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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 9, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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it is - - - - - here is a live look outside -- good sunday morning to you. it is 7:00 on the dot. a beautiful look, cotton candy skies as you look from the communications hotel in san jose. another chilly morning out there. we hope you're warm at home. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. yesterday was cold but beautiful. >> definitely. it's going to be another one of those days. notice behind us, the fog is rolling through san francisco. we have dense fog, so much so there's a dense fog advisory that will include san francisco through 11:00 a.m. 48 degrees right now. this is a live look, the camera that was behind us. the current temperatures in the 30s and the 40s right now.
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39 degrees in palo alto. santa rosa 37. low 40s, but take a look at the fog and visibility. so the number that you're seeing there pretty much tells you the distance in terms of visibility. so concord down to about a quarter of a mile ahead of you. that gives you an idea of how much you could see in front of you. livermore pretty much down to nothing. oakland seven miles, san francisco four and santa rosa down to about half a mile. remember, do not turn on your high beams. keep on your regular lights and make sure to slow it down a little bit because that limited visibility is expected for the in ex-couple of hours. i'll go over the rain chances of course, coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we'll see you in 15, vianey, thanks. this morning, more turmoil coming from the white house. president trump announcing that his chief of staff is out. john kelly's tenure has been marked by plenty of conflicts since he took the position in summer of last year. reports of described disagreements between kelly and the president, the first lady and the west wing staff. kelly previously served as the
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secretary of homeland security for the trump administration. president trump says he should announce a replacement in a few days, and that white house sources say republican campaign operative nick ayers is on the short list. >> john kelly will be leaving. i don't know if i could say he's retiring, but he's a great guy. john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place, it might be on an interim basis. i'll announcing that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year. >> meanwhile, the president continues to speak out about the mueller investigation. yesterday, he said court filings involving former attorney michael cohen and chairman paul manafort prove there was no collusion with russia to influence the election. cohen is expected to be sentenced in the coming days. former fbi director james comey told lawmakers that the initial investigation into russian ties focused on just
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four americans. that's according to a transcript released by the house judiciary committee. comey did not identify the four people, but did say that then candidate donald trump was not among them. he also confirmed that the investigation was not prompted by opposition research funded by democrats. while comey dodged questions about robert mueller's russia probe, he took the opportunity to blast president trump for his criticism of the justice system and investigators. meanwhile, president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, is under increasing scrutiny, after repeated conversations with saudi arabia's crowned prince. the "new york times" is reporting that kushner had several private phone calls with prince mohammad bin salman, despite concerns from senior administration officials. the calls and texts have continued, despite the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi inside the saudi arabia consulate in turkey. the cia concluded bin salman
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ordered the killing. they say kushner's inexperience with foreign policy puts him at risk for saudi manipulation. in other news now, a developing story out of new york, where police have found the body of a young google software engineer. police say 22-year-old scott krulchik was found unconscious at google's new york headquarters. soon after, he was pronounced dead by first responders. there were no signs of trauma and the death does not appear suspicio suspicious. an investigation is under way. the 49ers are mourningth death of the new york family. anthony york died friday at age 35, but they did not give a cause of death. he is the younger brother of 49ers ceo jed york. tony wasn't directly involved with the family football business, but he lived in sausalito and went to games on a regular basis. he was a high tech entrepreneur, founding a company called coda, preparing young people for their
