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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PST

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>> new park, brand new and only on "today in the bay," a new place for families in the east bay to go. the story behind it, and the loophole one woman found that made it all possible. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you here for "today in the bay." thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia today. we know that folks are hustling and bustling, getting closer to the holiday season. there's also rain in the forecast, so we have to watch our speeds this morning. >> we do, especially considering how the timing is all over the place. we will be seeing some showers, as we head toward the afternoon, but right now we're pretty calm. if you want to get your errands out of the way, do it early on so you can avoid the rain. right now in san francisco 52 degrees. we don't have a lot of fog in through san francisco. here is what it looks like in downtown san jose. anything north of the golden gate bridge will see some showers. san jose has a chance to see showers late into the afternoon. i'll go more over that time line coming up in a bit.
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mike? >> we're looking at a pleasant drive right now. light traffic flow, as you imagine, on a friday and as we approach the end of the year, we see lighter traffic for the morning commute. schools are still in session for the most part, so we'll see that drop off over the next week and a half. west 580 around castro valley boulevard a disabled vehicle reported there. no lanes reported blocked but that is where we're seeing more traffic toward the castro valley y. smooth drive toward the bay bridge. and more slowing toward the richmond/san rafael bridge, over on the san quentin side there is a crash reported just out of lanes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:01 right now. crime during christmastime, a robbery leads to a chase and then a y inhe bay's" bob redell is live in fremont where it all ended. bob, you know how it started, too. >> reporter: correct, good morning to you, marcus and kris. this chase ended not too far from where i'm standing on northbound 880 here in fremont. according to police, a man and woman used a knife to rob the
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walmart on ranch drive, this was in milpitas late last night. milpitas officers are responding around 12:10 this morning. they saw their couple in the car outside walmart, tried to apprehend them. the couple led police on a nine-mile chase northbound on 880. they lost control of their car north of mowery in fremont. the car rolled over. the couple survived. they suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to police, were taken into custody, and police were able to recover the stolen merchandise that was in their car. reporting live in fremont, bay bridge -- bob redell," president trump is on defense. there's a brand new investigation involving his campaign related to his inauguration. tracie potts is live in washington with more. >> good morning. so this new investigation goes
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all the way back to when president trump took office and investigators think it could involve millions of dollars contributed to his inaugural committee that was not used properly. >> i, donald john trump do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: now under investigation by u.s. attorneys in new york, whether the trump inaugural committee misused some of the $107 million it raised, whether money was given to gain access to the new administration, according to the "wall street journal." >> that doesn't have anything to do with the president or the first lady. >> reporter: it's the latest concern for president trump, worried about impeachment after his former lawyer, michael cohen, got three years in prison in part for claiming mr. trump directed illegal hush money payments to alleged mistresses. >> i never directed him to do anything wrong. whatever he did, he did on his own. he's a lawyer.
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>> reporter: cohen disputed that. >> he directed me to make the payments. >> and he knew it was wrong? >> of course. he was very concerned about how this would affect the election. >> reporter: a source confirms president trump was in the room when cohen discussed the "national enquirer" paying off karen macdougall. >> he shouldn't concerned only about impeachment. he could be facing criminal charges from bob mueller. >> reporter: president trump will soon be dealing with mueller's russia investigation without a chief of staff. four people have reportedly turned down the job. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 6:04. today marks the last day of the strike at kaiser permanente facilities around the country. every day this week, 4,000 mental health workers have gathered to protest and picket. workers tell us that the healthp to an agreement to increase staffing and reduce patient wait times. kaiser permanente says they are working to reach a contract deal with the workers, all kaiser
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hospitals and medical offices are open during this strike. water leaders plan to gather in east palo alto to mark the completion of a flood protection project years in the making. the flood project launched at the start of the decade. work began in 2016. the project is set to better protect thousands of homes along the nearly two-mile stretch near the creek. serious flooding from an el nino back in 1999 got this whole project kickstarted. listen to this. could cloning reduce climate change? some san francisco t this morning, they are planting 75 coastal redwoods around the presidio, all of which are cloned from the world's oldest trees. they say each tree can remove 250 times more carbon dioxide in its life time than the average
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tree. the planting starts at 9:00 this morning. amid constant building and construction in the bay area, we find this story of one woman who saved a small sliver of land for development. >> she helped to transform it into 25 acres of open space. it's because she was attentive to detail, we are talking about a park at the west end of alameda along constitution and atlantic, the same place where the old alameda belt line train station was. developer was going to turn that land into homes when the rail line decommissioned in the 1990s, but a local woman named jean sweeney discovered the original land agreement allowed the city to buy that land back at a fraction of its market value. >> and so that's how the park came to be, but i think to have a park here, another park, alameda is a beautiful place and its parks are its jewels. >> on saturday morning, they will open the aptly named jean sweeney open space park.
