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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  December 16, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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. i never directed him to do anything incorrect or wrong. >> please don't characterize the strength i bring to this meeting. >> they are running in all directions. kelsey, we just want you home. ♪ good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on december 16th. i'm willie geist. this morning, the question on the minds ofs of americans -- what is happening to my health care? open enrollment ended in 39 states last night with serious new questions about the law's future. last night, president trump hailing the ruling by a federal judge in texas this weekend that declares the affordable care act unconstitutional.
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what happens now? we will get into it with chuck todd. plus, a very brief appearance last night by "saturday night live" star pete davidson, just hours after a troubling instagram post where he wrote, quote, i don't want to be on this earth any more. friends are rallying to support him and his desire to help others dealing with the same. we will have much more in a moment. later, a sunday sit-down in a rare interview with the one and only jerry seinfeld on his latest gig and a career of stand-up comedy. hits thoughts on kevin hart and the oscars and why his toughest audience is in his own home. >> with my family, you have to announce, i'd like to try a joke out. because if i don't, you're liable to get -- which is far worse than -- it's bad enough people don't laugh, but they will go, you feel funny now, dad? >> oh. >> feel like you're being funny
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now? which is a gut punch! >> a special two-part sunday sit-down with jerry seinfeld, plus another life well lived a bit later in the show. let's begin with another personnel move at the white house and questions about the future of health care in america after a new ruling from a federal judge. nbc's white house correspondent kelly o'donnell is following it all for us. >> reporter: good morning. the help wanted sign is out here again at the white house! and president trump says he will nominate a new cabinet secretary to lead the department of the interior sometime this week. now this vacancy follows a major change for t he can work with democrats. ♪ >> reporter: decked out for the. what power. >> reporter: the president and first lady hosted a black tie congressional ball saturday night, unwrapping some bipartisan spirit. >> we have a lot of democrats
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here tonight. >> reporter: of all things, health care. >> fountain republicans and democrats get together, we are going to end up with incredible health care which is the way it should have been from day one. >> reporter: a bold promise from a president who railed against obamacare. >> we have decimated obamacare. >> reporter: friday, a texas federal court declared the entire law invalid in a case that argued the individual mandate is unconstitutional, now that the tax penalty was dropped. overnight, enrollment ended for 39 states using the federal health care exchanges. ashe presiseas, his wish list ia staff shake-up. >> we have our cabinet, almost the entire cabinet. >> reporter: at the party, but out of a job, interior secretary ryan zinke. under federal investigation for his travel costs and potential conflicts of interest. the president announced zinke's
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exist on twitter. zinke was defiant tweeting -- moving to the west wing, as acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney. senior aides say the president likes mulvaney's political savvy but his newer profile reminded social media of this video clip from 2016 where mulvaney disparaged candidate trump. senior advisers say the president and mulvaney have a good, personal rapport and that is important in this joealth ca anyone who has an existing insurance contract for 2019, experts. and this will now move to a long legal process and that, of course, injects new uncertainty. could it get all the way to the
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supreme court again? that is possible. >> chuck todd is nbc political director and the moderator of "meet the press." good to see you. as kelly points out for our viewers if you have a plan under the affordable care act for 2018, you're okay for the time being. have we now opened this up because that have ruling by the federal judge in texas now for another year of debate, chuck, over the affordable care act? a debate, by the way, that didn't go particularly well for republicans about a month ago in the midterm elections. >> that's right. they have had at least sole control of congress going back to 2014. they have yet to be able to come up. they have had, since 2010, when they run against it, yet to come up with a bill they can figure out how to meet the cost issues without a mandate, so why they have never been able to come up with an alternative because they can't come up with an alternative that somehow protects -- gets insurance companies to protect preexisting
