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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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himself as an angel of light and sometimes he's pretty good at it. you )re looking at a new rouf rain, making its way to the bay area right now at 11:00, you're looking at a new round of rain making its way to the bay area. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm vicky nguyen. rain is on the way. we expect to see some sprinkles ahead of the morning commute ahead of the next few hours. >> that's right. you can see we've already got plenty of moisture, but it's pretty far up to the north right now. you can see it on our satellite radar. we've got that cold front that's going to sweep in. let me show you where some of that rain is pushing through. we're not seeing any rain north of the golden gate bridge. but santa rosa is starting to get light drizzle. we can only expect to see that
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line of showers beginning to push farther down south within the next couple of hours. down through vallejo will get some showers. the timeline is expected to see the heavier, if any of the rainfall in through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. south bay not getting a lot from this system. maybe less than a tenth of an inch, just light sprinkle into the overnight hours. right now the temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. we will dip into temperatures. i'll talk about your daytime highs for tomorrow, and i'll talk about when your next chance of seeing more sunshine makes a return, coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> thank you. track the rain where it's falling by downloading our free nbc bay area app. it will come in handy. we'll continue to track through the mission throughout this newscast. now to a developing story in the east bay. oakland high school teachers are planning to skip class tomorrow, saying they are tired of waiting for a new contract. nbc bay area sergio quintana talks with tomorrow's organizers of the strike. he is live where some students
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also plan to show their support. sergio? >> reporter: yeah, vicky, the teacher says those contract negotiations have been going on for two years now. so they plan on doing tomorrow's action to try to jump-start those negotiations. susie lebaron and jessie shapiro are dozens of teachers who will not go into their classrooms tomorrow. instead that. >> plan on talking to parents as they drop off their kids in the morning. >> teachers will be lined up outside the school across macarthur on the other side of the school. there will be picket signs, and there will be flyers. we expect about 75 of our 90 teachers out tomorrow. >> we felt that the district has not been bargaining in good faith. we're asking for a 12% raise over the next three years, and they're offering a 5% raise over five years. that's not even going to keep up with the cost of living. >> reporter: teachers from at least four other high schools may also be joining the one-day strike, and students are planning their own act of
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solidarity. may lee is organizing a student walkout because this issue hits close to home. >> personally, my sister is a teacher in the oakland unified district. and we need more teach lie, her to stay in oakland. >> reporter: may's sister still lives at home with the family, in part because of pay issues. the oakland unified school district has already responded with a statement reading in part, a sick-out is an illegal labor action. teachers who call in sick under the circumstances will potentially be subject to disciplinary action and loss of pay. the teachers that i have talked with say they do not want to go on strike for longer, but they will if the school district doesn't start negotiating on some of their key issues. the last time that oakland teachers went on strike was back in 1996. that lasted a couple of months. reporting live, i'm sergio keen tan narcotics nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. also happening tomorrow, maybe another strike. thousands of mental health workers at kaiser set to go on
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strike that strike expected to last five days. workers across california say they are understaffed and they're seeking better benefits. they also claim kaiser patients seeking mental health care face long wait times for appointments. kaiser says it has hire in order therapists to meet the demand. kaiser also says all hospitals and emergency and urgent care departments will remain open during that strike. new video just into the newsroom. take a look at this unbelievable rescue mission done by chp in sonoma county. if you look closely, you can see a car in the middle of the screen that car fell more than 200 feet down a cliff off highway 1 by fort ross state park. first responders find the driver stuck inside. crews were able to get him out. they hoisted a man to the helicopter. he is listed in critical condition at the hospital tonight. a dangerous situation in the east bay. check out that picture. the driver of this lexus was taken to the hospital after crashing into a condo this afternoon. this all happened in walnut
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creek. witnesses say the woman came out of a nearby senior care facility. she didn't turn right or left on to the road. she headed straight into the condo. the city is checking that building to see if it suffered any structure damage and needs to be red-tagged. the issue of gun violence led to a somber gathering in san francisco today. families who lost children in shootings and top bay democrats coming together to search for solution. nbc bay area's christie smith explains. >> reporter: an emotional afternoon in san francisco. richard martinez wears armbands that tells the story of people lost to gun violence as she shared the story of his son christopher. >> chris was shot and killed may 23rd, 2014. he was a student at uc santa barbara. he was shot and killed in isle la vista. >> reporter: he joined a vigil honoring shooting victims and survivors. jackie speier, who survived being shot near jonestown in 1978 was among the speakers.
