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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PST

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hopefully my friend has a good flight to japan. in antioch, it will be in the upper 30s. it's going to warm up nicely. we'll talk about that and a smooth start to your communicate. >> no problem on the peninsula. no problems at tri-valley, east bay. the dublin interchange has no problems. we just have slowing. this is the only place we see anything but green out of the altamo altamont. no delays reported for any agencies on theaia grt start to the ride as well. breaking news to tell you about. a peninsula street is turned into a crime scene. officers in east palo alto are investigating a homicide. >> bob redell is at the scene. what can you tell us at this
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point? >> reporter: very limited information. that's where the crime scene it in east palo alto. the report is around 1:00 this morning residents heard a number of gunshots. when they arrived, when the paramedics arrived they found one person suffering from at least one wun shot wound. we've had a very limited conversation with east palo alto police, a homicide, a detective who says they are just arriving here and getting information. since he's with the homicide, we'll consider this is a homicide as opposed to another type of crime. sadly this neighborhood has seen homicides before. it was just this past october during a halloween party that two people were killed. this is about half a mile away. reporting live in palo alto, bob
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redell, east bay. 5:01 now. it's a gripping story. washington and the nation watching as president trump's former personal lawyer heads to federal prison for three years. it's foray money to two women alleging extra mayor that affairs with president trump. it happened before election day in 2016. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is joining us. so far no response from president trump nor capital republicans. >> reporter: no. we have heard from some republicans. we have not laerd from on twitt. he tweeted this morning but not about this. it's raising questions -- the sentence for his former lawyers, raising questions about whether the president could be impacted. not a word from president trump about his personal lawyer
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michael cohen going to prison for lying to congress about plans to build trump tower in russia and hush money payments to women mr. trump denies having affairs with. >> he directed cohen and it's more than simply, you know, being complicit. >> reporter: cohen told a judge blind loyalty caused him to cover up trump's dirty deeds but most of the charges, tax evasion, is from his own problem. >> he's a liar. >> i have yet to see any evidence coming from mr. cohen of collusion. >> reporter: cohen may have more to say. >> to tell all the truth and all the facts about donald trump probably in front of a congressional committee. >> reporter: meantime prosecutors revealed ami, the company that owns the national enquirer cut a deal to avoid charges for paying $150,000 to
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alleged trump mistress karen mcdougle. cohen is going to jail. he's supposed to report on march 6th but the judge also said he had to pay fines and restitution, nearly $2 million. >> tracie potts in d.c. for us. thank you. >>. 5:04. not everyone is embracing a new bay area housing plan that could can potentially lead to tens of thousands of new homes. it was a plan presented yesterday by a group by the mpc. it calls for 35,000 new housing units. the group casa hopes this agreement becomes state law but the
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gentrification. if built it will be one of the tallest residential buildings not only in the bay area but throughout the entire country "today in the bay's" pete is live in emeryville with reaction to that proposal. >> reporter: that 54-story residential plaza will be close to here. developers will talk about it later tonight at the planning commission meeting here in emeryville. i want to show you some renderings of what that tower will look like. we showed you at the beginning of this report. the group is omni group based out of vancouver and it's to be built off christie avenue and provide more than 600 apartment
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units all together. the developer wants to build another 60-story tower across the street from that tower. the tower does exceed the city's height restriction so developers need to show this will benefit the community in order to get any sort of approval. locals we talked to are saying about this project -- >> it won't be. it won't be any affordable housing. look at it now, you know. they're not doing anything to help these people, you know, that are on the streets. it's not for them. >> it's probably a smaller suburb of the city. to get more people here and trying to build a lot of stuff here. i think we need more houses here. it will help with the rent it >> i think the biggest problem is affordable housing. i don cig your building is if there are still people on the street.