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surf update from half moon bay and it looks like monday is a no go for mavericks, that is the day that organizers were hoping would kick you have the famous big wave surfing competition. but now it looks like the weather will be too wild, too good, too big. organizers hope conditions will will get a little less good later this week, which is shocking to say that. >> right, it's a pretty strong north-northwesterly swell and they're also concerned about the wind gusts that are expected toic cto kick up with the arrival of our second storm system expected sunday into early monday, which is why the dangerous waves will be a factor, upwards of 40 feet. here is a quick glance of what we're tracking so far, sunday into early monday morning. you could see where the purple hues are over an inch and a half. the higher elevation mountainous areas might see over two inches from the stormysts golden
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gate bridge mainly dealing with near a quarter to upwards of an inch near san jose, fremont and. as of right now, there are no high surf advisories in effect. closer so sunday, possibly tomorrow, they might issue a high surf advisory because of the dangerous waves so we'll continue to keep a very close eye on the waves in the bay area coast. mike? >> be careful, some of those get big. no waves, no ripples, no problems for the commute. smooth drive, just a little slowing for highway 4 toward concord out of bay point and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. everything else is moving at speed. over here the earlier slowing the disabled vehicle must be improving. crash reported north livermore avenue, a little slowing on the approach but that's usually due to the fact folks are coming out of the altam and in
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the south bay looking at no problems. slight bit of slowing north of 680 where the camera is, but that's starting to smooth out again. back to you. 6:09 for you right now. next and all new this morning, would you like your google to sound something like this, mate, or need a little something like this to go down under there? the change google is making to catch up with apple and siri. >> can you top that, scott? >> i'm not going to try. i'll talk about this. >> more lines coming -- oh my gosh! >> and in this shocking video here that we're going to take you live to, it was a terrifying moment for firefighters. coming up at 6:25, what happened to trigger this dramatic explosion caught on camera, and who was right in the path of it. you're watching "today in the bay." i am a family man.
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eeeffortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. good morning. it is 6:12, and as you head out the door on this friday morning, there may not be any rain right now, but you definitely want to take your umbrella and a nice light coat. we have showers into the afternoon. as far as your temperatures go, we're starting off fairly mild, in the upper 40s and through the of seeing some rain, as we head in toward the afternoon. and slowing on the san mateo bridge. the tail lights westboun a box
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but you'll see flashing lights on the right service area. i'll shoha cing up. we'll talk about what else is a problem getting over there. >> mike, i'll give you all the time you want. it is friday, after all. markets once again under pressure, it's been topsy tur vy. nobody is happy. we'll probably see any gains we made this week erased at the open. starbucks is experimenting with uber for starbucks delivery near your home or office. can they deliver while the coffee is still hot? ring doorbell filed a new patent that would use facial recognition to identify bad guys and share that information with neighbors who also have ring doorbells. this is ring corporate video, the bad guy played by an actor. there would be a database of people acting suspiciously porc. at this point, it's just an idea. this is the patent that ring filed. obviously there are privacy issues, but it's interesting.
