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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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i'm vicky nguyen in for jessica aguirre. >> a popular hotel turned into a spy den with specialized cameras and hard drives. detectives found an intricate peeping tom setup inside multip multiple rooms in petaluma. >> reporter: police say a hotel guest spotted the man peeking under his door at about 10:00 last night, and immediately called management. when police arrived and searched the suspect's third floor room, they say they discovered a recording underway. in fact, they say the man had been rolling his camera on his neighbor for five hours. >> petaluma police lieutenant tim lyons shows us the sophisticated e 30-year-old javier martinez of berkeley was using to secretly
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record other sheraton hotel guests. police found a spy pen and special endocameras inside his room. >> it's capable of going under a small crack in a door, particularly underneath a door n in an adjoining room. >> police say a guest spotted martinez peeking under his door last night and called management. they say the day before some other guests spotted him elsewhere in the hotel looking under other guest room doors. he'd been registered as a guest himself for more than a week. >> it looks like he m of peopl watch. ultimately he admitted he was into some type of voyeurism, like watching people and like recording people. >> the general manager of the sheraton sonoma county petaluma declined to talk on camera but in a written statement said they're aware of the situation, quote the safety and security of our guests and employees is always a top priority of. as news spreads, people in
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petaluma say they're horrified. >> you're staying in a hotel and it's so scary that someone could be watching you in your private time. >> if you've been there that many days, and he's got this many devices to record data, i'm sure there's more people he's reco recorded. >> police say it's going to take them some time to search through the hard drive, the laptop and the three cell phones they found inside the man's room to determine how many other people he may have recorded. reporting live in petaluma, i'm jodi hernandez. a san francisco firefighter has died. 34-year-old steven picatti was killed in a car crash today on his way to work. the chp says he drove his pickup behind a garbage truck and tried to pass on a narrow rural two-way road. his truck then hit an oncoming suv. picatti was assigned to station
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14 in the richmond district and was recently on the front lines in the fire of butte county. before he worked for san francisco, he worked for the b tiberon fire department. aaron persky, the recalled judge in santa clara county is asking his supporters to help him pay his legal debt. >> reporter: before this new request for money, judge persky made a decision in this courthouse back in 2016 that ultimately led to his recall. >> santa clra county superior court judge aaron persky was -- nerded down a light sentence to for sexually assaulting a woman at a frat party. fast forward to now, persky is off the bench recalled by voters and is asking his supporters to help him pay court ordered legal
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fees to the recall campaign's lawyer. in this e-mail, persky says he needs to pay $135,000 by the end of the year. michelle dobber who led the recall effort said it's persky's fault he got hit with this six figure bill because he pursued frivolous lawsuits to try to stay on the bench. >> we think he should bear the cost of his own bad decisions like anyone else. >> persky's attorney who represented him during the recall fight says his client deserves the help. >> the man lost his job, lost his pension. he's out of work, and he has a lot of support in the legal community, most of the judges and lawyers, law professors opposed this recall. >> people on the peninsula had mixed reactions to the request for money. >> i'm not necessarily surprised. i don't think it's appropriate. >> you can't stop him doing it, you know. if he feels he's been wrongly accused of something.
