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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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money it spent on this video. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good friday evening. thanks for joining us, i'm janelle wang sitting in for raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. local police departments poke fun at themselves by filming police officers lip synching. 77,000 have watched the concord police department's latest lip synch video. but critics are questioning whether it's worth the money spent. it cost $34,000. melissa colorado joins us where some of that video was shot. >> reporter: well, the social media video was practically shot like a real music video. there were different locations, backup dancers. there was even a drone. but some are now wondering, was it money well spent? ♪ it's not often someone asks the workers and volunteers of this
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non-profit family resource center in concord to be backup dancers in a video. >> for being cops, they were really good dancers, huh? >> reporter: but there they are, shimmying along with concord police officers and lip synching in spanish to the enrique iglesias hit song. >> to send that message of hope and comradery and respect, that takes a lot of work. >> reporter: and a lot of money. concord police tell us the fees for the video crew and officers' time totaled $34,000. >> oh, my goodness. >> more than i thought, but it is professionally done. >> reporter: where did that money come from? >> money we seized from drug dealers. >> reporter: captain roach says police cannot use that money to hire extra officers or to give themselves raises or bonuses. normally, the department uses the funds to pay for equipment and community engagement. >> we spend five times that
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amount of money buying assault rifles, and nobody said a word. >> it could have gone to the community, how about, like, toys for tots or something? >> reporter: concord police say they have ten open positions in their department and are hoping to recruit bilingual millennials. they hope it sparks interest and gets some to apply. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. give me your cash. >> okay. >> give me your cash. >> that's a car wash employee. he looked up and saw a woman with a kitchen knife in that hoodie. it happened at the rain and shine in concord on wednesday morning. as she went for the register, she set the knife down for a moment. he didn't move, though. >> open the safe. >> open the safe. open the safe. >> you can see, he kept calm, even with her pointing the knife at him. that robber ended up running off. new video tonight of yet another incident involving
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former 49ers player rubin foster. body cam footage released by santa clara police shows a response to a disturbance call at his apartment. it happened weeks before his arrest in florida. we are live in santa clara with what it means for the case locally. >> reporter: that's right. rubin foster and his girlfriend moved to this upscale complex, the carlisle, not that long ago. and they have maintained their volatile relationship which continues to stir up his legal troubles. santa clara police responded to a 911 call on october 12th and heard loud shouting when they arrived. rubin foster and his girlfriend, alisa ennis acknowledged they had been fighting but denied any physical fighting despite what a 911 caller described what he heard. >> somebody banged to the wall or something. a girl is crying there.
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i don't know what's happening. >> reporter: as you see on the video, the officers separated the two, but foster resisted and was handcuffed. >> i'm trying very nice. you're not listening to me. i'm having you come over here. >> it was a detention only, and he was told of that fact, that he was not under arrest at that point. but while we were investigating the situation that he was going to remain in that type of environment. >> reporter: after taking pictures to make sure there were no injuries, police left without arresting foster, since there were no signs of physical violence. it happened after his arrest in february and weeks before his domestic violence arrest in tampa last month that got him cut from the 49ers. >> we'll talk to him. if you feel safe, we'll send him back in. >> okay. >> reporter: district attorney jeff rosen says he's seen the tape and could play a factor in reviving the old case against foster.
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>> given the prior relationship and prior actions between these two individuals, we thought it would be important for us to have that information and to hold onto it, to see what might happen in the future. >> reporter: now police say the main reason the tape was not released publicly is because no arrest was made, but the district attorney says it has been sent to authorities in florida to consider in their case against foster. live in santa clara, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. a brother and sister in cahoots to pull off a bank heist? it happened at the citibank. investigators say michael chefferoff approached a teller. the teller was his sister. he was arrested and the fbi is trying to figure out if his sister was in on the plan. a deputy hailed as a hero of last month's borderline shooting
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in thousand oaks was killed by friendly fire. the gunman took his own life. he shot sergeant helus, but it was the sixth shot that killed him, and that came from a chp rifle. >> the mere thought of something like this happening is devastating to all of us who are sworn to protect and save lives. this tragedy underscores the difficult and dangerous circumstances law enforcement faces every day. >> the sheriff says today's disclosure in no way diminishes the heroic actions of both men that flight at the borderline. one bay area county is bracing for blackouts during fire weather. the first time a shutoff happened it took days to get everyone back on line. christie smith is live with how sonoma county leaders are ready to swing into action.
