesterday. the dow had been down as much as 785 points on fears about a possible ramping up of the trade tensions between the u.s. and china. it was sparked by news of the arrest of a top executive from chinese tech giant wawei in canada at the request of u.s. authorities for allegedly violating u.s. sanctions.
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stocks stemmed losses on reports indicating the fed may take the food off the gas pedal when it comes to hiking interest rates. however, the fed is still expected to raise rates later this month. on today's watch list, a key report on the job market is expected to show steady hiring and faster wage growth in november. fiat chrysler reportedly plans to add a second plant in detroit in 2020 to build the jeep grand cherokee. news of the new jeep factly comes as general motors ceo mary barra was on capitol hill this week, meeting with lawmakers angry at the company's decision to close five north american plants and cut up to 15,000 jobs due to a weak demand for passenger cars. social media news. facebook assessing a new feature to let her merchants show off their wares in live videos. they can describe products in live videos and take payments or reservations through facebook messenger. the feature could help facebook
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grab more revenue outside of ads in the news feed. those are your cnbc business headlines. back to you. >> i wouldn't mind seeing fewer ads. thank you very much, frank. new details that petco is offering free trade-ins for a dog food recall, following the fda's recall of multiple dry dog food due to toxic levels of vitamin d. petco says it does not carry any of the brands listed in the current recall but it is still helping out. you can find a full list of the brands that are a part of that recall on the website. go to cute dogs. good news if you're hitting the roads this holiday season. prices at the pump are the cheapest so far this year. according to aaa, the national gas price average dropped more than 50 cents since memorial weekend. the current averages for regular
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gas in the bay area, you know it's higher. san francisco $3.70, oakland $3.56. in san jose, you get the best deal around $3.51, that's the average. talk about going all the way, and more than 15,000 nfl games ever played, there's only been one 99-yard touchdown run, but you see it right there, go ahead and make that two for us right now, as he's going all the way there! last night, the titans derek henry matched a feat done once before only in 1983. henry's feet carried him through numerous tackles there, until he reached the end zone against jacksonville. >> oh, my goodness. >> and now announcer joe buck called last night's game for fox. his father, jack buck, actually called the 1983 touchdown run. this is for cbs radio.
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your dad did it back in '83, you do it in 2018. >> and one tiny reason now to like joe buck. >> not a joe buck fan? >> sorry, i don't care for him much at all but that is somethi something. >> that was not a replay. that was the same run. >> right, 9 9. >> 99. not 9 9 degrees outside. >> more like 39 out there. >> there we go! >> we were looking at a live view of san francisco, where we have some clear skies, and mostly in the mid-40s there, but then as you head inland, it's been chilly. let's head toward palo alto, where we can see also some clear skies, and then our start will be at about 45 degrees, and then 46 degrees at 8:00, and then we start to warm up, heading through late morning, and noon. it's still only at about 54 degrees. as you are getting up and styling why you are hair, it will start out humid but overall, it will be a good hair
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day, as our humidity decreases for the afternoon. checking out storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar showing no rain this morning, and then we'll be tracking some as we head toward the end of the weekend, so here's a look at the next system that will bring us first some clouds, and then by sunday, some rain. it's going to turn mostly cloudy going into tomorrow, but we are enjoying sunshine for our afternoon today, reaching 58 degrees in san francisco, 59 in oakland, and in san jose we're up to 62 degrees. here is how we shape up as we go into the weekend. we're going to see some sunshine today, and then mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow afternoon, and then by sunday, we'll start to see the rain moving in from north to south, starting out late sunday night into early monday morning. so this should not affect your weekend plans, and if you're going to the sierra, squaw valley is looking nice. going to be chilly, partly cloudy, with highs in the upper 30s and low 40s. looking at our inland valleys
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the rain chances once again with a weak storm system moving in between sunday and monday. other than that, we have a dry forecast, and our warmest day will be today, and not too bad tomorrow as well, with san francisco reaching the upper 50s. i'll continue to track our next round of rain and mike, you're tracking a smooth drive right now. >> very smooth. the weather is great. the conditions are great for driving, and it's friday. after thanksgiving, toward the end of the year, so we expect this to be the case. the slow build, the altamont pass nothing surprising. the earlier crash did clear. there is another crash reported coming through dublin and livermore, please stand by 580. over here the contra costa drive, no problem through contra costa county through the bay bridge. little pause for some cash players at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to 580. we talked about westbound, there is a crash reported around north livermore. traffic has been flowing past there for the last five minutes without delay. chp doesn't have a lot of details but i can show you the
