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tv   Today  NBC  December 14, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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eastbound is open so the roadway is open but they're still clearing a crash at tassahara. >> we'll be back at 7:25 with more live local news. >> nau for joining us here on "today in the bay" on this friday. enjoy your weekend. good morning. . good morning. the fixer speaks. donald trump's former right-hand man points the finger directly at the president for the payoff to the porn star. >> he directed me to make the payments. he directed me to become involved in these matters. >> the president in a new interview claiming he had no idea. >> whatever he did, he did on his own. >> just ahead the he said-he said and what prosecutors are prepared to prove. bomb threat panic. why police are urging americans to stay on high alert today. weekend washout, a massive storm bringing heavy rain, snow and ice.
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the third straight storm in the last three weeks. al is tracking it all. those stories plus new scandal at cbs. the bombshell revelations from two popular actresses about the network and its bosses. from their family to ours, the palace reveals its new christmas cards. happy al-versary. surprises galore in our neck of the woods, friday, december 14th, 2018. from nbc news, this is today with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this friday morning. where were you 40 years ago? >> we know where this guy was. >> right here at nbc.
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>> most of you weren't alive. >> al, it is a big day today. >> i know it is. >> we dubbed it the al-versary. we're excited to talk about how you have been reverse aging all these years. >> wow. i swallowed me. >> we're going to have a lot of fun today, al. >> well, for most of you. and we have a weather story coming up, too. but we'll start in washington as president trump's former attorney michael cohen is speaking out and pointing fingers after being sentenced to three years in prison. cohen is placing the blame squarely on the president's shoulders. the president fires back saying cohen failed him. it all has to do with that payoff to a porn star. kristin walker has the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump is capping the week on a defiant note, lashing out at his former lawyer, michael cohen. cohen is speaking out for the first time since his sentencing and taking direct aim at president trump. this morning michael cohen is
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lashing out at president trump, insisting mr. trump directed him to make hush money payments to two women who alleged affairs with him during the 2016 campaign, allegations mr. trump and his aids deny. >> nothing at the trump organization was ever done unless it was run through mr. trump. he directed me, as i said in my allocution, and i said as well in the plea, he directed me to make the payments. he directed me to become involved in these matters. >> but did the president understand? >> he was trying to hide what you were doing, correct? >> correct. >> and he knew it was wrong? >> of course. >> the former fixer directly contradicting his old boss after president trump told fox news thursday -- >> i never directed him to do anything wrong. whatever he did, he did on his own. he's a lawyer. a lawyer who represents a client is supposed to do the right thing. that's why you pay them a lot of money. >> this morning cohen pressed on why people should believe him over the president.
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>> why should we believe you now? >> because the special counsel stated emphatically that the information that i gave to them is credible and helpful. there's a substantial amount of information that they possess that corroborates the fact i am telling the truth. >> the special counsel did say you were doing your best to tell the truth about everything related to their investigation, everything related to russia. do you think president trump is telling the truth about that? >> no. >> that's a big statement. >> cohen saying he couldn't elaborate because he's still cooperating with investigators. >> he's a very different individual. i think the pressure of the job is much more than what he thought it was going to be. it's not like the trump organization, where he would
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bark out orders and people would blindly follow what he wanted done. there is a system here. >> cohen insisting he's now turning a page. >> so you're done with the lying. >> i am done with the lying. i am done being loyal to president trump. and my first loyalty belongs to my wife, my daughter, my son and this country. >> reporter: overnight, the incoming democratic chair saying the central question comes back to what was asked during watergate. >> thank you. and speaking of the growing pressure on president trump, there are reports of a new investigation this morning involving his inaugural fund. hally jackson is here in the studio with us. >> good morning to you. this all centers around the president's inaugural committee, which organizes those parties,
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raises money for the e surrounding the swearing in of president trump. according to "the wall street journal," federal prosecutors right here in new york are looking at whether that money was misspent and whether donors tried to get access to the incoming administration. "the new york times" is also reporting the government is specifically looking into whether foreigners funneled money into that inaugural campaign to try to buy a better relationship with the president. nbc news has not independently verified the story. a speaokesperson tells the time he never talked with any foreign entity. and a lawyer close says he has never been contacted by prosecutors. this doesn't have anything to do with the president or the first lady saying their focus was not on fund-raising but the actual swearing in itself. there have been a number of
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people in donald trump's orbit now dealing with deal troubles. michael cohen, michael flynn, paul manafort. and this new reporting shows yet another possible legal threat to people in and around trump world here. >> all right. keep an eye on it for us. >> thank you. this morning the search is on for the person or persons behind a wave of bomb threats that caused panic across the country yesterday, disrupting schools and businesses in at least 21 states. good morning. >> reporter: well, this morning more bomb threats in the united states and around the globe from here in miami to canada to new zeal la ze zealand. this morning communities across the country are on edge following a wave of bomb threats that prompted schools, businesses and hospitals to evacuate. the search for explosives turning up empty in at least 21 states in the district of
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columbia. the fbi investigating what law enforcement studies say it appears to be a widespread hoax. some threats coming by phone or e-mail, demanding $20,000. the scarey message reading, transfer to me in bitcoin and the bomb will not detonate, but do not try to deceive me. the e-mails were sent robo style at random. the mention of bitcoin speaking the interest of investigators, due to the recent crash of the currency. >> someone maybe suffered a crash in bitcoin and thinks they could get it from someone in the u.s. >> reporter: now just because no bombs have been found at the threatened locations, investigators say anybody giving a threat today should take it seriously and call police.
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>> all right. good advice. thank you. now to a huge winter storm headed toward the east coast after bringing a lot of rain and strong wind to the south. >> good morning. thank you for getting your first weather from us. flash flood watches from d.c. to florida for 28 million people and a risk for severe weather over the next 24 hours from southeastern georgia all the way into central florida. this is part of that system that started in california earlier this week. it is now double barrel low pushing to the northeast. a flood risk in the southeast during the day tomorrow. isolated areas of heavy rain sunday, lingering rain in the northeast and then the system slowly moves offshore, but not before drawing in cold air and bringing snow to new england. here are the impacts. excessive rain fall and that melting snow increase it is
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flood risk in north carolinas. airport delays. and as far as the highways, i-64 st. louis to norfolk. atlanta to raleigh and i-95 from d.c. down to daytona beach. the week next week starts off fairly decent. guys? >> don't go away, al. we will be celebrating you a lotlot tod today. new details emerging about that harrowing rescue of three people that spent four terrifying days trapped in an underground mine. what we're learning this morning about their ordeal and why they were down there in the first place. >> reporter: four days trapped underground, no food, no water, no light. complete darkness.
