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tv   Today  NBC  December 18, 2018 7:00am-8:49am PST

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>> a live look from emeryville, at the bay bridge. beautiful site for us as we begin this tuesday morning. thanks for starting your morning here with us on "today in the bay." have a great day. good morning. shutdown showdown. the fight over funding president trump's long-promised call is deepening. >> his temper tantrum will get a shutdown but will not get him a wall. >> this morning, hundreds of thousands of americans facing the ospect of no pay for the holidays. so, can a christmas compromise be reached? we're at the white houravel rus. al has the latest on the forecast so you can adjust your plans. war hero or war criminal? a decorated green beret charged with murder in the suspected death of a taliban detainee in afghanistan. his wife speaking out defending her husband. >> he did not do anything wrong.
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>> but the u.s. army disagrees. what they're saying about new evidence in the controversial case. those stories plus, no money for moonves. inside the decision to deny the disgraced former cbs chief, les moonves his $120 million exit package. holiday shipping deadline. the final day to mail your gifts is fast approaching. >> it's craziness. >> what you need to know to get your packages there in time for christmas. dance-off? the makers of popular video games sued forprince" star thata federal case. tuesday, december 18th, 2018. >> from nbc ne wws, h savannah and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.oday." thank you for joining us on this
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tuesday morning. we said tuesday, which means it's one week until christmas. i feel a little panic. >> starting to feel the excitement. we have roker on speed dial for the weather. we'll check in on the storms in a few. we're going to begin with our top story, the looming threatening shutdown. can the white house and congress strike a deal in time? we're going to start with nbc white house correspondent, kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a high-stakes standoff with the clock kicking. president trump not backing away from his request for $5 million for his border wall. can havemonday, anytime you good a de wall, the party line. while there's discussion about ways to avoid a shutdown, there's no plan. there's no deal. senators meeting late to avert a
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possible government shutdown. instead, only confusion. >> we're waiting on word from the white house. >> reporter: the president is demanding $5 million for his border wall, a wall he promised mexico would pay for. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> reporter: democrats will only give him a fraction of that. mr. trump stunning republicans when he said this last week. >> i'll tell you what, i am roud to shut down t his republicanlls are digging in. >> i hope our leadership puts that bill on the floor, the full $5 bonwall. >> i think we can avoid the shutdown. i am not optimistic that democrats are goingyi $5 billion for the wall. > >> i think of people being furloughed and not able to buy
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toys for their kids. >> reporter: a partial shutdown would affect more than a dozen agencies, meaning more than 400,000 federal workers would have to work without getting paid. 350,000 others could see their checks delayed. what does a shutdown mean for you? national parks around the country would close. and mortgage and loan approvals could be delayed. but border security, air traffic control operations, food inspections and u.s. mail delivery would continue under a shutdown. >> you've been following this closely. how likely is a government shutdown? >> reporter: that's the $5 billion question, hoda. there doesn't sm of pennsylvania avenue. while the president is threatening a shutdown, the leaders are not wanting a
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shutdown. president trump said mexico would pay for the wall. now, it's congress' problem. >> thanks. michael flynn, the president's former national security adviser will find out today his sentence for lying to the fbi. we're getting a closer look at what he told investigators. pete williams is on the story this morning. hi, pete, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. president trump wished michael flynn good luck. flynn's lawyers are asking the judge for no prison time, just probation. and robert mule prosecutors say they would not object to that because he's been so helpful to their investigation. michael flynn learns today if h afternal security adviser. flynn denied that during the transition he asked russia's ambassador to go easy on the sanctions against russia. his lawyers say he should be sentenced only to probation,
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taking his 30-plus-year career in the army and his extensive cooperation with robert mueller's investigators. he made with them 19 times and firsthand information about what trump had with other officials. >> that's the realm of the prosecutor, is getting someone in the door initially in order to begin to crack the case and put pressure on others to come forward. >> reporter: flynn admitted which wants a dissident cleric with the government of turkey, turkey. his former business partneras acting as an agent for a foreign government for his work on the project. a turkish businessmanaces similar charges. flynn was e-mailing and texting about turkey during the final weeks of the campaign and wrote this column, pushing foreign policy views, claiming they were
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his own. after a second day on capitol hill, former fbi director james comey took republicans to task when asked how the agency he once led handled the flynn case. >> they are attacking the fbi's investigation of a guy guilty of lying to the fbi. think of the state of affairs we ended up in. that's nonsense. >> what is the special counsel's office saying reporter: over th couple of the302s, the memos of conversations with flynn. they say flynn knew in advance what the fbi wanted to ask him about and was given several chances to correct his story, and never did, continuing to insist he did not ask what the special counselor that he admitted what he did.