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>> reporter: persky's attorney says he's not sure how many donations his client has received so far, but he does say he's confident that persky will get the amount he's asking for. reporting live in palo alto, marianne favro nbc bay area news. thank you. remembered as a father, husband, and a beloved teacher, a go fund me account has been set up for the family of a redwood city man killed in a police shooting. more than $145,000 has been raised for the kyle hart memorial. he died monday at the hospital leaving behind a wife, son, and a week-old daughter. hart was also a teacher atublet morning. police responded to hart's redwood city home after his wife called 911 saying he was trying to kill himself. when police arrived they found hart in the backyard carrying a butcher's knife. he allegedly charged at the officers. after a taser didn't work, the officers opened fire. police say hart succumbed to his injuries at the hospital, which
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included self-inflicted wounds. an investigation is underway. take a close look, this surveillance video might be the key to a deadly crime in san francisco. you're going to see a car, a woman right there getting out of her car looking down the road. investigators say this shows the moments after a deadly hit and run in nknob hill. the driver stopped, looked around, not sure she knows if she hit someone. scott budman joins us at that intersection with the details. >> reporter: very busy, those who live in this area of knob hill tell us it's very busy and dangerous. the accident happened just right here near the intersection of bush and leavenworth. you saw the video. police are hoping that video leads them to the suspects. traffic moves quickfully this area of san francisco's knob hill, and it was here police say 58-year-old teracita collins was
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hit and killed. it happened about 3:25 a.m. on bush and leavenworth streets. police say this video shot from a nearby nest camera may provide a critical clue. you can see the driver stop her car, get out, and then look back down the street. she quickly gets back in her car and drives away. officers are calling her a suspect in the hit and run. >> yeah it is high traffic. it's dangerous, and you need to watch the lights. >> collins went to the hospital, but did not survive. >> maybe she was a bartender or something coming home. i don't know, but it's just really sad. >> i walk a lot, you know, you just have to, you know, pay attention. >> reporter: literally a minute ago a neighbor came by and told us this was not the first accident they had seen in this area recently. if you have any information you're asked to contact the san francisco p.d. reporting live in san francisco, scott budman nbc bay area news. thank you. the women accused of trashing a
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san francisco restaurant during the santa con bar crawl have posted bail. in the meantime, the repairs are being made at the shalomar. you can see one woman fighting with employees, another one smashing a restaurant window. san francisco police say they turned themselves in after seeing the video on the news. while they are facing felony vandalism charges, the manager of the restaurant tells us he won't press charges if the women apologize and pay for the damage. he was a rare breed of politician, mild mannered and egofree, but former san francisco mayor ed lee was also intense and veryny had anniversary of his sudden death while he was in office. san francisco's first asian american mayor, he was a remarkable man. >> you hit it right on the head. such a multifaceted personality was mayor lee.
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he spents so many years workin as a community activist and a housing rights lawyer. those experiences shaped his view on government and colored how and where he was remembered today. there's an old saying that the best things in life come in small packages. this four-story building on 9th avenue in cle meant stands as proof of that adage for the service it provides and if wwha says about the man who put it there. >> i told you this is a big deal. >> with ed lee's family looking on, leaders of the china town cdc past and present talked about how a young floppy haired lawyer with the asian law caucus made it his mission to find housing for displaced seniors. >> he sued a lot of landlords. he sued the housing authority. it was never personal. it was a matter of principle. >> we need to appreciate the humble mayor that fought like crazy quietly.
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♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> the singing filling up city hall was anything but quiet. mayor lee loved the group pure ecsta ecstasy, almost as much as he did running various city departments or fighting for those he lived and stlrangers h barely knew. >> i think it's a beautiful thing we could all be here in city hall to remember him today. it is a place he poured so much blood and sweat and tears into for so many years. ♪ unforgettable >> and briana lee went on to say this settingabout the city and which he served. there was a ceremony this morning at 8:30 in the morning on the balcony. mayor breet spoke as well as willie brown and others. >> we certainly miss him, thank you, sam. late today a notable announcement from congresswoman
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nancy pelosi. she says if she becomes speaker of the house she will serve for no more than four years. the decision comes after discussions among democrats about term limits and wanting new blood within the party. the 78-year-old congresswoman says she's comfortable with the proposal and intends to abide by it. no other democrats are running for house speaker. by agrees to term limits, pelosi is almost ensuring she'll be elected to the post next month. stuck for two days in a vent, how a man managed to get into a tricky spot in an east bay restaurant, and who finally heard his screams for help. is it much ado about nothing? steph curry coming clean about his recent comments about the moon landing. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, why some of us have a much better chance of getting rain than others. it's in about eight minutes.