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live picture past that crash, a lighter flow of traffic. folks were able to get by whatever activity there is there but it sounds like everything's off to the shoulder. you remember getaway traffic, that's eastbound with those tail lights, that will start as early as perhaps noon today, as folks try to get toward that fresh snow up in the see gentlemierrs. bring the chains just in case. you've been watching kari's reported. westbound 92 no problems across the high-rise. it's smooth toward the peninsula without delay and mass transit no delays reported either. caltrain riders have known for the last month, we've had the weekend stoppage over there at broadway because of the electification project, that's for future work. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, some san jose state students spending the night in tents. the message these students are trying to send. fortnite is a popular online video game with millions of users, but some people are seriously addicted. up next, rehab for video games.
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but first, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in the nbc bay area newsroom, at least in one cubicle. look at the photo mike inouye shared on facebook. look at mike's tree, versus our editor, gracie's tree. we need to inflate him with some holiday spirit and maybe a new plant. >> water. >> you can share your photos with mike by following him on facebook. man's world?
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it is 5:21 right now. call to action from san jose state students, which is where university activists have set up camp to address student homelessness. this is video showing them setting up last night. recent report found that more than 13% of san jose state students were homeless at some point over the past year, which is the highest rate for any university in the cal state system. organizers are asking to work with school leaders to try to come up with a workable solution. a new rehab program is working to help kids with video game addiction. your kids, like a lot of millions of them out there, might be glued to their screens playing fortnite. the game's creator says there are now more than 200 million accounts online. the poll finds that 61% of teens are playing the game, about 24% of parents there expressing
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concerns about video game addiction. joe fryer takes us inside a rehab program. >> we can't avoid gaming. we've been compared a lot to detox programs for say alcohol. you can go to alcohol treatment and never touch it again your whole life. you could live that way. >> you can watch the full interview coming up on the "today" show, right after "today in the bay." new for you this morning, an online petition is pushing to ban leaf blowers in walnut creek. last check, 351 people signed the petition. currently 25 cities across the state have a ban on leaf blowering due to their excessive noise. it's not clear if the walnut creek city council will take up the issue. 5:23 now. today marks the 77th anniversary of the surprise attack on pearl harbor in hawaii. more than 2,400 servicemembers and civilians were killed. several remembrance events are
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being held aless kcross the bay. this morning a commemoration event will be helded athe "u at hornet" in alameda. a christmas tree crunch has some bay area retailers working harder to meet that demand. merchants on san francisco's delancey street said their regular glower planted fewer trees. they're branching out, buying from additional farmers. part of the problem appears to be fewer growers this year because some of them are moving into other businesses. >> you find they can grow other crops such as hops for the beer, marijuana is a big crop. >> clancy at clancy's christmas trees is still growing his own trees. he says he has enough supply,
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but higher labor costs are driving up prices. >> i did notice they were more expensive this year. >> i don't buy them, so i don't know. >> grinch. >> i'm in the christmas spirit. i bought gifts. 5:24 for you right now. actress margot robbie stops by "ellen." >> she's opening up about her recent role and dishing about a honeymoon story. >> a portion i had been working out with barack -- portia ena had been working out with barack and he came in wearing the shortest, bagiest. it's one thing to wear short shorts but short and baggy. >> and nothing underneath. >> well, i didn't look, but -- >> okay. >> she shares the surprise her husband gave her. find out what that is today on "ellen" at 4:00. you can stay tuned for "nbc bay
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area news" at 5:00 and "nightly news with leaster holt" at 5:30. 5:25. coming up, top stories we're following this friday morning, including brand new this morning, parking perks for santa clara county workers at the expense of taxpayers. we'll explain coming up in a live report. plus, just one day after announcing kevin hart will host the oscars, he's out. hart under fire for homophobic tweets. up next, why he turned down the academy's request to apologize for the tweets. plus another celebrity in the headlines today, famed astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson accused of sexual misconduct by several women. >> even though he's saying my story is fabricated, i'm saying that his story is fabricated. and live pictures from the san mateo bridge on the hayward side, where we are this morning.
