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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 19, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PST

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[ squeaking ] um, that's gonna get old. december 19th. taking a peek outside this the park. not christmas just yet but festive out there. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm, go g i'm laura marcus washington. mike will have a look at the commute, should be light. >> we'll see. >> first, we'll talk about the weather. >> i think the fog may impact a lot of people headed out the door, this is in the tri valley looking at dublin 580. everything looks to be flowing well but you can see that visibility is low in spots and especially bad in napa, around that area, where visibility is cut down to half of a mile and it's going to be patchy on your way into work this morning. it is clear in san jose, and as we get a live look outside
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headed down to santa teresa, a chilly start. upper 40s as you head out the door and 58 degrees at noon. microclimates coming up closure oakland. >> marcus thought it would be light out there, and marcus is right. he's at the anchor desk. south bay, peninsula side and through the east bay, tri valley, kari showed you fog from our dublin camera around here and that will be the case. we'll track that. it's not showing up on the road weather index but it is on live cameras, that's why we have all those redundant sources of information. left lanes for southbound and northbound 880. the two center lanes are closed as they work on the overhead project around 23rd. it should be cleared around 5, where you'll see more slowing. there will be traffic breaks in either direction because they remove the equipment within the next half hour. getting through contra costa no problem. fog in the knob. back to you. not once but twice in the south bay hours after a tesla
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caught fire and firefighters put it out the electric car reignited again late last night. crews are working to keep that battery cool and keep it from starting fire for a third time. this started when a driver went to a shop to fix a flat tire. >> thehen caught fire again. >> reporter: smoke and flames pour out of a tesla model x at a los gatos tire shop, minutes after the tow truck driver dropped it off with the flat tire. the owner took video of his electric car on fire. >> i come out and there's smoke coming out of the bonnet, right, and so we tried to open the door, so the guy said better not do anything. we'll call the fire department. >> reporter: santa clara county fire crews put the flames out using foam and water, but stayed on scene for hours, making sure there were no flare-ups.
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they say tesla batteries tend to reignite. >> occasionally we've noticed some gas will come up off of it and notice an increase in the heat, in which case we'll start >> it's a brand new car, it's september. got 1,200 miles on the clock. >> reporter: after hours of back and forth with company representatives, the owner arranged to have it towed. he says the lack of customer service and safety concerns are steering him away from replacing the car. >> no more teslas. if this car had been in the house and we were on vacation and this thing caught fire in the garage, the whole house could go under. >> reporter: jean elle, "today in the bay"ed it. >> teslas catching fire are not heard of. in late march a tesla caught fire after slamming into a concrete barrier in mounta the car was brought to the tow yard where the battery reignited two more times in 24 hours and
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again six days later. 4:33 for you right now. scary situation in a south baycn east san jose. this happened near flint avenue and san sabbath drive. the car apparently sheared a gas meter. crews quickly got to work, capping the leak last night. new details about a deadly hit-and-run crash in san francisco. police released this surveillance video last week, hoping someone would recognize the driver or the car. now they believe that they know the make of that car, a 2007 or 2008 honda fit with front end damage. police say that the driver plowed into 58-year-old taracida collins at bush and leavenworth street, killing her. we brought you live coverage of that crash on "today in the bay." the driver got out of that vehicle for a few seconds, then drove off. >> 4:34 right now. a battle is brewing over future plans for the deadly
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ghost ship house fire. the landlord is moving forward with demolition plans. it's been more than two years since the fire killed 36 people in oakland. at the same time, attorneys representing victims families are asking a judge to prevent the owners from selling the building, citing an ongoing civil suit. attorneys also want to nail down plans for a permanent memorial there. the owners are asking to demolish t p are 24-hour on-site security. coming up here on "today in the bay," another face plant for facebook. the social network may have shared even more of your personal information. the report that has many people considering deleting their account. plus an early christmas present at the pump. the price you'll be paying during the holidays. and you can see a foggy morning. mike will have a look at your commute and kari with your weather for the day. it's 4:35, you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. modestly higher this morning. the markets rose yesterday but they closed well off the highs of the day. the dow had been up more than 330 points but finished up just 82. investors are still concerned about a slowdown in the global economy as well as the possibility of rising interest rates. the federal reserve will announce this afternoon whether it will hike rates for the fourth time this year, which translates to higher borrowing costs. oil prices continue to
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tumble with crude falling to its lowest level in 16 months. big social media news, facebook may have shared more of your personal information than it's admitted publicly. the new york times reports facebook gave companies such as microsoft, netflix, spotify and amazon access to user data including contacts with friends and even the ability to read private messages. more than 150 companies were implemented strict privacy tools rivacy scandals, facebook said it a long time ago and users have "c partnerson.ts were able to misuse your personal data, and says it did not break an agreement with the government, barring it from sharing your information without your permission. and drivers are getting an early christmas gift. nearly one in five gas stations are charging less than $2 a gallon, thanks to the falling oil prices. gas buddy says as many as eight states could have an average price of less than $2 by the end of the week.
