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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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kondsos. reactions from people that live there. still no comment from steph curry now that his moon landing denial is national news. a former astronaut's message to him about his message to young fans. 6:00, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike's going to have a look at our commute in just a bit. let's take a look at the forecast. >> we do still have the patches of fog around the bay area, but we also have the low clouds and mist and drizzle that we are going to see as we go throughout the day and as we go into the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. here's a live look outside at christmas in the park in downtown san jose and it's kind of wet out there as our visibility has been recusing for a mile and a half. it's still patchy. krup looking good.
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we'll take a look at all of our microclimates and track rain coming up and mike, you're crash tracking a crash near candlestick. >> this she have facing the wrong way. there's another honda off the roadway. this is video from earlier this morning coming up toward candlestick where two lanes were blocked. let's get back to the maps now because just seconds ago i got the update. all lanes cleared from the earlier crash and the disabled vehicle. so now things are much better over into san francisco out of san bruno. we have a crash west 80 over at the glden gate fields though. northbound 880 we have both your fast and your slow lane blocked by a crash involving a semi at 23rd and you're jammed from the coliseum right here all the way up from 66 at the very least up through downtown oakland. 580 westbound a much better drive. back to you.
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we are following breaking news in san francisco where streets are shut down right in the middle of the city. police investigating a hit and run crash that sent a woman to the hospital. we've got pictures from the scene where officers are telling us, the woman was crossing bush and leavenworth when she was hit by a dark colored vehicle. the driver left the scene leaving that woman in the road without helping. if you have any information call police. bringieaking right now, the may faces a make or break moment. they'll vote on whether to remove her from power. that looming no confidence vote comes during britain's brexit battle. may says any change right now will lead to more chaos. >> a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it. >> at this point that vote is set to happen some time after
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10:00 a.m. our time, at least half of the 315 conservative party members would need to vote against her. most experts call it a long shot. happening today, president trump's former personal lawyer, michael cohen, is set to be sentenced in federal court in new york. he pleaded guilty to charges. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning with more on how much time he could actually spend behind bars. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the probation department is recommending three and a half years. we'll see what happens when a judge takes a look at that today. keep in mind, he's involved in both this u.s. attorney's case in new york, the financial crimes that include setting up those hush money payments for president trump for the women who say they had affairs with him. separately, the russia investigation and even that's not what this sentencing is b robert mueller has weighed in with this court saying that he
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lied about -- to federal investigators about his involvement in business deals with russia and that that should be considered, but these fraud and financial crimes are what they will consider today and those hush money payments in terms of whether or not the president's long time personal attorney should get a long jail sentence. he is asking for no jail time. the manhattan u.s. attorney says that his crimes to which he has pleaded guilty require a substantial term behind bars and they also say that he is not been fully cooperative. he cooperated but not fully cooperative. they want the court to take that into account as well. laura. >> thank you so much. an example of the bail area housing crisis in the nutshell. tenants will soon have to find a new place to call home. they're voting to turn those apartments into townhomes.
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>> reporter: good morning to you. as you mentioned the royal viking apartments here in mountain view will soon become $1 million townhomes. that is what the city council decided to vote on last night in that meeting. it lasted until the wee hours. tenants were not happy with that vote. it was approved roughly just past midnight on a 4-3 vote by the city council. the plan is to turn the 20 apartments here on broad street into 15 townhomes that are expected to go for about a million dollars a piece. a lot of the tenants living here are folks that work low to middle income jobs and they were given an eviction notice back in may and the developers said they provide at least 20,000 to $25,000 in assistance to those who qualified. the average mountainview rents are about $3,000 a month so that money may not be enough.
