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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 11, 2018 5:00am-5:51am PST

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not very much there. this is, you can see, that fog just below the s use your normal headlights... new this morning -- two south bay hospitals virtually on life support just
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peninsula and towards san jose. and contra costa county expects it. slow it down, guys. back to you. >> ewthanks, mike. new for you, two south bay hospitals virtually on life support just got a new breath of life. >> santa clara medical center. kris sanchez joins us live from kre valley med and what it could mean for you. >> reporter: pretty big hospitals, at least two of them. adding more beds to the hospitals could mean less re ca feeling well. in addition to santa clara valley medical center, thenas tt to offered the only bid. if this deal goes through later this month, the purchase would add 456 beds to the system, and
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according to the merck, valley medical center already operating at 91% capacity. o'connor hospital serves central san jose. st. louis regional hospital serves gilroy and a hearing december 19th and the sale would be approved at that point. curious how this is going to workut for the a nurses who already work here, rather, who already work in those hospitals. reaching out to them to find out what they think about the deal, and also to the system to see what they say. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest. st5:02. happening today, environmentalists are outraged. president trump's administration is set to roll back the clean water protection act for california's tracie potts live from capitol hill with a look who will benefit from theanges.
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good morning, tracie. >> reporter: golf courses among others set to benefit, laura. of course, the president owns many of those. that is stirring up controversy. you talked about those streams in california. streams that overflow when it rains are part of what the trump administration wants to take away from federal regulation. also wetlands that are stand-alone. wetlands not connected to any other streams. changing these definitions to mean a lot of waterways that environmentalists conce trump been trying to chip away at this for some time and did rulations year. this is the latest proposal. it is still just a proposal, to change these definitions and change these rules in anne esff to eventually get rid of the clean water act enacted years ago. some of the regulations under the obama administration. back to wetu, laura. >> thanks for thehe latest,
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tracie. 5:04 right now and this morning we're learning new detail answer a deadly officer involved shooting on thehe peninsula. a palo alto teacher was shot and killed by a police officer orcury news rds worked at frank green middle school. hart was in the backyard of his home in redwood city with ahern arrived yesterday. police say he refused to drop his knife anddi began running towards officers. they hart but he didd not stop so an officer sho him. todayke marks day two of th kaiser permanente. 4,000 mental health workers taking part. they arere failing toto increas staffing. a defeat for b.a.r.t. reportedly tied to ke new this morning, what was a huge election day victory two years ago. voters in 2016 approved measure rr. it's a $3.5 million bond measure
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allowing for numerous improvements. in the leadup to the vote, b.a.r.t. issued videos on social media posting. ther "mercury news" reports ste regulator fined them $7,500 for using plioutube videos and no h them.ering 5. scooters taking over. oakland wants youtting rules an. a series of public meetings are being held as people are having problem dumps into lake merit. the institute post add photo discussing the problem. the group says the scooters of a burden on its clean lake program. this show as scooter plucked out of the lake. report complaints of improperly parked scooters by calling 311. 5:06. today, the housing crisis in the
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south bay. san jose is set to vote on key changes to a local law deciding if duplexes are included under the tenant protectionordinance. if passed, thousands of units would be added. city leaders say there are more than 2,400 evictions without cause in san jose since 2010. the council will consider requ there are more than 4,000 pplicants on the waiting list. holiday good time for you to get a new pet in the home, you might want to consider contra costa county animal service. >> allvavadoioqud dogs and othe animals are available at the martinez and pinole locations. visit's contra costa animal website for more information. >> cute dogs llthere. there we go. live pictures in san jose. can barely make it out. just a light there. all of that fog we're seeing