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on the roof, spent about half a an hour to pull that man out of the vent. >> for three years he's owned and worked at this tax services business in san lorenzo, but this morning egor campos saved a man's life, and it started when he came to the office and heard a strange faint noise coming from the walls. >> it was more like eh, uh, uh, but like no one was saying help or anything like that. i just didn't pay too much attention to it. >> the sound continued so egor followed the noise to the back door of this the door. a man told him he was stuck in a grease trap. egor called 911 and the owner of the building even showed >> he just couldn't get through. he got stuck. >> this is a picture of him covered in grease and crushed inside the vent when firefighters and deputies with the alameda county sheriff's office came to rescue him. >> we can confirm this person was not santa claus, but likely a trespasser. we're looking at possible
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burglary. >> i don't know how you got in there. i was sleeping on top of the roof. >> i'm like how did you get on top of the roof. >> firefighters did manage to pull the man out of the vent. >> it took about 30 minutes. >> paramedics put him on a gurney and took him to the hospital to be cleaned up and treated for dehydration. >> another day without water, we could have been looking at a fatality. >> reporter: that man could be facing vandalism and trespassing charges. >> he was lucky indeed. the raiders confirming they want out one year early possibly. the team is pulling its $7 million offer to the city to play in the coliseum next season. that means this christmas eve a few weeks from now could be the last time we see the raiders playing in oakland as an oakland raiders franchise. this comes after the city filed suit against the raiders yesterday over its impending move to las vegas.
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the owner saying the lawsuit is mer mer meritless. despite the team pulling its offer to play one more season in the coliseum, davis says oakland is still on option for 2019, so some mixed messages here. however, they could also play in san diego, san antonio, or somewhere inthr new stadium in won't be ready until 2020. was he joking or is he walking back what he said about astronauts never listenanding o moon? steph curry says it was an obvious joke. nasa took it seriously enough to extend an invitation to tour johnson's space center. curry's comments came during a recent interview. he said he's glad to go on the tour and help spread the word about nasa's important mission. come for the food and come for the atmosphere, but leave your phone at home.
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raiders star marshawn lynch is opening a unique restaurant. this friday beef mode is opening a restaurant in emeryville. it's called rob benj. it's named after his friend robert benjamin who was killed in oakland in 2007. lynch has a friendly warning to anyone who visits. >> you don't mind don't know what the hell you're missing. >> he's going to take the food off your plate. he posted this light hearted video on instagram to encourage people to stay off their cell phones while eating there. there are signs that say no phone zone and they are placed throughout the restaurant. >> and it looks like you'd be getting your hands dirty. no need to put down your phone just yet, a big setback of the proposed california text tax. federal regulatory ruling will help opponents of the tax.
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they say california can't tax text messages unless regulators treat texting as a telecommunication service. today those regulators declared that texts are information services similar to e-mail making them not telecommunications. >> it is legally suspect both under federal law and state law. they're getting quite a bit of backlash. >> yeah, we've seen that backlash online. supporters of the tax say there is still hope. the official vote is next month. revenues would help pay for accessow income families. no diving for abalone, at least not for a couple more years. the california fish and game commission will keep recreational abalone fishing closed through april of 2021. the goal is to give the shellfish population the ability to bounce back. divers have been shut out for this year, biologists recently measured the health of the abalone population and say conditions have gotten worse
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since 2017. >> a lot of those purple urchins are eating up and affecting the habitat. switching gears now. let's bring in jeff ranieri for a look at the forecast. >> it would be nice diving weather. >> it would be depending on what you're like. >> allways a wet suit. we'll take you outside to a live view of christmas in the park. lots of people out there. the trees are lit up tonight. this is going on all the way through christmas, right into christmas actually, and open until midnight each and every night. currently a cool 56, and as we head to 11:00, we're going to be dropping down to some colder 40s. through tomorrow's forecast, i do think we'll start out with a little bit of patchy fog. it does not look nearly as thick and dense as we've seen the past couple of mornings. we could see that patchy fog for the east bay, also through the north bay. check out the temperatures by the afternoon. we're going to warm it up a couple of degrees. it will be noticeable. feel a little milder outside.
