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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 14, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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catastrophe for facebook. your pictures - even photos you have not yet shared - may be in the hands of others. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i )m marcus washington. i )m kira klapper. in for laura garcia. facebook said this morning millions of users ) photographs had accidentally been shared with "third parties". scott mcgrew has the latest. scott.. not hackers. no.. though i think the average facebook user won )t cae about the difference. the good news is.. it was not bad guys who may see the pictures.. it )s outside developers. facebook this morning said it was a bug - an error in its code - that allowed third parties.. that )s app makers and others.. to see photographs you )ve sent up to the site.. even if you hadn )t yet actually shared them publically. even if they were still in your
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private albums. the bug gave access to more than 800-developers.. and effected nearly 7-million users. in a statement facebook said "we )re sorry this happened." and goes on to say.. "we will be working with those developers to delete the photos from impacted users." now.. while that )s a breach of trust between users and facebook... we )ll presume pictures that you uploaded to facebook.. but for some reason stopped.. or hadn )t shared yet.. are not your very most private photos. if they are.. you )re using facebook wrong. but it is the latest in a list of stumbles for the company. working backwards.. it )s admitted it launched a p-r campaign against george soros.. suffered a different security breach that affected 50-million users. dealt with all kinds of accusations it allowed foreign governments to effect the elections. lost key executives from what )s-app and instagram.. and of course we started out the year with the whole
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cambridge analytica scandal. marcus.. that )s just 2018. this is just the latest of a long string of hacks to hit the social network. we )re tracking all of the developments. our scott budman is following the latest and he )ll have a live report at 5 and 6. this morning.... johnson & johnson shares are plunging after a report by reuters that claims the company knew -- for decades-- about asbestos in its baby powder. the reports says that from 1971 to the early 2000s... johnson & johnson executives, doctors, and lawyers were aware the company )s raw talc ad finished powders johnson & johnson executives and lawyers were all aware the company's raw talc and finished powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of asbestos. reuters based its report on a review of documents and testimony. meanwhile, johnson & johnson released a statement this morning, calling the article, quote, one-sided, false and
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inflammatory. . taking a look right now at the big board, the dow is down more than 400 points right there. this is just another setback for wall street. the weaker than expected data in china and europe. this is really concerning the global economic slow down. we'll bring more as soon as we get it and more information that comes up with it. california's energy leaders are meeting in santa rosa to talk about the impacts of deenergization. that's when utility companies cut power off in a specific neighborhood when there is risk of a wildfire. >> pete suratos joins us live from santa rosa. and pete, some people see the good and the bad to this practice. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. good morning, marcus and kari. look, the idea of the energization is coming from a good place when it comes from a safety standpoint, but clearly this leaves some communities vulnerable when they do cut off
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power. in fact, this is what they're talking about here inside this hall at the veterans memorial auditorium in santa rosa. this public workshop has been going on since 9:00 a.m. you have a combo of city officials and residents in attendance who want to see how this idea of deenergization will impact their communities. let me take you back to october. if you remember, pg&e shut off power in both napa and lake counties due to what they consider raw fire danger. it's been realize-reported the power line may have caused several wildfires just last year in the north bay. but you've got the cpuc in that auditorium. they want to talk about establishing a criteria when it comes to the shutoff plan by some of the utilities, and i actually got a chance to speak to a santa rosa resident who explained who would be the most vulnerable when the shutoffs take place. >> they appreciate the fact it would be a good prevention measure. the other side of it is, there's a lot of people that are
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impacted by debt very severely, particularly people with disabilities. see how people dependent on a machine to give them oxygen, to be able to get them up out of bed to charge their chair, things like that. >> pg&e does have an extra layer of communication for most vulnerable customers. we will give them a live phone call, call them live on the phone, after an automated call. if we still don't get a response, we'll go knocking on doors and leaving door hangers for our most vulnerable customers. >> reporter: you've got officials with pg&e here at the meeting obviously looking to get more input moving forward. we know this public meeting is going to wrap-up shortly at about 12:30 p.m. live in santa rosa, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thanks for that. turning now to our microclimate forecast, it is already raining in some parts of the bay area. this is a live look outside. can you guess what we're looking at? the golden gate bridge, pretty cloudy out there. we are joined now with a look at