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throughout the bay area this morning, kari and something a lot of people need to be mindful of heading out this morning. >> disorienting. even as you drive your normal route, if you can barely see anything, but just the short o hardobout a quarter mile carlos down to bay and also seeing no visibility in oakland. and in livermore, also get sunshine. so if you're on your way out the door to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, very chilly, mid-40s. head up to about 56 degrees at 1:00. then as we go down to cupertino, at 48 degrees at 9:00. and sunshine breaking out. we'll warm up into the upper 50s and talk more about the microclimate coming up. heading to mike a new crash on the peninsula? >> i do, kari. also we talked about this. unusually foggy. very difficult to see. our road weather index, the weather data, translating to road conditions showing you how
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tough tough because of denseog toward south bay, we of the map. that's a warning for folks you're going to have to slow it down. there, down to zero for a couple of yards. comes up onc you quickly. a patch of clearing and slow again for folks all around the bay. things like this happened. southbound 101. a crash reported in the middle lane of the four-lane stretch. an issue as folks drive out of san francisco. you can see that far in front of you and will come upon the flashing lights quickly. suddenly see a lot of slowing in the area where we have that highlighted for the fog, through that area. be very careful. tracking that and hopefully they can clear it quickly from the roadway. not affecting folks coming off the county and venetia and theoming going's ceo faces the
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ng yous lat the latest. and the wife of el chapo is extra diet extra -- extradited to the u.s. for trial.
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right now at 5:12. heads up. a dense fog advisory in effect and it's going to be patchy as you drive to work this morning. visibility is very low in some spots. we'll start to see it clearing out around 9:00 to 10:00. sunnyvale has a cool start.
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45 degrees, and reaching into the upper 50s today. which is about average. we'll talk about what's ahead as we track more rain in the forecast. that's coming up in less than five minutes. you see that? kari with 101 in san jose. looked almost like this shot of the golden gate bridge. fog showing up. switch the two shots. barely tell. kari disappeared and visibility is slow dune b slow down a bit. we'll show you what to expect. a very happy tuesday to you. numbers on my board barely tell you the story. the dow point was down 500 points on monday but able to recover. we do hear china is talking to washington again. good news. apple will not be allowed to sell some of its phones there. alphabet google, infocus as well. the ceo is set to testify this morning of google before the
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house judiciary committee asking about bias against conservatives. the meeting was supposed to last week but set aside after president bush died. google is the only company not to slow up to an earlier hearing early this fall and lawmakers were disappointed. >> i'm deeply disappointed that google, one of the most influential digital platforms in the world chose not to send its own top corporate leadership. >> that was september. also we expect senators to ask hard questions about google's project to bring aen our time. we'll take a closer look at the midday news. and pressuring markets. lpl today but the prime minister delayed saw they wouldn't get the votes. >> we will postpone the votehap. parment accept the exit. vote it down. you get what's called a hard exit. which is worst of all results. or the outside chance of a third option. somehow calling the whole thing off staying inside the european union. unlikely at best.
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the "wall street journal" reports the fbi launched a criminal investigation into the millions of fake comments sent in to the fcc last year that supported the end of net neutrality. the fcc accepted them at face value, ended those obama era rules quoting support getting from the american public. turns out most of that support was fake in theorents we don't know who made the fake comments, but we do know there are fake comments and again, the fbi investigating. we know, because our own co-workers say their names and home addresses were used in those fake comments and swear they didn't send them in. if they did, thought the opposite, anyway. i certainly trust them. fake comments to the fcc. >> interesting. all right. thanks. "whistle while you work"? one u.p.s. driver makes the seven dwarfs look like small potatoes. ta l
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>> that lady's like -- ah, can i have my package? good for him! delivery man bringing holiday cheer. lots of customers on his route near chicago. in fact, they call him mr. christmas. he says he just really likes to put a smile on people's faces. something else puts a smile on faces. new this morning, backed by popular demand. crocs. designed by rapper post malone. check out this photo shared on instagram there. i mean, i don't know if i would wear those but they are very comfortable. the shoes go on sale later today on the crocs website and cost $ 60. his second collaboration with the company. the rapper designed those shoes there. they quickly sold out. some of those are actually being resold for up to $1,000. >> wow. >> you want to look like spongebob.