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aaa says the national average for regular is now $2.36 a gallon, that's 26 cents cheaper than just a month ago. those are your cnbc business headlines. back to you, marcus and laura. >> boy, not in california. >> nice for the rest of the country but not here in california, frank. all right, thanks, frank. >> good seeing you. 4:40 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," a little peek at the forecast with kari. >> a correction, i got gas at costco yesterday in san jose for $2.99. outside in palo alto. 101 looking good. no fog here. or'l the patchy fog and highs reaching into the 50s today. we'll talk about the rest of our microclimates and when we'll get some rain, coming up next. >> back to that shot, there was a disabled rig right there, one that usually pulls a trailer, it wasn't pulling anything and now it's gone. it got pulled away in the last few seconds. i have another crash to report, though, on the peninsula. ad libf
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a very good morning to you. what a beautiful, live look outside at san francisco this morning. the fog is perfectly over there. >> beautiful shot. >> nice glistening lights. nice way to start our morning, despite it being very ea it's 4:43 right now. >> many colors there. what is black and white and running all over? in case you're wondering, we are talking about wayward zebras in germany. one of them getting a good look at the sights in their ready-ma prison suits, police returned them to the circus. they wanted to get out and explore as i'm sure a lot of us do when we go to different places. >> always seems like circus animals take off running through
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town. >> yes, that's a whole other story. >> right? so this morning, as we are starting out, getting ready to dash out the door, it's going to start outit some of our microclimates really foggy. we can see the layer of fog just above san francisco. that may lower as we go throughout the next couple of hours, and make visibility a little bit lower, but here is a look at our temperatures, as you get ready to step out. actually the coolest in the south bay and the peninsula, while it's a little bit milder for parts of the north bay. napa now at 55 degrees. we're also at 55 in antioch and you head down to livermore and it's 45 degrees. already a wide range in temperatures. as you get ready to head out around clayton, expect it to be patchy with some fog maybe on your drive this morning, and some upper 40s, as you start out throughout the day, and then heading into the low 50s, those clouds will hang around a little bit longer there, because of the fog, and then we're seeing clear skies, and clear visibility here
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in the south bay. now, as we start out, getting dressed this morng, yound also the dress shoes will be good today. we don't have to worry about the rain boots or definitely too cool for the flip flops, so as we start out, we're going to have a cool morning, but then headed up to 64 at gilroy, and east san jose 62 degrees. really a nice afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. up to 60 degrees in walnut creek, and where we have the fog this morning, the clouds will hang out a little bit longer, and we're going to be up to 59 in san mateo. 60 in the mission district today, and the north bay up to 57 degrees. i'm watching the approach of this storm system that will bring in a chance of rainfriday of the high waves, so the high surf advisory has been extended through tomorrowngtea up to 30 then we're looking at the potential of getting some very light rain on friday, and it's mostly going to be in the north bay. there will be some heavier rain
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moving in by the end of the weekend. that could bring us some pretty decent rainfall totals mostly about a tenth of an inch for the east bay and the south bay, and then much higher for parts of the north bay from ukiah over an inch of rain as we head from christmas eve into christmas day. i'll talk more about that coming up. mike, you're starting out with a look at the tri valley. >> that's right, what we can see of this camera shot here in dublin, we see the flashing lights at the tassahara off-ramp off to the shoulder. folks driving by will see it better than we can see them from the rooftop camera. there's some fog there and light adjusting. that's the reason why you need to use regular beams when you encounter fog because the brighter lights reflects off of it and makes it tougher to see. crash is reported in that area, west 580 at north livermore. it sounds like everything is out of the lanes there but you saw something on the shoulder, may not be so easily discernible either. on the peninsula, a second report i told you about, north 101 at oregon expressway that
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cleared to the shoulder as well. it was a hit-and-run so anybody you hear talking about a crash over there, they might want to call chp. smoo through contra costa county, coming off the benicia bridge and carquinez bridge. novato may get some fog drifting through and even around san rafael our live camera shows it touching the top of the southbo past lincoln. back to you. five years later in the shooting death of a teenager is still raw in santa rosa. sonoma county sheriff's department will pay the family of 13-year-old andy lopez $3 million. in 2013 a deputy spotted lopez with what he thought was an assault rifle. as lopez turned around,op h the deputy fired eight times. it turned out the gun was a bb gun, like a pellet gun. the lopez family alleged in the lawsuit the deputy acted recklessly. some tough questions focused on deputies using tasers in san
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mateo county. the board of supervisors voted to assemble aomvestate taser-re deaths. the most recent case was back in october. deputies say chindu okobi was running in and out of traffic in millbrae when a san mateo county deputy tried to stop him. okobi later died. >> i am asking you again to hear these words, to feel the pain and horror of him, and to use your oversight capacity to respond in a w justice accountability. >> the district attorney says that the case is still under investigation, and will release video soon. we're learning more about a deadly crash in union city. sky ranger was overhead early yesterday morning as traffic was backed up for hours. it happened on whipple road near 880. the chp says that driver hit a truck at a very high speed. chp also trying to track down a