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we will have another check of your morning commute and your friday forecast straight ahead. it's 5:26. ad lib live picture oe
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and good friday morning to you. right now, taking a live look out at the oakland zoo. look at the lights. it is that time of the year. beautiful lights. you can start seeing those at 5:30 today. it's going to be a fun time out there at the oakland zoo. thanks for starting your morning here with us at "today in the
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bay." seconds before 5:30 there. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we want to get a look at the forecast in case you are taking the kids out to the oakland zoo. little sweater or jacket, kari. >> you need something warm. even stepping out this morning, with mid to upper 30s in parts of the north bay and the tri valley. most of us in the mid to upper 40s, as you get ready to start out the day. here is a look at our san jose school day forecast. we'll see the temperatures as you walk to school only at about 44 degrees. partly cloudy skies throughout the day, and a very nice afternoon, reaching into the low 60s. so we'll talk about your weekend plans coming up, and mike, you're already checking out the holiday lights. >> that's right. we have a beautiful display right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. now, the difference is these are lights in motion. many times we see them stacked up. it's friday, so we also have friday light, which is a completely different use of the word "light" there. we don't have the inmetering lights registered. on the backup may because of the volume getting on to the incline.
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when that does happen, the incline slows down enough to cause the backup at the. i toll plaza. no problem for the maze or contra costa approach. highway 4 looks great, at the limit antioch in toward concord. the south bay no delays and out of the altamont slowing until grant line road and clear sailing to the san mateo bridge. back to you. government workers in the south bay are enjoying a perk that you normally see at a fancy restaurant, maybe at a hotel. they get free valet parking. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us in san jose, outside of santa clara county government building. bob, the obvious question here, why? >> reporter: well, marcus and kris, anyone who tried to park here at the santa clara county government center here in downtown san jose knows how hard it is to find a parking spot, and with two major construction projects about to start nearby, the traffic is about to get much
5:32 am
worse. last week, the county started offering free valet parking service for its employees, and for the public to help alleviate that traffic when those projects start, and also to save people the 20 minutes or so it sometimes takes to find a spot. according to "the mercury news," the service will cost $4.5 million over the next four years which according to the paper is cheaper than running a shuttle service or building a new parking lot. the valet service will use the county owned garage across from the jail, and also a surface lot at heading and san pedro, where employees currently park. the paper points out a valet attendants, they're going to be much more efficient at parking cars, park them straighter and tighter, allowing more vehicles in the same amount of space, just more efficient. the construction projects as i mentioned, they begin in february. will include a new jail project, just across the street here and demolition of part of the old
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san jose city hall, which issen ot -- on the other side. comedian kevin hart is dropping out as the host of the academy awards there. this comes after hart comes under fire for mo homophobic tws and jokes that recently posted on social media. he addressed what happened >> i just got a call from the academy and that call basically said kevin, apologize for tweets of old or we're going to have to move on to find another host. talking about my tweets in 2009 and 2006. the reason why i passed is because i addressed this several times. this is not the first time this has come up. i've spoken on it. i've said where the rights and wrongs were. i've said who i am now versus who i was then. i've done it. i've done it. >> hart deleted some of the tweets that were spread online, but many which he called people gay or used a slur for gay men
5:34 am