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something they're not about to forget. >> we dropped to our knees and started thanking god. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue for three people trapped in an abandon west virginia coal mine. >> it was terrible. >> reporter: reunited with their loved ones after four days underground. today they are safe and revealing new details of their nightmare in the mine. >> it's a whole other world down there. it is dark. it is dangerous. >> there was a couple times where i thought they're not going to find our bodies or know when we passed away. there's not going to be a burial. >> reporter: rescuers traveled into the mine, pumping water out while pumping air in to help keep the group alive. >> reporter: how do you feel about the people that went in there and got you out? >> i am so grateful for
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everybody, for the prayers, for the thought, for the support, the rescue team, the national guard, the news team, everybody. >> reporter: the group isn't out of the woods yet. it is illegal to enter closed mines in west virginia and authorities have not said whether charges will be filed. but cody maintains they were not there to steal. you weren't going in there to get copper wire? >> no, no. taking two girls in a mine, do you really think you're going in there looking for copper? you know what i mean? we were just exploring. i thought it was fine. >> glad to see you in the light. >> reporter: now reuniting for the first time since they got out, cody and erika say the ordeal has brought them closer together. >> reporter: friends for life now? >> definitely. >> reporter: his family considers his rescue a christmas miracle. >> my family said they're going to wrap me up under the tree.
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they said that i'm the christmas present this year. >> reporter: the father of one of the others in the group says they were down there looking for copper wire to take. police in the area say with the depressed economy, it is a common occurrence, and they are investigating this case. guys, back to you. all right. certainly, again, happy that they are all okay. thanks. >> he's the present under the tree. what a nice thing. well, there is big news for anybody who dreams of space travel one day. richard branson has passed a major milestone. a test flight that took two pilots to the edge of the space. and the images are spectacular. good morning. so when can we go? >> it could be just about six months away. this test was all about proving the virgin spaceship is safe. the rocket that will carry tours
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could actually see the curvature of the earth. for a few hundred thousand dollars, you can, too. dawn in california as the spaceship lifted off climbing through a cloudless sky all the way to 50,000 feet, then release. >> three, two, one, release. >> the pilots in a sudden free fall. >> rolling to the right. >> before firing the rocket. then extreme acceleration. nearly three times the speed of sound. soaring beyond the edge of space. >> welcome to space. >> copy space, million dollar view. >> the view breath taking. >> what 700 customers have already paid a quarter million dollars to experience for just four minutes. the curvature of the earth, the western u.s., canada, even mexico.
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then a perfect landing back on earth. >> isn't she beautiful? she's just been to space, which is ridiculous. >> the victory comes four years after virgin pilot died in a similar test flight. investigators blamed pilot error. now he says he hopes to fly within six months, then start carrying the customers who have already signed up, including leonardo dicaprio and justin bieber. >> they would love to go up on virgin. >> a new space race all about tourism is heating up. >> i'd like to introduce the first paying customer. >> elon musk recently announced a japanese billionaire tourist signed up to eventually fly around the moon. bellow billionaire, amazon's
7:16 am
founder, plans a man test flight. >> 700 signed up for that ride. is there room for more? >> are you interested? >> yeah. >> so branson tells me they stopped signing people up once they hit 700, but they expect to open up the waiting list again. this is really reserved for the rich. the current price $250,000. that price will go up before it goes down. and a ride on jeff's rocket, that will set you back a cool $200,000. >> this might be a good al-versary gift for al, but maybe not. >> you might all chip in for a one-way. >> al, we're going to party with you all day, but you have a check of the weather. >> yes, we do. we'll show you the warmth returning to the central planes. that will spread to the east. northern california into the
7:17 am
pacific north west. it is going to be a messy day. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm vianey arana. you may notice the temperatures are fairly mild, talking upper 40s and 50s as you head out the door. we have an increase in high clouds as a system approaches. this is expected to bring rain to the bay area, especially for portions north of the going going. you can see the moisture off the coast. we expect showers to move into the north bay by about 9:00
7:18 am
a.m., right around 1:00, we'll start to see a line of showers push further south beyond the golden gate bridge with an afternoon of lows. nd that's you weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, cbs under fire. new bombshell revelations from two popular actresses claiming they both suffered harassment and retribution from the bosses at the network. and christmas and cannabis. why many are turning to pot as the ultimate holiday gift this season. >> okay. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. deal talk! my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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i )m - -... firefighters say they now know good morning. it is 7:26. firefighters know what caused an early morning fire in concord. it started because someone was cooking and fell asleep, causing that fire. everyone made it out safely and firefighters say it had a lot to do with working smoke alarms. it happened 4:00 on ellis street south of willow road. the unit was heavily damaged by flames there. right now we want to get a check of your morning commute there, right now. we turn to your weather, actually, vianey arana in for kari this morning. >> now that we've hit sunrise, you can appreciate the dark,
7:27 am
high clouds i was mentions all morning long. 52 degrees in san francisco, and wind speeds are nice and light in san francisco, but they've already started to get pretty gusty. i know that we are expecting to see an increase in the wind speeds into the afternoon. you can see some spots near santa rosa, 24-mile-per-hour winds, down through the santa cruz mountains and san jose has been seeing some gusty conditions, and it's only expected to get stronger, right around 2:00. look at the wind speeds for orinda, san francisco, napa, all 25-plus miles-per-hour in the afternoon. >> you're talking about wind speeds, i'm talking about speed speeds, they're very good around the bay. south bay two issues. west 237 still slow toward 101, an earlier crash, all the activities out of the roadway but the center divide is still a big distraction for folks there and through sunnyveil. north 85, just past 17 around winchester, another crash, and slowing southbound headlights
7:28 am
palo alto toward university, the volume is building and we see the clouds start to build around the bay as vianey is talking about rain. >> we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. ♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back.
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as we look at the temperatures and conditions at 5:00, partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. 65 degrees. falling barometer. 52%, the relative humidity. >> look at you, al roker. that was one of your first appearances here on "today." >> actually, that's wnbc. >> that's wnbc, right across the street, which is the same thing. this week, it's all about you, al. this is your 40th year at nbc. how do you feel, by the way? >> a more momentous occasion, my sister, alisa's birthday today. >> that's what this is all about.