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conditions without jacking up rates even higher. yes, it's possible it does this. i am curious to see -- it seems it's possible the courts just quickly throw out this ruling. you know, his basis on the idea that just because the tax is zero means the tax doesn't exist, there is plenty of precedent out there that says just because a tax is at zero doesn't mean the tax doesn't exist. right? they could move the penalty up again to a penny if he wanted to and, suddenly, the tax is in there. i assume this actually gets beaten back quickly but think about the medicaid for all debate that is on the left. you have people on the right. 2019 plenty on our plate and throw health care into the mix we are a dysfunctional town at. >> appeal on appeals on this ruling in texas. let's talk about what it must be
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in the west wing this morning. michael cohen, the president's long time lawyer and fixer and going into prison and saying he is not going to be the villain of donald trump's story and telling all at this point. michael flynn in the mix. america media the parent of the national enquirer saying they worked during the 2016 to suppress stories on donald trump. how many pressure is donald trump under? >> every single part of his adult life is uninvestigation. his business and his inauguration committee and we can go on and on andoo ice and the dam, proverbial straw in the back. we see it in the new poll coming out this morning growing number of republicans believe the
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president hasn't been honest. look at capitol hill. republican senators going i am concerned the president may have committed a crime. how much more can his sort of skeptical supporters take? right? that is the question i think going forward the next few weeks. >> mick mulvaney walks into as the acting chief of staff and the budget director and thinks he is coming in for a budget committee. by the way, sir you are chief of staff to the president of the united states. chuck, does it matter who the chief of staff is? we know donald trump calls the shots and he has the final word on everything. >> it probably doesn't in the grand scheme of things but it matters in that building and the building next to the white house where the staff works. it matters in ro s imorale and negotiations with congress. he was the do no harm pick. there wouldn't have been a staff revolt. every other person he might have picked, there might have been a staff revolt. i think this was a do no harm internally. the question is whether he can
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be all that effective. obviously, if past is any guide, good luck. >> you have to wonder if president trump knew about that quote from 2016 kelly just shared with us where mulvaney called him, quote, a horrible person. "meet the press" is joined this morning by senate minority leader chuck schumer. thank you, chuck. the family of a 7-year-old guatemalan girl who died while in federal custody is disputing a claim made by u.s. customs and border patrol she had not had food and water days before she was detained. the girl and her father were apprehended after crossing the border illegally and transported to a border patrol facility in new mexico when she stopped breathing. she died several hours later. a lawyer for her family says she was in good health befores aski investigation into why she died. the girl's father told cnneyouln she was in distress. police here in new york were
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called in to check on "saturday night live" star pete davidson yesterday, after a troubling instagram post where he wrote, quote. davidson, who has been open about his struggles with mental health, made only a very brief appearance on "snl" last night. nbc kathy park has more. >> it's "saturday night live"! >> reporter: on the last "saturday night live" of 2018, viewers tuned in to see if cast member pete davidson would come to work. >> once again, mark ronson and miley cyrus. >> reporter: he didn't address a preshow scare. early saturday, the comedian started a post on instagram with i don't want to be on this earth any more. when he deleted his account, family and friends began to work. machine gun kelly wrote. jada pinkett-smith tweeted. the comedian put a spotlight on
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his struggles before on "snl." >> as some of you may know, i was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, a form of depression. >> reporter: but this time, the dark message came with a welfare check by new york police. >> it's unclear what prompted his alarming post, but earlier, he sided with kanye west and supported him for standing up for mental health, an issue brought to light during a twitter exchange between west and ariana grande. she defeated and deleted a number of posts including one that read -- there is history between thensp of t. >> we split up and she takes half of my sneakers! >> reporter: and inspired her number one hit. despite their brief romance, she shared her support for him on social media. a reminder that he doesn't have to battle this personal fight behind the curtains.