were still up there, as of last night. in a later tweet, hart apologized to the lgbtq community. the academy of motion picture, arts and sciences is not responding to nbc news for comment, but hart just tweeted moments ago, he tweeted out this, "the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy, martin luther king, jr." a fourth woman is accused neil degrasse tyson of sexual misconduct. >> i just want to be very clear that i never dated him. we were never intimate, and even though he's saying my story is fabricated, i'm saying that his story is fabricated. so as i said, it is his word
5:35 am
against mine. >> degrasse tyson has disputed those allegations, as she mentioned. the broadcasters of his show cosmos: a space time odyssey," said they are are he viewing the claims. watch the entire interview on the "today" show after our newscast. a north bay man is arrested, accused in a scheme rgt taing people with high student loan debt. he was arrested by fbi agents at sfo as he tried to leave the country. this is brandon fear's website, from sonoma county and the ceo of several loan companies. his companies collected advance fees from victims promising loan forgiveness assistance that was not as advertised. he then funneled some of the money to family members. 5:35 right now. follow-up from los altos, where you can clearly see two empty chirz c
5:36 am
chairs on the panel. the reason for one of the empty chairs likely has to do with a recent high-profile dui arrest. alexander samik is a los altos city planner there. one week ago chp officers arrested him after stopping his tesla on highway 101. they believe he may have been asleep at the wheel, with his car in autopilot. investigators so far have not been able to confirm if that was the case. oakland's first fridays returns tonight and organizers promise the free community festival will be more secure. you'll probably remember a number of people were hurt in a shooting that took place several blocks away from that event in hours after it was over. organizers canceled november's to come up with ways to make first fridays safer for all who attend. among those changes tonight, a local outreach group will work with police and security until 2:00 a.m. to help keep those streets secure. south bay leaders want to
5:37 am
use supermarket technology to slow down the sprawl of the scooters. escooters you had start use geofencing, the technology that locks your shopping cart when you try to take it outside of the store's designated parking area. they want the scooters to be kept from operating in heavily populated areas or left on sidewalks, where people can trip on them. the city council plans to debate that idea next week. they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is really, really true in martinez. >> this weekend, the city is hosting breakfast with santa sunday morning at the martinez senior center. everyone is welcome to come for those pancakes, sausage and eggs, oh, my. looks good, and there will be a chance for the kiddos to give santa their wish list and for parents to get a picture as well. so the cost is $5 for grownups, and three bucks for children under the age of 10. >> that's a good deal.
5:38 am
>> yes. new for you this morning, in menlo park, a hidel fre den tres coming to light. two fire mechanics were shocked and surprised to find the fire district's former logo behind a volunteer tent dodepartment doo sticker on an old fire truck. it had been lost for 44 years. the fire department had sold that truck to another fire department in southern idaho back in 1974. but it was repurchased back in 2010. while the two mechanics were making repairs, they came across that old logo there. so everything old is new again, mike. >> hey, not me. >> you're young and new and fresh. >> thank you. looking over here, bay bridge, it was old and then they refurbished that. we have a new span again and pattern as well. once the metering lights were turned on, over the last few minutes, we saw the cash lanes start to clear up.
5:39 am
what happens is, as everyone is metered at the metering lights, that's able to let traffic flow differently and the toll plaza shows we have more fast track riders than crash. bring cash and you get advantage on a friday, that's not unusual. nice smooth drive. contra costa county toward the bay bridge, you're at green almost everywhere. little blip for 101 in san jose, right on schedule for the south bay, and no problems getting across the san mateo bridge, although i did see some flashing lights for a couple of seconds. they turned off the flashing lights, so i'm going to say it's all clear across the bridge. >> we'll take it. it might be a good weekend to head to tahoe, if the traffic holds up. the weather certainly will. several resorts got 11 inches of fresh snow in the last 48 hours and there's more in the forecast. kirkwood mountain resort plans to open the entire mountain tomorrow, weather permit heing, making it the first fully open resort in the tahoe basin. to the south, a different story. surfer in san diego took advantage of some waves.