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>> i know what it's like to survive and feel compelled to do something about the violence that takes place in this country every single day. >> reporter: the event was coincided to take place. >> there is about 96 people a day, 32,000 a year. and that's just the deaths. >> reporter: also here house leader nancy pelosi who talked about working to pass legislation. >> we cannot say any longer i'm so sorry, you're in our thoughts and prayers. congress has a moment of silence and no action. >> reporter: but in the crowd, the tone was about what families are facing. >> in christmas, our only child. he was everything to us. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> the nra did not respond to our request for comment. the pro-gun rights organization typically opposes gun control laws, however, has recently
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signaled support of restraining orders for gunowners that exhibit so-called red flags. it's hard to believe, but wednesday will mark one year since the death of former san francisco mayor ed lee. on december 12th last year, lee suffered a massive heart attack while shopping at a grocery store. tomorrow the asian pacific counsel will remember lee. a ceremony for the former mayor will be held at ft. smith square. there are other remembrances this week scheduled as well. last week lee was inducted into the california hall of fame. a disabled man was seriously burned when the room he was in caught fire this afternoon. shortly after 2:00, firefighters were called to a home on lanai avenue in east san jose. two other people in the house tried dragging the man out, but they needed firefighters to help them. >> i heard the fire engines. i smelled the smoke. i came out here, and i could see the smoke coming up from the chimney. fire people were up there.
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they were starting to hack away with their axes. >> the man was taken to a local burn center. a rude awakening at a redwood city apartment complex as smoke from an unusual fire forced and evacuation. about 9:30 this morning a resident at the 201 marshall building near el camino real and brewster noticed thick smoke on the fifth floor. the culprit is a computer processor about the sides of a file cabinet that caught fire. a person who called 911 told what's he saw. >> it was toxic. so much that i was worried to breathe it. the hallway, you couldn't see all the way end of the hallway that the smoke was that thick. >> no injuries reported. the music giant located in san francisco is switching locations because of safety concerns. spotify has moved out of its offices in san francisco's mid market area, according to "the san francisco chronicle." the music streaming giant moved into the area back in 2013 under
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a program that gave companies a tax break to move into that neighborhood. now the company is operating out of the financial district. the chronicle quotes several employees saying safety and crime were the main reasons for spotify's move. others who work nearby say they share those concerns. >> i think the city needs to be cleaned up. i don't know how aggressive people can get, but at some point the issue, the talk on the street is the issue is the quality of life for the people who are working here. at what point do they have to put up with people harassing them, fights, getting stuff thrown at them and stepping over needles? >> san francisco's mid market and tenderloin neighborhoods have been plagued by violent crime and poverty for decades. spotify's new spot is in the merchant's exchange business near california and montgomery. still to come, a busy week for the trump administration. they're trying to fill some key positions, but not everyone's on board with the president's picks. whose leaving and who is looking
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to join? and not something you see every day. a man riding muni on the outside. the back story on this strange sight. and we've already got some rain on the radar. i am tracking some rain. what there will mean for your monday morning commute, coming up in just a bit. stay with us. workers at kaiser permanente mental health clinics across the state plan to walk off the job monday. the demands they )re making. plus: what happens when you lose your license at the airport?! the print out that will give you hope. monday morning from 4:30 to 7. ♪ ♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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michelle obama is set to give a talk at san jose )s sap center n friday. it )s part of her book tour for her memoir, titled happening this week, michelle obama giving a talk on friday. part of her book tour for her memoir titled "becoming." we plan to be there too and we'll bring you complete coverage of that event. now for the developments in washington, where uncertainty surrounds several positions in the trump administration. the president is searching for a replacement for his outgoing chief of staff and getting some pushback for his pick for attorney general and u.n. ambassador. nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has the latest. a year-end challenge for president trump, his vacancy rate. the hurdle ahead senate confirmation for two high profile. >> by overwhelming bipartisan support. she has been a supporter for a
