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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 15, 2018 7:00am-7:58am PST

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december 15th. here is a live look outside -- sf good saturday morning. it's december 15th! here is a live look outside. the sun is starting to rise over san francisco. what a beautiful way to start thank you so much for joining us. i'm keira clapper. we have a look at the microclimate forecast and we have kind of a tale of two days. >> yes. >> absolutely.
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right now it's, for the most part, pretty calm out there. you can see it's about 54 degrees. yesterday we did see some gusty conditions. even into the higher elevation areas, as well. >> today we'll catch a little bit of a break, at least, if you live south of the golden gate bridge. if you live north, we have lingering moisture that is expected to kind of trickle in throughout the early morning hours and into the afternoon, as well. here is what satellite radar currently looks like now. you can sew some areas of cloud cover. other areas are clear. right now we're not tracking a the lot of moisture. most is off in the north bay. when the second system makes the arrival into tomorrow, well, that's going to change the picture completely. we're tracking wind, high surf advisory, snow, everything. >> oh, my gosh. >> we'll break it down.
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this morning hundreds of people in the east bay are getting an early wake up call as part of an emergency drill in case of a major fire or earthquake. between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. this morning, the fire district and other area emergency service agencies are evacuating more than 500 people in the country club neighborhood. it started with an automated phone call from the area's emergency alert system. first responders and volunteers are then helping guide hundreds of evacuees down the only road out of the neighborhood and then north to a safety zone. the drill is to prepare for a real emergency and to avoid the chaos that can lead to tragedies like what happened in paradise last month. when hundreds of evacuees got stuck in traffic, some forced to leave their cars and run. >> learn how to move large numbers of people on small roadways as efficiently as we can. >> anything that helps people get out quicker and better
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planning is beneficial. >> emergency officials will evaluate the data collected this morning during the drill like traffic lulls and travel times. they're already planning more evacuation drills in lafayette. there was an effort to prepare for an emergency, as well, in san mateo county last night. cal tran closed highway one at just after 10:00 p.m. for the state fire marshall to conduct a fire drill. >> they call it a fire drill. it's several exercises. several drills. they run a battery of tests you have to pass. in order to remain then test e response times. that has happened twice a year. the tunnel, by the way, was reopened by 4:00 this morning. this morning police are looking for the person who shot a man outside of a liquor store in the south bay. it happened around 10:00 last night at the intersection of
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alma avenue in san jose. san jose police and fire responded to to find the gunshot victim inside a black mercedes suffering from a gunshot wound to his test. paramedics transferred him to a nearby trauma center. there was a second person in the car who was not shot. it was a frightening scene on an east bay freeway during rush hour yesterday. a case of road rage resulting in gunfire. this morning police are still searching for the shooter. it happened around 5:00 last night on 680. police say there was some type of altercation between two drivers when one driver suddenly opened fire. one person was hit and was able to exit before calling 9-1-1. that victim was taken to t jge has made a major ruling that could affect millions of americans. striking down the affordable
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care act. u.s. district judge reid o'connor, aca, commonly affirmed as obama, could no longer stand. the supreme court said it was a tax but the judge ruled the affordable care act is unconstitutional since it no longer falls under the tax power. president trump was quick to tweet. on the other side, democrats coming to obamacare's defense. jerry brown releasing a statement saying, quote "this texas judge has no right to deprive millions of californians by their health care by invalidating the affordable care act." president trumpff staff. mr. trump appointed mick mull va knee. he's taking over for john kelly.
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mick currently serve as consumer financial protection bureau. he was a republican congressman from south carolina. back here locally under the microscope by state and federal regulators following 2010's massive deadly gas line fire. now there are accusations the utility has been falsifying safety documents on gas line inspections. today in the bay has pg & e's response. >> reporter: for years, they have been running commercials like this. touting the 811 call dig before you program. >> i come out to your house and work out the gas lines and t hit them when you're sure you digging. >> reporter: according to safety inspectors, pg & e did not adequately fund the own 811 program so had a workers. inspectors accused the company of pressuring those workers and
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supervisors into falsifying their own records and data. state senator jerry hill said he heard of similar accounts during a recent legislative hearing about pg & e. >> what we learned from the contractors who are participated in the hearing consistently from them was that pg & e lied. >> reporter: a representative did not speak on camera about the charges. instead, issued a brief statement saying in part, we're committed to accurate and thorough reporting and recordkeeping and we didn't live up to that commitment in this case. following the deadly san bruno gas line explosion that killed eight people, a federal judge put the company on probation. it's not clear if the new allegations of falsifying documents could affect that probation. a teacher in the east bay is un t several teenagers. nvlg investigators say a teacher for the newark unified school district sent the message to six male victimsapped in
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september. hallbrooke faces several charges. we have more ahead on today in the bay. michelle obama in the bay area and it was a sold out crowd. the message from the former first lady to a packed crowd at the shark tank. also, if you use facebook, warning of the bug that may have published millions of unpublished photos. ♪ whoa!