5:40 am
>> whoa! >> further inland than usual, shredding on a sidewalk to sidewalk river that stretched for several blocks. the folks in southern california have been grappling with massive rains and just enough flooding to be fun for that guy. >> it looks fun. >> is there enforcement on that or not? >> mike, you were saying i-5 is open. >> it's open but there's a wind advisory for the taller vehicles, campers and trucks. you got to be careful. >> yes, looks pretty good. maybe just stay around the bay area. we have a lot going on this weekend. we'll start out with the lighting of the sixth candle on the 25-foot menorah on union square. bundle up, it will start to feel nice and cool out there, and then as we look at our saturday forecast, across the bay area, it's going to turn mostly cloudy tomorrow, only a few peeks of sunshine, and that will mostly be early in the day, as our high for the bay reaches about 60
5:41 am
degrees, and 62 for the inland valleys. on sunday, we will have that rain moving in, but mainly late in the evening, so i think most of your outdoor plans on sunday still looking good, and highs near 60 degrees, and yes, this is that weekend, santacon, lots of santas falling in and out of pubs in san francisco, we know it's for a good cause, and if you're out there, starting at noon, that will be going on. temperatures reaching up to 57 degrees during the middle of the day, and in half moon bay, it will be a nice weekend to head to the beach. 62 degrees for tomorrow and mostly cloudy on sunday, as we await our rain that will wrap up the weekend. for napa, it will be a nice weekend but not as much sunshine, starting tomorrow, mostly cloudy on sunday with a high of 59 degrees, and we talked about heading to l.a. this weekend, where it will be in the upper 60s over the next several days. now follow me on social media.
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i i'm @karihallweather. check me out and let me know where you're going. coming up, new for you overnight, two cars crash into a san jose apartment building on different sides. the condition of the drivers and that building, next. plus, more and more expe expectant mothers are choosing c-sections rather than natural birth. coming up next, the dangers of doing that. your viral video for this friday, why should you never fight a kangaroo, especially while you're drinking? we'll have the full video ahead here on "today in the bay." 5:42. we're back with more news after the break.
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right now at 5:45, it's a clear and chilly start. here is a live look outside in downtown san jose at christmas in the park. as we head toward campbell, it starts out at 45 degrees, and normally, we're seeing a high of 59, but we're going to be a little bit above that today. nice start to the weekend. we we'll talk about when the rain urns are, coming up in less than five minutes. >> san mateo bridge westbound it was fine but ready for the camera, we see brake lights tapping right now. i'm going to track the chp report and let you know if anything new pops up in the next couple of seconds. 5:45 right now. new this morning, two cars crashed into a san jose apartment overnight. this is video of that scene. the cars hit different sides of the building.
5:46 am
it happened just after 1:00 this morning on meridian avenue in the willow glen neighborhood. no two-people were hurt. man living in the side apartment building says that crash was so loud, it woke him up. >> i was in my bed, it's right there, could have killed me probably right there, yes. so i was lucky today, too. i was lucky. >> san jose police say it is not yet clear if speed was a factor, but officers are investigating this as a possible dui crash. mud flows from heavy rain triggering evacuations in parts of southern california recently scorched by wildfire. this is video from last night in lake elsignore in riverside county. two feet of mud came down. the same storm flooded roadways in parts of l.a. county. downtown l.a. got about two inches of rain yesterday, breaking its rainfall record for any december 6th in history.