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long time, and -- >> reporter: but today the path for heather nauert state department spokeswoman and fox news alum hit a snag when senator marco rubio could not say she was qualified to be u.n. ambassador. >> the things you're asking me, does she have detailed knowledge of foreign policy to a level that will allow her to be successful at the united nations, i don't know. >> reporter: a second act for william barr who already served as attorney general 25 years ago under bush. his past, legal positions and future oversight of the mueller russia investigation are his confirmation tests. >> protecting the integrity of special counsel mueller. i think that's going to be a kind of litmus test. >> uh-oh is right. i'm concerned that he has been a big support over the patriot act, which lowered the standard for spying on americans. >> reporter: no senate confirmation required to fill this weekend's sudden new west wing opening. >> john kelly will be leaving. >> reporter: but today the president's economic adviser could not explain a critical
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fact about the chief of staff exit. >> did kelly resign or was he forced out? >> i don't know, to be perfectly honest. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. and new tonight, sources tell nbc news the president was expected to name a new chief of staff by year's end. that is a change, as president trump said yesterday, he expected an announcement within a couple of days. one top adviser who had been in discussion for the job, nick ayers, will not be taking that post and will instead go to an outside political action committee. we will continue to follow the latest developments in washington on our home page, click on our top stories for the in-depth insights and analysis. we're following new developments in the jamal khashoggi killing. saudi arabia's foreign minister today ruled out extraditing suspects. the chief prosecutor in istanbul, turkey, has filed warrants for the arrest of two former saudi officials. turkish leaders concluded last week they concluded these two
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men helped plan the killing. but they said no to the idea of sending the suspects to turkey for prosecution. >> with regards to issuing an arrest warrant, we don't extradite our citizens. i believe turkey's constitution prohibits the extradition of turkish citizens. >> khashoggi was killed october 2nd in istanbul. audio reporting was released according to a source, khashoggi's last words were "i can't breathe." in san ramon, a touching tribute to a local member of the police department. officers gave one final salute to their four-legged friend and partner hector. the 7-year-old german shepherd had cancer, and his health took a turn for the worse recently. hector will be thoroughly missed by the whole department. now here is an unusual sight. a viewer took this picture of a person sitting on the back of a muni train. they said this happened around 8:30 this morning, and that the
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man rode on the train's coupler. police were reportedly chasing that man. a muni spokesperson tells us they do not know his whereabouts. across the south and the midatlantic tonight, concerns about freezing rain and snowy roads as temperatures hover around freezing in a lot of places. we've already seen more than a foot of snow in parts of north carolina, and that storm system affecting 18 million people in seven states. has now been blamed for at least four deaths. nbc's tammy leitner is in north carolina. >> reporter: tonight the monster storm dumping heavy snow and freezing rain has turned deadly. three people died in the south carolina home from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. an incident authorities say is storm-related. and in north carolina, a man killed when a tree fell on his car. the news coming as large parts of the south remain crippled. >> i'm a little nervous, i ain't going to lie. >> reporter: american airlines canceled 1100 flights for today, and more than 300 for tomorrow.
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residents across the region are being warned to stay home. >> don't put your life and the lives of first responders at risk. by getting out on roads covered with snow and ice. >> reporter: a state of emergency declared in north carolina and virginia, with some areas expecting up to two feet. north carolina has been getting pounded with snow, leaving treacherous road conditions and snowplows have been working around the clock. more than 500 crashes reported in the state just today. >> absolutely worse than i thought. >> snow bringing greensboro to a stand still. >> we are getting more snow in one day than we normally get the entire year. >> across the carolinas, roughly a half million people are expected to lose power, and the new concerns that the snow left behind will turn to ice overnight. tammy leitner, nbc news, greensboro, north carolina. well, the harsh weather there having an impact here. a live look at sfo.