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>> it's interesting to see if he was tricked or not. pete, thank you very much. we're going to turn to the potent storms that could put a damper on your holiday travel plans. al is here for the all-important forecast we can expect. >> good morning. good morning to you. thanks for getting your first weather from us. today's stormom onshore. there's a parade of pacific storms back behind japan. in storm is going to hit there on the weekend. he next through sunday, rainfall northwest. here's what we're watching for that's going to be a potent 24acic storm for half the country. rain moving into the south, as low pressure develops out of the gulf. it taps into the gulf moisture bringing that rain in. that's tomorrow. as we make our way into thursday, the low develops in the southeast. look for airport problems in atlan atlanta. a secondary low starts to develop as well along the
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northeast and pacific coast. as we move into thursday night and friday, look at this, a deep bloom of moisture. bringing heavy rain from pasten, new york, washington. we're looking for an icy mix. strong winds and isolated flooding is likely. this moves out quickly. here's what we're looking at as far as srm new england. a tis possible and the melting snow threat increases flooding in the carolinas. here's what we're looking for on the roads and the airports. possible delays for chicago, st. louis, detroit, d.c., new york, boston. likely delays, atlanta, charlotte, into parts of orlando. and look at the roads. i-95, atlanta to raleigh on i-85. and i-95, miami up to washington, d.c. we move into thursday, when it's really going to be busy. the airports that most likely will see delays, boston all the
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way down to d.c., raleigh, charlotte, atlanta, possible delays back through chicago and on i-77, from charlotte to cleveland. i-80, from chicago to new i-95 from raleigh all the way to boston, we look for delays. it will be a real mess. it's a quick mover, guys. it will be out of here by saturday. by then, the damage will have been done. back to you. >> all right, al. thank you. craig is here, with new developments on a story we're following. >> cbs announcing that the investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against former ceo les moonves means he will not be receiving the $170 million severance package. kate snow is here with major developments in this story. >> reporter: les moonves not getting that massive payout his contract stipulated because cbs says he was fired for cause. the report revealing why and what investigators say was wrong
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with cbs culture. this morning, a bombshell new report about cbs, revealing the network had reasons to terminate chairman and ceo, les moonves. the board issuing a statement, saying, we have determined there are grounds to terminate for cause,mieasance, and histhe com receive any of his $120 million severance. moonves was forced to step down as chief of cbs in september, as multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, spanning a period of decades. m moonves' attorney said, the conclusions of the cbs board were without merit. he also says mr. moonves denies any unconsensual sexual relations andoopeted with
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investigators. practices and, that harzmeassmt high institutional priority on structures have not reflected a preventing harassment and retaliation. the report concludes that inadequate resorurces has been given to training and resources. last week, there was a $9 million settlement between cbs and elijah dushku, who was written off with inappropriate comments. dushku did not respond to nbc's response for comment. charlie rose was fired last year, after allegations of sexual misconduct, which he denies, although he apologized for any inappropriate behavior. last week, cbs received a settlement with three women, who
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say the network was aware of rose's behavior but didn't do enough about feger wasir after covering up a story a of allegations against him. now, after a period of upheaval, cbs hoping to turn a new leaf. employees cited past incidents in which h.r. did not hold high employees for their actions and did not retaliate. cbs says the board now has six new members. >> kate snow. two chicago police officers have died after getting struck by a train while responding to a shots fired call. it happened on the city's south side. the two officers were on foot at the time. they have been identified now. police say a person of interest in the shots fired case is now being questioned.
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all eyes on wall street after the dow felt 508 points on monday. the s&p 500 fell to its lowest level in more ths n y on pace for its worst december since the great depression. there's several factors weighing down the market, including rising interest rates and that government shutdown. and also, trade tensions between the u.s. and china. alfonso ribeiro, suing the makers of two popular video games. ♪ it's not unusual to be loved by anyone ♪ >> it's because of that dance. known as the carlton dance. it was made popular by carlton banks on the 1990 sitcom. r row per rhe is asking for a jud order to stop both games from "
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dance. ♪ up, up with people you meet wherever you go ♪ ♪ up, up with people >> i think you're right. that's the move. >> you should represent them. you should provide legal counsel. >> maybe i will. mr. roker, you have the rest of the forecast. >> this is where you live. none of this. none of that. this is where you live. let's show what we have going on. gusty winds in the northeast and new england. maybe airport delays. dense fog through the lower mississippi river valley. going to be gorgeous in the central plains. very nice. stormy seasons, especially in the mountains of the pacific northwest. we'll look at snow and sunshine and calm as you move into the southwest and southern share the love event, we've shown just how far love can go. (grandma vo) over one hundred national parks protected. (mom vo) more than fifty thousand animals rescued. (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered.
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donated to charity by subaru and (old man vo) nearly two million meals delivered. (boy) thank you. (granddaughter) thank you. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, a few clouds rolling by. we've seen some patches of fog, and then as we go through the day, partly cloudy, highs reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s. there will be some rain chances around ukiah and santa rosa, especially for the afternoon. the rest of the bay area will stay dry, and then for tomorrow, more patches of fog during the morning commute, and then on thursday, mostly sunny skies, highs near 60 and aness cha nne >> al, thank you. coming up, the green beret charged with murder in the death of a suspected taliban bombmaker. what his wife and the pentagon are the report on teen ise're how dangerous this trend has
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become and what parents need to he
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coming up, the holiday shipping rush in high gear this morning. this morning, the key deadlines to remember. and a firsthand look at how packages get from your desk to packages get from your desk to we have
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the chp - trying to track down the driver who crashed into a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. chp trying to track down a driver who crashed into another car during a chase and then ran from the scene. the crash closed lanes on southbound 101, it happened a little after 3:00 in the morning. chp says officers tried to pull the driver of a red corvette over near 280 on 101, and that's when the chase started. the car then crashed into a pickup truck near tully road. the pickup driver was not hurt. the chp does not believe the corvette was stolen, but at this int t not saying if they know who was inside the car. let's check the fas fog in the north bay. look at our san rafael camera, highway 101 southbound from the headlights are and visibility dropped to half a the south county. tracking rain from the north, it should make it down to ukiah and
7:26 am
santa rosa. the rest of the bay area stays dry today, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. patchy fog tomorrow and mostly sunny skies on thursday. another chance of rain, mostly in the north bay on friday. saturday is looking good, but then another system moves in on sunday that could bring in some more rain, leading into christmas eve. let's head over to vianey for an update on the commute. >> we're dealing with a major crash in union city. here is an overall look at the bay area. you can see we have a couple of accidents popping up along the sig alert successfully cleared out which is always great news. we're asking folks to avoid the area of whipple road and dyer street the next few hours. take alternate routes. that intersection is expected to be closed for a few hours. sky ranger is ovou reals my tw. >> another update in half an hour. see you then.
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♪ ♪ the snow's coming down 7:30, now, tuesday morning,
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december 18th, 2018. one week from today, probably about this time -- who are we kidding? it will be 4:00 a.m. kids across the country will be racing to see what santa loved under the christmas tree. >> are we ready for christmas? getting there? >> i don't want to jinx it, but yeah. excited. >> i have a ways to go. we have seven days. >> we have shipping deadlines coming up. a story for you guys. we're going to start this half hour with a check of today's headlines. the fight for trump's long-promised border wall going down to the wire. a shutdown coming up later in the day. senators triedfriday's deadline. the president is demanding $5 billion for his wall. democrats will give him a fraction of that. a partial shutdown would affect more than a dozen agenci security, and traffic control operations and u.s. mail delivery would continue.