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christie? >> reporter: it is based on an outage and what might come with it, and the county's response, looking at things like staffing and escalating resources and making sure everyone knows their role when the situation might be changing. >> it's eerie, you know, when everything's dark in town. and there's nobody around. >> reporter: kathy farris has a consignment shop in calistoga, where she remembers when pg&e temporarily cut power. >> it was reminiscent with what we went through with the fires. >> reporter: her downtown business was not impacted but others were. the mayor says they're actively working with pg&e to minimize the impact if a shutdown it called for in surrounding areas due to the threat of wildfire. a spokesperson for napa county says they've since developed internal protocols related to communication and vulnerable populations. >> understanding really this is in fact part of our new world that we are living in.
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>> reporter: christopher godly is interim services manager. they look at challenges that come up when power is out. >> if a fire does break out, now we have a challenge. directly in the area most threatened by their fire, we don't have power. >> reporter: about 400 customers in the county were affected. it has raised questions about vulnerable populations, water supply and communication roles and responsibilities. >> the answer is really having people pay attention. both from the responding side of the house, government, first responders, but also from the community. >> reporter: pg&e says it took part in public meetings and are incorporating that feedback and making short and longer-term modifications to their protocols. both napa and sonoma county tell me that they are still learning and making changes in their response to an outage.
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reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith, nbc bay area news. a south bay food bank lending a helping hand to the camp fire victims. second harvest is sending trucks full of food to butte county. volunteers are loading up two trucks full of fruit, veggies, bread, water. it will head out tomorrow morning. second harvest says a lot of people in the bay area need help getting food on the table, too. but it's also glad it can help the fire victims. >> what i love about food banking is think work very closely and quickly. this was a matter of few days. as soon as they said we need you, we were able to pull this together. >> the food bank plans to send more food up in the next two weeks and has offered to send truck loads to camp fire victims every weekend for as long as they need help. the dow suffered another big drop. the dow fell about 550 points.
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in the past week it's fallen more than 1100 points, all gains for the year wiped out. others saw big drops. students at shoid staan jos are addressing the homeless issue. 13% of students have experienced some form of homelessness in the past year. activists on campus want the university leaders to do something about it. >> want 12 dorms to be reserved for students who are experiencing homelessness. we also want a safe part location, ten to 15 spots where students who are sleeping in their vehicles can have this safe haven where they are able to sleep at night. >> the student homeless alliance says it has presented its pleas to university leaders. found shot on a bay area beach. the investigation under way
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following the death of a 7-year-old sea lion. plus valet parking on taxpayer dime. under scrutiny in south bay. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cool 55 in san jose right now. we'll show you who drops into the 0s tomorrow and when a shower chance returns this weekend, i'll have that update in about eight minutes. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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lion, with multiple a mystery in point reyes.
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a park visitor found this dead sea lion with multiple gunshot wounds. sam brock has been speaking to the cal academy of sciences and is live with what they found out. sam? >> reporter: janelle, the scientists here who went to point reyes found six bullet holes. there was bad weather at the time and it took a little time, because of that, the animal had been scavenged. it was difficult to investigate. it could be part of a larger trend. inside the california academy of sciences you'll find a sea lion exhibit, which includes this skeleton, cause of death. >> gunshot wounds. soon there will be another skull to archive. >> what was the reason that a sea lion was actually shot? >> reporter: this picture of a sea lion stranded on the shores of point reyes features what looks to be multiple bullet
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holes. john delasso made the picture available and called the agency that investigates dead marine animals. >> it was a little distressing because the photographs that accompanied the e-mail i got had six very clear bullet holes in the side of this animal. >> reporter: sue penderton didn't turn up the bullets but fears this may be the latest in a rising tide of sea lion attacks. there have been 12 just this year, including this with five bullet holes found in its skull in seattle. >> some people see them as competition. >> reporter: noaa is investigating the sea lion shootings and is calling people to immediately report any sick or injured animals. and the marine mammal stranding network will respond if you sea
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a sick or injured animal. reporting live from the california academy of sciences, sam brock. >> it's so sad to see, thank you, sam. is california's push to stop global warming hurting the poor? a new report says yes. it explains how the poorest communities are impacted by the state's new climate change policies. the mandates favor the wealthy who can afford ex-pentive misogyny like solar panels and electric vehicles. californians pay 67% more than the rest of the country. >> folks who are out there struggling in rural california, in inland california that has higher bills, it's a much hotter part of the state, they simply can't afford these policies. >> monthly power bills in inland california are much higher than in other parts of the state. one reason those areas are hotter and people are using ac