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>> if we're all going to find a new place, you know, i'm like, if not, what's going to happen? >> for my kids this is the only city they know. i have everything nearby, the schools, my work. >> even if the tenants find a place to live, we're still reducing the amount of affordable housing we have. >> reporter: a lot of concern for the tenants, obviously, on this moving forward but as apart of that deal, they'll have until the end of 2019 to relocate. ahead of the "today" show, nasa responds to what some call an out of this world comment from steph curry. pete suratos reported yet right here on "today in the bay," curry expressing doubts if astronauts really landed on the
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moon. its triggering backlash. a former nasa astronaut is among those ready to set the record straight. >> he's questioning whether we went to the moon or not, i mean, it effects the ideas and the concepts that kids form. >> some believe curry may have generated some added publicity for his new shoe release but nasa has already invited him to tour houston's johnson space center. new for you this morning, talks are back on between santa rosa and smart. this is over the disputed pedestrian crossing to help you get around. >> the city is proposing a crossing over the tracks at jennings avenue. it would include a bicycle pathway. several smart board members are worried about the proximity to helen layman elementary school. happening today, san francisco marks the death of one
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of its modern day leaders, mayor ed lee. one year ago, lee suffered a fatal heart attack. he was 65 years old and served as mayor for six years. at 8:30 this morning, mayor london breed will lead a commemoration event at city hall. right now at 6:08, we're still seeing patches of fog but it's not as widespread as yesterday and actually clear as we take a live look outside in dublin. as you get ready to head out, mostly cloudy. upper 40s as you head out and as we go throughout the day, very nice afternoon headed our way. we'll be at 61 degrees at 1:00. looking at our highs reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s, antioch expect a high of 60 degrees today, 59 in palo alto and in san jose, 58 in san francisco and 61 today in ukiah. we are going to be tracking some rain by the end of the week and i'll have a look at the timeline
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on that in just a few minutes. mike, oakland is the focus right now. >> right now. this is the biggest slowdown. approaching the coliseum all the way up to 23rd. now there's also fog, a chance of fog in that shot we showed you but your fast and your slow lane are blocked so folks are squeezing through two middle lanes. 580 westbound a much better drive there. that's a problem there for folks and south bay we have a crash north of 87 slowing into dountd. back to you. next and all new this hour, a delicious spill. see the chocolate crash that crews had to cleanup. a bay area couple runs into trouble with their trade-in. the ceo of google runs into some trouble in washington as well and the frustration of
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silicon valley talking to older politicians. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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the time is 6:12 and let's git a look at 101 in san jose. quite a few people already out there. you may have to give a few swipes of the windshield wiper. we'll be in the low 50s at
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10:00. a sunny sky throughout the afternoon as it will be warmer than normal reaching the low 60s. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about when we'll see some rain that's coming up in less than five minutes. crashes on the east shore freeway. we'll see if there can be any improvement over the next few. 680 through pleasanton. we'll show you how that debris is making progress. good morning. happy wednesday to you. i'm lucky i get to show you a static number on my board every number, because during the trading day, these whip all around. yesterday, a 600 point up and down. good news this morning, the latest inflation numbers show no increase in prices. that may convince the fed not to raise rates. one positive sign in the trade deals that chinese executives, the chief financial officer of huawei was released on bail in canada.
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meng wanzhou may face extradition to the united states. her arrest by canadian authorities came in the middle of delicate trade negotiations between the u.s. and china but she's free this morning. now meng is the daughter of huawei's founder. america has not filed charging documents. it appears, though, she's been accused of violating u.s. export laws by reselling u.s. technology to iran. google ceo went before the house judiciary committee on tuesday and faced tough questions about censorship both here in the u.s. and a planned project in china which he now says is not going to happen. >> am i meant to understand that you have no plans to enter into any agreements with china concerning google, how its used in china? >> we currently do not have a search product there and so -- >> do you plan on having a search product there? >> right now, there are no plans to launch a search product in
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china. >> that's big news. when you watch silicon valley executives face washington lawmakers, whether its google or facebook or anybody else, there are really two takeaways, one, silicon valley brought this attention on itself. misbehaving often enough to attract potential regulation. two, we often see how out of touch politicians are when it comes to tech. case in point, iowa congressman steve king challenged the google ceo to explain why his granddaughter's iphone was behaving the way it does and there was a moment of awkward silence as pichai tried to understand the question before slowly saying, congressman, we don't make the iphone. you may recall when zuckerberg was up in front of the senate, chuck grassley told him to hold on, if facebook doesn't charge its users, how does facebook make any money? that long pause. we sell advertising. >> preparation i guess. >> you would think, yes.