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the microclimate forecast. >> and those are some dark clouds. we are seeing this line of showers that swept through san francisco, the peninsula, and it's moving through and that's why we're keeping a close eye on it. this is what it looks like outside right now. you see the nice shot, this is a different view of the golden gate bridge. let me show you where the rain is now. this is a look at our satellite radar, from up above, you can see this little line of showers here. but if i zoom in using our very own stormranger, it gives us higher resolution and in greater detail of that line of showers that just pushed through. this line of showers, again, very light rain. we're not tracking heavy downpours from this initial line of showers, but if you're in livermore through san jose, you might be getting some of that light rain pushing through in the next hour or so. if i take this closer, you can see exactly where we're pinpointing rain through oakland. we saw light rain as well in through the stanford area and now we're going to get showers in through los gatos. another thing we're tracking is windy conditions, and, of course, the high surf. we're talking about a pretty big
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northwesterly swell as we head towards sunday. i will break down the time line for that, and we'll expect to see the highest rain totals just as we head into the weekend. this is definitely something you want to pay attention to as you plan out your saturday and sunday trips. back to you. >> thanks. sticking with weather, we have a surf update from half moon bay. it looks like monday is a no-go for mavericks. that's the day organizers were eyeing for the start of the famous big wave surfing competition. but now it looks like weather conditions will be too wild. organizers are helping conditions will improve next week. and be sure to download our nbc bay area app so you don't get caught in the rain. it will alert you if there is rain heading to your location, and you can always keep track by watching our live doppler radar. our app, by the way, is free for iphones and android devices. people at one concord apartment complex might be angry at their neighbor this morning. this is because that neighbor fell asleep while cooking and that led to a fire there at the
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apartment complex. two people needed treatment for smoke inhalation. it happened on ellis street south of willow pass road a little before 4:00 this morning. one apartment is heavily damaged. working smoke alarms are being credited to getting everyone out in time. two people are in custody after a robbery at a walmart that ended in a crash. police say this all started at a walmart in milpitas and then officers chased suspects, following them northbound on 880. the suspects eventually crashed in fremont near mowry. happening on the sixth anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school, class is out. not to honor the victims, but because a bomb threat was called in. here is new video of the connecticut school. newtown police say they received a call that a bomb was at the school. officers were sent to conduct a search and evacuated the school as a precaution.
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but they say they do not believe the threat was credible. you may remember back in 2012, a gunman killed 26 students and teachers on that same campus. a wave of bomb threats sent panic across the country yesterday, but the fbi has found no hard evidence of bombs. we brought live breaking coverage of those threats in san francisco during yesterday's midday newscast. nbc's kerry sanders joins us from miami with more details. >> reporter: this morning, communities across the country on edge following a wave of bomb threats that prompted schools, businesses and hospitals to evacuate. the search for explosives turning up empty in at least 21 states and the district of columbia. the fbi investigating what law enforcement sources tell nbc news appears to be a widespread hoax. some of the threats coming by phone, others in e-mails, demanding $20,000. the scary message reading, transfer it to me in bitcoin, and the bomb will not detonate.
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but do not try to deceive me. law enforcement officials telling nbc news, the e-mails were sent robo style, at random. the mention of bitcoin peaking the interest of investigators, due to the recent crash in the crypt currency. >> someone maybe suffered a major financial set back in bitcoin and thinks they can mine, extort some cash out of someone in the u.s. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say just because no bombs have been found at the threatened location, any threats made today should still be taken seriously. call police. kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. and back here locally, here is a live look outside at the s.a.p. center in san jose, where one former first lady will be later this evening. thousands of people are waiting to see michelle obama. the bay area is just one stop on her book tour for her memoir, "becoming." we just checked, and the tickets for tonight's 8:00 p.m. event are sold out. however, on stub hub, you can
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still get a ticket for around $300. new at 11:00, an east bay man who served bravely alongside american soldiers has just earned a new title, american. within the past hour at hayward city hall, macman took the oath to become a u.s. citizen. mahmud served as a combat interpreter during the war in his home country. this past october, president trump recognized him and his fellow soldiers for their service during the ceremony at the white house. >> to go through all those wars in afghanistan, i spent most of my youth working with the army. and now i have two kids. and i have another one on the way. so this means a lot to me, because i want to make a better future for my kids. so whatever i had during my childhood, i don't want my kids to go through that.