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bridge toll plaza winter spare the air-- welcome back. we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's illegal to burn today. unfortunately no warm and toasty fires by the christmas tree. but a beautiful look outside is you feeling good out there? [ cheers and applause ]
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wow. it was a rock star reception for one of the most famous woman in the world. michelle obama made an appearance at the s.a.p. center in san jose. it was a sold out crowd. the former first lady is on the book tour for her memoir "becoming." >> robinson, obama! >> reporter: michelle obama welcomed with a standing elevation at the sold out s.a.p. center. the former first lady on her "becoming" become tour. talking about the importance of education, of being a supportive parent, and empowering young kids and adults. >> and i see young people really beating themselves up because they made amistake or wrong turn or they're unclear. it's like you have so many lives to live. >> reporter: also asked about altoids.dship with geoe w.
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how long have you had these? he said we took a bunch of them before we left. >> reporter: but also saying it shows empathy is important in this day and age. >> we can disagree as people in our politics without demonizing each other. we don't agree on everything but that doesn't make him any less of a person than me. >> reporter: those here to hear her speak hope to be inspired and they were. >> she's so real. and i really appreciate that. >> positivity, believing in yourself. understanding that life is a journey. it's an incredible message. >> reporter: in san jose, cole. there's more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up an apology from facebook. what it's saying about a recent security breach and how you likely were affected. and our first storm moved in yesterday with very light rain. we're now tracking a second
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storm expected to make its arrival tonight. you can see a live look in san francisco. i'll take you through the time line. we've got several warnings and advisories in effect. details coming up.
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welcome back. it's 7:15 on your saturday morning. cloudy skies but beautiful look at the golden gate bridge there. we have, you know, pretty good saturday ahead. don't want to ruin your weekend, but we might have some rain on the way. we'll have the forecast in a few minutes. another privacy breach and yet another apology from facebook. this one is a bug that exposed a private photos of close to 7 million facebook users. facebook admits the issue allowed outside app developers to pull photos from facebook accounts. it was found and fixed in late september but not before it let the app companies access photos of facebook users. if the users were signed into the app with their facebook
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accounts. one security expertir privacy. >> imagine if the attacker had a picture of you and your friends and you were probably trust that more. say this photo we took together. boom. click on this document or this link and then we become more vulnerable. >> facebook said it will let users and app developers know if they have been affected by that breach in the days ahead. could it be a christmas miracle? shorter wait times being reported at the dmv. take a look at the lines or lack thereof at the concord dmv yesterday. hardly any wait. customers agree telling us they were able to get their issues resolved in 10 to 15 minutes. >> i was in and out twice today in one day. in and out. no wait at all. >> it took 25 years. it shouldn't have taken that long. >> the dmv attributes the wait time decline to beefed up staffing, modernized systems,
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and added saturday service at many locations. all though it is worth noting, if you need to make an appointment at the dmv, you still can't get one until march. a high surf advisory prompted an unusual move last night by emergency officials in san francisco. they're telling people to stay away from the coast this weekend. at ocean beach, some wave could get as big as 40 to 50 feet. >> the rescue workers may not be able to enter the worker to rescue you. that outcome could be fatal for you. >> reporter: the waves might not look too dangerous, but they . erfect timing to check in with a look at the weekend res, you were nodding your head yes. >> it could be some of the biggest waves we've seen of the season so far. muc so.