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>> right. thank you. a new video this morning, no whipped cream here or even cherry on top, just a lot of chocolate. >> look at that. >> look at that. it looks good. so it spilled out from a holding tank there. this is at a factory in western germany on to neighboring streets there. we're talking one ton of sweet stuff there. lots of which soon hardened into a safety hazard. no word on how much was actually destined for the holiday stocking stuffers there but there could be worse things to actually shovel up, right? a sticky situation any way you look at it. >> what a waste. >> let's get dogs out there -- >> no! >> oh, wait. i just remembered, i don't have a dog. >> as soon as i said it, that's not good. >> exactly.
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moving on. let's coast on in to the weekend. its still foggy in spots. i've been tracking it. we are seeing it mostly in parts of the north bay as well as the east bay. san francisco's got the low clouds draped over the city right now and visibility is still fairly good there. san jose, we've come down to about a mile and a half which is actually a little bit better than what we were seeing in napa where visibility is down to half a mile. the fog is not as widespread as yesterday but still quite an issue if you have to drive through it and our temperatures are starting out in the upper 40s, low 50s. look how cool it is now in santa rosa. we're down to 38 degrees. it is 53 now in san francisco. as you're getting ready and styling your hair because of the drizzle, best to just pull it back in a pony tail. even later today it'll be very nice as the humidity drops. we're at 93% right now. getting the kids up and out the door for school this morning in
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san jose, it's going to be misting and drizzling. you may have to turn on the windshield wipers as you're driving to school. we'll be in the low 50s starting out the daily and some upper 50s as the sun breaks out as we head up to 59 degrees. our high in antioch will reach 80 today. san francisco looking at a high of 58. we're not seeing as much in the way of widespread fog because of actually some higher clouds moving in and that acts as a blanket and keeps that widespread fog from developing as we go into today. we'll be tracking another system. this one will arrive with some rain until friday. as we time it out, by friday early afternoon, we'll be starting to see that rain moving in to santa rosa and ukiah and then making its way into parts of the rest of the north bay by the evening hours. look at what happens. it looks like a lot of it just falls apart as it moves closer to san francisco, so not all of us may see that rain on friday evening.
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on saturday, still a few spotty sprinkles. partly to mostly cloudy skies. there will be a heavier storm system moving in. look at the timeline late sunday evening, we are going to see another round of rain moving in that may get us started with a wet morning commute on monday. and we're looking at the potential of getting anywhere from about a half of an inch, maybe over an inch, closer to two inches for ukiah. i'll be fine tuning that and giving you more updates as we get closer. heading over to mike, you've been tracking this accident. what's going on now? >> i rebooted something a little too close to air. we'll try that out and my control room friends will tell me whether it worked. it did. we checked on that crash in downtown san jose. it's not on 87 and speeds are improving. it looks pretty good. great recovery south 680. the earlier debris cleared. we have two circled areas westbound 80 and it looks like this crash now starting to move.