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>> as you can see here, he wasn't alone this morning in taking his oath. his wife and 42 other people also became naturalized. they represent 19 nations, including china, mexico, peru, russia and thailand. >> congratulations to all of them. coming up for you, would you like to google something? well, it sounds like -- chances are, you didn't recognize my interpretations. here are the accents google has, attempting to compete with sirius. >> "a" for effort, my friend. and taking time to stop and smell the roses, a new way to enjoy nature at the conservatory. flowers. you can see the digital content on-air. ♪ this little home of mine,
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car slammed into a i want you to take a look at this video here. the man that was in that car is
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recovering in the hospital because someone sawed that tree down. i want you to listen to this. they say they noticed the tree was down, public works employees. they responded at 1:30. they found the car and the man inside. fire crews eventually arrived. they pulled that driver out. they tell us that that man may have been there for more than an hour. no word on if alcohol or drugs played a role in that crash. . today marks the last day of strikes at kaiser permanente. every day this week, 4,000 mental health workers have gathered to protest. employees tell us, the health care giant is failing to live up to an agreement to increase staffing and reduce patient waiting times. kaiser permanente tells us they're working to reach a contract deal with the workers. all kaiser hospitals and medical offices have remained open during this strike. happening today, it is free shipping day. that means major retailers from around the country will ship holiday gifts all for free. many websites guarantee that the presents will make it in time
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for christmas. and even amazon is offering nonprime members free shipping. so if you still have last-minute shopping to do, maybe today is your day. you can change your series voice on your iphone, but now android users can do the same. that's because google has just announced its home assistance voice has two new accents. one british, one australian. the company says the voices were already released in other countries, but now u.s. users can listen to the two accents. i'm told they're a female voice. >> yes. no male. so if you want the male recording, contact marcus washington. all right. now it's time for some new, original digital content. have you heard of night bloom at the sf conservatory? it can be a romantic date or be a botanist's dream come true. >> the building is open long after dark, sheding a new light
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on the tropical plant inside. jonathan bloomin' tend intended us a tour. you can watch it and share it online. >> color and light has every kind of possible effect on how we feel and how we think. >> changed everything. >> brightness, colors. they all evoke emotional responses, consciously and subconsciously. >> it's like the "avatar" movie. everything is lit up. >> we have this victorian greenhouse, and it's a shame that people don't come at night. >> who doesn't like flowers, right? and when they're illuminated with pretty colors. >> we hope to show the conservatory of flowers to san francisco in a new light. >> this is the mother brain here. >> yes. this is our lighting console, the major brain of the show. >> reporter: austin shaply is a lighting designer from a firm called light switch, who has been burning the midnight oil,
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wheeling this giant console all over the conservatory of flowers, getting ready for night bloom. >> to show off the collections in a way people have never seen before. >> reporter: forget what you thought you knew about holiday lights. night bloom is a portal into a whole different world. >> we have fireflies everywhere to surprise and delight our guests, especially the younger ones. >> reporter: it's actually a few different worlds. the first gallery -- >> i like it a lot. >> reporter: in here, it's dark as midnight with a few spots just perfectly lit for your instagram. >> it's been a growing part of our industry, as lighting professionals. not only does the event have to look good, but people have to look good at the event now. >> look at that. >> reporter: then step through a doorway. >> it's a lot cooler in here. >> much cooler. >> where are we? >> we're in the highlands gallery. >> reporter: in here, you can picture yourself on a mountaintop. >> here we have a brighter look that changes to simulate passing clouds. >> reporter: and light from below makes you feel like you're above those clouds, until you go through the next door. >> again, a very different