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rriohe game, maybe. right? >> for $1,000? >> i know you would wear them. >> that's why she's there for you, mike. >> and $1,000 heels, i make think about that. >> and maybe get a red sole on those shoes. >> yeah. now you know my style. now you know my style! >> crocs weather, kari? >> no. it's never crocs weather. >> and foggy? >> yeah. we're going to have some type of weather you want to get outside. especially in tracking systems moving in. right now in between. you can see the rain coming down across seattle and po we're looking live in dublin where the problem this morning is the fog. you can barely see anything. then it's just drifting across the roadway. and ffide le up. you can see and then -- suddenly you drive into a wall of fog.
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heads up about that. just slow down. we're going to see the visibility in the tri-valley as well as oakland and parts of the peninsula cut down to zero. it's about a quarter mile elsewhere. so dense fog advisory continues until 9:00, and also very chilly with mid-30s and for some of us it's about 10 to 13 degrees cooler than yesterday athi gett ponytail day. throw it back in a ponytail and go with all the fog. not going to dohigh temperature into the upper 50s, low 60s. overall, a comfortable da headi friday. by friday afternoon, we'll see a round of showers quickly moving thro rai on sunday. evening through early monday morning. a couple of waves of rain on the way, but overall, not seeing any really significant storm systems, and the two storms that we'll see could bring the possibility of anywhere from
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about a quarter inch in the tri-valley up to about a half inch in the north bay. not that significant, but every little bit counts. then looking at a couple of days of dry weather for today, tomorrow and thursday. and then by friday, the rain moving in, slightly cooler temperatures. keeping it cool throughout the weekend for the inland as one. the sanlose r to speed. slowing decause of visibility through san rafael. we are having trouble seeing it from our rofoftop camera. and yellow highlighting around the north bay across vallejo and towards the contra costa county drive. a smooth flow as far as speed sensor, but there are issues. slowing out of antioch and bay point and pittsburg and a crash still on the shoulder. we warned you about those issues
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because of those types of visibility. a backup in this area. cache and fastrak lanes showing a build. this showing up blendsing in with the dense fog approaching split around silver, between silver and cesar chavez a lot of slowing. at points, all lanes blocked. one or two open, this due to a crash. be careful heading out of san francisco. crash activity needs to rolph fremont. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:21. coming up, just in the to our newsroom, "time" magazine's person of the year announced a few minutes ago's we'll tell you who it is, next. plus, she's a beauty queen, but better known as the wife of the alleged mexican drug lord el chapo. speaking out this morning. what she's saying that she's yearning for the most. that's coming up for you next.
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5:21. you're watching "today in the bay." the wife of accused meg
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lord joaquin "el welcome back,5:24. new this morning, the wife af accused mexican drug lord joaquin al chap oh guzman is speaking out first time in two years. she is the los angeles-born beauty queen sat down with a reporter at our sister station telemundo and says she never noticed her husband doing anything illegal while they were together. her husband is on federal trial murder, drug rtig trafficking and money laundering. she added she yearns for a calm
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life. you can watch the full interview with subtitles on our website, happening today, the commission discussing a crash involving one of its boats. you might recall last month the ferry crash into the dock at the ferry building leaving a big hole in the sidehurt that investigation continues to determine what caused that crash. a north bay man accused in a scheme targeting people with high student loan debt is report o arrested brandon friar at sfo as he tried to leave the country. ceo is connected to a $28 million fraud scheme accused of collecting advance fees from victim fraudulently promising loan forgivement assistance and funneling money to family members. prosecutors argued he's a threat to leave the country and attorneys say he is not a flight risk because of his sonoma county family ties. new this morn m
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name if one group gets its way. gathering signatures to make the change for the dixie school district in north san rafael saying the name has ties to slavery. they plan to submit the petition to the school board next month. 5:26 nonew this morning, that over. >> "time" magazine unveiling who they picked for person of the year selecting journalist jamal ka showika -- khashoggi. "time" selected journalist at the capital annapolis following a shooting at their newspaper. watch the "today" show to find out more an 7:00 a.m. sad news this morning. this surrounding a lion that's
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been a longtime entertaining guest as six flags in vallejo. the park announced leo the lion died yesterday with caregivers by his side. leo was 15 years old. >> still strong and majestic looking. >> yes. and be careful when you get behind the wheel this morning. heavy fog across the bay area. some places you can only see a few feet in front of you. look at that live look at san francisco. take a peek there of the transamerica pyramid. got your forecast, along with a live report on the danger this fog can bring. plus, a curry conspiracy? the warrior star says he doesn't believe nasa landed on the moon. backlash from the scientific community.