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ring already allows neighbors to share video of suspicious people and downright burglars, let's face it, on social networks. the new idea would be automated. sounds like president trump is dropping his idea of interfering in a criminal case involving a chinese executive violating america's trade restrictions with iran. originally, mr. trump said he would step in, in the case of ming wan xu if it would help trade negotiations. sounds like the white house advisers convinced him to stay out of it. this is video from the iranian revolution in 1978, going into 1979. i bring it up because there was a 10-year-old boy in the middle of all that who escaped to america, recently named as the next ceo of silicon valley's intuit. that's him in the brown sweater there. he sat down to talk about his childhood. >> one of the things i remember vividly when i came to the u.s., i was probably bullied on a daily basis because everybody blamed me for the fact
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iran took the hostages. it was a very, very tough experience, and that went on for four to five years and one of the things that taught me is, you got to be a dreamer. you got to assume there's a better day tomorrow than there is today. >> i was about his age during that era as well. it never occurred to me some of of the people fleeing that americans would have seen them badly because of that hostage situation, which lasted so long and made so many americans so angry. >> right. you wouldn't have bullied them, because you were raised right. >>le wit well, i certainly hope. >> i know your mom is watching. >> he will be here on "press here" sunday morning at 9:00 after "meet the press." >> i love that you ask questions even if we're not super into tech and business -- >> it's more personal than tech. >> i love it, thank you very much. >> 6:15 right now. new this morning, you can change siri's voice on your
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iphone, but how about this? android users can do the same. because google just announced its home assistance voice has two new accents, british and australian. the company says the voices were released in other countries but now the u.s. can also listen to those accents as well. >> we were waiting for a southern accent. >> i mean, i don't know. it just depends on what you want me to say. there are a lot of things to say in a southern accent. right now we want to get vianey to talk about that weather. >> it is so hot. i'm not going to try, ba us iec i'm going to sound ridiculous. marcus, you sound really good. >> come on, y'all. >> well, listen, we're going to be kind of bringing out the umbrellas into the afternoon. this is the calmest portion of your morning. they've been talking about this
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crazy christmas tree, because of the lights and how early it is but the christmas tree has been kind of lighting up our life and into the afternoon a little soggy, but not as soggy as portions of the golden gate bridge will be because of the incoming system. san jose it's 49 degrees, wind speeds are light and this is what satellite radar is picking up. high clouds are rolling through, making some of our temperatures warmer but let's talk about when it's supposed to make its way into the system. by 12:00, we'll notice showers through the north bay and you notice here is the golden gate bridge right around here. san francisco north of the golden gate bridge, definitely seeing some showers, and then between 1:00 and 6:00, we'll start to see some of that rain move further down south. san jose will just get some very light rain out of this, all portions of the south bay, but eday morning, we'll keep the chance of showers and catch a bit of a break in the form of cloud cover in through saturday afternoon, but on sunday, this is when our big storm system is expected to make its way in.
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we have a prettyn acthere, as w head into the weekend. you can see this line of moderate to heavy downpours expected around dinnertime into sunday, and this is expected to carry over into your monday morning commute. in addition to the showers into the afternoon, we are also expecting the winds to increase and pick up, getting gusty out there. look at this. 25-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco, down through san jose, 20 miles per hour. santa rosa 27. this is a good reminder, if you have any patio furniture or anything that can fly around, create some safety concern, make sure to tie that down. we don't want to see anything flying around. the winds will decrease tonight into early tomorrow morning. sunday when the second system makes its way in, the winds will morning. south-southwesightter as far as temperatures go, we have upper 50s, low to mid-60s and we dry out beautifully on tuesday into wednesday, and as we head in toward thursday we get a ridge of high pressure
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that begins to take over. let's send things over to mike. >> we're talking about an easy drive because of the conon it's. we have that one set of flashing lights. there is a disabled vehicle on the right side of westbound 92. your commute direction across the san mateo bridge. what you didn't see was a tow truck stopping briefly behind that car. apparently they checked for a driver or found out they could lend some assistance and then they took off. so i'm going to assume, say there may be someone who is missing in that vehicle. they have to figure out what to do now. we see traffic flows. there's no slowdown on the flat section so that is okay right now. i'm monitoring th don't see any chp block. the tow truck to lend assistance, so the service crews know about that for the bridge. south of there just redwood out that once detail. we have this capital corridor train 521 is delayed south through oakland. there is a train on the tracks.
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sorry, there is a car on the tracks. the train is supposed to be there. the car is being removed, but it was not hit. we're experiencing a delay as they remove that vehicle. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. a former first lady will be in the bay area today. michelle obama plans, where you can see her and what you'll hear about, of course, the book. >> and more. this terrifying backdraft happened overnight and consumed firefighters. we'll show you how they're doing this morning, and what triggered it. he says hackers got into his account and took his money, but the company isn't listening. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we are. "nbc bay area responds," next.
