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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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that. mist and drizzle in the south bay. you may have slicker roadways. just be careful. you may have to use the wipers. breaking news to tell you about, a large water main break shutting down a busy intersection on the peninsula. >> this is close to the san mateo county government center where the courthouse and jail is located. it could affect business in that area later today. it looks like it was really gushing, bob. >> reporter: laura, marcus, there is a good update. the water behind me has been shut off. you just got the wet street here at the intersection of bradford and ellerton. we're in the civic center area of redwood city. this is what it looked like earlier this morning. the water main broke at this intersection around 2:00. it then started flooding parts of the road. there was concern that this could end up affecting business
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at the courts and the jail. i just spoke with someone with the public works who was out here trying to fix it. that water is off and it's not going to affect the government building, the jail or the courts. there is a private building, a private office building right now, that's the only building that does not have water. as far as impact to other businesses in the area, it looks like everything's going to be okay as you can hear behind me. they just started up some sort of vacuum or something to clean up all the muck that came up. only part of the intersection is shut down. this is not going to have a huge impact on people doing business in this section of redwood city. reporting live here. >> thanks, bob. live to new york city, we are standing by outside a federal court awaiting president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen. happening today cohen is set to be sentenced. he pleaded guilty to charges including campaign finance and business crimes.
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"today in the bay's" trasie's pot is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: he could be looking at over five years. those financial crimes, tax evasion, fraud for his personal and his business are what new york prosecutors are telling a judge about today. that is the basis, the guilty plea -- they are the basis for the president's personal attorney, michael cohen, and what is likely to be a jail term. he's asking for no jail, but what we're expecting today is some sort of sentence. also, the russia special counsel robert mueller has weighed in that saying in addition to all that, he lied to federal investigators about his involvement in business dealings with russia while he was working for president trump. remember, this is the man who said he'd take a bullet for president trump. now it looks like he may be going to jail for him. another big part of this case was setting up those hush money payments with two women who
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claimed to have had affairs with then candidate trump, with mr. trump, and in those court filings he pointed at president trump saying he directed those payments. that could become a political problem for the president. so cohen in court today to find out what his sentence will be. president trump reacting saying that the hush money was a civil matter, should not implicate him. cohen asking for no jail time but the new york prosecutors asking for what they describe as a substantial sentence. >> with all of this going on, many people are going to ask, what does this mean for the president? >> reporter: well, it could be a political problem. it could be a legal problem. he has said publicly that if it is, it's civil, it's not criminal. but with him pointing directly at president trump that a candidate saying he ordered those payments violating campaign finance rules, this
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could present some legal problem for president trump. he's obviously trying to avoid that, but it certainly could present a political problem as well, not only on the campaign finance front but also in this russia investigation where cohen has been cooperating, although part of the reason why he might get a hard sentence today is new york prosecutors say he cooperated, but not fully. >> all right. we'll continue to watch this. suddenly british leader theresa may faces a make or break moment. lawmakers from within her party will vote today on whether to remove her from power. here's live pictures of parliament where that debate is going on right now. the looming no confidence vote comes amid continued chaos over britain's brexit battle. if may loses, he will be ousted as prime minister. if she wins, it would lock her in as prime minister for at least the next year.
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britain is still supposed to leave the european union on march 29th. may says that any change right now would lead to even more chaos. >> a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it. >> now at this point that vote is set to happen some before 10:00 a.m. our time. at least half of 315 conservative party members would need to vote against may. most experts call it a long shot. an example of the bay area housing crisis in a nutshell. ten ants will soon after -- tenants will soon have to find new homes. we're live with the details. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you. that vote taking place roughly around midnight. the plan is to turn the royal viking apartments here in mountain view into townhomes.