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morgan hills 66, san jose, 64. 63 in antioch. i'm going with mid-60s from napa to santa rosa. tomorrow is the day to get outside and enjoy it. once we hit friday's forecast there will be some changes. friday, cloud cover to start. that's the big thing you'll notice at 307:30 in the morningn friday. notice the better chance of rainfall through the day would be right up here into the north bay, and watch this. storm system breaks apart as it tries to move to the south. so likely not much rain chances for the south bay. better that goes up to the north bay. hold on if you want rainfall in san jose a much better possibility once we hit sunday's forecast. we're going over those totals at 6:48 tonight. if you're heading to the sierra, a quick warning with snow on sunday and monday, we could see another foot of snow. we'll go over our bay area rain totals in 25 minutes. >> jeff, thank you. speaking publicly for the first time in months, kavanaugh
6:22 pm
accuser christine blasey ford back in the spotlight today. palt
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"christine blasey ford" is speaking out for the first time since testifying in the judge-kavanaugh hearing. palo alto psychologist christie blaz ford is speaking outs for the first time since testifying in judge kavanaugh's hearing. today she announced. >> her courage inspired other survivors to end their silence, and we all know the results. rachel den hollander, i am in awe of you, and i will always be inspired by you. >> rachel den hollander is a former gymnast who was the first to publicly accuse usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar of sexual assault. her allegation led to more than 300 women coming forward. nassar is now serving a life sentence in prison. they want a bigger raise, dozens of ghered in fremont to send a message to the district. they're upset over the 0.7%
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raise they're being gink this year. they say that's way below average and unfair considering the amount of funding from the state designated for employees. now students and community members also joining this protest. after the rally they packed the fremont school board meeting which began about 30 minutes ago. up next at 6:30, he won't walk away free. the prison sentence for president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen. how much is it going to cost, just how many billions of dollars in insurance claims have been filed for last month's destructive wildfires here in california? president trump )s fr
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attorney sentenced today, >> right right now at 6:30, three years in prison, president trump's former attorney sentenced today following a stunning admission in court. michael cohen admits to paying off two women to stay silent about their alleged affairs with then candidate donald trump. >> the president's former ally says he felt it was his duty r up for mr. trump. cohen is heading to jail, but the real story is the mounting pressure on president trump. >> michael cohen's attorney asked for no jail time because of cohen's cooperation with prosecutors. prosecutors say that cooperation was done reluctantly, and now cohen will go to federal prison for several felony convictions. once president trump's personal attorney and fixer, today michael cohen is a convicted
6:30 pm
felon facing three years in federal prison. the charges tax and bank fraud, lying to congress about a trump tower moscow project, and campaign finance violations for paying two women before the 2016 election to keep silent about their alleged affairs with mr. trump. cohen who once said he'd take a bullet for the president today told a judge he felt it was his duty to cover up the dirty deeds of president trump. he said blind loyalty led him to choose darkness over light. >> even though he's saying this blind loyalty that led him to do it, it's a h connections to donald trump that enriched him. >> cohen says the president directed him to make the hush money payments to keep the affairs from hurting his election campaign. president trump contends the payments were private transactions and not sunbject t finance laws. cohen is the only person to be indicted and plead guilty in special counsel's robert
6:31 pm
mueller's investigation into russia's tampering in the 2016 election. >> anytime a former lawyer of yours goes to jail, it's probably not a good day. i have yet to see any evidence coming from mr. cohen of collusion, and that's what started the mueller investigation to begin with. >> as for cohen, his attorney says he looks forward to an appropriate time when he'll reveal all he knows about president trump. >> cohen has to surrender by march 6th to start serving his sentence. france has raised its security threat to the highest alert level following deadly shooting at a famed christmas market. a wanted poster is out and the manhunt continues for the suspected gunman. even before the shooting he was considered a potential security risk in the city of strasbuourga growing shrine. two people were killed, another left brain dead. 12 others were wounded in the shooting rampage. a lot happening overseas in
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britain. the prime minister prevailed surviving a no confidence vote amid all the turmoil of brexit. after two hours of voting in the house of commons a committee room, the announcement was made. there were some cheers that theresa may had won the support of huroughly two-thirds of her conservative party. in a statement and a news conference after the vote, the prime minister acknowledged the divide within her party and the complexity of withdrawing from the european union. the wildfire season this year is already li destructive. now it is among the costliest. insurance claims are totaling more than $9 billion. the state insurance commissioner released the latest numbers today. they include claims for the tamp, woolsey and hill fires. the three massive blazes damaged or destroyed nearly 20,000 structures. >> we know this number's going to climb as people get more access to their former neighborhoods, as they amend
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their claim. as they provide more information to their insurer with regard to the magnitude of their loss. >> the claim for last year's fires including the north bay fire and the thomas fires reached $11.8 billion. the entrance to b.a.r.t.'s new downtown berkeley station is back open now. it was closed after someone slipped on the new stairway. the $13 million makeover of that station was completed about two months ago, but about two weeks ago someone took a tumble in what was thought to be a slippery slope, a step there following one of our recent rain storms. b.a.r.t. closed the station to test that stairwell. a discovered some leaks. updates are underway for a major water control site on the peninsula in desperate need of repairs. work is underway to improve aging pipes and infrastructure at the regional water quality control plant. the wastewater treatment plant
