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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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44 in palo alto. san jose, 42 degrees. but we'll have another nice afternoon. i'll show you our microclimates and what to expect. as we head over to mike, you're giving me the thumbs up. >> it's looking pretty good. green all over the bay. south bay heard about a crash, 85 at 101. i'll check on that. no slowing showed up there. over here we're looking at an obstruction. countercommute, westbound and slowing out of the north bay and in san rafael, a quick view of this part of the north bay, a few more cars but steady flow at the limit. we have breaking news on the peninsula. police are surrounding a neighborhood in east palo alto after a person was found dead. live pictures there of the scene. here's what we know. this is being called a homicide investigation that active scene is under way at beach street and shore breeze court.
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there was a shooting around 1:00 with shell casings seen outside the home. we're also going to bring you a live report coming up at -- in 25 minutes. this will morning president trump's long-time personal attorney is waking up with a three-year prison sentence. >> michael cohen says he got in trouble covering up for mr. trump's, quote, dirty deeds and that he might not be done talking about that. tracie potts is live in washington with the reaction and that we see the president has returned to twitter this morning. >> reporter: he has. good morning, everyone. the president's not done talking about this either. now tweeting he didn't do anything wrong because michael cohen was the lawyer. michael cohen should have known the law. the said says he did nothing wrok wrong. not a word from president trump about his personal lawyer michael cohen going to prison for lying to congress about
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plans to build trump tower in russia and hush money payments to women mr. trump denies having affairs with. >> he directed cohen. >> reporter: cohen told a federal judge, blind loyalty caused him to cover up trump's misdeeds but most of the tax evasion charges were from cohen's own business. >> cohen's a liar. i can't draw vem conclusions when someone lies to congress. >> i have yet to see any evidence coming from mr. cohen of collusion. >> reporter: cohen may have more to say. >> to tell all the truth and all the facts about donald trump, probably in front of a congressional committee. >> reporter: meantime, prosecutors revealed that ami, the company that owns the national enquirer, cut a deal to avoid charges for paying $150,000 to alleged trump mistre
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mistress. they say that money was coordinated with the trump campaign to help influence the 2016 election. not only is cohen going to jail, he's paying a big fine and restitution, totaling more than $2 million. >> tracie potts in washington. 6:03. a south bay priest with a history of sexual abuse is due in court to answer new charges. 90-year-old torro is a registered sex offender. most recently authorities took him into custody last year after he was accused of several sexual aassaults over five years. he's facing six counts of lewd wakts a child. not everyone is embracing a bay area housing plan that may potentially lead to tens of thousands of new homes. that plan was presented
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yesterday by a group organized by the mtc and will include developers and community leaders. it's called for 35,000 new housing units. they hope the agreement becomes state law but the examiner reports they are slamming the consideration. state regulators are supposed to debate the idea of a tax on text messages. you may have said, omg when you first heard about this, but it turns out a new fcc ruling may make the whole thing dead on arrival. commissioners voted texts are more like e-mails and less than phone calls. that would make the texts much harder to tax. furthermore, experts say the puc probably lacks authority to impose such a tax. talking about housing,
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proposal to build a 54-story tower in the east bay will be discussed today. "today in the bay's" pete is live with the proposal. >> reporter: good morning to you. i got a chance to speak to people earlier in the week about this proposed 54-story residential tower that would be built in emeryville, not far from the powell street plaza. i want to show you a rendering to get a better idea of where this is going to be built. it will be built off christie avenue in emeryville. the developer is the omni group based out of vancouver. all together that tower will have about 600 apartment units, more than 600 apartment units. the developer wants to build a 16-story tower across the
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street. the tower does exceed the city height restrictions and developers will have to show how this will ultimately benefit the community in order to get final approval. i spoke with locals earlier this week. here's what they're saying. >> it won't be. there won't be any affordable housing. you think so? i don't think so. look at it now. you know, they're not doing anything to help these people that are on the streets. it's not for them. >> for someone that work here, it's probably a smaller suburb of the city. and to get more people here and build a lot of stuff here, i think it's -- we need more houses here. it's going to help with rent prices and stuff like that so i'm for it. >> i think the bigger problem is homelessness and affordable housing. i tonight care how big your building is. >> i like how emeryville is