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they're expected to go for at least $1 million a piece. i want to show you video of what took place at last night's city council meeting. tenants weren't happy about this as they were protesting prior to that vote. you have the city council approving the plan on a 4-3 vote. they want to turn the 20 apartments here behind me here on rod street into 15 townhomes. tenants who work low to middle income jobs at this apartment complex were given an eviction notice in may and the developers said they'd give them about 20 to $25,000 in assistance if they were to qualify. the average mountain view rents are about $3,000 per month so for the tenants here, they're saying that might not be enough. >> if we're all going to find a new place, what's going to happen? >> this is the only city they know. i have everything nearby. the schools, my work.
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>> even if the tenants find a place to live, we're still reducing the amount of naturally affordable housing that we have. >> reporter: still plenty of uncertainty for those tenants moving forward but as a part of this deal will happen at the end of 2019 to relocate. we're live here in mountainview, today on the bay. federal agents are trying to track down a pair of gun thieves. this is video of the pair in action using a sledged hammer to enter a gun store outside of reno on monday. the two are believed to have stolen more than 150 weapons from stores in nevada. agents say some of the stolen guns could wind up in the bay area. so the thieves may be local. here are several photos of the thieves, two show the same man. the atf is offering a $25,000 reward. ahead on the "today" show this morning, nasa is responding to what some call an out of this world comet.
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curry is expressing doubt about whether astronauts really landed on the moon. its triggering backlash. a former nasa astronaut and warriors fan is ready to set the record straight. >> he's questioning whether we went to the moon or not. it affects the ideas and the concept that's kids form. >> some believe curry may have coincidentally generated some added publicity for his new shoe release. nasa already invited him to the space center in houston. happening today, san francisco marks the death of one of its more modern leaders, mayor ed lee. one year ago today, mayor lee suffered a fatal heart attack. he was 65 years old and served as mayor for six years. at 8:30 this morning, mayor london breed will lead a
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commemoration event at city hall. right now as we approach 5:09, we are seeing cloudy skies and mist drizzle. visibility is a lot clearer in a lot of spots across the bay area. visibility in santa rosa is up to about eight miles and we're down to one mile in oakland, so that's where we're seeing the worst of it all, kind of patchy in parts of the east bay. grab a warm coat. it's going to be in the mid-40s and as we go through the day, much more comfortable with mostly sunny skies with our temperatures reaching the upper 50s. here's a look at all of our microclimates and what to expect today after the morning fog and clouds. we will get some sunshine and highs very close to where we should be for this time of year so nice and seasonable. let's head over to mike, you're tracking the fog and now there's a new crash on the peninsula. >> there is. i want to move out of the way.
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really the mist is the concern because it'll still keep roadways slick. on the peninsula side we do have a crash north 101 approaching harney. we're looking at candlestick park area for those not familiar with the exit. the right lanes are locked. there's another car in the area. no slowing is shown up over the last five minutes. they'll likely have some more crews arrive right by the water's edge there. a smooth drive over the water for the san mateo bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. where you can pick up a dozen doughnuts for free today? plus opening up your mailbox to others, the move the u.s. postal service is considering to bring in extra cash. silicon valley constantly frustrated when they have to talk to lawmakers. i made a turn and i didn't
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see the car behind me and they hit me from behind and so i went up overly the handle bars -- >> he was on a bike but as you can see he's fine. find out how the person who struck him reacted. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ toyland, toyland
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good wednesday morning. at 5:13 we do still have patchy fog especially in the south bay and the east bay but here's a live look outside in san jose
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101 with mist and drizzle on the camera lens. let's head over toward willow glenn with temperatures in the upper 40s to start. we'll get clearing and a lot more sunshine as we head into the upper 50s by this afternoon. we'll talk about some rain, when it arrives in time for the weekend. that's coming up in less than five minutes. palo alto moves very smoothly. the earlier traffic bridge and closure is completely cleared from this portion between the university. i see flashing lights farther north on the northbound side of the i'll track that down for you coming up. during the trading day these whip all around. yesterday a 600 point up and down as traders watched the uncertainty in washington. one positive sign that chinese executive, the chief financial officer of huawei was released on bay in canada. meng wanzhou may face
