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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 17, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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apparently showing this man revealing a terror plot. thanks for being with us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. plant bombs, blow up a gay bar in san francisco. some of the threats about killing up to 10,000 people here in the bay area. those revelations had court documents. today we have video of the oakland man as he outlines his terror plot. the video is chilling to hear, mark. >> reporter: it is, jessica. in the video you're going to see him talking with a man who is an undercover fbi agent, but who is posing as an al qaeda operative. the fbi agent is driving him around in the east bay, as the 23-year-old nonchalantly talks about murdering people, setting bombs and setting fires to the berkley hills. it is chilling to see a
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23-year-old berkley high school graduate talk nonchalantly about bombing, shooting and setting fire to the bay area. >> burning the hills, because there's a lot of trees and a lot of homes over there. >> reporter: in the individual we from the summer of 2016, he goes on to talk about the killing of uc berkley students, buying strychnine to mix with cocaine and selling it on the street and ultimately, he did plead guilty to providing material support to a terrorist organization in that he set up social media sites for isis. but, in court, the defense called dr. mark sagman. he testified that the man was all talk when it came to actual terrorist attacks. sagman called the 23-year-old a coward who ran away when he realized he was over his head when he realized he might be with someone who might be an
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actual operative. he has reviewed those in custody and prosecutors question alhis judgment. when he was arrested. a jailhouse informant said the man continued talking about building bombs and put beiting sniper teams out to blow up police and a courthouse. >> reporter: the judge has to decide whether al hagoggi gets years in prison or decade yes, sir -- decades in prison. the judge decided that the defense should have an opportunity to cross examine the
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two witnesses. and that's going to happen when this hearing continues january 8th. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. our other top story this evening, our weather and all those waves. no green light for mavericks, but that didn't stop the dozens of surfers from badling opaddlid catching big-time waves. one of our crews got real close. they were about to do a live report in pacifica. two waves soaked the photographer and reporter, they are okay. but you have to be okay by the water. what are you expecting the next few days? >> we still expect turbulent conditions. it's actual lay pickly picked u. waves at 21 feet. that is the average. we're still looking at 15-40 foot waves possible through tonight. but we see through the next two
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days it could fluctuate between the 15-40-foot waves with long-lasti long-lasting waves to 20 seconds. do not turn your back to the ocean. we expect calmer conditions to get here. but something to keep in your mind, king tide will be happening this saturday and sunday. so that's something else to think about, if you had any kind of beach plans or anything near the coastline this saturday and sunday. storm ranger has moisture up to the north bay, it's moving up to the east. we'll talk more about our rain chances coming up this week in about 15 mipnutes. the high surf warnings continue. powerful waves came crashing ashore, knocking out a window. we're talking a huge window at the lighthouse hotel where the moon raker restaurant is at.
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we have the latest from pacifica. that must have been a little scary to see that come crashing down. >> reporter: it was, and not many people were up at that point in time. but it was very scary for the woman who discovered all of it. things are picking up a little bit. we still have spray over the sea wall. and the houses along the cost line a -- coastline are ready. they're sandbagged up. everybody's hoping for a kinder, gentler night. this was the scene along the pacifica coastline today. dangerously big waves crashing over the sea wall. and very early this morning they hit rockaway beach pretty hard, taki out a window at the lighthouse hotel, site of the moon raker restaurant. >> i got a call from the morning auditor, she felt the building
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shake, tremendous waves. >> reporter: powerful waves that came crashing ashore, knocking out a huge picture window no ine hotel's banquet room. >> reporter: the same thing happened to an adjacent window in 2017. this time around the staff was already on edge. >> when we heard the tides were going to be pretty high, you know, we crossed our finger, but unfortunately, we got hit again. >> reporter: other arias eas of pacifica coastline fared better. crews inexpected the esplanade bluff but didn't find any damage. >> these houses here, they take a hard pounding. you cici all t-- see all the sa