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zero -visibility in livermore. right now it's 5:30. check out this live look from dublin. zero visibility in the livermore area this morning. tough for your morning commute. it's foggy across the bay area. we'll check in with kari in a moment to see when the kari hall. how long is that sticking around? >> three at least 10:00 for parts of the bay area. expires. here's a look at san rafael this morning as you get ready to head out and cars are makin get to t going. seeing visibility down to less than a mile, and basically near zero. just a few hundred feet ahead of your headlights as you drive this morning. then as you get out the door for school this morning, in the tri-valley, it's also going to be very cool. at least the upper 30s as you walk to school amend then we'll start to see skies clearing and then it will warm up. we will have a nice day ahead.
5:30 am
we just have to get through the fog, mike. that's going to cause problems fori>> right, kari. warning folks even though it's a slower build to this morning's commute, talk about that approaching end of the year and the holidays. the the regular brighter high b, look at that. a big glow and it upper to see. lighting for the parking lot in the area. can't see the ugher where you s through the north bay. really, really thick fog across the golden gate bridge. a crash south of the bay bridge. starting to improve. chp hasn't given a lot of detail in the last couple minutes. the crash was in the middle of the freeway. a big concern. low visibility there in san francisco, tough to see anything going on on the freeway in front of you. this extends down into the south bay. very unusual to see this much of the peninsula affected by a
5:31 am
thick fog. patches through fremont and sunol and contr and walnut creek, at times seen register of very thick fog. see it clearly now and we'll take that opportunity. >> reporter: right, mike. right where i'm standing, not really too foog, aittle fog. like kari said andnseog will bet there are dse fog last several hours. i can personally tell you on my driven fog was very heavy in areas. more than just patches for several miles on highway 99 and i-80 and 580. i was in and out of it, could barely see in front of the headligh headlights. some drivers can tackle any conditions without anxiety, but dense fog is a different story. >> didn't seem so bad when i got off the freeway. heavier when i got off.
5:32 am
i wasn't expecting it. doesn't happen like this every day. >> reporter: this could be a problem for folks in the north bay as well as they come in to were driving out of san francisco this morning, it was quite dense and could last, as kari said, l 10:00 this morning. so be careful when out there. could be in and out of it and have very low visibility at times. we're live near walnut creek. tom jensen, "today in the bay." >> at least a clear advantage there, tom. >> illustrating it no matter where you go, can be very different. thanks. and 5:34. classes should be back to normal at three oakland high schools. teachers walked off the job yesterday. in cases students stood in solidarity for the teachers who organized a sickout. this to kick-start contract talks. a multimli the kind of raises t teachers union is asking for. and pg&e promising to take
5:33 am
its fire protection efforts to the next level announcing new safety measure in t wake of the recent butte county firestorm. that includes more support and oversight for the families impacted by the camp fire. new prevention measures include expanded inspections and greater precaution in high-risk communities. the utilities plans to add at least 1,300 new weather stations. 5:35. only on nbc bay area, san francisco police chief bill scott opens up about how gun violence has impacted his life. >>rsonally, i've lost friends to gun violence, family members to gun violence, lost fellow officers to gunreality behind i itea >> the chief is working with a group calmed united playaz, hosing a gun buyback on saturday. anyone turning in a weapon will receive at least $100. and san francisco leaders today tried to nail down some of
5:34 am
the detail its on a new toll st down the road a couple years. a new treasure island toll starting in 2021. they passed the plan in september and have since been conducting outreach. drivers and actually they will be charged at least $2 to action that island. later today, supervisors will approve new elements for the plan. an out of this wordla curry. getting a lot of attention questioning if the u.s. actually "today in the bay" with details on what happened next. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good mog,g to thin curry may be trolling us with controversial comments. a snippet of his comments on whether or not we landed on the moon during the winging it podcast. play that for our viewers. >> ever been to the moon? no. they going to come get us.