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extradition to the united states. meng is the daughter of huawei's founder. america has not filed charging documents it appears, though. she's been accused of violating u.s. export laws by reselling u.s. technology to iran. google ceo went before the house judiciary committee on tuesday, faced tough questions about censorship both here in the us and a planned project in china, which he now says is not going to happen. >> you have no plans to enter into any agreements with china concerning google? >> we currently do not have a search product there and so -- >> do you plan on having a search product there? >> right now, there are no plans to launch a search product in
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china. >> that's big news when he says it right in front of congress. when you watch silicon valley executives face washington lawmakers whether its google or facebook or anybody else, two takeaways for you. number one, silicon valley brought this attention on itself. misbehaving often enough to attract rather potential regulation. two, we often see how out of touch politicians are when it comes to tech. case in point, when iowa congressman steve king challenged the google ceo to explain why his daughter's iphone was misbehaving, there was an awkward silent as pichai tried to understand the question before slowly just saying, congressman, we don't make iphones. it is not the first time we've seen politicians not get stuff that we just take for granted and part of that is age, part of that is distant and they have to understand a thousand things. they have to understand what's going on in crimea but its frustrating for silicon valley
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executives. >> thank you. it is 5:16 right now. u.s. post office looking to make money off your mailbox. government agency might try to sell access to your mailbox. report issued last week suggested the move as a way to boost revenue for the money losing service. selling access to other delivery companies such as ups or fedex could generate new revenue fees for usps but also potentially send new business to competitors. krispy kreme added a new temptation for you today. today is 12/12 and the doughnut shot wants to call it day of the dozen. that means for any dozen doughnuts you buy there, you can buy an additional dozen of glazed doughnutsed for just $1. get your dollars ready and we cannot eat and forget -- >> i'm trying to think where there is a krispy kreme. is there one in fremont.
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>> we'll find it. >> i don't know. >> it sounds so good. i just want to smell the krispy kreme doughnuts and then drink my coffee. >> hint, hint. hey, krispy kremes. >> we're starting out this morning with cool temperatures and a little bit of fog. here's a look at oakland where visibility has been the lowest in this area. you'll have to deal with the fog and also the drizzle and there at the airport we are seeing the visibility down to about a mile where it's not as bad as yesterday but still, you do have to be mindful of that as you drive to work. and then it's also drizzling out there. it's just a if day to wear a pony tail because of the drizzle this morning but later on today, it will be nice and that humidity will be dlopg, but right now humidity still at 86%. as you're getting the kids up
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and ready for school this morning in the tri-valley, livermore is at 46 degrees. mostly cloudy and then as the kids go out for recess and for lunch, it's going to start to clear up and we'll be about 58 degrees by the end of the school day and then for san jose, expect a high of 59 degrees, 59 in napa. san francisco 58 degrees. we're seeing a lot more clouds moving in and that's helped to act as a blanket and keep our temperatures from dipping as much and it's also keeping the dense fog from developing as widespread as it was yesterday. then as we track our next system, here it is. it's still over the pacific but getting closer as it moves in. we'll start to see the rain arriving on friday. let's time it out. by 1:30 friday afternoon, we're seeing the rain moving in to parts of men da sinno and it falls apart. this won't be a widespread or heavy rain but may change-up some of your late friday evening plans. on saturday, we're in between
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systems but there will be still a slight chance of spotty sprinkles, heavier rain arrives on sunday evening and that's mostly after sunset and we'll see it continuing through early monday morning. the one sunday night, the system moving in could bring in a pretty good soaker. this is what one computer model is showing, the potential of getting close to three inches of rain and for san jose we could see over an inch of rain. that's a pretty big one if that does pan out. we're looking at the clouds and fog this morning clearing out sunshine this afternoon. more sunshine tomorrow and then the rain moving in late friday and then again on sunday into monday. mike, you have another problem for the peninsula. >> we talked about the crash right around harney or candlestick. and just before you get to northbound 101 as well we have a disabled vehicle from the scene because our camera crew actually one of our drivers had just arrived at this crash and he's
5:21 am
actually getting us videos. he stopped his truck to block this vehicle from getting -- he turned on his flashing lights. there will be a distraction from our truck stopping you from getting to that crash. northbound 101 just before you get there, the fast lane is blocked. folks will be shifting over, then move over to the right where you see this disabled vehicle and shift back over to the left as you approach the candlestick or harney exit there and the crew and the car that went off the roadway. the rest of the roadways are looking great. that fog patch through oakland sticks around and also into north bay patchy fog as well. in between those two spots we show you that bridge and we're seeing more fog creep in here. that mist may be a factor. you may need the windshield wipers from time to time. >> thanks, mike. coming up, he tells ellen about getting hit by a car.