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>>om san francisco. and i think if you would have a -- i large tower here, it's not going to make any difference, you know. >> reporter: the current plan does not show any options for affordable house willing. live in emeryville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." a priest is due in court today to answer to new charges. 90-year-old is a retired san jose priest and also a registered sexoffender. his first convictions dates back to 198ing in1983. he is facing six counts of lewd wakts a child. state regulators are
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supposed to debate the idea of tax on text messages. you might have said omg when you first heard about this but it turns out the new -- commissioners ruled texts are more like e-mails and less than phone calls. in other words, an information service not telecom service. that would make texts much harder to tax. industry experts say the puc probably lacks the authority to impose such a tax. surf's up and it could be epic. mavericks might be getting the green light on monday. >> that would be exciting. surfers and fans are already flocking to half moon bay. mavericks is like the superel s perfect storm brewing. here's one of the organizers. >> monday looks like it's going to be giant when it gets as it's going to be surf as ever
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will be. >> like you're looking at 60-foot faces. one of the biggest swells we've seen. >> if all goes according to plan, it will be the first time conditions have allowed that contest to happen in three years. it's also the first time women will have their own bracket. but who knows the weather forecast better than f that. if we get 40 to 60-foot waves. that's so cool to watch. >> i thought you were going to say you were -- >> no, no, not getting out there. 60-foot waves, that's kind of ridiculous. here's a live loo o l up if you'r weut it will be cool to start. low 40s in the morning and lookat 60 in oakland and 65 in santa rosa. i'm trablgi intracking the rain.
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how is it looking at 5:10? >> you want to confirm, you're not sefshg know surfing the mavericks? >> no. take it easy. you're at speed through contra costa county. a little slowing at the toll plaza. back to you. a new year's challenge for you. can you live your smartphone for an entire year? i'm going to say no to that one. >> an entire year? >> a scary thought. but one company is willing to pay you a lot of money to unplug your phone. how to get in on the action. >> throws guys check their smart phones during commercial break. business news, apple and a billion dollar move to austin.
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and up close personal. how a group of people came close to this volcanic eruption. that's a story coming up at 5:25. stick with us. you're watching "today in the bay." ka this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ the time is 5:13. cold start, upper 30s and low 40s. we'll dip down 39 degrees at martinez. then we'll get the sunshine
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helping to warm us up. at noon we're at 56. we'll talk about the nice day ahead and the rain in the forecast in less than five minutes. right now, 580 looks great in dublin. lots of lights, not quite so well lit out of the altamont pass. we'll talk about the variation of your commute. good morning. chinese company saw its shares rise on first day of trading. braeging business news out of cupertino, apple says it's going to build a $1 billion campus in austin, texas. tim cook says talent isn't limited by zip code. this follows up on a promise apple made earlier this year to spread jobs over the u.s. apple already has facilities in austin. in fact, it's already the second largest apple facility outside of cupertino. apple will also open offices in
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culver city, seattle and san diego, among others. a number of tech companies are opening offices outside the bay area. twitter told congress he's making a concerted effort to move some tasks out of the bay area because of cost. other news, president trump says he would be willing to step in in the case of the huawei executive raesd under suspicion of selling technology to iran. it might disrupt trade talks between china and united states but it would be highly unusual for a president to step into a justice problem. after the company zte got in trouble for the same thing, president trump tweeted he was worried sanctions against the company might hurt chinese job. too many jobs in china lost, he said.