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feeling. >> oh, wow! >> this is the hottest and most humid gallery. as you can see, my glasses and yours too are starting to fog up. >> reporter: these are the tropics, a room kept at nearly 100% humidity all year-round. >> i love this place, because it's toasty warm and tropical. >> reporter: for the guests, a break from wintry weather, but the ultimate stress test. >> we can bring in lights that are outdoor rated, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're ready for rain forest conditions. >> reporter: the plants are lit by what looks like sunlight with color changes. >> you may or may not notice them, but in your subconscious you'll feel them. >> reporter: that takes a lot of work to make it feel organic. >> it does take a lot of work, yes. >> reporter: organic and romantic. >> date night. >> date night. a little romance in san francisco. >> reporter: it is a tradition here. >> a lot of people get engaged here. we have a place for photos here. >> reporter: so are you engaged? >> no. >> reporter: you're just practicing. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is the first time the conservatory has looked
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like this. and for many, another first. >> although i'm living in the bay area for six or seven years, i've never been here. >> never been. >> i've been here 18 years. >> 15 years. >> what we hear is, i drove by or i biked by or i ran by, you know, literally every day, but never been inside. >> reporter: but now, here they are. just like a flower that blooms at night to attract pollinators, the conservatory is blooming at night to attract a new generation of visitors. >> and sort of perpetuate the conservatory for the next 139 years and this is a step towards that direction. >> that is really cool to go there at night. all right. switching now to weather. >> we're still holding on to the chance of seeing showers, especially if you live in the north bay or anywhere north of the golden gate bridge. you're not in the clear yet, especially in the weekend. we're tracking a bigger system, the second of two we've initially been tracking. look at this shot of san
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francisco. another thing, too, it's windy out there. picked up some pretty good gusts overnight, especially for the mountainside and hilltop areas. the higher elevations, as well. this is how satellite radar is looking now. we have this very weak line of showers kind of pushing through, brought light rain to parts of richmond, san francisco. we saw a little bit of raindrops on our cameras, but all in all, you can see our stormranger is taking up some light showers pushing through oakland. about to move in through hayward. but it's not heavy downpours. walnut creek might get a light drizzle or two. but the greatest chance in the north bay. let's talk about the next couple of hours. this is going to matter. right around the time you get out of work, we're going to see another line of showers. now, this one could be a little more moderate to heavy, especially for the north bay, and then the showers continue on and off overnight into early tomorrow morning. you can see 9:00 a.m., we still have some scattered showers through oakland, napa. however, the rain is expected to continue for the north bay really all saturday long with periods of on and off again rain. however, the south bay will be
11:22 am
fine. pushing forward to sunday, look at the time line, 9:30. this is when we're tracking our pretty big storm system. you can see this line of heavy pockets of yellows and oranges, right around 6:30. we see that start to move from north to south, even portions of the south bay, as well. that's not only going to kick up the rain chances and rain totals, it's also going to kick up the wind speeds, which right now we're already starting to see the winds gusting pretty well in napa. 22-mile-an-hour gusts around your lunch hour. 22 in orinda with possible gusts upwards of 35-plus for the higher elevations. another thing this is going to do, this incoming system sunday, is really kick up the high surf. there is no advisory in place. usually they tend to kind of issue those 48 hours out. so by tomorrow, there's definitely expected to be a high surf advisory. but the wave forecast, dangerous waves. we're talking 10, 40 feet, so much so that because of the strong northwesterly swell, they cancelled mavericks for monday, but there is still hope ahead. next week we're tracking king tides in the forecast. something to look out for there. over the next seven days, here's a look at what we can expect.
11:23 am
early morning showers tomorrow. again, you if you live south of the golden gate bridge, you'll get a period where it stops raining, but the north bay is on and off all day saturday. sunday, a really rainy day, bring out the umbrellas, rain boots. please do not forget to tie down all of the patio furniture or anything that can fly away. winds are expected to get extremely gusty tonight and also into sunday night. back to you. >> thanks. looking forward to it. coming up, a message for the world. the warning california's leader wants to sprend. spread. first, some san francisco tree-grows believe cloning can prevent drought. each tree can remove carbon monoxide, more so than an average tree.