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more, and they tend to be lower income which makes the economic burden more difficult. if paying property taxes and parking more difficult, this is the fight for a parking space at the santa clara county government center. what will it cost taxpayers. sk scott budman is live in san jose to break it down. >> reporter: parking at the county government center has been rough for years. it's not going to get any better with new hiring and construction on the horizon. so across the street, a parking lot full of valet parking. a free service, yet at the same time, a service all county residents are paying for. all day long cars snake slowly around the santa clara county government center, where staff and visitors wait and wait for a parking spot. >> we keep waiting and waiting all around there. we can't get a parking spot. >> this parking lot and any
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parking around this area has been a nightmare. >> reporter: but now half the parking here on heading and first street in san jose is valet. for free to staff and visitors. >> a little new york city in san jose. >> this is the second time i'm using this and it's frankly the best thing i've seen so far. >> reporter: but while the service is free, the valet service costs approximately $1 million a year, paid for by your tax dollars. >> a million here, a million there, pretty soon you're talking about real money. >> reporter: that's marx mark hinkle. >> it gives the feeling that we working for the government rather than the government working for the taxpayers. >> reporter: the county tells us the valet service will last anywhere from one to four years, depending on how successful it is. it will be open from 7:00 to
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7:00 on weekdays. scott budman, nbc bay area news. a look from space tonight at the snowpack in the saer. it shows what the sierra looked like before the snowstorms. snowpack is sitting at 106% above average for the first time of the year which is good for the water supply. it provides us with most of our water when the snow melts in the spring. the snowpack measured under 50% last year. that's good. >> in the past eight days, one to three feet of snow. we have a long way to go. january, february and march is usually when we pick up the most snow across the sierra, but a very, very bright beginning to the season. i do want to start off with something a little different in case you're going up to leake tahoe. really going to be nice over the next couple days. 40s this weekend. them as we head throughout next
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week, colder 30s, a little more snow as we head into monday, also wednesday of next week. let's get you ready for the bay area weekend as we start tomorrow morning. it's going to be all about the chill here. down to 39 in the tri valley, 43 in the peninsula. south bay at 41. have your jacket handy, but here is the cool thing about tomorrow. we get sunshine building for the afternoon. that's going to help temperatures to warm up, and i do think it's actually going to be a gorgeous day, mostly sunny skies, 63 in napa. low 60s in antioch. pretty much perfect in morgan hill at 65. over to san francisco, 63. if you're looking for something to do, check out christmas in the park from 9:00 a.m. to midnight right through christmas. you have 62 and sunny skies at 3:00 p.m. maybe you're not in san jose but
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in you're in san francisco. the union square ice skating rink, mostly sunny through 4:00 p.m., then clouds return once we hit the evening hours. those clouds will be part of our next storm system that could actually bring us showers by 9:00 p.m. on sunday. i'll have a new update at 6:48 tonight. she has got herself curry swag. we catch up with the napa 9-year-old girl who called out the warriors superstar for not selling the shoes in girls sized. santa clara county
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prosecutors accused amazon of selling the delicacy in amazon will stop selling certain foie gras in california. they were accused of selling it in violation of california law. the law prevents the sale of foie gras if the birds were force-fed. they will pay $100,000 in civil penalties and will no longer sell it on its website. rights activists say it is painful and cruel to animals.
6:25 pm found the most popular dog names for 2018. max comes in at number one for male dogs followed by charlie, cooper and buddy. for female dogs, the most popular is bella, lucy, luna and daisy. dog names after a popular villain were also trending with low-key from the marvel comics taking the top spot in that category. game changing score for a young basketball player. riley hooping it up in her new steph curry shoes. they arrived earlier this week along with other cool gear. you may remember 9-year-old riley wrote curry a letter when she couldn't find his shoes in the women's sized in the under armour website. curry responded and promised to change the ordering procedure so you could find the shoes. he also invited riley to a game
6:26 pm
in march on international women's day. what prosecutors are recommending for president's former attorney. plus, not your typical police call. the san jose officer who stepped up to help an elderly man who was out in the street cleaning up the gutters. that )s the whitn
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ra right now, at 6:30, nothing
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new, nothing damaging to the president. that's the white house's take on new memos released by robert mueller. >> the president has responded personally to today's developments on twitter. as nbc bay area's jennifer johnson shows us. >> reporter: federal prosecutors in new york friday asked a judge to sentence michael cohen, president trump's former personal lawyer, to a substantial prison term for crimes including paying adult film star stormy daniels hush money on president trump's behalf and evading taxes. his lawyers argued his cooperation with robert mueller should spare him a prison term. but special counsel mueller recommended no additional jail time on talks of building a tower in moscow. the president wrote that it totally clears the president, thank you.