7:30 am
les moonves will not receive his $120 million severance package, after the company's board of directors determined he was fired with cause, over sexual misconduct allegations. the board said it reached that decision after finding that moonves failed to cooperate fully with investigators, looking into the allegations. moonves was forced to step down after multiple women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations after decades. now, a frightening video of a good samaritan saves a fa. ou. moments later, the boy starts to chase a ball in the street. the retired police officer picks the boy up just in the nick of time. you see oncoming cars speeding in the road. another man walks into the street and takes the boy.
7:31 am
police say they are investigating that matter. now, to a controversial case that is getting a lot of attention, even from the white house. a decorated green beret, suspected of murdering a taliban bombmaker in afghanistan. now, we're hearing from him and his wife. hallie jackson has the story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. on this question on whether major matthew goldstein is a war hero or war criminal, president trump is making it clear where story of a n of th decorated green beret, who killed a suspected terrorist, admitted it on national tv and now faces a murder charge. >> did you kill the taliban bombmaker? >> yes. >> reporter: major matthew goldstein accused of ignoring rules of engagement and murdering the bombmaker in afghanistan, nearly a decade
7:32 am
ago. >> they were looking for anything to get him. it was their opportunity to try to find something. >> reporter: goldstein's wife, julie, is referencing how the army knew about the 2010 killing. goldstein acknowledged it during an interview for a cia job, which silver star and special forces tab. >> it's been painful diffict.him, a move that once again made headlines. >> a once-decorated green beret could face the death penalty from our own government. >> reporter: that catapulted the case on to the president's radar. at the request of many, he tweeted, i will be reviewing the case of a military hero. >> this is not a situation where matt did something wrong and we need a favor. we need some strings pulled to get him out of trouble. he did not do anything wrong. >> reporter: goldstein tells nbc news, a comment attributed to him in that original investigation, that he assassinated the afghan man is a complete lie.
7:33 am
he would not discuss specifics but maintained he did n n news, w h cast doubt on some of goldstein's version of d an army spokesperson says sufficient evidence exists a mi prosecution. the president's tweet, his potential intervention, how would that work out? >> reporter: it depends on what the president does next. it is possible that the president could pardon goldstein before this case winds through military court. the pentagon says the d.o.d. will respect the integrity of this process as it plays out. no date has been set for the initial hearing in goldstein's case. but he does face the death penalty if convicted. savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you. time to switch gears and get a check of the weather with al. >> as we head towards christmas, temperatures are mild. how come? the jet stream, the polar jet
7:34 am
that we see dipping down to the south, is not pushed by up and over asia. we are left with mild conditions, coast-to-coast. pierre, 53 degrees.llas, 64. that's seven degrees warmer than usual. you look into tomorrow. cleveland, 46 degrees. and later this week, that warm air spreads all the way to the east. by friday, it's 57 in new york city. 60 in charleston. omaha will see temperatures in the low 40s. that's about ten degrees above average. that's what' good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. looking good around the bay area. with a mix of sun and clouds, but there will be clouds in more parts of the north bay as we track some rain. also for the coastal areas, the high surf advisory continues through 5:00 today. some of those breakers may still reach up to 30 feet with a long period swell of about 17 to 19 seconds. we are going to see more patchy fog tomorrow morning. highs in the upper 50s inland,
7:35 am
friday there will be another chance of rain, h more ahead on this n by the orders get from your desktop to your doorstep. and the new shipping deadlines to live by this week. plus, we are catching up on two big stars. ellen, and her long-awaited return to standup. and we're going to talk to sandra bullock about christmas at the bullock house. before that, an eye-opening conversation with teenagers about vaping in the wake of the new study that shows a huge jump in ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else.
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today" and the country's vaping crisis. >> the number of teenagers using e-cigarettes has increased at an alarming rate. morgan radford went to the source. a group of students to learn more. this was a fascinating conversation, huh? >> reporter: they had a lot to say. the u.s. surgeon general is issuing a new advisory just this morning because he says the epidemic of teenage vaping has gotten so bad. the high schoolers i spoke with said many of their friends started vaping because they thought it was edgy and then quickly becoming addicted high school seniors e-cigarettes nearly doubled this
7:40 am
year. morensrien vape? >> 80%. >> reporter: 80%? >> they can't think straight if they're away from their juul one day. >> reporter: vaping is up significantly among younger students, too. how easy is it for an eighth grader to get access to a vape? >> pretty easy. >> reporter: very easy? >> yeah. >> reporter: the sleek devices are easy to hide. the fun flavors are tempting and peer pressure plays a role. more people are vaping because their friends are doing it. not so much because they want the buzz. >> you come for the coolness and stay for the buzz. >> i think the big thing is it's not a cigarette. we're told from a young age about not smoking cigarettes and the damage of cigarettes and stuff like that. >> reporter: teens are not laringating vaping with that justiv you a rush. juul productnitine. somethi
7:41 am
nicotine is uniquely harmful to young and developing brains that can cause learning, attention and memory problems. and it can prime the brain for addiction in the future. >> reporter: the new report comes months after the fda announced a crackdown of teen use, labeling it an epidemic. the agency revealing a plan to limit sales of e-cigarettes to teens in stores and online. some companies, including blu and juul, say they are working to limit underage sales. blu, limiting purchase online across the u.s. juul, stopping sales to certain retail stores. part ofayin we must act to solve this problem. a lot of teens said social media played a big decision in vaping. that's why the companies are no longer using facebook to market their products.
