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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. a bay area congresswoman says she )s working to reunite this little boy and his mother. a glimmer of hope. a bay area congresswoman said she is working to reunite this little boy and his mother. he is on life support at the hospital but his family says anesident trump's travel b blocking his mother from seeing him one more time. a her that's why she is taking on the trump adminira cheryl hurd join
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us from children's hospital with the very latest on what's happening with this child. cheryl? >> reporter: congresswoman barbara here said she is stunned by this president's cruelty by not allowing a mother to be her with her dying son. the father has been here daily but doctors say time is running out. as word spreads, the doctors are only giving this 2-year-old days to live. one lawmaker is stepping up. bay area congresswoman barbara lee is calling president trump's travel ban unamerican, saying in a statement, i am committed to doing all i can to fight and it to restore decency and humanity to our nation's immigration laws. she has written the state department urging the administration to grant the toddler's mother a waiver so she can be reunited with her son.
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>> please help us bring my family together again. >> reporter: a plea from theds his son's hand while he's hooked up to a ventilator. he spent days whispering into his ear. >> saying your mother is not here with me. >> reporter: he suffers from a genetic brain condition. both and he his father are u.s. citizens. the boy's mother is from war torn yemen and is now living in egypt. >> for months, years, they've been trying to acquire a visa. >> reporter: when the young boy's health too no longer wait so he brought h medical care. see him and hold him. just even give him a kiss. >> reporter: now the state department tonight is not commenting on this specific
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case. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. thank you. we're now just four days away from a possible government shutdown. you're looking at a live picture right now in washington. republicans and democrats are locked in a stalemate over the border wall that president trump insists must be part of a government spending bill. tonight, neither side is flinching. the president wants $5 billion for a wall he initially said mexico would pay for. democrats say they won't budge on this issue. so a partial shutdown may happen and that would impact more than a dozen agencies and could leave more than 400,000 federal workers without a paycheck right before the holidays. at this late hour there is still concern along our coast. this is new video from pacifica. you can see the waves coming in with some dangerous. all in one. for several businesses, a lot of damage. nbc bay area's jean elle joins
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us. >> reporter: we're here in rockaway, the end of rockaway beach avenue is blocked off because those big waves are sending the water launching right over the fence. they also caused some damage to a hotel, breaking the window and ripping part of the building apart. it is a powerful show some people just can't resist. shelley turned and ran just in time. in a parking lot in rockaway beach, diners ran for cover. some got stoked checking on the big waves crashing over the seawall. >> reporter: luckily, no one was inside the light hotel's banquet room early this morning when the wave crashed through a window leaving shards of glass and lots of water inside. >> water was everywhere. two to three inches in here. >> reporter: the room is yellow tagged and the walkway near hotel is roped off with caution tape. >> the second time it happened
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in the past two years. the waves have gotten pretty strong and knocked windows out. >> reporter: this time, the waves ripped off part of the hotel's facade. it is a powerful show people are coming to see. >> people from all over the area, from pacifica or half moon bay to see it. >> reporter: in pacifica, the pier is closed as long as waves are pounding and filling over beach boulevard. big wave surfers are flocking to maverick. there's no contest but the monsters are breaking. nbc bay area news. >> dangerous waves remain tonight. how much longer? jeff, what are you seeing? >> it looks like we hit the peak of the wave event. it is still dangerous. at this point for the next two days. the average wave seeing is 19 feet but could it range 15 to 35 feet as we head
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through the next lasting swells. poly to 20 seconds at a time. don't turn your back to the ocean. we do expect much calmer conditions with you don't let your guard down if you have any man's at the beaches. we have king tides coming. >> talk about a whole new meaning for home shopping. on the outside, it looks like a typical house. on the inside, half a million dollars, cops say, of stolens. the couple is facing some serious charges. >> reporter: police say it was the baurg hear prevention unit. they got together and were able to catch two suspects they say were running this fencing
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operation. neighbors say there are plenty of homes that double in small businesses including one on the 1,400 block some thought was legitimate until police came knocking last friday. >> it doesn't seem normal. >> police arrested them, accusing them of running a fencing operation where they would receive stolen clothes from big brands like macy's and nordstrom to turn around and sell. they were selling clothes and shoes valued at more than $430,000, including 700 michael kors jackets. >> i've seen a couple people who have gone there and bought something. i've never personally bought anything from them. >> it saddens me that they se
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sell -- >> reporter: police stay clothes came from shoplifting and robberies at san jose department stores. >> that's scary. we don't want those people around us. >> we're 35 that san jose. >> just in, a staffing shake-up at pg&e. top leaders have lost their jobs amid gas lines inspections. they pressured understaffed crews to falsely file thousands of inspection reports. the reports claimed the crews marked and located gas lines within the three-day required deadline.