6:30 pm
they said paul manafort violated his agreement by talking to trump administration officials. those documents were heavily redacted. >> that means there are ongoing investigations, sensitive information that the mueller team does not want to make public right now. >> reporter: the mueller investigation september president tru -- sent president trump into an early morning twitter tirade. >> i think the walls are coming in on him. which is why he's more desperate. >> reporter: james comey had a closed-door interview demanded by house republicans. >> we are talking about hillary clinton's e-mails, for heaven's sake. i'm not sure we should do this at all. >> reporter: jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. the first person sent to prison in the russia investigation has been released. george papadopoulos was an adviser. he pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts to
6:31 pm
russian intermediaries and was sentenced to 14 days in prison. papadopoulos was released two days early but must still serve 200 hours of community service and pay a fine. one of the most powerful tech executives made a court appearance. there is concern that all this drama will affect trade relations with the u.s. the u.s. has been trying to catch her for years now. she is the ceo of huawei. on top of that, there's suspicion that huawei is a front for chinese spying. >> we would like china's cooperation. you can't break the law. if you break the american law, you break the canadian law, you got to pay the consequences of that. >> she was arrested the same day president trump met with china's xi jinping at the g-20 to discuss resolving their trade war. prosecutors call her a flight risk, so she hasn't been extradited to the u.s. yet.
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a driver hit and killed a man in contra costa county on ma maltoven drive. the man was wearing dark clothing. that may have played a role in him being hit. the driver is cooperating with police and so far no charges have been filed. a new push to curb crashes before the holidays. it saw a spike in crashes between 2006 and 2016. and it's snot just becaunot jus alcohol. part of it is people are smoking pot and getting behind the wheel. so a new campaign was launched called "go safely." they are calling for people to use other options to get home if they are drinking or using drugs. >> they're at a party, having fun with friends. we need to start watching out for each other and helping
6:33 pm
everybody make a wise choice. is it going to make a difference with some? yes. >> chp plans to have several maximum enforcement periods. the commemoration of pearl harbor day different in hawaii this year. for the first time, none of the survivors of the uss arizona attended the ceremony. those who survived that bombing of that battleship are in their 90s and health issues kept them home this year. several world war ii veterans were on hand. the war years brought hardship here at home as well. >> you know, it just brought everybody together, and it gave them all a mighty and terrible purpose. >> that purpose, defeat the enemy. today also marked the opening of a new exhibit aboard the hornet titled "infamy." a day of infamy was president
6:34 pm
roosevelt's description of the pearl harbor attack. going above and beyond duty, that's what one officer did when he helped an elderly man with his yard work. it is earning him accolades within and without of the police department. nbc bay area spoke to the officer and the man he helped. >> reporter: officers tell me this is what they do. they sometimes do little things that go unnoticed, only this time a camera was rolling. he's embarrassed his partner uploaded this video to youtube. it shows alfonzo rodriguez help an elderly man rake leaves. he shies away from the limelight. >> the way i was raised. coming from showed, raisan jose way i was raised. >> reporter: little things that to him may not mean much, but to
6:35 pm
others it does. especially at san jose high school where he works on his off days. >> he is a jewel. >> reporter: the 91-year-old says the leaves were caked onto the street, so he was struggling to clear them. that's when officer rodriguez was driving by, put the duty manual to the side and got to work. jesse says the gesture won't soon be forgotten. >> i called him. i want to give him tamales or a present, something. >> reporter: he hopes the other cops learn by example. >> citizens are first, in helping people. whether it's the smallest thing, raking leaves. >> reporter: the veteran retires this month, a career of service that went beyond the badge. and only a couple of nights ago, the officer received a department award for saving a life. i'm told that the officer almost did not make it to that ceremony, because he did not want the limelight.