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seven flights canceled today. it seems small compared to what they're going to there, but seven flights and there were 120 delays. let's turn our attention to weather. you both have lived out on the east coast. you know what that weather is like firsthand. >> it is no joke. and just to show you kind of the magnitude of what they're dealing with, i do have a radar look of what it looks like this. is the reason why irthere is still so much concern as we head in the next couple hours. because a winter storm warning does remain in effect for that area where. you see the green, that's where heavy precipitation is rolling through. the white is a wintry mix, which means the combination of snow and rain which creates the hazard of sleet, and we're still expecting to see a couple more inches of snow fall through along with the freezing overnight temperatures. this is going to remain a big concern for all of the folks heading out for the next several hours as the system continues to make its exit, but unfortunately, that winter storm warning will remain in effect
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through tomorrow night for that exact reason because of that wintry mix. so we keep a close eye on that storm system. meanwhile, bringing it back home, we're dealing with our own system. ours of course nothing compared to that. it's a very weak cold front, and you can see it just over northern california. our northern california through eureka. if i zoom in, you can see we're not getting much from the rain showers yet. but santa rosa might start to get a trickle or two in the next few hours. the hours o models seem to show it dissipating and not reaching anything south into the overnight hours. san francisco right now, the temperatures are in the 50s. so let's talk about that hour-by-hour outlook. so i can give you a better timeline for this. if you notice by 5:00 a.m., a lot of this rain seems to be sticking north of the golden gate bridge. it isn't until about 6:00, 7:00 when we start to see a line of showers push down through half moon bay, palo alto, hayward, the oakland area, and into the tri-valley as well. that sets up for a pretty messy morning commute as he head
11:20 pm
towards monday. but the south bay not really getting any measurable rain. the south bay not really a big concern. and then we see it clear out by about 12:00 your lunch hour. all that will be left behind is a lot of cloud cover and the cooler temperatures as the cold front moves through. when it dpirkts cloud cover will clear and that will make for very, very cold overnight lows. we're talking 30. every hour that goes by, the models are picking up less and less rain. check out santa rosa. earlier it was picking up a little over tenth of an inch. not even a tenth of an inch through there. and no measurable rain. the model is not picking up any measurable rain in the south bay. this is the rpm model. we also have a good santa seeing cooler temperatures tomorrow. some spots will rain a couple of degrees cooler. in through oakland only upper 50s. concord, 58 degrees. livermore, 58. if you enjoyed today's kind of cloudy overcast skies mixed with
11:21 pm
the cooler temperatures, that's a lot of what you'll see tomorrow once that rain makes its exit. into the overnight hours is when we'll start to see the colder temperatures. san francisco, overnight lows will remain in the 40s. we clear out of the rain by tomorrow evening, and then we keep the dry conditions in through tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. just looking out ahead over the next several days, our next chance of rain will move in friday, and that's not a big rainmaker. it's next sunday right now the models are showing the possibility of better chances of seeing more rain next sunday into monday. and of course the higher elevations area like the north bay and things like that are expected to see a better chance of more rain. so that will be a much more measurable storm system. >> all right. we need it. >> we do. we always need rain in california. >> right. bianna, thanks a lot. coming up, a closer look at cbd oil. a lot of talk about the risk versus the benefits. >> doctors put it under the microscope, when we return.
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a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought.
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stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. a meteor streaked across the sky earlier today in mexico new video for you tonight. he can this out. here it comes. >> wow. >> what do you think it is? it's a meteor, streaking across the sky in mexico city. that's from last night. an amateur photographer caught the video just in time. i love that. >> that is so beautiful. >> it disappears behind some trees. he posted to social media. whoever you are, thank you. >> good job. we're going to turn to some health news now. a big new trend is under the microscope. cbd oil, it's a product of hemp and a cousin of cannabis. many users say it works wonders, but some doctors are skeptical. nbc's dr. john torres takes a look. >> reporter: in the kentucky
11:26 pm
countryside, hiding behind a crop of corn lies a tidy row of a mysterious plant thought to have medicinal powers. >> this is hemp. >> reporter: hemp is a type of cannabis plant that contains a chemical called cbd. it doesn't make you high like marijuana, but it is creating a national buzz. >> cbd. it's cbd. >> cbd. >> reporter: sprouting up everywhere and in everything. cbd infused lattes, beauty products, baked goods, even dog treats. as the cbd frenzy grows, so does the confusion. does cbd work? >> yes. it works for anxiety. it works for pain. it works for any inflammatory condition. >> no. we don't know any of that. if you go in with this expectation, with all of society saying this is going to cure you of whatever ailes you, it often will. >> reporter: don't tell that to laura freeman. 12 years ago she was thrown off of a horse and suffered bone crippling pain, until she tried a surprising treatment.