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different from san francisco. i think if you have a -- like i said, a large tower here, it's not going to make any difference from san francisco. >> reporter: the current plan does not show any options for affordable housing but the developers will get a chance to present their idea that that planning commission meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. live in emeryville, "today in the bay." 6:07. surf's up. it could be epic here. mavericks might be getting it the green light on monday. >> surfers and fans are already blocking to half moon bay. mavericks is like the super bowl of big wave surfing and conditions have to be just right for that contest to take off. weather models show a perfect storm brewing. >> monday it looks like it's going to be giant. it's as hard to surf as it ever
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will be. >> you're looking at 60-foot faces. one of the biggest swells we can ever remember. >> if it goes according to plan, this will be the first time continues allow the contest to happen in three years. remember, they'll cancel it if it's not perfect. it's also the first time women have had their own bracket. they've been waiting a while. >> i can't believe it's three years since we've had the mavericks. i remember it like yesterday watching it all day. 40 to 60-foot waves possible by monday. here's a live look outside in dublin as you head out the door for work this morning. no fog. it's looking good but also chilly. we're going to see those temperatures dipping down to 38 degrees around 8:00. noontime we're at 56. we'll see a high of 66 in morgan hill and 60 in oakland. san francisco, 61. reaching the mid-60s for parts
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of the north bay. mike, you have better news for the bridge? >> i do. we're looking towards east bay, the bridge is clear. slowing for highway 4. the south bay where we had a crash at 101 split, still on the chp report. just be careful if you use that connecter. out to the tri-valley where kari showed you traffic is moving smoothly. next and all new this hour, the couple in the video that went viral. they dropped an engagement ring down a city grate. they're opening up for the first time to ellen today. we'll show you what happens when they meet the new york city police officers who saved that ring. apple making a billion
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dollar move. we'll tell you about it coming up. at 6:25, gearing up for the next emergency. we'll take you inside the new response center in had the east bay covering the entire pacific.
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good thursday morning. it's 6:12. we start out with clear skies and chilly temperatures around the bay area.
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here's a live look outside at 101 in palo alto. we're going to start out with low 40s, heading to 51 degrees at 11:00 and 50s today. we'll see mid-60s inland. i'll talk about that. and our weekend forecast in less than five minutes. 101 on the peninsula to 101 through the north bay. southbound is your commute through san rafael. we're picking up the volume. they're going at the limit. no problems for 101. we do have slowing out of vallejo. chinese saw shares rise on first day of trading. breaking business news out of cupertino, apple will build a campus in austin creating 15,000 jobs. tim cook says talent not limited by zip code. austin one of the biggest tech centers outside of silicon
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valley. this follows up on a promise apple made this year to spread jobs all over the u.s. apple already has facilities in austin. in fact, it's already the second largest apple facility outside of cupertino. they'll build offices immediately in culver city, san diego and the other cities you see there. a number of tech companies are opening outside the bay area. jack dorsey told congress he's making a concerted effort to move some tasks out of the bay area because of cost. president trump says he would be willing to step in in the case of the huawei executive arrested under suspicion of selling american technology to iran. the arrest threatens to upset trade talks between china and the united states but it would be highly unusual for a president to jump spew a justice department case.
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after zte got in trouble for the same thing, president trump tweeted he was worried the sanctions against the company might hurt chinese jobs. you're hearing a russian newscaster. they were excited about new robot technology. made in russia. look at how life-like it is. apparently the newscasters didn't get the memo. the robot was just a guy in a robot suit at an event for children. it was never trying to fool anybody into thinking it was a real robot but the newscasters never got the memo or misinterpreted. the reason it's so life like because there's a dude in the suit. >> the guy is thinking, they think i'm a real robot. i should be more robot like. >> what a bummer. they must be so embarrassed.
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6:15 now. you'll remember this story mostly because love wins in the end. remember this couple, they were visiting new york city two weeks ago when they lost their engagement ring. it fell through a sewer grate at times square. they thought it was gone forever. police found it. in the process, they lost track of the couple. new this morning on ellen, all the guilty parties will be there to talk about a crazy 48 hours. >> we were walking back and went to grab -- >> i was in amazement. >> with the ring and -- >> so you did it? you knocked it off? >> yeah, it was my fault. >> he describes how he can still see the ring falling through the grate in slow motion. today's segment includes a surprise visit from the heroes of the story. you can catch the whole thing today at 4:00 on "ellen."