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that crash affects the off-ramp but as crews start to clear the less distraction will cause speeds to improve. that is a big problem from the coliseum to the 23rd. we still have your fast and slow lane blocked one on each side. big distractions, big delays. how does it break down? let's check out the waze system where they timed it out. waze was telling us about a big delay. they're talking about over here behind me about 17 or 18 minute delays. that is a problem as you're coming up through the area. what we can tell from our speed centers is west 580 is a good option for you. nbc bay area waze that's where you get all your information on the roadway. back to you. can you say texting tax? the california regulators are parnl pushing for this in our next half hour. how it would work and the
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stunned reaction from almost everyone we spoke with? her car loan is paid off but she believes $500 of her own money is left in limbo. i'm chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. this morning, mike seems to be entertaining himself with a new video. it's jimmy fallon. it's a mash-up done brady bunch style. you can watch the full video by following mike on facebook and on twitter as well. you're watching "today in the bay." this little home of mine,
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♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ contra costa county is eliminating its overdue fees. welcome back. a follow-up for you now. go ahead and book it. contra costa county eliminating its overdue fees. supervisors yesterday voted to forgive and forget all outstanding fees. the new policy takes affect january 1st. it applies to materials including books, magazines and dvds. they hope it encourages more people to get out there and read. maybe that should be read material involving paper and ink as we know people stay busy in other ways. authorities in the south bay hope you might know who this man is. take a look here at your screen. this is surveillance image that was taken around the time of a violent carjacking the day after thanksgiving. the investigators believe that same man was armed with a knife when he stole a truck near morgan hill community park. the victim suffered minor
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injuries. if you know who this man is, contact police. 6:24 right now and "nbc bay area responds" to a gilroy couple who ran into trouble with their trade-in. they say the dealer actually made their mistake paying off their old car and owed them money. consumer investigator chris chmura worked to sort things out. >> good morning. when cindy and timothy fellows were ready to buy a new mercedes suv they traded in their used mercedes sedan. there was still a loan on the car and as part of the deal, the san jose dealership paid it off rolling the balance into the price of the suv. but here's the thing, the dealer overpaid the loan by 548 bucks. cindy said she spotted the error and asked them to refund her. well, weeks went by with no check so cindy turned to us. we contacted the mercedes dealer and the general manager then personally delivered a $548 check to cindy and timothy along with an apology.
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if you're signing a car deal, i know there can be pressure but just don't rush. take your time. read the terms and check the math. if anything doesn't look right, ask. dealer's sometimes make mistakes and it's easier to straighten them out before you sign then after, just ask cindy. got a consumer problem. call us any time 1-888-996-tips or visit coming up next, christmas time is when real life grinches come out. two cases we're working this morning, one in contra costa county, one in san jose. what the thieves took. and developing overseas a frantic search for suspects after a terror attack in france. no more homes. a bold call from california's top fire officials. the step he calls california
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officials should consider. it )
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taking a live look outside at downto right now at 6:30, wey morning. let's take a peek outside. overlooking christmas in the park downtown san jose. at least you can see it this morning. can't miss those lights, though. 'tis the season. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head over to the
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meteorologist for a take a look at the forecast. >> let's head to the north bay where we take a live look outside at 101, the s-curve and ads we head down back to san jose, the roads are wet as we get some mist and drizzle and some low clouds rolling by. visibility a little bit lower there, down to about a mile and a half. we've seen low visibility around parts of oakland and also over toward concord and napa now we're down to about a mile. the fog is a lot more hit or miss compared to what we were seeing yesterday and then as it clears out we'll see those highs in the low 60s today. we'll talk about the weekend coming up and mike, we have both better and for worse to report. >> we still have to get to work over here. the south bay shows some of that fog. over in oakland, better as well. we're looking at -- there is fog registering in patches.
6:31 am
north 880 things settling have started to improve. i know this looks horrible. it is jammed around 98 up and toward 23rd but it looks like they're clearing that crash because i'm seeing traffic move better. back to you. we're following some breaking news in san francisco right now. streets are shut down in the middle of the city. >> police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that sent a woman to the hospital. bob redel life there at the scene. what did we know so far? >> reporter: good morning to you. we know that this was a hit and run accident. you can see behind me. san francisco police are still out there and they shut down leavenworth between bush and pine. this happened around 3:30. she was crossing the street here near the intersection when she was hit by this vehicle.
