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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in costa continuera. people robbing pharmacy for drugs rather than cash. jodi hernandez was on the scene. this was a wild chain of events. what exactly happened? >> reporter: well it all started right here, the for the second time in the last few months, this store was targeted. thieves broke in and made off with narcotics. >> they entered the store, went back to the pharmacy area and robbed them of several bags say what led to a pursuit and man hunt. three suspects drove to pleasant hill where they ditched their
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car. >> we were able to locate both of the male suspected. >> reporter: while neighbors sheltered in place, chp choppers over head. police found one man hiding behind an apartment complex. another one under the freeway. one woman was arrested they say was the get-away driver. erin had never been so scared. >> it is the most terrifying thing you can think of. to be stuck in a situation. changes your day. >> reporter: police say it is the second time in threeng robb hit the cvs. this time the suspects didn't
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get away. we are back here live. police say they were able to recover most of the drugs. they say the bad guys through them out the window. the woman is 26-years old from vallejo. the men are 18 and 19 both of oakland. all three in jail facing charges of robbery and evading place. i am jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. a water main break in union city. take a look at that water. our nbc sky ranger was overhead. initial reports suggests this water main break was caused by a pg&e crew. this is a busy intersection. this is right near the union landing shopping center off of 8080.
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take a look explosive would go off unless a suspect would pay $20,000 in boit coin. we are going to have the latest with this hoax. a sunnyvale man was arrested for molesting his neighbor two tl three years ago. a woman recently came forward and told police about the repeated assaults that she said happened when she was doing chores like taking out the trash. she said the molestation didn't stop until the family had moved away. investigators say there are more victims out there and asking anyone to come forward. grim new details from butte
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county. california's deadliest water fall. locating the exact locations and circumstances surrounding the 53 victims that had been identified so far. you can see most of the victims died in the town of paradise. the map shows the wide reach of the fire. 32 died inside homes. 11 died outside homes and almost all the rest died in or near victims. 86 people were died in the campfire. the deadliest wildfire in california history. this is going to be a busy holiday weekend. a clear and beautiful night in san francisco. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who is tracking some changes in the forecast. >> we are going to have breaks in between so you can still get stuff done, but definitely two
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different chances of rain coming this week. we are going to see some of that moving our way. no rainfall just yet. it is dry on storm ranger, but we will take you into 11:00 p.m. tonight, still expected to be dry. and then tomorrow morning cloud cover increases across the bay. so i think you are okay once you head out on that morning commute. once we hit the afternoon hours that is when our first round of rain arrives in the north bay. we are going to track this down to the bay through that second chance coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you. way mois meeting with people in the communities. joining us live in mountain
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view. >> reporter: they have even brought out one the vehicles and have it set up in the back parking lot. people can take a look at some of the features. they are hard to miss if you take a drive through some of the parts of the bay area. the driverless car company has been testing its vehicle on the roads. representatives will be answering questions from the community about how the technology works particularly when it comes to safety. >> reporter: critics of self-driving technology are worried about more accidents on the road. since autonomous cars don't have anybody behind the air. >> humans have wisdom, gut feelings and intuition, a
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computer doesn't and it is dangerous. >>. >> if they are doing it, they know what they are doing. >> reporter: a spokesperson tells us it is the fifth one they have had in the bay area. >> reporter: in regard to that service, they have not said at this point when it will come available in the bay area. reporting live, nbc bay area apple is expanding in a bay way to texas. apple announcing a billion dollar project. the new 133-acre campus to accommodate 5,000 employees with capacity for up to 15,000 employees all based there in austin. jobs range from engineers to
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call center agents. expanding in pittsburgh, new york, colorado and culver city. a wide ranging groups of housing advocates working together. setting ten goals ranging from rent limits to tiny homes to building more housing near transits. the goal of putting all ten ideas into action. >> in the past, we have been victimized certain sectors, whether it has been corporations local governments or other parties. it is something result of one party and it is going to take all of us to be able to change this. >> not every bay area is embracing the plan. the mayor of los altoss to us