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firefighters were busy battling a massive fire in new york wh this is terrifying video just in to our newsroom this morning. firefighters in new york caught in a sudden explosion and this is video of what happened. next, what happened to those firefighters. >> oh my gosh! >> the flames and smoke burst out of the strip mall in queens. fiery explosion also known as back draft set off a five-alarm fire. seven firefighters and five people were injured. incredibly, those injuries were all mi vestation.of that fire is sti >> wow. and at 6:23, nbc bay area responds to a redwood city man whose digital wallet was hacked. >> is i'm wondering if it could
6:24 am
happen to me. he ran into road blocks trying to get his money back. consumer investigator chris chmura and his team helped sort this out. >> tom hanley watches his bank accounts as a hawk and that paid off. when someone used his paypal account to make five rapid-fire charges, he knew right away he had been hacked. tom immediately filed a fraud claim over the $125, but paypal denied it, saying it found the transaction was consistent with his payment history. well, tom knew that wasn't true, but he had no way to appeal paypal's si says paypal's decis final. so tom turned to us. we asked paypal to take another look. week later, it restored the $125 to tom's account. paypal told us "our dedicated customer service team has positively resolved this matter
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with mr. hanley." call us any time, 888-996-tips, or visit 6:25 for you right now, and new this morning, turns out for some people, anyway, legalized marijuana is giving new meaning to the term high holidays, because when it comes to giving, industry leaders say that more people are giving the gift of marijuana. >> we also have merchandise in the store to help guide people through their purchase of finding the right gifts. it might be price point. it might be by the type of recipient, so someone who is into health and wellness, who is looking for an anti-inflammatory product, someone who is new to cannabis and might want to try a product high in cbd. >> ten states, including california, have legalized pot. ahead on the "today" show, the growing popularity and the unprecedented holiday impact. next, breaking news, early
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this morning, within the last few minutes we learned how a fire started and how folks got out in:can cloud cov contra cos. in just hours, the new steps state regulators are taking on with power shutoffs. did you see this video yet? not air delivery here, folks. one bay area family. amazon is responding to one distraught delivery driver. >> at 6:45, governor jerry brown's message to leaders oundhe world. oundhe world. you' w rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together.
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downtown san jose right now at 6:30, taking a live look outside at downtown san jose, and christmas in the park, a beautiful way to start this day, and if you have errands, you might want to get them done early. vianey is tracking a weathermaker. laura is off this morning. i'm kris sanchez. good to be with you. >> i'm marcus washington. right now we head over to vianey arannalk about the weathermaker. >> kris, you're completely right, this is our calmest portion of the day right now. 52 degrees in san francisco. not a lot of fog but we have plenty of high clouds. 52 degrees. wind speeds 9 miles per hour. the winds are expected to increase into the afternoon. what exactly are we acking? let me show it to you on satellite radar. we have the cloud cover right now, just off the coast, there it is, the line of showers expected to start trickling on in, right around 9:00 a.m. for the north bay and starting to push south into the early
6:30 am
afternoon, and into the evening hours, which could make for a messy evening commute, if you leave work around 5:00 or 6:00, we are expecting moderate showers so that could cause areas of concern out on the roads. >> you heard that folks, vianey said go ahead, leave work early. she'll write you a note. getting to work is not a major problem. we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. to call out one update from the twitter account of the town of danville. camina tasahara 880 is closed ill a half hour. hopefully reopen. there's an overturned vehicle there. we're checking out more details at the desk and i'll report ifm. little build there, we have the disabled vehicle on the san mateo bridge. we'll we'll check that in the next report. an apartment fire in
6:31 am