7:42 am
>> the government appears to be trying to rein this in. are schools doing anything? >> reporter: they are. one school said they are holding information sessions. the staff members don't know what to look out for. the kids said the devices look so small. it's easier to hide. and they can't talk about the dangers openly. >> after all of that public awareness, a lot of kids are smoking, ew. little do they know there's nicotine in these e-cigarettes. >> changing the name from e-cigarette to vaping, makes it feel less nefarious. >> ah. coming up next, with the holiday shipping deadlines looming, we have a fascinating look at how they do it. what is the rush like from
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test test. we're back with a you shoppers. your time is running out. >> christmas is one week from today. it is crunch time if you want
7:47 am
your gifts to show up under the tree. nbc's kerry sanders is with the people trying to make that happen, at a u.p.s. facility in philly where they are sorting and sending things nonstop. we're wondering how this is working. >> kerry. >> reporter: it's fascinating. if you are a procrastinator, craig, and you have failed to start your shopping, craig, you need to yo psents out the door to a relative or a friend, craig, because the clock is ticking, craig. >> thanks, kerry. >> reporter: this morning, the holiday buying frenzy is in full swing, with online shopping, more popular than ever. this year, retail experts say more than half of all purchases will be bought with the click of a mouse. some big-name retailers offering free shipping, if you buy by this thursday, december 20th. walmart, target, best buy, are all guaranteeing your gifts will arrive by christmas.
7:48 am
that special something to get from desktop to doorstep, shippers cranking 20/7. amazon, fedex, u.p.s., the u.s. postal service. >> it's craziness. >> reporter: working like elves to get their packages there on time. >> we prepare months in advance. >> reporter: the post office has said online shopping has made the busiest day of the past. there would be 2 billion packages and pieces of mail including christmas cards. thursday is the last date to send packages first class or priority mail. for u.p.s., today is the deadline for three-day shipping, arrival on christmas eve. untilr two-day shipping. fede i some cities will last up until christmas. every day you delay, it will
7:49 am
cost you more. amazon prime members have time, too. but the clock is ticking. from inside these planes today, just here in philadelphia, they will move about a million packages. 150 flights coming and going, craig. and so, i know that savannah and hoda are sitting there acting like, what's going on here? >> exactly. >> reporter: truth is, the two of them know the same thing. they haven't done it, either. they're both procrastinators according to my good sources. >> you need thingys for that? >> your sources are half-right. that's all we're going to say. >> good to see you. have you done all of your shopping and shipping, kerry? >> reporter: i'm sorry. we've lost contact. >> exactly. >> reporter: santa never misses. santa never misses. >> thank you, kerry. >> kerry is never giving those up ever. just ahead, the stars are out. ellen opens up to savannah about her start in standup and her big
7:50 am
comedy comeback. and hoda chats up sandra ♪ the united states postal service makes more holiday deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ with one notable exception.
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happening now... good tuesday morning. it's 7:56 a watching clouds mov from the north, as we track some rain moving into far eureka. this will move down toward ukiah
7:54 am
and santa rosa, as we go into the afternoon, but that looks to be pretty much the only place we'll see in the bay area that we'll see the rain, so parts of the north may see some spotty showers into this afternoon or evening, and then we're going to see some high temperatures for inland areas reaching into the low 60s. we'll start out tomorrow morning with watches of fog as well and then some additional rain showers in the forecast for the end of the week, and then also again for the end of the weekend, as we track another storm system set to move in, in time for christmas e another ro some more widespread rain. i'll keep tabs on that. let's get on update on the roads with vianey. >> unfortunately not very smooth. we have a number of krscrashes the south bay and a number causing dig delays. top of 101 there is a shoulder block because of an earlier crash but this is major. police are asking folks to steer
7:55 am
clear of whipple road and dyer street due to a major injury crash involving a vehicle and a box truck. you'll see road closures near the area. please take alternate routes. back to you. >> thanks so much. happening now, people in the south bay keeping a close eye on two key issues being debated today by san jose councilmembers. first, a bold plan to tackle homelessness by building two tiny home communities. they would provide temporary shelter on two open spaces of land and the council will create rentable dockless scooters, the city may adopt a permit process and consider joe yo fencing technology to keep the scooters out of quiet neighborhoods. govee dmv - to get your records. our consumer team explains how to avoid putting personal information into the wrong hands. plus: mike gets you ready for wednesday )s rush hour. join us, tomorrow
7:56 am
morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:57 am
7:58 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, deadline lambeauing. can republicans and democrats work together to avoid a partial government shutdown or will the battle over funding president trump's wall curb a compromise? >> i'm notng $5 eaming of a wet christmas. two powerful storms holiday travel plans? al is tracking it all. star-studded morning. savannah sits down wellen to talk about the comedian's big run to stand up. >> when you first set out on that stage, did you have the butterflies? >> i really didn't. i went to a small club in l.a. i surprised people. it was leak i had done it last week. >> i'll catch up with sandra bullock to talk movies and so much more. you cut your hair. >> this is what makes her a good
7:59 am
interviewer. >> plus, singer, actress haley seinfeld and our chef live in studio 1a, today, tuesday, december 18th, 2018. >> jean marie is fabulous. >> and 40. >> mother/daughter christmas trip. >> missing my finals. >> to be here today. [ music playing ] >> celebrating my 50th from tennessee. >> celebrating virginia's america "today." >> season's greetings from kentucky. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, one week before christmas. we want to thank you guys. >> we have some beautiful people out on the plaza. >> nothing better than a holiday crowd. >> look at that. >> everyone's happy. >> we will get this half hour started with a check of the news at 8:00. there was no break through overnight in the budget battle
8:00 am
over president trump's border wall. >> that means a partial government shutdown could be days away. kristen welker has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, who dark, good morning to you. well the clock is ticking. this morning, there is still no deal to avoidal government shutdown, senators meeting late into the night to find a christmas compromise, instead, only more confusion. the president is demanding $5 billion for his border wall. democrats will only give him a fraction of that about 1.3 billion. mr. trump insisting he'd take responsibility. >> that sent shock waves and jitters. they see it as politically toxic. they are scrambling to try to find a resolution. democrats have started the blame game, pointing the finger at republicans. the deadline is friday. what would a partial shutdown
8:01 am
mean? well, it would affect more than 400,000 federal employees would have to work without getting paid, border security, u.s. mail delivery would continue, non-essential services like national parks aroundnegotiatio washington with less than fou thank you. parts of the country already getting slammed with the stormy. , where we seen. a big parade of storms. it will keep coming. heavy rain, mountain snows. rainfall amounts, some areas as much as six inches or more. now the other system that we're worried about, that will be a big potent pressure maker. it moves into the south. moisture tapped in from the gulf of mexico. thursday, we're looking for heavy rain from atlanta up towards washington, d.c., a severe threat for central florida. continues friday with a double barrel low, bringing more rain back behind it and an icy snowy mix with rain in there. we're talking rainfall amounts
8:02 am
from two-to-four inches from florida all the way to new york. airports will be affected on thursday.i-85 in miami. we're looking at i-95 from d.c. to washington. on frid, as chicago. i-77, charlotte to cleveland. i-80 chicago into new york and i-95 from raleigh up to boston on the roads may be affected as well. guys. >> al, thank you. the women's tennis association is updating its dress code and changing rules to protect a player's ranking after maternity leave. those changes address many issues that confront serena williams. despite her number one ranking, williams was unseeded in some events when she a bit of an upr when she wore a body suit.