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first jobs out of college. tony was passionate about philanthropy and supporting non-profit organizations. a bank robber who first targeted a bank on the central coast is now believed to be here in the bay area. police say this is surveillance footage of that man robbing a bank at gunpoint friday morning in grover beach. last night, police announced they found his car in san jose. he remains on the run. if you recognize him or see him, call police. yesterday marked one month since the deadliest wildfire in california history since it ignited and spread. there are more signs of hope in the aftermath of the camp fire, as more people from the bay area step up to help the thousands of victims. "today in the bay's" sergio quintana has an update on the efforts to help people rebuild their homes and their lives. >> reporter: when the camp fire raged through paradise, san jose resident angelina sparacino
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decided she needed to help. we facetimed with her from butte county. she was helping replace residents at airbnbs which was a challenge. >> hosts willing to give their homes. most of the homes in the chico area were taken, so i found the closest places that i could. >> reporter: she's one of several groups from across the bay area who are trying to help. just days after the fire, a charity group delivered truckloads of luggage and gift cards and plan to return with similar shipments next weekend. as people from outside butte county try to lend a helping hand, there are signs of hope from within. the story of madison, the dog, has gone viral, when paradise resident andrea gaylord returned home after being evacuated for weeks, he was waiting for her. an animal rescue worker fed the dog while she was gone. while the lives of so many people had been disrupted -- >> one, two, three! >> reporter: the town of paradise has been cheering on
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the local high school basketball team. >> basketball has given a sense of hope for me and my teammates since the fire. everything we're doing is just for paradise in its honor. >> reporter: the bobcats are on a five-game winning streak. sergio quintana, n"nbc bay area new news". a milestone that will bring some relief for many. tomorrow, peak fire season will be over for some of the most vulnerable communities here in northern california. calfire reports sonoma county, blake county, napa, solano, yolo and caluso will be out of peak fire season tomorrow, thanks to recent rarn ain and cooler temperatures. at 7:07, we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, failure to launch. lot of people were looking forward to a sec smack collar site out of central california,
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but it was called off. the reason the rocket stayed on the ground. and the trump administration turning its attention to school lunches. changes are coming. that will reverse what the obama administration did. we'll explain what's back on the menu.
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grab that wiyou'll save up to inan extra 20 percent with our family and friends event! plus, when members spend fifty dollars or more, they get 25 dollars cashback in points. find all your gifts during family & friends through friday in store and online at sears. welcome back. it's 7:10 on your sunday morning. no sunshine to be seen here at our live sfo camera. lot of fog here. we have a dense fog advisory through 11:00 a.m. the east bay, the north bay pretty much across the bay, through the bridge zones of the bay area, be careful if you're headed out this morning. well, it was no liftoff for the delta 4 heavy rocket that was supposed to carry a secret spy satellite into orbit from santa barbara county last night. engineers scrubbed the mission for a second night in a row, just moments before the launch, something unexpected was discovered, but no one's elaborating on what exactly
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happened. the next launch date has not yet been announced. another launch to tell you about, this one bringing christmas cheer, as spacex ship arrives at the international space station with a special delivery, gifts. 5600 pounds of food and other supplies, including research gear. the shipment was prepared for space station crew members and was launched from florida four days ago. the dragon capsule is set to return back to earth in mid-january. some are calling it a step back for nutritional standards for school lumplgnches. the usda announced final steps to roll back guidelines the healthy kids act of 2010. standards are going down for whole grain, flavored milk and foods high in sodium. the changes go into effect july and apply to school meals that qualify for federal reimbursement. agriculture department leaders say the changes are to offer students more options.