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it's too dangerous. they're concerned about the winds that will kick up and the northwesterly swell is coming in hot. let's talk about all the things. i have a lot of things going on in weather. so right now this is what it looks like in san jose. we have beautiful sunrise. you can see the skies and not looking too bad out there. 49. we're rather calm. we saw a very weak system. a weak cold front move in yesterday. didn't bring a lot of rain but today we're tracking some changes into the overnight hours. a quick reminder, again, an alert is in place. no wood burning is allowed. it's illegal. keep that in mind. no fireplaces going on into the afternoon hours. north bay it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups. everywhere else we're dealing with moderate air minul of as you head out this morning. here is a live look at drar. it's calm. we don't have a lot of moisture on the map. you can see it's dry and clear through san jose. not a lot of cloud cover through
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there. we have the chance of seeing spotty, scattered showers into the afternoon for the north bay. now we do have still our storm ranger on top of the san bruno mountain in anticipation for the second storm system arriving tomorrow. but ahead of that cold front, we're expecting a line of showers in tonight. let me take you through the time line. notice by 9:00 p.m. we see the moisture enter santa rosa. if i fast forward this overnight into tomorrow morning, we're going to get some pretty heavy pockets mainly near san francisco, oakland, and the santa rosa area. if you live near the peninsula or san francisco around 7:00 you might catch arlline this is whe front is expected to make the arrival. yellow and orange sweeping through. this is heavy pockets to moderate to heavy downpours around your dinner time.
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so that rain is expected to linger all the way through monday morning. it could make for a messy commute between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. also, notice the white up here it's see arierra snow. very dangerous waves. a high surf advisory is in effect for the bay area coastline. we're talking about dangerous rip current. stay away from the water, if you can. a live look a tahoe where the cold front is expected to bring several inches of know to the sierra. it makes for dangerous road conditions. check it before you leave if you had plans heading to sierra. as we head toward sunday and monday, monday night into tuesday things dry out nicel a
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weather pattern. >> thank you. it's just shy of 7:21. still ahead on "today in the bay." >> the worst cannot describe it. it's a holiday tradition at one local high school. students granting wishes for their fellow classmates. we're there as they make it happen and it's a story that will make you bay area proud. fo.
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the "winter wishes" rally at san jose )s branham high . it's become a tradition. the winter wishes rally is a heart warming yearly display of teenage generosity and compassion. today in the bay garvin thomas joins us. >> reporter: this was my fourth time adi wishes rally. i keep coming back because the wishes the students make are always different and touching in their own way. even the ones they make for
7:24 am
themselves. >> good morning! it's a teenage production with the potential to bring adults to tears. a promise on which it always delivers. >> this next wish is to mr. fernandez from jonathan. >> reporter: it begins with a start of every school year with every student writing down a wish. then the leadership class attempts to grant as many as they can. [ applause ] smaller ones at first. like this delivered in class. but then bigger ones at a rally in front of the whole school. it's an amazing hour of generosity. like a young man who wishes a night out for his hard working
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parents. only to be wished by his friends to pay for his braces. one spot is reserved for a wish to share a personal story. and this year that was rose gibson. >> i was like i want to get this story out there. i really think it's important. rose struggles with depression and self-harm for much of her young life in new jersey and then after moving to san jose two years ago. >> i was paralyzed. i was completely paralyzed with, like, just overwhelming feelings with anxiety and depression and hopelessness. >> there's still so much i have left to learn. >> reporter: it came to a head last year in a facilit a start toward recovery. >> of course, these things aren't the only aspects to in my recovery.
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>> reporter: it's an intensely personal experience to share withon everyone? rose said that's part of the magic of winter wishes. an atmosphere of acceptances. >> it's amazing. it's -- i honestly -- the words cannot describe it. >> thank you. >> reporter: rose only hopes the words she did share in the gym touched someone who feels like she used to to let them know that in their troubled times, their classmates wish nothing but the best for them. one of the other great things about the winter wishes rally is it is run by the students. they're the ones who go out to the local businesses and get donations and gift cards that make all that generosity possible. >> beautiful story. it's 7:26. ahead on "today the bay." a brand new set of police recruits deeds in the bay area.
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what makes this class so different. plus, what was it? the midair mystery that has investigators scrambling to figure out what hit an airplane as it was about to land. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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- - - - - here is a live look outside - golden gate bridge good morning! it's saturday, december 15th. a gorgeous look at the golden gate bridge on this saturday morning. 7:29. just ten days until christmas, if you're counting. thank you so much for joining us. i'm keira clapper. we have a look at the microclimate forecast. it's a great way to start the week. >> it is. i'm nowhere near done shopping for christmas. i'm going keep it generic this year. >> yeah. >> i need more coffee. >> it is early. it's not super cold. the temperatures are mild. look at that. we have some 40s.