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serves much of the peninsula. it was built in 1934 and hasn't undergone any major improvements since the 1980s. the city of palo alto has enlisted brown and caldwell as the leading firm to begin the upgrade design process. all across the land people are putting the finishing touches on their holiday decorations or maybe just starting for all of us procrastinators. one san francisco home has become the gold standard for holiday decor. here >> most things that become grand traditions have somewhat humble beginnings. this tradition began withhouspl >> that house plant a north folk island pine grew and grew. >> and then we put it over there. and then it got too big. then we had to move it over. >> eventually the plant found its place on a hill in san francisco's deloris heights
6:35 pm
neighborhood. >> as the tree expanded, so did the decor. >> and everyone came by and then tom and jerry started to make a big deal about it, too. these days it takes a crew of ten more than a month to get the yard in christmas shape. and that house plant over 60 feet tall. >> i'm not sure who's the boss anymore, the tree or me or who or what. it's about the people who love doing this, who do it year after year after year. it's in its 30th year 31st year. >> 31st year. been working on this since 2002. >> it's like a christmas tree at your house, but times 1,000. >> just don't ask how many ornaments that involves. >> we might as well take lottery numbers than try to count how
6:36 pm
many ornaments there are. >> the tree has its own yelp reviews. >> probably 10 to 20,000 people come by every year. >> tom and jerry have a few years on their holiday ritual. they've been together 46 years. >> this is an act of love. this is not an act of money, power, or winning. >> ho ho ho! >> it's a thrill to see the kids all so excited. >> i think that tommy and i have a history of saying let's make it happen. >> and so as the sun dims and the lights ignite, that holiday thing happens once again from humble beginnings to grand tradition. joe rosa toe junior. >> a little crazy. >> nbc bay area news. >> we're really getting into the spirit here. san jose's downtown ice skating ring saw olympic caliber moves today. christie yamaguchi hosted a special holiday party for students from san jose's elementary school today.
6:37 pm
there was a lot of skating, yamaguchi's always dream foundation is also about early childhood education. >> we want to help make it as special as possible. get them ice skating, maybe a little treat and visit from santa claus, and, you know, of course it's all about literacy, too. it's putting books in the hands so they can develop their literacy skills at home. another famous bay area skater national champion paulina edmonds choreographed and performed a routine with the young skaters. they included yamaguchi's own daughter who as you can see there is following in her mom's ice skates. >> she looks great, very elegant on the ice. be careful with all those packages. stay with us. pirates on the peninsula.
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rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. go safely, california. colission in the south bay. it happened on stevens creek and winchester in san jo a woman is in critical condition after a head-on collision in the south bay. it happened on stevens creek and winchester just before 7:00 this morning. the driver of a white honda heading eastbound veered into
6:40 pm
the westbound lanes. he hit two other cars. a passenger in that honda went to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. no one else was seriously hurt. that crash shut down steven's creek for about three hours. no rain but a lot of water on the peninsula. a large water main break shut down a busy intersection in redwood city. this happened overnight. water began gushing onto the streets early in the morning at the san mateo county government center where the courthouse and jail are located. cracking down on porch pirates. the san mateo sheriff's office has video they want you to see. do you recognize these paeeople? this man and woman are suspected of stealing packages from the front of two milra afternoon about 3:00. if you recognize e>> this is a emblematic of our housing crisis across the bay area. tenants at a rent controlled mountain view apartment complex will soon have to find a new home. the city council voted late last
6:41 pm
night right around midnight to demolish 20 units and build 15 luxury town homes. those town homes will be on midd middlefield in mountain view. the new units will cost about 1.3 million bucks apiece. as part of the deal, the current tenants will have until the end of 2019 so next year to relocate. all right, well, jeff ranieri back with a look at the forecast, and not really a lot of rain in sight. >> it's coming, right? >> tonight and tomorrow, not a lot of rain tonight but eventually we do have a better chance coming our way. a lot of moving parts here. you can see livermore is pretty much fog free at this point. we'll see a little bit of patchy fog return tomorrow, and we'll have updated looks at our rain chances coming up in a few minutes. >> her car loan is paid off, but she believes $500 of her money is left in limbo. i'm consumer investigator chris
6:42 pm
chmura. nbc bay area responds next. accoe
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cat owners we have a recall to tell you about. certain types of nine live cat food may not be safe. according to the fda, some batches may have lower levels of vitamin b 1. so far they have not gotten reports of cats getting sick, but the food is being recalled to be safe. you can check the nine lives website. nbc bay area pocouple in gilroy who ran into trouble with their trade-in. >> they say the dealer made a mistake paying off their old car and owed them money. consumer investigator chris chmura worked to sort this whole thing out. >> when cindy and timothy fellows were ready to buy a new mercedes suv, they traded in their used mercedes sedan. there was still a loan on the car. as part of the deal, the san jose dealership paid it off rolling the balance into the price of the suv. here's the thing, the dealer overpaid the loan by 548 bucks. cindy says she spotted the error and asked them to refund her.