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just shy of 7:12. coming up, talk about a wake-up call. the good cause that had dozens of people braving the chilly waters of the bay this weekend. >> we have several areas seeing some dense fog but how is this for a beautiful, clear shot of a nice sunrise over san jose? we'll go over that fog advisory, plus we've got a system moving in, which means more rain. i'll give you the time line on that coming up. stay with us. workers at kaiser permanente mental health clinics across the state plan to walk off the job monday. the demands they )re making. plus: what happens when you lose your license at the airport?! the print out that will give you hope. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
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take a live look outside -- bb toll plaza the new year.. could mean new changes for uber. the ride sharing company may soon go public. the new year could mean new changes for uber. the ride sharing company may soon go public. according to a report in the "wall street journal," uber
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filed confidential paperwork to set the stage for selling stock to the public. the company could go public within the first three months of 2019. uber, which of course is based in san francisco, is not commenting on the report. rival ride share service lyft filed the same preliminary paperwork days earlier. for many victims of last month's fires in the north bay, the road to recovery is far from over. this weekend, there's a big step forward in the relief effort. "today in the bay's" christie smith explains it's thanks to a grand opening of a new center in santa rosa. >> reporter: in santa rosa, gifts were handed out with special meaning. >> after like we lost everything, because i missed all my stuff, and getting new stuff. >> reporter: her family home burned last october in the north bay fires. for many here, making new memories matters. >> we try and attend as much stuff as we can, to stay in touch with our community, but when we walked in and saw the
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trees and the balloons and the games, it looked like a lot of fun. >> reporter: a winter wonderland to mark the opening of the integrated wellness center. it includes the santa rosa city schools and our parent company, comcast. >> the integrated wellness center serves anybody in sonoma county impacted by the fire. >> reporter: the idea came from knowing people were dealing with trauma, stress. diane kitamura is the superintendent. >> a parent might need counseling session, a child academic support. >> reporter: she said the smoke from the camp fire brought up painful memories. >> it was heartbreaking, and then to see the devastation and know what those families are going through. >> reporter: this couple lost their home. she's a school counselor. they brought their girls here, making crafts and seeing the decorated trees felt like a good way to spend the day. >> so they can enjoy a day, you know, we're all about making memories and giving gifts,
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taking them to special places. >> reporter: in santa rosa, christie smith, "nbc bay area news." the chilly weather yesterday didn't stop san francisco police officers from braving the bay. yesterday morning, hundreds of people joined the officers and cadets for the brave the bay event at aquatic park. it benefits the greater bay chapter of the make-a-wish foundation. it kicked off with a 5k waunlg f -- walk followed by a cable car pull. 100 people jumped into the frigid bay for the plunge for wishes. >> so we have command staff here. we have a recruit class here. we have a lot of our officers here, including myself, and we're going to brave the bay. >> sfpd says since they partnered with make-a-wish it helped raise more than $600,000. this year, that event brought in close to 130,000, and that will grant wishes for 13 kids. such a great cause there.
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it looked like a beautiful day. >> it was. >> but chilly. let's check in with vianey. >> the water is cold as it is, but add 50s to it. at least it was a nice, sunny day so that helps. >> they're good folks. >> definitely. we're going to get another day of sunshine. but we have some changes that you may want to hear about especially if you're going to leave early for work tomorrow morning. san francisco look at that fog, 48 degrees. we've got some pretty dense fog. you could see it here using our live picture, but it's not foggy everywhere, including downtown san jose, they're not getting any fog but let me show you temperatures. santa rosa 37 degrees. napa 47, down through livermore 39 degrees. so definitely a chilly start through there. let's talk about that fog and visibility. so there is a dense fog advisory that includes portions of the east bay, uhm p through the nor bay and north of san francisco as well, limited visibility in concord, down to a qua are the
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-- quarter of a mile. santa rosa about half a mile. don't use your high beams, use your regular headlights and give yourself distance between yourself and another car. limited visibility through oakland and down near san jose not having an issue in terms of the fog. your microclimate highs for today, it will be another beautiful day. we're going to start out partially clear, and then we're going to notice abn increase in cloud cover for the afternoon. we have an approaching cold front and that will bring cloudiness and also some showers overnight. daytime highs will be comfortable. 62 degrees for san jose. in blue palo alto also in the 60s and for the most part we're talking upper 50s on the map through the interior valleys. let's talk about the time line for that rain, because that system is expected to make its way in, but very late tonight. so if you have any outdoor plans today, they should be unaffected, if you have a party planned, you should be okay, unless you live in the north bay. the north bay will get the showers first, so by about 8:00, we'll start to notice some drizzle.
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we might get some drizzle along the coast, but don't be surprised by that. by 10:30, could you see this line of showers at the ukiah, santa rosa. i'll fast forward the time line through 4:00 a.m. it starts pushing further south through san francisco in through oakland and if i fast forward through 8:00 a.m., you could see we start to get more of that rain approaching pleasanton, with of course the lesser rain totals expected in san jose, probably less than 0.1 of an inch. between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., the rain completely clears out by monday, so it's not going to be a big system, not a huge rain maker. we're talking less than 0.1 of an inch, possibly 0.25 in the mountain areas but overall, it's not a strong system. we'll get the morning showers monday, and dry out for tuesday and wednesday. even into thursday as well, but take a look ahead at friday. we have another system that the models are picking up that could bring back more rain to the bay area, so just keep that umbrella handy, as you're leaving for work early tomorrow morning. leave with extra time because we know any time the road gets
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soggy in california, things can get messy so drive safe. kira, back to you. >> as if monday mornings aren't bad enough, at least we have the warning. still ahead on "today in the bay," a military veteran who gave his time to serve his country is now giving back even more. what he's doing to make sure others never go back to the streets. it's a story that will make you bay area proud. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast.