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kathy park, nbc news, los angeles. >> we are sending our best to pete davidson as well. he is a funny dude. a washout for millions along the east coast. in washington, d.c., heavy rains led to flooding across the city and several rescued from their cars after trapped in those straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including the college graduate who rose from his wheelchair to make his unlikely walk across the stage. and the mother who became a viral star with a fan cam
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performance for the ages that will embarrass her son for ages. plus, our extended two-part sunday sit-down with jerry seinfeld. and why elegance is an underappreciated secret to his success. >> i kind of thought, well, what if cary grant or frank sinatra was a comedian? what kind of material would they do? and i thought, well, that's what i want to do. i like that, you know, those guys. >> it's all coming up on "sunday today." we head to break, our photo of the week. a mary poppins stunt double, riding on top of the london i as part of her promotion push for the new mary poppins movie starring emily blount and opens on theaters in the united states on wednesday. owen's gonna do it! ♪
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look who's here, morgan radford. >> i'm excited to be here. let's do it. >> let's did i have in. our first high goes to a moment when a busy airport came to an absolute stand still to honor fallen american soldiers. ♪ ♪ >> that is gate c10 where a group of children who have lost a parent in military combat were boarding a plane for disney. american airlines flew the families to disney as part of the gary cinese program. more than 1700 children across
6:19 am
the country made the trip. the woman who posted the viral airport video to facebook wrote this, to see all of this at christmas time was so humbling. seeing the general public in an airport to honor these kids was simply beautiful. what a moment. you've just got to watch that whole video on facebook because you will sit at your computer and be over come by it. >> i got teary eyed. that's what patriotism is. small acts of kindness. takes a momenttho's what being all about. >> those gold star families are all about. our first logos to the sad revelation that it turns out you can't believe everything you see on russian state television. there was a very exciting rollout this week at a technology forum in russia, robot boris. the state-owned russia 24 television network applauded the
6:20 am
ingenuity suggesting it could inspire many of the young people in the audience to get into robotics. boris is a pretty good dancer for a robot. here's the problem, he's not a robot. no, it's a guy in a robot suit. a competing non-state-run media outlet tracked down a photo of a guy dressing up beforious of th were they right. did they think they were going to get away with that? >> i felt like it's investigation season and we might need to open up an investigation into this man into the robot suit. >> i feel it's over. not a robot. our next tie goes to the college student whose walk across the graduation stage would have seemed impossible not so long ago. aldo amenta broke his neck diving into a swimming pool just over three years ago. he was paralyzed and now uses a wheelchair. he was determined to make that walk for his diploma at florida
6:21 am
international university. with the help of an exo skeleton he's been working with. he rose from his seat and walked across the graduation stage after accepting his degree in electrical engineering. he's now applying for a masters program at fiu and hopes to walk on his own again one day soon. >> that is just amazing to be able to take those steps towards something that important. >> i love he h his mind on it. he insisted on doing that and he pulled it off. >> it's grit, it's determination. ba and getis masters.s to go i'm starting to regain feeling and i'm going to do it on my own. >> do you have any doubt he will walk again after hearing that? >> none whatsoever. our final logos to the strange but very real phenomenon of parents getting deep existential joy from embarrassing their children in public. mandy rammell took her son to a
6:22 am
university basketball game. the fan cam found mom when her favorite kelly clarkson jam came on ♪ since you've been gone ♪ ♪ blake cannot make thatg it hoodie close any tighter around his face. kelly clarkson actually saw the viral clip and tweeted, this is my kind of mama with the hashtag that kid is not having it. why do we enjoy it? >> i feel so badly for that kid because i was that kid. my mom would pull up at a red light and chaka khan would come on. >> and i had no hoodie. >> she would get big. >> a quick bonus for you, morgan. it comes from a high school basketball game. watch the player in white under
6:23 am
the basket begin to lean into the lane during the owe pope then's free throw but doing everything to step in for a violation she opts for the straight face plant. impressive commitment to not breaking -- let's see it one more time. >> low, low. coming in for a landing. bam. >> that is a lane violation i'm afraid. morgan, stick around. sunday closer. coming uph jerry seinfeld i promise you won't want to miss. jerry, a
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francisco, but i believe this is what they call the calm before the storm. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast and we're under a microclimate weather alert. >> we are. we're already seeing that storm churning just off the coast, so much so that it's bringing showers into portions of the north bay. in san francisco, it's about 57 degrees and take a look at how this storm system looks on satellite radar. you could see it's spinning right there. you could see the moisture just off to the north. when you zoom in closer, you get a better idea of what we're starting to see, some of the light rain pushing through, santa rosa, antioch seeing spotty rain. don't get tricked. don't think this is the only rain we'll see. we're expecting the heavy rain to trickle on in into the mid morning and really come pounding down right about 3:00, we expect that line of heavy rain to push through, with the possibility of seeing some forming thunderstorms as well. so there is a chance of isolated