concord, police and firefighters are still on the scene there. this is at ellis streit south of willow pass road. two people have been street trer smoke inhalation. they are evacuating people out for their safety. one apartment badly damaged there. more of the units impacted by the smoke. fire now we can tell you is contained, and firefighters coo. this is a good reminder there for everyone to check your smoke detectors in your home, because firefighters are saying those smoke alarms there actually alerted people, saving lives, because we all know this could have turned out in a different way. firefighters have that fire under control right now in concord. >> a good reminder to check your smoke detectors today maybe, yes. and now. california energy leaders are trying to get the word out, and get the public reaction to the
6:32 am
idea of utilities like pg&e cutting power to lower wildfire risk. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from santa rosa, where officials will be talking about this issue a little later this morning, and regular folks get to weigh in as well, too, right, pete? >> reporter: yes, that's right. good morning to you, kris and marcus. they'll get a chance to weigh in during the public workshop that will take place here in santa rosa behind me. of course, power lines were the root of the issue, the cause for a lot of those fires that we saw right here in the north bay specifically in santa rosa within the past year. now the officials put together this workshop, the california public utilities commission, they'll be in charge of this workshop. they voted to give the power shutoff plan in place by pg&e, they want to take a closer look at it and really establish a criteria for residents who would be affected. it was just this past october that pg&e shut off the power in napa, and lake counties, do you
6:33 am
due to wildfire conditions in those areas. pg&e did report that it may have averted two dozen fires as a result of that plan, but some fire victims that we spoke to aren't too keen on this idea. >> we feel that turning the power off will be worse, because we have people working with gasoline, power generators, and we burnt out once. >> we know that in the sierra, wildfires, we can't the keep doing the same thing. >> reporter: of course plenty to discuss on this issue, guys, and we'll learn more during the public workshop that will take place at the veterans memorial auditorium behind me in santa rosa and set to take place at 9:00 a.m. live in santa rosa, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, pete, thank you. former first lady michelle obama will be here in the bay area today for two separate events. one you might know about, which is public, and one private.
6:34 am
>> nbc bay area's kira klapper is here to explain what's bringing the former first lady to the bay area. >> hey guys, good morning to you. the former first lady is here in the bay area to meet with young adults, and also to promote her aubiy, requesti"becoming." the private event is invite only, a youth leadership workshop hosted by the silicon valley chapter of public allies, that is a 25-year-old nonprofit organization that focuses on guiding young people into education and leadership roles. mrs. obama was the executive director of that chapter in chicago in 1993. she's expected to reflect on her time there in today's private event. the second event is open to the public, that is part of mrs. obama's took tour. the event is titled "becoming: an intimate conversation with michelle obama." it is tonight at 8:00 p.m. at the s.a.p. center in san jose.
6:35 am
i was saying an hour ago, i looked up the tickets on the official page, they're sold out on ticketmaster. our producer, tony, intrepid as he is, hopped on stubhub, and said the cheapest tickets he could find were $300. >> that's no surprise. lot of people want to see this and sometimes i think in d.c. it was president obama. >> so you never know. >> make it two for one. >> the good news if you can't go tonight, we'll have a report on tonight's evening news. >> i'll stick with that. >> that's my price point. thank you, kira. 6:35 right now. maybe you are in the dark this morning? well you wouldn't be watching tv, right? folks in alum rock are suffering from a power outage right now. about 5,000 customers are affected, that would be the area in orange on the map on your screen. we can tell you that the power went out around 5:30 this
6:36 am
morning, and that the outage is expected to last until about 9:00 this morning. pg&e says their crews are working to restore the power. we don't know at this point what caused it, but maybe a good reminder to always have your gadgets charged. >> 6:36 right now. a live look at emeryville this morning, where the sky line could have a different look in the future if the dever their wish. the city's planning commission met last night to discuss a proposed 54-story tower with 638 residential units. if built, it would be the second tallest all-residential building in the western u.s. that project exceeds height restrictions for those buildings in emeryville, so developers have to show the planning commission how this will benefit the community. opinions from the public were mixed. >> just imagine a 54-story tower right there. it doesn't fit. it's crazy. it's insane.