8:03 am
they say women will not be penalized without wearing leggings without a dress, shirt or skorts over there. >> are you ready for a morning boost? families take the little ones to boes with santa claus. tk littl. the final product looks good. >> behind the scenes, you can see, santa had to work his magic. tears turned into fears. hold on, it was tim similar for youee owe it was similar for -- it was similar for you, savannah. >> go back a bit, a couple pictures. you see charlie wrestling. >> it looks like, where's mom? >> he was like a wild animal. >> slithering around. >> we were drawing a crowd. oh my gosh, i got to get out of here. >> if you are at home, your picture is not perfect, neither is yours. >> actually, i almost like it
8:04 am
better. you know, it's so funny. just ahead, we go one on one w wellen degeneres. and a look at richard nixon after his election and john b daddy diaper duty...
8:05 am
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8:07 am
mm! full of possibilities! marking 50 years since one of the most tumultuous times in american history. >> so muchpened in 1968 that shaped our nation, not the least of which was the election of president nixon. nbc, tom brokaw has been thinking a lot about that. >> i have been thinking about it a lot. four years later he was reelected in record terms. george mcgovern won one state and blew out that electoral map. they were already in the midst of watergate. i thought it was worthwhile to go back and take a look at the richard nixon experience and especially how it's remembered
8:08 am
at his library, which is nixon collection of elegant structures in yorba linda, california. the orange county village where nixon grew up in a small kit. the museum was redesigned to give a more complicated view of this honest man the only man forced to resign. >> the new exhibit is much more problems, to put him mildly. but it also shows the many positive sides of richard nixon. >> reporter: as the reminder that before watergate, nixon began a new relationship with russia. he went to china, a stunning diplomatic coup that changed the world order overnight. he took on vietnam, ending the draft, reducing troop levels. he also escalated bombing and forced peace talks and set off a national anti-war crusade.
8:09 am
he claimed a sigh leapt majority was with him and won re-election by a historic clumsy br was a brilliance and dpened security. than a year. in for more >> let others wallow in watergate. we will do our job. >> then nixon firing the attorney general and demanding the investigations end. >> one year of watergate is enough. >> reporter: but the investigation went on. impeachment was inevitable. in the summer of 1974, the supreme court ruled unanimously president nixon had to give up the tape recordings that proved he knew what was going on. >> it is clear president 96 isn't actively considerinrealis and deep a
8:10 am
riddle, wrapped in a puzzle, most scshakesperian. >> reporter: at the end of the day, gannon hears from visitors, a welcome reaction. >> i don't like him any more when i came in. but i had no idea he did all these things which affect my life today. >> reporter: at the entrance to the library an invitation. who was this man? he wa walk these halls and you decide. actually, it's architecturally in terms of its content a really striking and historic building. you go through theening, then you turn the corner and there is a long corridor in big bold letters watergate. they take it on at his library. the national parksd a big role h watergate. but i was stunned how effective quite honestly and i covered you stand in the
8:11 am
richard nixon fountain. >> how you get from a landslide election, at the heart is insecurity. >> as the essential question is, why was the watergate break-in necessary? they knew they were going to blow out george mcgovern. they sensed bull marketbling burglars who couldn't lock the door appropriately and got caught. it got worse and worse and worse. we did all this, in the context we are going through right now, one of the lessons we ought to be learning as a country? what will the president be doing? >> merry christmas. >> thank you. we will switch gears now, mr. roker. >> hey, guys, good morning, we look at a central day, it will be stormy, though, northern california into the pacific northwest. dense fog in the lower mississippi valley. northeast and southeastern coast down into good morning. we are going to enjoy a nice day. highs reaching into the low 60s
8:12 am
for the inland areas. the north bay will see a chance of showers especially by this afternoon. we start out tomorrow morning with some fog. highs reaching 59 degrees. about 60 on thursday. but then by friday, another round of showers moving in, mostly during the morning. then by saturday, we're dry, but then another storm system will move in and bring us more widespread rain on sunday that will continue into christmas eve. >> and don't forget as you head out the door, you can take us with us. "today" show sirius fm 108. now to ellen degeneres. >> and her show and ellen after years is back at it. >> a friend of mine was at my house, i told him, i'm going to do stand-up again. i told him, really, i was hoping for more of a really. he said, well, do you think
8:13 am
you're still relatable? just then two of my butlers stepped into the library. >> what made you decide to get back in the stand-up game? >> i don't know. i just -- i didn't think i'd ever do it again. because i did it for so long, for probably 20 years. it's a lonely life, especially as a woman by yourself on the road. this is a great gig. i get to go home every night. this is fun. but stand-up is different than his i wanted to see if i can do >> i i l.a. butler flies? i kind of surprised people. it was like i had done it last week. uch larger venue, where she taped her n summer. >> if i'm ought somewhere, people have a baby, they'll hold it out to me for me to hold it. i'm like, this is cashmere, no. >> reporter: sensing that signature sense of humor that got her noticed on johnny
8:14 am
carson's "tonight show." >> you had this idea that you were going on the johnny carson one day. you were going to be the first female comedienne at the couch. you set your intention. >> i did. you can't sit there and have an intention. you have to take steps towards it. at that time i was living in a basement apartment you know that was infes writing, you know, if you could phone up god and ask why fleas are here, that's how it started. i said, well, this is going to get me on carson. >> i want to zero in on that moment. is it i hope that gets me on carson or i just know it's going to get me on carson? >> no, i knew it. then it was like, oh my god, johnny carson would love this believe me, every time i saw a female, i was praying they wouldn't call over. >> i'm on a small patch. it releases small doses of
8:15 am
approval. >> with each show ellen says she is still giving it her all. >> i started out in stand-up. every single night you want it to be amazing and perfect every time to do a show every single day as you know, sometimes if it's a bad show or something happens where you mess up, you have to know there is another one the next day. i tried to make every single show my favorite show. >> are you hard on yourself? do you think about it afterwards or go forward? >> i do. >> ? >> even a long, long time to come here. i want them to have the best show they possibly could have. >> she has taken her love of physical discomfort t another season of her game show this january. >> that game of games on nbc, which is really fun. i want to know. i want to peer into your psyche, why do you enjoy pranks and our discomfort so much?
