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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> i checked the soft tissue around the bullet holes and i looked in the sand. and i looked in the yoorgans th were remaining. >> reporter: this may be just the latest in a rising number of sea lion attacks. there have been 12, including this sea lion with bullets in its skull. >> they see them as competition, but they don't think a little more forward in that these animals don't have as many options as we do. >> what was the reason that a sea lion was shot. >> reporte >> reporter: noaa tells me that they have an investigative branch.
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reporting live, sam brock, nbc bay area news. emergency responders performed cpr on a man before taking him to the hospital. that surfer is in critical condition. waves were up to 10 feet high today. this is the third rescue in 24 hours. bracing for a power outage. sonoma county has a plan in place if they shut off power to prevent wildfires. the first time it happened it took days to get everyone back online and there were lots of complaints. christie smith is in santa rosa with what that plan may be like. >> reporter: the idea here in sonoma county was really to get a flexible plan in place for if the lights go out and all the things that could happen, looking at things like staffing in the county, communication and
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vulnerable populations and also how neighbors can help each other. >> understanding, really, this is in fact part of our new world that we're living in. >> reporter: christopher godly is emergency services manager in sonoma county. when pg&e cut power to some customers in october due to wildfire threat, the county was looking at the bigger picture. >> if a fire does braeak out we have a challenge. we don't have power. >> reporter: that raises questions about the water supply and people who rely on medical equipment, so they focussed on problem solving, looking at key areas like information sharing as soon as they get word from pg&e. >> we're going to use our alert systems, reach into that community and say listen, you know pg&e may turn off the power to your area. it looks like it's going to happen. if the power goes out, we may not be able to warn you. >> reporter: about 400 customers lost power in the county.
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pg&e says it participated in public meetings after the shutoff and is incorporating feedback adding that they're in the process of making short and long-term modifications to their protocol. >> it's eerie when everything's dark in town and there's nobody around. >> reporter: kathy harris has a consignment shop in napa county where the downtown was hit hard by the outage. afterwards, pg&e temporarily installed generators. they're working to minimize the impact should it happen again. >> it was kind of reminiscent of what we went through with the fires. >> reporter: in santa rosa, christie smith, nbc bay area news. it has been a month since smoke from the camp fire drifted into san francisco. remember this? nearly two weeks of suffocating, unhealthy air. you can see, you can't even see the backdrop of the cityscape. mayor london breed wants to know if anything can be done better next time. the mayor issued an executive
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directive today. she's asking departments to study how it handled last month. that's not to say san francisco was caught off guard. she says the city sent out daily alerts to alert staff and put out messages on social media in multiple languages. the sierra is seeing a lot of snow right now. the snowpack is well above average. that's going to do wonders for our water supply. it provides about 30% of the yearly freshwater. currently, the sierra snow pack is almost triple the amount it was this time last year. jessica? well, a man crossing the street early this morning was killed in a hit and run accident in contra costa county around 6:00 a.m. near maltoven elementary school. you're looking at skyranger overhead. the man was wearing dark clothing and that may have been a factor in the accident. the driver is cooperating with police. so far no charges have been filed. new video tonight of another
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accident involving former 49ers player rubin foster. santa clara police released this video about a disturbance call at his home in santa clara. it happened weeks before his high-profile domestic violence arrest in florida. he wasn't arrested because the woman in the video says there was no attack. the neighbor's 911 call was also released. >> somebody being banged through the wall or something. a girl is crying there. i don't know what's happening. >> coming up at 6:00, more of that body cam video and whether it could reopen his local domestic violence case that had been dismissed. prosecutors are recommending substantial prison time for michael cohen. federal prosecutors asked a judge to sentence him to prison for eight felonies, including paying stormy daniels hush money and evading taxes. his attorneys urged leniency
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because of his cooperation with the mueller investigation. president trump says legal filings clear him of any wrongdoing, but experts say he's feeling threatened. >> i think mr. trump is seeing more apomornd more of the walls closing in on him. >> james comey was questioned about hillary clinton's e-mails. a brutal week on wall street. stocks took another nosedive today. the dow fell about 500 points. in the past week, it's dropped more than 1100 points. all gains for the year have been wiped out. lock local companies took hits. information released today by the ventura county sheriff's department, the gunman who took his own life shot sergeant ron
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helus five times. it came from a chp rifle. the officer who fired that gun is devastated and is currently taking time off. a sonoma county ceo is in jail tonight, federal agents nabbed him as he attempted to run to mexico. prosecutors claim that brandon frar used three companies against people struggling with debt. he charged them fees and diverted it to his companies, collecting some $28 million. agents arrested him wednesday night at sfo as he waited to board a flight to cancun. a huge frustration for south bay workers is easing up thanks to a valet parking service. at the courthouse, it's for free, but taxpayers are footing the bill. we have the pros and the cons. scott? >> good evening.