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this video ran on russian newscast. newscasters excited about new russian technology, robot technology so life-like. they did not get the memo it was just a robot in a robot suit. the event never tried to fool anybody into thinking it was a real robot. apparently the newscasters misinterpreted the video and were so proud of that russian technology. look how life-like. it's almost human. it's just amazing. >> that's why you have to be prepared. people think we just come in and just wing it. no, you cannot wing it. >> not all five days of the week. >> maybe tuesday. >> thank goodness it's thursday. ready for a challenge? can you live without your smartphone for a year? >> no. >> no? >> what if there's $100,000 in it for you. >> tempting. tempting. >> vitamin water is making that offer, live without your
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smartphone for a year and win cash. coca-cola owned company hasn't given many details on how it plans to monitor the phone use of participants but a lie detector would be involved. you can eer the contest on instagram or twitter. vitamin challenge. >> only one person? >> yeah. i'm laughing because my kid, when one gets banned and the rdoesn't, watches over the shoulder -- >> they should have another contest honorsponsored by hoppe tea. >> i don't think we could these days. everything we have is on our phone. >> including the nbc bay area app. that's what we're doing this morning. you don't even need to get out your phone. here's a live look outside. in dublin it's all clear. no fog to deal with but a chilly morning. take a look at how cold it is
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around all of our microclimates with upper 30s in the tri-valley and parts of the north bay. it's 43 now in oakland. 42 as you step out the door in san jose. if you're on your way to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, it's 33 degrees. after that it will feel nicer with upper 50s by early afternoon. getting up and out the door for school this morning in san jose, also a chilly start as you're walking to school. and then as the kids head out for recess, they'll need the jackets. later on today they'll take those off. as you're styling your hair, it's fairly humid but overail a crisp one because of how chill it is and we'll have a good hair day as humid levels drop. smooth conditions for your hair and also our forecast. looking at highs in the low 60s. even a few spots reaching the mid-60s like santa rosa reaching 65 degrees and 66 in morgan hill. i'm also tracking some rain today as that break in between
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the arriving storm system that will bring us some showers tomorrow. there it is on the satellite imagery as we get a closer look and the timeline. we'll start to see light showers. possibly developing tomorrow in it the north bay. most doesn't arrive until early afternoon. for the evening commute, the north bay will be pretty wet. look at what's happening elsewhere across the bay area. pretty much nothing. that looks to be what we can expect as we even go into saturday morning. the rain just hangs out in the north bay and starts to retreat back to the north ahead of the next storm system that will start to bring that rain back down on sunday afternoon. the rest of the bay area from the east bay to south bay to peninsula, seeing rain late sunday afternoon into the evening. the first round of showers really brings the rain to the north bay, maybe a tenth of an inch. the rest of the bay area dry.
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the next wave will give us all some rainy where from a half to possibly over an inch of rain. we'll see it linger into early monday morning and then clear out for tuesday and wednesday. we'll see those temperatures also starting to rebound as well. mike, you're seeing nice start to the commute. >> great start to the commute. it's starting because i see those sensors changing at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're seeing lanes just start showing a real incline. that should clear shortly. the altamont is slowing down. the rest of your approach towards the bay bridge, no problem. slowing around the berkeley curve. no delays if you want to completely avoid the maze, take b.a.r.t. that's a great option. underground, under water, well, there's a tube there, and smooth flow for the rest of the commute
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lines. palo alto, we don't have b.a.r.t. in palo alto but we don't have a problem either. very clear view. no fog the last couple of days. >> that's good to hear. coming up next, a deadly highpet. we'll show you what might have caused that train to leave its tracks. brand-new video this morning of a volcanic close to that volcano? that's next.
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this is stunning new video of the fuego volcano in guatemala. look at that and listen to that. the roar of that volcano. stunning new video volcano in guatemala. hikers shot this a couple weeks ago but it's just now being released. hikers say it happened so quickly which is why they were so close to that eruption site. this is crazy to see. but they're all okay. this is one of the most active volcanos in central america. it's beautiful but just dangerous. >> my video would be facing the other direction panting, running, running. all new this morning, a deadly high-speed train crash in turkey's capital overnight. at least nine people are dead
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and 50 others are hurt. that train hit a railway engine and crashed into a pedestrian overpass. turkish media say at least two cars derailed. part of the overpass collapsed onto that train. sadly sometimes we report on christmas grinches but this guy might take the cake. you see video on the right-hand side, in the suburb of indianapolis. the suv on the top right, the driver gets out, goes up, checks out that lit up snowman at nothing to see there. and then he does this. gets back in his suv, drives into the snowman, plowing and down and then takes off. the family that lives there said they were inside watching a christmas movie when it happened. police are looking for that driver. you never know what your neighbors are up to. >> jealousy. >> that's sad.