6:45 pm
weeks went by with no check. cindy turned to us. we contacted the mercedes deal, and the general manager personally delivered a $548 check to cindy and timothy along with an apology. if you're signing a car deal, i know there can be pressure but just don't rush. take your time. read the terms and check the mat. if anything doesn't look right, ask. dealers sometimes make mistakes, and it's easier to straighten them out before you sign than after. just ask cindy. got a consumer problem? call us anytime 888-996-tips or visit sesame street is known for bringing current events to kids. this time it's bringing the issue of homelessness. for the first time one of the characters in this beloved kids' show is facing a mainstream real life crisis. lily a 7-year-old bright pink muppet has a new story line
6:46 pm
where she experiences homelessness. the creators say the goal is to bring lily's story to the show and help the growing number of kids in the united states who are also living without a secure and stable home. okay. quick question for you, do you like where you work? a list of the best companies to work for has been released. give me a drum roll. topping the list this year is costco. that's where you get all the food and supplies. in third is t-mobile. the list looked at companies with 500 or more employees. it was compiled by a company named comparably when is a job search service. we've got to on that list. we all really like working here, we honestly do. >> you just celebrated 20 years here, a big anniversary. >> i love it for 20 years strong. i think we're going to stay for a while if they have us. i don't want to put the cart before the horse. >> come on, let's give ourselves
6:47 pm
some credit. >> jeff and i will be around. >> you guys will be for sure. >> you're going to be here. >> and can't say that without mentioning that awesome coffee machine we have in the cafeteria. it's sweet. >> it's the little things. >> it's the little perks. let's go ahead and get on task here. we'll get you to our microclimate forecast tonight, and we do have some cloud cover off to the north. we're tracking some rainfall over portland, also right there into seattle, eventually we're going to get a little bit of this moving down towards the bay area. as we zoom i ranger, our mobiler radar, only one of six in the united states, all owned by the nbc stations. we've got dry weather from san jose right up to santa rosa. the big problem we've had the past couple of mornings has been the fog in parts of the north bay and east by ay. i think we may have some patchy areas of fog in the tri valley. 46 for the peninsula with sunshine. getting some sun in the south bay and 44 degrees.