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driver who crashed into a car and sped away from the scene, it happened just before 3:00 yesterday morning. we brought it to you as live breaking news on "today in the bay." officers tried to pull over a red corvette, going more than 100 miles per hour, after it merged on to southbound 280 from southbound 87. the corvette eually crashed into a white pickup truck near the tully roadexit. the truck spun out and the corvette crashed into the center median. no one was hurt but the driver of the corvette ran off and hasn't been seen since. >> 4:50 right now. a startling dog napping story with a happy ending. lost her iis putting out a warning to all of us. terry mcbetweency in san francisco with that warning. >> reporter: otto, a 1-year-old cavalier king charles spaniel, acts like nothing happened, oh, but something did. >> it is kind of terror, like huge amount of fear. >> reporter: chris hamm says otto snuck out of the house december 7th and as you see from the neighbor's surveillancement
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kara, was picked up aboby a mano hopped into a transport van which that day was delivering furniture to a man three doors down. chris called the company desperate to find otto. >> the helper said they let him out a block later, which didn't line up with the other worker's story. >> reporter: they took pictures to document their delivery and in this picture is cops and we surprised to learn they were investigating mac workers for a stolen gucci purse a earlier. call led to this confession. >> that he took the dog, brought it home to his girlfriend, she didn't want it, so he gave it to a good him. asked him to get the dog back and he did. >> reporter: then came the reunion. >> we're just immediately hysterical crying and otto is tail between the legs, he's like what's wrong? why are you guys so upset? >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, "today in the bay." you might call them the
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bro brontosaur us bandits, two men caught stealing abe arrested, i the sinclair gas station. dino the dinosaur is still missing, he's 12 feet long, six feet tall so hopefully someone will spot dino. major changes are coming to the carpool lanes, the reason there will be fewer cars in the hov lanes soon. we want you to be careful when you're looking for government info, like dmv, social security, or public records online. your typical search engine might send you to unofficial web pages that could charge you to do things that are free on real government websites. be skeptical of web addresses that end in dot-com or dot-org. real websites end in dot-gov and don't charge you.
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let us know if you have a complaint, the number is 888-996-tips, or go to but first, happening now, a new report is giving in insight about women and children, 65% of women in years are trying not to conceive. sterilization is the most common method, followed by the birth control, implants, and iuds. more news after the break. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. when your blanket's freshness fades before the binge-watching begins...
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listen to this if you own a electric car. come january, thousands of low- and zero-emission vehicles won )t be able to drive in the carpool lane without a the state )s decal program, was started back in 2012. it was meant to boost the number of clean air vehicles on the road. but, it actually clogged the h- o-v lanes. so the state legislature passed a measure last year that limits the number of people eligible for these
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decals. as many as 215-thousand you won't be able to use a green decal or a white decal for purposes of hov lanes or using the hov lanes for crossing, using the diamond lanes if you have a green or a white decal. >> as many as 215,000 drivers own energy-efficient cars. recent service closures and longer than norrepoedly taking muni's public image. the summer shutdown of san francisco's twin peaks tunnel was one of the muni's lowlights of the year. the shortage in operators confounded the problems. now, according to "the examiner" rider satisfaction is taking a hit. the new muni survey finds approval ratings dipped to their we in six years. the survey also found that riders were 10% more likely this year to resort to ride share services instead. the san jose city council is taking a big gamble on two tiny
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home communities. the city is approving a five-year pilot program to see if the tiny homes can serve as a bridge to get people off the streets while awaiting permanent housing. the city is poised to spend $2.1 million on each of the two sites. each will have 40 emergency sleeping cabins built by habitat for humanity. one side is over on mayberry road across the street from the san jose flea market, which is currently a vta construction yard. the other is a caltrans site at the intersections of680. someone is a lucky winner, they won a piece of saturday's super lotto drawing, the ticket worth $38,000, and was sold at . the ticket owner matched all five regular numbers but missed the mega million nun. the numbers here for you, 2, 21, 22, 44 and 45, with the mega millions number there being 1. since no one matched all of those numbers, the jackpot will
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jump to $32 million for tomorrow's drawing. coming up next on "today in the bay," another look at the forecast. you won that. >> yes, it's going to be definitely a winner of a day. we're headed into the upper 50s/low 60s once again and some sunshine in the forecast. we'll look at the holiday weekend forecast coming up next. looking forward to the sunshine, but seeing a little bit of fog drifting around here in san rafael, low clouds right now, actually above our camera, but we'll show you where things might get a little slower for oakland, coming up. a
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and good wednesday morning to you. taking a look outside in dublin, ba c started with your arcus washington. let's get straight to the >> and i'm laura garcia. forecast. will we see clearing skies? >> the fog is patchy, not all seeing patchy fog but we can see the visibility decreased in the tri valley as well as the north bay. south bay looking good as you get ready to head out the door. toward pleasant hill, there will be some patchy fog, and temperatures in the low 50s this morning, as you get ready to head out the door. at noon, it's still mostly cloudy, and we'll be at 58 degrees. we'll take a look at all of our microclimates coming up. mike, it's time for the changes in oakland. >> like brady bunch. ♪ it's time to change
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