6:37 am
>> if this can be designed to provide more housing, a more urban environment, i think that's exactly what we want here in emeryville. >> developers could include affordable housing in this project. if you're among the many who use delivery services like amazon and holiday shopping there, this next video may make you cringe a little bit. >> a lot. it shows an amazon delivery driver caught on camera chucking a package right onto the airmai that you paid for, folks. the man who lives in the home says he was expecting something for his 5-year-old son, and when he saw the package was dented, he checked out his surveillance video. his camera actually caught the same driver doing the same thing to his neighbor as well. >> it doesn't feel good, but at the same time, you know, i kind of have to ask myself, do you really want someone like that delivering a package,'s especially there's a lot of kids stuff delivered around the holidays. >> neither of the items were
6:38 am
damaged, but there might have been damage when it comes to that driver's career at amazon. the company says the driver no longer delivers packages for amazon, and that this does not reflect amazon's standards and way of business. >> at least that driver has one of the last deliveries preserved on camera. toward the san mateo bridge, we are looking at this disabled vehicle on the right shoulder, westbound your commute direction slows for the distraction of the tow truck, it arriv no lanes blocked is also good news but a slower drive is where the arrow is hav on the bridge to the south a disabled vehicle reported just off the dumbarton bridge, and i see a little slowing as folks are headed over toward facebook, just off the bridge there, a little slowing for the distraction. the rest of the bay an easy drive this friday because we're fog free for the most part, but that's all i know for traffic. >> we'll send it over to vianey,
6:39 am
in for kari. >> we have rain tracking right now. what's going on, right now we're not seeing much of that. it might trick you, oh, i'll be okay, there's no wet roadways. let me tell you, by about 9:00 a.m., the north bay will start to see some showers and by about 1:00, areas just north of the golden gate bridge and south of the golden gate bridge will also start to get some showers. now, this is one of two emyste o bring minimal rain totals, not a heavy rainmaker, but as we head toward saturday morning, the showers could carry over into your early saturday morning commute. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, and then saturday afternoon, so to rain all day saturday. we'll get a period where it will seem like the sun is coming out, we'll get partial clearing and in toward sunday, we'll see our next storm system move in and sunday's storm system is expected to be the more intense one of the two. so coast, bay and inland, you can see the temperatures in the
6:40 am
upper 50s and low 60s. we're going to get a pretty decent line of rain as we head in toward sunday evening, right around dinnertime. expect portions to see moderate to heavy downpours and strong, gusty conditions. sunday night into early morning, sunday expect to see a rainy day, a good reminder to go ou yr , me sure everything you don't want wet or blown away taken inside because you've been forewa forewarned. right now it seems calm so enjoy the calm before the storm, especially on sunday. back to you. >> i don't mind a little inside time this time of year. i've got some stuff to do. new this morning, a horrible kra shall crash in the south bay. this is the damage left behind, but the reason for that rescue and the reason the officers think this happened, coming up. meanwhile in washington, just seven days until a potential government shutdown. let's take you to new york as well and the big board. dow industrials absolutely taking away all of the gains we
6:41 am
made this week. and later this morning, it's al roker's neck of the woods there, the "today" show there, weatherman, celebrating 40 years with nbc. at 7:00 this morning, the very special show you do not want to miss. but first -- ♪ >> you can just hear that kid going, mom! at 6:50, the story behind that viral video, and the superstar response that mom's getting now. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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it is 6:44, good morning. not a lot of fog early on or rain, but we have rain moving into the afternoon and also some high clouds you'll be able to see a lot better once the sun comes up. i'll talk about the big changes ahead of the weekend io theken coming up. >> we're looking atest highway . good news over here by the sign, that disabled vehicle has been cleared by the flatbed tow truck. we see traffic flowi lakes its over to foster city and the speed sensors. there's not a lot of improvement. that's next. two people are in custody after a crash and police say it started with a walmart robbery. the crash happened a little after midnight during a chase on northbound 880 in fremont near mowery, which is what we're looking at right now. this is where it started. police say the suspects robbed
6:45 am
this walmart store in milpitas. officers spotted the getaway car soon afterwards. the suspects suffered injuries not considered life-threatening. look at this video, a man is recovering after his car slammed into a tree. listen to this. he is in the hospital, because someone saw the tree down and alerted people to what happened. officers found the car at 1:30, fire crews pulled the driver out. they tell us that that man might have been there for more than an hour. there's no word if alcohol or drugs played a factor in this crash. governor brown has a message for world leaders. he posted this video to tie with the end of the global climate summit, now taking place in poland. >> this is the message from california. wake up! the planet is burning up. carbon emissions are growing. this year has been one of the highest growth rates in recent decades. this is not a matter to be taken anything but very, very
6:46 am
seriously. >> now the governor is trying to convince united nation leaders to hammer out a new climate deal, this as some elements from the paris climate accord begin to expire. >> 6:46. there are seven days until the federal government has to shut down. >> scott mcgrew, neither side is willing to compromise. >> no, they've really dug in, marcus. good morning. trump says he'll proudly shut down the government if he doesn't get money for his wall. democrats have sworn they will not give it to him. one side or the other would have bk down and lose face, and if you look at this video from earlier this week in the oval office, it's hard to think any last friday the president posted the video to twitter. >> whatever it takes to get border security, i will do it. i prenledged that a long time a.