11:27 pm
>> the cbd work and was an absolute miracle. seriously. >> reporter: now laura has turned her farm into a hemp empire, making and everything from cbd lotions to chocolates. in colorado, dr. joe cohen has stopped delivering babies, instead prescribing cbd to patients with an array of illnesses. >> you need to take this twice a day every day earlier the fda approved the first and only cbd medication, a treatment for rare forms of epilepsy. >> there is no proof that it works for anything other than seizures. yet your prescribing for everything from pain to alzheimer's. >> there is plenty of proof from seeing patients and seeing results. >> reporter: cbd supplements are not tested, approved or regulated by the fda, but cbd fans are not waiting for proof. >> i couldn't be doing what i'm doing today without cbd. it's changed my life. >> reporter: a phenomenon growing faster than the science.
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installed the new and gave us the bathroom we've always wanted. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel stories. rain, making a return to the bay. that )s right. a recapping tonight's top stories, rain making a return to the bay area. >> tonight a live look outside at. it's going to start coming down in just a few hours. vianey arana will have a timeline in just a few minutes. oakland teachers planning to skip class tomorrow. they say they're tired of waiting for the school district and the union to come to an agreement on their work contract. they're going to hold a one-day strike. teachers are going to be lined up outside the school picketing, talking about the negotiations, which are still ongoing two years after they started. educators want a 12% raise over the next three years. the district offering a 5% raise over the next five years. some students planning to walk out in solidarity. >> personally, my sister herself
11:31 pm
is a teacher in the oakland unified school district. and we need more teachers like her to stay in oakland. >> the oakland unified school district responded with a statement reading in part, a sick-out is an illegal labor action. teamers who call in sick under the circumstances will potentially be subject to disciplinary action and loss of pay. we continue to follow developments in the case of a chinese tech executive arrested in canada, now facing extradition to the u.s. today china summoned the u.s. ambassador to demand the warrant against mention men g wang zow. she would face charges of conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions. china is vowing grave consequences if she isn't released, calling her arrest an
11:32 pm
unreasonable violation of rights. >> china could do many things, which will cripple the u.s. economy. >> u.s. lawyers are opposing bail arguing her wealth makes her a flight risk, saying she has used seven passports in the past decades. meng's arrest came just as president trump and china's president called a truce in their trade war. it could make negotiations difficult. happening now, boards on shop windows finally coming down in paris after another violent weekend over there. violent protests erupted for the fourth consecutive weekend. demonstrations led by the yellowjacket protesters left a trail of destruction with businesses vandalized, cars set on fire. this follows weeks of protest trigger bade proposed gas tax hike for emmanuel macron's reforms. many calling on the president to resign. >> as an accessory, but must completely change his mind and increase his wages, the low
11:33 pm
wages decrease taxes for poor people also. >> yesterday's protest resulted in more than 1300 arrests. 135 injuries. france's finance minister says the demonstrations are harmful to the economy and all the damages are going to be paid for by the government, therefore, the people. we have some new digital content for you. a new push to diversify the bay area's tech culture. >> one group of entrepreneurs wants to disrupt silicon valley. our digital video journalist has spoke with one woman who says bias in hiring and the so-called bro-grammer culture are silicon valley's biggest problem. watch the story here and share it online. >> five minutes and we will cut you off at five minutes. >> i started this event. so it's my fault, i guess. >> a big round of applause before you get on stage. >> this is the biggest tech test. >> two years ago, i quit because
11:34 pm
i didn't feel being heard and valued at work, which have diversity problems. we have inclusion problems. we have tech culture problems. the bro-grammer problem. >> hr cannot tackle the issues alone because people aren't going to hr. >> are they nervous right now? >> a little bit. >> super excited to be here, and i'm ready to pitch and win. >> this is a time honored silicon valley tradition. you can call it speed dating for startups. you have five minutes to convince the judges you're a near perfect match. yet instead in this case, the startup they're trying to solve is some of the biggest problem with silicon valley itself. >> i broke up with corporate america about five years ago. and the reason was because as a woman and a person of color, i did not feel that the culture reflected me. >> reporter: jasmine shells is
11:35 pm
one of ten founders competing for tens of thousands of dollar. >> and we love the acronym, it's the pot competition. >> a venture capitalist on a mission to make tech more inclusive. >> if all we do is fix the hiring end, then what we've got is a bathtub problem, meaning we are bringing -- filling the bathtub with the drain still open. >> reporter: last year they surveyed people who quit tech jobs and found nearly 40% left over unfairness or mistreatment. >> i'm jasmine and i'm ready to help employees swipe right on their working again. >> three judges ask the tough question. >> what do you do that your competition doesn't? >> about how they'll succeed and make money. >> we already have five customer. >> we're five years old. we're growing fast and we're profitable. >> they provided a workplace that works for people with autism.
