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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 18, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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part of university near roberts. they say because of all the fire rigs. fire crews say they will stay here as long as they need to make sure this tesla does not re-ignite, doesn't burst into flames again. at this point we don't know why this tesla burst into flames, but we do know a tow truck driver delivered it here with a flat tire to get that flat tire fixed, and the next thing they knew the car was on fire. we'll continue to follow this story for you. reporting in los gatos, jean elle. >> nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. our other top story this evening, a mother from the middle east is op her way here to the bay area to say goodbye to her dying son. >> her family won the battle to get her a visa to the u.s. we first told you yesterday about how president trump's travel ban prevented this mom whose in yemen from seeing her son. >> nbc bay area's melissa joins us from chirp's hospital in oakland with the latest in the political battle involving a 2-year-old boy. melissa? >> reporter: well, guys, we're told that abdullah's mother, she got on the earliest flight out
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of cairo, egypt, and she is on her way to the bay area. she will land at sfo tomorrow evening. and we're being told this is going to be her final destination, this hospital in oakland to be next to her dying son. >> to be honest, i gave up on everything. >> reporter: ali hassan of stockton says he was thinking about removing his son from life support. what he didn't fathom, thousands of people around the world rallying around his family. yesterday the 22-year-old american citizen made a public plea to state department officials. >> time's running out. please help us. >> reporter: his wife is from yemen, one of the seven countries under president trump's travel ban. their 2-year-old son abdullah hassan was born with a brain condition that causes seizures. the family says abdullah only has days left to live. >> everyone realized something had to happen. there is no way we were going to allow this administration to continue to deny abdullah's mother a visa. >> reporter: the sacramento
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chapter of the counsel on islamic american relations blamed the travel ban for preventing abdullah's mother from traveling to the u.s. to be with her dying son. three u.s. representatives from california sent this letter to secretary of state mike pompeo, urging him to give the mother a waiver. fast forward the today. >> this was the best day ever. i'm glad that my wife got her visa. crying with happiness. she is going to see her son. >> reporter: employees at the u.s. embassy in cairo actually apologized to his wife for the delay in her visa request. meanwhile, this family has received so much support in the last 24 hours, strangers have donated close to $15,000 online to help pay for those plane tickets, as well as for littlep. that's the latest here inbc bay area news. >> melissa, thank you. well, it's a case that shook up cmunity in santa rosa. the shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez a few years ago. today we learned the sonoma
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county sheriff's department will pay lopez's family millions of dollars. in 2013, a deputy pulled over when he spotted lopez carrying a bb gun that looked like an assault rifle. the sheriff's deputy ordered the boy to drop the gun, but as lopez turned around, the deputy fired eight times. today the sheriff announced the settlement. >> it's a step to help people move forward, and i hope it's a beginning for the family to move forward. >> the lopez family alleged in the lawsuit that the deputy acted recklessly. the lawyer for the family did not return our calls. a spokesman for the sheriff's department told us the family doesn't want any publicity. a knife and a chemical that could make bombs. that's what police say a student brought to school in san ramon. we firsthe is police arr 14-year-old freshman on campus yesterday. this is at doherty valley high school. his classmates turned him in. in addition to the knife, investigators say the student had muriatic acid which can be
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used to make bombs. we dent know what the teenager was planning to do with that. he was booked into juvenile hall in martinez. okay. thick fog could be coming in just in time for tomorrow morning's commute. let's take a live look outside at our network of traffic cams across the bay area. plenty of sunshine. today was gorgeous for so many of our communities, but that could be changing quickly in the next several hours. let's bring in jeff ranieri, who is tracking the potential for very low visibility tomorrow, jeff. >> and i really think that's possibility through the next 12 to 18 hours. this is different than the typical fog we have move in from san francisco. as temperatures drop tonight, it's going to help this squeeze out any availabletmosphere fromt inthe lower visibilities in novo and napa going down to around a half mile or less. still not that bad in san jose at 10:00 p.m. tonight, but once we hit tomorrow morning's commute, you see it could be near zero visibility near oakland, concord, novato. starting to drop at 5:00 a.m., but it could get worse at 7:00 in the morning.
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be prepared for dense areas of fog tomorrow morning. we're tracking rain chances. that's in 15 minutes. >> okay, jeff. thank you. where is dino? surveillance video captured two thieves stealing this green 12-foot statue from a gas station, sinclair gas station in el sobrante. now the suspects, they've been caught. but dino, the dinosaur statue, he is still missing. jodi hernandez is live in el sobrante with a story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. any idea where dino is? >> reporter: fire investigators don't have a clue whereis. pitsh arrested, the dinosaur is mia. dinosa fs? >> reporter: that's what customers at el sobrante sinclair gas station are asking, after someone made off with the station's mascot. just a day after dino the dinosaur was put on display outside the station this past august, two men stole the 12-foot-long fiberglass statue. it was all caught on camera.