7:31 am
>> exactly. oh. we have lots to celebrate. >> we're going to celebrate a lot more with mr. roker later in the show. let's start with a check of today's headlines. the gunman wanted in a deadly attack at a christmas market in france, was killed in a shoot-out last night with police. french officials say they spotted him in straussbusbourg night. when he fired at officers, they shot and killed him. he had a lengthy criminal record and was on a watch list. it was snowy on a highway and things got ugly quickly. cash spilled out when the back door of an armored car malfunctioned. people have a duty to return the money that was taken. last night, $700,000 had been turned in. but no word on how much is missing.
7:32 am
if you don't get a christmas card from the royals this year, it's okay. we got you covered pup kensington palace released the photos this morning. look at that photo. that was taken at ann moore hall. and the duke and duchess are sending out pictures for the first year of marriage. that was taken back in may. tied to embattled former cbs chief, les moonves, involves actors from hit shows on the network past and present. stephanie gosk has been following this story. she joins us with the latest. >> reporter: you may know eliza from "buffy the vampire slayer." the actress was pushed off of the show after she confronted a male star about his alleged bad behavior on the set. this comes as cybill shepherd claims her award-winning show
7:33 am
"cybill," was pulled after she rejected advances by former cbs chief les moonves. overnight, new revelations of a settlement with eliza. it came to light during an investigation into sexual harassment accusations against the network's former ceo, les m moonves. "the new york times" learned that cbs paid her $9.5 million confidential settlement, after she was written off of the show, "bull." she believes her exit from the show was retaliation for confronting the show's star, for what she says were inappropriate comments art her appearance and off-color jokes. they both declined to comment to nbc. in a statement to "the times," weather lly denied he pushed fo her removal. when eliza told me she wasn't comfortable with my language and attempts at humor, i was
7:34 am
mortified to have offended her. after reflecting on this further, i understand that what i said was not funny or appropriate. according to "the times," cbs confirmed the settlement and pledged to improve working conditions. it's not black eye for the network. on thursday, cybill shepherd said in a radio interview, her show was canceled in 1998, after she rejected advances by moonves. >> his assistant and my assistant made a dinner date. and we went to it. he was telling me his wife doesn't turn him on. his mistress doesn't turn him on. >> reporter: then, she says the dinner got more uncomfortable. >> i'm watching him drink alcohol and i'm going -- he says, why don't you let me take you home. i said, i have a ride. and i had my car outside, with a good friend of mine who is an off-duty lapd officer. >> reporter: shortly thereafter, she started to have issues with the show, which she says could
7:35 am
have run another five years. cbs declined to comment and moonves did not respond for our request to comment. in september, moonves was forced to step down as chief of cbs. his lawyer told "the new york times," his client denies having nonc nonconsensual sexual encounters. on the line is $120 million severance pay. we reached out shepherd for comment. she's not doing interviews right now. >> what do we know about the accusations with charlie rose? >> cbs has settled with three employees for alleged failure to act by charlie rose. >> stephanie, thank you. let's go to al, who is in the 40th year of broadcasting
7:36 am
here at nbc. >> feels like all today. we are looking at a break in the temperatures, from the northwest, all the way to the northeast. we're looking at warmer-than-usual temperatures. look for temperatures getting up to 36 in duluth. that doesn't sound warm but it's above average. philly, 52 degrees. nashville, 60 degrees today. over the weekend, boston, you'll see 53. amarillo, 62. minneapolis almost at 40 degrees. right into next week, we're looking at temperatures warming up into the 50s in washington, d.c. 60s in atlanta. and 40s in des moines. we definitely have got the gray cloud cover, overcast skies over san francisco right now. 52 degrees. we're expecting those winds to pick up as a sign of showers makes its way through. live look at satellite, we have plenty of cloud cover, but we've also got that moisture, that will bring some rain especially for the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. as we head in toward the
7:37 am
afternoon, expect wind speeds to significantly start to pick up, especially right around 2:00, wind speeds will be upwards of 20 miles per hour. . >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. just ahead, you're not just another face in the crowd if you're at a taylor swift concert. the new questions about how her team is using high-tech to help protect her. also, the show must go on. natalie's exclusive interview with the star duo from "flip or flop" as their marriage ends and the series moves ahead. and willie, sitting down with jerry seinfeld, who tells us how he was almost snubbed by nbc. nbc. the ever since darrell's family started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. [darrell's wife] uh, honey, isn't that the dog's towel? [dog sfx]
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7:43 am
many cases, for the first time this year. cannabis retailers are rolling into the holiday spirit. >> christmas and cannabis is the most fantastic thing of the year. >> reporter: the result, pot shops across the country are expecting a sales high. last year, combined cannabis sales in colorado, nevada and washington, where recreational pot is legal, increased 10% over the week of thanksgiving. and they also saw a 22% rise in sales the week before christmas, a trend expected to repeat itself this holiday season. >> in our california and colorado and nevada stores, we've merchandised the store to celebrate the holidays. >> reporter: from edibles, to ointment, and perfume, they hope to make it an experience for pot buyers.
7:44 am
>> i would have to get the gift in an alley, the fact that i can buy a legal gift for people is great. >> reporter: medman has a little something for anyone looking for a gift for someone on their nice or naughty list. >> now she's ready for holiday spirit. >> reporter: the most popular gift, edibles. with cannabis-infused chocolate sales going up 52%. >> we have products just for the holidays. you can get peppermint bark infused with cannabis. >> reporter: a unique stocking stuffer, keeping spirits high for the holidays. christmas isn't the last sale spike pot shops are expecting. new year's eve is another day people are looking forward for a new high. the sale of infused beverages, almost double. >> we know what we're getting for miguel for christmas. >> not across state lines. i need to tell you that. >> in california. >> thank you.