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she is concerned it will result into higher housing. families in hayward reached out to a. >> reporter: a dozen families tell us they are being forced out of the apartment complex in hayward. it is hard to miss those now leasing signs posted outside. and the families tell us these signs are promoting the apartments they have to vacate by this sunday. manny's nine-year-old daughter is too young tot rent is let alone why her family has to move out of the apartment. her school is across the street and her friends live doors away. >> they gave us five days to
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move. >> reporter: they were offered a deal by the previous company that manages the apartments. they renovated the apartments and offered the tenants including a rent discount. >> they gave us a concession, but that concession wasn't honored when the new managers came in. >> reporter: this is the new property manager claiming they owed money to the new owners because the tenants under paid their rent. the tenants say they were told to leave by the end of the week or the property would report them. >> that is morally appear pre hencible and illegal. >> reporter: what these family
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needs right now is they need legal assistance, housing assistance, and they also need to know what their rights are. >> reporter: council member says he spoke to the city attorney about the situation here. i am melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. thank you. they tried to smash and grab at the local apple store. the piece of security the would be robbers couldn't get passed in berkeley. new details we are learning about a deadly stabbing in menlo park. stick around, weather in about seven minutes. sfx: tinny headphone music
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so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. . a rare homicide in menlo park. rare, because the last homicide was back in 2012. tonight a man is in jail accused of killing a 62-year-old woman in her home. damian trujillo is live in menlo park. >> reporter: police gathered their evidence overnight in an investigation. tonight, the big question remains why. police swarm the quiet streets of menlo park overnight.
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daniel baguette says he checks up on the victim. >> i screamed her name, and a guy i never seen before popped out of the guest room and he was crazy. he was just dancing around like this and saying, i'm sick, i'm sick, i need help, and i am like what do you mean you need help? where is cathy? i killed her. >> reporter: today still a lot of shock in this neighborhood not far from the stanford shopping center. >> i never feel like i need to lock the door. >> reporter: across the street, students at menlo school were still in shock. >> we were all freaking out kind of. because on the text, people were face timing and calling each
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other. >> you never think it is going it be close to you. >> reporter: these things just don't happen in menlo park. police are looking for a motive and investigating if there is any relationship between the victim and wokie. we tried to reach the suspect's family in cincinnati, ohio, but unsuccessful. live in menlo park, i am damian trujillo. thank you, a 19-year-old man was found dead in east palo alto. it happened after midnight not far from the palo alto golf course. third homicide of the year in palo alto. it didn't work, this is the apple street on fourth street in berkeley. shattered glass where the front door used to be.
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a metal security gate stopped the truck and the thieves from stealing the gear. >> it happened at 3:00 in the morning. >> what a drag. it is hard to drive a car into a glass door. that is a shame. >> thieves targeted the store before. and that is why the store added the metal gate. surfs up but it might be too dangerous for mavericks. the maverick surf contest will not take place. the world surf league hoping to run this big league tournament sometime next week. if maverick is on, it will be the first time women will be competing against each other. and for some price money, for the same price money as the wen. about a dozen women have
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qualified. >> all of the women athletes have stuck together and they've really been unified in their message. and they worked hard to make this happen. >> should be pretty wild when it happens. the contestants when invited will get 48 hours of notice to get here to the bay area when the green light is given. so who should we turn to to get those 48 hours? >> jeff. wind is a problem for monday. >> tuesday or wednesday would probably be the window. the surfers, they need the exact condition they need. will they actually be backing down a little bit? who would thought it ever be too wild for mav vic, berick, but a tuesday wednesday, the best bet. i want to get for our rainfall forecast. that is what we have been
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monitoring for this chance of rainfall coming our way. so the cloud cover with us, spotty showers at the coastline. once we hit the afternoon that is correct is the opposite story. once we h it is going to get torn apart. not nearly as much for the south bay as the north bay. saturday's forecast, a better chance of rainfall coming sunday. getting that next storm moving in with wide spread and heavier pockets by sunday night. then once we hit monday's forecast, we see that move out of here. i also do want to let you know,
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we talked about the possibility of mavericks next week, if you are here visiting or have any plans at all to head out to the coastline, it is going to be dangerous. the general coastline could have waves. stay away from the coastline, leave it up to the expert surfers and watch our coverage here. >> thank you, jeff. the mild stone hit today that signals we are getting closer to space tourism.