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>> on the 9th at about 3:45 a.m., we could see two suspects going up to the dinosaur, using bolt cutters to remove the chains and then placing that dinosaur on to a pickup truck. >> reporter: sheriff's departments identified and arrested the men last month, but the suspects reportedly claimed to have dumped the dino at a nearby apartment complex. now the prehistoric figure appears to be in the the lost. a marketing manager for sinclair talked ts loves him. we're ae concerned that he has gone missing. he is probably a little bit scared. we need to get him home and back where he belongs. it's sad that they feel entitled to that dinosaur and think they need to find him a new home, but i can guarantee you he was pretty happy where he was. so let's just help him get home. >> it's not going to fit in your house. bring it back. i mean, why take that? it doesn't belong to you. >> reporter: we are become here live now. the dino has been the mascot for
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sinclair oil company for decades. you can find those big statues at gas stations across the country, and they are not cheap. this one is valued at more than $6,000. if you have any information about the whereabouts of dino, you're urged to call the contra costa sheriff's department. reporting live in el sobrante, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> it's got to be out there somewhere. thank you, jodi. how about this? a courtroom surprise. the possibility of prison time was raised today as former national security adviser michael flynn faced an angry judge. flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi and he cooperated with the mueller prosecutors recomme flynn get leniency at today's sentencing hearing, but the judge told flynn he sold out his country, even asking the prosecutor if flynn could have been charged with treason. >> what judge sullivan said repeatedly is, sir, you lied to the fbi on the grounds of the white house in the west wing.
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do you know how egregious that conduct was? and you could see his anger. >> this all stems from the russia investigation. the judge said he could not guarantee he wouldn't send flynn to prison, even though the prosecution recommending little or no prison time. flynn's attorneys chose to postpone the sentencing for at least 90 days. more trouble for the president. his charitable foundation has been dissolved. president trump and his three eldest children t trump foundat. new york's attorney general sued the organization in june. the president tweeted the investigators were sleazy, and he vowed never to settle. today the ag said her investigation found, quote, a shocking pattern of illegality, including unlawful coordination with the trump presidential campaign. she adds her lawsuit to recover nearly $3 million in restitution is ongoing. it's like a fire lookout tower, but it's digital. marin county rolled out new
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technology to help spot wildfires. the fire department installed cameras at several mountaintop locations. take a look at the views from mount tamalpais camera. the camera snaps new photos every 30 seconds, which are available for public viewing online. it's all part of a response to rising concerns about wildfire threats. some students at san jose state are trying to get the word out that homelessness is a problem on campus. you may remas week a studym struggling students to lunch. university housing treated now they don't need all the meals on their campus dining plan, so they donated them to somebody who really needs them. >> just being able to give somebody a free meal with the end of the semester, finals, you're packing, you ran out of that plan. just so it didn't go to waste because there are a lot of people going hungry out there. >> brian and his coworkers say they were able to give away more than 50 meals. tonight students and a new group called student homeless alliance is rallying in front of tower hall, asking the administration for extra beds in the dorms and extra parking spaces on campus
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where homeless students can park. an epidemic growing so quickly, now the surgeon general is getting involved. the aggressive steps he is calling for to stop teenagers from using e-cigarettes. amazon opens another store in san francisco without cashiers. we got an inside look. storm ranger on mobile doppler radar is showing showers off to the north. we'll track our rain chances this week. also, that fog for tomorrow morning, coming up in about eight minutes. you might take time off during the holidays. car thieves do not. tonight at 11:00, nbc bay area responds, so you don't pay the price. >> they're going around and they're breaking into multiple cars every day. >> i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. i'll show you the bay area born gadgets that could keep a thief from stealing your car. >> question can actually show stolen on the plate. >> tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. inspiring, talend
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tough as nails. those are among the tributes today for "penny marshall", who inspire, talented and tough as nails. those are among the tributes today for penny marshall who transitioned from popular tv actress to one of the most successful movie directors of all time. >> there's no crying in baseball! >> "a league of their one of marshall's hit films. she died yesterday at her home in the hollywood hills due to complications from diabetes. marshall was 75. she starred in the tv series "laverne & shirley" and a few years later directed tom hanks in "big." marshall is survived by her daughter and three grandchildren. it's no secret. teenaged vaping has become an epidemic nationwide. the surgeon general is now getting involved. dr. jerome adams issued an advisory today. he's calling for aggressive steps to stop teenaged vaping,
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including age restrictions, taxes, and restricting sales. a report released just yesterday found that nearly 40% of high school seniors smoke e cigarettes, a huge increase from last year. the devices contain highly addictive nicotine. >> nicotine is uniquely, uniquely harmful to the adolescent and developing brain. we know it can affect learning, attention, and memory, and it can prime the future addiction. this is just the fourth surgeon general's advisory in the last ten years. another amazon go store now open in san francisco. the second store opened today inside the former ralph lauren boutique at 98 post street. amazon go stores try to make things more efficient for shoppers by promising no checkout counters, no lines. cameras and sensors track customers. items get charged to their amazon account when they are leaving. they stock groceries from a variety of businesses.