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>> that was a nice ring, too. >> some people have to cancel because of a previous engagement but they made it because of a previous engagement. >> that's good. >> sometimes your rings might be sliding off this morning because it's cold. >> yeah, it's going to be cold this morning. you want to make sure as you head out, you're all bundled up and keep that ring secure, too. we'll see temperatures start out in the upper 30s and low 40s. you think about the way we started this week with all the fog. you couldn't see anything from the shot. 46 degrees as you step out the door there. 35 in santa rosa. also in fairfield. livermore, 38 degrees. it will be 43 degrees this morning. 47 at 9:00. we go from the low 40s to the low 60s. a nice warm-up today.
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as you're getting your hair together for the day, it will start out fairly humid. because it's so chilly, we have a moisture content and relative humidity 83% but a good hair day. it will be nice today as we reach up to 60 degrees in oakland. 62 in palo alto. livermore looking at a high of 60 degrees. there will start to be an increase in cloud cover by tomorrow as the next storm system arrives. there could be a few spotty light showers for the peninsula and parts of the east bay by tomorrow afternoon. but some of the more measurable rain will be across the north bay. then it just stays there going into friday night and saturday. the system just gets held up and produces the rain in the north bay while the rest of the bay area, even on saturdays, stays mostly dry. another system moving in will give us all some rain on sunday starting in the afternoon. rolling through from the evening
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hours, we're looking at the possibility of the first wave of rain on friday. bringing traces south of the golden gate bridge and to the north a quarter to a tenth of an inch of rain and looking for a good soaker sunday night into monday. mike, the commute still looks pretty good. >> it's moving okay. we have green speed sensors. when it's green you're at the limit. be careful. over here, the south bay is showing a little slowing on 101. maybe 87 coming up in toward capital and kertner. i swung the live camera around, saw nothing in the roadway. we have a build 680 south through pleasanton. hold on for the san mateo bridge. i want to check the approach to the bay bridge. we're just hitting the half hour mark from highway 4 through
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slowing. toward the berkeley curve. a live look shows you that san mateo bridge. westbound we pick up the volume. it's slowing on the flat section. okay on the high rise. still smooth on the peninsula side. up next and new this morning, a miracle rescue. dramatic images from west virginia where three people were trapped in a mine and now rescued. nbc7 bay area responds next. n
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turkey )s capitol overnight. 6:23 and all new. a deadly high speed train crash in turkey's capital overnight. at least nine people died and almost 50 others were hurt. that train hit a railway engine and crashed into a pedestrian overpass at a station there. turkish media said at least two cars derailed. parts of that overpass then collapsed onto the train itself. found alive. this morning new video from overnight showing three people just after being rescued from an abandoned coal mine in west virginia. they became trapped saturday after illegally venturing two miles deep into that mine.
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rescuers were first alerted monday when a fourth person escaped. the sister of one of those rescued could not contain her relief. >> when my brother was in the mine, i was scared. now i'm happy. all i was doing was praying. >> authorities say they are not -- they are not saying, actually, what the four people were doing in that mine but the mother of one of those rescued believes it may have been to steal copper. nbc7 bay area responds to a north bay man who was hit with an unusual snag trying to get a refund. >> consumer investigator shows how the team patched things up. >> jim in napa tells us he has diabetes and buys glucose test strips. but a box he recently bought at walmart didn't work. they returned them for a $30 refund. the walmart in american canyon was out of the gift cards it
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uses for refunds. they say a customer representative promised they would may them a $30 refund instead. a few months went by with no refund so jim and tiffany reached out to us. we contacted walmart and they offered a $50 refund instead of $30 gift card. they didn't explain what happened. what it said is we always strive for customer satisfaction. when a problem is brought to our attention we quickly work towards a resolution. if you're having trouble with a refu refund, give us a call or visit a brand-new ferry facility will be unveiled today in alameda and it will also play a key role if or when there is a major disaster here in the bay area. the ron cohen center will open today. it will be the new home for the san francisco bay ferry fleet.