7:45 am
>> a little something for everybody. coming up next, the pop star and privacy. new questions how taylor swift is using facial recognition technology at concerts in a bid to stay safe from stalkers. >> i forget you're our chief legal correspondent. i forget that. give joy, get joy. at kohl's!... with an extra 15 or 20% off!... save on fleece for the family... diamond earrings - just $29.74... and an air fryer!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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taylor swift. taylor swift thanked fans for birthday wishes as she turned 29 this week. but it's how she's dealing with unwa unwanted attention that is making headlines. >> reporter: taylor swift has endure ed being harassed by stalkers. now, the singer is fighting back using cutting-edge technology. taylor swift, blasting out a new trailer for a netflix movie about her reputation stadium tour. >> i love you guys so, so, so much. >> reporter: but when fans went to see the pop star in concert didn't know, is they might have been screened using facial
7:50 am
recognition software. at a show, fans got a chance to visit a kiosk that played rehearsal videos. for someone who attended the concert, while fans watched the video, their pictures were taken. those pictures were cross referenced against a database of the pop star's stalkers, using facial recognition technology. for swift, the threat of stalkers is very real. just last week, a 22-year-old florida man pled guilty to breaking into swift's home last april. "the new york post" reported that he was sleeping in her bed after using her shower. the singer wasn't home at the time. facial recognition technology has been used by chinese authorities to catch fugitives. ticketmaster said it had been beta testing for similar use at live events. privacy advocates are raising concerns. the aclu saying that swift
7:51 am
didn't break any laws, but saying it's unethical if people aren't told it's happening. whether or not this is our future, the episode is bringing a new meaning to the face value of your ticket. swift did not return calls for a statement. we also reached out to the course of the "rolling stone" article but did not receive a response. what do you think? >> stalking is unethical. the argument can be made, yeah. >> if you look online, swifty fans, there's no bad blood at all. they are behind their girl. >> "bad blood" is the name of the song. >> thank you, gadi. natalie sits down with the stars of "flip or flop" as they open up about working together after their marriage ended. and this week, perhaps you've heard, al's 40th at nbc. we're going to look back at some of the fun times. there have been many. it's his big al-iversary. >> yes. >> first, your local news and
7:52 am
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7:57 am
it is 7:56 and as you head out the door, you'll notice the dark clouds. this is a live look over san francisco. we have strong, gusty conditions overnight, and we do have some incoming rain. this is exactly what satellite radar looks like right now. you can see the cloud cover and approaching moisture that is expected to trickle in within the next couple of hours or so. another thing you'll notice is the increase in the wind speeds especially for the north bay and santa cruz mountains. voeps at about at 2:00 you'll notice winds increasing through san jose and redwood city. orinda 22-mile-per-hour winds as well as napa and the line of showers right around 1:00 we'll start to see the rain start moving south of the golden gate bridge, pushing at the rear portions of the south bay and the peninsula between 5:00 and
7:58 am
6:00 and we'll get some trickles into early saturday morning. we're looking at the south bay map, there's much less red. not much of that. that means things are smoothed out. behind the 101 shield we have a crash north 101 just about shoreline, it happened in the last few minutes. little more slowing into mountain view and palo alto, the northbound side. nothing major seems like it's going on there or for much of the rest of the bay. approaching the bay bridge toll plaza slow at the berkeley curve, of course, but it's just the fast track lanes. state emergency energy leaders are discussing a plan to shut off power lines. the idea behind it is to limit the risk of another major wildfire. the meeting comes after several recent fires were connected to faulty pg&e lines. the meeting is set to get under way in santa rosa in about an hour. get more of the back story on our home page. former first lady michelle obama stops in san jose for her book tour tonight, promoting
7:59 am
"becoming." go to our twitter feed right now to learn more about her visit. i'm marcus washington. commute o kari hall and nbc bay are storm ranger will be tracking the storm that )s expected to bring a lot of rain across the bay area. and mike inouye will be watching the roads.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, war of words. the president's lawyer is speaking out this morning in his first interview since being sentenced and is pointing fingers. >> he directed me to make the payments. he directed me to become involved in these matters. >> whatever he did, he did on his own. >> what happens now? we're live at the white house. plus, close talking with jerry seinfeld. >> i never thought i could make a nonfriend laugh. >> no turning back from there for you? >> no. that was it. >> willie sits down with the comedian to talk about his incredible career and how his show about nothing almost never was. >> i think the line was, no
8:01 am
segment of the audience expressed an interest in seeing the show again. >> i figured we were dead at that point. it was over. and happy al-iversary. >> here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we're celebrating al at nbc, and we have surprises for everybody's favorite weatherman. you don't want to miss it. "today," december 14th, 2018. >> we're here to celebrate your 40th anniversary, al. >> good morning to our kids. >> back in south carolina. ♪ >> here, to meet the man. >> the myth. >> the legend. >> al roker. >> all i want for my 18th birthday is to meet al roker. >> today's forecast calls for celebration.
8:02 am
>> happy al-iversary. >> it's fine. and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." so nice to have you with us on a friday morning. this is not just any friday. >> uh-huh. >> this is the day we celebrate this man right here. 40 years of al. >> you will have to soak it in. this guy hates taking a compliment or anything. we are making sure you enjoy it all today. >> it's very nice. everybody here has been nice to me. >> look how awkward this is for you. >> you are never like this. >> i know. it's my sister's birthday. >> hello. >> it will be fun. let's get to the news at 8:00, just days after he was sentenced to prison, michael cohen is sounding off in a new interview. kristen welker joins us with the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump is capping the week on a defiant note, insisting he never directed his former attorney, michael cohen, do anything wrong.
8:03 am
but cohen is refuting mr. trump in an interview. his message, president trump did direct him to make the hush money payments to silence two women who claim they have sexual encounters with mr. trump. allegations the president and his aides deny. >> nothing at the trump organization was ever done unless it was run through mr. trump. he directed me, as i said in my allocution. and i said as well in the plea, he directed me to make the payments. he directed me to become involved in these matters. >> reporter: on thursday, president trump said cohen acted on his own and insisted his only mistake was hiring cohen in the first place, all adding fuel to democrats who are vowing investigations in the new year. savannah? >> kristen welker, thank you. some republicans voted with
8:04 am
democrats on thursday to withdraw u.s. military support for the saudi-led war in yemen. senators voted unanimously to hold saudi's crown prince responsible for jamal khashoggi's murder. president trump said it is in the u.s. national interest to maintain ties with saudi arabia. flooding concerns are on the rise as a massive storm rolls across the country, with high winds and drenching rains. mr. roker has it mapped out for us. trouble especially down south. >> and into the east. we're talking about the same storm we were telling you about on tuesday. we have flash flood watches for 28 million people d.c. to florida. also, parts of missouri. through tomorrow, we have a risk of severe weather, from southeastern georgia into central florida, as the heavy showers and thunderstorms roll in ahead of this double-barrel low. a flood risk in the southeast today. northeast will see the rain by this evening. as we move into tomorrow, the
8:05 am
rain is up and down the east coast. more wet weather back through the midwest. and sunday, lingering rain in the northeast. on the backside of this system, look for snow making its way for the interior sections of new york and new england, the northeast of new england. excessive rainfall, and flood risk. airport delays down to miami and tampa. and the roads, i-64, i-75, i-85, and i-95, from d.c. to daytona beach, all being affected. >> thanks, al. a california man spent nearly five hours inside a car submerged in a river. rescuers used a tow truck to lift the car. they couldn't see anybody inside. rescuers were stunned that someone survived. the 28-year-old driver says he did so by breathing from an air pocket inside the car. he was taken to the hospital and released the next day. >> that's a miracle. i'll give you another "boost."