6:47 am
>> trch trmp's former lawyer was on abc this morning saying "of course" trump knew about the payments to two women and he knew they were illegal and knew about it ahead of time. new investigation this morning into what happened to the money for the inauguration, this was first reported by the "wall street journal." president trump's inauguration in january of last year was the best funded in history paid for as it always is by private donation $107 million. the who us has not been informed of any such investigation into that inauguration. just to help you keep all of these straight, there is the mueller investigation, that's the big one. there's the offshoot, the investigation by u.s. prosecutors in manhattan into the payoffs to women. the inaugural investigation comes out of this office. the new york attorney general is investigating the trumpnd then attorneys general are investigating the emoluments violations, and there's one you may have forgotten about, the summer zerbos lawsuit "the
6:48 am
apprenti apprentice" contestant said he groped her. he sued her defamation. the judge ruled trump has to give sworn testimony in this, this could be more dangerous than you think because he's been caught telling untroouths in depositions before and it was a lie in a deposition that caught bill clinton. we'll watch everything that happenedodays do. follow me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. moms, watch this. this maryland mother's performance proved to be real . ♪ mindy is lip-syncing to kelly clarkson's hit "since you've been gone" causing her son, blake, to hide from the cameras, thank goodness for a hoodie. they were at a university of maryland game when the fan cam
6:49 am
caught her singing along. the school loved it so much, they posted it on twitter and look what happened. thousands of views later, kelly clarkson responded saying "this is my kind of mama." >> that mom is winning. >> special guest on "the voice"? >> boys and girls, if you're up and watching your mom this morning, don't be embarrassed. start an wet'sll. going to hap out with. >> yes, fantastic weather right now. if you're headed outside, you're probably not seeing a lot of fog, which is always fantastic to see and also noticing it's kind of mild outside. san francisco 52 degrees. san jose 49. oakland 51. several areas including half moon bay look at that, 59 degrees. the reason why the temperature is still warmer today is because of this cloud cover. we've got an incoming system. this is what the bay area looks like right now, but just offshore, there goes that moisture and that's what we're
6:50 am
expecting to trickle on in. let's look at the time line, if you're leaving for work now, especially if you work north of the golden gate bridge take an umbrella and jacket. by 9:00 a.m., the north bay will start getting some of the showers, right around 1:00, the lunch hour, san francisco will get some of that rain and we're expecting that rain to continue to move from north to south, right between 1:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon, but we're still going to keep the chance of seeing some showers through about 9:00, even over into the early morning hours tomorrow morning. so we're going to keep that cloud cover. we're going to keep the chance of seeing spotty rain and we'll take a break saturday afternoon and then sunday morning, this is when we have the possibility of also maybe issuing a microclimate weather alert because of the intensity of this next storm system. look by about 6:00 how heavy the pockets of rain are expected to be. also expecting to see rain down through the south bay. as far as the rain totals go, the higher elevations of expecting anywhere over two inches, near the south bay
6:51 am
possibly half an inch. as far as the wind speeds go, look at today at 7:00, the wind speeds increase and die down into early saturday morning but they pick right back up as the next system makes its way in sunday. here is a quick check of your rain totals, less rain totals near concord, fremont, talking a little over half an inch with the higher elevations just over an inch and a half. we'r 4 feet, strong rip currents because of the northwesterly swell and as you look at your seven-day forecast, the second chance of rain kicks in on sunday. to be your big rainmaker, but all in all, keep the rain boots ready to go. boots at the ready over here. we got cars on the move. we have mostly green, we're starting to see a little slowing, your typical patterns. the south bay seeing the most slowing over the last half hour which is typical but especially on a friday, the south bay commute in san jose tends to see more congestion than many other patches. west 237 at 101, a crash causes
6:52 am