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there will also be an emergency operation center to help coordinate transportation services should a disaster strike the region. new this morning, "today in the bay" talked to a spokesperson who explains how they can help during an earthquake. >> it was created in the aftermath of the earthquake when parts of the bay bridge were disabled. ferries are a great way to get people across the bay if brinls or tunnels are incapacitated due to a natural disaster. >> and that will be happening later on today. the ferries will be operational and they do practice all the time for an emergency. 6:26. more local news ahead at 6:30. a big relay that has already troubled transbay terminal in san francisco set to be announced in just hours. how many months more it will stay closed. at 6:45, you may see
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protests if you have a trip out of sfo this morning. what workers specifically on international flights are asking for across the country. first, a live report on breaking news we've been working on since 1:00 this morning. a deadly shooting at a neighborhood along the peninsula. the latest on the victim from the scene. now that your tree is decorated. [ ding ] whoa! wow! and your presents are wrapped. there's only one thing left to do. steal christmas. actually i was going to say, go see the grinch. fine, but i'm going to despise every second of it. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. taking a live look outside at golden gate bridge.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m kris sanchez. laura is off. and the milder weather is now clear and also colder. here's a live look outside on dublin at 580 as we get a little light in the sky as the sun starts to rise. check out these numbers before you step out the door and grab a heavier coat. 34 degrees in livermore. 35 in santa rosa. 42 in san jose. heading over to walnut creek, we're going from the upper 30s to upper 50s, not bad. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in about seven minutes. mike gets us out the door with a look at the commute. >> starting in the south bay because there was a crash around 85 and 101.
6:31 am
i point out this crash in san jose -- mountain view, i'm sorry, between lafayette and 85 itself. you see all these overpasses and the confusion for some who aren't familiar with the area. that's where there's a crash reported along the connecter. nothing out of the ordinary except a pleasant commute. breaking news. a peninsula street has turned into a crime scene. officers in east palo alto are investigating a homicide. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell has been at that scene for hours. have police said anything new? >> reporter: not as of yet. we're on beat street, the crime scene is located about a block that way at shore breeze court. you can see -- it is hard to see but there's a number of east
6:32 am
palo alto units down there. homicide detectives are investigating. people who live around here heard gun shouts. when police around they found a person who was shot at least once. this person was unconscious, not breathing and sadly declared dead. i asked a homicide detective, we asked hours ago if they made an arrest or had any suspect information. he told me he himself had just arrived and trying to get the basic info. this isn't the first time someone has been murdered in this neighborhood. just this past october, two people were killed during a fight at a hoalloween party abot half a mile from the location. bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:30, in a neighboring menlo park neighborhood, police are
6:33 am
investigating. last night police. investigated a home. officers found a woman dead inside that home. police say they located a suspect at the scene and that suspect is in custody. police have not revealed how the woman died or her identity. santa clara county, city of san jose and santa clara water district are addressing housing and clean-up efforts along waterways. this is new this morning. a water district report to be heard today says there are more than 7,000 homeless people in santa clara county. many folks live along waterways. 90% of the creek trash pulled out is the result of homeless encampments. volunteers removed 60,000 pounds of trash in one day along.
6:34 am
the county, city and water district will describe how best to help people, maximize housing efforts and keep the waterway clean. for anyone filling up at the pump -- skimmers are getting more sophisticated. hayward police uncovered a credit card skimmer. want only are more skimmers being found but the crooks are growing more tech-savvy, sometimes using bluetooth technology. >> an electronic device placed inside a gas pump panel. a thief can access the credit card information from the device. >> police say the latest devices may be the work of an organized crime group. they say if you do want see a security seal on the gas pump's front panel, that pump may be compromised. we may get an idea how long san francisco's new and gorgeous
6:35 am
transbay center will be remain closed. commuters, you might want to brace for a lengthy wait. sources close to the situation tell nbc7 bay area it could be another four to six months. the gleaming new transit center abruptly closed in september when workers discovered two cracked steel beams. nbc7 bay area's investigative unit says testing shows the steel was not faulty and that squared off holes cut into the beam led to that tracking. for commuters using the temporary terminal, temporary steel -- rather temporary is starting to feel like an eternity. >> i'm waiting. i have to come to san francisco every day. >> that wait including developing a fix, having it peer reviewed, ordering the new steel and installing that new steel.
