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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 10, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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in the park in downtown san jose. good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m ma very good monday morning to you. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. we want to get a check of that weather outside. it is cold. >> it is cold but we also have a cup couple of showers. we are going to take a look at storm ranger. the rain has been spotty and light. you can see some of the rain moving near the sunset district and as you go across bay bridge and as we head farther north the
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bridge is wet as some of the showers move through there and move through napa county. it is also some rain just to the east there. i'm getting a look at all of this as we see this weak storm system moving through. after that we'll have a dry afternoon. i'll be tracking all of this for you. you're also looking at this for i-80. >> it doesn't look like it is in the area. we'll have the road weather index. it is north of the golden gate bridge. the same thing for i-80. we do have a crash still blocking two of your four lanes west 80 at north texas street. it is pretty far out but a note if you're expecting anybody coming in they are still working on the crash but no major
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injuries or other incidents. back to you. >> all right. thanks. a developing story out of the east bay. oakland high school teachers there, plenty to skip class today saying they are tired of waiting. >> they have two of dozens of teach rs at oakland high school who will not go into their classrooms. they plan on talking to parents. >> teachers will be lined up across mcarthur. there will be picket signs and there will be fliers. we expect about 75 of our 90 teachers out. >> we feel like the district had not been bargaining in good faith. we are asking for a 10% raise. they are offering 5% over 5 years. it will not keep up with cost of living. >> teach rs may be joining the one-day strike. students are planning their own act of solidarity.
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she is organizing a student walkout because this issue hits close to home. >> personally my cyst ssister i teacher. we need more teach efrs like her to stay in oakland. >> her sister still lives at home because of pay issues. they responded with a payment reading in part it is an illegal labor action. teachers that will potentially be sub jek to discipline flair action and loss of pay. >> some teachers tell us they don't want to go on a long strike here but they say if the district does not bulge on key demands they may have to. the last time the school district teefrps went on an extended strike was in 1996. that lasted about two months. >> doctors treating a disabled man. it happened in east san jose. firefighters say the fire
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started inside the man's room. two other people tried to drag the man out. it became too much. fire fiergters arrived in time to rescue him. >> i heard the fire engines, smelled t smelled the smoke. i saw the smoke coming up. fire people were up there. spotify plooufred out of its building. they closed and sever former employees say they have safety
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and crime concerns. >> i think the city needs to be cleaned up. i don't know how aggress iive people can get. the talk on the street is the quality of life to people that are working here. at what point do they have to get things thrown at them and stepping over needles. >> it is in the merchant exchange building near california and montgomery in the financial district. >> so take a second to check out this man getting a free ride instead of sitting inside he rode on the outside. it happened yesterday morning. the man sat on the back of the train all the way through the tunnel in san francisco. police were reportedly chasing them. now to a holiday tradition. >> a lego lover, it kicks off the annual holiday snow in palo alto this beekweekend.
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this year thousands of legos are made into a miniature city. that show runs through january at the museum of america's heritage. coming up next on today in the bay continuing with another disappointing opening. a look at how uber is joining lyft and takes the ride share company public.
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>> go good morning. here are today's top business headlines. look to continue amid growing fears of an economic slowdown. the dow jones industrial average is pointing to the opening bell. the futures are off their lows. this is after all u.s. stock indexes posted their first weekly decline since last week. keeping an eye out surrounding the arrest of the cfo. summoning the u.s. and canadian ambassador. mean while uber has filed paperwork for an official public
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offer to one of the biggest tech giants to go public. the filing comes one day after lyft filed similar paperwork. it is the first to trade publicly on wall street. in october uber received proposals values at as much as $120 billion. it could go public as soon as the first quarter of next year. finally at the box officer it was another weekend for ralph breaks the internet. it raked in more than $16 million in domestic ticket sales. that was slightly more than the grinch. another block buster could be on the horizon avengers broke in the most bringing in a whopping 289 million views. that is more than the film's
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pr predecessor. i personally can't wait. back to you. >> i thought you were going to say the highly anticipated mary poppins. >> it all depending on your audience. zb >> i don't know if that's quite as anticipated. coming up next, monday morning forecast. >> looks good as you get ready to head out. here is a live look outside. christmas in the park. maybe you were out there over the weekend. we'll get a closer look at storm ranger tracking spotty showers. that's coming up next. >> and we are tracking this. just some roads that are moving nicely here past the coliseum. i will show you what's going on here as far as your driving environment coming up.
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a live look. you'll notice there's some haze out there, some fog. be careful on your way in. allow a little extra time. pretty much common knowledge. it is 4:44 right now. it is cold here in the bay area. let's say if you live in the area where there's a lot of snow things can get a little rough
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especially when there's too much snow ton ground. that's when you impro vise hevi. this is one dog. the police department there had an inspiration for snow boots after a member of the canine unit trekked through a lengthy pursuit in the snow. he is like what are these things on my feet? he is adjusting pretty well there. we should call this insnovation. >> i get it. >> i'll be here all week. >> we'll see how that evolves. >> all right. no snow in our neck of the woods. it is a little foggy. yes. it is foggy and dwe do have som rain. the rain has been fairly light. it will move through quickly. this is out ahead of a cold front. as we get ahead of san francisco
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some of that moving through the bay view and off towards the north and east. we are going to see that rain also going across the richmond bridge towards richmond and towards east richmond. we are looking at rain and getting ready to move in. i think you have a few more minutes before it starts to move in. as we head through napa we are seeing some of the spotty rain moving through and we'll be approaching in the next few minutes. this is part of a cold front that will bring us rain and clear out for the afternoon. as this sweeps through from north to south we will see spotty rain. not everyone will get in on the wet weather today. then after this afternoon we will have a period to dry out in a couple of days of partly cloudy skies. it will be cold today around pittsburgh. we have had cold clouds and it will keep temperatures down throughout the morning with
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upper 40s as you get ready to head out the door. it is the same with mid-40s through 6:00. at 11:00 we are seeing mostly cloudy skies and low 50s. once again, here is another look at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. because of this chilly start to the day you want to make sure you have a coat. in parts of the east bay make sure you have backup with the rain gear. you'll be comfortable. temperatures reach into the upper 50s. we'll see a lot of 50s and a few low 60s. concord we reach 62. it is up to 68 in san mateo. 59 in the mission district. north bay in napa today.