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message for world leaders. he posted his vid welcome back. governor brown has a message for world leaders. he posted this video to tie to the end of a global climate summit now taking place in poland. >> this is a message from california. wake up! the planet is burning up. carbon emissions are growing. this year has been one of the highest growth rates in recent decades. this is not a matter to be taken
11:27 am
anything but very, very seriously. >> the governor is trying to convince united nation leaders to hammer out a new climate deal. this has some elements from the paris climate accord begin to expire. to a celebration of sorts in east palo alto to mark the completion of a flood protection project years in the making. it launched at the start of the decade and is supposed to better protect thousands of homes along a nearly two-mile stretch near the creek. serious flooding, you may recall, from an el nino back in 1999 spurred the need for this project. amid constant building and construction in the bay area, we found this story of one woman who saved a small sliver of land for development. >> jean sweeney helped transform it into 25 acres of open space. the new park sits on the west end of the city of alameda along constitution way and atlantic avenue. if you know the area, it's the
11:28 am
same place where the old alameda beltline train station was. a developer was going to turn that land into homes when the rail line decommissioned back in the 1990s. but that local woman discovered that the original land agreement allowed the city to buy back the land at a fraction of its market value. >> and so that's how the park came to be. but i think to have a park here, another park, alameda is a beautiful place. and its parks are its jewels. >> tomorrow morning at 10:00, the city of alameda will officially open the green belt, aptly named the jean sweeney open space park. coming up, an out of this world trip. virgin galactic almost ready to take you to space. when you can actually start booking your trip on the rocket.
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. sir richard branson )s virgin
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galactic has just passed a if you have ever hoped to go to space, this is big news. sir richard branson has just passed a major milestone. a test flight that took two pilots to the edge of space. >> pretty cool. so the images were spectacular and we may be six months away from that experience. nbc's tom costello reports this is to prove the space ship is safe. >> reporter: dawn in california as two mother ships lifted off from the mojave desert, climbing all the way to 50,000 feet. then release. >> 3, 2, 1! release! >> reporter: space ship 2's pilots in a sudden free-fall. before firing their rocket. then extreme acceleration. mac h1, 2 and nearly three times the speed of sound, soaring beyond what the faa calls the
11:32 am
edge of space. >> space ship unity, welcome to space. >> a million-dollar view. >> reporter: the view, breathtaking. what 700 customers have already paid a quarter million dollars to experience for just four minutes. the curvature of the earth, the western u.s., canada, even mexico. then a perfect landing back on earth. >> it is beautiful. just been to space. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: richard branson's victory comes four years after virgin pilot michael alsbury died. branson hopes to fly within six months and start carrying customers who have already signed up, including leonardo dicaprio, justin bieber and tom hanks. >> there's thousands and thousands of people watching this program that if we can get the price down to a level where they could afford it, that they would absolutely love to go up on virgin galactic.
11:33 am
>> reporter: branson is not alone. a new space race all about tourism is heating up. >> i'd like to introduce the first paying customer. >> reporter: elon musk's spacex recently announced a japanese billionaire tourist has signed up to eventually fly around the moon. fellow billionaire, jeff bezos, amazon's founder, plans a man test flight of his blue origin rocket sometime in 2019. >> that was tom costello reporting for us. a ride on bezos' rocket will cost $200,000. it's $250,000 on the branson space ship. branson stops signing up customers once they hit 700 passengers but says they plan to start taking names again and the price may go up. developing story to tell you about. this 48-hour manhunt for a christmas market gunman is over. french police say sthey shot an killed the suspect. he was 29-year-old sharif
11:34 am
shacot. police found him wandering in the streets of strasbourg, the same city where he killed three people a few days earlier. the interior minister says police were about to question him when he opened fire, so they shot back and killed him. he was on france's terror watch list. a followup. new and disturbing details coming out in the case of menlo park's first homicide in six years. it happened wednesday night in a home near the prestigious menlo school and sacred heart school. a 62-year-old woman died. police arrested this man at the scene. investigators say the victim was stabbed multiple times with a weapon other than a knife. here's a neighbor who says he held this suspect at knifepoint until police arrived. >> i started screaming her name. i ran to the bottom of the stairs and turned the lights on and a guy i've never seen before popped out of the guest room, and he just was -- he was crazy. he was just dancing around like this and saying, "i'm sick, i'm