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. sacrifice... and for one san welcome back. a career in the military can be the ultimate sacrifice but for one san francisco man, he decided it's not enough. he's serving his local community to ensure the homeless have the things they need. garvin thomas has his story. >> joel benvenuto says when he sets his mind on something, he's all in. when he zoostyed to help those s fortunate, he found a way to
7:24 am
make that happen, too. in order to plan a financial future, a person needs two things. finances and a future. >> i want to gave you the lay of the land. this is what we call a retail brand. >> reporter: while joel never mentioned that second part, it is perhaps the most powerful message he is sharing with this group. >> we're talking about -- >> reporter: though it may not have always felt that way. they do have a future. >> yes. but they're here with us. >> reporter: the young people are from oakland's covenant house, a residential program for those emerging from homelessness. >> we help everybody. >> reporter: and joe, a charles schwab vp and branch manager, is offering his and his staff's time to introduce them to the basics of financial planning, a need that may have felt impossibly distant to this audience not that long ago. >> getting them started now and providing them the education now, that's what we're looking
7:25 am
for, that is the longevity. >> these people are taking an interest in their lives. >> reporter: brian is covenant's director of community involvement. >> it's what they need to hear from us and to hear it from someone else as well is just everything. >> reporter: joe's motivation to help others is actually rooted in an experience he had when he was about their age. just after graduating west point. >> my first assignment at 22-year-old was lead a platoon of 18 soldiers in the invasion of iraq in 2003. >> reporter: joe served two tours, the if, in combat, the second working closely with iraqis to help rebuild their country. returning to the states and beginning a career in finance, joe was looking for an opportunity to help people in his backyard, when he learned about covenant house, he was sold. >> the success record and transitioning youth off the streets into jobs and homes, i was really blown away and i've
7:26 am
been active with them ever since. there's going to be rewards so you want to pay attention to what's going on. >> reporter: joe's financial lessons offer much needed practical help to the formerly homeless, but joe not treating them that way means perhaps even more. in addition to giving the young people advice about their finances, joe and his team allow them to sit in on real financial planning meetings with real customers to show them really how things work in the real world. garvin thomas, "nbc bay area news." we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we have more on the shakeup at the white house, who is on the way out, and who is on the short list of potential replacements. also, after nearly the entire town of paradise burned to the ground in the amplifier, an inspirational story of a high school basketball team rising from the ashes. all the players are homeless, and yet, they've maintained an incredible record. you don't want to miss this story. good morning it is sunday-
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take a live look outside -- good sunday morning. it is december 9th, just shy of 7:29. here is a live look at communications hill. clouds out there. will we see the sun today? it remains to be seen. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana happens to be here with a look at our microclimate forecast. >> i've got the answer for you. we'll get some partial clearing but we are expecting a little bit cloudy conditions today, not like what we saw yesterday. yesterday was gorgeous. beautiful, a lot of sunshine, well today, we will get nice weather. we're not tracking any rain for the daytime. you can go outside and enjoy. it's a little cooler. 48 degrees in san francisco. you can see the fog rolling in, and there's some areas that are so dense that a dense fog advisory has been issued, which means that the limited visibility is down to less than a quarter of a mile in some spots, including in through
7:30 am
livermore, concord as well. check out oakland, also limited visibility through there. santa rosa seeing some dense fog, town to about a half a mile. so this dense fog advisory will be in effect through 11:00 a.m. by about 11:00/12:00, the fog will clear out. we'll notice an increase in cloud cover into the afternoon. the reason for that is because we're tracking a bit of a cold front, a system that's going to move on in, bringing in some rain. i'll go over that time line coming up in about 15 minutes. you don't want to miss that. >> yes, especially as people are already dreading headed back to work tomorrow, then there's rain. at least you're warning us. with he'll see you in 15, thanks. this morning, more turmoil coming from the white house. president trump announcing that his chief of staff is out. that move comes as we learn what the former fbi chief said about the russia investigation during closed door testimony. marianne favro is tracking this developing story. >> reporter: shortly before