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the fbi releasing video of an oakland man outlining a sinister terror plot to kill thousands of people. the 22-year-old thought he was laying out his plan for a terrorist attack with al qaeda. it turned out it was an undercover agent. he also talked about blowing up a gay bar in san francisco. while he pled guilty to supplying material support to a terrorist investigation, he set up social media sites for isis. sentencing has been postponed until july 8th. >> almost one year later, andrew cam larry was parked on the shoulder in 880 when a driver both drunk and high crashed into his patrol car, killing him.
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and injuring his partner . they want to remind drivers not to drive impaired this holiday season. >> i want want a parent to feel like. this i'm not the same person i was a year ago. >> our crashes have increased significantly because people continue to drive under the influence of marijuana. over 50% increase at this time compared to this time 2017. >> the man who killed him is a 22-year-old from hayward. he remains in done wlin no bail. a south bay congregation in mourning after its leader passed away. everyone knew him as pastor kenny. he had a connection to our station too. he was one of the first pastors
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to broadcast from our studio. beginning in 1965 before switching to cable, he was on tv until 2010. he was 88 years old. from facebook to instagram. far more extensive than previously believed. a new report on russia's influence on our presidential election. >> plus, an emergency on the freeway. a wandering ghost in need of a life line. storm ranger, mobile doppler radar, shows dry conditions right now. we're tracking several chances of rainfall this week. a new update in seven minutes.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care
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russian hackers disrupted the 2016 presidential election... and a lot of it has to do w/ instagram. oxford universit we're learning more about how russian hackers disrupted our presidential election and a lot of has to do with instagram.
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they published a report today teething how russia launched thousands of accounts in 2016. the goal was to keep certain people away from the polls on election day. here's our business tech reporter scott budman. >> reporter: the target, voters. especially young voters and african-americans. we now know russian agents sent tens of thousands of social media posts aimed at keeping liberal voters away from the polls. >> it is russia versus america. >> reporter: that social media expert says russia wanted donald trump to win the election so they tried to convince conservatives that america was lawless. while sending misleading posts to people they get were liberals. >> i've seen that it was rigged. >> which is why i have stopped posting on facebook. >> reporter: and they built a big following. pulling in 3 million followers
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on instagram lewinsky. >> they wanted to sew racial discord. >> reporter: even two years later, some young voters say they're still seeing misleading posts. >> for me i'm more an rehelppre to post. >> they're still trying to foment racial and political discord in america. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. three construction workers are without a job after poking fun at other people's tragedy. the workers are supposed to be carrying out debris. instead they were taking and posting insensitive photographs. one shows a xapgs reads, they're off on a fun-filled vacation.
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others were more distasteful. they apologized for the photos and immediately fired the three employees. a drawing on a white board has the women volleyball team facing some criticism. the sketch shows the stanford tree pointing a gun, what looks to be a gun, at the university of nebraska's mascot. someone took the sick and posted on it social media. it was online for only a few minutes. it was long enough for nebraska fans to notice. the white board was at the stanford locker room as they beat nebraska on saturday. tonight, stanford's athletic director is apologizing saying the spk unacceptable and does not reflect the school's values. >> i thought it was ridiculous. why are people out here doing stuff like that? >> it could be a water pistol, anything. >> stanford has formally apologized to the university of
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nebraska. a perplexing incident. two officers under investigation for accidentally firing their weapons in two separate incidents. both of them at the mall. an offduty officer accidentally shot himself, in san leandro. he was at the studio at the time and no one else was hurt. the second one was yesterday. a man at the department of corrections had a gun and it went off. the superiors are now looking into what happened. >> it was a pricey mess. the repairs for this crash along the water front last month will cost more than the golden gate ferry said it should be up and running by christmas. two of the three passengers that day were hurt. ttyl. california dropping a plan to
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tax text messages, originally introduced as a way to help with low income communities. the vote was scheduled for friday but the vote was withdrawn after the fcc rules said texts are information service. not a telecom service. which means the agency doesn't have the authority to add that. >> okay. no surprise here. it is officially the busiest week for the postal service. they will deliver 13 billion pieces of maildinglose to a billion surge in packages started a few years back when online shopping became so popular. to keep one the rush, they have installed new automated machinery to sort packages. like this one in san jose. >> it is the week of christmas. more and more people are waiting until the last minute.