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a standing ovation for a quadriplegic college graduate who did the unthinkable and walked across the stage. it's an inspirational story you'll want to hear next. for a mash-up done brady bunch style. you can watch that full video. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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hope you might know who this man is. 5:25, authorities in the south bay hope you might know who this man is. take a look at your screen. this is surveillance images there taken around the time of a violent carjacking, the day after thanksgiving. investigators believe that that same man was armed with a knife when he stole a truck near morganhill community park. the victim suffered minor injuries. if you know who this man is, take a look again, contact morgan hill police. >> go ahead and book it. contra costa county eliminating fees. the new policy takes effect january 1st. it applies to materials including books, magazines and dvds. county leaders hope it encourages more people to read. maybe that should be read materials involving paper and
5:26 am
ink. clear the fines. today on ellen, actor steve carell is an avid bike rider and he was recently struck by a car. >> he's fine. listen to how the person reacted and she's saying oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god it's steve carell. she was so excite that had she hit me. >> i guess that's an honor, i don't know. he's doing fine. he is on the show talking about his new movies. you can catch the full interview on the ellen show today this afternoon at 4:00 followed by nbc bay area news at 5:00 and "nbc nightly news" with lester holt at 5:30. an inspiring moment to share with you. a quadriplegic man received a standing ovation for walking across the stage when he graduated college. >> the long journey began in
5:27 am
2015 when he lost his ability to walk. he was in a car accident and he hurt his spinal cord. yesterday he walked across the stage to accept his engineering degree using an exo skeleton and the crowd went wild for good reason. >> well deserved walk. coming up here, here's something to ponder on this wednesday morning. paying taxes on your texts? you heard me right. state regulators are thinking about this and it has some people saying, o.m.g. what the text money could be used for? the golden gate bridge looking pretty mighty this morning. we got a check of your morning forecast and your commute coming up right after the break. this little home of mine,
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wan joe is. welcome to wednesday morning. we're already half way through our workweek. let's take a peek outside over looking san francisco, city by the bay this morning. yea. little hazy out there, foggy. not as bad as yesterday. we're used to that fog in the city. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. you know what? he's laughing because i usually stand on the little box over here and you can see how -- and i'm wearing high heels. let's talk to the camera.
5:31 am
>> okay. it's not as foggy this morning and as you're like doing this, what is going on over there. you don't have to worry about doing that while you're driving. we are going to see clear visibility for much of the bay area evening looking better in san jose, there's still some patches of fog moving through to south bay and oakland, visibility down to about a mile. it may be less in a few spots. as we head over toward walnut creek, we'll be in the upper 40s and looking at some clearing today with some low 60s by earlier afternoon. as we head over to mike, you've been tracking the impact of that patchy fog on the commute. how's it looking? >> we're not sure if this played a factor, we do have this crash -- i told you about where our photographer arrived on the scene just after it happened. ethan shot this video showing this chevy going the wrong direction. there's another vehicle down the
5:32 am
embankment, someone was taken away in an ambulance but no major injuries reported, no one died as a result of this crash. the map shows you the slowing in the area. there's another disabled vehicle as well. the rest of the bay looks good. a little mist. back to you. we're following breaking news in san francisco. streets are shut down in the middle of the city there. police are investigating a hit and run crash that sent a woman to the hospital. the officers are telling us that that woman was causing bush street when she was hit by a dark colored vehicle. the driver left the woman in the road without helping. she has life-threatening injuries that we're being told. if you have any information about this, you're asked to call police. how many texts do you send a day? i send tons, but now some california leaders are looking at taxing those messages. bob, you and i even text?