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parking here at the county government center has been tight for a long time now. and with new construction in the area planned, it's not going to get better any tetime soon. so across the street another lot has a solution, but it's a solution we're paying for. finding a parking space here at the santa clara county government center is, for most people, a very long-term proposition. >> this parking lot and any parking around this area has been a nightmare. >> reporter: but things are speeding up for staffers and visitors to the government center, thanks to free valet parking. >> and it works well. receipt acro right across the street. it's convenient and there's no line today. >> reporter: the valet service is outsourced by the county, costing taxpayers roughly $1 million a year. some criticize the service as elitist, including the silicon valley taxpayers association. >> and it gives me the feeling that we, the taxpayers, are
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working for the government rather than the government working for the taxpayers. >> reporter: others say it's a perk they appreciate. >> saves us time. when i come here for meetings, i'm not spending, you know, my time looking for parking. >> reporter: experts say valet services can be a cheaper alternative to building a new parking structure. the county says the valet service will last from one to four years, depending on how successful it is. it's open right now from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. week nights. scott budman, nbc bay area news. the commemoration of pearl harbor day in hawaii different this year. this is the first time that none of the survivors of the "uss arizona" did not attend. survivors are in their 90s and health issues kept them from attending this year.
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several world war ii veterans were on hand. the war years brought hardship here at home too. >> it brought everybody together and gave them all a mighty and terrible purpose. >> the purpose he's referring to is defeating the enemy. today marked the opening of a new exhibit aboard the hornet called "infamy." coming up, the search is on for a knife-wielding robber in the east bay. the entire incident caught on surveillance video. plus, a touching moment between a 92-year-old man and a south bay police officer, which was recorded by a co-worker. one of the many good deeds that officer has been doing. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a brand-new system developing in the pacific right now. we'll let you know when a few showers are possible on the weekend in about eight minutes.
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okay. >> give me the cash. >> that's a knife. that caught on camera in concord. that's a woman who robbed a car wash there, holding a large kitchen knife. this happening at the rain and shine on clayton road and thornwood drive wednesday morning. you can see the worker step aside. the woman goes into the register. she even sets the knife down, not for too long, though.
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>> have a, open the safe. >> the employee stayed calm even with the knife stuck in his face. then the female robber ran away. one san jose man says he's lucky to be alive after not one but two cars crashed into his apartment on meridian avenue in willow glen. one car rear ended another and both drivers lost control and both crashed into the building. two people in the cars were hurt but they're going to be okay. police are trying to figure out whether alcohol or drugs played a factor in those crashes. hey, is that a department-issued rake? >> a san jose police officer caught on camera. and the command staff is hearing about it. that's because it's exceptionally kind. he was helping an elderly man rake up his leaves. damian trujillo is live in san jose with why this police officer decided to help.
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damian? >> reporter: well, it happened here on south 16th street where the leaves really do accumulate. the police officer was driving in his patrol car when he saw the elderly man struggling. so he stopped to help without commenting on his radio. this was shot by another police officer who happened to be driving by. it shows the officer raking leaves in front of the home. >> seeing him help this gentleman clean out leaves and raking the way he was, and he was putting his back into it. >> reporter: the footage is rare, mainly because officer rodriguez has been doing the same thing for decades. never someone who likes the limelight, the cop twice declined our request for an interview. what part of the duty manual does it say you have to rake leaves? >> it's not in the duty manual at all. >> reporter: jesse says he was
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struggling because the leaves were caked onto the street. >> he's a good man. he does a good job. it makes me feel -- >> reporter: the gesture came on the same week that he got a department award for helping save a life. what he did on 16th street is not something taught in the academy, but the officer says it's part of the fabric of san jose's finest. the 91-year-old says the officer gave him his cell phone number in case he needs any help in the future. but he better use that quickly. the officer retires in two weeks. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo. >> a true act of kindness. thank you, damian. amazon says it will stop selling certain foie gras in california. it was selling in violation of state law which prevents the
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sale of foie gras if the birds were force-fed. animal rights activists called the making of foie gras, which is duck liver, painful and cruel. a street has a new name. what was james phelan avenue is now frida kahlo way. today people gathered to celebrate the new name. a butz of activity in the south bay. much-needed supplies are being gathered for fire victims in butte county. trucks were loaded up bound for chico. filled with all sorts of essentials that will help the fire victims start to get back on their feet. >> we're loading up a truck full of palettes of emergency food boxes from feeting america as well as fresh produce like oranges and apples and potatoes, water and bread to go to our