6:27 am
thunderstorms, locally gusty conditions, upwards of 30 plus miles per hour and we're tracking the waves, hazardous surf. there is a high surf warning in place, already seeing that large swell out there, so going to be something that we keep a close eye on but this evening expect heavy rain that 5:00 commute will be a mess. >> okay, we'll see you for more in-depth weather at 7:00, thanks. as vianey just said, rain and strong winds are coming, so stay away from the beach. the waves are expected to reach between 20 and 50-foot-high breakers. ocean beach in san francisco is already known for its rip currents and now has additional signs telling us the danger of strong surf. >> the waves could hit to the sea wall, and if anyone is even stepping foot on the sand, these waves could creep up onto the
6:28 am
chest, take them into the pacific ocean. i'm just encouraging and asking the community to heed our advice to stay off the beaches. >> firefighters are warning the waves may be so strong, it could be near impossible for rescue teams to get in the ocean and pull people from the water. > there was speculation the iconic big wave surfing contest would kk off tomorrow. that ended up not being the case. organizers said the surf too wi even the most experienced surfers. they hope to have the competition later in the week when conditions are more calm. guns were returned in at a gun buy-back event. people turned out in droves to turn in rifles and shotguns, no questions asked. 442 weapons were turned in, 26 of them assault rivals. we're told it was a value of
6:29 am
$43,000. at 6:29, coming up on "today in the bay," a mother of four reunited with her family after being kicked out of the u.s. the emotional meeting, plus your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. right now back to "today." i just had an epiphany. i guess the world does need me to be president after all. >> yeah, that was not the lesson
6:30 am
at all. >> i want to be president again. i want to be president again. >> listen, donna, every time a bell rings somebody you know quits or goes to jail. >> so i am president again. it's a christmas miracle. >> no, not the lesson! >> "saturday night live" with a holiday nod. it's been more than 20 years now since "seinfeld" left the air as the number one show on television. on may 14th, 1998, 76 million americans watched the series finale and said good-bye to jerry, elaine, george and cramer. since then jerry seinfeld has continued the career of a standup comedian that started when he was just a 20-year-old from massapequa on new york's
6:31 am
long island. now 64, seinfeld still spends his days studying the absurdities of our lives and translating them into comedy, perhaps better than anyone ever has. jerry's latest gig is a run of standup shows beginning next month at new york's famed beacon theater. he and i along with a raspy voice got on the beacon stage for an interview in our sunday sitdown. >> i don't like anything where people go woo. >> so this place has kind of become your home for standup in new york city? >> yes. >> you've done the residency before. coming back to do it again. >> uh-huh. >> what brings you back here again and again? >> it's that baseball glove that just -- you can't beat it, you know? you have -- you have a few gloves in your life but there's that one that's just the perfect fit and the sound when the ball hits the glove and that's your
6:32 am
glove. this house is my baseball glove. >> so what do you do to prepare for a residency different than one-off standup gigs? is there something you do differently? >> i don't really do anything different except that i just feel different and, you know, i know who i'm talking to. >> right. >> i'm talking to new yorkers. >> right. >> so when i talk to how annoying is it to be constantly recommended restaurants by people and how they push you, you have to go. >> right. >> to this restaurant. it's like, okay, you know for the street cleaner, what is that guy doing? are they cleaning? are they really cleaning the street? >> just kind of moving the trash around from what i can tell. >> spinning it. >> with the trail of water out the back. are they just laughing in there? watch out! we're cleaning up. >> you're driving or you're walking down broadway, you see the street sweeper.
6:33 am
you have that instinct that there's something weird about that street sweeper. >> yeah. >> you say that's stupid? what do you do, write it down? >> i like to play with it on a pad. >> the yellow pad. >> yeah. i love my yellow pad and i find that to be -- that's my -- that's kind of like my steam room, you know? i just like to just think of what's funny about it, you know? >> right. >> most comedians do not do that in my experience of talking to them. they like to work it out on stage. i like to have both. i like to have a little architecture and then i like to play with it on stage and then here's the other big secret of comedy, the audience writes most of it. you kind of give them what you think is funny and they grade your work second to second. >> we're talking about where you test drive your material. >> uh-huh. >> you've talked about your audience at home being pretty brutal. >> uh-huh. >> because they're funny, your kids are funny. i know your wife is funny. >> yes. >> do you test drive some of
6:34 am
that around the apartment, material wise? >> sometimes. i do sometimes. >> yeah. >> but they are so brutal that i have to say, do you think this is funny? if i do it, like with normal people you will just kind of drop it in a conversation and see if it gets anything. >> right. >> but with my family you've got to announce, i'd like to try a joke out because if i don't you're liable to get -- which is far worse than -- it's bad enough people don't laugh, but they'll go, you feel funny now, dad? >> oh. >> feel like you're being funny now? which is just a gut punch. they really will gut you. >> i'm born in brooklyn. that's my home borough and then my parents moved out to massapequa which is an indian name. it means by the mall. >> do you remember the first time someone told you you were funny sometime in massapequa? >> yeah. yeah. sure. >> was it your mom or dad?