7:31 am
president trump tossed the coin in the army ysh army/navy game philadelphia, announced chief of staff john kelly will be leaving in just a few weeks. >> john kelly will be leaving. i don't know if i could say he's retiring, but he's a great guy. john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. >> reporter: kelly is the second chief of staff to serve in the trump administration. he came on 16 months ago. white house officials are not saying whether kelly is resigning or has been asked to leave. the president says he should announce a replacement in a few days, and white house sources say republican campaign operatives nick ayers is on the short list. house republicans released a transcript of yesterday's seven-hour closed door hearing with former fbi director james comey. he was asked about fbi agent peter strzok and lisa page who worked on the hillary clinton email investigation and later
7:32 am
fired for exchanging anti-trump texts. comey said if he had known that "i would not have had them playing in i role in connection with that investigation." comey knew of no move by the obama administration to spy on the trump campaign, something trump claimed happened. as for how robert mueller is handling the russia investigation, comey said it is moving quickly and professionally. >> most important indication of that is, you don't know anything about it except when he files something in court, and that's the way it should be. >> reporter: marianne favro, c "nbc bay area news." president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, is under increasing scrutiny, after repeated conversations with saudi arabia's crowned prince. the "new york times" is reporting that kushner had several private phone calls with prince mohammad bin salman, despite concerns from senior administration officials. the calls and texts have continued, despite the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi inside the saudi arabia consulate in turkey. the cia concluded bin salman
7:33 am
ordered the killing. senior administration officials say kushner's inexperience with foreign policy puts him at risk for saudi manipulation. we continue to follow developing news abroad. china warned canada there would be severe consequences if canada did not release a chinese tech executive. you may have heard she was arrested in canada and faces extradition to the united states. she allegedly covered up links to a firm that tried to sell equipment to iran despite sanctions. if she's extradited to the u.s. she'll face charges of conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions. millions of people across the southeast are bracing for a winter blast. the storm already has dumped more than ten inches of snow in parts of texas, and caused
7:34 am
flooding further south in houston. now north carolina and virginia are under states of emergency, preparing for up to two feet of snow. chris pallone takes us there. >> reporter: in north carolina, shop owners can't get their shipment of snow shovels into the store. >> they were waiting on the truck when it got here. we couldn't get it off the truck before it was sold. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency, warning that half a million people could lose power. predictions of more than 20 inches of snow falling in some places come true. >> this isn't the weekend to see some winter wonderland. stay safe where you are. getting out on dangerous roads could put your life at risk. >> reporter: virginia is also under a state of emergency and crews in south carolina have dumped 156,000 gallons of brine on roads in the western part of the state to keep ice from building up as long as possible. >> like i said earlier, we're preparing for the worst. so yes, we will go monday,
7:35 am
tuesday, wednesday, if we have to. >> reporter: the weather system dumped record rain in california before bringing a rare ten inches of snow to lubbock, texas. in houston a half foot of rain caused flash flooding in low-lying areas. the system drenched the deep south saturday. further north, ice and snow. airlines canceled and delayed hundreds of flights from the southern plains to the mid-atlantic. shoppers expected to be inside for a while cleaned off store shelves in the areas to be hit next. >> from our standpoint, we are caution on the side of the worst, so we are prepared for whatever comes our way and whichever mother nature decides to put on us. >> reporter: for millions of americans, winter is truly here. chris pallone, nbc news. there is a developing story out of new york, with silicon valley ties. police are investigating how a young google software engineer died at work. police say 22-year-old scott krulchik was found unconscious at google's new york city headquarters. soon after, he was pronounced
7:36 am