5:35 am
>> do research on -- >> that's about we took someone to the moon? i don't think so. >> that was curry on the winging it podcast hosted by former warrior kent bazemore who currently plays for the atlanta hawks. a wide-ranging talk on a number of topics including dinosaur sounds they talked about. for some reason currywo sering, u.s. landed on the moon and did so six times between 1969 and 1972 putting 12 astronautdcnt, i believe it was bazemore, kent bazemore referenced the reference about a fake moon landing. point out, clearly a conspiracy theory since debunked many times. steph curry isn't the only nba pe boston celtics once making the kyrie irving plays for the comment that the course in october admitting at the time he
5:36 am
was just quote/unquote huge into son spears conspiracies at the sometime. nasa offers curry to give him a tour for more proof next time they play the rockets but curry has yet to comment on this issue. reporting for "today in the bay." >> invite them to see the trip. >> all right, pete. thank you. this morning a commute warning for b.a.r.t. ri agency an upcoming change in service start times. starting february 11th, service shifts from 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. systemwide. it will be a temporary change as b.a.r.t. works on a massive project that seismically will retrofit the transbay 2. >> and in february, come in later. right, mike? >> i guess. hope the bosses accommodate pap seismic shift for that seismic work. goodness. over here, a big shift as well. the b.a.r.t.weekd. first time in over about a decade they've had a major change. what they've done, integrated
5:37 am
online or website to the mobile app. more continuity. things like the planner areto g stations instead of calling them by a list. point to the ones you're trying to take. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. can't see it clearly. fog is a major factor. metering lights are on slowing you down. yellow highlighting in the east bay, contra costa county, north bay into marin county and farther north is looking like a lot of fog continues there. kari, of course, covering that. unusual for our maps anywhere south of san mateo down into silicon valley, tough to see on the freeways. for me, surface streets were really tough just get freeway. >> oh, that's right. and coming up. what about towards the weekend, though? going to be okay? >> see rain moving in for the week weather for the bay area.
5:38 am
and a couple of days of calm nd rn day in between the waves of rain. sunday it comes back. also cool temperatures with highs in the upper 50s. if you're going out of town, maybe going to squaw valley, friday and saturday are looking good there. highs in the upper 30s. then by sunday, a travel condition that may get tricky with a mix of rain and snow. keeping it closer to home. your woods looking like it will be wet out there on the trails especially on friday. highs up to 59 degrees and then 58 on saturday with partly to mostly cloudy skies. sunday the rain returns. especially during the evening. tri-valley also the day to t. in caramelleweather. mostly cloudy skies. highs near 60 degrees all weekend long. i'll track those waves of rain and what to expect over the next couple days. bring it back today and check out our temperatuth's coming up minutes. >> thanks, kari. om up the u.s.
5:39 am
border near san diego. up next, wooey th why this grou there in the first place. and president trump wants his wall. meeting with democrats today to try to convince them the american taxpayer should pay for it. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:41 am
right now at 5:44, tuesday morning it is hard to see outside, and not that you can tell, but this is my downtown san jose camera. head over to santa clara, fog sticks around through 8:00. chilly start, mid-40s. then sunshine and warmer p in less than ach ttoday.