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they do their shopping on the weekend. that's where you see it very busy. >> okay. chop, chop, get to it. the usps says as of tomorrow, you will need to send packages with priority mail. and then you'll need to upgrade to e-mail express if you're mailing after friday. >> okay. countless traffic stories in the bay area. stop us if you've heard this one. the goat traded the farm for 880 in oakland today. a number of people called the hoip when they saw a goat crossing the lanes. officers closed in on him. this is a picture of the goat before taking him to the animal shelt shelter. why did the goat cross 880? [ laughter ] >> i went from having a tracking
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number today to pending. >> we have to get shopping. >> i have to start with that. >> okay. tell us about the week. >> some pretty good weather. >> yes. to get some of that shopping done as we head into the next couple days. it will make it feel like december. we don't have a major storm system but we'll get you all you need to know. right now, the storm ranger mobile doppler radar is quiet. no rainfall here from the south bay to the north bay after getting hit with a lot of rainfall sunday into monday. the rainfall averages, a half inch to about two inches at the bay area with the highest amounts of the north bay and the east bay. through tomorrow morning, we have a few spotty showers. it could bring us a spotty shower for the evening commute. nothing big. be prepared for maybe some wet roadways. down toward the south, we'll start out dry through afternoon. the best chance of maybe some
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scattered showers would remain into the north bay. so for most of us as we start off, you'll need the jacket and the sunglasses with those partly cloudy skies. it could be chilly, too. and 46 in the south bay. temperatures warm up a little bit you this the afternoon. still needing a light jacket with 63 in morgan hill. no big jump in temperatures. san from palo alto to and the waves could be 15 to 35 feet on average. napa, sonoma, mid to upper 50s and a slight chance of some
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scattered showers. you can see we might have some central valley fog developing. we could see that move into our morning commute wednesday. it is not a big storm. then by saturday, king tides return. the highest of high tides. could it bring some beach erosion and then a chance of some showers. sunday and monday we could get another foot of snow. snow levels down to 3,000 to 4,000 feet. >> a lot of people heading to the holidays. up next, the search for this bridge caught in the act. what one local family did in
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case he comes back to steal any more. happening now, we're two weeks away from new years eve. this year, san jose want you to do something. if you see illegal fireworks, take a picture and submit it through the website. san the first time offense will be pricey. it will set you back $500. we'll be back with more news in a moment. vote! the bay area program that could expand to include more students. plus: our consumer team investigates the hundred of complaints being filed against a hollywood star )s clothing company. join us tomorrow from
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a martinez home is a little less festive tonight, because of this this is not cool. feeling christmas cheer in contra costa county. a martinez home is a little less
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cheery because of. this he is caught on camera ripping off the decorations. the family took down the rest in case he comes back more. >> if you got a message from netflix asking you to update your payment information, be careful. a man was told he needed to update his billing information but he doesn't have an account. it may look legit. it could steal your private financial information. wh vip showed up at the warriors game sitting courtside? we'll show you. ♪
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no stress... this was a clean warriors win. okay. we haven't said this too much this season. no drama, no stress. >> we had aormer star sitting courtside at the oracle tonight. we said hello to, do you remember him? kd with the quick slam there and then soon later, jordan bell almost coast to coast with a big slam himself.
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the warriors won 110-93. well, the star needs two more goals to become the all time scoring leader. but he held a three-day camp to benefit victims of the camp fire. those who weren't victims could participate but they had to give $50. he went to chico state so the camp fire is very important to him. something special is happening in the sky and it hasn't happened in centuries. we'll explain, next. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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one is flying next to earth right now. so c -ak e someone must have wischrist. one is flying close to earth right about now. it is the christmas comet. it was first spotted more than 70 years ago. and it is back. astronomers are very excited. jeff, you're probably very excited. >> a cool name, right? nasa says there have been only ten other close comets that have approached this close. it came very close to us, about
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7 million miles from earth. you can see at this time next few days but you may need binoculars. >> are you sure it is not santa? >> it might be santa. >> i'm no nasa scientist. >> i like where you're going with it. >> you can see, as we head through tomorrow, 61 degrees. a slight chance of a spotty showers in the north bay. a better chance of seeing it tomorrow. the christmas comet or santa. thanks for joining us. have a great day. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lin-manuel miranda --


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