6:36 am
we're anxious because there is a change where muni, ace transit and others that freak ent the bay were able to move more smoothly through the new transit center. over here a slower drive across the san mateo bridge. 880 holding steady down into fremont. hayward heading over the peninsula, without a problem on the span. getting over towards the bay bridge, a nice easy drive as well. the bay bridge metering lights are on. that's moving well. that sunrise is nice as well. >> that is nice. taking advantage of all these beautiful sites we're seeing, but this weekend will we see a repeat? >> it's starting to get unsettled as we sea waves of rain move in.
6:37 am
saturday it will be partly to mostly cloudy. peeks of sunshine. highs reaching the low 60s. a slight chance of rain in the north bay. by sunday, the chance is going up. it may be windy as we turn to the afternoon as the rain spreads across the bay area. sqauw valley, it will be great weekend, travel conditions look good and the rain holds off until next week. half moon bay, some showers move through friday. saturday mostly cloudy and gusty winds and heavy rain arriving on sunday. you should see a nice weekend, all dry. saturday is the best day to be outside with partly cloudy skies and a high of 64 degrees. heading down to l.a., rain will not reach that far south, so you're looking at a dry weekend and highs in the upper 60s through saturday as well as sunday.
6:38 am
follow me on facebook and twitter. i've had a few people send me events they're heading to, you can do the same thing and get a personalized forecast. i'll have a look at today's weather coming up in three minutes. coming up next on "today in the bay," more new local stories including the threat today at a college campus in contra costa campus. how police are responding. first, this could be the future of space tourism. the big mission today in california from the desert to the heavens. president trump speaking out about michael cohen for the first time since the sentencing. let's take you out to the big board where the dow industrials are up mildly. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now it's 6:41. it's a clear start, chilly temperatures will be at about 44 degrees at 8:00. and then looking at some low 60s for the afternoon, so after this cool start, shakes up to be a really nice day. by tomorrow, the rain starts to move in only for parts of the bay area. i'll sort out the details coming up in less than five minutes. the east shore hovering around 40 minutes. that's held steady.
6:42 am
southbound towards dumbarton bridge, things are slowing down. from traffic on the roadways to traffic in the air. happening today, united airlines flight attendants will picket at airports across the country, including here in the bay area. this is a look at sfo this morning, which is one of 16 places around the globe with planned demonstrations. that protest in our area will start at 11:00 this morning. at issue attendants are reportedly disgruntled over looming cuts. we did do some checking and they fly out to 30 internation internationaldestinations out of sfo. a proposal to build a 54-story tower where it is up for discussion later today. now, that building would include 638 residential units making it
6:43 am
the tallest all-residential building in the bay area and second tallest all-residential building in the western u.s. since the project exceeds high restrictions, developers will need to show their plans that will benefits the community. now, benefits include affordable housing. we actually spoke with folks in that area about yet another construction project. >> there won't be any affordable housing. you think so? i don't think so. look at it now. you know, they're not doing anything to help these people that are on the streets. it's not for them. >> as someone that works here, it's probably a smaller suburb of the city. to get more people here and trying to build a lot of stuff here, i think we need more houses here. it's going to help with rent prices. i'm for it. >> developers will sitmy plans
6:44 am
at a planning commission meeting at 6:30 tonight. a small scare in oakland when a street sweeper caught fire. take a look at that. now, this was along highway 24. the tweets say, crews quickly put that fire out. happening today, version galactic plans to take one small step in its plan to send tourists to space. two test pilots will fly a rocket ship to the outer boundaries of the earth's atmosphere. in other words, the edge of space. the company is on a mission to be the first to send people to space and return them safely back to earth. they say that could begin as early as next year. start saving up. tickets are not going to be cheap. right now they're talking a quarter of a million bucks. that's not only not cheap, that's out of the world expensive. it's time to leave steph curry's moon landing comments
6:45 am
out. he says he didn't mean it. during a recent podcast steph curry suggested astronauts never landed on the moon. he said he was joking. he's reaffirming, it was just a joke. he says he'll gladly take nasa up on the offer to tour johnson space center in houston. the president is speaking out about michael cohen this morning. >> the president's former lawyer is now headed to prison. >> yeah, three years. with the sentence likely to start in march. the judge accusing trump's former personal lawyer of what he called a smorgasbord of crimes, including violating election laws. the accusation is cohen at the direction of the president paid stephanie clifford hush money so she wouldn't talk about an alleged affair. president trump has since admitted he knew about the payment but this morning the president said, i never directed
6:46 am