8:06 am
parents put a lot of work into raising their kids. this mom was having a little fun at her 10-year-old's expense. take a look. ♪ it gets better. the fan cam caught mandy singing along to kelly clarkson's hit. her son reacts like any child would. he tucks himself away in the hoodie. mom says that blake is keeping count of the views they've wracked up. the only reason i found this is because kelly clarkson retweeted it. >> blake is like, don't retweet it. >> blake and kelly, it makes perfect sense. coming up, jerry seinfeld sits down with willie for an exclusive interview. and that reminded us of something. >> elaine? elaine? >> guess your boyfriend will have to catch the next train.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
we're back on this al-iversary, playing al's favorite song. he's the "a-team" being here for 40 years. >> you made a lot of friends along the way, here on the plaza and on the internet, as well. >> social media users are using the hash tag. congrats on 40 years. way to live your best life. >> bernie posted, congratulations on your 40th anniversary on nbc. i've. wat been watching you for years. and the best co-worker anyone can have. that's true. if you want to keep the messages coming, let's keep them going all day. use #aliversary. >> we're going to get to al's
8:11 am
celebration in a few minutes. but mr. willie geist got an interview with jerry seinfd.el >> i'm surprised you didn't do "the a-team" speech. impressive restraint. we were able to sit down be jerry signeinfeld at the beacon theater. here's a piece of our interview that will air in fulon "sunday today." do you remember the first time that someone told you you were funny? was it your mom or dad? >> i was never funny around them. but my friends did. i thought they were just as funny. the first time i got up in a little club in midtown manhattan, at the golden lion pub, and they laughed, that was -- i never thought i could make a nonfriend laugh. >> no turning back from there
8:12 am
for you? >> no. that was it. >> medium crab bisque. >> i didn't get any bread. >> just forget it. let it go. >> reporter: as you moved along and into "seinfeld"seinfeld," i interviewed julia louis-dreyfus for the show. and there was that note. i think the line was, no segment of the audience expressed an interest in seeing the show again. >> right. >> how did you get through that? how did you power over that? >> i figured we were dead at that point. it was over. the whole reason i got the series, is my manager wrote a note to the president of nbc. it was one sentence. it said, call me a crazy guy, but i think someday, jerry seinfeld will be doing a series
8:13 am
on nbc. when he wrote that note, it was 1988. i had been on "the tonight show" for seven years, three times a year, destroying, for seven years. >> is anybody using the breast pocket on your pajamas? you put a pen in there and roll over in the middle of the night and kill yourself. >> and george has to say this to nbc. i know this sounds crazy. what was so crazy about the idea? there was no competition. there was the only game in town. a guy like me -- i would never have gotten past my second set today before they would have grabbed me. this guy is pretty good. just grab him. let's do -- somebody come up with something for this kid. >> put him on netflix, hulu. something. >> he's decent. >> he told me a story that happened two days before our
8:14 am
interview, when he first realized the impact of his show, "s "seinfe "seinfeld." it's an amazing story. his guard is down, almost emotional. i finally understood 20 years after the series why it was so important. why it means so much to so many people. >> we quote it here every day. >> exactly. you'll get to see the rest of the interview on "sunday today." >> willie, thank you. al, i can't believe this. i have to leave a little early. i am wishing you a happy al-iversary. love you so much. >> love you. >> now, can we have the weather? >> oh, get to work. we are looking at severe storms firing up today, stretching from the lower mississippi river valley into the southeast. warmth will return to the plains. that will spread east. wet and windy weather in northern california, all the way to t
8:15 am
and you heard al. wet and windy is what we're tracking especially in the morning and mid afternoon. here's what it looks like in san francisco. live picture. you see the dark pictures out there. this is what we're tracking. satellite shows the rain approaching the bay area. it will move from north to south. we'll see it early on in the north bay and move down toward the south bay by the afternoon. as far as temperatures go, temperatures will trend in the low 60s. >> and that's what's going on. >> come on in. >> come on, everybody. >> yikes. >> we're late to the party. >> come on in, willie. >> never leave us. >> we're all here. >> thank you for that forecast and for the thousands of forecasts that you've done over the last 40 years here at nbc. 22 of those here at the "today" show. it ee's time to look back on th four decades and your incredible accomplishments.
8:16 am
>> al, here are a few. by our estimates, you have survived 2,200 wake-ups. covered 24 rose parades. 23 thanksgiving day parades. 11 olympics, among other events. >> let the rokerthon begin. my people. >> what's not to love about al? >> forget about the suntans. >> i love everything about al. >> i'm going to tell you, these king penguins are really smart. >> al roker has been around since almost the beginning of television. >> i guess not. >> i'll's al roker. i grew up watching him. >> i got just a teeny bit of drizzle. >> he's been there longer than i can remember. >> i knew from the beginning, he was a great piece of talent. >> been at the olympics. we've traveled together. >> he wakes up every day. and he never forgets how lucky he is to get to do this job. >> yes. >> to get to interview all of
8:17 am
our idols. >> i'm quitting the weather. i'm moving out here. >> to make people laugh and share a little bit of their lives. it's contagious. >> a big shoutout for al roker. >> all anyone ever wants to do is meet al roker. >> if you want to get recognized in an airport, travel with al roker. everybody's like, al. >> al roker, i see you, al. >> al roker. all right. >> it can be freezing outside. al roker will go out outside, shake hands, literally hold babies. >> there are more al roker signs. more al roker hugs. >> people can empathize with him. they can relate to him. >> he loves the viewers. and i think you feel that every time you turn on the television. >> boom. all right. >> nobody does weather like al roker. >> let me practice. and here's what's happening in -- wait, hold on. >> that's what's going around -- what does he say?