5:33 am
>> reporter: we have and we still do. we might afterwards. it's not clear how these texts would be taxed. the news report said it would most likely be a flat surcharge at the bottom of your cell phone bill as opposed to a per text fee. the commission is floating this idea of taxing texts to raise money for a state program that helps poor people get phone service. the budget for that program has increased by over $300 million over the past six years. business groups like the bay area council, they're against this proposal, especially since consumers might be taxed retroactively for their past text usages. >> it's a very dpli indicated and complex proposal they put forward. i think there's a lot of questions and one of them is the legality of retroactively taxing texts going back five years.
5:34 am
>> if they want us to pay extra in taxes, we'll pay extra in taxes. >> i think it's very unfair especially for the people that can barely pay for their cell phone plan already. >> reporter: again, this is just a proposal. the they're scheduled to vote some time next month. reporting live here. developing this morning, french authorities detained five people in connection with a deadly rampage at one of europe's most famous christmas markets. its in strasburg near the german border. three people died, 12 others are injured. they say they know who the attacker is. a man previously tied to some sort of terror group. they believe he was injured during a gun fight with soldiers and may have crossed the border into germany. authorities so far are not identifying him. continuing coverage of a deadly hit and run in fremont.
5:35 am
it happened sometime early yesterday morning when a man was struck as he walked across the parkway. officers arrived to find him dead at the scene and no sign of a vehicle. as we told you all morning long on "today in the bay" yesterday, the bay area was under that dense fog advisory at the time. it was pretty thick out there. anyone who may have noticed something suspicious is asked to contact fremont police. santa suits and alcohol, certainly not always a great mix. two women have now turned themselves into police after video of their bad behavior. people vandalizing the restaurant shall lamar during saturday night's bar crawl. one woman seen fighting with police, another smashes the front door. two 21-year-old women turned themselves in yesterday after learning about the video. each is facing felony vandalism charges. this is grinch-like for sure. a concord family is asking for
5:36 am
your help in finding christmas decor stolen right from their front yard. mark wineman there tells us that every year he sets up this snoopy christmas display. however, this week someone stole the doghouse and really the countdown clock in early morning hours there. just take a look at this. he's now asking for whoever took it to return it, put it on his porch, no questions asked. despite the theft, there are no plans to take down the rest of the display and his family's christmas spirit still lives on. it's not just in the east bay. neighbors complaining about a rash of christmas crimes in the south bay as well. this one happened monday morning. this is -- the victim says they were after disney decorations there. we actually spoke to two more neighbors who had the same thing happen to them. mickey and minnie mouse were swiped in the middle of the night. all of them are in or around san
5:37 am
jose willow glenn neighborhood. >> it is kind of frustrating. you don't expect something like this at this time of year. >> you are stealing not only from a house, from a yard, you're stealing from families. >> san jose police haven't actually seen an increase in these crimes just yet, but ask the public to report those thefts as they happen. even though it may seem like christmas spirit is really lost in the bay area, it isn't. >> today, one group will be working to give back to those in need for the holidays. this morning, glide will give away grocery bags full of items to people in need in san francisco. this is video from last year. they do it every year which is so fantastic about glide, about 1,000 bags are expected to be handed out. love that spirit. >> we do, we love that spirit. we love what people do in that spirit but we just wish they didn't have to. we hope some day we can say that. we're helping out. talking about those conditions, there will be some fog in patches like here up in the north bay, some mist and drizzle