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it is the new space race, b day citizen. >> one rocket company took a big step towards space tourism. scott budman talks with a local
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professor. i predict scott is going to be one that goes up. >> reporter: we are getting closer to the day when you and i or at least our children will be taking a field trip into space. the cost needs to come down, but the technology is in space. richard is somewhere around six months away from taking a trip into space. launching from the mojave desert, soaring to 40,000 feet before the spacecraft unity took off byf sndhere. >> space trip company to put people into space, so we are on cloud nine. >> reporter: shooting ahead against jeff bezos blue orange
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and elon musks spaceex. >> there are things that could go wrong, before we put the public. >> reporter: san jose state professor who go the this ledder from richard branson praising his research. and as virgin galactic prepares to send people in space, dr. barrett says his advice is to go slowly and try to make it less expensive. >> if you are trying to get man on the moon to be able to build colonies a travels, it is going to be a few more years, we are not there yet. >> reporter: at this point, virgin galactic says they have
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600 people who have committed for a ticket. >> i think scott is still going up in a couple of years. thanks scott. steph curry is still answering questions about astronauts landing on the moon. that is the life of a famous person who said something he later regrets. he says he was joking when he said he wasn't sure if man actually landed on the moon. today after practice, he said he was sorry that this blossomed into a big story. >> i have the opportunity to talk to somebody who is well-known in the industry, want to express apologies and obviously regret how this all kind of happens. >> okay. we're straight now. he looks forward to touring the johnson space center
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threats demanding ran soms causing evacuations across the country. to want they have been determined not credible. dozens of threats across the bay area. nbc bay area christie smith joining us live. >> reporter: that's right, we heard from san francisco police and they tell us these e-mail threats came in throughout the day. and they responded to each report and were more than a dozen of them. outside the jewish community center on california street visitors explained that notice to leave came quickly. >> one the attend anlts came and said you have to leave quickly. >> an individual or entity who
6:31 pm
was notifying us that they had planted an explosive device on-site and demanding payment. >> reporter: a payment in bit coin. a twitter user posted that he also received. they did not find a device. >> part of our investigation will be determined if these bomb threats received are related to the one reeves across the country. >> reporter: san francisco responded to u >> we take these threats seriously and we are not going to make conclusions until we have had the opportunity to conclude our investigation. >> reporter: san francisco police investigated all day but no devices or bombs were found. reporting live in san francisco,
6:32 pm
christie smith. today the california public utilities commission focused on the preemptive effort of shutting off power. in a meeting they voted unanimously to give the shut off plan a closer look. establishing specific criteria for where and where it would be appropriate to shut off the power. >> we feel that turning off the payoff would be worse because we have people working with gasoline, power generators. >> we know that in this era with the veracity and unprecedented damages we are seeing from wildfires, we can't keep doing the same thing. >> reporter: pg&e says it
6:33 pm
supports the commission's efforts. no time line on when or if new shut off rules will be adopted. it is a frustration for campfire victims trying to rebuild. governor brown quickly declared a state of emergency. but many victims say they have received letters from fema that they have been denied benefits. they didn't fill out the form correctly. >> they may not have all of the required paperwork or perhaps they have been referred to another agency. depending on what types of damage has been done to their residents. >> fema is urging victims to give them a call or visit a recovery center to have those situations evaluated.