dead by first responders. there were no signs of trauma and the death does not appear suspicious. an investigation is under way. the 49ers are mourning the death of the new york family. the team announced anthony york died friday at age 35, but they did not give a cause of death. he is the younger brother of 49ers ceo jed york. tony wasn't directly involved with the family football business, but he lived in sausalito and went to games on a regular basis. he was a high tech entrepreneur, founding a company called coda, which focused on preparing young people for their first jobs out of college. tony york was passionate about philanthropy and supporting non-profit organizations. take a look at this car that plunged into the bay, causing traffic headaches for people headed into san francisco. the chp officers don't know who was behind the wheel. the car apparently skidded off highway 101 just south of candlestick point, and into the bay yesterday morning, but the
7:37 am
driver managed to get out of the car, flagged down some help, and take off. traffic backed up while crews fished the car out of the water, and towed it away. a brentwood family is without a home before the holidays, after a destructive house fire. it broke out around 4:30 yesterday morning at a home on virginia drive. six people, including two children did make it out safely, but firefighters face several problems. first, they couldn't turn off electricity to the house and second, they say it was hard to see what they were up against because of thick fog. getting water also was difficult. >> the hydrant is probably 500 yards away, so we did have to lay in a large diameter hose. we were delayed in getting permanent water supply. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation, but firefighters say it did start in the kitchen. the camp fire in butte county took 85 lives and
7:38 am
destroyed 14,000 homes. it almost wiped out the small town of paradise, and almost wiped it off the map. but the devastation has not stopped the high school basketball team, which despite personal losses, is giving the community some much-needed wins. here's nbc's steve patterson. >> reporter: the flames were roaring when joe lori saw the text from his firefighter father. >> get a lot of fires but this was the first time he's been scared and he said "get out." >> reporter: the town of paradise lost. the lawries forced to flee. >> the one thing he grabbed out of his car was his basketball bag. >> basketball means everything to me. >> reporter: the coach thought paradise's season might be over before it started. >> no team has gone through anything like this to get ready for a game. >> reporter: their first team meeting after the fire, a victory in itself. >> it was just one of the ne
7:39 am
neatest feelings i had, to see them smile and hug each other and see that everybody was still alive. >> reporter: with 16 teammates needing places to live, there would be no home court advantage this year, but that hasn't stopped the bobcats. with joe at point guard, the team won its first five games. >> basketball has given a sense of hope for me and my teammates since the fire. >> reporter: each triumph making the troubles just a little more bearable. >> everything we're doing is just for paradise, and its honor. >> reporter: a team leading their town to a new beginning, this time paradise won. steve patterson, nbc news. >> what a story. still ahead on "today in the bay," special counsel robert mueller files new charges in the russia probe. coming up in just a few minutes, political analyst larry gerston joins us live to discuss what it could mean for president trump. and the heisman trophy is awarded to an a's farmhand.
7:40 am
oklahoma's kyler murray, the question is, is his future in baseball or football? brodie brazil of nbc sports bay area is next with sports.
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7:42 am
kyler murray has drawn a lot of comparison to bo jackson, even making the famous bonos photo, wearing football pads and a baseball pat over his shoulders. murray can add another accomplishment he shares with jackson in winning the heisman trophy. murray took home the heisman in this, his first season starting at oklahoma as the quarterback, the year after he was the back yum for the heisman winner, baker mayfield. after signing a $4 million-plus deal with the a's, he could still choose to play football or even both baseball and football.
7:43 am
earlier this week, murray said if it was possible, he would try and do both. hoping he sticks with aibbaseba obviously. the sharks taking on the coyotes, 2-0 in the second period in favor of san jose. evander kane gives the sharks the three-goal advantage. arizona came right back. coyotes down now only by a single goal, when richard panik evens it up, and all of a sudden the game turns into a tied contest. later on in the third period, the defenseman shoots wide, his first career nhl goal, making it 4-3, the winner. that gives you the 5-3 final score in favor of the sharks. i'm brodie brazil. we'll have more news right after these messages.