11:35 am
sick, i need help." and i'm like, "what do you mean you need help? where's cathy?" and he said "i killed her." >> authorities say the suspect is from cincinnati but has lived in the bay area before. they're now trying to figure out what if any relationship he had with the victim. if you're among the many people who used delivery services like amazon for your holiday shopping, this video may make you wince a little bit here. it shows the amazon delivery driver caught on camera right here, just watch closely there -- >> oh! >> uh-huh. so much for handle with care there. this is more like the wrong kind of air mail. that man who lives there says he was expecting a parcel for his 5-year-old son. when he saw that dented box, he checked out the surveillance video. his camera caught the same driver doing the same thing to his neighbor's package. >> you know, it doesn't feel good, but at the same time, i kind of have to ask myself, do we want someone like that delivering a package? especially when the holidays -- there's a lot of kids' stuff being delivered around the
11:36 am
holidays. >> we should point out, neither of the items were damaged, but there may have been damage when it comes to the driver's career at amazon. the company says he is no longer driving for amazon or delivering those packages, and that this does not in any way reflect on amazon's standards. a live look for you right now at emeryville this morning, where the skyline could look very different in the future if developers get their wish. we've been telling you about this story all week. the city's planning commission met last night to discuss a proposed 54-story tower with 638 residential units. if built, it would be the second-tallest all-residential building in the western u.s. the project exceeds height restrictions and for those buildings in emeryville, so builders have to show the planning commission how this will benefit the community. opinions from the public were pretty mixed. >> just imagine, a 54-story tower there.
11:37 am
it doesn't fit. it's crazy. it's insane. >> if this can be designed to provide more housing, a more urban environment, i think that's exactly what we want here. >> developers could actually include affordable housing in this project. no word on when the new salesforce transit center will reopen. it's been closed for months because of cracks found in steel support beams. but engineers did reveal more about what appears to be behind the cracks, and it all meshes with what our investigative team has been telling you for weeks. nbc bay area's jaxon van derbeken has this story. >> reporter: this photo shows a crack in a four-inch-thick layer of steel at the bottom of a beam, helping to hold up the transbay terminal across fremont street. experts studying the failure told the transbay project governing board they found tiny cracks along the edges of so-called weld access holes.
11:38 am
>> preexisting defect that occurred during the fabrication process. >> reporter: new york steel expert, robert beckio, says the cracks likely formed when workers cut the steel with a welding torch. >> we found these small cracks throughout all sections we looked at removed from the g girters. >> reporter: the rough surfaces remain. he says building codes require them to be ground-smooth, because rough edges encourage cracking. the muni head wonders how inspectors missed all of the apparent problems with those holes. >> i have confidence we'll get to the answer. a lot of open questions at the moment. >> reporter: robert hazelton, president of the company that fabricated the beams, admits the cuts his workers made may have played a role in what happened. >> i think that it's ultimately going to be considered a contributing factor. i think that's going to be a
11:39 am
focus. i think there's a lot of things on this job that we will look at. but that one in particular is unique. and because it's unique, it's going to draw focus. >> reporter: a fix is in the works to bolt the additional steel to the top and bottom of the girders to reinforce them. how long that will take and how much it will cost is yet to be determined, meaning the terminal could remain closed for months. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. >> family members of a murdered california entrepreneur are speaking out for the very first time with nbc's keith morrison. >> reporter: chris, with his free-spirited creativity, was the yin to ed's number-crunching yang. they worked a profitable corner of the advertising game. they made and placed ads for debt consolidation. that sort of thing. but meanwhile, there was this surf. the ocean. always calling. even when it meant his days were a little upside down.