5:42 am
five minut much clearer view of coming down towards the golden gate bridge. talking about thosend is morning, asylum claims up 67% from 2017. according to a report by the u.s. customs and border services, when stopped at the u.s. border with mexico, the fear is spiking coming after president trump last month ordered that asylum be denied to anyone who enters the country illegally from mexico. an appeal court is upholding the decision. and protesters put in cuffs in san diego. 32 people arrested at a demonstration organized by a quaker group in support of the migrant caravan and many taken into custody for trespassing and on fn
5:43 am
democratic leaders today to try to get money for his wall. and it's unlikely we'll get it. >> very unlikely. democrats, marcus, willing to give the president money for a wall. president trump will meet with house minority ldeder chuck was looking forward to it. trump tweeted this morning he of assured we would not pay for the wall at all, because he would make mexico pay for it. here he is on a debate on cnbc. >> mexico's going to pay for the wall. >> people say, how will you get mexico to play? a politician other than the people on this stage, i don't want to -- a politician cannot get them to pay. i can. >> the president will ask for funding for the military. reportedly an increase in spending, about 3% more. we are ten days out from a potential government shutdown. orrin hatch has been supporting the president this morning.
5:44 am
he has been discussing what happens before president trump was president is one to hat is about president trump in one thing, but since he's been elected the economy's doing well. he's going to give the president a pass. now, on roughly the same issue orrin hatch in 1999 talking about president clinton said, the nation cannot tolerate a president who makes a mistake and then breaks the law to cover it up. we'll continue to follow that, and we'll follow everything that's happening in washington. you can follow me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 5:47 now. new this morning, a crazy little thing to tell you about the band n.wh it comes to a certain type of streaming song. take a listen and see if this song has everke very, very galileo ♪ >> world's most streamed song in the 20th century.
5:45 am
remember that time? talking about iphone, like spoy and apple music? it is likely the recent release of the "bohemian rhapsody" biopic helped push it to the top. >> go see the movie if you like this song. shows how they put the song together. cool all the little pieces they put together to make this song. an amazing song. i love it. when it came out in "wayne's world" the movie. when i was introduced to it. >> recorded it inside a pacer. t'mama mia, how's the weather? >> looking a little lard hard t. not just when you get out of bed and just trying to make it through the day. a look at oracle arena in oakland. draped in fog. we'vee dense fog advisory. make sure you're getting up, getting ready so you can slow
5:46 am
down on the roads. this is what it looksnd i even the sales force tower, nice and clear there. you can fog from above, but down below, we can barely see anything. it's being cut down to about 1/10 in san jose. oakland, zero. and zero in san carlos. only a few feet in front of the car can you see anything. you need to make sure you're to cold. only 34 degrees right now in livermore and santa rosa. getting dressed, grab a warm coat. the going to be chilly stepping out the door. especially if you have to wait for the bus or train and wear comfy shoes as well, because later today you want to get outside and spend more time out there, once the sun breaks out. heads into the upper 50s,orm sy. this one bringing rain to the pahefi north. won't bring rain but increase in
5:47 am
cloud cover by tomorrow. then as we looking at rain. by friday. see another wave ofsunday. but in between, we could have slight rain chances looking a l unsettled. the good news is we're not going to see any really heavy storms moving through. between those two systems for the weekend, we're looking at anywhere from quarter to maybe an inch in the santa cruz mountains. plans to go to the sierra. only 14 degrees now in squaw creek and additional know fasno totals next week. i'll track that and, mike, you're tracking the fog, the main factor out there today. >> great advice. get up, get going to ease into your day. that will help you get there and show you things like this. what to expect in fremont. from time to time theed this is where a couple of hotels
5:48 am