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grab that wiyou'll save up to inan extra 20 percent with our family and friends event! plus, when members spend fifty dollars or more, they get 25 dollars cashback in points. find all your gifts during family & friends through friday in store and online at sears. counsel to examine welcome back.
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19 months ago robert mueller was appointed to special counsel to examine potential russian interference into the 2016 presidential election. new charges point to ties between president trump, his closest aides, and russian agents. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston to discuss this new twist. i can't believe it's been more than a year and a half. >> 19 months. >> wow. and how serious are these recent charges or allegations? >> it's not looking good. the individuals here cited in last friday's court documents include former trump attorney michael cohen and former trump presidential campaign chair paul manafort. let's remember, these aren't peripheral players. they were central to trump's presidential campaign, and both cohen and ma in a fort have been accused of having close ties with a russian agent who promised valuable information to help donald trump win the 2016
7:47 am
election. remember, the russians hacked into democratic emails. remember, they gave that damaging information to wikileaks, which periodically released it. meanwhile, both cohen and manafort were pursuing deals with the russians during this period, among them, a massive trump property in russia that never developed. in fairness now, we haven't yet seen the information promised by the russians, but given the charges and the direction of the investigation, it seems more than likely that mueller will reveal that information at the proper time. >> well, the latest charges also allege much closer ties than previously disclosed between president trump and those payments to the porn stars, stormy daniels and karen macdougall. i'm sure there are people who don't care there's a connection, but what is the significance in that? >> you know, there is a significance. these charges relate to alleged efforts by the president to prevent his relationships, kira, with those porn stars from becoming a campaign issue, and
7:48 am
therefore jeopardizing his election. remember, a few months ago, the president denied knowing anything about hush payments. then, after cohen admitted making payments on the president's behalf, the president said well, cohen's aing arrangements are between cohen and the american media, the publishing company that received the money not to print the stories. in the latest documents, cohen alleges president trump directed him to make the payments to keep the issue from becoming public. now, if that's true, the president's order would be a violation of central campaign laws, and that's why that's important. >> likely to distance himself from them, president trump's team has argued there's nothing new about these revelations, and that cohen and manafort are proven liars. >> you know what? there's no doubt about that. there's no doubt cohen and manafort have lied to protect their own interests and investments and their lies are going to cost them a lot of prison time, but still, much of
7:49 am
what they said was been told to mueller by others. look, serious investigations like this one, they don't rely on a single individual, rather, they depend on testimony from several sources that independently verify or negate the special prosecutor's suspicions. it's much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. only a few pieces are originally connected but they're all linked together, when the others of the puzzle are assembled. >> taking your puzzle analogy, what do cohen and manafort and trump have in common then? >> those three names are kind of scary, right? there's so much we don't know, but one fact is clear. cohen, manafort, and the president all had investments for financial interests related to projects in russia, or countries allied with russia. increasingly, it seems that their investments were more important than any russian threats to the nation's well-being, including the
7:50 am
integrity of our elections. >> okay, i feel like i always put this pressure on you, but what comes next? >> it's a mystery, right? it's a mystery. much more will likely be revealed by special counsel in the coming weeks and months. we know that because of the heavily redacted or otherwise blacked out sections in each of the court documents presented last friday. the blackouts exist because in all likelihood they refer to ongoing investigations of individuals and events not yet mentioned in any court documents. but as those parts of the investigation, the jigsaw puzzle, if you will, are completed, the redacted elements will come into focus. meanwhile, we now have allegations of clear connections between the russians and the trump campaign, and that can't be comforting to president trump. >> a lot to follow week after week, and somehow you do it. >> we're trying.
7:51 am
>> effortlessly, as always, we'll stay tuned with you. thanks so much, larry. still ahead on "today in the bay," it's just shy of 7.:51. the streets of san francisco filled with santa suits. you were were you able to avoid it? we'll take you there, santacon. >> at lease they were warm with the suits. 37 degrees in santa rosa. we have low to mid-40s in through the east bay, but our temperatures will warm up but not by much. i'll break down your daytime highs and what you can expect, headed into the work week, coming up. stay with us. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christma,
7:52 am
and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers the dads and the drivers. there are doers of good and bringers of glee. this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event.