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we will have a nice chance of rain saturday and still unsettled weather for the weekend. i think the best days this week will be during the middle of the week. we get a lot of sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. heading over here it is a little misty. >> yes. we have a little mist. i have been watching to see if any windshield wipers are going. they are not. you can see how wet the roadways are. be careful out there. it is the richmond side. light traffic. you can see this over in the north bay. watch the speeds. you can go at the speed limit. there is a report of a debris
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just outside over on the oakland side. i'll let you know if it is a problem. chp hasn't called for any traffic breaks. a little bit of puddling there. this is just a note. i want to give you a live look again. this ramp here, there are no puddles. it is just the situation. watching before the sun comes out. >> thanks. 4:49 right now. a chie neek tech executive arrested in canada. she is facing extradition to the u.s. china summoning to demand a war against her be dropped. charged with covering up links to a firm that tried to sell equipment to iran despite
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sanctions. >> u.s. lawyers arguing her wealth makes her a flight risk saying she has used seven passports in the past decade. arrests came as president trump called a truce in their trade war. it could make future negotiations difficult. a violent protest erupted. demonstrators there left the trail of destruction there with businesses vandalized and cars set on fire. it follows weeks of protests followed by a proposed gas tax. >> i don't know if it is but
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what must change its mind and increase wages, the low wages and decrease for poor people also. >> saturdays protest resulted in more than 1,300 arrests. finance minister says the demonstrations are harmful to the economy. new this morning a gilroy couple moving out of california is giving back in a big way. >> they are heading to north carolina but they aren't taking much with them. they are donating furniture, appliances and others that lost everything in the deadly and destructive campfire.
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>> we'll start over and it will be a good memory for us. >> 15 years of search and rescue experience for more than a week. certainly knows about that. coming up next on today in the bay, new this morning, cutting back but when? several states including california must come up with a drought plan for colorado river. the reason the states are lagging in their plan of action. >> if you get to the airport and realize you have lost your id or lost it you don't have to cancel your flight. if you tell them about it at the security check point they might be able to verify your identity another way and let you make your flight. if you a consumer complaint call 888-996-tips or online at top court rules that britain can change its mind over brexit. it is giving hope to those that
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want to stay in the eu. britain vote today leave the european union invoking article 50. originally the idea of any country leaving was considered unlikely. there are reports that theresa may is considering a number of options. more news for you right after the break. light show.
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what you )re seeing is a bright green meteor streak across the sky. take ablook at this colorful light show. this happened late saturday night in mexico city. a photographer caught this just in time. it was before they disappeared behind some trees.
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he posted this rare sight on social media. the clock is ticking on a drought plan. the deadline maybe mist there and conditions, water cutbacks may be declared by 2020. leaders from seven western states including california are expected to have a final plan in place by the end of the year to share that plan. now, they say that will not happen. federal regulators say they are open to extending the deadline. happening today a brewing legal battle over migrant detention heats up. arguments will be heard at the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals this morning. an 11 judge panel will decide whether they are entitled to a government paid lawyer in deportation hearings. that comes from lawyers as san francisco heads to the u.s./mexico border.
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they plan to provide legal assistance to those seeking asylum. more than 200 leaders expected to converge today. the event has been organized bay quaker organization known as the american friends service committee. they have worked for over 100 years. >> coming up today a new workweek forecast for us. >> yeah. we start out with cloudy skies. we take a live look outside right now. as we go through the day we will see our temperatures start out cool and stay cool throughout the rest of the day. as we track rain moving in on storm ranger we are going to see showers moving through during the early hours. we'll take a look at that coming up after the break. >> watch the speed limit. watch those conditions. you may find slippery slick roads. there's some fog out there. plus new this morning a car slams into a south bay apartment
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complex. we'll have a live report from the scene as police look for the driver. a live look outside -- t
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america. welcome to monday morning. it is a cold start out there. some fog lingering in the area. be careful as you head out the door. grab an extra layer as well. thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. >> mike will have a look at our
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commute in just a bit. >> yeah. >> it is cold out there. you say rain is coming? >>. yeah. we have rain moving through. we take a look at our golden gate bridge camera. showers moving through as we take a look at our mobile doppler radar. mostly light as it moves through san francisco. we'll see it coming through the next couple of hours. also around the richmond area you're seeing light showers and also around the american canyon area extending towards napa. a lot of this fizzling out. i'll have a look at the time line of what you can expect. you're tracking a new crash in the north bay. >> yeah. you showed us the radar. damp roadways and on the lens at the golden gate bridge. a smooth drive. we are taking you to the north bay. the crash cleared at north


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