6:32 am
the woman taking to the hospital and unfortunately police say that she is suffering from life-threatening injuries. she was hurt very badly. it was a hit and run. the driver did not stop. the police the only description they're putting out right now about that vehicle is to say it was dark in color, a dark colored vehicle is what they're looking for. reporting live in san francisco, "today in the bay." developing this morning, french authorities detained five people in connection with a deadly rampage in one of europe's most famous christmas market. that market is located in strasbourg near the german border. three people have died, 12 more or injured. police say that they know who that attacker is, a man previously tied to some sort of terror group. they believe he was injured during the gun fight with soldiers and may have crossed to the german border there. authorities so far are not identifying the man. santa claus suits and alcohol not always a great mix
6:33 am
there. two women have now turned themselves in to police after widely seen video. >> you may have seen the video already showing people vandalizing a restaurant during a bar crawl on saturday night. one woman seeing fighting with employees, another smashes the front door. police say two 21-year-old women turned themselves in yesterday after learning about the video. each is facing felony vandalism charges. continuing coverage now of a deadly hit and run in fremont. the identity of the victim not yet released. it happened yesterday morning when a man was struck as he walked across the parkway. officers arrived to find him dead at the scene. no sign of a car and as we reported all morning long on "today in the bay" yesterday, the bay area was under that dense fog advisory at the time. you can see how thick it was. we don't know if it was tied to that crash, though. any one who may have noticed something suspicious is asked to
6:34 am
contact fremont police. this is certainly grinch-like. new this morning, a concord family asking for your help to find their christmas decorations stolen right from their front yard. mark wineman tells us, every year he sets up his snoopy display except this year somebody stole the doghouse and the countdown clock. he's asking for whoever took it to return it no questions asked. wineman says there are no plans to take down the rest of the display and that his family christmas spirit will live on. it's not just in the east bay. neighbors are complaining about a rash of christmas crimes in the south bay as well. here's another one. this happened monday morning in san jose. victims say they were after their disney decorations. we spoke with two other neighbors who say the same thing happened to them. mickey and minnie mouse swiped in the middle of the night, all of them in and around the willow glenn neighborhood. >> it is frustrating. you don't expect that something
6:35 am
like this at this time of year -- >> you are stealing not only from a house, from a yard, you're stealing from families. >> san jose police haven't seen an increased in these crimes yet but they ask the public to report any thieves. taking a look at our morning commute. it looks green out there right now but mike's been monitoring what's been going on in the roadways. >> we had that fog now creeping in. carrie showed us a couple of minutes ago the fog right there and that will be a factor for folks now this morning. if you got up earlier you had clear roadways but not now guys. over here in oakland, we have recovery for the speeds. the crash cleared. speeds are improving. fog creeping in there. you get a peek at the south bay there. san jose does show some slowing at 101 to 105. its really creeping.
6:36 am
>> all right. we've been talking about a lot of things, maybe they'll be rain in our forecast. >> we'll see a couple of waves of rain but that may not change all of your weekend plans. let's time it out for you. by friday afternoon we're starting to see showers moving in to the north bay while the rest of the bay area is fairly dry but then look at what happens. a lot of this just falls apart. based on this computer model and it looks like all of us will not see that rain for friday evening. by saturday, spotty to light showers. overall partly cloudy and it's probably not going to be a day that will keep you inside based on just a little bit of the rain here and there. by sunday evening that's when the next round of rain moves in and you may be able to make it throughout much of the day outside on sunday without seeing any wet weather. we'll see this coming through in waves. saturday partly cloudy, highs in the upper 50s to low 60s from the coast to the inland areas.