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the driveway. you know broke over the wall. >> reporter: we just got a splash come over right onit to s yard where we're standing. the plan is to keep the pier and beach boulevard shut down overnight. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now be careful what you post on social media. three bay area workers assigned to the repairs in butte county in the fire zone have been fired by their construction company. the posts show them making fun of the devastation, posing with charred debris and worse. jodi hernandez joins us in san leandro where the company is based. >> reporter: that's right. the biggie crane company didn't waste anytime. they fired the three employees immediately, saying their actions do not represent what
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this company stands for. these are the social media posts causing an uproar in fire-scarred paradise. in one post workers pose in what's left ever a burned rv with a caption that reads they're off on a fun-filled vacation. another one shows a smiling worker with his feet in a trough and a flowerpot on his head. >> they were there to clean up. that was it. they were not hear there to moc tragedy that has afflicted an entire town. >> reporter: the posts are hurtful, especially one that shows a deceased cat with a beer bottle to its mouth. dude, washen bam, a fire breaks out reads the caption. >> and to have these men make fun, make light of something that is so serious is absolutely inconceivable. >> reporter: the east bay
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company the men work for calls the posts highly irresponsible. they say they've fired all three employees. in a statement, they say this incident is an affront to all the honest, hard-working and caring employees of biggie crane company. it does not respect our values. >> i am very relieved they have been terminated from the job. and frankly, i hope they have a tough time finding another job anywhere. >> reporter: a spokesman for the town of paradise and the paradise police department said the post made his stomach turn. he says they are fully investigating this inch accident a -- incident and trying to determine whether the three can be charged criminally. jodi hernandez. a followup to the ferry that
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crashed alongside san francisco's waterfront last month. here's the video from that day. this is going to cost more than $300,000 to clean up the mess at the ferry building dock. the boat is being repaired and should be up and running again by christmas. the coast guard is investigating why it happened. they continue to investigate. two of the 53 passengers were hurt. drug and alcohol impairment for the crew members has been ruled out. the new year's eve count down is on, exactly two weeks from today. as in every year, fireworks are a problem. city is asking you to zippsend picture, san the fine is steep if you get caught lighting fireworks. the first-time offense will set
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you back $500. b.a.r.t. estimates a 10% drop in rides to and from sfo this year. it's about a $4 million loss in revenue. in oakland, airport connector trips have dropped 6%. companies like uber and lyft snagged nearly 10 million rides at airports last year. a well-known pastor has passed away. pastor kenny foreman from the cathedral of faith died last night. everyone knew him as pastor kenny. he had a connection to our station, too. in fact, he was one of the first pastors to broadcast his religious service right here on tv. a memorial service is being planned. the details will be released as soon as we get them at a later date. up next, controversy amid the celebration. the reason the stanford volleyball team is apologizing to its opponent after beating
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them in the ncaa championship. plus. >> get my family together again. >> a 2-year-old boy on life support here in the bay area. the plea to the u.s. government so that his mother can have one final chance to see him. storm ranger shows more showers. details on additional chances of rain this week in about six minutes. at a hospital in the ea
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while it is truly heartbreaking. a little boy clinging to life in an east bay hospital while his mother is thousands of miles away. mom is from yemen, one of the seven countries under president trump's travel ban. nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us live from oakland. and the mother is hoping that the state department can do something, melissa, sad as it is, so she can say a proper good-bye to her baby. >> reporter: yeah, they're hoping a state department official will make an exception for this woman. i spoke to the father of this little boy. he's keeping his little boy on life support so that his wife gets one last chance to say good-bye to her son. but doctors are warning him this little boy only has days to live. and now this desperate family is worried that this mother will still be stuck in the middle east during her son's final moments.