6:36 pm
we're in san jose, damian trujillo. >> in the service of others for sure. a street that runs around san francisco is renamed. it is now known as frida kahlo way. he l today people gathered to celebrate the new name. >> the renaming of the street is a self-empowering act of the community about where we want to go as san francisco, the city of immigrants. >> you may know frida kahlo was a famous painter and political activist. the sound is literally out of this world. for the first time, we're learning what the breeze sounds like on mars. well, sounds like the one on earth, doesn't it? >> it does. wind is blowing against the solar panels of the nasa
6:37 pm
insight. the spacecraft touched down on the red planet last week. it is a phenomenon stumping researchers in hawaii. this picture of a seal with an eel stuck up its nose. researchers say it's happening to young seals, and they're not sure why. they pull the eels out of the nostrils and the seals appear fine. the eels, however, do not survive. ready to reopen after nearly a decade. the bridge over a bay area dam close to completion. one san joss
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
lucky to be alive after not one, but two cars, crashed into his apartment. one san jose man says he is lucky to be alive after not one but two cars crashed into his apartment. it happened overnight on meridian avenue. one car rear ended another and both drivers lost control and crashed into the building. the drivers were hurt but expected to be okay. the man inside the apartment said the crash woke him up. >> my bed is right there. could have killed me.
6:40 pm
so i have been lucky today, too. whatever happens, we are lucky. >> police are investigating whether alcohol or drugs were a factor. a close call in los gatos. it happened near the highway 9 connector. the car veered off the road and hit a pole and a tree. the man was not hurt and was able to get out of the car before it burst into flames. offic officers say the drive had too much to drink. people aagainstgainst a hou project have a victory. the current project would turn the old vallco spot into homes. but opponents say it would cause traffic issues and stretch city resources. as far as the next step goes, the city council had discuss the
6:41 pm
issue the 18th and it could wiped wind up in the general election in 2020. building the new roadway kept running into problems, now we're hearing it could finally open next year, maybe as early as january, that's next month. we will keep you posted. tonight's a good day to go biking or running? >> saturday's going to be the day that looks good. traffic, hey, seems to be moving around nicely here in livermore. a chilly 52, going down in the 4 0s tonight. two languages and more than three grand in dispute. i'm consumer investigator chris
6:42 pm
camora. under one roof here.
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well, we have two consumer teams under one roof, one helping people in english, one helping people in spanish. >> we have a look at some of the money they recently helped our viewers get back. >> people with frustrations with businesses needs no translation. we're here to help with both languages. consumer investigator arlon fernandez was able to help out anita. she had a problem with a medical supply company. arlon straightened it out and got her her $1899. we were able to help out melissa with a dispute with a travel business. our team stepped in and the company paid her her $1400. we have recovered for viewers like you more than $2.3 million.
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please give us a call. it's 888-996 tips. have a great weekend. oscars drama, kevin hart is out as host. it started when he was awarded the job but tweets began to surface from as late as 2011. some say they were homophobic. he was asked to apologize. initially he refused but then tweet add apology saying he didn't want to be a distraction for the artists. grammy nominations are out, and leading the way with eight nominations, kendrick lamar. drake right behind with album of the year and song of the year
6:46 pm
for "god's plan." there's drake. a day after earning a golden globe nomination, lady gaga earned nominations for the hit movie song "shallow", from "a star is born." the grammys will be february 10th at the staple center in los angeles. our award-winning series, bay area revelations will explore one of the most famous wineries in the world. the family has been growing wine for decades. she says her earl yis memory growing up in a wine family was her grandfather driving her and her brothers through the vineyard. >> my grandfather made it lots of fun and kept us really out there doing lots of things that taught us about who we are, what we are, where we live, why our
6:47 pm
vineyards grow where they grow. >> area revelations, america's wine country ayers tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. after "saturday night live." >> and their impact has been way beyond wine in terms what they've been able to do for livermore. it's great. >> it's a gem over there. if you don't go to live mormored you head out there. >> you see that sign on the interstate, live more wine country, it's big. big destination for folks besides napa. tomorrow could be a good day to head to livermore and head home and watch our special. let's get you to our micro climate forecast. we have storm ranger scanning. two different systems that we're following right now. we have one moving rainfall into the california/oregon border. we're not concerned about that tonight. no big deal. it's this one out here that eventually, yes, will bring us the possibility of showers.