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friends in butte county who are rebuilding their lives after the camp fire. >> second harvest say this is is part of an ongoing effort. another shipment will go to butte county in about two weeks. another beautiful day. the weekend is here, is it going to stay this way, jeff? >> i think we've got one more day of this and we're going to see changes once we hit sunday's forecast and possibly showers moving back in. let's take you into the micro climate for exampecast. we do have a system actually approaching the coastline, but this is going to stay off to the north. no problems with this tonight. it's this one out here that eventually, yes, will bring back some showers to the bay area by sunday. we'll have the latest on that timing coming up in about two minutes. i want to get you the latest right now on our storm ranger scan, and it is dry from the south bay to the north bay. you know that if you went outside at all today. it was amazing. can you see those clear skies here in our oakland camera right now looking back towards down
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town. 56 degrees right now, but what i want you to see here by 10:00, dropping down to 48. you need the jacket tonight across the bay area, and keep that jacket handy into tomorrow. tri valley, down to 39, and the south bay at 41. going down to the number one chill in the north bay at 38. san francisco 44 and the east bay at 40. another one of those days tomorrow that we've had most recently where we start off this cold and move through the afternoon, it's going to be a ten. when you take a look at the temperatures, the sky conditions for december, mostly sunny skies. we're going to rebound right about 65 in morgan hill. upper 50s, low 60s for the east bay. 59 vallejo. and the peninsula also very similar temperatures. 60 in redwood city. san francisco, heading there for holiday shopping, maybe ice skating in union square. maybe you're heading to the
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civic center. 61 in the ot irsunset. not much wind. and for wine country, 61 degrees. tomorrow, again, looks flawless. let's go ahead and get into the changes we think we'll see once we hit sunday's forecast. the first thing you'll notice, by sunday at 8:00 in the morning. not nearly as clear outside. cloud cover increasing throughout the entire bay area. once we hit 9:00 at night, showers begin to approach the north bay. we could have a little activity right near stroiz. n santa rosa. right now we're thinking about a quarter of an inch. we dry out tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and maybe another chance of rain on friday. temperatures will stay cool inland as well with a mix of 50s and 60s. this is good news. we could use more rainfall. it's been active the past four to six weeks, but we're still averaging about 75% to 85% of
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normal for that rainfall. so a few more systems do us good. >> thanks, jeff. a sound that's out of this world. nasa, for the first time capturing the wind blowin' on mars. we're actually going to let you hear it. we've got the recording, next. t it
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well, the sonsound is litert of this world. for the first time, we're hearing what the breeze sounds like on mars. that's the sound of the wind blowing against the solar panels of the nasa lander insight. it touched down on the red planet last week.
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the wind hitting the panels makes the center vibrate. a picture of a seal with an eel stuck up its nose is going viral. researchers say it's happening a lot to young seals, but they aren't sure why. researchers say they pulled the eels out of the nostrils and the seals are just fine, but the eels don't survive. we explore one of the most famous wine regions in the world. bay area revelations shares the untold stories from local growers. the wednesday family has been growing for 135 years. 75% of the chardonnay grown in california, in the state is traced back to the family. carolyn runs the business with her tbrothers. her earliest memories of her
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grandfather driving her and her brothers through the vineyard. >> my grandfather kept it lots of fun and was out there doing lots of things that taught us who we are, where we are, why our vineyards grow where they grow. >> it airs tomorrow at 10:00 right after "saturday night live." steph curry follows through on a young basketball player. we'll show you next. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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spends 34-k on a lip sync well, coming up tonight at 6:00, was it worth the money? a bay area police department spends $34,000 on a lip synch video. that story coming up at 6:00. a young basketball player from napa is now wearing new shoes proudly given to her by steph curry. steph curry mailed riley a new pair of the sneakers properly sized for girls. riley had written a letter to curry saying she couldn't find his shoes in girls sizes under the under armor site. he has invited riley to a warriors game in march on international women's day.
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a holiday tradition is back. oakland's zoolights kicking off its winter exhibit. this is video from last night. it goes through january 6th. >> we've got zoolights, christmas in the park in san jose. >> so many things to do. skating in the city. >> all areas of the bay area. >> by the fairmont, too. >> today it's going to feel holiday-hike outsid holiday-like outside. can you where the jacket, a scarf, bundle up in a cute hat. temperatures tonight will be dropping down into the 40s. by tomorrow morning, look at the morning low by the 0s 30s inlan. there is a chance of showers on sunday. that wouldn't arrive until 9:00 p.m. most of your weekend looks good. and then we're drying out monday night, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. maybe another chance once we hit
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friday. >> we will enjoy it. thanks so much. nightly news is next. >> we'll be back at 6:00, we'll see you then. >> bye. breaking news tonight, prosecutors come down hard on michael cohen asking for substantial jail time despite his cooperation in the russia probe. tonight robert mueller revealing what cohen told him and what mueller told the court today about paul manafort's ripped up plea deal. major shakeups, the president's pick for the new attorney general overseeing the russia probe. the former fox news host he wants at the u.n. and word his chief of staff may be out at any moment. judgment day, the man that drove into a crowd protesting the white nationalist rally in charlottesville found guilty of murder. >> stocks plummet again, the dow down an


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