5:38 am
and the bay bridge metering lights are on. i want to take you to a new issue, a lot of slowing right here in the tri-valley southbound 680 just about highway 84 where folks are merging in off of 680. there's debris reported in the lanes. someone reported some metal pieces across a southbound 680. that will be an issue. we're still tracking this crash and this disabled vehicle both northbound around harney and sierra point parkway. that's a problem. >> all right. no problem this morning. some parts may be a little -- >> it's been very spotty not as widespread and as we get ready to head into the weekend we're getting ready for some rain. i wanted to time it out for you before you make some plans. now the showers we'll see on friday evening will mostly be in the north bay and in san francisco. still some rain chances for your
5:39 am
friday night and then on saturday, spotty light sprinkles but this will be the break in between with some heavier rain set to arrive on sunday evening that will continue into monday morning. i'll be watching that for you as we check out saturday's forecast. it's going to be partly to mostly cloudy. still a slight chance of some light rain but that shouldn't keep you inside. as we go into sunday, the rain moves in starting in the north bay during the afternoon hours, the rest of the bay area seeing it during the evening and some upper 50s so it's going to be also very cool and cloudy. on saturday for the christmas parade and market, i think the weather should hold off for this as we'll see partly cloudy skies, cool start and some highs reaching into the mid-50s and we can wrap up the weekend ice skating in union square. make sure you're wearing rain gear and warm clothing as that rain starts to pour. i'll talk more about what's going on for today as we track
5:40 am
the drifting fog that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you. coming up, a warning for california's top firefighters following a string of deadly wildfires, including the most destructive fire in the state's history. the camp fire in butte county. an oval office outburst leads us to believe the government may very well shut down nine days from now. plus it's the latest social media craze and it's all based around that coat you just saw there. the reason women are going crazy over this outer wear. ♪ toyland, toyland
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at 5:43 we are seeing clear visibility in parts of the bay area. here's a look live in palo alto on 101 as you get ready for your morning drive. it's going to be partly cloudy to start out with some low 50s and we'll only make it into the mid-50s by noon but at least it will be sunny. we'll talk about more sunshine in the forecast and also again when the rain gets here. that's coming up in less than five minutes. we're looking here at the tri-valley all lanes reported block by some sort of debris. we just got the update, though. they're looking at five or ten minutes. hopefully that will clear your alternate. we'll give you a bigger loop coming up. happening right now on the peninsula, a large water main break is still shutting down a busy intersection in redwood
5:44 am
city. this is new video from overnight from that scene. this is near bradford and winslow. water began gushing into those streets early this morning when that area of the government center where the courthouse and jail are located. that water was shut off at around 5:00 a.m. but police are on the scene as crews work to make those repairs. and new this morning, california's top firefighter calling for a ban on home construction in fire prone areas. cal fire chief says the state's deadly and destructive wildfires have become too unpredictable. this could mean rethinking home developments in thickly forested areas. homes along southern california's canyon that's are lined with that tinder drive brush. he prepares to leave his job friday after 30 years with the agency. l.a. county supervisors are approving a massive housing project in fire prone mountains there.