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>> please help us get my family together again. >> reporter: it's not the way any parent would want to celebrate their son's 2-year-old birthday. but insdid of blowing out candles, little abdullah hassan is hooked up to a ventilator while his father ali holds his hand and whispers in his ear. abdullah suffers from a genetic brain condition. both he and his father are u.s. citizens. his mother is from yemen and escaped her home country to egypt. >> for months they've been trying to obtain a visa. >> reporter: when abdullah's health took a turn for the worst, ali could not wait for his wife's visa to go through, so he came to the ouu.s. where could receive better medical care. >> the last wish to hold him, even give him a kiss. >> reporter: the family attorney says the mother cannot travel to
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the u.s. because of the trump administration ban on yemeni nationals entering the country. >> we need to take action. >> reporter: we reached out to the state department to find out if they would make an exception for this family. a spokesperson says the state department makes every effort to facilitate travel by legitimate travelers. now the father is hoping that state and local officials hear his story and put the pressure on the state department as well as the u.s. embassy in cairo to make some kind of exception for his wife. that's the latest here in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. the stanford volleyball team won the championship overt the weekend but are apologizing to the team they beat. this stems from a draw on the
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whiteboard in the locker room. it shows a gun shooting the opponent's mascot. >> reporter: it was so controversial and impacted so many people that the athletic director issued an apology to the university of nebraska. it took five sets for stanford women to beat the university of nebraska volleyball team and five seconds to tarnish the victory. right after they celebrated in the locker room, someone took this photo and posted it on social media. on the whiteboard to the side, you clearly see a drawing of the stanford tree pointing a gun at the university of nebraska's ma mascot. >> given the current climate
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we're in, making gun references is in poor taste. >> reporter: it was up long enough for nebraska fans to see it. >> distasteful comes to mind. >> i thought it was ridiculous, like why are people out here doing stuff like that. >> reporter: this stanford student agrees. >> i would say that's not right. >> reporter: stanford director of athletics issued an apology saying image in the background is unacceptable and does not reflect the values of stanford university. we have reached out to our colleagues at nebraska to express our sincerest apologies to the university and its women's volleyball program. but others say no apology necessary. they consider the drawing harmless. >> i'm not overly sensitive about that sort of thing. it would be different if there was a real weapon or something else. that's a, but that's just a metaphor. >> reporter: the university of nebraska had no comment. stanford tells us it's handling
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this incident internally. reporting live at stanford, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. let's get back to the weather. last night's storm caused lingering issues today. that's st. mary's road. and the road closed for a few hours to get the tree out of the way. no damage to cars or homes, just a big old hassle. >> it was coming down pretty hard, but nothing too extensive from what we can understand around the bay area. >> that's due to some of the breaks in the storm systems. but in the south bay, a good solid inch. even a bit more in other spots. east bay with three quarters of an inch to over an inch. and the north bay was in the one to a little disturbance separate from the storm system we had late last night and very early this morning. it's moving through fast, produced showers in santa rosa. right now we have wet weather here moving over napa and eventually to fairfield by 7:09 tonight. once this gets out of here,
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we're just looking at some lingering spotty showers. if you are in the north bay, may have slick roads at 7:00 a.m., nothing major. down in the south bay, you'd be dry to start and we'll hold onto maybe a spotty shower chance into tomorrow afternoon for the north bay. temperatures, it's going to feel like december, upper 50s and lower 60s. and remember at the beaches, 15-40-foot waves still possible. i do see it much calmer once we hit thursday. but then watch out this weekend. king tides will be returning. we know a lot of you are heading out early for the christmas vacation, going up to the see a -- sierra. we'll let you know how the snow in the sierra translates to rain
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in the bay area. coming up at 6:48 tonight. we'll see you then. did you get it in your in box? the scammers posing as net mifl. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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still waiti seven months after mark zuckerberg made a major promise to protect people's privacy, facebook users are still waiting. during the privacy scandal in may, zuckerberg announced a new product called clear history. it's supposed to clear the browsing history connected to your profile and would no longer you visit away from facebook. they thought it would take a few months touild out the product, now they hope to test it by spring. google will spend more than $1 billion to expand into new york city. the company announcing the new campus this morning. here's some of the sketches here. more than 1.7 million square
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feet in high-priced manhattan. google already has about 7,000 employees in new york and wants the new campus up and running by 2020. if you get a message from netflix asking you to update your payment information be wary, it could be a scam. it came to right becaulight bec e-mail sent to an ohio police officer. it looks legitimate, but if you click on it, it can install malware. how did the officer know it was a hoax? he doesn't have a netflix account. up next, from facebook to instagra limits. the new details we're learning influenced the election. and the reason former fbi director comey is blasting house republicans tonight. more about s
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disrupted the 2016 presidential ele right now at 6:30, we're learning more about how russian hackers disrupted the 2016 presidential l presidential election and a lot of it has to do with social media. a report was released detailing how russia tries to affect the election. >> the numbers are eye opening. let's bring in scott budman. another new wrinkle, instagram and the influence it has. >> it turned out to have a lot
6:30 pm
of influence. we're going to start with facebook. we knew about this and we found out more than 61,000 posts were september from t-- sent from th social network. more from instagram, 116,000 posts there, saying that the u.s. was chaotic and certain people shouldn't bother to vote. the target ths, voters. we now know russian agents sent tens of thousands of social media posts aimed at keeping liberal voters away from the polls. >> it's russia versus america. >> reporter: that social media expert matt cabot says russia wanted donald trump to win the election, so they tried to convince conservatives that america was lawless, while sending misleading posts to people they guessed were liberals.