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another amazon go store opened in october. amazon's goal is to open 3,000 of these stores across the country by 2021. okay. it is the holiday season, and it's the time of year that we hear a lot about angels. our next story, though, is about angels who operate not just in december, but year round. >> they are helping cancer patients in a unique and beautiful way. garvin thomas is here with a story about lipstick bay area p. >> you know, raj, the star of our story is carrie stimson, the san mateo woman who told me she has tried a number of different careers, but always came back to makeup. it's just her passion. now what makes her part of a bay area proud story is that she is using that passion now to do good. >> just relax. >> reporter: to understand why carrie stimson is here, at the stanford cancer center, doing makeup for patients receiving treatment. >> you really do have lovely skin. >> reporter: well, you first have to understand carrie's core belief about makeup.
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>> i'm going to go with this. >> reporter: it's not about covering up or concealing. >> and a little bit. >> reporter: it's the opposite, really. it's about revealing. >> you do this rejuvenating, this uplifting kind of treatment with them, and you put on a bit of color and give them the mirror, and they go oh, there she is. there i hydrated. >> reporter: carrie says doing makeup has been a part of her was, she says, the icebreaker that first helped her connect wi >> because if you know how to put on eye liner, and nobody else does, you will get invited to parties. >> reporter: makeup evolved into a career for carrie, working with models on fashion shoots and brides on their wedding day. but in carrie's mind, the person underneath was always more important than what she put on them. >> you're trying to show them how beautiful they are if they've lost sight of it. >> reporter: it is why when
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carrie heard about lipstick angels, she wanted in immediately, providing free makeup and skin care sessions to cancer patients. >> it's so obvious that my whole career was building up to this. >> i go in with a bit of the color. >> reporter: at the very least, more.ssions are a revealed >> it's not like oh, look at my makeover. look how pretty i look. they do look pretty, but it's also just a lot of that self-recognition. oh, that's me, not that sick person. and i think that can be so uplifting. and i see that. i know that can be so uplifting because i see just sort of the energy light up in people. >> reporter: and in the end, just reminding all of us how beautiful these patients really are. >> stunning. >> lipstick angels started in southern california. carrie has opened up the branch here in the bay area, working two hospitals, stanford and
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ucsf. they do work with guys, i know you didn't see any there. >> but it's not just makeup. it's skin care, hand massage, whatever the person needs to feel good in that time when they're probably not feeling their best. >> for sure. what a great program. thank you. >> thank you,garvin. a christmas present for children's hospital in oakland. mark benioff has given15 name. services. the gift is the final piece of a $50 million commitment that benioff made to the hospital in 2014. he has so much money from salesforce, but he donates so much money to so many bay area causes. i think the community is really appreciative. >> super generous. let's get a look at the forecast. a spectacular day, lots of sunshine. >> it with us so nice. so i hate to have to bring this kind of news. >> don't. >> i can't do that. we do have a new weather change coming our way over the next 12 to 18 hours. hang tight. i'll get you ready to go for your wednesday forecast. look al storm ranger on the current scan, we are dry. we did see a few showers get real close to the north bay, but
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nothing really to speak of here throughout the bay area today. a lot of that rain activity remained off to the north. so let's focus in on our next weather change. and it has everything to do with the morning commute. thetur of fog. developing again. 's created from moisture that's left over from recent rains. temperatures drop, and it c condenses out the moisture, creates these tiny moisture droplets that we call cloud cover, but it happens near the surface. so it's ground fog. 5:00 in the morning we're down near ground visibility, possibly near oakland, san francisco, novato. you're seeing things drop in san jose. once we hit 7:00 in the morning, that's when visibilities could drop for the peninsula, also right there for the south bay. i think this will hold on through about 8:00, or 9:00 in the morning. then as we hit 11:00 tomorrow morning, we'll start see things clear out and that will bring sunshine. be prepared for the fog tomorrow morning. you'll be okay. add in extra time. take it slow in the commute. a cold 41 in the tri-valley.