5:45 am
a 19,000 homes development is getting the green light. supporters touted the project as part of a solution to the state's severe housing shortage. opponents cited recent wildfires in rural lands including the deadly camp fire in butte county. this morning, a state lawmaker is being accused of injuring a child. fresno assembly man is arrested after a child in elementary school is found to have a minor injury. the child protective services was called to that school and interviewed the child. police later said that injury was caused by him. he was issued a misdemeanor citation and released from jail. a sad and unexpected progress this morning in washington. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wags the guy holding it up but he stepped aside. he says he'll bring it to a vote. there was a bipartisan push and pats on the back all around as
5:46 am
both sides agree to sentencing and prison reform but it went nowhere. the reforms will allow early release in some cases and allow judges more leeway in sentencing and apparently it will get a vote. speaking of sentencing, two important court cases today. the president's former personal lawyer michael cohen will be sentenced today and maria butina, she's the accused russia spy that tried to infiltrate conservative groups like the nra, she's going to change her plea today to guilty presumably for a lighter sentence and cooperation with the feds. >> and then you -- >> one at a time. >> i don't want to do what you did. >> you saw this oval office outburst. we've seen it by now. president trump saying he'll proudly shut the government down next week if democrats don't give him billions for a wall. there are now nine days left until that potential shut z-oun. if you take both sides at their word, the government will indeed
5:47 am
shut down. the president tweeted this morning the democrats and president obama gave iran $150 billion and got nothing but they can't give 5 billion for national security and a wall. that lacks context. the money given to iran was iran's money frozen by the u.s. during the hostage crisis. it wasn't u.s. taxpayer money and couldn't have been used to pay for the wall. though, having a foreign country pay for the wall is an interesting idea. outgoing ambassador says she often used trump's oust burst to her advantage. the "today" show has an interview with her. >> he would ratchet up the rhetoric and i'd go back to the ambassadors and say, you know, he's pretty upset. i can't promise you what he's going to do or not but i can tell you if we do these sanctions it will keep him from going too far. >> you were playing good cop, bad cop. >> watch for that interview on
5:48 am
"today." so christmas time a lot of people shop and you remember the craze for the fur babies? >> oh, yea. >> cabbage pack kids. >> i used to buy them and sell them. this hot holiday item is actually a coat. kids might not love this one but they say women do. it's taking social media by storm. it is a down puffy jacket made in china and it is mostly sold out right now. fans simply refer to it is as the coat. they see the best selling point are all those pockets you have. it's going for under $100 of course while supplies last. so we will see one of these in carrie's closet in any time soon. >> you got to wash things with a lot of pockets. >> i don't know.
5:49 am
>> it looks like cargo pants. >> now you get a cargo coat. >> maybe i should get puffy cargo pants. >> no, no. no. i'm going to tell you, no. >> okay, mr. croc, thank you. >> cute. >> touche, my friend. let's check the fog that's been drifting around the bay area as you get ready to step out. check out the camera. now the fog has rolled in to this spot. it's going to be a rough drive heading south or north in that area and then we head over toward dublin where yesterday it was blanketed with some fog, now its clear. you do still have a clear dry in parts of the bay area but the visibility getting worse around santa rosa. we dropped down to about a mile and a half and about a mile in oakland. in san jose we're seeing visibility at about two and a half miles. still pretty good for your drive
5:50 am
this morning. we are going to see the mist and the drizzle, the low clouds. as you get ready to head out, we'll be up to about 51 degrees or starting at 51 degrees and then heading up to 58 by noon. here's a live look outside. christmas in the park in downtown san jose. if you're going there today, at least to start, you do need a coat. not one of those ugly coats that we just showed a few minutes ago and then a hat. you will also just might want to put on a hat because it is misting and drizzling out there. upper 50s, low 60s for our highs today. after this cloudy start, it will be a nice afternoon and we're not seeing as many of the widespread clouds and the fog because of some higher clouds that have moved in to the bay area. now that won't bring us any rain but i'm also tracking the next storm system that will bring us some rain heading into the weekend but it's going to be a fairly weak one that will fizzle out as it moves across the bay area. slight rain chances on saturday but not by any means a washout
5:51 am
and some heavier rain will be moving in between late sunday night and on monday morning with some computer models showing the potential of getting over an inch of rain for parts of the north bay and the rest of the bay area about half an inch as we go into early next week and snow in the sierra looks pretty good with some additional light snowfall totals for the start of next week. your seven-day forecast shows our temperatures hold steady, off and on rain starting friday into early next week. our oakland cameras shows a couple things. we'll see a lot more haze than we do right now. there will be some fog drifting through the area at around a few patches as carrie talking about, but now these taillights really the big story. northbound 880 slow from 66 all the way past high street up to 23rd. you can see the area i've circled right here. there's a crash that was reported just a few minutes ago, north 880, a critical part in toward downtown oakland. a big rig involved, one lane