11:36 pm
>> being wired different is not a disadvantage. pattern position, systems thinking. >> reporter: next play made a bot named ellen that matches employees with mentors at the same company. >> i do have a family who were not allowed to work. and if they had open doors for me i'd be sitting in w-2 kids and a housewife. >> forefront gives managers the right sensitivity training based on current events and whose on their team. >> if your workforce let's say is 20% black caribbeans, you get more content on understanding that population. >> third place is forefront. >> forefront also took the audience award, a total of $35,000. >> in the next ten years, the workforce is going to look very much different than today. we're looking at a workforce that is multiracial, multi-ethnic, multigeneration. >> the number two company is next play. >> it's great. we just won $25,000. >> and in first place -- >> 5 to 9.
11:37 pm
>> jasmine shell took $40,000 for the tool that tells companies if their culture building efforts are actually working. >> how are you feeling right now? >> i won. >> and she landed a speaking engagement. >> and there is no one to talk to. coming up, if you are looking to put a gift under the tree, go with tech. the must-haves this year when we come back. races..but organizerss
11:38 pm
dan schenamen. you know there are many santa themed races. but organizers say this is the largest of them all. the look of it, they might be right. this is in spain. spain's santa claus race took
11:39 pm
over the streets of madonna today. 7,000 adults, kids and even pets. dressed up for the 5k charity run. >> having the most fun of all. >> the run benefits a local cancer knowledge profit. >> it look likes a great time. the holiday shopping season is right at its peak, and this year's most popular gifts are all about tech, no surprise there wireless head phone, smart home devices, and retro game consuls. liz mclaughlin shows us the hottest products right now. >> reporter: top new phones from google, apple and samsung all have something missing, a head phone jack. >> things are changing. >> that's driving sales of wireless headphones. >> bose and sony, the noise cancelling are very high in demand. >> many of the models are pricey, up to $300. but with more manufacturers entering the market, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg. >> what's different this year, you can get a really nice wireless head phones from monster or a lot of different
11:40 pm
makers for as low as $50. >> reporter: nintendo is having a happy holiday with record sales of its switch console. >> one of the other interesting trends we're seeing, especially this year is the miniature retro consul. >> gamers are fueling sales of the nintendo classic and the playstation classic. toy-like versions of old consuls with vintage games included. but the top trending tech this year, all things smart home. >> there is just an increasing push, especially from amazon and google. >> reporter: both launching new products ahead of the holiday season. google's home hub. and an update from amazon on its entire alexa product line. all the top sellers add up to record spending in the electronic categories. >> i couldn't be surprised if almost every person in the country get aztec-related gift this year. >> with tech topping the holiday wish list, santa might have a gift watching robot on his. liz mclaughlin, nbc news. >> your holiday shopping is
11:41 pm
done? >> haven't started. >> okay. i like to see that you're ahead of the game. all right. we're going to turn to a holiday tradition on the peninsula. >> and this one is a dream come true for lego enthusiasts. the bay area lego user group kicked off their annual holiday show in palo alto this weekend, and look at this. >> i love seeing these creations. i'm terrible with legos growing up. >> this is the 15th year they're doing this as a pop-up exhibit. thousand of legos transform into a miniature city that if you missed it, do not despair. the show runs through mid-january at the museum of american heritage. still to come, pot patrol. a police dog about to tackle crime with a new pair of kicks. the video now going viral. >> oh, i've tried that trick. it didn't work. he hated those things. he bit them right off. satellite radar right now, moisture pushing through. what is this going to mean
11:42 pm
overnight? and your monday morning commute. you need an umbrella all day tomorrow? i'll have that answer for you coming up. stay with us. sfx: tinny headphone music