5:47 am
that storm led to a lot of snow on the grapevine. caltrans has had to close both sides of interstate 5 during the day but everything reopened by last night. mike says there's a wind advisory this morning, so if you're headed that way, do be careful, folks. the catholic archdiocese of los angeles is adding another 54 priests to its list of men accused of sexual abuse. there are now 323 priests under suspicion in l.a. most of the priests added to the list were accused in the past decade. here in the bay area, back in october, the san jose diocese released the names of 15 priests accused of abuse. the oakland diocese is delaying its plans to release its names, but says that it will do so sometime next year. and just in, the effort to help fire storm victims in paradise is getting a huge boost here. bay area native american tribe that owns and operates cache creek casino announced a $1
5:48 am
million donation. that money will go to the north valley community foundation, that's one of the group's spearheading relief efforts for the fire victims. the camp fire destroyed more than 11,000 homes. surprising new report out this morning shows caesarian sections, c-sections are on the rise. >> the rate tripled since 1990, and the u.s. is one of the leaders in that number. "today in the bay's" kira klapper is here with more. >> marcus and kris, good morning to you. the rate of c-section delivery increased from just 6% to 21% worldwide and the u.s. is even higher. some mothers want a c-section because they fear the pain of childbirth or want to plan their delivery. he says they should look at the risks. some women have no choice but to have a c-section for medical
5:49 am
reasons but some opt because they fear that pain. one doctor we spoke with says c-sections should only be used when absolutely necessary such as when labor endangers the life of the mother or the baby. the doctor says if you weigh the benefits, advantages and disadvantages, there are more risks to do an elective caesarian rather than go through the trial of labor. >> it's a major surgery, at risk of anesthesia, complications from the wound, so infection and infection of the lining of the uterus. >> a new french study suggests pregnant women may be less likely to deliver sia c-section if i had hospital has more obstetricians and midwives on staff. i think this is a really touchy subject. l a lot of women do whatever they want, and i have friends who have done both. i have one child, you have two children, but it gets heated when you talk to women about it.
5:50 am
>> everybody tries to do the right thing. >> exactly. >> but as we learn more about the risks, then people decide differently. what you decided when you had your baby might be different than what you would have decided two years down the road. >> yes. definitely. >> thank you. 5:50 right now. this morning, a new video going viral for two different reasons here. a man is shown kicked to the ground by an aggressive kangaroo. somehow he manages to keep hold of his beer. >> yes, sir. >> in his hand. >> dad, it's coming! dad! oh, my god! oernlg oh, my god. >> you see the dog running to the rescue. the daughter posted this to facebook. her dad was trying to protect his two dogs near a dam in australia when this happened. >> he's okay.
5:51 am
>> ooh, look at that. >> he held his beer. >> then the dog is like, leave my dad alone. >> a lot of times you hear stories involving people and kangaroo, and a beer, you just think it's because of the beer the story came out but there's the video. >> it should have been a punch, move back. >> i would run. >> all right, so yeah, stay a distance as you watch them at the oakland zoo. we'll have some nice weather for getting out there, whether you're putting up the tree, going to see holiday lights, getting an early jump on your holiday shopping. here is a live look at emeryville this morning with a look at some of the shopping centers in those areas. let's head toward walnut creek, and we start out with some low 40s and it will be a cool start, only 42 degrees at k. it -- 7:00. slow warmup, reaching upper 50s at 1:00, eventually headed up to
5:52 am
60 degrees. christmas in the park in san jose, as you are getting dressed you need a warm coat and light, long sleeves will be comfortable for the rest of the day, as we make it into the low 60s. we're checking out storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, and so far, it's giving us all dry weather. we'll see the dry weather continuing intoment to row as well, even as these clouds move in out aed has of our next storm system that will bring us rain late sunday night into monday. here is the way it shapes up in our hour-by-hour outlook. at 4:30 this afternoon, it's sunny, beautiful sunset. by tomorrow, going into the evening, we probably won't see much of the sunset. it's going to be mostly cloudy, and then on sunday, we start to see the rain approaching from north to south, but it does start out late sunday, so this should not affect your sunday afternoon plans. and then we're going to see it linger into early monday morning, so that could slow down the commute to start out the new week with some upper 50s and low 60s in the forecast.