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but up to the north bay and along the coast you can see we have some 50s along there. we have big changes ahead. i want to give you a quick reminder of the winter spare the air alert in case we haven't said it on-air, but we have. i'll tweet it out again as a reminder. it means no wood burning is allowed. in fact, it's illegal because of the particles in the air. they're trying to protect you folks from the gunk that can be out there. satellite radar you can see not a lot going on. it's pretty quiet. this is going to change within the next couple of hours. so enjoy kind of this break of a period that we have from the rain with the exception of a couple of sprinkles in the north bay. we have a strong storm system. it we'll break it down for you in 15 minutes. this morning a lot of
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people, hundreds of people, in fact, in the east bay are getting an early wake up call a case of a major fire or earthquake. it started at 6:00 this morning and goes until 8:00. the fire district and other area emergency service agencies have been evacuating more than 500 people who live in the country club neighborhood. it starting with automated phone calls to the area's emergency alert system and then first responders and volunteers are helping guide those evacuees down the only road out of that neighborhood and north up more rag go way. it's to prepare for a real emergency and avoid the chaos that can lead to tragedies like what happened in paradise last month. huds evacuee wer forced to leav cars and run. >> they learn how to large numbers of people on small roadways about as efficiently as we can. >> anything that helps people
7:32 am
get out quicker and better planning is beneficial. >> emergency officials will evaluate the data they collect this morning during the drill, like traffic flows and travel times in hopes to streamline their evacuation plans. they're already planning more drills in lay fayette. in san mateo county there was efforts to prepare for an emergency. cal tran closed highway 1 in order for the state fire marshall to conduct a fire drill. >> and they call it a fire drill. it's several drills. several exercises. they rather than whole battery of tests you have to pass in order to remain open. >> they filled the tunnel with smoke and test emergency response times. the tunnel reopened this morning by 4:00 this morning. this morning police are looking for the person who shot a man outside of a liquor store in the south bay.
7:33 am
it happened around 10:00 last night at the intersection of alma avenue in san jose. san jose police and fire responded to to find the gunshot victim inside a black mercedes suffering from a gunshot wound to his test. paramedics transferred him to a nearby trauma center. they say he was in life threatening condition. there was a second person in the car who was not shot. brand new set of recruits coming to the san jose police department. the dozens of rookies come from diverse backgrounds and are arriving as veterans retire. today in the bay has more on what makes this graduating class so special. ♪ >> reporter: they went through months of training to get to this point. no longer cadets, the rookies are preparing to hit the streets as san jose police officers. they got their marching orders. >> build strong community ties and trust and take the criminal element off the streets. >> reporter: the department said it's one of the most diverse
7:34 am
classes. seven women and the class that speaks 11 different languages, including arabic. recruiters travelled to new york to lure him in. >> california is a beautiful place and this is a big city just like new york city. i want to give it a try. >> reporter: his family are u umm -- immigrants. >> i'm very proud of him. he's having a job to protect people to dot right thing. >> i do solemnly swear. >> reporter: their job will not be easy. they'll work thethey'll miss bi and they'll respond to some of the most horrific calls but they'll doling having earned the right to wear the badge. the rookies will hit the streets within a week. helping a department that is losing more than a dozen veteran officers to retirement in the
7:35 am
next few days. this man is in even more trouble than before. we showed you this disturbing video earlier this year. he was caught on camera repeatedly kicking a homeless man in san francisco's tenderloin district this past may. that man did survive, but police now say that's not the only person he attacked. in the other instance, the victim died. police say his name is samuel. investigators say he killed a homeless man in china in april. he was in jail for unrelated charges when he was rearrested. prosecutors are considering murder charges. mysterious and dangerous. investigators are trying to to land.t if a drone crashtoedi if so, it would be among the most serious encounters y drones grow in popularity. nbc tom costello has more. >> reporter: the photos suggest
7:36 am
something hit the flight 770, the nose of the plane crushed, the radar and communications equipment inside damaged. investigators are looking into whether a large bird or a drone crashed into the plane. possibly over the pacific ocean as the 737 was preparing to land in tijuana. air mexico said at no point was the safety of the plane or the passengers comprised. the flight landed and deplaned normally. with more than a million registered droves now in the skies, close calls with aircraft have risen dramatically. the faa reports 22,669 pilot drone sightings this year. up 74% since 2015. so far the only confirmed collision occurred in 2017 when a drone dented the rotor. it helicopter
7:37 am
blades. >> a drone impacting an airplane could result in loss of the airplane and loss of life. this is is a serious threat. >> reporter: what may be the closest call yet. tom costello, nbc news, washington. now to a story of survival so incredible california highway patrol officers say they've never seen anything like it. this red ford fusion crash landed upside down in the freezing river near the oregon border. the car plunged off of route 96 and became almost fully submerged in the water. this happened days ago. 33:00 a.m. on tuesday. officers didn't get a call about the crash until five hours later. when crews pulled the car out of the water, they found the driver alive. >> they saw the guy look at him, turn his head, and look down. the deputy goes, my lord, there's somebody alive. >> officers say that man survived by breathing for five hours from one small air pocket inside his car.