mounted, that's all we can see. are, across from the truck scales you see. where our camera is. right here. not showing a lot of dense fog. more fog where there's yellow highlighting. okra color there up into san mateo. very unusual for that part of streets sometimes tougher than freeways. the factor, getting to the freeways. looking at the north bay. dense fog and patches as well. there's san rafael. can't see to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, america is returning three church bells taken frommal philippines more than a decade ago. u.s. troops took the bells after filipino villagers killed 48 u.s. troops. this is back in 1901. the philippine president says the united states last year, bells. both sides are hoping this gesture is one of many that will strengthen relations between the two countries. and next, all new this hour,
5:49 am
who's it going to be? where things stand in the search for an oscar's host. and volunteering retirement. a lot of people do it. doctors say there's an important reason to donate your time. moin
5:50 am
5:51 am
day, prepare for the fog outside. check out this photo. nbc bay area kris sanchez shared on twitter. you can share your photos tagging nbc bay area on all social media. kari will have a look at the forecast in a bit. it's 5:55. new insight this morning into
5:52 am
what's developing with next year's academy awards. the show suddenly without a host after kevin hart dropped out last week over homophobic tweets posted years ago. this morning, "variety" reports the group's leadership is still exploring options including not having a host mes top comedy agent el its "variety" the oscars board are "freaking out." a sad follow-up now to the already deadly warplane crash involving a u.s. -- u.s. marines, i should say, overnight. five marines still missing at sea after the crash are declared dead. search and rescue operations are finished. the planes collided off the southern coast of japan last week. two other marines ejected and rescued. one of them died as well. norehey are from. 5:56, and new video showing a near tragedy oveaverted.
5:53 am
a sobering reminder to keep mental health top of mind especially with your kids. >> clip of an officer tackling a teenage girl who appeared to be walking towards a moving train in illi .listen to what he decided to d as it got close. >> come here! come here. >> oh, goodness. police feared the 17-year-old girl was trying to take her own life. her sister called police to alert them, this dispatchers pinged the phone to find her. after the officers found her they took her to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. >> if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help available 24/7. people care. call this number. people care. new details on a mysterious polio-like illness that paralyzes children and this year
5:54 am
there are more cases than ever. 24 confirmed yesterday alone. the cdc says there have been 158 confirmed cases this year. fortunately, the disease is actually considered rare. this morning, some hospital >> particularly as it relates to newborns. one retiree in utah signs on to cuddle those babies when they're parents can't be there. he says it really helps him get out of the house during the winter. >> it's worth it. goodness. to hold a baby like this? it is good to get out. hey, hey. >> that way iav enjoy it. >> beautiful there. experts say this really volunte builds a special human connection without distraction. >> definitely symbiotic. does a lot for does does for yo. you can let go of everything
5:55 am
else. >> a researchers says people who volunteer are not at lonely or depressed or stressed. oh, and even rewarded with physical health benefits like lower blood pressure and better heart health as well as memory skills. >> good samaritan hospital has an active program. i had cuddlers for my triplets. very thankful. they're wonderful people. and santa clara, preventing overcrowding of the biggest hospital. what's next for doctors and patients across the spresent tr environmental protections from waterways and wetlands across the country. new this morning, the impact right here in california. and foggy start. hard to see on many bay area roads right now. we'll help you hit the road, and we're going to tell you when that fog is expected to move out. "today in the bay" continues right now. in fact, take a peek outside at san jose this morning.
5:56 am
barely see. christmas in the park. are on. otherwise you my not believe i'm showing you downtown san jose. that's the fog greeting us on this tuesday morning, as well as us. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we start with you. how long will we see the fog stick around? >> at least the next three hours for much of the bay area and then we'll see the sunshine breaking out. then fog advisory continues through 10:00. here's a look at san francisco. at times you can see the top of the buildings there, but here'se we can see the tri-valley, visibility reduced to almost nothing. as we get
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