6:37 am
by sunday, once again that rain starts to move in from north to south during the afternoon. if you're planning to go to the christmas parade on saturday, i think you'll have pretty good weather for this. it will start out cool with upper 40s and reach into the mid-50s during the middle of the day. you may wrap up the weekend ice skating in union scare and san francisco, but not only will you need warm clothes but you'll also need rain gear because most likely by sunday evening will see that rain returning once again and getting heavier by sunday night. if you're heading out of town, maybe going to lake shasta, off and on showers all weekend long and highs only reaching into the mid-40s. i'll bring it back today. we'll track that fog and also talk about our high temperatures for this afternoon coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks. all new for you this morning, a big mess, a water main break near the san mateo government center courthouse and jail. what happened and how it all will effect everything in the area today? also right now, a coat craze
6:38 am
sweeping social media. why this one is so popular and so hard to find? an oval office outburst almost seems to guarantee a government shutdown. president trump just said, he would intervene in the arrest of a chinese executive. that and the evidence of no inflation has the dow much higher this morning. you're watching "today in the bay." rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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(time check ( the time is 6:40 and as you step out you may feel mist and drizzle on your face. let's head to east san jose where we start out with low 50s and head up to about 61 which is warmer than normal. overall a nice day and we'll talk about the rain for the weekend forecast coming up in less than five minutes. looking at these travel times we see improvement for both the top and bottom numbers. now the fog is moving in. there's a richmond sign. folks heading over. happening right now on the peninsula, a large water main break is still shutting down a busy intersection in redwood city. this is video from overnight from that scene near bradford and winslow. water gushing into the streets early this morning in that area of san mateo county government center where the courthouse and jail are located. that water is shut off -- it was
6:42 am
shut off around 5:00 a.m. but police are on the scene as crews work to take care of those repairs. this should not affect the government services in that area. new overnight, tenants at a rent controlled mountainview apartment complex will soon have to find a new home. the city council just voted to turn the apartments into million dollars townhomes. the apartments at 2025 rock street will soon become townhomes going for $1 million a piece. here's what the tenants and the mayor had to say about it. >> if we're all going to find a new place, you know, if not what's going to happen? >> for my kids this is the only city that they know. i have everything nearby, the school, my work. >> even if the tenants find a place to live, we're still reducing the amount of naturally affordable housing that we have. >> as part of the deal, the current tenants will have until
6:43 am
the ends of 2019 to relocate. new this morning, california's top firefighter calling for a ban of homes in fire prone areas. the state's deadly and destructive wildfires have become just too unpredictable. this could mean rethinking some home developments in thickly forested areas or homes along southern california's canyons lined with tinder dry brush. his comments come as he prepares to leave his job friday after 30 years for the agency. and just as he speaks out about the issue, l.a. county supervisors are approving a massive housing project in fire prone mountains. a 19,000 home development is getting the green light. supporters touted that project as part of a solution to the state's severe housing shortage. opponents cited recent wildfires and rural lands including the deadly butte county fire. one group will be working to give back to those in need for the holidays.
6:44 am
>> this morning, glide will give away grocery bags full of items to people in need in san francisco. it's always great to see. they did this last year as well. about a thousand bags are expected to be handed out. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was the guy holding it up, marcus, he's now stepped aside and said he'll bring it to a vote. you may recall a few weeks ago there was bipartisan push and pats on the back all around as both sides agreed to sentencing and prison reform but it went nowhere. the reforms will allow early release in some cases and allow judges more leeway in sentencing. now, speaking of sentencing, two plorn court cases today, the president's former lawyer michael cohen will be sentenced today and maria butina, remember her? she's the accused russian spy who tried to infiltrate the nra
6:45 am
will change her plea to guilty today in cooperation with the feds. >> oh, no. >> very quickly. >> 20 times. >> i don't want to do what you did. >> i'm going to talk over the rest of this. we've all seen it by now. president trump saying he will proudly shut down the government next week if democrats don't give him billions for a wall. there are now nine days left until that potential shutdown and if you take both sides at their word, the government will, indeed, shut down. the president tweeted this morning, the democrats and president obama gave iran $150 billion and got nothing but they can't give $5 billion for national security and a wall. that lacks context. the money given to iran was iran's money frozen by the u.s. during the hostage crisis. it was not u.s. taxpayer money. it couldn't have be used to pay for the wall. having a foreign country is an interesting idea, but unlikely to work.