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it is 7:38. still ahead on "today in the bay." the warriors have their hands full with the up and coming sacramento kings. it's what happened before the game that has social media buzzing and, in my opinion, it was cruel. sports is next. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. northern california rivalry on our hands. welcome back. we have a budding northern california rivalry on our hands for the second time this season. the young sacramento kings gave a big scare to the some big time trolling going on. the video screen showing the moon landing plus steph curry was being e game but the two-timing defending champs answered back closing the game on a 17-2 run. clay thompson with the go ahead three. the warriors pull off the late come back beating the kings 130-125. 7:41 how to. we have more ahead on "today in the bay."
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if you're looking to make plans for lunch or dinner, you may want to know about this. a big bugger joint opening today. enjoy the calm before the stormy sunday. by the way, also, verbatim tweeted that out. check out my picture on twitter. i have the details coming up. the mercedes-benz winter event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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it's 7:42 on this lovely ay wh the orni exception of a couple of showers in the north bay. right now this is what it looks like in san francisco. a live picture and our current temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's not tooold. it's pretty mild overall. 49 in san jose as you head out the door. 55 in san francisco. but we have some pretty big changes ahead. let me show you how calm satellite radar is compared to where it's going to be tomorrow. satellite radar you can see overall pretty clear. not a lot of cloud cover through san jose and san francisco. just a couple of clouds if
7:44 am
you're in the santa cruz mountains. they are high clouds and satellite radar we have the storm ranger up and running. it's not tracking anything now but we have the big storm system making wait in. and the first sign of that will move in tonight. we will get a initial line of showers overnight and tomorrow morning. by about 9:30 p.m., we'll see some pockets of rain in santa rosa and sand are rafael. it's going to golden gate brid. that line of showers starts trickling down and moving further down south through the evening hours. around 5:00 and 6:00 is when we're expecting these strongest of the showers to really come through all the way down through san jose, as well. san jose is expecting a good chance of seeing rain out there. as far as the monday forecast
7:45 am
goes, we'll get to see some of that rain in the early morning commute and tracking sierra snow through the storm system. definitely check that out before you head out. wind speeds also going to be a huge factor as the storm system sweeps through. we've seen gusty conditions yesterday with the first system but the second system will take t line. then you see things start to get gusty overnight into tomorrow morning. 7:30 look at the rosa. 34 miles per hour and it's going to get just ger fgustier. we're tracking a strong northwesterly swell. it means dangerous waves and a high surf advisory is in effect for the entire bay area coastline for the weekend and monday. not a good day to head to the beach. it'll be beautiful at lake tahoe, if you can make it up there before the snow falls and you get out of the way. 39 now.