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carols at rockefeller ♪ >> i can't identify that song. >> i'm telling you, they're all in tune. >> i think i heard one. the guy in back. hundreds of tuba players gathering to play christmas carols at rockefeller center. musicians across the country
11:45 pm
played under the famous christmas tree. this event has been going on for 45 years in new york city. the original traditional has been established in 200 of the cities all around the world. >> and they really deck out the tube a bays too. >> yeah. >> one south dakota department is making sure their crime fighting k-9s stay warm. this video is pretty cute. the newest rapid city k-9 officer has snow boots to wear on duty. what's what the dog thinks of them is another story. this officer decided to get his k-9 those boots because another dog had spent the night trekking through the snow during efforts to -- they do take a little accustoming. they tried on the new kicks, tried to kick them off as you can see. a rocky start. but the k-9 now has adjusted. >> it was not love at first sight. no. >> vianey is here now. we're not going to need boots for the doggies?
11:46 pm
>> no. not for the snow. you might need a scarf, though. i think it's appropriate to get your doggie a nice coat. no, listen. >> your dog has a nice coat. >> yes, he does. my dog, he is a california dog, okay? let me put it to you like this. if your dog is not a long-haired pup, if he is a shorthaired pup like mine, they get cold in the winter too when you take them out at night to use the rest room. they've got to get bundled up. don't judge me. i'm going to treat out a picture of binks and everybody will love it. san francisco, no rain just yet. the rain is far off to the north. satellite radar is picking up moisture through redding. far off in eureka. we're not tracking too much rain through santa rosa. but we might be picking up a couple of light showers. let's take you to the timeline. as we inch closer, that's when our best bet of seeing rain around here is going to be. able 5:00 a.m., you see santa
11:47 pm
rosa in through san rafael. that timeline then fast forwarded to 6:00, 7:00. and look how much this kind of dissipates. this kind of falls apart after those hours in to oakland, san rafael, san francisco. the model every time keeps on showing less and less rain. so south of the golden gate bridge, we might not get any rain at all. at least the models aren't picking up any significant measurable rainfall totals. it will be cloudy. it will be a great day to bundle up and enjoy, because temperatures will be climbing only into the 50s. so let's take you through the hour-by-hour outlook. it looks like my camera gave out. that's why that came up black. there was a san jose camera. the temperatures falling into the 40s early on when you wake up tomorrow. also going to be some 30s on the map up in the north bay. your daytime highs near tomorrow, expect upper 50s. low 60s in san francisco. a high of 57 degrees. oakland, 58. santa rosa, 60 degrees. and the bay area skies will be mostly cloudy. we'll catch earl hours again. not a huge rainmaker out of this. and then into tuesday,
11:48 pm
wednesday, thursday, we stay dry. we see another system trickle in on friday. and in through inland areas. we're also expecting another system to move in on sunday. overall, our temperatures will remain in the 50s and 60s this week. if you can, just make sure to avoid washing your car because we're going to get another chance of rain again next week. i don't think people mind not washing their cars. >> good point. >> yes, my dog has a coat, terry. >> and i want to see the picture. >> going to swetweet it. >> stand by. >> he needs it. it's a california dog. all right. time for sports. and it's hard to believe we're saying this, but it's the first time this season the 49ers and the raiders have won a game on the same day. >> and it is sad, but the highlights are great. >> they are great. >> dave feldman here with a look at sports. >> coming up next in sports, an update on draymond green, plus a wild day across the nfl, with the last second finish in oakland. and george kittle entering the
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
hi, everybody. i'm george feldman. this is the xfinity sports desk. a tough year for the 49ers. the second year tight end entered the record books today. the denver broncos were at lee vie's and kittle put on a first half light switch we have never seen. the 49ers first drive. nick mullens finds kittle. i mean, this was just the beginning. 31-yard gain. that led to a niners field goal. now into the first quarter. mullens hits kittle over the middle. you remember yac, yards after the catch there is a lot of them here. 52 yards for reception. second quarter, off the play action. mullens says i might as well find the guy from iowa. the former hawkeye rumbling, 85