6:35 am
>> no, i was never funny around them. my friends did. i thought they were just as funny. >> the first time i got up in a little club in mid town manhattan at a place called the golden lion pub and they laughed, that was -- >> i never thought i could make a non-friend laugh. >> right. no turning back from there for you? >> no. no. >> how old were you at that point? >> 20. >> so how old are you that night on carson? >> 26. you pull up to the light and it says left turn, okay. ne't non-personal touch? it's like left turn, okay. >> how big was that night for you? >> i described the other night at the golden lion and then there was that night on the "tonight" show and there was performing on the east room of the white house for the president and paul mccartney. performing. >> mr. president, first lady,
6:36 am
sir paul mccartney, other people -- >> those are the nights. >> those are the three nights. >> as you moved along and moved into "seinfeld." >> you faked with me? >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> you faked it? >> that whole thing, the whole production, it was all an act? >> not bad, huh? >> i interviewed julia loui dreyfuss for the show. she was laughing. do you still have that frame? >> sure. >> in your bathroom somewhere? >> yes. >> i think the line was, no segment of the audience expressed an interest in seeing the show again. >> right. >> how did you get through that? how did you power over that? >> no, i figured we were dead at that point. it was over. here's the funny part of the story to me. you know, the whole thing started -- the reason i got the series is my manager george shapiro wrote a note to brandon
6:37 am
tardiff, the president of nbc. one sentence. call me a crazy guy, but i think some day jerry seinfeld is going to be doing a series of nbc. when he wrote that note it was 1988. i had been on the "tonight" show sev years, three times a year destroying for seven years making these people laugh and george still has to say to nbc, i know this sounds crazy. what was so crazy about the idea? >> that was network television in the '80s. there was no competition. there was the only game in town. >> do you ever think about what your life would have been like if it hadn't actually been dead? >> i guess it would have been okay. it wouldn't have been as good. i may have been in the same case. it was great to make that and contribute that. my wife and i took the kids to do meals on wheels.
6:38 am
you go around and give food to people who only get that one meal a day and every room we went in, it was, you know, an older person or a sick or frail person in every one of these rooms the tv is on and i thought, that's what you're doing for people. that tv, they're not going to the beacon. they can't see that. but you can reach them through tv. and it maderealize, oh, that was really worth it to make it have gotten in that room. it was really powerful. by the way, that epiphany came just a week ago, 20 years after the end of "seinfeld." we will have much more in part two of our interview coming up in juszczyk a moment so we are waking up to a microclimate weather alert. this is the reason why. we are tracking a storm system that started to make its way in.
6:39 am
we're seeing light rain over portions of the north bay. you can see it churning off the coast. we are examine thing strong winds along with tall waves from this system. we've got some light showers pushing through santa rosa right now, in through the antioch area as well and here is a quick check of what you can expect as we head in toward the evening hours. isolated thunderstorms into the afternoon. two of our interview with jerr seinfeld, including jerry's take on kevin hart losing his gig as the oscars and the culture that cost hart that job. much more with jerry seinfeld when we come right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the beautiful thing about care, is knowing that it's always there... ...and that it always will be. ♪
6:40 am
walgreens. trusted since 1901. right now save 25% on your purchase at walgreens. i once introduced jerry at a charity event. his only request was that i not do some big windup about his being the biggest star of the biggest sitcom of all time. he said he liked to keep the barlow before he goes on stage so respectfully here is part two of our conversation with the co-creator and star of the show many people believe to be the best television comedy of all
6:41 am
times and a legend of standup, mr. jerry seinfeld. >> one of the things i've always been impressed with you is how professional of a comedian you are. you have a suit on. you walk out on the stage like a presiden c a fan, as somebody w follows your comedy i say, he's taking his job seriously. >> i am very grateful and i feel very, very fortunate to have this profession and i want to look like my heroes from the '60s. i want to look like frank gorschyn, george car lynn and allen king. i love those guys. i wanted to be those guys. >> the guys walking down the street, no other guy wanted to be the girl on the same street of that guy. you get that, see? >> i feel like it's harder to do what you do in the crowd. >> it might be. other audiences might feel it's not raw enough. there's no edge to it.