michael cohen to break the law. he was a lawyer and he's supposed to know the law. he says, cohen made a mistake by going through with that payment. there was another payment to a former playboy playmate, the national enquirer paid karen mcdougal for a story and never ran it as a favor to president trump. we know national enquirer is working with special counsel and said it paid her off to protect candidate trump and for her affecting the election. that's illegal because that's a secret campaign donation. the president adjusting his claim that mexico will pay for a border wall claiming america will save money with the newest version of nafta and, therefore, that's mexico paying tfor the wall although the american
6:47 am
taxpayer money will be paying for the wall. we'll continue to watch what's happening in washington this morning. you know you can follow me on twitter for the very latest. the bay area's stevie nicks will go into the rock and roll hall of fame. she'll be joined by radiohead, janet jackson, def leppard, the cure and the zombies in the class of 2019. the induction ceremony is in brooklyn in march. that sounds like a good class. >> oh, i'm happy about that one. janet jackson. >> i vote for the cure. reminds me of when i was in high school. >> no one cares about the cure. >> it's the weather. >> weather looking good around the bay area. we're going to start out with chilly temperatures, clear skies and warming up today. we'll keep that sunshine.
6:48 am
here's a live look outside in oakland, checking out oracle arena as we see clear skies and looking towards the hills. as you get ready to step out the door, you may walk in and get a warmer jacket. take a look at the numbers. 38 in livermore. 48 in ant jock. 43 in oakland and 35 in santa rosa. as we step out the door in south bay and you're getting dressed, it will be one for a warmer jacket or sweater. grab the sunglasses, too, because you'll get a lot of sun today. getting kids up and out the door in pleasanton, it will be chilly. walking to school, only 38 degrees and as that sun warms things up, we'll head to the mid-50s by early afternoon. we'll see the high in livermore reaching 64 degrees. in palo alto, 62 degrees. san francisco reaching 61. we are seeing some dry weather, clear skies for now but we're
6:49 am
going to be tracking this next storm system set to bring us rain moving in tomorrow. here's a look at the timeline. tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. we see the rain starting to move into the north bay. that could affect that friday afternoon commute as it moves into san francisco and parts of the peninsula, looks like a lot of that rain fizzles out. the ebola, the south bay and the peninsula stays dry for your saturday, sunday, a more significant storm system will move through north to south bringing us rain by sunday afternoon. our rainfall totals for that initial line of rain, really trace amounts for areas north of south bay. by sunday into monday, we should see higher rainfall totals anywhere from 0.6 of rain into an inch in parts of the north bay. here's a look at the seven-day forecast showing nice weather
6:50 am
today. afternoon showers in the north bay tomorrow. dry on saturday. rain moving in sunday afternoon. n mike, you're seeing more slowing in south bay? >> from 101 up to 85 we're looking at about 18 minutes. that's a slower drive because of your typical build. and fill in for 85 and 101 for the split in towards the rest of the jean say. the silicon valley seeing more traffic flowing close to the limit. in the north bay we're looking at an issue. out of fairfield there is a crash. a little slowing there. reminders thursday and friday on this time of the year we see the early build as people make the getaway drive. right now getting to work today is just fine. east shore freeway flowing, typical. right at the bottom of the shield there you see slowing
6:51 am
getting off that san rafael to richmond bridge. there's some debris reported. concrete bits there. we'll track that. bits is a technical term i hope you understand. south bound 101 through san rafael, it's moving smoothly but getting crowded. >> i like the bits. happening now, the finishing touches are going on at a shake shack opening in palo alto. it's expected at the shopping center and opening day is saturday. the popular chain is known for hamburgers, crinkle cut fries and milkshakes, which marcus tells us are delightful. >> yummy. >> they're augslso expected to n a location in sjc airport. coming up on "today in the bay," including two breaking news stories. one involving apple. the billion dollar investment the tech giant announcing overnight. where the new campus will go up. plus, back to coverage of
6:52 am
the deadly shooting along the peninsula there. people in one neighborhood waking up to very disturbing scene there. we'll have more news coming up in two minutes. sfx: tinny headphone music
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today welcome back. 6:54 before you head out the door. >> breaking news for proof the bay area is not big enough for
6:55 am
one entire apple, the silicon valley giant announcing a major expansion into austin, texas, with a new $1 billion campus. apple's expansion is expected to create 15,000 new jobs and it follows up on a promise apple made earlier this year to spread jobs over the entire united states. austin is already apple's second largest city right behind coop cupertino. breaking news on the peninsula to tell you about. police are surrounding a neighborhood in east palo alto after a person was found dead. live pictures of that scene right now. here's what we know. this is being called a homicide investigation. an active scene under way at a beach street and shore breeze court. that's off polgos avenue. there was a shooting around 1:00 in the morning with shell casings seen outside that home. out of contra costa county, students at diablo valley college will notice more security and police on campus. these are live pictures.