6:46 am
nikki haley says she often used trump's outburst to her advantage when dealing with the u.n. >> he would like ratchet up the rhetoric and then i'd go back to the ambassadors and say, you know, he's pretty upset. i can't promise you what he's going to do or not but i can tell you we do these sanctions it will keep him from going too far. >> you were playing good cop? bad cop? >> watch for that interview on the "today" show. you can follow me on twitter. i'm at scott mcgrew. we all remember those fur babies and nintendo wiis. >> so this is the holiday shopping item that they're saying everybody wants this year. it's a coat. it is taking social media by storm. it's called the down puffy jacket made in china. mostly sold out right now on
6:47 am
amazon. fans simply refer to it as "the coat". >> people are in a deep panic because this coat is sold out in multiple sizes and colors. >> really, a deep panic? i guess the big selling point is that right there. it's got tons of pockets in the front giving you a lot of storage. it's going for under $100 while supplies last and really supplies are pretty limited. i checked online this morning. a lot of it is sold out. >> maybe if you have a lot of kids, maybe triplets, you could use all those pockets. >> here's a kid, here's a kid, here's a kid. >> a litter of children. >> you do need a warm coat if you're lucky enough i guess to have that one, you'll stay nice and warm this morning. we're also seeing some mist and drizzle as you head out the door. here's a look at san francisco. low clouds rolling by and we do
6:48 am
have clear visibility for dublin. no problems there. already a lot of people out and on the way to work this morning. as you head out, we've seen the fog a lot more patchy this morning compared to yesterday. visibility down to about two miles in san jose and also in napa looking much better than yesterday at this time. as you get ready to step out the door in concord, expect it to be nice and cool, upper 40s we'll be heading into the upper 50s at noon and then low 60s by early afternoon. a lot of sunshine and we talked about that coat i found something that looks very similar for my closet this morning. how about this? i just wonder if you got your cell phone in one of those pockets and it starts to rain, how long will it take you to find it going through all those pockets. we'll see the mist and drizzle out there. you mail want to grab a hat as well. we're heading up to the upper 50s and low 60s in concord, 62 will be the high. 60 in san jose and san francisco 58 degrees. we're not seeing the widespread
6:49 am
fog because of some higher clouds that have moved in and so that acts as a blanket and keeps our temperatures from dipping down too cool. as we look at what's ahead, i'll be tracking this storm system that will bring us rain starting on friday. most of it won't be until friday afternoon into the evening. starts in the north bay and weakens as it makes its way into the rest of the bay area. it's very scattered. on saturday, spotty light rain in the forecast. mostly partly cloudy and round a of some heavier rain will get here after sunset on sunday into early monday morning. that may not really change a lot of your weekend plans, but this one looks like it will bring us some decent rainfall totals anywhere from half of an inch in gilroy to .6 of rain in oakland. maybe over an inch of rain for parts of the north bay. as we look at what to expect over the next few days, our seven-day forecast keeps those temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s.
6:50 am
cool mornings and some off and on showers starting out on friday. i'll be tracking that and, mike, you're starting with what's happening on the roads. >> good thing i don't have the coat. only one pocket. if you just joined us, you missed out on a really cool coat. we have fog coming into the area. it's only affecting this portion of the map, at least as far as the road sensors go. we saw those speeds slow. north 280 we do have reports of a crash there. i've seen those speed sensors improving over the last few minutes. they've probably moved it from the slow lane over to the right shoulder. look at that. everything looks pretty good as far as those road weather indicates. we're just seeing the orange and the red starting to slow over there on the hayward side of the san mateo bridge. a lot of slowing west of highway 4 right there. just shy of 242. the rest of contra costa county
6:51 am
looks great. no problems coming down the upper east shore freeway. fog there. mist, drizzle reported in many parts of the bay. we're looking at oakland where there was a crash that cleared at 23rd, we now have the build from the morning commute. north of there, look at that. only the fast track lanes and the cash lanes off to the right has a back-up. these cash lanes closer to me look good. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51, happening now, cbs news settling a lawsuit filed by three female employees. they claim they were sexually harassed by former morning show anchor charlie rose. the network paid an undisclosed sum to the women that no longer work at cbs. the victims were in their 20s. cbs is also investigating sexual assault claims against former chief executive les moonves. and next here on "today in the bay."