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>>. the man hunt is over in france. police say the gunman was hiding near a warehouse in the city of str strasbourg. he opened fire on wednesday at a popular christmas market killing three people and wounding many more. police have detained his parents and two of his brothers. president trump is pushing back hard on allegations that he is involved in crimes to which his personal attorney. the president slamming the russia investigation as a witch hunt. michael cohen is going to prison for crimes he said he committed
6:35 pm
at the president's direction. cohen admitted directing payments to two women claiming to have had affairs with mr. trump. da david pecker now says he made one of those payments. pecker cohen and the future president met in august 2015 to discuss ways to counter negative stories about his relationships with women. united airlines workers went on strike today at sfo today. they are protesting looming staff cuts. united expected to eliminate one flight attendant positions. >> we are ready to work together and provide the best service to
6:36 pm
our customers and provide excellent service and safety. we need to do that with staffing. >> united flights roughly 30 international destinations from sfo. no word yet on when salesforce will be re-opened. engineers did reveal more today about what appears to be behind those cracks. here is r shows a crack in a 4-inch layer of beam. experts studying saying they found tiny cracks around the
6:37 pm
edges. new york steel expert says the cracks likely formed when workers cut the steel with the welding torch. >> we found these small cracks throughout all of the sections that we removed. >> reporter: the rough edges. rough edges encouraged cracking. >> there are a lot of open questions. >> reporter: he wonders how inspectors missed all problems holes. >> i am to the answer. >> reporter: the president of the company that fabricated the beams admits the cuts may have played a role on what happened. >> i think it is ultimately going to be considered a con
6:38 pm
tr tributing factor. there are a lot of things this job will look at. and because it is unique, it is going to draw a focus. >> reporter: how long that will take and how much it will cost is yet to be determined. meaning the terminal could remain closed for months. it )s in response to some
6:39 pm
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threatening graffiti. . stepping up its college security today in response to threatening graffiti. it talked about killing classmates on the 13th which is today. the college sent out an alert to students today. the college did stay open with
6:41 pm
extra police. school board has voted to end the random system. some filed lawsuits to change t a san francisco is now tasked with devising a new systems. the school board will focus initially on assignments for elementary schools. the bay area's own stevie nicks is going into the hall of fame. the induction ceremony is in brooklyn in march. we had a beautiful day but things are changing. >> we have rain on the way. right now, in just a matter of hours, that rain rolls in.
6:42 pm
i have the full timeline. >> they returned a product and were promised a refund. guess what happened next? nothing. i am going to change that. nbc bay area responds next. this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time,
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nbc bay area responds to a north bay man that hit a snag while trying to get a refund. >> jim in napa tells us he has diabetes so he buys glucose test strips to test his blood sugar. he says the box that he bought at walmart didn't work. he returned them for a refund. the walmart in american canyon was out of a gift card they use for refunds. they wer that a gift card would be mailed. we reached out to walmart.
6:45 pm
offering not a $30 refund but a $50 gift card instead. what they said was we always strive for customer satisfaction. when a problem is brought to our attention we quickly work. it is important to keep copies of your receipt. i get it, no one wants to keep papers and clutter around the house. i snap pictures of my refund. a judge ordered a facebook billionaire to do community service so he designed an app. it started with napster creator
6:46 pm
who got in hot water. today his community service led to this, a twitter announcement saying he worked with the state coastal commission to create the your coast smartphone app. it maps out access points to beaches. you can see which ones have parking, restrooms. the meteor shower reaches its peak tonight. unfortunately, we have partly cloudy skies right now, so you won't get a clear view. this is a live view from sfo and you can start watching as early as 7:30, but the best show may be around midnight. and here is what you might see. whoa. that is cool. >> could we see that to want? >> we'll have a little bit of
6:47 pm