6:56 am
the alert went out last night. officers are investigating threatening graffiti inside a men's rest room. the college is open and classes are expected to go on as planned. there will be counselors available to help any student dealing with anxiety. a text on your text messages? you might have said omg when you first heard about this but a new fcc ruling may make the whole thing dead on arrival. texts are more like e-mails not phone calls making it not telecom. the puc probably lacks the authority to even impose such a tax new toyota is recalling about 70,000 vehicles in north america because of faulty air bag inflaters covers toy tote that and lexus brand vehicles including corolla, sequoia and
6:57 am
tundra. they were already recalled but the problem is the replacements use a chemical that still might explode and send shrapnel. the company says this time around it will use inflaters made by another company that uses a different chemical. a south bay priest with a history of sexual abuse is due in court to answer questions on new charges. 90-year-old torro is a retired san jose priest who is also a registered sex offending. his first conviction dates back to 1983. more repeatedly authorities took him into custody last year after he was accused of several sexual assaults over five years. he's facing six counts of lewd acts with a child. new this morning, not everybody's embracing a new bay area housing plan that could potentially lead to tens of thousands of new homes. the plan was presented yesterday by a group organized by the san
6:58 am
francisco metropolitan transportation commission and included developers and community leaders. this calls for 35,000 new housing units and that group casa hopes this agreement could become state law. the examiner reports critics are slamming the plan worried about more gentrification and lack of local control. delta air lines updating its policy on emotional support animals and puppies. >> starting tuts they'll no longer allow emotional support animals on pets more than eight hours. and puppies under four months are banned from all flights. some exemptions will be made until february. if you buy your ticket before tuesday and request to travel with an emotional support animal, can you still have one. ready for a challenge? can you live without your smartphone for a year?
6:59 am
what if there was a $100,000 prize in it for you? >> we could talk about it. >> live without your smartphone for a year and win cash. the coca-cola owned company hasn't given a lot of details about how to monitor the use of participants of their phones but said there would be a lie detector involved. you can enter the contest on instagram or twitter, ironically. vitamin water will choose one lucky participant for that challenge. >> what is that going to do? you might as well give that away to charity. sorry i'm a debbie downer. >> as he slams down his smartphone. >> the weather. >> it will be a nice day. you don't have to check your phone for this. it will be sunny, low sxikts i'll be tracking rain tomorrow and again on sunday. >> well, we had a little traffic alert. >> three minutes for an alert in mountain view. i'll circle 85 at 101. the crash, they had to clear it. now it's cleared and the traffic
7:00 am
alert is over. the rest of the bay moving very nicely. >> all right. things move nicely. thank you very much. that is what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25. good morning. breaking overnight. miracle mine rescue. three people brought to safety after spending four days trapped in an abandoned coal mine in west virginia. >> it was terrible. >> this morning what they are saying about their agonizing ordeal. pressure intensifies. president trump feeling the heat after his former lawyer is sentenced to three years in prison telling the judge he covered up for the president. >> mr. president, did michael cohen cover up your dirty deeds? >> what's next for the president and the investigation? we're live at the white house. deadly collision. a high speed train sla i


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