8:18 am
>> it's not in your neck of the words. >> that's what's going on around the country. >> here's what's happening -- >> -- in your neck of the woods. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it's harder to say. >> some think that he is a warm, jolly weatherman. but he takes his craft very seriously. >> when it comes to big events that affect people around this country, he wants to be there. >> we're okay. >> nobody works harder and nobody has more compassion for victims of storms and bad circumstances. >> al is really great with trivia and pop culture. >> everybody do the urkle. >> he's so dang funny. >> the guy is quicker than anybody i know. he always lands the joke. >> you're from norway? >> no. >> did you drive here in a fjord? >> he's references movies nobody
8:19 am
has seen. he's making us laugh and we don't know why. >> i get his jokes. >> the first rokerthon, he went to the bathroom and didn't realize he was everywhere. >> on the air, we're down right romantic. >> al was the first person who reached out and wanted to get to know me. who is this girl who came from washington? what's she all about? >> thrilled to be here. >> i was so nervous. he greeted me with such a big hug. he was so kind. he gave me words of advice. >> it was the day i had come out of breast cancer surgery. and i was sitting in my hospital room. he walked in and sat at the edge of my bed. to this day, i will never forget that, as long as i live. >> i remember when my husband, jay, died in 1998. al was so incredibly supportive and caring. >> that's al's thing. he shows up. he shows up for life. he shows up for his friends. he's the guy who is cheering you
8:20 am
on. and i feel like, in a world where so many people are about themselves, al is about you. >> 40 years at nbc. holy [ bleep ]. >> oh, my gosh. i thought i had been there a long time. but that's impressive. >> you have been working hard longer than i've been alive. >> i just adore you so much. >> you're a trail blazer. you're a friend. you're a mentor. >> you're the heart and soul of this place. you bring the warmth and the compassion and the fun that is so important in what we do. >> you define nbc. most people are part of it. you define the whole entity. >> thank you. thank you for being a shining example. >> thank you for showing us the way. >> thank you for being there, for all of your colleagues, every, single day. >> go, go, go. and keep going. >> keep spreading that joy, years and years from now. >> here's to another 40 years. i love you, al.
8:21 am
>> wow. >> mr. roker. mr. roker. [ applause ] >> thank you. oh, thank you. thank you. >> al roker. [ applause ] >> all right. al? >> you know, from the moment i stepped foot at wkyc in cleveland, when it was owned by nbc, to getting a job at wnbc, i thought i had tdied and gone to heaven, to being here with all of you. it's been an amazing ride. willard scott, and you, and my kids, and my bride, they all -- i couldn't do this without everybody. >> we want to give you some roses. >> bacon. bacon. i would have gotten it myself,
8:22 am
but i don't have thumbs. it's fantastic. >> a couple more friends want to show support. they have sent some special messages for you. take a look. >> al, i thought 25 years of doing the "oprah" show. i was feeling good with that. i thought that was a milestone record. then, i hear about you. 40 years. 4-0. you win. you got it. congratulations. you win. >> hi. this is tina fey. i want to say congratulations, al roker, on your 40th nbc anniversa anniversary. you make lorne michaels took like a part-time employee. >> happy anniversary. >> mr. roker, sir. happy 40th anniversary. we're proud of you. we all love you so, so very much. and we need you every morning. so, don't go anywhere. here's to another 40 years. and here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:23 am
have a great day, man. i hope you have an awesome time celebrating this moment. hi, everybody. hi, "today" show family. >> al, congratulations, man. 40 years. 40 years. you know what? you've been there so long, i think god will call you and figure out what the weather is going to be today. >> hi, al. happy anniversary. 40 years, i can't believe it. i have to tell you, the weather without al is like coffee without cream. >> happy 40th anniversary with nbc. that is so significant because it's literal ly longer than i'v been alive. take what you will from that, al. i take joy. i hope that's what you take, as well. love you, buddy. >> oh, my goodness. it keeps coming. >> but there's more. >> okay. >> we thought, what is a
8:24 am
celebration without a cake? we got to have a cake. >> bring in the cake. >> oh. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> not bad, al. >> sending love from paris. they're sorry they can't be here. i got my passport stamped. >> i was going to say. >> congratulations. >> thank you to all of you. thank you to all of you for putting up with me for all this
8:25 am
time. i really appreciate all of the bad dad jokes. thank you so much. >> what is the highlight over four decades? >> just getting to come here. it really is. my dad always said, if you can look in the mirror and say, you've done your best at the end of the day and you like the people you've worked with, you've had a good day. and i miss them more than i can possibly tell. i wish they were here for this. but thank you. >> we love you, al roker. [ applause ] >> all right. we're going to continue this party in the next half hour. >> it's not over. >> have you smelled this cake? >> next half hour, the stars from "flip or flop" and more celebrating al. deborah, nick, thank you so much. >> thank you, buddy. >> after your local news. i )m .
8:26 am
facebook users may soon be able to watch tv straight from their app. according to recode, the soci it's 8:26. facebook users you might be able to watch tv from your facebook app. the facebook media giant wants to get into the streaming incident. they're now in touch with hit shows like "game of thrones" and insiders say they may be recording starz. they would be able to view it on facebook watch. the service may eventually be tied in on other platforms including roku. a lot to think about, mike. >> a lot. all right. we'll show you this. the movie media right here is
8:27 am
it. the speed son sores are moving a lot better than they were over the last hour. things have improved. south bay is smoothing out. the worst is getting in toward the bay bridge. san francisco, 280, crash at 101 there. it it's a little better. over there east shore freeway. we turn it up. i'm sorry. we show you the bay bridge and the fast track lane. both are held up here starting to move a little smoother. they're showing the slow drive from berkeley all the way down to the curve. despite that backup, we're still at 15 minutes. that's not bad, back to you. >> thank you, mike. we have more local news coming up in just a half hour. ♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
back, now, at 8:30 on this friday morning. it is december 14th. we are so happy to see all these smiling faces, especially the one that is standing here with us, mr. al roker. we're going to get back to him in a second. jenna is spreading holiday cheer, too. jenna is collecting toys for our toy drive. that's going to get us to the "crowd moment."
8:31 am
you look fine, deborah roberts. you look fine. the crowd has another surprise for you, al. are you ready? are you sure? here we go. three, two, one. go. yes. yes. >> but there's more. >> how about that? >> wow. >> there's more. there's more. in your honor today, we have decided to rename the plaza. >> wow. >> rokerfeller plaza. >> if i get one-tenth of the rent they charge, i'm out of here today. >> is it all sinking in? deborah, what do you think? >> i said, keep it classy.