5:53 am
it will get a little bit cooler into tenext week once the syste moves by. that's our only chance of rain in the next seven days. i'll be tracking that, and mike, you're tracking the calm roadways right now. >> that's right. i don't want to jinx it. we'll say everything is moving at the green level right now. smooth drive for the south bay, with a little slowing north 101, right there at 680/280 and less pronounced than the monday through thursday. that's when we typically see fridays have a lighter build. no problems out of the altamont pass, about you in the altamont corridor it's still slow both directions around grant line road, that's 580. we have speeds coming down into the upper 50s, that's not bad, but it's still slowing that is showing traffic creeping in toward concord and the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a big political fight in wisconsin, the republican controlled legislature narrowly passing sweeping changes, limiting the power of incoming democratic governor there. so there are calls for the
5:54 am
current republican governor scott walker to veto that measure. and we have much more coming up on "today in the bay." next and all new this hour, see the controversial christmas display aiming to send a message about the immigration debate in this country. the church's message to migrant families. plus new research out this morning on breast cancer rates, and race. president george h.w. h
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
continue this weekend. join "jenna bush hager" as she the tributes to former president george h.w. bush continue this weekend. join jenna bush hager as she shares her personal tribute to her grandfather "remembering george h.w. bush, a love letter to gampy" starts 7:30 saturday night on nbc bay area. developing right now in the pacific, a frantic search for five missing marines continues. >> one pilot already confirmed dead after two war planes collided. here is hans nichols at the pentagon with more. >> reporter: good morning. coming up, we're going to have the latest on the search for those five missing marines. now, you remember, they ended up in the ocean there in the western pacific, after a crash between a kc-130 and f-18 touring a refueling operation. it's a complicated maneuver, but also one that they do fairly regularly. this shouldn't happen.
5:58 am
initially, the reports were that two of them ejected from the f-18. one of the pilots ended up dying and the search continues in some very difficult waters. we'll have all the latest coming up on the "today" show. 5:58 now. also new jo every nigovernight, an office in new york city home to cnn. the phone threat came in around 10:00 in the evening. that caller claimed there were five devices planted all around that cnn building. the all clear was given right around midnight. and you'll remember in october, cnn was targeted in a wave of pipe bombs mailed to the netwo network, former president, plus other critics of president trump. new for you this morning, some research he weers say blacn are more likely to die from breast cancer, even if they get
5:59 am
similar treatment. 10,000 patients with the most common form of the disease, black women had a 39% higher risk of breast cancer returning and also had a 52% higher risk of death than white women who got the same care. happening now, a controversial innativity scene s people talking out east. >> church leaders are taking a stand on the immigration debate. it shows baby jesus inside a cage and the three wise men are separated from mary and joseph by a fence-like barrier. organizers say they hope that this scene sparks a conversation. >> we hope to nudge people of goodwill in this christmas season to take a look at what peace is and what is the best way to get there and our federal policies, if they are advance that or hindering that. >> this is at a town in massachusetts, southwest of boston. coming up on 6:00 right now. >> stopping the vallco, an
6:00 am
update on the petition aimi inio stop the mall. a form are san francisco infielder who died in south america overnight and the other baseball player in the car with him. the new jobs numbers there, the report within the past 15 minutes, at 6:15, a look at the numbers and what to expect, when the stock market opens, after another wild day on wall street. what it means for your money. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good friday morning to you, as we start right here on "today in the bay" continuing since 4:30 this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia has the morning off. kari hall is back. you're a little under the weather. cold is going around the bay area. >> we're trying to, you know, keep everybody healthy around here so i'll disinfect once i'm done, especially touching this thing. we're going to start out, cool


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