slowing starting at matilda. the eastbound commute at tassahara still closed. the estimate from the danville folks that maybe this overturned vehicle crash would be cleared by now but we're tracking that closure still. hopefully over the next half hour, but i'll follow them on twitter and update you, you follow me on twitter. smooth flow of traffic for contra costa county. little build for the east shore still under a half hour, about 25 minutes from highway 4 over to the bay bridge. train 521elay leaving oaecse of a car on the tracks. no crash, but the car is sitting there, and the train by it and line 37 over here in union city boulevard at whipple, yesterday's water main break has been addressed but there's a closure because they have to do road repair. back to you. 6:53 right now. happening now, european union leaders are talking about the brexit deal. earlier this week, british prime minister theresa may survived a
6:53 am
no confidence vote but she is struggling to sell her brexit deal to british lawmakers. if there is no deal, the eu says it will still go ahead with brexit. next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including a possible historic vote today, which could make california the first state to make a major commitment to clean air. what's at stake for the future of your commute. plus, is winter coming the new deal the social media giant reportedly is trying to reach, which could changehey th cable. more news for you right after the break. this little home of mine,
6:54 am
♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. headed out the door sha, here a the top stories on "today in the bay." >> a live look in concord on ellis street south of willow pass road where firefighters are at the scene of an apartment fire that sent people running for safety. this happened a little before 4:00 this morning. firefighters saytedor smoke inh. one apartment is heavily damaged. firefighters cooking. working alarms are credited to giving everyone the time to get out safely. in california today, an important hurdle in becoming the first state in the nation to commit to ditching gas-guzzling buses. the air board meets in sacramento to talk about
6:57 am
all-electric bus fleets. the clean transit measure would set a new buying standard for all transit agencies. it would fully eliminate gas guzzlers by the year 2040. today marks the last day of strikes at kaiser permanente facilities. every day this week, 4,000 mental health workers have gathered to protest and picket. workers tell us that the health care giant is failing to live up to an agreement to increase staffing and reduce patient wait times. kaiser permanente says they are working to reach a contract deal with the workers. all hospitals and medical offices will remain open during the strike. we are giving you a look at santa rosa right now, where emergency energy leaders there are meeting to reduce wildfire risk. they're thinking of cutting pg&e power. this comes after the california department of forestry blamed pg&e for the rooent wild fires. the public utilities commissioner says they want to create rules to where and when utilities should shut down power. and here is a live look
6:58 am
outside of the s.a.p. center there, where former first lady michelle obama will be later today. thousands are waiting to see mrs. obama. she's here in san jose for a book tour there, talking about her memoir "becoming." we just checked all of the tickets, and they are sold out. however, you can go on stubhub or other outlets like that and get tickets. the cheapest we found around $300. facebook wants to get into the pay tv business. >> the social media giant is talking with hbo, with hit shows like "game of thrones" showtime, stars, and others, too. they might take thoseompanies streaming tv to facebook. if you subscribe, you could watch the channels on facebook, but likely on other platforms and devices like roku as well. a last look at what we can expect weather wise today. we'll start out nice and rain, but how is it going to
6:59 am
formulate? >> toward mid morning the north bay will see it first and then right around 1:00 we'll start to see the rain move south, which means, yes, we could have a messy evening commute. 57 degrees. early morning showers tomorrow, and then sunday is going to be our best chance of seeing heavy rain in the bay area. >> heavy rain. but i'm going to listen to you and put my umbrellow i'm not upside down. >> the san mateo bridge the disabled vehicle is cleared at richmond-san rafael bridge, traffic around the richmond side, a note we have an update for danville, one lane of eastbound is open so the roadway is open but they're still clearing a crash at tassahara. >> we'll be back at 7:25 with more live local news. >> nau for joining us here on "today in the bay" on this friday. enjoy your weekend. good morning. . good morning. the fixer speaks.
7:00 am
donald trump's former right-hand man points the finger directly at the president for the payoff to the porn star. >> he directed me to make the payments. he directed me to become involved in these matters. >> the president in a new interview claiming he had no idea. >> whatever he did, he did on his own. said and what prosecutors are prepared to prove. bomb t why police are urging americans to stay on high alert today. weekend washout, a massive storm bringing heavy rain, snow and ice. the third straight storm in the last thr


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