11:40 am
>> chris, i was told, would work long hours in the evening or sometimes from home, just because i was told he liked to go surfing during the day. he loved the idea of being out on the water, and i remember him making a joke how he said he was going to try to get our office to be on a boat so we could be outside. >> yes. and maybe unspoken, something wrong. did he really want to settle for marriage, the office every day, a middle-class life? or did he want to flee? >> he and i sat in the hot tub before, one of the last times we were together, and he was very stressed. >> it was friday, june 4th, 2010. the way christina and others heard it, chris walked in, made an arrangement, and simply left. he was done with the business. he was cashing out, walking away from it all. rich enough to live the way he wanted. >> i was a little bit surprised.
11:41 am
i didn't know, but i also didn't think much of it, because chris didn't come into the office that often. so i thought, hey, maybe he found a better opportunity. >> but what the opportunity was, and the woman he was seizing it with -- now that was a shock. >> hmmm. >> keith morrison reports for a special two-hour "dateline" tonight. right now we want to look at this weather outside. is that rain? >> it is. drizzle on the live cam right now. but if you're seeing clearing skies, this is just one of a pretty second powerful storm system expecting to make its way in. i'll have the details, coming up. this little home of mine,
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wallet was hack welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a redwood city man whose digital wallet was hacked. >> but he ran into road blocks trying to get back his money. so our consumer investigator, chris chmura, and his team, helped sort this one out. >> reporter: good morning. tom hanley watches his bank accounts like a hawk, and that paid off when someone used his paypal account to make five rapid-fire charges he knew right away he had been hacked. tom immediately filed a fraud claim over the $125. but paypal denied it, saying it found the transaction was
11:45 am
consistent with his payment history. well, tom knew that wasn't true, but he had no way to appeal paypal's decision. the company web page is blunt. it says, paypal's decisions are final. so tom turned to us. we asked paypal to take another look. a week later, it restored the $125 to tom's account. paypal told us, our dedicated customer service team has positively resolved this matter with mr. hanley. got a consumer problem? call us any time. 888-996-tips. or visit >> they are the best. >> they really are. okay. we've been talking about the weather today. we saw on your cameras some of the raindrops. >> along the san mateo bridge. i don't know whey i had a bay bridge banner. if you were watching that, i do know the difference between the bridges. in other parts, it looks like the rain is gone, but it is not.
11:46 am
don't let it fool you. so this is what it looks like right now in downtown san jose. you can see the beautiful christmas tree, and christmas in the park there. current temperatures right now, 61 degrees. it's cloudy out there, but look at this shot of san francisco. where did all of the clouds go? where is the radar? well, don't worry. we're still tracking rain. that is, if you wanted the rain. look at satellite radar right now. what's happening now, we're getting some clearing where you saw the live camera. this is what the radar looks like. there is that weak line of showers that just sort of pushed through portions of the richmond area, also into san francisco and the peninsula. if i zoom in closer, we can see on our satellite radar, very light rain pushing through hayward, along 880, light drizzle. maybe in through mountain view, milpitas might get some delayed showers. but this is the very first line of very weak rain. so not the big rain-maker we're tracking today. however, as we head towards the afternoon, we're still tracking decent moisture. so if you live north of the golden gate bridge, expect on
11:47 am
and off again showers all day into early tomorrow morning. you can see by about 9:30, we're still keeping pockets of rain with less chance of seeing rain down near the south bay. so san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, stays dry. but we're still tracking gusty conditions. so let me talk about when the next chance of rain is expected. sunday, 9:30, you see that big line of storms kind of push through, right around your dinnertime. we're expecting moderate to heavy downpours along with gusty conditions. upwards of 50-mile-an-hour gusts have already been reported in the higher elevation areas, including mt. diablo. santa rosa, 22-mile-an-hour winds. they stay gusty all night long into early tomorrow morning. and that's the thing we're tracking with the system. high surf. we're talking a very dangerous northwesterly swell, waves possible upwards of 10 to 40 feet as we head in towards sunday night and into monday. possibly the largest waves we've seen all season long. it's going to be a sight to see in pacifica, but can easily turn dangerous. i will tweet this out, just a
11:48 am
quick reminder, don't turn your backs to any waves. they will be issuing a high surf advisory. saturday and sunday, early morning showers. and the second chance of rain comes in sunday and then stays until monday morning. and that could linger over into your monday morning commute. so it could be a messy start to the workweek. but definitely keep in mind that sunday it's going to be a wet, soggy day across the board. i'll send it back to you. >> good to have that warning. coming up here, a south bay musician playing all of the right notes this holiday season. the way he's changing christmas music that will make you bay area proud.