8:32 am
>> this is really sweet. thank you. >> we're so happy, deborah, you guys came together. >> i didn't know it was 40 years. i had no idea i was with an older guy. >> another 40 years, i'll be announcing my own smucker's jar. coming up this half hour, natalie is going to sit down with the stars of "flip or flop," for their first interview together, since their divorce. ahead, we found household gadgets that will take stress out of the holidays, like the hangover helper. and recipes that are perfect as giving as gift. first, al roker, will you give us a check of the weather? >> absolutely. let's see what we've devogot fo your weekend. >> this "sunday night football" weather is brought to you by verizon, the plan you need on the network you deserve. >> all righty. let's see what we have for your weekend. we're going to get to "sunday night football" in a moment. your outlook. soaking rains in the ohio river
8:33 am
valley in the mid-atlantic and northeast. we're looking at a return to warmth for the plains. but cooler and clear out to the north. and sunday, sunday, a wintry mix in the northeast. another storm coming into the pacific northwest, in the northern california. will it make a country-wide tr it's cloudy, and we're tracking windy and rainy conditions into the afternoon. this is what it looks like right now in san francisco, but by about 9:00, 10:00, we're starting to see showers. you see that approaching system getting closer to the bay area, and this is expected to bring air peri periods of light rain. as far as your temperature trend, we're expecting low to mid-60s with plenty of cloud cover into the evening.
8:34 am
14. >> today has been a good day. but the best day, we save for last. "sunday night football" night in america. a bird of prey, the philadelphia eagles, flying into the rams. rams, into a bird. you have to tune at the l.a. memorial coliseum. it's eagles versus rams. it begins at 7:00, on "sunday night football" night in america. back to you. >> after 40 years, he brings it like that. >> that man is amazing. now, to our series "hgtv holiday on today." natalie morales s >> for seven seasons, they weret the husband and wife team whose love of home design and each other made "flip or flop" a hit. then, earlier this year, the couple divorced. as the old saying goes, the show must go on.
8:35 am
in the first interview since they split the tension between the two is very clear. we first met them six years ago after a successful audition launched their careers on the hit show, "flip or flop." >> we bought this place cash. >> reporter: they buy ugly, rundown houses, sometimes sight unseen, and transform them to beautiful homes and make a nice profit and great tv. then fame and fortune took a toll on their marriage. >> flipping houses put us in the spotlight. >> when our marriage fell apart, it was more public than we ever could have imagined. >> reporter: was there a thought to, let's walk our separate paths and go our separate race? >> it was up and down. we shot the pilot in summer of '11. we've been doing this for a long time. it's part of who we are and what we do. for us to throw everything away, it wasn't worth it. >> we have two amazing kids together.
8:36 am
it's easier to get along. >> reporter: while they are back and working together on season eight of their show, getting along is easier said than done. are there days that you want to kill him? >> of course. today might be one of them. >> are there days when i don't want to kill her? >> reporter: is it easier now, now that divorce is done. or when you were shooting the shows when the relationship was going through the rough patch? >> i think it's easier now. >> than when? >> like two years ago. >> oh, not at all. >> oh, god. it is, just ignore him. >> reporter: after their 2016 split, the lingering tension was undeniable. at times, the couple's fights were so bad, they made it on the show. >> one of the worst days on set, they got into an argument over a design issue. with everything going on, it became personal. and other things came up. >> i'm over it. >> over what? >> as the director, i sat back, just listening to see when they
8:37 am
were going to cross the line. when they did, i jumped in and i got in the middle of it. i didn't want them to continue to fight. >> i want to live my life and come here and do my job. i can't do my job if you don't let me talk. >> reporter: what about dating? how has that been handled? you have a relationship going. i believe you've said that you approve? >> yeah. he's great. >> reporter: that sounded whole hearted. >> he seems like a good guy. my kids seem to like him. >> reporter: what about you? are you dating? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: does it matter if she approves or doesn't approve? >> i don't think i'll have a relationship for some time. >> reporter: their business is going strong. when they're not taking swipes at each other, it is usually a wall or kitchen cabinets taking the hits. they make it look easy. i pitched in the most recent renovation project and nearly took out half the crew. >> here's the trick, you never swing towards people.
8:38 am
the things go flying towards them. >> reporter: now you tell me? >> she was coaching you. >> i'm good. i'm good. i'm good, thank you. >> reporter: this is therapy, guys. they clearly have things to work out. as for the renovation on that particular house, you have to wait until season eight of "flip or flop." it premieres on hgtv in the spring. coming up early next year, christine will get her own show called "christina on the coast" on hgtv. >> that's awkward. >> you should see the whole interview. up next, how to keep kids busy cooking this holiday season. we'll learn about gadgets and products that will make the holidays easier. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. holidays easier. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home.
8:39 am
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better holiday basics is brought to you by starbucks. sip a cup of magic. our series showcasing innovative ideas for everyday products. this morning it's all about holiday helpers and gadgets that can make these coming weeks a little simpler, a little less stressful as well. lifestyle expert jen is back. she has scoured stores for the products that will change our lives. when you come, you bring the cool stuff. >> we have good stuff today, starting with something i love. if you're entertaining and you're making a sauce, you're stuck. you're tethered to the stove. this is better than a wooden spoon you're going to serve with. this is an automatic stirrer. if you have a sauce that needs to be stirred, you turn it on. it's a timer on the bottom. you set the time. and you leave it in there. it turns both ways.
8:42 am
it stirs the sauce and you can entertain your guests, have a cocktail, and chat with your friends. >> how much is this? >> $35 at uncommon goods. >> that's pretty cool. can we keep it going? >> we can turn it off. >> going to set the studio on fire here. >> i can't turn it off. >> i'll take that for you. >> we have -- i know. there we go. perfect. this is mabel's labels. these are wash away labels. better than the guess of what you're supposed to be eating, if something is old new. these, you can write the date and they wash off. totally dissolve under hot water. if you have leftovers from a party, label them. >> that's a great idea. 'tis the season for holiday cards. >> with holiday cards, you just stuff them in a drawer or throw them away. we have two solutions. first up are these clip lights. we found these on amazon.
8:43 am
they are lights with little photo clips. >> that's cool. >> it becomes decor. it gives you a place to put them. this is a cool innovation. >> how many cards can it hold? >> 30 or 40 cards. it's long. it will cover the width of a house. indoors and outdoor. i think this so smart. itsa stand. it's a removable stand. you can turn your cards into a work of art. you can display them on the mantle. you take off the adhesive strips. you put it on the back of the card and reuse it. then, you have a photo display. >> and that can't be that expensive? >> no. $5 per pack. you can use it all year round. >> what are these? >> scentcickles. >> better than your candle that can be dangerous.