7:46 am
nine inches additional in kingsville for snowfall. we have a good amount of snow coming through. just ahead, i want to give you an alert. tomorrow in the microclimate weather alert because of the incoming rain we're tracking. pretty good wind gusts and fast-running rivers could be a threat, as well. overall seven day look, once we get past sunday and early monday morning things will dry out nicely. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we see the temperatures right back up in the 60s. we have to get through the wet and wild weekend, first. >> at least we have today. thank you. still ahead, taking time to stop and smell the roses. literally. a new way to enjoy nature n content you can see on-original digital
7:47 am
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7:49 am
the historic "san francisco welcome back. now it's time for new original digital content. the historic san francisco conservatory flowers is now open after dark. it could be a great family outing this holiday season or even a date night. our digital of the special exhit and shed some light on the story for us. light has every kind of possible effect on how we feel and think. they evoke emotional responses consciously and subconsciously. we have this 139-year-old victorian landmark and it
7:50 am
changes people come here at night. >> who doesn't like flowers. when they're illuminated with pretty lights. >> reporter: this is our lighted console which is the major brain of the show. >> reporter: austin is is a lightening designer from a firm called light switch who has been burning the midnight oil. wheeling this giant console all over the conservatory of flowers and getting ready for night bloom. >> to show off the collections in the way people have never seen them before. >> reporter: night bloom is is a portal into a whole different es everywhere to surprise and delight our guests. >> reporter: it's a few different worlds. the first gallery is the low lights. >> being a botanist i like it. >> reporter: in here it's dark as midnight. a few spots are perfectly lit for your instagram. >> it's been a growing part of our industry as lightening
7:51 am
officials. people have to look good at the event now. >> reporter: now step through a doorway. it's cooler in here. >> we're now in the high land gallery. it's a high forest. >> reporter: you can picture yourself on a mountain top. >> we have a brighter look that changes and undulates to simulate passing clouds. >> reporter: and light from below makes you feel like you're above the clouds until you go through the next door. >> again a very dferent feeling. it's the hottest and most humid gallery. nearly 100% fog humidity all year around. >> i love the place. >> reporter: for the guests it'. for the equipment, it's ultimate stress test. >> we can bring in outdoor lights. >> reporter: they're lit by what looks like sun lite peeking through the trees. you may or may not notice them. but in your subconscious you'll feel them. >> reporter: it takes a lot of
7:52 am
work to make it feel organic. >> it does. >> reporter: organic and romantic. >> it's date night. a little romance in san francisco. >> reporter: it's a tradition here. >> a lot of people get engaged here. >> reporter: are you engaged? >> no. >> just practicing? >> reporter: yeah. it's the first time the conservatory looks like this. >> i'm living in the bay area for six to seven years, i never been here. >> i've never been here. >> never been here. >> i've been here 18 years. >> 15 years. >> what i hear is i drove by or i biked by or i ran by every day but i've never been inside. >> reporter: now here they are. just like a flower that blooms at night to attract pollinators. it's blooming at night to track a new generation of visitors. >> to perpetuate and that's a step toward that direction. and today some things are changing forksn the 510 a
7:53 am
brand new area code 341. two bay areas are getting a new code. they ordered the new coal for alameda because the 510 ran out of space. if you live in those areas, you'll soon have to dial the new 341 area. it becomes mandatory next june. some call it the in and out of the east coast. and it's officially arrived here in the bay area. shake shack has arrived after a soft launch yesterday. the popular burger chain opens to the public at 11:00 a.m. today. it's the first bay area location selected. san francisco will be next. the chefs tell us they're tailoring their menu specifically to the bay area. burgers on buns from the world famous bakery in the city and seasonal pies. at 7:54, we have more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up next is clear the
7:54 am
shelter segment. meet jingles and cindy lou next.
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welcome back. it's time for our clear the shelters segment featuring our friends from pets in need. executive directors are here with jingle and cindy lou. which is which? >> jingle. >> jingle andindy lou. tell me about them. >> jingle is 11 weeks miniature >> okay. >> but friendly. and i think he could go into any home. and cindy lou is about a year old. she's a chihuahua mix. she's super sweet and for a chihuahua super mellow. >> she seems like it. >> she is. and i think, as well, any home. >> great. will they get much bigger? >> no. she's full grown. and he's 11 weeks maybe he'll double in size. >> but not too big. >> yeah. >> perfect holiday gift.
7:57 am
>> and they come with the cute little bow tie and poinsettia. >> yeah. >> and you have some exciting news we've been talking about behind the scenes for a long time. i say we like i'm any part of it. i've known about it for awhile. you can officially announce it on-air. >> that pets in need will be assuming operational eon pal >> wow. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i'm excited about it. it g operations. >> it's great news for people who, for whatever reasons, couldn't make it to redwood city. they'll have the option to come to the palo alto location starting in february and adopt and support the great causes that you guys take on. they spay, neuter, microchip, everything you need to take these babies home and give them
7:58 am
a forever home. are these babies both part of the $31? >> they are. pets in need is having a $31 special until the end of december, which is significantly less expensive to adopt animals. >> right. normally it's $150 for dogs. >> hopefully people will take advantage and take these babies home. congratulations on the expansion to palo alto. if you would like to find out more, go to thank you for making us a part of our morning. we'll have more local news continue. hope you have a great saturday! . symbol you know you're
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watching television that's educational and informational the more you know on nbc.
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