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brand-new ferry facility will be unveiled in alameda and it will play key roles when there's a major disaster here in the bay area. the ron cohen central bay maintenance and operation facility will open today. it will be the new home for the san francisco bay ferry fleet serving alameda, richmond and south san francisco. there also be an emergency operation center ttranortation a disaster strike the region. this morning "today in the the talked with the spokesman ferries can help during a quake. >> wta was created in the aftermath of the earthquake. ferries are a great way to get people across the bay if bridges or tunnels are incapacitated due to a natural disaster. >> weta practices emergency exercises throughout the year. the ferry has currently 17
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vessels but can commandier up to 50. marshawn lynch is opening a new restaurant in emeryville tomorrow. >> if it's anything like his fashion line, it should be a touchdown. the restaurant is named after his friend, robert benjamin who died in a shooting in oakland in 2007. that restaurant features soul food. limplg has friendly suggestions for anyone who wants to going r food, baboution taxtails, you don't know what you're missing. >> that's lynch on a height life hearted video he posted online. he recommends people leave their phones in the car or turn them on silent. coming up, top stories we're following on this thursday morning, including breaking news overnight. gunshots ring out on the peninsula. one person is killed and this
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morning an entire neighborhood on edge. the latest on that investigation coming up in a live report. plus, found alive and well. three people rescued from an abandoned west virginia coal mine after they were trapped in it for five days. it was a terrifying time, especially for their loved ones. >> also i was doing when he was in there was praying. up next, brand-new for you this morning, tearful reunions. a live look at san mateo bridge on the hayward side there. check your morning commute and kari. it's 6:28 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." gate bridge
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good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. ad lib toss to weather we saw how clees it was at the golden gate bridge. >> it looks nice but you do need a warmer coat this morning. and then we take a live look outside in fremont, 880, everything is looking good here. no fog. we go throughout the day with quickly warming temperatures going from the low 40s to upper 50s by early afternoon. and a look at where we're headed, up to 64 in san jose. 62 in antioch. and 64, napa. san francisco, 61 degrees. we'll talk about some cooler air and some rain in the forecast as
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we head towards the weekend. that's coming up. mike has a look at what's happening to the toll plaza. >> all the lights behind me, metering lights turned on, 5:20. filled in lanes go back past the 880 overcrossing. there was a crash reported at the toll plaza but it quickly made its way to the shoulder. we see a typical pattern. this incline will clear up as everybody backs up. that's why we do it. keeps the bridge moving smoothly in case there are issues on the span. none this morning. none across any of the spans. but on the palo alto side there's a disabled vehicle. i think it's on bay front expressway. breaking news to tell you about. a peninsula street is turned into a crime scene. >> rob redell is on scene. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: we're on b street, crime scene is about a block away. you can see a number of units from east palo alto police. homicide detectives are investigating this crime. this happened around 1:00. people who live around here report several gunshots. paramedics found a person shot, unconscious, not breathing. that pson has this past october two people we a halloween pa this location. reporting live in east palo alto, bob redell, "today in the bay." in menlo park, police are investigating a suspicious homicide across from menlo school on the border with
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atherton. police officers found a woman dead inside that home. police say they located a suspect at the scene and that suspect is now in custody, but police have not yet revealed how that woman died nor who she is. found alive, this is new video from overnight showing three people just after being rescued from an abandoned coal mine in west virginia. they became trapped saturday after illegally venturing into is that coal mine two miles deep there. ere first alerted when a fourth person managed to escape. the sister of one of the people rescued could not contain was in the mines, i was scared. now i'm happy. all i did when he was in there was praying. i think it was okay. >> so much joy there for those families. authorities are not saying what the four people were doing in the mine but the mother of one was those rescued believes it may have been to steal copper. homelessness is an issue
5:35 am
that has no boundaries. new this morning that's why today santa clara county, san jose and santa clara water district is meeting together to address housing and clean-up efforts along our south bay waterways. a water district says there are more than 7,000 homeless people in santa clara county. 74% of whom are unsheltered, mreeping living outside and many of them are camping along waterways. 90% of creek trash is the result of homeless encampments. volunteers removed 60,000 pounds of trash along 70 miles of creek in just one day. efforts required the county, city and water district will decide how best to work together to determine how to house people and keep the waterway clean.