8:44 am
or an aroma spray that doesn't smell so great. tree, these are little faux pine sprigs that have scent in them. they last for 30 days. you put it in the tree, in the garland, and it smells like you have a real tree. >> what is this? >> this is better than your basic glassware. this is stainless steel glassware. don't serve your guests warm cocktails. this keeps them nice and cool. >> they look great, too. >> and they're lightweight. they look high-end like a nice cocktail glassware. but it will keep everything cold for you. >> expensive or no? >> no. and it's dishwasher save. if you're not a wine or martini drinker, this is for beer. you can open this up at the bottom. you slip it in. it fits it perfectly. neoprene inside. it won't crack. and it keeps it cold and carbonated. >> that's perfect. i'm taking that with me actually.
8:45 am
of all of the items, i find this one the most fascinating. tell viewers what this is. >> these are filters. it's called drink pure wine. for glasses or full bottles of wine. this is better than your hangover cure. you're getting ahead of the game. you're putting this in a glass of wine. it takes out the sulfates and the histamines. it filters the wine. so you don't have a hangover the next day. >> i can take it out to drink it. >> i tested it heavily. i took it upon myself to make sure you get the great effects and the taste of wine. >> here's the thing, this may seem awkward asking at 8:45 in the morning. do i get the wine buzz? >> no more awkward than drinking the red wine at this hour. cheers. you get all the buzz. all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff. why wouldn't you put this in your wine? >> ridiculously expensive? >> no. i believe the bottle one is $9.99 and the filters for the individual glasses, around the same. >> if you're shopping for craig
8:46 am
melvin, take a look at that. >> if you want something fun for kids, these are flavored drink bombs. you drop it in. natural ingredients. you put a little ice in there. >> my kids would love that. >> and they're delicious. >> you throw in ice and there you go. >> let's get to these two. >> these adorable girls. this is chalk of the town t-shirts. instead of a basic outfit, these have chalkboards on them. you can draw whatever you want. >> you're artistic, by the way. >> when you're done, if you want to start over, you dab it with a damp wash cloth and start over again. >> machine washable? >> machine washable. and you can reuse them. we have fun examples here, kid sizes and adult. >> thank you so much. to find out information on the holiday helpers and a few surprise others, head to just ahead, we'll whip up tasty holiday treats that make great gifts or you can eat them yourself, as well. this is "today" on nbc. or you
8:47 am
yourself, as well. this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
this morning on "blueprint on today," we're cooking up tree treats. gail simmons combined with dylan to create videos for your cooking needs. we made a honey crunch that was a little stressful. take a look. >> there we go. my goodness. my heart is racing. >> now, watch behind you. i'm going to come behind you with mine. >> just pour it right out. >> it's crazy how fluffy it is. >> isn't it fun? >> like fluffy marshmallow. my arm is so sore right now. >> all right. we did it. look how great that looks.
8:50 am
>> i'm sweating. it takes a lot of effort to get this just right. it's a science experiment. >> it is. but it's perfect and so fun. >> you're burning calories to eat it. >> it was a weight training class. >> that's one of the recipes you have to check out. what we're making today, wait until you bite into these lemon bars. they are a great holiday gift. great for dessert. easy. i'm starting with my dough for the crust. i buzzed them up. >> you have never had them before. >> you can substitute hazel nuts or almonds and walnuts. you put it into a pan, and press it down. that's beautiful. and then, i'm making my lemon curd. this is like a super easy lemon curd. egg. and pour in that lemon juice. everything. fresh lemon juice.
8:51 am
sugar. it is going to be sweet. remember, you're not eating it all. you are sharing it for the holidays. >> is this flour? >> yes. >> and my favorite ingredient, is fresh lemon zest. >> this is a perfect gift if you're going to a house and you need a hostess gift. >> you put that together and let it sit for five minutes. all of the foam comes to the top. you want to skim that off. it looks like this. and i'm going to pour it into the finish. this is baked. thank you, dylan. i want you with me at all times. >> we learned a lot working together. >> you bake another 20 minutes. first -- >> the rosemary. >> you have to sprinkle rosemary. >> is that a strange spice to
8:52 am
have on a sweet thing? >> it adds a little essential oil. and it makes it seasonal. in the summer, do it with blueberries. on the holidays, do it with rosemary. >> isn't they amazing? >> you really are the perfect holiday treat. bright sunshine. >> what are we making here? >> bacon jam. i'm obsessed with the gopro on my pot. i'm going to dump in my aroma c aromatics. it all goes in. >> you keep the fat in there, too. >> yes. you have only about two tablespoons of fat. you stir it until it's soft. if you would put in water, brown sugar and my flavoring. sage and rosemary, orange zest. >> the brown sugar gives it that sweet taste? >> yes. orange zest is my secret
8:53 am
ingredient in here. cool it down. and it comes out like a beautiful marmalade. it's amazing on cheese platters. i love it on oysters. krus te it's great on crustini. >> thank you so much, gail. for these recipes, click on tod and head to to get all of the food classes. we'l
8:54 am
8:55 am
we've been having such a blast, celebrating 40 years of al roker. we're pleased to report that #aliversary is trending on twitter. >> waterworks all around. and we're still going. >> you have a lot coming up on the weekend. what do you have?
8:56 am
>> coming up tomorrow, with holidays happening over the next few weeks, an important question to be answered. should you spend money on that expensive wine or just get a box? we're going to do a taste test to see if we can tell the difference. that and, of course, my interview with mark and donnie wahlberg's mom,i )m - -... california )s energy leaders are trying to gauge reaction to the idea of allowing utilities like p-g-an . good morning. 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. they're allowing utilities like pg&e to cut power. they voted to give that plan a closer look. several recent fires are blamed on power lines and malfunction.
8:57 am
the cpuc is now planning to get some feedback by holding a series of public workshops. and happening right now, the first of those workshops is getting under way in santa rosa. that was the city that was ravaged by the tubbs wild five that was a little more than a year ago. also firefighters now believe a kitchen mishap sparked a fire in concord. someone fell asleep as they were cooking. firefighters crediting the working smoke alarms for getting everyone out safely. you can see the link to our full story on our home page j and south bay is getting a visit from first lady michelle obama to promote her new book. that event gets under way at 8:00 tonight. commute on monday
8:58 am
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lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. live, from studio 6a, this is "today." >> good morning, everyone. and welcome. this is a very, very special day. we need a t-shirt for you. >> i know. i wore this nice dress. and now, i'm stuck wearing your t-shirt. >> here with dylan, craig, sheinelle, and the man of the hour, or two hours. >> three, counting this one. >> it is a very special morning because al is celebrating 0 years here at nbc. what a milestone. >> wow. it's been a real ride. i started at


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