6:31 pm
>> i've seen some stuff where people were asked not to vote. >> reporter: they pulled in more than 3 million followers. >> anything to undermine our democracy. >> reporter: and two years later, some young voters say they're still seeing misleading posts. >> i see quite a few that don't seem real. >> i'm more apprehensive to posts. >> reporter: cabot says that's because the russians aren't finished. >> they're still trying to undermine our political institutions and foment racial and political discord. >> reporter: the naacp has called for a one-day boy cot of facebook and instagram to take place tomorrow. >> as every month passes it seems that we get more information about the russian
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meddling into our elections. what did we learn today that stands out? >> lots of details. not only are they talking through social media programs, but tumbler, and you name it. they got there. and the way that they went ahead and tried to manipulate various cohorts of voters. discouraging african-americans from coming out and encouraging gun owners and people who are against immigration to come out. listen, you didn't need that many votes to change. remember, it was 75,000 votes in three states that they concentrated on among others and there you have an election. so is there a relationship? you bet. and a lot of this data shows it. >> at what point does the tide change in this with president trump still refusing to acknowledge or condemn putin and russia for what now has become very clear that actually did happen? >> i think it's been clear to a lot of us for a long time. he's just not going there. the beg question ig question is
6:33 pm
not going there. that's where mueller will try to connect dots. 14 members of the trump team talked to russians during the campaign. we know there's been the wikileaks information. we know these kinds of things are connecting. we've seen a lot of smoke, no fire yet, but so much smoke that you are beginning to wonder where that fire is. >> this is some very significant and important things for this country. is this the white noise, though? are most people going to tune out because it's happening for so long? >> that's a great question. the fact of the matter is some people have tuned out. this is what james comey said today, when he was making that point, he was pleading for people to pay attention. he said it's not about democrat or republican, it's about your country. >> a long time to pay attention. it's going to be four years ultimately perhaps. >> so far it's 19 months. the average special prosecutor is three years. it seems like a long time to us
6:34 pm
because we are victim, if you will, of this 24/7 news cycle. the stuff we saw last week not only about flynn but cohen, it's starting to gel. we're starting to see a mass here. and i think by the time this is over it's going to be much larger than anyone, anyone ever expected. >> it's stunning more people don't pay attention. >> you've got to read jackie spears' op ed piece. she connected president trump with russian purchasers. so many people buying properties in palm beach they call it little moscow. it connects trump with money, with a leelection and how much we need to see before it begins to close in on us? watch, it's going to get messier
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before it gets better. >> the facts are there, thank you, larry. the clock is texting. there are fewer than five days before the government is set to partially shut down unless there is a budget extension. at issue is president trump's long-promised border wall. mr. trump wants $5 billion to pay for it, even though he initially said mexico would pay for the wall. democrats say that number is just a non-starter. congress now has until midnight friday to come up with an agreement. this would be the third shutdown under mr. trump's presidency. we just mentioned james comey. he is not holding back. today he blasted not only president trump but those who stand by him. the former fbi director answered questions from republicans on capitol hill today behind closed doors. y but he was frustrated about the questions. he was asked about how the fbi was investigating hillary clinton and her private e-mail server when they should really be more concerned about president trump and his attacks
6:36 pm
on the just teice department. comey called their silence shame until. >> -- shameful. >> the words of a president matter. the rule of law matters and the truth matters. where are those republicans today? at some point, someone has to stand up. >> he is challenging those republicans, even those leaving office and retiring to step forward and have their voices heard. this is comey's second closed door session of the month. the rain caused a six-car pileup in san jose on 280 at saratoga avenue. an officer was stopped at a crash scene when another driver passing by lost control, hydroplaned right into the a ha cars were involved. one hit a person who had gotten out of their car. no update on their condition. we do know the chp officer is
6:37 pm
okay. there's a new plan to improve santa clara county's foster care system. it includes a plan to foster young people for job and education opportunities. it will help kids pipfind housi using the same model for housing homeless veterans. behind it is a task force of former foster children. >> it is a way to come together and provide resources for youth for housing. >> it could be impactful here. the plan will go before the santa clara county board of supervisors tomorrow. it is no longer up for a vote. the reason california regulators are dropping that text tax. serie