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insure we might get a better on how long transbay may remain closed. >> sources tell nbc bay area it may be another four to six months. the transit center abruptly closed after they found two cracked beams. nbc bay area's investigative unit shows the steel was not faulty and that squared off holes in the beam led to the cracking. for commuters using the temporary terminal, many say temporary is starting to feel like an eternity. >> i'm waiting. i have to come to san francisco every day. i'm waiting. >> that includes developing a fix and actually having it peer-reviewed -- excuse me, or finally installing it. transbay joint powers authority is supposed to get an update today at city hall.
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even though i say there are no delays for muni, they use that tunnel so it does cause folks a 15 m-minute delay in so cases. the bay bridge and toll plaza, a little slowing commute. it's the bay. university on the right there i on bay front at shoulder. it's on the east end -- across from the east end of the facebook campus. thank you very much. we're inching closer to the weekend. the weather forecast will determine what you wear. >> there's a lot of holiday markets and things like that, outdoor activities. let's time it out as we go hour by hour. by friday evening we're seeing rain move through the north bay.
5:38 am
that may affect you going out for dinner and friday night. it mostly stays in the north bay even as we go into saturday morning. saturday we'll see a lot of rain. if you go outside sunday especially around napa, santa rosa and farther to the north, there will be a chance of rain but most of the bay area won't see that rain sunday evening continuing into monday morning. that's also when we'll see that next wave of rain and all of bay area should see it by then. saturday's forecast looks partly cloudy and a few peeks of sunshine reaching nea 60 degrees. for sunday, more clouds and rain developing from north to south as we go into the afternoon. highs in the upper 50s. if you're going to sqauw valley, it's going to be a nice weekend to go. we've got mostly clear conditions there. the rain and the snow holds off until monday in that area. you'll have time to get back home. half moon bay, though, will see
5:39 am
those showers moving through on friday and then saturday mostly cloudy skies, the gusty wind and rain coming in in the afternoon. looks nice, dry for the -- for much of the weekend. partly cloudy skies. saturday is the best day to get outside as it will be slightly warmer and we'll get a little more three minutes. >> thank you very much. coming up next, extra police officers will patrol costa college. we'll tell you why. united flight attendants hit the picket line. we'll tell you what they're demanding and how this protest could impact bay area airports, including can the biggest one and busiest one, sfo. the president speaking out about michael cohen for the first time since the sentencing. still ahead, you don't want to miss this. an epic tic-tac-toe fail for the world to see. come on.
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how they managed to royally screw up one of the eastest games around. you don't want to miss this. you're watching "today in the bay." rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. the time is 5:43 on your thursday morning. time to get up and get moving. it's 101 in san jose near the
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interchange. it's going to be cool as you step out the door. low 40s but it will be a very nice afternoon heading into the low 60s. we'll talk about some rain for the weekend and what else is in that forecast. coming up in less than five minutes. there's san rafael southbound with all those headlights moving smoothly north. no fog this morning. 5:33. new out of contra cost kath tth. students at diablo college will notice more sxlis security on campus. these are live pictures of the pleasant hill campus. an alert went out last night and authorities are investigating graffiti inside the men's dressing room. there will be counselors available to help any student dealing with anxiety.