5:52 am
blocked we're told but that distraction is causing quite a bit of slowing. 101 near candlestick, a crash and disabled vehicle in the same area. i'm going to bring you vehicle coming up because our crew is on scene just after it happened. ethan helped to route traffic around it. we're looking at southbound 680 toward 84 that full blockage for debris that's cleared. back to you. happening now, cbs news settling a lawsuit filed by three women employees that claim that they were sexually harassed by charlie rose. the network paid an undisclosed amount to the women that no longer work at cbs. cbs is also investigating sexual assault claims against former chief executive les moonves. next, oprah already has her own network, her namesake
5:53 am
magazine but there might be an airport soon. plus -- i'm just happy to be free and i just need to see my boy. >> a brand-new update to a story. her message this morning and where the case against her stands. as kari hall tweeted:
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
if you are making are you starting to make your weekend plans? if you are making outdoor plans, you don't want to miss the timing of that incoming rain. as that saying goes, the show must go on. >> last night the academy awards met for the first time since kevin hart dropped out over old homophobic jokes. new this morning, the oscars may go on without a host. >> reporter: good morning. the academy is now in scramble mode trying to figure out who will replace kevin hart as oscars' host. the academy's board of governor met last night trying to determine what they do. they voted on the option of not having a host of all but having a group of celebrities take over like they did at last year's
5:57 am
emmy. hart stepped down last week after he was told to apologize for old homophobic tweets. he did apologize but after giving up the hosting gig. now one person who is stepping forward today and she's volunteering to do the job is whoopi goldberg. she's hosted four times before but she has said though that she realizes she too has had controversies in her past. we'll see what the academy decides to do. the show must go on. oscars air february 24th. back to you. >> thanks, natalie. developing this morning, new calls for action after a scathing report this week into the u.s. olympic committee and usa gymnastic. more than 180 members of the women's olympic gymnastics who say they were abused by the team dr. larry nassar again speaking out. that report firmly establishes that the leadership of the u.s. olympic committee was aware of his conduct years before they publicly acknowledged it. the survivors say they want congress to do an independent
5:58 am
investigation. they're also calling on federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to possibly bring criminal charges. a new follow-up this morning to a shocking video that made national headlines. police arrested a woman and ripped her baby from her arms. last night that mother was released from jail after four nights. she says she's grateful for support she's received and just wanted to see her son. >> the support i've been getting in new york and just all the great people who have been supporting me, i haven't got to read all of the articles and just all of the great things and all of the love and i'm accepting it and i'm just so grateful. >> she was charged with resisting arrest and trespassing for sitting on the floor of a brooklyn social services waiting room. the brooklyn district attorney said tuesday, he was dropping the case. nypd called the video troubling and said it was investigating. you may be able to say i'm flying to oprah on your next
5:59 am
trip to music city. a nashville councilwoman wants to rename the city's airport oprah g. winfrey national/international airport. the talk show queen and billionaire got her start in television in nashville four decades ago and even graduated from high school there. so far, airport officials are resisting. they say to rename the airport after anyone, that person would have to be dead for at least two years. hit and run, breaking news in stran. a woman runned down in the road. one of our crews just arriving there to the scene. what we know about how she's doing. last day, the british prime minister faces a big vote in just hours. parliament could literally remove her from office by the end of the day as the fight over brexit intensifies. we'll tell you her message this morning. approved after midnight in mountain view, the city council passed a plan to tear down rent control apartments and replace them with million dollar
6:00 am
kondsos. reactions from people that live there. still no comment from steph curry now that his moon landing denial is national news. a former astronaut's message to him about his message to young fans. 6:00, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike's going to have a look at our commute in just a bit. let's take a look at the forecast. >> we do still have the patches of fog around the bay area, but we also have the low clouds and mist and drizzle that we are going to see as we go throughout the day and as we go into the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. here's a live look outside at christmas in the park in downtown san jose and it's kind of wet out there as our visibility has been recusing for a mile and a half. it's still patchy. krup


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