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night crash on highway 237. a woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after a late night crash on highway 237 in san jose. firefighters say she drove off
6:40 pm
the roadway and hit a tree. they had to use hydraulic rescue tools to remove her from the car. she was septembnt to a trauma c. a man suspected of being behind a series of fires is behind bars. it was just announced now. the fires were reported near the polo fields and angling pond. there have been no fires since his arrest. he's been ordered to stay 150 yards away from golden gate park and the stone houseboat house. the cpuc had withdrawn a proposal after texts are
6:41 pm
communication service. >> you go back on something five years that doesn't exist now and charge people for it for a total of 220 million. >> the text tax not popular with anyone we spoke with. not last week, not this week. there's a new twist in the custody battle for the long-time companion of coco the gorilla. coco passed' w away earlier thi year at the age of 46. and her long-time companion is still living on the peninsula. he was on loan from the cincinnati zoo to keep her company. the foundation says transferring him would be harmful. the cincinnati zoo has filed a lawsuit for his return. but a judge has told the organizations to work it out and set a deadline of this thursday to submit a proposal.
6:42 pm
>> complicated situation. let's bring in jeff. it's been raining non-stop. when do we get a break? >> i think we'll have intermittent breaks. nothing as powerful as what we had this weekend. even though we had a half inch to two inches of rain across the bay area on average, we're still below 100% of normal in the rainfall department. we' we'll talk more about how much rain we'll get in the next couple days. guy by the name of kanye west is not known for keeping quiet. but fans of his fashion brand say they are getting the silent treatment. nbc bay area responds, next. me y new chilli cheese or triple cheese and bacon curly fries for just $3. jack. so just so you know, i was like this close to totally destroying your planet until i heard about those fries. that's uh, so thoughtful. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries.
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i would destroy the entire zerkanian armada for those fries. or you could just pay 3 bucks. or that. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries. okay. last month we told you about how hundreds of people filed complaints against kanye west for his clothing company called yeezy. >> people said they ordered online and got nothing.
6:45 pm
let's bring in chris camora. is kim coming? is kanye coming? >> get kim k. on the phone. >> it should be pretty easy. it looks like we may be getting somewhere. the better business bureau in san jose says it logged more than 300 complaints from yeezy supply customers just in october. 355. but yeetzy wasn't responding to them. so we did a story about them and so did our sister station in los angeles. buye buyers expressed with unfulfilled orders. >> they never came. service.ever experienced such it's not even terrible. there is no customer service. >> we did not get a response from yeezy. neither did the bbb. but we just checked back in with the better business bureau, and it says yeezy has finally responded to them and a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.
6:46 pm
we asked to attend, you know we did, but we were turned down. still, we see a glimmer here. the complaints have not stopped. the bbb still gives yeezy an f rating right there. another 189 upset customers gripped to the bbb in november alone. the total for this year exceeds 700. we'll keep an eye on that meeting and let you know what comes of it. if you have trouble with yeezy or any other company let us know at >> you need to get in touch with the mommager. the mother-in-law, she's one that runs everything. >> keep up with the clan there. >> you got to keep up with the kardashians. the holidays are in full swing at sacred heart community services. the cmunity rallied to fill holiday boxes that are being
6:47 pm
distributed today and tomorrow. in addition to staples, families get to choose christmas ham, turkey or chicken. sacred heart will place santa for opening the gift room. they are shy about 8,000 of its goal of 18,600 gifts. so they need a few more. >> if they want to participate in the festiveness of this holiday season. and they still like to open up gifts as well. >> if you'd like to donate, you can find information on our website. this is a tough time for a lot of families. we hope they're helped as well. jeff ranieri is back with us. >> we have rainfall coming our way, but nothing in the way of super heavy rainfall. so that is good news. a lot of you are trying to head ouations. still get your holiday shopping
6:48 pm
done. i think you're going to be okay and it's going to feel like december outside. i want to start out with sierra snowpack and how we're doing so well. we've had quite a few systems rolling in the past few weeks and doing better than we were last year. central sierra is at 83%. southern sierra up to 96%. statewide, we're at 82%. this is important because snowpack provides a third of the state's water supply. we do have more sierra snow coming up. i'll have an update in about two minutes. we're still holding on to a few spotty showers. it will bring us more wet weather on 680 through danville, brentwood. >> more showers by 7:43. nothing major but slick spots on the roads.