5:44 am
this is a live look at sfo, one of 16 places around the globe with common stragss planned today. the protests will begin at 11:00 this morning. disgruntled over sffing cuts by united. they are position on international flights.demotrations will also a state lawmaker accused of injuring a child has no intention to resign. he was arrested this week and cited for misdemeanor child cruelty. that child at an elementary school was found to have a minor injury. he tells the fresno bee he spanked his 7-year-old daughter and she was still angry about it when she got to school. no formal charges have been
5:45 am
filed. 5:45 right now. the president is speaking out about michael cohen this morning. >> the president's former lawyer is headed to prison. >> headed to prison, three years, with the sentence to start most likely in march. now, a judge accused trump's permanent lawyer of what he called a smorgasbord of crimes, including violating election laws. the accusation is cohen at the direction of the president paid stiff any clifford hush money so she wouldn't talk about an alleged affair. president trump has since admitted it. he knew about the payment but this morning the president said, i never directed cohen to break the law. he was a lawyer and he was supposed to know the law and says cohen made a mistake by going through with the payment that he made. there is another payment to former playboy playmate national enquirer paid karen mccdougall.
5:46 am
we know the enquirer was working with the special counsel. that was a secret campaign donation. president trump adjusting his claim that mexico will pay for the new border wall. the money will actually come from the american taxpayer if it comes at all. congress has not been willing to give hip the money. tuesday president trump said he would proudly shut down the government if he didn't get it. that's days from now. we're watching everything that's happening in washington. it's a busy day as always. 5:47 right now. if you have ever played tic-tac-toe and most of the time that game wins in a tie. >> in indianapolis last night, one basketball fan had a chance to win a giant sized version of the game, but he messed up in a
5:47 am
big way twice. let's walk you through it. two pacers fans playing the game at halftime. they have to make a basket, run over and put a square on the board. both guys at this point have a chance to win. this guy blocks his opponent, mr. blue, blocks his opponent right there. instead of completing three in a ws scream, what areu doing? and the team calls it a tie. people online are calling it the worst game of tic-tac-toe ever played. and he doesn't realize it until -- he's like, doh. >> that was a cat's game but he didn't get that win, right? but if he had lost that game -- >> that would have been something to talk about at work today. >> second worst possible outcome.
5:48 am
>> better outcome weatherwise. >> better indiana's. we're starting out with clear skies and no you can see the steady stream of headlights. it's in the upper 30s. 37 in fairfield. napa, 39 degrees. san francisco at 44. with this cool start, we are going to see temperatures warming up quickly so as you're heading out the door for school, it won't feel the same as when they get out of school. in martinez we'll drop down to 39 degrees. by 11:00 we're at 49. 55 at 1:00. you can see the trend there. it's going to feel much nicer by the time the kids hear that last school bell. as you're getting dressed this morning, you do need a warm jacket. also don't forget those sunglasses. a lot of sunshine in the forecast as we head up to 62 in antioch. 64 in napa. 61 in san francisco while palo
5:49 am
alto reaches 62. we have high pressure moving in. then we also see all of the clouds that will eending across the pacific northwest going into tomorrow. hour by hour, we start to see showers moving into the north bay by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. there could be a few spotty showers elsewhere across the bay area. this is where the accumulating rain will come down. and then it stays in it the north bay. if you don't get anything more than a few sprinkles south of the golden gate, that's what we're expecting. a storm system that will bring us all some rain, some measurable rain by sunday night into monday morning. some of the computer models still disagreeing on how much rain we're going to see. the friday rain brings barely trace amounts in the south bay. a quarter of an inch in the
5:50 am
north bay. the next storm brings us enough rain to water the lawn. most of that rain tapers off on monday. as we go into tuesday and wednesday, looking very nice. we're back to our sunshine and highs in the low 60s. mike, you're checking out what's happening in the east bay. >> the traffic builds over there. the pattern tends to be from the east side over west across the build. we see the south bay and peninsula built last for our commute. we're looking over here towards the slowdown we see right now, castro valley "y." down in towards hayward. a slower drive as more folks hit the roadway. we're watching for reports of a crash blocking your slow lane. southbound 880, warren avenue, which is around mission. this is the funnel, down into mission. right now, very pleasant towards
5:51 am
fremont, out of pleasanton. 880 past the truck scales. no problem for this part happening now, the finishing touches are being made before a shake shack opens in palo alto. it's expected to open at the stanford shopping center on saturday. popular chain known for its hamburgers, crickle cut fries and milkshakes. they are expected to open a location inside sjc soon. a major recall from toyota. big changes for people who fly with emotional support animals. delta is limiting how long the animals can be on flights. i do.y
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facebook page i )m at "kris do you love holiday cards as much as i do? i love them, all of them. accepted me your photos on my facebook page. i love to see them. sesame street is tackling the issue of homelessness. something we see a lot here in the bay area. for the first time, one of the characters on the show will have no home. this is lily, a 7-year-old bright pink puppet.