6:48 pm
be on alert with a few areas of patchy fog in the north bay and 38 degrees. down to 46. keep your jacket handy this san francisco and the east bay at 44. a decent increase in temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. i think we're going to warm up two to four degrees. it will make it a little more noticeable outside. down in the south bay, we are pushing tchemperatures into the 60s. 64 in downtown san jose, 66 in east san jose, also looking at 65 in goil rilroy. it's really going to be a beautiful day. more widespread 60s here from vallejo to pleasanton back into the peninsula, you've got a mix, daly city, 4060. heading to san francisco low 60s into mission, and down in ingleside, we are at 59. it's also beautiful here through the north bay, napa at 64, point rays 58 degrees. tomorrow is the day to get
6:49 pm
outside and enjoy it. take your lunch break outside if you got the day off. do something outdroors. we have big changes for friday. the key thing friday morning will be cloud cover. no sun glsglasses for the morni commute. better bet of rainfall, marin, napa, at 4:00 p.m. possibly heavier pockets indicated by the yellow and the orange. watch what happens as we advance this. the storm system really starts to break up. our chances of getting any kind of rainfall in san jose have really diminished with our friday storm system. there's going to be another chance after that where we would have a better possibility. so totals with the friday chance of zero to a quarter of an inch, better chance of a quarter inch in the north bay. by sunday we get that next storm system moving in starting in the late morning through about 5:00 p.m. and we'd see about a quarter to a half inch of rainfall. that's our better bet for the south bay and peninsula. east bay to get some rainfall, sunday into monday, we dry out tuesday and wednesday. temperatures upper 50s and low
6:50 pm
60s across the inland valleys and what about the sierra, heading there, take a quick look at this. sunday and monday we could see another foot of snow. snow levels between 4 to 5,000 feet. i think everybody's happy lately. we get a break. we get some rain. we get some snow and clear out aga again. saturday for the lights, sunday shopping. >> he did his like three weeks ago. overachiever, yes, for christmas. >> both of you guys. up next, all this drama with the raiders, we've been telling you about it. also, where are they going to play next season. what do the players think about what's going on. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app.
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who have the best it's going to be a good one. in oakland,ed warriors hosting the raptors who have the best record in the nba. these two teams played a couple of weeks ago in toronto where the raptors won in overtime. the warriors will have a new look, not tonight but when they host the lakers on christmas day. what do you think? >> i think i like it. >> it's a gold version of their uniform that says the town. >> the raiders speaking of good news arguably coming off their best win of the year. they have a good shot of making
6:54 pm
three wins in five weeks this sunday when they play the bengals in cincinnati. >> the focus this week has been on the political drama between the owner and the city of oakland. what do the players think? here's nbc bay area's colin resch. >> quietly, yeah. nice and quiet, not much going on. yeah. >> monday it was the firing of general manager reggie mackenzie, tuesday news of the city of oakland hadiders. so what did wednesday bring? thankfully no new bombshell, just a lot of reflection. >> you get here and it's just rainbows and butterflies. you made it to the nfl. you got new friends every year. i think i counted, i've had like 27 different people in the locker room next to me in five years. it shows you how tough this business is to be here one year let alone five, ten, 15. >> it's always something every day here, isn't it? i enjoy seeing and answering all
6:55 pm
these questions. i want to play in oakland, and i'm real sensitive just like, you know, you would expect. it's where i want to play. so we'll see what happens. >> i think obviously we'll be here for a majority of the time next year, then obviously if we have to go somewhere to play, we do. that will be a different experience. >> jordy nelson not exactly taking the coliseum uncertainty for next season in stride but as a first year raider it's easier for him to take the practical approach. as for quarterback derek carr losing the gm he was drafted with, to now contemplating that the home finale might be the last time he plays in the coliseum, none of it is easy to process. >> man, that is crazy. to me that just seems weird, you know? it just seems different to even have to think that way. i've spent five years playing in this stadium, and you know, it has people talking trash about it and whatever you want, i love
6:56 pm
it. you know, it's ours. >> but for how much longer, in oakland, colin resch nbc bay area. >> it's sad, especially for the players. they just want to play for the fans in the bay area but they're not able to. >> it's helpful to know where they're going to be playing, too. before we go, we have a new friend on the set. it's warrior's star demarcus cousins. it's his bobblehead tonight. >> cool. >> that is definitely awesome for the fans going out there tonight. he's not playing yet, though. >> he's not playing, hopefully he's make his debut in a week or o', maybe christmas day. >> they never get old. >> thanks for joining us, have a great evening. >> see you back here at 11:00. sfx: tinny headphone music
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>> alex and my kids are my everything. >> she opens up like never before about their relationship. plus, jennifer's glam slam new york takeover. the countdown is on for an a-list invasion at the s.a.g.s. >> bradley and lady gaga both up for s.a.g. "a star is born" ready for a huge night. >> we're with "vice" stars christian bale and amy adams just before hearing their names called. >> what appealed to you about this story? now trending, new details on kathie lee grd


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