cloud cover. you might be able to get a view. most meteor showers there created from a debris from comets and this is created from the debris of an asteroid. and repeat that over and over and you might see something. >> 3200. >> so rainfall is going to holds off. so maybe you get a glimpse of something in the sky. that would be spectacular. and there is no rainfall here across the bay area right now. storm ranger is active and its live data every single second while most of the radars are behind. you could get a better track on where that rainfall is headed. this is always the best way to see what is coming our way. we have distance betweenous a u
6:48 pm
the next forecast. a chance of spotty showers for the peninsula. aga the hour by hour forecast reinforced as well. once we hit the afternoon, we get the better chance of rain moving into the north bay possibly down into san francisco. remember you see areas of yellow also orange those are heavier pockets that could be embedded into the line. still possibly heavier rain near the peninsula. it really has a hard time and makes it to the south and breaks apart. as we push into the upper coming weekend, we scattered
6:49 pm
showers. the better chance for everybody to get rainfall will happen on sunday. the next storm lines up with wide spread rain possibly heavier pockets once we hit sunday night. that would continue into very early monday morning and once we hit around 9:00 a.m. on monday, this will begin to push out creating some sierra snow as well that could bring us a foot. look at the key at the top, find your city and trace amounts to a .10 of an inch. notice how things change for us. more in this yellow to green, so quarter to half inch for most of the bay area. yellow to orange color 3/4 of an
6:50 pm
inch. certainly sunday into monday much better chance of wet weather. things dry out tuesday, wednesday and thursday. dryer weather next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. all that rainfall we could have gotten, we could see things develop by tuesday morning. heading up to the sierra, a foot of snow, snow levels between 4,000 to 5,000 feet. sunday sit by the fire, the tree. >> enjoy the holiday season. >> yeah. aw.49ers ready to host the already some smash talking. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless.
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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this sunday -- in santa clara -- the niners were embarrassed in seattle a couple of weeks ago. but this sunday, they will get another crack at it. >> richard sherman is in the middle of all the bottoms. here is colin resch from levi stadium. >> reporter: the 49ers are on the opposite end of the nature
6:54 pm
of richard sherman. now, they are directed towards his former team and teammates. prior to their meeting 11 days ago in seattle, sherman called the then six-5 seahawks the middle of the road team. post game defensive end clark with stern words for his former teammate saying quote, at the end of the day, this is my team now, this is my defense. sherman and his era is over here. >> i don't know if there is -- your reaction. >> it is like a mouse in the room. kids say the darnedest things. you know, it didn't bother me at all. it seems like a guy who is tired of hearing the same questions. i wasn't even part of the question. and they are still asking questions about me. i would be annoyed too. we won a game and somebody asks
6:55 pm
me a question about a guy who wasn't even involved in the game. it is weird, but it doesn't bother me. i am here. >> reporter: sherman called out russell wilson saying i don't have a relationship with russell. wilson took the high road. >> i don't worry about outside stuff. i focus on what i need to do and what we are going to do. and what we plan on doing week in and week out. >> reporter: the focus for the hawks winning the fifth straight. >> this time we will be back home and grinding it out. we know how it went last any time and got a sour taste in our mouth we look forward to the challenge. >> reporter: in santa clara,
6:56 pm
colin resch, nbc bay area. >> that should be fun. raiders in cincinnati. this is the last thing you want to see, the amazon delivery that left one bay area customer frustrated. that is tonight at our 11:00. before we go, we have meteor shower. >> okay. let's see, rain chance tomorrow better chance will be in the afternoon from the north bay down to the peninsula, better bit of wide spread rain comes sunday night. and we could see a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rainfall. >> we are almost at that happy friday point. thanks for joining us everybody. >> bye. jo mania johanna.
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. >> melania trump got locked. firps lady showed off the new look and sounds off on the president's twitter habit. >> sometimes he listens. and sometimes he doesn't. >> we'll ask donald trump junior, revealing all the holiday secrets. now trending oprah winfrey's interview about the death of her mother. >> no matter what, i know that you always did the best you knew how to do. >> and jerry seinfeld takes on kevin hart's oscar controversy. >> who got screwed in that deal. >> jennifer lopez pretty in pink. >> big movie, big dress. >> the massive gown that nearly caused a wardrobe emergency. >> and we're up all night w


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