6:42 am
>> right. >> can you get the same laughs that the other guys get without doing that? when you hear a curse word in the last line of the bit, that's when you know. that puzzle was not solved. >> that's the cop out? >> well -- it's like, it's okay. it's fine. >> right. >> but as comedians we know -- >> you look at somebodye who ha from the oscars because of tweets from years ago that he felt like he already talked about. >> uh-huh. >> what do you think about that kind of culture where you have to explain and apologize for everything you've ever said. >> kevin is in a position because he's a brilliant comedian to kind of decide what he wants to do. he doesn't have to step down, but he can. and when you look at that situation, well, who got screwed in that deal? i think kevin's going to be fine, you know? but how many -- find another
6:43 am
kevin hart. that's not so easy. but most of the time comedians -- we are expected to be the most agile in terms of how we think and construct our thoughts and what comes out of our mouth. avn navigating these slalom gates forever. look, when i started out there were dirty thing. e a of those words. and a lot of us went, okay. all of those words are out. i still want to play. i'll play. it's like lindsey vonn. wherever you put the gate, i'm going to make them, you know? i'm going to make the gate. that's the gig. >> do you still get that rush when you come out here and the crowd laughs? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. i don't hear the applause when i come out. i have no interest in that. >> really? >> no. because that's for the past. >> right. >> they're saying we like what you've done in the past. >> right. >> that's not what tonight's
6:44 am
about. >> that's interesting. >> yeah, tonight's about toni t tonight. we have to make this happen tonight. that's what i want. jerry's first new shows at the beacon theater are on january 11th with his run continuing through june. tickets are available now. to hear a fascinating explanation from jerry about how he meticulously creates a joke, check out our web extras at city subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast. i promise it's one you don't want to miss. you can find it on tune in or wherever you get your podcasts. and next week, a sunday sitdown with another superstar, jennifer lopez on her new movie. why fame freaked her out for a long time and how alex rodriguez has changed her life. a sunday sitdown with jennifer lopez next week on "sunday
6:45 am
today." coming up this morning, morgan radford and i will answer your questions. use #sundaytoday on twitter, facebook, instagram, we will get to as many as we can when we read our sunday mail at the end truly extraordinary measures taken by a determined mother and father after they were told they were out of options to save their baby boy. >> we can sit around and bemoan it, poor us, why doesn't someone fix this? or you can say, let's just fix it. >> later, a life well lived. the woman who founded a tech startup in 1969 and build a revolutionary computer that changed the world. as he rides) i'm watching that. eew. every christmas is memorable... but a gift from kay jewelers makes it unforgettable.
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it's a memory she'll wear forever. save 25 to 40% off everything, december 13th ♪ ♪ ♪ si passione. the new fragrance. giorgio armani.