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more 40s for the northy he teerrick it a really nice rebound here throughout the bay area. temperatures, no huge contrasts again tomorrow. 61 in san jose. upper 50s, low 60s right there across the east bay. headed to the peninsula. you're also looking at plenty of upper 50s here. please stay out of the water, though. those dangerous waves remain in effect 10 to 30 feet. i think we'll see a substantial drop in those waves once we hit thursday. san francisco 57 right there along the embarcadero, and more upper 50s to low 60s here through the north bay. a lot happening on the seven-day forecast. so let's go ahead and get to that. we do have that fog tomorrow morning. by thursday, a chance of some showers by the evening. it's not a big storm system. spotty showers into friday morning. totals, trace amounts to about .1500 of an inch. king tides return. that's the highest of high tide that happens saturday and
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sunday. we could get some beach erosion this weekend. by sunday, showers that would linger into monday.chrimas, yes. there is no big storm right now. we're looking at a few spotty showers. inland valleys in the upp 50s and low 60s. with know a lot of you are heading up to the sierra this time of the year. my forecast still has possibly another foot of snow by sunday into monday's forecast. so a few showers for santa, but clearance right now is going to be good for that sleigh. >> that's good. rudolph likes the showers as well. the nose is going to be busy. >> thanks. still to come, all she wants for christmas is to make the holidays better for others. we're going to introduce you to an 8-year-old girl who launched a campaign to bring toys to young wildfire victims. tonight l
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vote on its robot program. for six months last year -- six will they stay or will they go? we're talking about robots. tonight walnut creek will vote on its robot program. for six months last year, six robots roamed the city's sidewalks delivering food. the company who makes them, star ship technologies says the robots traveled almost 900 miles with no problems. they want to extend the program. if the city council approves it tonight, the extension will last until december of 2019. an 8-year-old bay area girl is helping the littlest survivors telephone camp fire this holiday season. jocelyn told her parents all she wanted for christmas was to give toys to kids in paradise. so they made fliers, shared it on social media and made their donations. today they made their way up to butte county to deliver around 100 toys. >> it like i want them to be happy. i don't want them to be sad. so i wanted to deliver a lot of toys. >> i feel very proud as a mother old she
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heart. >> jocelyn and her family also collected toys for the fire survivors of santa rosa's coffey park neighborhood. a wild scene inhe get complete bay area sports coverage with the xfinity sports desk, every day at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. only on nbc bay area. sponsors by xfinity. any screen with a tv with xfinity on way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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the request, san francisco mayor london breed made to tonight at 6:00, a plea for
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leniency. the request san francisco mayor london breed made to governor brown, and why it's on the golden gate bridge. we do have a programing change to our lineup tonight we want to tell you about. at 7:00, "access hollywood." then at 7:30, a new show, "california live" takes us inside a preview of the golden globes. and at 8:00, the second night of "the voice" finale. >> it should be a good night. at 5:00, take a look, a coyote roaming the streets of coyote, being chased by some deer. we like to say this is wild scene in gilroy. they ran the coyote all the way up the hill. not sure how this story ends, but we'll presume it all ended well. >> the deer are this is our area. coyote. >> wow. >> you're in our turf. >> that's pretty cool. >> the coyote's oh my goodness, they're coming after me. >> you would have thought it could have been the other way around. >> it could have been. before we go, tell us what to
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expect tonight and tomorrow morning. >> with doe havekeeping an eye . it could bring patchy areas of dense fog. chance of showers thursday night into friday morning. trace amounts about 0.15. another chance sunday, monday. still no big storms the next seven days. that's good. we get breaks here, and christmas looking mighty fine right now. >> no procrastinators. get out your to do list. >> thanks a lot. tonight, a stunning courtroom surprise. former trump national security adviser michael flynn expecting no prison time, instead gets slammed by the judge, who told him you sold your country out. the judge even asking prosecutors if flynn committed treason. lawyers scrambling in a dramatic turn of events. also tonight, president trump agrees to shut down his charity amid allegations he used the money to benefit himself. it was the device
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used in the deadliest shooting in modern american history, bump stocks, officially banned. how long owners have to turn them in or destroy them. tributes pouring in for a


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