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good morning. it's 7:53. we have some cloud cover and fog in san francisco. the golden gate bridge, you can see some thick clouds and fog rolling through, so much so that we've got a dense fog advisory that will be in effect through 11:00 a.m., and this includes portions of the east bay in through the north bay. look at concord, down to about a quarter of a mile in terms of iz have -- visibility. santa rosa down to half a mile, so slow it down, keep your distance. as we head in toward the afternoon, we'll notice sop clearing and the fog, but the cloud cover is going to be increasing into the afternoon. the temperatures right now as you head out the door, 30s and some 40s out there. 37 degrees in santa rosa. napa 45. in through oakland 45 degrees,
7:55 am
and in through san jose also in those low 40s. so let's talk about your day time highs. once again, we will be seeing the cool temperatures. your bay area skies will remain dry for today, but again, we're going to notice a shift in terms of that cloud cover. it's not going to be as sunny as yesterday all day. as we head in toward the afternoon temperatures, we'll warm into the low 60s for san jose. in through the upper 50s for san francisco and the interior valleys and increase in the cloud cover. so let's take you into the hour-by-hour outlook. the cold front is weak, so it's expected to make its arrival fairly late tonight. if you have late dinner plans around 7:00 or 8:00, you should be fine. if you live in the north bay or maybe on the coastal areas in san francisco, you might catch some drizzle earlier on. by about 10:30 p.m., look at santa rosa, we start to see the line of showers pushing through. fast forward through 4:30, oakland starts getting some rain, san francisco, half moon bay, so this is going to kind of make its way in overnight into early tomorrow morning. however, if you wake up and you
7:56 am
go to work around 6:00 or 7:00 a.m., you might get caught with some pretty slick roadways. look at 8:30 a.m. through hayward, pleasanton, and portions of san jose. the higher rain totals will be in the mountains areas and the north bay with less than 0.1 of an inch expected for the south bay but enough to get the roads wet. by 5:00, it completely clears out into the evening tomorrow. you don't have to worry about it then. we dry out through tuesday and into wednesday. the temperatures remain in the 50s and we'll look at another system, looking like a fairly weak system moving in on friday. so overall, your inland everyone -- temperatures remain in the 60s. we'll catch the early morning showers tomorrow and into the overnight hours. lot of the rain will move through when you're asleep. you should be okay. when you wake up tomorrow, we're still going to be chilly in the overnight lows, still talking 30s and 40s. it's definitely of course sweater weather now, along with keep that umbrella handy at all times because we're owe ifishly -- officially in the rainy season. >> we have the jackets that have
7:57 am
been sitting in the closet all year. >> dust them off and get ready to use them. >> sounds good, thanks. before we go, we want to show you, in case you missed it yesterday, thousands of people dressed up in santa suits and other holiday costumes, taking over downtown san francisco, we're talking about santacon, some see as a nuisance, others as a lot of fun. it's largely a pub crawl, police warning folks not to get too happy, in other words, don't become a con because of santacon. there are strict rules, bring a toy for charity, wear a full suit costume, not just a hat, and most importantly, don't santa and drive. i don't want to sound like a grinch, but that is my least favorite day in the city. i even have a friend in new york city who goes to me, i avoided santacon today. >> i hope if you headed out, you had fun. >> hopefully you did.
7:58 am
thanks for making us a part of your morning, even if i just offended you. no 5:00 or 6:00 news tonight. instead it's "sunday night football in america." see you next weekend!
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, sex, lies appeand the russia investigation. federal prosecutors say michael cohen paid off women to remain silent about their affairs with, in coordination and at the direction of individual 1, donald trump. the president denies it. >> sir, did you direct michael cohen to commit any violations of law? >> no, no. >> prosecutors also say mr. trump's russia connections began sooner than we knew with a russian offering his campaign political synergy and synergy on a government level. >> the last thing i want is help from russia on a campaign. >> and he insists things are going his way in robert mueller's investigation. >> we're vy


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