11:49 am
11:50 am
peanut butter and jelly... tables and chairs... and pen and paper peanut butter and jelly, tabl tables and chairs, pen and paper, pretty common pairs. what about classic rock and
11:51 am
christmas continentarols? you may not think they go together until you hear this next story. >> nbc bay area's garvin thomas is here with this story that is today's bay area proud. >> reporter: robert berry jokes he was sentenced to a life in music. his mom sang in a band when she was pregnant with him. his father, for years, owned a music store in san jose. music, robert says, has been great to him. so he's now using it to be good to others. >> look over here. this is my local band, hush. >> reporter: a full-time job as a rock and roll musician is very often a collection -- >> we have a free poster from fillmore when i was with keith emerson. >> reporter: a part time one. >> these are photos from my days with sammy hagar. >> reporter: it has been robert berry's past, to a successful career in music. >> i've been really lucky. i've gotten to play with the icon why i c
11:52 am
iconic guys of rock and roll. >> reporter: it's that feeling of gratitude that has fueled what might just be robert's favorite part time gig of all. one that lasts for only two months each year. >> this is, i think, one of the best ideas i've ever had for making people happy. >> reporter: it began with a call from a record company. >> they said, well, we need a christmas album for our record company, and we want you to do. it you've had great success with us. you do it, click. hung up the phone. i'm like, what? figure it out, they said. >> reporter: robert, not interested in doing the same old christmas songs, got an idea. what if he merged christmas carols with classic rock favorites? like "angels we have heard on high" as journey. or "mary did you know ♪ li like the police. it proved so successful, robert formed a band, december people,
11:53 am
to perform the songs. ♪ he recruited friends who play with boston, the tubes and sammy hagar, and they play up to ten gigs a year, always for free, only for charity. >> it's not about the money. it's -- i don't know. it's about who i am, i guess. that's just been my life. >> reporter: december people have since come out with five albums, and their latest performance raising money for an east bay food bank sold out in a matter of days. ♪ as robert puts it, it's partly original, partly derivative -- ♪ -- and completely worth doing. >> reporter: as great as the december people run has been, robert says this year's holiday concert might have been their last. he says they're struggling to find the right management to
11:54 am
help them go forward. he says if they find it, though, he's going to get the band back together. garvin thomas, nbc bay area. >> i really hope they find that manager. it's going to be cool to keep that going. >> yeah, it would be great. >> we'll be right back. >> a miracle. be right back. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free
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preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
11:56 am
kari hall and nbc bay are storm ranger will be tracking the storm that )s expected to bring a lot of rain across the bay area. and mike inouye will be watching the roads. a maryland mother )s public performance proved to be some real second-hand take a look here. this maryland mother's public performance proved to be some real second-hand embarrassment for her 10-year-old son. watch this. sync
11:57 am
♪ that's mandy rimmel lip singing to kelly clarkson's hit "since you were gone" and that's her son trying to hide from the camera, come on, mom, stop. the two were at the university of maryland game when the fan cam caught the mom singing there, doing a great job. the school loved it so much, they actually posted it on twitter. and after thousands of views, kelly clarkson even responded, saying this is my kind of mama. >> oh, i love her! >> pretty cool. >> super cute. well, you can be dancing in the rain if you enjoy it, because that's exactly what's headed in our direction. we saw light rain, not heavy rain, but still tracking showers through tonight into early tomorrow morning, especially in the north bay. but get ready for sunny. that's the big one. >> as soon as you said it, my nbc bay area app just told us. thank you so much for joining us.
11:58 am
our next newscast is at 5:00.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ and a happy new year ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ and a happy new year they're so good. "access live" tradition like no other. for the seventh year in a row -- >> very nice. >> the chorus of los angeles, they're huge and cheer us up with the christmas sweaters. this year we had to step up our game a little bit. welcome to "access live." >> we tried. did we add some members? 35 strong now? >> yeah. 35


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