6:48 pm
but here's thing. do not cancel any plans. i think we're going to be just fine on saturday and sunday with anything that you have planned throughout the day. we'll have more on the timing coming up. let's get you a closer look at the storm ranger scan, the only one in the bay area and one of six in the country all owned by nbc stations. a live radar scan while most radars are two to three minutes behind. when the next system rolls in you will see it scanning and we'll have the red sweep and get you that data. let's get you outside. it was all about the clear conditions today. if you are headed to san francisco tonight, have a great time, just remember to take your jacket. we're not going to see any fog, but currently, 55 degrees. by 11:00 p.m., down to 47. wind kicks up a little bit. definitely feels like december. especially tomorrow morning. look at this. in the tri valley out to wine country, 39 degrees to start. 43 in the peninsula and the
6:49 pm
south bay at 41. your heaters are coming on in the south bay if you have them set on auto. san francisco, 44 and the east bay at 40. we will see temperatures warm up. i think it will be a beautiful day as we move through the afternoon hours. 65 right here in morgan hill, contra costa, alameda counties, 59 in vallejo. livermore at 60. then you go back to fremont, 62. the peninsula, half moon bay, maybe the beach is going to be your spot tomorrow even though it's chilly. we like it that way in northern california. 58 in half moon bay. san francisco will have 58 along the embarcadero. we'll keep those upper 50s into union square if you're doing any shopping, ice skating. looks really, really good. through napa, 63 tomorrow, 59 in mill valley. changes coming our way. by sunday, cloud cover increases
6:50 pm
at 8:00 in the morning. can you see sunday will feel different for us. then once we hit 9:00 p.m., we'll see the chance of rain starting to appear near santa rosa. i do not think it will be a big storm the way thins ags are plag out right now. dry weather next tuesday, wednesday, thursday, look at this, maybe more rain once we hit next friday. inland valleys, keep your jackets handy. a lot of 50s as we head throughout the next several days and cold morning temperatures. looks like a good day tomorrow. i'm mentally thinking about everything i want to do tomorrow. i think the list is going to be too long. i'm looking forward to it. >> you'll have to spread it out for the whole week. thanks, jeff. the return of the ghost. colin resch catches up with guerrero as he prepares for a come back in the boxing ring. way to stay connected.
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bei being bei well, that didn't last long. about 17 months if you're going to be specific. >> "the ghost" guerrero returned in victorious fashion.
6:54 pm
>> in case you missed it, he's back. the undercard this past weekend, the fury bout that ended in a draw. what happened to retirement, man? it wasn't treating you well or what? >> i had to appear back in the ring. >> and he did so in dominating fashion. a second round tko. and no, reappearing from retirement wasn't about money but rediscovering his passion for the sport. time spent out of the ring guided him back into it. >> it was brewing back up, doing the commentating, being in the gym with the young kids and taking that year layoff in retirement was, it did me a lot of good. >> having spent the majority of his life working out for that next fight, what it did was allow him to refresh both mentally and physically for the first time. >> i felt great. i feel revived, and i feel, man, i couldn't be happier, the way i feel right now. >> is any of this part of how
6:55 pm
things kind of finish for you? you mentioned your last two or three years were a struggle. is part of it that you just don't want to go out that way? >> most definitely, you don't want to go out the way i went out. and doing boxing my whole life, it starts to drain you. i needed the rest. and now i feel great. >> with all your experience, do you feel like you could be a better fighter than you were before? >> oh, most definitely. being able to look back at all the experiences i've had. being able to sit there ring side and commentate and see what works and what doesn't work. really oips yo really opens your eyes and your mind and you can see everything from a different perspective. >> the jab, quick as ever? >> yeah, see? >> that tells you "the ghost" is back. >> "the ghost" is back for sure. coming up, an election in contra costa county too close to call.
6:56 pm
the unusual tiebreaker now making history. we'll tell you all about that at 11:00. >> before we go, one last check of our weekend forecast. >> shachiping up good. tomorrow we'll start off cold, down in the 30s inland. >> woo! >> yes. by the afternoon, 63. a reverse in the morning temperature, how about that. >> yes! >> mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. >> you got to play those numbers. >> i sunday night, 9:00 prime minister -- p.m., a few showers. and possibly a little more rain by next friday. there's a lot of stuff to do. san jose christmas in the park, always popular. >> i've never been there before. >> we've all been here, union square, 50s tomorrow. >> i need to get festive. >> we're going this week. >> let's do it. >> we'll see you at 11:00,
6:57 pm
bye-bye. "extra" ♪
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now on "extra." kevin hart oscar crash and burn. abruptly out as host. his first words about the homophobic tweets that cost him his dream job. >> i'm going to be me. i'm going to stand my ground. >> his fellow comedians taking sides. who will replace him on hollywood's biggest night. triple grammy shocker. disappointing for taylor, beyonce. cardi b in court as she's nominated today. jen aniston about her marriages to brad pitt and justin theroux. her bucket list moment with dolly


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