8:16 am
>> it doesn't seem it's just me. everyone seems to enjoy it equally. they're living through me because they can't do it. they're saying, yes, ellen, go, do it. >> reporter: one thing ellen says she never wants to do is make fun of people. >> i could never be seems to be working well for the entertainer and comedienne. she is showing no signs plane g? i've never been back there. i try to promote kindness and promote compassion and hope it's an escape for people. >> i'm excited to see this stand-up special. it's on netflix. it's called relatable. it's about whether or not she is relatable anymore. you can look for the season premier of ellen's game of games right here on nbc. the netflix show starts today. >> she's becoming more mo comfo own skin. >> dylan dreyer is here.
8:17 am
have you something we should know, our friend carson daly gearing up fortonight's >> first, boy george and his legendary band clu are brand-ne. it features a rare look of the signature stripped of his signature make-up and hat. take a look. ♪ when i'm under the water ♪ under the water ♪ when i'm under the water ♪ i look to you ♪ you know i do ♪ i look to you ♪ and the water is gone ♪ you give me hope ♪ when i wake up >> i like it. it's catchy. boy george says the video is about finding hope and is tribute to his fans. to watch the full video, head to up next, a new digital series, quoted by with i
8:18 am
meant. anyway, everyone from kelly clarkson toar sriver sits t inspirational quote as ha do does every day. there is one out with our friend meghan trainor, here's a clip. >> what is a favorite quote that speaks to you? >> it speaks to me, my dad always told me, life will get better if you let it. >> if you let it. >> that just, it just hit me so deep i guess because it's like sometimes in life you can't control what happens. most of the time you can't control what happens. you can control how you look at it and how can you stay positive about it or find the good in it. >> we have that full episode in all of our digital series at finally, lin manuel miranda
8:19 am
joined jimmy to change lyrics to give them a festive spin. take a look. ♪ baby ♪ why don't help me spin dreidel on the table dreidel ♪ ♪ spin [ music playing ] ♪ right now ♪ i'm busy shopping on amazon ♪ oh what the hell did i buy < musical notes> ♪ sobering up ♪. >> got your christmas card ♪ ♪ your family christmas card ♪ with updates from your year ♪ the letter is 20 pages long >> i love it, jimmy also announced he is taking the "tonight show" to puerto rico next month where miranda will take the stage again hamilton. >> all right.
8:20 am
dylan, you do have something else from the orange room? >> we have a special guest. look who is joining us? ina gaertner. you are going to be here later this morning. we have to say happy anniversary. 15 years with jeffrey. >> i mean, i don't feel like i'm old enough to have been married 50 years. >> take a look at that picture are you the number one trending topic. >> i think it's all jeffrey. >> what is the secret to having married the right guy? >> it's just the luck of the draw i think. i think you marry somebody who thinks are you the most important thing in the world and you think he's the most important thing in the world. it's that simple, isn't it? i think people make it so complicated. >> and you are a good cook, too. chicken always sells. >> you said he's the only person that sampled all of your dishes? >> he is. >> is there a dish over 50 years that he didn't like? >> well, he didn't admit to it. but there was one i made i think
8:21 am
fairly early on like ground beef and corn that was so dreadful. but we couldn't afford to make another meal. we ate it and said it was delicious. >> hreknow, instead of doing one big event, we decided to do it over a period of awe. so we're in the middle of the week. he's going to take me to a very special restaurant tonight. we're going to paris on thursday. >> oh, wow! >> you get the week off. >> is it true since you posted that everyone now is just wishing you happy anniversary everywhere you go? >> starbucks came out last night at the reset, happy anniversary. >> you deserve to be celebrated. >> i'm so happy for you. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> you will cook with us? >> i am. >> we will celebrate your anniversary cooking ng on instagram another picture from our camping trip we took for
8:22 am
four months. i think it's up now. >> a camping trip? >> if we can survive in a tent for four months, we can survive anything. >> isn't that a riot? >> i love it. >> coming i )m ... a breakthrough within the last hour .. for a yemini woman who was unable to see her dying good morning. a breakthrough in the last hour for a woman who was up ableng sn hospital. the counsel crippkoucouncil sai granted a -- state department granted a visa. they had refused to budge, but then barbara lee got involved. the boy is on life support because of a brain disease. here saying the state department granted the visa a short time ago. so far the state department not commenting. right now, we're tracking an
8:23 am
accident in union city. >> yeah. and this is footage from the crash earlier today, and this was about an hour ago. eack to that video. let's go right into the maps. so if i can get you ever to union city, you see if i zoom in, that was t the way. major crash at union city on whipple road and dire street. this is about an hour or so ago. but we're still expecting to see heavy delays. this is near 880. unfortunately, a major injury crash involving a vehicle versus a box truck. we're still seeing slowing near the south bay, as well. one crash at northbound 680 at capital expressway causing delays. back to you. >> all right. we'll have another local update for you coming up in half an hour. we're always on at nbcnbc bay area news --"to.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
come over and meet tyler. let's check that off. it says tyler -- al roker. dylan, savannah, hoda. >> hi, tyler. >> hi, sweetie. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> merry christmas, tyler. >> that's a great name, tyler mcqueen. that kid's going places. >> you can check that box. still to come -- we have sandra bullock. we got a chance to talk to her, everything from her thrrversy. and she has plans for christmastime coming up. and we have the great ina garten in our morning, her meal. coming up today, hunter h e hayes. we paid him a visit for our
8:28 am
contra "merry christmas, y'all" series. his mom came by and made gumbo. let's start with the weather. >> watching a lot of weather in the pacific northwest. highs in the midsection of the country. gusty winds in the northeast and new england. tomorrow, we start to see that storm system coming out of the gulf. rain and thunderstorms in the lower mississippi river valley. snowshowers in the northern rockies. sunny and seasonal here in the east, on into the great lakes. that's w live look outside at christmas in the park in downtown san jose. w going to see mostly sunny skies here while we will see a chance of showers in the north bay. we'll start out tomorrow morning with someee also another chancef showers in the forecast on friday. saturday is looking dry. then more rain in the forecast by the end of the weekend into christmas eve.