5:55 am
in a new story line she experiences homelessness. creators say to help the growing number of children homeless in the u.s. understand the situation and feel more comfortable. the n considering filing for bankruptcy. >> the group just hired a law firm to help with possible chapter 11 filings according to "the wall street journal." this comes as the boy scouts, filled with growing legal costs over handling of sexual abuse cases. ey are making sure national and local boy scout troupes remain uninterrupted and apologizing to any sexual abuse victims. toyota is recalling about 70,000 vehicles in north america to replace bad air bag inflaters.
5:56 am
they were already called in to fix the problem but the replacement includes chemicals that might explode. orndz will be notified early next year and the company says it will usechemical. another new story right now. delta air lines updating its policies on emotional s tuesday will no longer animal support animals on flights more than eight hours. puppies will be banned from flying on any flight regardless of support or trained service animals. if you buy your ticket before tuesday and request to travel with an emotional support animal, you still can. some pedestrians say they're concerned about a newly elected congressman's pledge. >> a tennessee representative elect mark green said he wants to use his new position to question the cdc about vaccine safety. we're talking about
5:57 am
pediatricians here. he cited several ideas that hav might be linked with autism. green says he encourages families to get vaccinated and his own kids are vaccinated as well. now to a story that combines health and tech. sources tell cnbc that apple has dozens of doctors on staff showing it's serious about health technology. they say some haven't updated their linkedin profiles. but they are helping guide strategy as the company delves into those with serious health problems. the company opened a 450 square foot store inside one of its offices in seattle yesterday. it was a prototype for a smaller version of its retail technology for lobbies, hospitals and other places where you can rush in and
5:58 am
get a sandwich or salad. oming up at 6:00, with a fewors deadly shooting. breaking news we're working on the peninsula. in an area of east palo alto with some newer homes. what we know about the person killed there. big expansion breaking now. apple announcing a $1 billion investment overnight. where a new campus will go. plus, a new skyscraper, maybe. we could get details on a plans to build a 54-story tower in the east bay. the big conversation happening today. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. >> mike's going to have a look at our commute in a bit. first we have to start off with this beautiful forecast for the day. i'm just smiling. >> it is great.
5:59 am
if you were outside it got comfortable with all the sunshine. let's get a look at our san rafael camera1, you southbound. as we look at the temperatures, it's cold this morning. down to 35 in santa rosa. 44 in palo alto. san jose, 42 degrees. but we'll have another nice afternoon. i'll show you our microclimates and what to expect. as we head over to mike, you're giving me the thumbs up. >> it's looking pretty good. green all over the bay. south bay heard about a crash, 85 at 101. i'll check on that. no slowing showed up there. over here we're looking at an obstruction. countercommute, westbound and slowing out of the north bay and in san rafael, a quick view of this part of the north bay, a few more cars but steady flow at the limit.
6:00 am
police are surrounding a neighborhood in east palo alto after a person was found dead. live pictures there of the scene. here's what we know. this is being called a homicide under way at beach street ande shore breeze court. there was a


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