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it goes without saying that we parents would do anything for our children. in life though you never know what that anything might be. for one family in braintree, massachusetts, it meant going to loving extremes to save the life of a boy and never taking no for an answer. morgan radford has our sunday closer. >> reporter: at 7 months old will lacey was like any other bouncing baby boy until suddenly
6:49 am
he wasn't. >> i found a large baseball size tumor in his upper left chest. >> reporter: will was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer. half of8 months none of will's treatments worked. >> you did it! >> we were sat down and told he was inquirable. we could fus on quality of life. >> reporter: doctors basically told you your son was going to die. >> the doctors told us there were no therapies that could treat him and save him. >> reporter: before they gave up hope the lacey's met one doctor. dr. gisele scholer, an expert on childhood cancer who treats kids who often have no other options. >> as much as i hoped and wanted for will to be ak to have no active disease and treatment, i don't know if i truly ever imagined that it would really happen. >> reporter: but new research requires money so the lacey's decided to raise whatever they could to help dr. schoeler find
6:50 am
a cure. >> how did you all raise the money? >> we did everything you could. we had pocket book parties, bake sales. traditional buy $40 ticket, come domusic, have raffl tickets. >> reporter: with the help of an entire village they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars that helped dr. schoeler begin a new clinical trial using a drug called dmfo typically used to treat colon cancer. it was a gamble. >> reporter: did the cure come? >> remarkably it did. it was the first time since he was an infant that we heard the words this tumor shrunk. >> reporter: just as he showed signs of a cure, they were not sold the material. they fought for the drug's fda approval. >> we can sit around and bemoney it. >> you can say let's just fix
6:51 am
it. >> they were still alive and still in complete remission. >> wow. >> now 14, will's cancer is in remission and he's not alone. >> your parents are doing a lot of work to help other kids. what message would you have? >> if you think about it it makes you feel self conscious. you feel like you're going to die every five seconds. don't think about it. >> what you have to do is -- >> the symbols. >> did you ever think will would be this healthy? >> i've always had faith and a belief that he was going to be okay. and that's what we want to do for every single kid with disease. he's the exception and that shouldn't be the case. >> that's one way to handle it,
6:52 am
morgan, start your own pharmaceutical company. incredible and i imagine it gives hope to other patients. >> have you ever even heard something like that. a parent starting a drug company to save their kid. 97% of the kids who have been on this drug for the past two years in that clinical trial, they've all lived. >> that is awesome news. good on that family and good to see will looking so good. morgan, thank you so much. we'll see you again in a minute. this week we highlight another life well lived. tech startups today are common place but in 1969 they were a relatively novel concept and a technology company started by a woman was revolutionary. evelyn barazin was the founder and president of redactron. she built and marketed the world's first computerized word processor called the data secretary. her computer was marketed in a 1971 ad in ms. magazine as a school of empowerment freeing women from time consuming
6:53 am
clerical work and declaring the death of the dead-end secretary. she graduated high school in new york city at 15 years old and got a college degree in physics. she was hired in 1951 as the only woman at a new york electronics company and was told to design a computer. at the time no one knew what that meant but she did it. she is credited over her career with creating the world's first computerized airline reservation system and software for banks and stock markets. one british entrepreneur wrote, without miss berezin there would be no bill gates, no steve jobs, no internet, no word processors, no spreadsheets. nothing that remotely connects business with the 21st century. evelyn berezin, a pioneer who laid the groundwork for the technology in our lives today died last weekend in new york city. she was 93 years old. ever since darrell's family started using gain flings,
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lease the glc 300 at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. maureen in virginia. she asks, what is your biggest guilty pleasure? you have a tease? >> i don't think i've ever actually admitted this out loud. i know. i could watch engagement proposal videos online for hours. >> that's like a fetish. >> it's weird. they have websites that curate them. i will sit there watching them. they're so happy. >> they are. >> it's pure happiness. >> i like that it's a little weird. >> i like that but i respect it. peanut butter out of the jar with a knife. do it all the time. >> that's definitely weird. >> joanne has an important question. have you wearing the fancy new socks from kohl's this morning. a reference to my wife christina's tweet yesterday. she was sitting in the car while i ran into kohl's to grab socks.
6:58 am
curious to seehahe actually comes out with, sox or crock pot or graphic t-shirt. i got the sox. >> let's see these socks. >> blue socks. a knife, a cardigan fleece. >> my wife thinks it's a women's. it is a men'good sunday morning!
6:59 am
it is - - - - - here is a live look outside -- good sunday morning. it is 7:00 on the dot. here is a live look outside in san jose. cloudy skies, a beautiful look at christmas in the park, but this is what we call the calm before the storm. we are under a microclimate weather alert. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at that microclimate forecast for you. >> and that's exactly what it is, kira. our radar is already showcasing the pretty intense storm that we are tracking into the afternoon.
7:00 am
right now in san francisco, it's about 57 degrees, so you're going to notice it's cloudy out there, but it's not pouring rain yet. look at the satellite radar. you can see all of that moisture. we caught that strong storm system coming in, and this is expected to sweep through in the form of heavy downpours, a chance f


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