8:29 am
>> don't forget, you can always take the "today" show with you. all you have to do is -- wait a minute. what the heck is this? okay. all you have to do is get in your car, "bumblebee" radio and tune into "today," sirius/xm. got to get these people. look, a big tv. back ndra bullock stars in the movie "bird box" out this week. >> it is athller. i had a chance to sit down with sandra at new york's baccarat hotel and talk about the film and her crazy sense of humor. who will enjoy this movie? what type of person? i don't like scary things. >> i don't like scary things, either. and my kids say, why don't you
8:30 am
make something for us. now, i realize that they were talking animated or marvel. >> you're going on the trip now. it's going to be rough. >> hold on. >> reporter: far from an animated feature, , it will cau you to e what your worst fears are or what your outlook is religion. whatever your upbringing is. everyone has a visceral feeling to what they think it is and what's making them feel that way. it's a metaphor for motherhood, what's going on socially in the world. and i think we're getting to that place where we don't look at people anymore. >> you don't ever take off your blindfold. if you look, you will die. do you understand? >> reporter: in the film, sandra plays a mother of two doing
8:31 am
everything she can to keep her kids safe. in real life, a mom to 8-year-old louis and 6-year-old lila, that she brought to the set. >> lou was veryested in asking whatow dark i go. ut anything that happens t >> reporter: with the holidays >> rep around the corner, sandra is 24/7. trying to put work on hold for family time. what is christmas like at your house? >> usually overdone. i overdo it and i punian panic didn't do enough. this year, we just stopped. we just stopped. there's so much happening in the world, where people don't have anything. we said, why don't we just make this about other people. and they were amazing about it. so, christmas is three, small gifts. >> the oscars are coming up. they're talking about who is going to host the oscars. >> it's me. it's me. surprise.
8:32 am
good. you talk about merril. i have to make tasteless jokes, but only three. >> reporter: they're talking about not having a host. what do you think? >> it's a thankless job. in the end, they were like, it was long. you're meant to mak o early, >> this is what makes her a good interviewer. >> reporter: when a girl changes her hair, these going to change her life. >> i feel like my hair was there to help me hide. i hide behind my hair. when i did cut it, i thought, that's me. i can be this person. it's all about the hair. >> reporter: it looks great. >> thanks. >> i know it's the weirdest. she actually said she's a really shy person, which i find that interesting, when you meet actors. she saidr covered
8:33 am
up. and she was talking about this role and she said, the only reason she took this roleshe sa it before having children. but when she had kids, she understood the crazy, protective nature. it kicked in the expect. >> the it looks intense. >> the movie is intense. >> i like it because i feel like we got to see you guys having coffee or something. >> yeah. >> i want to watch sandra bullock host the oscars. >> don't you think? "bird box" is released on netflix this friday. coming up next, another big star of a highly-anticipated movie. we catch up with
8:34 am
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8:35 am
hailee steinfeld burst on to the scene with her
8:36 am
oscar-nominated role in "true grit." not only can she act, she can sing, too. >> after giving us a few billboard hits, she is in front of the camera for "bumblebee" with a co-star that may be too big for his own good. >> you see anyone besides me, what do you do? great. perfect. come back, now. driving. and -- hide, hide. are you serious? >> good morning. >> fogood morning. >> this looks really fun. i'm amazed at everything you do. but trying to act with a cg irobot can't be that easy. >> it was on my list of things i
8:37 am
can't believe i could do until i did it. it was a challenge. if it wasn't a tennis ball on a stick, it's not close to what's half out there. >> you had chemistry with a tennis ball on a stick. it works. >> this is a big, actiony movie. it feels even in that clip, you can see it. it feels intimate somehow, like a relationship. >> absolutely. i think what's incredible about this film is transformer s fans will get everything they know and love, with the stunning, cutting-edge action scenes. it is a human story. it has so much heart. so much emotion, it will make you laugh and make you cry. it's got a lot in it. >> one of my favorite things is, it's set in my personal favorite decade, the '80s. which you, i don't believe were alive for. >> i was not. >> did you get into the fashions and the music? >> the fashion, some of it. there were questionable choices that were made. i loved it.