6:49 pm
we're dry in san jose and we'll likely hang onto the chance of spotty showers through tomorrow afternoon. as you begin the commute, moist of us will need a jacket and sunglasses and in the north bay, spotty showers and a cold 45 degrees. as we move through your day on tuesday, temperatures will warm up a little bit. we'll get sun for the afternoon. it's not going to be a mild day. 57 in whose galos gatos, danvil 50s to low 60s. back to oakland, 58. the peninsula 60 and half moon bay 58. any desire to head to the coastline, you might want to shelf those plans. we have rough surf, 14-40 foot waves. by thursday it looks a lot better. san francisco, going tomissn, 6. heading downtown for shopping,
6:50 pm
temperatures in the upper 50s and more similar numbers for the north bay, upper 50s and hlow 60s. my extended forecast has a lot more happening. get closer to the tv. by wednesday we're looking at possibly ground fog for the morning. that could be kind of thick, limiting visibilities down to a mile or less. we're going to keep a close eye on that. hour by hour up to that we'll be monitoring it. dry weather on thursday, by friday, a new system moves in, not big, trace amounts. we're dry on saturday, but king tides return saturday and sunday. those are the highest of high tides. we may have beach erosion, also more rough surf. again, this weekend. but another system, once we hit sunday night into monday with .500 to a quarter of an inch. re rain chances coming our way. i think we'll be able to handle it fine. by sunday and monday we could see another foot, maybe snow
6:51 pm
levels to 3,000 to 4,000 feet. white christmas if you're heading up there. at least on the dpoupground. >> that would be fun. you know who went to the 49ers game yesterday? >> yeah. >> this one over here. >> i liked your beanie, too. >> super fun. >> speaking of the niners, let's get to sports. he brings gifts and barbecue. we'll tell you where steph curry showed up on his day off. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi.
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hi, everybody, i'm dave feldman. the warriors all-everything guard steph curry had a big day off the court. and as usual he caught some people off guard. >> please welcome steph curry. [cheers and applause] >> curry made a surprise visit to spend time with youth at the cov covenant house in oakland. he gave out a catered meal from his wife ayesha's restaurant. it provides sanctuary for youth facing homelessness and human
6:55 pm
trafficking. forasmuch as steph gives back, the feeling of making somebody's day better never changes. >> playing a hand in the next generation and the fans that support us from all walks of life. it never gets old. we are blessed to do what we do to put a smile on people's faces. >> it brings real toears of joy to my eyes. you know meeting a superstar. it was a real honor meeting him. i couldn't even be more happy. y w crying. the 49ers had a big sunday. after they beat the seahawks. kittsle w take a listen. >> this from 1998.
6:56 pm
tables and chairs tonight at the s.a.p. center and i will be there. starts at 5:00, so you guys are kind of killing me right now. >> is that big on you in '98? >> i literally just got it about a week ago. i found a guy that sells them. old shirts. really worth it. >> thanks, george. >> woo! >> he gone. >> kittel did make it in time for the action. had some great stuff on his instagram story, too. that's it for sports. let's go back to raj and jess. >> and the number one 49ers fan. >> you know who was on the sideline? >> jimmy. >> i was taking pictures the whole time. >> she likes jimmy g. >> i do. >> that was a huge win. you went to the biggest game of the season. >> i know, it was so great. so much fun. >> we want to see those jimmy g photos. >> have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00. this little home of mine,
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now on "extra," meghan markle's father revealing he's been ghosted by his royal daughter. >> my daughter, i'd really like to hear from you. >> texting her daily, begging to speak. why megan completely cut him out for christmas. >> "snl" pete davidson. >> ariana rushed to check in on him. >> why maroon 5 can't get anyone to do the halftime show. could cardi b save the >> the new "bachelor" turns into the crying game. we could have the most emotional


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