6:52 am
a quick look at the top story including a hit-and-run crash in san francisco. the woman runned down in the road. we'll tell you about her condition this morning. and still no comment from steph curry now that his moon landing denial is national news. all new for you this morning, a former astronaut's message to the warrior star about his influence on young kids. 6:52 right now. e the top ories st
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back. 6:55. here are the top stories we're covering on the "today in the bay." >> we're following that breaking news this morning. streets are shut down in the middle of the city. police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that sent a woman to the hospital. this is video from that scene in lower knob hill. officers tell us that that woman was crossing bush street when she was hit by a dark colored vehicle. that driver left that woman in the road without helping her. now she was -- she has life-threatening injuries there. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. also breaking for you right now, suddenly british leader theresa may faces a make or break moment. lawmakers from within her own party will vote today on whether to remove her from power. the looming no confidence vote comes during britain's brexit
6:56 am
battle. may says that any change right now would lead to even more chaos. >> a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it. >> at this point that vote is set to happen sometime around 10:00 this morning our time. at least half of the 315 conservative party members would need to vote against her. most experts call this a long shot. a recent cyberattack on marriott that exposed personal data of about 500 million guests is being traced to chinese hackers. "the new york times" says it was part of the same effort to hack health insurers and the security clearance files of millions of other american. the hacking of marriott starwood chain was revealed late last month. a chief financial officer for chinese tech giant huawei is free from custody in canada. last night meng wanzhou was granted bail after her arrest on
6:57 am
december 1st. she will be under 24 hour surveillance. u.s. prosecutors accuse her of fraud, link the violations of sanctions against iran. her release sets up a potential legal battle over her extradition to the u.s. happening today, san francisco marks the death of one of its modern day leaders, mayor ed lee. one year ago, lee suffered a fatal heart attack at his neighborhood grocery store. he was 65 years old and served as mayor for six years. at 8:30 this morning, mayor london breed will lead a commemoration event at city hall. federal agents trying to track down a pair of gun thieves. we have video of that pair in action. they used a sledged hammer to enter the gun store. they are believed to have stole en150 weapons. some of those stolen guns may wound up in the bay area. here are three frozen images to take a look at. two you see there show the same man. the atf is offering a $25,000
6:58 am
reward. coming up next on the "today" show -- >> nasa is responding to out of this world comment from steph curry. we told you yesterday that he said that he thinks astronauts have never really landed on the moon. one former nasa astronaut is among those ready to set that record straight. >> he's questioning whether we went to the moon or not. i mean affects the ideas and the concepts that kids form. >> the "today" show is doing a big story on this today. you can watch that at 7:30 right here on nbc bay area. so we all do what it, we pick up our phone and send a text message instead of a phone call. >> that text message could cost you more money. they're considering putting a tax on that text message. we are not kidding. >> it's a very complicated and
6:59 am
complex proposal they put forward. i think there's a lot of questions and one of them is the legality of retroactively taxing texts going back five years. >> the puc will present the plan before the board next month and vote on the proposal. a lot of us had mist on our windshield as we were coming in today. >> we've got sunshine in the forecast after that. we'll see the sun again for tomorrow as our highs reach near 60s and rain moves in late on friday and we could see another wave of downpours by sunday evening. we'll be traggicking all of tha >> how's the morning commute looking? >> a lot clearer. it's much better than yesterday. we'll seal the traffic creep in. it's already hitting the south bay now. also west 92 across the san mateo bridge we do see more cars and less visibility than normal,
7:00 am
but this is much better than yesterday. low clouds and no problems for the bay. that's what's happening in "today in the bay." gearing up . good morning, breaking news. massive manhunt. a desperate search under way for the deadly shooting at a popular christmas market in france. police narrowing in on a man they say is linked to ashroomic extremism. we are live with the latest. gold gamble. the psident out on a limb to get billions for his border wall. >> if we don't get what we want, i will share down the go. i am proud. i tell you what -- >> we disagree. >> reporter: the leaders inside the oval office, with cameras rolling. what the president would say overnight what would happen if he were impeached. >>


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