11:52 pm
yards for the touchdown. 49ers win, 20-13. kittle finished with 210 yards, all in the first half. four yards off the all-time record for yards for a tight ends in a game. he became the single season franchise leader and he spoke with our crew after the game. >> are you aware that you have more receiving yards than any tight end in the history this franchise, and they started playing, george, in 1946? >> i know now. >> you know now. you knew before, didn't you? >> yeah, my mom made sure to let me know i needed 170 yards today. she told me that probably five times. richard sherman did too. it was pretty fun to get that. >> raiders/steelers. pick it up under two minutes left. oakland down four. derek carr to seth roberts, over the middle. that's a huge 47-yard gain. the raiders are in the red zone. later in the drive, fourth and
11:53 pm
goal for oakland. carr finds derek carrier for the touchdown. raiders take the lead late. under 20 seconds left. ben roethlisberger to james washington. he laterals it to juju smith-schuster. the hook and ladder. the steelers are in business. 40-yard field goal for chris boswell. it's blocked. it was blocked. boswell loses his footing. the raiders survive the game. 24-21, jon gruden is fired up. miami had a crazy finish between the dolphins and the pats. the pats up five. final play for miami. ryan tannehill finds kenny stills over the middle. and then everywhere. finally, kenyan drake ends up with the ball. 69 yards. dolphins are winner, 34-33.
11:54 pm
eagles and cowboys in dallas. pick it up in overtime. dak prescott's pass is deflected right into amari cooper's hands for the game-winning touchdown. remember, he was a raider? he is really enjoying life in the big d. cowboys win, 29-23. to the hardwood. draymond green will finally be back monday. 14 overall with a sprained toe. the coach says there will not be a minute restriction when day-day comes back. and that's going wrap it up for sports. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. don't go anywhere.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
yes. what you're seeing is correct. those people are running around in their skivvies. hundreds of santas stripped down
11:57 pm
to their underwear in san francisco today, but it was all for a good cause. they're braving the elements for the tenth annual santa cities run through the castro. many said the chilly conditions, that's part of the gig. it is more than just a festive time, though. this is a one-mile run that helps raise money for hiv services and prevention. leader says they want to remind people that while hiv infection is declining, it is far from over. >> as a political leader, as an elected official who is a gay man who my community is so deeply impacted by hiv, i have a solemn responsibility to fight for the end of this epidemic. >> today's run raised more than $100,000 to support the san francisco aids foundation. organizer says they also hoped it help end stigmas associated with hiv and the lgbtq community. a cold day out there. do we have more in store? >> it was dry.
11:58 pm
>> they had 50s, but it was dry. it was little cloudy. now we're starting to see some of the showers move in to the north bay, and it likes it's going to stay pretty north of the golden gate bridge. well might catch alerts early tomorrow. be prepared if you're heading out to work near the north bay or in san francisco you may want to take some extra time there is a better chance of them seeing showers. >> side note. >> good to know. thank you. >> thanks lot. have a great night. have a great week. thanks for watching. >> have a great night, everyone. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. not to the finish.t.
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but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less.
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entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. this week the "in depth" crew looks back on our favorite moments from last season, from the biggest names. >> we might be around celebrities all the time, but everyon once in a while you are like, wow. >> to the most exclusive access. >> rifles and dune buggys and floyd mayweather. >> to the moments you never saw. >> that was a time it actually felt like we were dump ago body somewhere. >> plus. >> we were not prepared. we almost gave our sound guy a heart attack. >> all that is coming up on "in depth."


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