8:38 am
really being able to immerse myself into that world, was so much fun. the music plays a huge part of this movie. there was an incredible soundtrack that i was able to contribute to, as well. that was during the time i was able to use. >> talk about the music and the soundtrack. what is it you love about it? >> i love that music plays a huge role in this movie. it's the way in robot communicates. for me, there's a line in the film that says, music words or for that matter, i can put something into a song that i can't tell you guys. there's something incredible about it. there's the music in the sou soundtrack from the '80s. >> let's not gloss over the fact that you contributed a song to the soundtrack. how amazing is that? >> it's been on my bucket list, to have a song of my own, in a movie of my own, and i did a song called "back to life." this is a song that, you know,
8:39 am
wanted to explore the music of the '80s and make it represent our film and t project today. it was an interesting approach writing it, playing this character, as well. >> i randomly ran into your mom and you in the elevator. you looked like a little girl with the ponytail. and i was thinking about how your life has changed, how everything has changed. when you think about where you are today and where you were a fewrs life. >> i m i have to say, just doing press for "bumblebee," there's certain billboards in l.a., and "true grit" was in that spot. >> you were 14 years old. >> 13 when i made the film. >> it's amazing. part of it feels like it was yesterday. and i think it was a long time ago. a lot has happened. i feel lucky. i can't believe i'm here with
8:40 am
this film, with you guys. >> i remember you coming here and singing on our plaza. i think it was pouring rain, right?yes. >> we made you sit in the cold today. then it was rain. and your fans came. and your fans asked me to ask you, when is your album coming out? >> my goodness. i had every intention of putting an album out. and a tv show i am working on called "apple," and then, i finish up the music. >> will you come back and see us if we promise sunshine? >> yes, of course. >> and "bumblebee" hits theaters this friday. the one and only ina garten. she is taking stress out of your holiday season with a quick and
8:41 am
8:42 am
"todayu by chex cereal, ful possibilities. >> we're back with a holiday edition of "today food."
8:43 am
with the hustle and bustle of the season, we need a meal that's easy and delicious. we have ina garten. her 11th book is called "cook like a pro." good morning. >> i'm happy to be here. >> and here to help you celebrate your 50th ourselves, a do in any situation? how can we liven up our table? >> there's so much to do. keep it really simple. what i do is greens -- ev evergreens down the middle of the table. pears in the middle and candle and you're done. >> it will look fancy. >> and you don't have to go to the florist for it. every florist in america will kill me. >> are you a believer inst do a. keep it really simple. >> i like it. speaking of simple, you say this is simple. what are we famaking.
8:44 am
>> this is a frisee salad. first, we have garlic all cut up. i put lemon zest. thsalready. and pan cko crumbs. >> got to have butter. >> only dylan eating. >> you pulse them up. that's going to be the crumb topping. i'm going to take chicken thighs and dip them in white wine and mustard. >> where did you find chicken thighs this big? >> i know. they used to be sitiny and now they're big. >> why do they have to be dry when theing? >> i don't know. it sticks better. good question.
8:45 am
and then, it goes in the crumbs, just in the top. and it goes in the sheet pan. >> only in the and then, i'm going to do -- little fingerling potatoes. >> yum. >> olive oil, salt and pepper together, just mix it up. >> that's easy as can be. why fingerlings? because they're cute and small? >> how do you get them crispy without burning them? i always end up with them burnt. >> just cook them a little less. >> andat.e >> 375 for 40 to 50 minutes. and you end up with crispy mustard chicken and crispy potatoes. and a fris salad. >> why the frisee? >> i love the bitterness. it's a vinaigrette. it has cider viner,ts. >> it will go together. >> and you pour it over the
8:46 am
salad. >> she had it planned out. >> she thought about it. you've done this before, haven't you? >> i make this a lot. >> if you're not a frisee fan -- >> you can use any lettuce. you want to make sure it's dry. and the chicken goes on top of the whole thing. got chicken on top. >> that looks jum s yummy. >> you even have a stapatula fo me. >> we're fancy here. >> it's hot and cold and an entire feel on one platter. >> it doesnhat do dessert. >> we havequick. you have my favorite ice cream here. >> this is a sundae that i borrowed. chocolate sauce on the bottom. >> that looks like homemade chocolate sauce. >> salt eed caramel ice cream.
8:47 am
>> i like to put it in the microwave and get a little melty. >> and caramel popcorn. >> how did you do the popcorn? >> you make caramel sauce and popcorn and peanuts. >> this is my dream. >> that's homemade whipped cream. >> that's really easy. >> looks like love. you want to know how to stay married for 50 years, desserts like this. it's genius. enjoy your week and your trip. you want to find the recipes, go "cook like a pro," go to
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♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> and you don't want to spread them out too far. >> that's my other problem. >> and who knew, don't cook them
8:50 am
so long. >> and not at 600 degrees. we have a busy third hour of "today." hunter hayes, michael shannon and marla maples. should we give a big we love you, jeffrey, on this anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> how did i get stuck with these two? >> i'm hisi )m - -...
8:51 am
3 recent deaths linked to tasers .. are prompting san mateo county supervisors to good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. three recent deaths linked to laysers are prompting supervisors to take a closer look at how they are used. the latest case occurred in october when deputies used a laser on a man who was walking in and out of traffic. a deputy stopped him and turned into a physical altercation. his family is now suing. supervisors want to look at taser training and the use of devices in cases involving a person in mental place. we'll have a live report on the midday newscast. a breakthrough this morning for a yemeni woman who was unage to see her dying -- unable to see her dying sound at a oakland
8:52 am
hospital. the council on islamic relations confirming the mother has been granted a visa. the state department previously refusing to budge because the woman's from a country now tied to president trump's travel ban. oakland representative barbara lee got involved. the boy, abdullah hassan, is on life support because of a brain disease. the state department granted the visa just a short time ago. pag latest on this story. and we'll have much more for you at midday. more news for you in an hour. goe
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live, from studio 6a, this is "today." >> good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm sheinelle. i'm here with al, craig, and looking the wrong way. >> craig, al. >> if you squint, you kind of look alike. >> not even close. >> here's the thing -- >> how depressing for you. >> can i explain? i was reading in order of what it says. and you look that way. >> if>> should we start all ove? good morning, everyone. i'm here with al
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